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GRAY, EDWIN J.: Files, 1981-1982


Office of Policy Development; Director, 1981

Office of Policy Information; Director, 1982


Edwin Gray was the Deputy Assistant to the President for Policy Development and Director of the Office of Policy Development under Martin Anderson in the first year of the administration. When Mr. Anderson left the White House in early 1982, Mr. Gray remained a Deputy Assistant, but was made director of a separate office - the Office of Policy Information. After Mr. Gray left the White House, this office was incorporated back within the Office of Policy Development.


OA 7866

Meetings (Unfoldered with no discernible arrangement)


OA 7867

[Meeting Files]

Edwin J. Gray, the White House

Tax Resources Working Group


CC - Food and Agriculture 02/19/1982

Natural Resources and Environment 02/19/1982

Human Resources 02/24/1982

Economic Affairs 02/23/1982

Economic Affairs 02/08/1982

Economic Affairs 02/11/1982

Economic Affairs 02/11/1982

Economic Affairs 02/04/1982

Commerce and Trade 02/10/1982

Commerce and Trade 02/10/1982

Economic Affairs 01/19/1982

Human Resources 01/21/1982

Federal Credit Policy Working Group

CC - Economic Affairs 01/28/1982

CC Natural Resources and Environment 01/28/1982

CC - Economic Affairs 02/02/1982

CC - Natural Resources and Environment 07/08/1981


OA 7868

Tracking Sheets & Responses (Speeches & Brochures) (Unfoldered with no discernible


R & B Campaign Stationary


OA 7869

Ronald Reagan Speeches / Statements:

Acceptance Speech 07/17/1980

Attack on Carter's "RR Would Divide Us" Chicago October 1980

Statement on China, 08/25/1980 Los Angeles

RR Remarks - Public Square Rally, Cleveland 09/10/1980

RR Speech - Economics, Jacksonville, FL 09/04/1980

RR Speech - Economy in '80's, Chicago, IL 09/09/1980

RR Speech - B'nai B'rith Draft

Energy Speech - Draft 10/02/1980

RR Speech - 16th of Sept. Day, Harlingen, TX (09/16/1980)

Italian - American Speech Draft September 1980

RR Speech - U.N. Vote on Jerusalem Thurs 08/21/1980

RR on Judiciary

Statement - KKK 08/22/1980

Labor Day Speech - Draft

Statement - NYC Loan Guarantee September 1980

Statement - President of Peace (Draft) October 1980

Statement - Poland 08/22/1980

Statement - Tax Cut Vote Senate Finance Committee August 1980

Speech - Super Senior Sunday, Philadelphia 09/07/1980

Speeches - to Teamsters 08/27/1980

Statement - Waste and Fraud in Government 09/05/1980

Garrick Circulated Speech Draft

Speech Procedure (Memos)

Basic Speech Draft 09/02/1980

Reagan Speeches

[TV Guide]

Aviation Industry Letter, Citizens Division September 1980

Aviation/Aerospace Industries Letter October 1980

Airline Deregulation


NY PR letter

Political News


Quick Retrieval





[Newspaper Clippings]

[Cabinet Council Indexes]

[Lo Anne Wagner Rolodex Cards]


OA 7870


Energy Environment Resources

Foreign Policy

Social Policy






Economy (General)




[Correspondence worksheets]

Issue Papers

R & B on The Issues



OA 12157

Joint Meeting of Inspector Generals & A/S for Management, Edwin Meese 11/30/1981

Quantico Base

Commonwealth Club of California, 12/10/1981

Lake Merritt Brkst, Oakland, California, 12/10/1981

San Leandro Bay Dedication, 12/10/1981

Junior Statesmen San Francisco

University of Hawaii Law, Honolulu, 12/15/1981

Washington Post Lunch, 01/07/1982

Ambassadors Roundtable (FPA) 01/12/1982 Madison Hotel

Chamber of Commerce of the USA, 01/13/1982

Washington Metro Area Corp. Counsel, 01/15/1982, Washington Hotel

Meeting with NASDLET's Executive Board, 01/20/1982

Presidential Inaugural Trust, 01/22/1982

Stand-in EM Board of Trustees of Committee for Economic Development 02/09/1982

Meeting with Forest Products Leaders 02/10/1982

Convention II (Drop-by or Speech), 02/10/1982, Shoreham

Lincoln Day Dinner / Del Latta, Ohio, 02/10/1982

Anecdotal Material on Fraud, Waste and Deregulation 02/11/1982

Institute of Contemporary Studies 02/13/1982, Pebble Beach

Lincoln Club of Orange County 02/12/1982 - Orange County

Alamedo County Central Republican Committee, 02/11/1982

California Newspaper Publishers Association, 02/12/1982, Coronado

Herb Klein Group Dinner 02/16/1982 International Club Washington, D.C.

1982 Annual State Luncheon Executive Council, 02/17/1982, State Department

Congressman Don Ritter Fundraise, 02/19/1982, Pennsylvania

Citizens for Law and Order, 05/01/1982

Cleveland, 06/25/1982

Chautauga Speech, 07/01/1982


OA 12158

Shell Oil Board of Directors, 01/28/1982

Issue / Answer Responses - Ed Meese

Ad Council

Alameda County Lawyers, San Francisco, 12/09/1981

American Mining Congress, 02/02/1982

American Society for Industrial, 01/27/1982

Army War College, 06/03/1982

Brookings Institute, 05/26/1982

Boy Scouts of America Award, 02/15/1982

Prescott Bush Award Dinner, 02/09/1982, New Haven, Connecticut

Congress on the Bible, 03/03/1982, San Diego, California

Conservative Leadership Committee, 01/22/1982

Coro Foundation, Los Angeles, 03/04/1982

CSBA San Francisco, 12/11/1981

DOT Executive Forum, 12/22/1981

FAC's Conference Washington Hilton, 03/10/1982

Q & A - Face the Nation, 11/22/1982

Federal Executive Institute, 04/22/1982

Free Congress Research and Education Foundation, 06/16/1982

"Good Guys" Dinner, 05/ 06/1982

Homer Ferguson, 05/ 25/1982

Issues and Answers, 10/11/1981

Lutheran Symposium

Media Institute

Merchants Club, 04/15/1982

Adjutants General Association of the U.S., 01/17/1982

Conference on Judicial Reform, 06/14/1982

General Counsel Committee Federal Bar, 02/05/1982, National Lawyers Club

Harvard Alumni Association, 02/06/1982

Bullock Forum, 02/05/1982, Washington, D.C.

U.S. Chamber "Breakfast Group", 02/04/1982

St. Mary's Executive Symposium, 02/03/1982

National Academy of Public Administration, 06/04/1982

National Guard Association, 05/01/1982

National Health Council, 03/26/1982

Noble, June 1982

Unlocking America, 05/25/1982

U.S. Chamber of Commerce, 04/26/1982

Valparaiso Commencement Address

Veterans of Foreign Wars

West Point Society of Los Angeles Talking Points, 03/07/1982

Yale Political Union, 03/09/1982


Business Roundtable, 05/10/1982

Merchant Marine Academy, 05/15/1982

Coast Guard Cadet Corps, 05/16/1982

National Council for International Visitors, 05/17/1982

National Association of Home Builders, 05/18/1982

Lutheran Corp Leaders, 05/18/1982

Off the Record Club, 05/18/1982

National District Attorneys, 05/ 19/1982


OA 12159

Management Meeting Minutes

OPD Issues Priority

President's Promise Report

1981 Accomplishments / OPD

Ed Meese Speech Log Sheets

OPD Issues Tracking Sheets

President's Monday Briefings

Economic Indicators

President's Interview with TV Guide, 01/18/1982

Press Conference 01/19/1982

Ed Meese Appearances (Meet the Press, Face the Nation, etc.)

Maritime Meeting 10/15/1981

Aero Club Washington, D.C., 10/16/1981

Center for Study of Presidency Cincinnati 10/16/1981

Meeting with Congressman Clay Shaw 10/19/1981

Meeting with Bill Timmons

Doheney Eye Institute, U.S.C.

CPOS&T Sacramento, California

Naval Academy Political Science Department Remarks, 11/19/1981

Hastings College, San Francisco, 10/27/1981

10/28/1981 American Jewish Congress, San Francisco, Jack Stein DUE: 10/19

Award Ceremony of Meritorious Presidential Rank - Keynote Speaker

Synopsis of Elizabeth Dole Labor Secretary Briefing Paper 11/04/1981

Meese Request for Voting Rights Act Presentation for Cabinet Meeting, 11/04/1981

Legal Services for Poor

Meeting with Carla Loew (Turner - Gray 11/09/1981)

Meese Letter Senator Wallop Carleson, 11/10/1981

American Society of Criminology, 11/12/1981

RNC Executive Committee Luncheon

Ed Meese Week of 11/08/1981-11/14)/1981

Meeting with Secretary Edwards Reorganization of Department of Energy, 11/18/1981

Meeting with Carlton Turner (Leonard / Gray, 11/18/1981-11/19/1981)

11/10/1981 Washington Forum, Washington, D.C.

Meeting EJG / Carlton Turner, 11/16/1981

Department of Defense Construction Mobilization Conference, Ft. McNair, 11/23/1981

Auto Industry Information, 11/25/1981 by Dennis Kass

National War College, 11/24/1981

American Society for Public Administration

Ed Meese Humorous Remarks (Hopkins / Saunders), 12/03/1981