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GIBSON, THOMAS F., III: Files, 1983-1987


Office of Cabinet Affairs, 1983-84 (See Separate Inventory)

Office of Public Affairs, 1985-1987


Box Note

The material in OA 13084 appears to be the combined work product of Thomas Gibson, Joseph Rodota, Jerome Becker, and Jane Lankering.  Due to the small size of the office, it is likely that combined filing was done for general research information on alphabetical topics.  This is likely to apply to other boxes in this collection and the Office of Public Affairs collection.  We will do proper cross-references at the time of processing.


          OA 12323

          [President’s News Conference 01/07/1986 – Preparation] (1)(2)

          [President’s News Conference 02/11/1986 – Preparation] (1)-(12)


OA 13082

Abortion (1)(2)

Affirmative Action (1)(2)



Auto Industry


Bishops Letter

Budget Deficit

Cabinet Council

Campaign Spending

Constitution (Bicentennial)

Conus / Hubbard



OA 13083

Defense Task Force

Civil Rights (1)-(8)

Constitutional Convention





Drug Abuse

Durable Goods

Economic Indicators




OA 13084



Enterprise Zones

Family Issues

Teen Pregnancy

Child Abuse

Children's Services



Health (Medicare / Medicaid)

Homeless (1)-(6)


OA 13090

House Republican (F. Gregorsky)

Housing (1)-(4)

HUD (1)-(4)

Human Rights



Industrial Production

Interest and Mortgage



News Media


OA 13091


Medal of Freedom

Minorities (Black Americans)

Gibson, Tom

NASA / Space / Young Astronauts

Personnel Appointments




Private Sector Initiatives


Saturday Radio Address

Social Security

Statue of Liberty

Stock Market


OA 13092


Supreme Court


Tort Reform

Federal Management

Inspector General Reports

Tax Reform Chronology


Walker Spy Case

Tax Reform


OA 13156

Trade - Smoot - Hawley

Trade - Tokyo Economic Summit




Reagan Record Draft 05/23/1986


OA 13157



South Africa (1)-(10)

USA / Soviet Relations

Central America - Contra Aid


OA 13158

Central America

Books - Crime in the U.S. 07/27/1986

Presidential Commission on Space Shuttle

Peace Depends on American Resolve

Newspaper Clips from Front Page Newspapers 02/06/1986-02/11/1986

Defense Advocacy Material – February 1986

Presidential Answers Submitted to Close-up, 03/19/1986

Article for Highlights Magazine, 03/20/1986

Talking Points on the Urgent Supplemental, 04/16/1986

Questions for Oil Daily, 04/24/1986


OA 13159

Talking Points on Tokyo Summit, 04/18/1986

Talking Points on Windfall Profit Tax, 04/28/1986

Pre - Briefing for Interview with Wire Services, 04/18/1986

Tokyo Press Conference Briefing Materials, 05/05/1986

Reagan Leadership Material

April Highlights

T. P. Chernobyl Nuclear Accident, 05/12/1986

Talking Points-Libya Chronology 05/12/1986 [April 1986] (1)(2)

Talking Points on Tax Reform, 05/09/1986

Edenton High School, North Carolina 05/13/1986-06/11/1986

Talking Points on Trade, 05/16/1986

Questions and Answers with Closeup Foundation, 05/21/1986

Draft Reagan Record, 06/25/1986

May Highlights, 07/10/1986

Radio Marti (1)-(3)

U.S. Canada Trade, 06/18/1986

Message Magazine, 07/07/1986

Romance of Radio, 06/26/1986


OA 13339

[White House Guidance System, Topic List]

White House Guidance System [Topic #1 - 50 States Project]

White House Guidance System [Topic #2 - Abortion]

White House Guidance System [Topic #3 - Acid Rain]

White House Guidance System [Topic #4 - Auto Industry]

White House Guidance System [Topic #5 - Block Grants]

White House Guidance System [Topic #6 - Central America]

White House Guidance System [Topic #7 - Chemical Warfare]

White House Guidance System [Topic #8 - Child Care]

White House Guidance System [Topic #9 - Child Health]

White House Guidance System [Topic #10 - Child Support Enforcement]

White House Guidance System [Topic #11 - Children's Services]

White House Guidance System [Topic #12 - Crime]

White House Guidance System [Topic #13 - Crime Control Package]

White House Guidance System [Topic #14 - Crime Statistics]

White House Guidance System [Topic #15 - Victims of Crime]

White House Guidance System [Topic #16 - Defense Spending]

White House Guidance System [Topic #17 - Deficits]

White House Guidance System [Topic #18 - Domestic Content]

White House Guidance System [Topic #19 - Durable Goods]

White House Guidance System [Topic #20 - Economy - General]

White House Guidance System [Topic #21 - Education]

White House Guidance System [Topic #22 - Education Commission]

White House Guidance System [Topic #23 - Education Excellence]

White House Guidance System [Topic #24 - Education Spending]

White House Guidance System [Topic #25 - EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity


White House Guidance System [Topic #26 - Energy Dependence]

White House Guidance System [Topic #27 - Enterprise Zones]

White House Guidance System [Topic #28 - Environment]

White House Guidance System [Topic #29 - Equal Pay/Equal Work]

White House Guidance System [Topic #30 - Fair Housing]

White House Guidance System [Topic #31 - Fairness]

White House Guidance System [Topic #32 - Farmers]

White House Guidance System [Topic #33 - Federalism]

White House Guidance System [Topic #34 - Food Assistance]

White House Guidance System [Topic #35 - Food for Peace]

White House Guidance System [Topic #36 - GNP]

White House Guidance System [Topic #37 - Grenada]

Agency Reports – Department of Agriculture

Agency Reports – Department of Commerce (1)(2)

Agency Reports – Department of Defense

Agency Reports – Department of Education (1)-(4)

Agency Reports – Department of Health and Human Services (1)-(3)

Agency Reports – Department of Labor

Agency Reports – Department of State

Agency Reports – Department of Transportation (1)(2)

Agency Reports – Department of the Treasury

[Public Liaison, Office of – OPL Weekly Calendar]

[U.S. Chamber of Commerce Media Reports] (1)-(3)


          OA 13901

          Poverty Report Initiative (1)-(5)

          Fairness (1)-(5)

          Farm Credit (1)-(4)

          Family (1)-(4)

          1986 Republican Candidates Briefing Book, Vol. II (Copy 1) (1)-(3)


OA 14018

Iran Press Clippings (Withdrawn)

United Nations (Background Info)

Publication - United States Participation in the UN

Publication - Report to Congress on Voting Practices in the United Nations

Publication - Report of the Human Rights Committee

Publication - United States Contributions of International Organizations


OA 14019

Poverty / Family Background

Family Ties Project

L.A. Times Interview -- Project File 06/20/1986

Judicial Appointments T.P.'s 06/17/1986

Reagan Revolution 06/19/1986 -- Project File

Success Magazine Article -- Project File

Tax Reform (1)–(8)

Tax Reform (1)–(6)

Tax Reform Chronology (1)(2)


OA 15043

Charles Higgenbotham / C. Anderson, 07/27/1987 International Association of Chiefs of Police

Bowden Sexton Group / JR, 09/03/1987 Books on Customer Satisfaction

Robert Tickel / JR 09/22/1987 Rose - Hulman Institute of Technology Publication

Stephen Colarelli / TG / F. Ryan / JB 10/05/1987 Book on Ronald Reagan Lifestyle

Louis Tartaglia / TG 06/07/1987 Think and Grow Rich

Willard Garvey / RR / TG 09/18/1986 Ronald Reagan on Public Policy

Michael Rutherford / TG / R. Ryan 09/04/1987 Ronald Reagan Photo

Nancy Tobryn / TG 08/07/1987 Mailing List "Spokesmen"

Mrs. Joe Rodota / Staff 08/08/1987 Thank You

Art Wood / TG / F. Ryan 07/24/1987 Ronald Reagan Cartoon

M.J. Striegel, 06/30/1987 Library Materials

Dan Ramsey / JR 07/06/1987 Presidential Biography

[Jerry Becker / Speaking Engagement, American University Summer Seminar 07/20/1987]

Marvin Sosna / TG 06/28/1987 News clip

Cindy Gunter / D / Scott / TG 06/24/1987 Fundamentalist Journal Article

Brian Hitchen / T / Griscom / TG 07/07/1987 Sunday Express

Israel Feldman / F. Donatelli / TG  07/07/1987 Government Computer News

Mitch Daniels / TG 07/09/1987 Workforce 2000

Lawrence Criner / RR / TG 05/07/1987 The World and I

Dick Viti 07/04/1987 Ronald Reagan 07/03/1987 Address

Robert Dawson / JR 07/07/1987 Mark Arnold Proposal

Leonard Larsen and Ann Aschmidt / TG 07/09/1987 Ronald Reagan Congratulation


White House Photo Office Memo 07/28/1987 New Regulations

Ronald Reagan Schedule 08/13/1987 Briefing Materials

Ronald Reagan Schedule 07/31/1987 Briefing Materials

Ronald Reagan Schedule 08/05/1987 Briefing Materials

Ronald Reagan Schedule 06/02/1987 Briefing Materials

Ronald Reagan Schedule 07/22/1987 Briefing Materials

Ronald Reagan Schedule 08/06/1987 Briefing Materials

Ronald Reagan Schedule 07/23/1987 Briefing Materials

Economics Policy Council Minutes 10/13/1987

(Economics Policy Council) EPC Minutes 09/21/1987

Jim Hooley Memo 06/25/1987 Presidential Trip

          TG Note to Jim Hooley 06/29/1987 News Clips

Don Clary / JR 06/29/1987 T. PTS Request

M. Baroody Policy Guidance (Secret) 12/02/1981 INF Negotiations

Budget (1)-(4)

(Consumer Price Index) CPI for March 1987 04/24/1987

(Producer Price Index) PPI for February 1987, 03/13/1987

Weekly Legislative Report 09/14/1987

          Weekly Legislative Report 07/31/1987

Dan Rather Interview Q&A 01/26/1982 Budget / Federalism

(State of the Union) SOTU Fact Sheet 01/26/1982

Department PA Fact Sheet and Materials 03/31/1981 General Media Press Kit

[Budget 1981 - Fact Sheets and Other Materials]

Licia Hahn / TG / F/ Ryan 10/21/1987 Ronald Reagan - New York Reception

60-Day Forecast 05/29/1987

(White House Office of Political Affairs) WHOPA Report / M. Baroody 1981 Reagan


Ronald Reagan Interview with Newsweek 07/29/1986 Drug Abuse

Economic Policy Council Minutes 03/18/1987

OMB Highlights Report 05/05/1987

Weekly Highlights 05/17/1987-05/23/1987

Weekly Highlights 05/31/1987-06/06/1987

Weekly Highlights 08/09/1987-08/14/1987

Weekly Highlights 09/13/1987-09/19/1987

Weekly Highlights 09/20/1987-09/26/1987

Weekly Highlights 10/12/1987-10/17/1987

Weekly Highlights 10/18/1987-10/24/1987

Weekly Highlights 10/25/1987-10/31/1987

Ronald Reagan Weekly Update 05/18/1987

Ronald Reagan Weekly Update 06/15/1987

Ronald Reagan Weekly Update 07/27/1987

Ronald Reagan Weekly Update 08/03/1987

Ronald Reagan Weekly Update 08/10/1987

Ronald Reagan Weekly Update 09/14/1987

Robert Eason / TG / A. Higgins 09/18/1987 Ronald Reagan Letter Request

Jutta Lee Jordan / TG / F. Ryan / JB 08/26/1987 Ronald Reagan Bio. Info

Mark Dorsey / JB 10/26/1987 Request PA Info

Ron Debrock / TG 01/24/1986 Presidential Essay

World and I - Presidential Statement June 1987 Project File

Korean Times - Presidential Interview 02/05/1986 Project File (1)-(6)

Dr. Wilhelm Christians 10/26/1987 Ronald Reagan Photo - Op

Gertrude Bakel /TG / JB 03/16/1987 Q's on Unemployment

Michael Rutherford / TG / F. Ryan 09/21/1987 Ronald Reagan Photo - Op

James Roberts / TG 09/23/1987 Ronald Reagan Letter to New York DAR

6 Administration Budget Targets / JB 08/05/1987 Memo to Steve Tupper

Lampasas Dispatch Record 03/19/1987, 03/26/1987, 04/02/1987

Joe Crockett / TG 10/04/1987 "Jobs Across America"

Andrea Fischer / F. Donatelli / TG 08/14/1987 (American Society of Newspaper Editors) ASNE Reception at White House

Richard Hohlt / F. Ryan 08/06/1987 Ronald Reagan USL Speech

Richard Anderson / Bush / TG 08/07/1987 Mercy College Speaker

Zhao Changjiang & Feng / TG 08/10/1987 Ronnie and Nancy

William Timmons / T. Griscom / TG 09/29/1987 Boeing Congratulations

Gail Crane / TG 06/18/1987 Ronald Reagan Visit to Lukens

Lucy Caswell / TG / A. Culvahouse 08/11/1987 (Oklahoma State University) OSU Friday Follies Request

Terri Lynn Johnson (IABC) / JR 09/17/1987 Ronald Reagan Quote for PR Project

William Rivers / JR 09/10/1987 Ronald Reagan Quote to Textbook

Donald Tydeman / JR / W. Graham 09/10/1987 Computer System News

Charles Lewis (New - Life Publication) / JR 09/10/1987 Citizen’s Handbook

Request for Designation Certificate 06/22/1987, JR. JB and NR

Pearlena Wallace / JR 09/02/1987 Palm Beach Financial Journal

TG Memo to T. Griscom 08/07/1987 Nations Biz

Photo - Op

Brenda Flatt Letter to KC / TG 08/25/1987 Dallas Morning News

Airline Deregulation

Commission on Bicentennial of Constitution 1987 Information Packet

D. McDonald Memo to Dawson / TG 09/08/1987 Ronald Reagan Message to Parade

Jim Lowe - Lampasas Disp. / T Griscom / TG 10/16/1987 Ronald Reagan Column

Margaret Sanner / JR 10/26/1987 Ronald Reagan Article to Youth

Dr. Khalil Tumandar / JR 09/21/1987 Ronald Reagan Article - Tonamec

Hoover Essays January 1987 – February 1987 – March 1987

Ben Erkelens / TG / B. Sims DOD 10/16/1987 (World War) WWII Photos


OA 15044

(Economic Bill of Rights) EBOR Op-Ed Materials - Project File

Medal of Freedom - Project File

EBOR Follow-up -- Project File

Drug Wars Video Cassette Tape 05/12/1987

FEMA White House Briefing Video Cassette

Budget Reform Notebook 12/12/1986 - Issue Papers

Judge Robert Bork - Background and Blue Binder


OA 15155

Telephone Logs – March 1986-May 1986