This collection is available in whole for research use. Some folders may still have withdrawn material due to Freedom of Information Act restrictions. Most frequent withdrawn material is national security classified material, personal privacy, protection of the President, etc.


GREEN, MAX: Files, 1985-1988


Office of Public Liaison


Max Green started with the White House Office of Public Liaison in October 1985 as an Associate Director.  His primary work responsibility was the Jewish constituency following Marshall Breger. In addition he added responsibility for several other constituencies turned over to him from Linas Kojelis.  Green left the Office of Public Liaison in June of 1988.  It is not clear that he was replaced by anyone.


Many of the folders in this collection contain both Max Green and Matt Zachari material.  Matt Zachari was a Staff Assistant who worked with Green during the latter part of his time in the office.  Zachari also has a small collection of his own. 



          Box 1

          Armenian-Americans (1)-(6)

          Armenian-American Issues (1)(2)

          Armenian Genocide Bill

          Armenian National Committee

          Cyprus (1)(3)

          French Americans

          German Americans (1)(2)

          German-American Issues

          Greek-American Issues (1)-(3)

          Greek-American Meeting with the Vice President 06/20/1985 - Part of LK 16259 File


Box 2

Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of North and South America

          Gypsy-American Issues


          Irish American Unity Conference (1)(2)

          Irish Issues (1)-(4)


          Maltese-American Issues (1)(2)



          Scandinavian-American Issues


          Turkish-American Issues (1)-(4)



          Box 2 (Continued)


          Advance 03/04/1987

          Affirmative Action

          Afghan POTUS Event



          [African National Conference]

          Agency for International Development


          Box 3




          America: 1986" [National Republican Committee Publication]

          American Bar Association-ASL

          AFL-CIO (1)-(4)

          [AFL-CIO Correspondence to Max Green re: Sandor Racz] (Envelope)

          American Forum

          American Friends of Turkey

          American Security Council Presidential Proposal

          B American Security Council Congressional Caucus on National Security Photo Op Sp

          Ancient Order of Hibernians

          Jack Anderson Column


          Anti-Satellite Program


          Correspondence: Arab Arms Sales

          Arab Development

          Arab Jewish Relations

          Arms Control (1)-(4)


          Box 4

Arms Control (5)

Arms Control Treaty - December 1987

          Arms Race


          Biographical Sketches (1)(2)


          Box 5


          [Bork Material]

          Bork Nomination

          [Bork Nomination]

          New Bork 09/07/1987

          National Jewish Coalition on Judge Robert Bork" October 1987


          Central America (Sellers)


          Box 6

          Central America Information (1)-(15)


          Box 7

          Central America Information (16)-(21)

          Central American Jewry (1)-(3)

          Central Conference of American Rabbis

          Child Abuse

          Church – State (1)-(9)


Box 8

Civil Rights (1)-(8)

          Civil Rights Commission

          [Combined Jewish Philanthropies]

          Concerned Women for America with Frank Carlucci

          Congress of Russian Americans

          Congressional Quarterly 08/08/1987 and 91/02/1988

          Cross at Camp Smith, Hawaii (The)


          Box 9


          Defense (1)-(5)

          Defense and Foreign Policy List (1)-(4)

          Discuss with Linas


          Domeika, Father Joseph - Painting

          Domestic / Economic Policy

          Drug Wars

          Duty / Officer Vacation

          Eastern Europe

          Economic and Social (1)-(7)




          Education (1)(2)

          Education for Democracy" (Pamphlet)


          1986 Election

          1988 Election (1)(2)

          Ethiopian Jewry



          Evans, Mike


          Family Issues

          [Max-Zac File Index]


          Foreign Affairs Budget Crisis

          Foreign Policy (1)-(4)

          Forms - Indian Treaty Room Requests

          40th Anniversary of Israel


          Genocide Treaty



          Gilbertson, Nancy

          [Ginsberg Nomination]



          Box 11

          Greek-American (1)-(5)

          [Grove City] (1)(2)

          [Hare Krishna]

          Holocaust (1)-(5)


          [Independent Task Force on ABA-Soviet Relations, Inc.]


          Informal Consultations

          Invitations Accepted November 1985

          Invitations Declined November 1985 [empty]

          Invitations Accepted December 1985 [empty]

          Invitations Declined December 1985 [empty]



          Box 12

          Iran November 1986 – [Press] (1)(2)

          Iran Letters November 1986 (1)(2)

          Iran - Tower Report (MG Marked-up Copy) (1)-(3)



          [Israel]  (1)-(4)

          Israel – I (1)-(3)

          Israel – II (1)(2)`              


Box 13

Israel-II (3)-(5)

Israel and Strategic Defense Initiative

          [Israel and Strategic Defense Initiative]

          Israel [Background Information, Clippings re: Lavi]

          Israel, Middle East, Arms

          [Israel-Pollard, Jonathon - Spy for Israel]

          Israel's 40th Anniversary

          Israel's West Bank [Publications]


          Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs

          [Jewish Artifacts - Photos]

          Jewish Community Council - Petition on Soviet Jewry

          Jewish Heritage Week

          Jewish Home Tower North - Atlanta, GA

          Jewish Organizations

          Jewish Politics



          Jewish Telegraphic Agency Bulletins (1)-(15)

          Jewish Week (New York)


          Box 15

          Jews and Politics (1)-(5)

          Jordan Arms Sales (1)(2)

          Jordan Peace Initiative

          Judicial Appointments


          Kennedy Nomination November 1987

          Kirkland, Gelsey

          Koehler - I

          Koehler - II

          New Labor Secretary (1)(2)


          Box 16 

          Lavi (1)-(3)


          The Left


          Date of Birth / Social Security Number List

          Old Marshall Breger Mailing Lists

          Updated Lists as of June 1987 (1)-(3)

          Master List File (Max Green) (1)(2)

          Max Green Memorabilia

          Message Office

          Middle East

          Middle East Conflict

          Middle East History

          Middle East Peace Process

          Middle East Policy

          Middle East Policy Survey

          Military Spending


          [Miscellaneous Articles]


          Box 17

          Miscellaneous Iranian-Jewish Matters

          [Miscellaneous] (White House Folder)

          Moscow Summit

          National Forum Foundation

          National Foundation for Jewish Culture

          National Journal 01/21/1987

          NATOization of Israel

          Near East Report (1)-(6)

          Neo-Conservative Jewish Thought

          Newsclippings, Articles, etc.

Newspaper Clippings (Binder) (1)-(6)


Box 18

Newspaper Clippings (Binder) (7)-(11)

          [Nicaragua] (1)-(11)


          Box 19

          Nuclear Disarmament (1)-(5)

          Nuffield College, Oxford

          Nunn ABM Treaty

          Office of Political Affairs

          [OPL Planning]

          OPL Weekly Schedule [empty]

          Office of Special Investigations (1)-(7)

          Operation Independence

          Operation Recognition

          Orthodox Union


          Palestine Liberation Organization - I

          Palestine Liberation Organization – II


          Box 20

          Palestine Liberation Organization – III (1)(2)

          Palestine Liberation Organization – IV (1)(2)

          Palestine Liberation Organization - Israel Relationship

          Pending (1)-(3)

          Max Green: Personal (1)(2)

          Max Green: Personal - Card (See Oversize Box #1)

          Personnel (1)-(4)





          Presidential Correspondence [empty]

          Presidential Messages (1)-(6)


          Box 21

          Presidential Messages (7)-(11)

          Presidential Messages Ends 08/18/1987 (1)-(4)

          Presidential Scheduling - Invitations (1)-(4)

          Presidential Scheduling - Recommendations

          Presidential Scheduling - Regrets

          Press Briefings

          Press Releases



          Resumes M-Z (1)-(3)


          Box 22

          Resumes M-Z (4)-(5)

          The Right

          Sanctuary (1)(2)

          Saudi Arabia

          Scandinavian Briefing

          Schedule Proposals (1)-(3)

          Schedule Proposals - Ends 11/20/1987 (1)(2)

          [Schlossburg, Albert - "Thinking Out Loud" 07/23/1987]



          Social Democrats

          Social Issues


          South Africa – I (1)(2)


Box 23

          South Africa - I (3)-(7)

          South Africa - II (1)(2)

          South Africa - III (1)(2)

          [South America]

          Soviet Human Rights (1)(2)

          Soviet Jewry

          Soviet Jewry: Max Discuss

          Soviet Jewry (1)


Box 24

          Soviet Jewry (2)-(16)

          Soviet Military Power 1987


          Box 25

Soviet Trade

          Space Foundation


          Speaking Proposals (empty)

          Steiner Strategic Defense Initiative/Arms Control Meetings

          Stern, Jossi

          Strategic Defense Initiative – I (1)-(8)

          Strategic Defense Initiative – II (1)-(6)



          Strategic Defense Initiative – III (1)(2)

          Strategic Defense Initiative – IV (1)(2)

          Strategic Defense Initiative – V (1)-(6)

          Strategic Defense Initiative – VI (1)(2)

          [Strategic Defense Initiative] U.S. Policy Statements on SDI (1)-(5)



          Strategic Defense Initiative - White House Documents (Internal)

          Strategic Defense Initiative and Israel

          Strategic Defense Initiative-Israel Briefing

          ["SDI: The US Strategic Defense Initiative and the Implications of Israel’s Participation"]

          Student Coalition for Soviet Jewry (packet)

          Supreme Court

          New Supreme Court Nominee (1)(2)

          Suriname (1)(2)


          Terrorism (1)-(9)

          Third World



          Box 28

Travel (1)(2)

          Travel (Old)

          Ultimate Issues

          Union of Councils for Soviet Jews

          [United Jewish Appeal Postcards re: Human Rights] (Sampled)

          United Nations

          U.S. Institute of Peace

          U.S. - Israel Relations - I

          U.S. - Israel Relations - II (1)-(4)

          U.S. - Israel Strategic Cooperation

          U.S. - Soviet Citizen Exchange (1)(2)

          U.S. - Soviet Relations


          Vice Presidential Invitations

          Vice Presidential Messages [empty]

          Vice Presidential Regrets

          Vice Presidential Scheduling Proposals


          Box 29

          Vice Presidential Speeches (1)(2)

          Vietnam Veterans Memorial Institute

          Vietnam Veterans Museum

          Volunteers Current / Pressing [empty]




          Washington Institute for Near East Policy

          Washington Representatives Meetings

          Weekly Wrap-up

          Welfare Reform

          Western Europe

          White House Organization

          Wiesel, Elie

          1987 World Congress for Peace

          World Jewish Congress

          World Organization of Jews from Arab Countries (1)(2)

          World War II




          Box  29 cont.

          Agudath Israel of America (1)-(4)

          [American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee]

          American Enterprise Institute (empty)

          American Gathering of Jewish Holocaust Survivors (empty)

          American-Israel Chamber of Commerce and Industry (1)(2)


          Box 30

          American-Israel Friendship League

          American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) (1)-(4)

          American Jewish Committee (1)-(5)

          American Jewish Congress (1)-(3)

          American Jewish Press Association

          American Professors for Peace in the Middle East

          American Zionist Federation

          Americans for a Safe Israel

          Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith (1)-(5)


          Box 31

Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith (6)(7)

          Association of Independent Colleges and Universities

          Bar-Ilan University

          Be'er Hagolah Institutes

          B'nai B'rith (1)-(3)

          British Israel Chamber of Commerce

          Citizens for America

          Coalition to Free Soviet Jews

          Commission for the Preservation of American Heritage Abroad

          CAMERA (Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America)

          Committee for the Free World

          Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations (1)(2)

          Council of Jewish Federations

          Council of Jewish Organizations of Boro Park

          [Crown Heights Jewish Community Council]

          Detroit Holocaust Memorial Center

          [Disabled Israeli War Veterans]

          Dropsie College

          Emunah Women of America

          Ethics and Public Policy Center

          Federal Judicial Center

          Federation of Jewish Philanthropies of New York City

          Greater New York Conference on Soviet Jewry

          Hadassah (1)(2)

          Haifa University (empty)

          Hebrew University

          Henry Jackson Foundation

          Heritage Foundation

          Herut Zionists of America


          Box 32

          Horowitz Brothers and Margareten

          Institute for Educational Affairs

          Institute on American Jewish-Israeli Relations of the American Jewish Committee

          Institute on Religion and Democracy

          International Association of Jewish Lawyers and Jurists

          International Center for University Teaching of Jewish Civilization (1)(2)

          Israel Bonds Organization

          Israel Center for Social and Economic Programs

           Jabotinsky Foundation

          Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs

          Jerusalem College of Technology

          Jewish Community Relations Council of New York City

          Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (1)-(3)

          Jewish National Fund

          Jewish Press

          Jewish Theological Seminary of America

          Jewish War Veterans of America (1)(2)

          “The Justice Conundrum" by Marshall Breger

          Labor Zionist Alliance

          Laniado Hospital

          Leadership Conference of National Jewish Women's Organization

          Lubavitch (1)(2)

          National Association of Jewish Legislators

          National Committee for the Furtherance of Jewish Education

          National Conference on Soviet Jewry (1)(2)


          Box 33

          National Council of Jewish Women

          National Council of Young Israel (1)-(3)

          National Endowment for Democracy (1)(2)

          National Endowment for the Humanities

          National Holocaust Memorial Museum Campaign

          National Interreligious Task Force on Soviet Jewry

          National Jewish Coalition (1)-(10)

          National Jewish Coalition Bulletins

          National Jewish Community Relations Advisory Council (1)(2)


          Box 34

National Jewish Community Relations Advisory Council (3)-(7)

          National Jewish Students Law Network

          National Organization of Jewish Holocaust Survivors


          Nesher Breakfast Club


          New York Holocaust Commission [empty]

          OMB Watch

          Opportunity Development Association

          Prodemca (1)(2)

          Rabbinical Assembly

          Rabbinical Council of America

          Raoul Wallenberg Committee of the United States

          Rav Tov

          Reagan Bush 1984

          Religious Zionists of America

          Republican National Committee

          Southern Brooklyn Community Organization

          Spertus College of Judaica

          Synagogue Council of America

          Union of American Hebrew Congregations of USA

          Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America

          United Jewish Appeal (1)-(3)

          United Jewish Appeal Washington Mission

          United States Holocaust Memorial Council (1)-(3)


          Box 35

United States Holocaust Memorial Council (4)-(10)

          United States Information Agency

          United Synagogue of America

          Washington Connection

          Washington Jewish Week

          Who is a Jew

          Wiesenthal Center

          Women's League for Conservative Judaism

          Workmen's Circle

          World Jewish Congress

          World Zionist Organization / American Section

          Yeshiva University

          Zionist Organization of America


          SERIES IV:  EVENTS

          Box 35 (Continued)

          United Jewish Appeal International Leadership Presidential Briefing 10/16/1985 (1)(2)

          National Jewish Coalition Fly-In for Young Professionals 10/21/1985

          Jewish Community Relations Council Youth Leadership Briefing 10/28/1985

          National Jewish Coalition 11/13/1985

          Meeting with Jack Covey 12/11/1985

          POTUS - Lubavitch Chanukah Event 12/11/1985

          Baltimore Jewish Council 12/12/1985 Max Green and Linda Chavez

          Trip to New York and Cleveland 12/15/1985-12/18/1985

          National Jewish Coalition 02/10/1986


          Box 36

          Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith 02/20/1986 (1)(2)

          Jewish Federation of Greater Dallas 02/24/1986

          Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations 03/05/1986 (1)(2)

          Agudath Israel of America, 03/12/1986 (1)(2)

          American Jewish Congress 03/17/1986

          United Jewish Appeal NCY Major Gifts Mission 03/19/1986

          Briefing by RR with Jewish Leaders re: Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia, 05/20/1986

          RR Radio Address on Strategic Defense Initiative 07/12/1986

          Jack Kemp Fund for American Renaissance Conference on SDI 07/15/1986

          U.S. Policy towards South Africa 07/28/1986 (1)(2)

          Large Presidential Briefing on SDI - Late July [08/06/1986] (1)-(3)

          Large Presidential Briefing on SDI - Late July [08/06/1986]: Invite List for SDI

                   Meeting 08/06/1986

          Large Presidential Briefing on SDI - Late July [08/06/1986]: SDI Speech 08/06/1986 -

                   Drafts, Final and Verbatim

          Jewish Federation of North Jersey 09/17/1986

          35 Jewish Leaders 09/23/1986

          South Africa and Israel DTR/PJB 09/25/1986

          National Council of Jewish Women 09/25/1986

          Committee on SDI and Israel 10/01/1986 (1)-(3)


          Box 37

          Iceland 10/06/1986

          Iceland 10/07/1986

          Washington Representatives, Major Jewish Organizations 10/17/1986

          Meeting with Jewish Leaders 10/31/1986

          Top Jewish Leaders 11/24/1986

          Press with Yeutter 11/26/1986

          Meeting with Natan Sharansky 12/10/1986

          Communications Christmas Party 12/15/1986

          Yeshiva University 12/18/1986 (1)-(3)

          Menorah 12/22/1986 (1)-(3)

          Travel Perlmutter Luncheon New York City 01/12/1987

          Travel New York City with Mari Maseng 01/16/1987

          Travel Zionists of America Baltimore 01/18/1987

          Briefing Jewish Community Federation of Richmond 01/21/1987 / Teicher

          Travel Cleveland 01/25/1987-01/26/1987

          Briefing Defense Budget Briefing 01/26/1987 / Miller

          Briefing Washington Representatives - Djerjian 01/27/1987

          Carlucci OPL Meeting 01/28/1987

          Briefing United Jewish Appeal - New York - Weinberger, Ross 01/28/1987

          Briefing Washington / New York Representatives - Zakh, Ross 02/02/1987

          Briefing B'nai B'rith District #3 New Jersey / Pennsylvania 02/02/1987 / Bill Burns

          Briefing United Jewish Appeal Atlanta - Yeutter, Miller 02/05/1987

          Briefing Florida Conference Methodist 02/05/1987-02/06/1987

          Briefing – The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) – Ross 02/09/1987, 11:30 am

          Briefing National Jewish Coalition Executive Committee 02/12/1987

          Travel Yeshiva Yagdil Torah 18th Dinner New York City 02/15/1987

          Briefing State of Israel Bonds 02/18/1987

          Shamir Visit 02/18/1987-02/19/1987

          Travel New Cracow Friendship Society Miami, Florida 02/22/1987


          Box 38

          Carlucci Meeting with Jewish Leaders 02/25/1987

          Sorzano Briefing 02/27/1987

          Briefing National Jewish Coalition Fly-In March 1987

          Travel Conference of Presidents Zakheim New York City 03/05/1987

          Briefing American Jewish Congress 03/09/1987

          Travel Yeshiva University New York 03/10/1987

          Briefing Reconstructionist Rabbis 03/11/1987

          Israel (03/16/1987-03/20/1987) President’s Conference Trip

          St. Patrick's Day 03/17/1987

          Briefing Union Orthodox Jewish Congregations [of America] 03/18/1987

          Briefing State of Israel Bonds 03/23/1987

          Briefing Anti-Defamation League 03/23/1987

          Agudath Israel 03/23/1987

          Briefing United Synagogue America 03/25/1987

          Briefing National Jewish Coalition 03/26/1987

          Institute on Religion and Democracy 03/26/1987

          Travel Council Jewish Organizations / Boro Park Brooklyn, New York 03/29/1987

          New York Jewish Community Relations Council Youth 03/30/1987

          Briefing United Jewish Appeal Federation New York 04/02/1987 (1)(2)

          Photo-Op with Grand Rabbi 04/02/1987

          Travel Jewish Community Cultural Dayton, Ohio 04/05/1987

          Education Day USA 1987 04/09/1987

          Briefing Freedom Federation 04/27/1987

          Romanian Jewish Choir Photo-Op with Vice President 04/29/1987

          Anti-Defamation League 05/01/1987

          Travel Solidarity Sunday New York City 05/03/1987

          The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) California Group 05/04/1987, 11-12:30, Room 208

          Sanctuary Debate / Washington Hebrew Congregation 05/05/1987

          Novak/Welfare Reform 05/08/1987

          Briefing American Turkish Association 05/08/1987

          [President‘s Trip to Tuskegee University 05/09/1987-05/10/1987] (1)-(4)

          [President‘s Trip to Alabama and North Carolina 05/09/1987-05/10/1987] (1)-(3)


          Box 39

          HD-P Ben-Gurion University of Negev Los Angeles 05/11/1987-05/13/1987

          American Jewish Committee 05/14/1987

          Operation Independence New York City 05/15/1987

          Bnai Breck [sic] Hospital Dinner New York City 05/31/1987 [empty]

          Travel Memphis Hebrew Academy Memphis, Tennessee 06/01/1987-06/02/1987

          Travel Anti-Defamation League Annual Convention New York City


          Travel Anti-Defamation League, National Jewish Coalition Dallas, Texas


          Reserve Officers Association Photo-Op 06/25/1987

          Jewish Leaders with Baker, Duberstein July 1987

          Briefing American Jewish Congress Board of Trustees 07/01/1987 Ross

          Trip of the President to Danville, Indianapolis, Indiana 07/13/1987

          Perlmutter Funeral New York City 07/15/1987

          Jewish War Veterans Photo-Op 07/16/1987

          POTUS to Wisconsin 07/27/1987 (1)-(7)

          Briefing for Jewish Interns 07/29/1987

          Briefing for Armenian Interns 07/29/1987

          SDI Briefing with RR and U.S. and Soviet Scientists (SECSW and FSS) 07/29/1987

          [Attendance List for Undefined Meeting 08/11/1987]

          Meeting with Presidents Conference 08/12/1987 F. Carl

          Briefing New England Key Club 08/13/1987 (1)-(3)

          Briefing National Jewish Coalition Rabbis 08/26/1987

          Briefing National Jewish Coalition Executive Committee 08/27/1987

Travel Opportunity Development Association Dedication Brooklyn, New York 09/01/1987

          Swedish Visit 09/09/1987

          Travel New York Meeting with Jewish Leaders 09/09/1987

          Disabled Israeli War Veterans 09/11/1987

          Briefing United Jewish Appeal Wall Street Division 09/16/1987


          Box 40

          Briefing Stanford University Alumni Association 09/22/1987 Cohen

          Briefing Nesher Breakfast Club 09/29/1987 Bauer, Schifter

          Travel Bayard Rustin Service New York City 10/01/1987

          Armenian Video Tape 10/10/1987

          Briefing Dawkins Group 10/14/1987

          Briefing Greek Orthodox 10/15/1987

          Agency for International Development End Hunger Awards 10/15/1987

          Women's League for Conservative Judaism 10/20/1987 (1)(2)

          Photo Vasken I Armenian Photo-Op 10/26/1987 (1)-(3)

          Travel Defender of Jerusalem Award New York City 10/28/1987 (1)(2)

          Briefing New York Jewish Community Relations Council High School Students


          Briefing National Jewish Coalition Executive Committee and Board of Directors


          Herzog Visit – Arrival Ceremony / Lunch / Dinner 11/10/1987

          American Legion Photo-Op (John P. Comer) 11/12/1987 (1)-(4)

          Meeting Pre-Summit Soviet Jewry / POTUS 11/17/1987

          Travel American Jewish Committee Detroit, Michigan 12/01/1987-12/02/1987

          Briefing New York United Jewish Appeal Women, 12/03/1987

          Gorbachev Summit 12/07/1987-12/10/1987

          [Travel New York City 12/13/1987-12/14/1987]

          Briefing Coalition to Free Soviet Jews 12/14/1987

          Photo Menorah with Lubavitchers 12/15/1987

          The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) Australian Students 12/16/1987, 4:30 pm, Room 476

          United Synagogue Youth 12/30/1987


          Box 41

          Trip to Israel 01/06/1988-01/14/1988

          [Briefing on Central America 01/20/1988 and 01/22/1988] (1)-(3)

          Travel Cleveland, Ohio 01/24/1988

          Briefing National Jewish Coalition Soviet Émigrés 01/25/1988

          Ikle Meeting with AFL-CIO 01/26/1988

          Donatelli Trip to New York / Scranton 01/26/1988-01/28/1988

          Reserve Officers Association Mid-Winter Conference Speech 01/27/1988 (1)(2)

          National Jewish Coalition Briefing 01/27/1988

          Photo Masons 02/11/1988 (1)(2)

          Briefing Hudson Valley Political Action Committee 02/24/1988

          Veterans of Foreign Wars Speech 03/07/1988 (1)-(3)

          Travel American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association Tour 03/07/1988

          Briefing National Jewish Coalition 03/08/1988

          Travel Rebbetzin Schneerson Campus Brooklyn 03/13/1988

          Briefing United Jewish Appeal Young Leadership 03/14/1988

          Briefing United Synagogue 03/16/1988

          Travel Council of Jewish Organizations Dinner New York 03/20/1988

          Briefing Anti-Defamation League 03/21/1988

          Photo Afghan Day Proclamation Signing 03/21/1988

          American Ex-Prisoners of War 03/23/1988


          Box 42

          Photo-Op with Iakovos 03/25/1988

          Photo Greek Independence Day 03/25/1988 (1)(2)

          Photo Education Day 03/29/1988

          Briefing United Jewish Appeal Event April 1988? (1)-(4)

          Briefing Russian American Jews 04/11/1988

          T ravel National Council Young Israel New York City 04/17/1988

          Briefing Orthodox Union 04/19/1988

          Briefing Orthodox Union 04/20/1988

          Travel Dallas / Corpus Christi 04/22/1988-04/24/1988

          Briefing United Jewish Appeal New York Donors 04/27/1988

          Briefing USSR Human Rights 05/03/1988

          Briefing Elkins Park 05/04/1988

          Briefing SDI Briefing 05/04/1988 (1)(2)

          Travel Coalition to Free Soviet Jews New York City 05/05/1988

          Briefing Montreal International Relations 05/11/1988

          Briefing International Council of the World Conference on Soviet Jewry 05/12/1988

          Briefing Jewish Day School / Charney 05/12/1988

          Photo Non-Commissioned Officers Association Photo 05/12/1988

          Travel Greek-Orthodox Dinner / Christopher New York City 05/14/1988

          Briefing Human Rights Groups Pre-Summit 05/17/1988..

          Briefing Reception – Israel 40th 05/24/1988

          Briefing Departure for Moscow 05/25/1988

          Briefing Andrews Arrival Ceremony 06/03/1988

          Briefing Women’s Pro-Israel National Political Action Committee Briefing 06/13/1988


          Box 43

          Briefing National Cuban American Foundation PS 4000 Signing 06/13/1988

          Briefing Core Group Meeting 06/21/1988

          Briefing Prisoner of War Medal Awards 06/24/1988 (1)-(5)

          Briefing Agudath Israel 06/25/1988 (cancelled)

          Briefing Angola Briefing (Savimbi) 06/30/1988

          Photo Photo with Rick Mears 07/08/1988 (1)(2)

          Travel 1988 Greek-Orthodox Clergy Laity Boston, Massachusetts 08/03/1988-08/04/1988

          Events – Proposed [empty]

          Max Green Events Done 1985

          Completed Events 1986-1987 (1)-(4)

          Completed Events 10/05/1987 (1)-(3)

          Completed Events April 1988 (1)


          Box 44

Completed Events April 1988 (2)(3)

          Events 1988

          Fall Events 1988

          Miscellaneous Completed Events / Tasks, People Get Back with Me (1)-(3)



          Box 44 (Continued)

          Miscellaneous Correspondence October 1985-November 1985 (1)(2)

          [Correspondence November 1985-December 1985]

          [Chron file: February 1986 (alpha by name thereunder)]

          [Chron file: March 1986 (alpha by name thereunder)]

          [Chron file: April 1986 (alpha by name thereunder)]

          [Chron file: May 1986 (alpha by name thereunder)]

          [Chron file: October 1986-November 1986 (alpha by name thereunder)] (1)


          Box 45

          [Chron file: October 1986-November 1986 (alpha by name thereunder)] (2)

          Max Correspondence July 1986-December 1986 (1)-(5)

          Miscellaneous Correspondence August 1986 (1)(2)

          1987 Chron [October 1986-May 1987] (1)-(5)

          [Chron May 1987-December 1987] (1)-(6)



          Box 46

[Chron May 1987-December 1987] (7)

          Chron 02/15/1988-05/31/1988 (1)-(9)

          [Memos January 1988-July 1988] (1)(2)

          [Incoming Correspondence 1986]

          [Incoming Correspondence 1987]

          [Incoming Correspondence 1988]

          Weekly Reports OPL

          Form Letters – Volunteers

          Letters to Max Green (1)-(4)


          Box 47

Letters to Max Green (5)(6)

          Max – Memos



          Box 47 (Continued)

          Telephone Logs from October 1985-May 1986 (1)-(9)