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GUNN, WENDELL W.: Files, 1981-1984


Office of Policy Development


OA 6851


Anti-Trust Immunity, International Joint Venture Act

Auto Industry, President's Program, Import Restraints

Auto Industry (1)-(7)

[Auto Industry]: Import Restraints (1)-(3)

[Auto Industry]: President’s Progam (1)(2)

Budget Policy

Buy America

Cancun (2/1)

Chrysler Corporation

Credit Controls

Debit Limit


East - West Trade

Economic Commentary

Economic Forecast

Economic Policy -- International

Economic Program (1)(2)

Electric Utilities

Electronic Mail / Electronic Banking (1)(2)

Employee Stock Ownership Plan

Energy Policy


Export Credits

Export Controls

Export Promotion

Fannie Mae Federal Credit Programs

Federal Preemption of Private Enterprise

Financial Services Industry

Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

Gold Standard (1/1)

High Technology - Robotics

Housing Industry

Import Policy

Income Policy

International Telecommunications

Investment Policy - Bilateral Investment Treaties




OA 6852

LDC Trade - GSP

Maritime Affairs

Minimum Wage

Monetary Policy

Natural Gas

North American Accord

Oil Price Decontrol

Ottawa Summit - East / West Trade


Regulatory Reform

Small Business

Soviet Grain Sales

State and Local Government Finances

Taxation of Americans Working Abroad


Transportation Policy

Urban Policy

World Communications Year

U.S.G.  Agencies File Civil Aeronautics Board

Department of Commerce

District of Columbia

Economic Policy Advisory Board

Export Council

Federal Home Loan Board - Confirmation


Federal Maritime Commission

Federal Reserve Board

FEMA - Industrial Mobilization Working Group

Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board

House Democratic Caucus

Industrial Policy Private Sector Advisory Committee

Inter - American Foundation

Internal Revenue Service

International Trade Commission

Joint Economic Committee

NTIA / Issue Briefs

Office of Management and Budget

OMB Legislative Reference

Office of Planning and Evaluation

Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP)

Private Sector Survey

Synfuels Corporation

Treasury Department -- Confirmation Briefings


White House Counsel


OA 6853

American Council for Capital Formation

American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research

American Petroleum Institute


Bank of America


California Bankers Association

Cannon Mills


Chamber of Commerce

Charles E. Walker Associates, Inc.

Chicago Board of Trade

Citizen Utilities

Council of European & Japanese National Ship owners' Association

Data Resources, Inc.

Equal Employment Advisory Council

Equipment Lessors

American Association of European Economic Community Export - Import Bank


Gates Learjet

Gray & Company

Harvard University Center for Information Policy Research


MacLachlan & Co.

Housing Capital Corporation

Hudson Institute


Independent Business Association of Wisconsin

Institute for Contemporary Studies

International Business -- Government Counselors, Inc.

Japan / Economic Planning Agency

Joint Maritime Congress


Morgan Maxfield

Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Association

National Association of Broadcasters

National Association of Counties

North American Telephone Association

Philadelphia Society

Reed Powell




Small Business United

Trade Net

Transition Communications

U.S. Conference of Mayors

Venture Cap Association


OA 6854

White House Memo Files - Harper

White House Memo Files - Anderson

White House Memo Files - White House Memos

Telephone Logs


OA 6855

No Answer Necessary Correspondence

Chron: January 1982-May 1982


OA 6856

June 1982 Chron (1)-(10)

July 1982 Chron (1)-(11)

August 1982 Chron (1)-(9)

September 1982 Chron (1)-(12)

October 1982 Chron (1)-(12)


OA 6857

Activity Log - Personal

Cabinet Council

Government Management

Monday Briefings File

Questions and Answers

Reference Materials

Information Sources

Correspondence Invitations - Accepted

Correspondence Invitations - Regret


OA 6858

Miscellaneous Files Regarding Minority / Small Business


OA 9638

Science Indicators 1982

NCEIS International Barter and Countertrade

Transamerica Corporation Annual Report

Federal Funds for Research and Development

Federal Fund for Research and Development in 1982, 1983, 1984


Policy Implications of Information Technology

Joint Center for Political Studies 1983 Annual Report

Corporate Qualifications of Roy Littlejohn Associates

Small Business Administration

Jumbar Barge Shipping

Home Recording Rights Coalition

The Future of the Chemical Industry

Impact of Economic Sanctions on Rosemount, Inc.

Prehearing Brief in Support of Petitions for Relief from Imports of Refined

and Blister Copper under Section 201 of the Trade Act

The Heritage Roundtable: Anti Semitism in the Modern World

Corporate and Campus Cooperation an Action Agenda

Overhead Door Annual Report 1983

President's Trip to Asia Part II


Context 1984

Establishment of Enterprise Zones Resource Center

Commission of the European Communities: Commission Activities and European

          Community Rules for the Automobile Industry 1981/1983


OA 9639

          Westinghouse Annual Report 1983

Boeing Company 1983 Report

Business Outlook Abroad

International Economic Policy


Business Higher Education Forum Annual Report

Research and Development in Industry 1981

Kettering Report

Blue Print for Jobs and Industrial Growth

Georgia Journal of Intl & Comparative Law

President's Commission on Executive Exchange

DOC: Effect of Imports on Nuts, Bolts & Large Screws of National Security

Impacts of Bilateral Shipping Agreements

Analysis of Service, Rates & Shipper Responses

Science and Engineering Personnel: National Overview

Intl Economic Comparisons

Current List of Subjects for Special Studies & Publications as Issues & Recommendations of the Committee on Development

          of American Capitalism


Material on Surface Transportation Assistance Act of 1982 (1)-(3)

Major Shipping Report

Summary of Agreements

Network Syndication - Financial Interest Rules

Double Taxation on Overseas Construction Projects

University of Chicago: The 1982 Honor Roll

The Journal

Annual Science and Technology Report 1982

Cost of Protectionism

Intl Trade Commission Information Kit

Republicans Abroad

International Monetary Fund (1)(2)

American Perspective

Product Liability Tort Law Reform

High Cost of Capital

Program on Information Resources Policy

Science and Engineering Resources Data

America's Competitive Challenge


OA 9640

Midterm Planning Book

Science Indicators 1982

Export Financing Proposals and Ideas

Benefits & Costs of Export - Import Bank Loan Subsidy

What is a Small Business

President's Commission on Executive Exchange

Avon Annual Report

Martin Marietta

Overview of the Export Administration Program

Report of the White House Science Council


Changing Industrial Structures in the U. S. & Japan

Science & Engineering Doctorates 1960-1981

NAMC Emergency Summit Meeting

Minority Business Development

DOC Proposed Legislative Program

Investigation of Truck Size and Weight Limits

Final Report on the Federal Highway Cost Allocation Study

State Taxation of Multinational Corporations

Price Waterhouse The Changing World of Smaller Business

Ritz Blitz

Boeing Report

The Administration Proposed Amendments to the Freedom of Information Act

Administration Amendment to the Freedom of Information Act     

Executive Order on Minority Business

PCIC Status Report

PDIC Action Recommendations

Economic Recovery

Management Planning System DOC


OA 9641

PCIC Briefing Book Palo Alto, California December 1983

PCIC Detroit Meeting April 1984

Commerce and Trade Legislative Agenda

Prefix to Trade December 1983

Financial Interest & Syndication Rule May 1982

Export Trading Company 1982

U.S. Productivity and Competitiveness August 1983

PCIC Briefing Book September 1983


OA 9642

Intellectual Property [Working Group 07/11/1983] (Binder) (1)(2)

FCC: The Access Charge Debate (Binder)

FCC [Oval Office Briefing 04/12/1983] (Binder) (1)(2)

FCC: The Access Charge Debate (Briefing Book January 1984) (Binder) (1)-(6)

Export Controls: President’s Export Council Briefing Book (Binder) (1)(2)

Export Controls: Status Report – President’s Export Council Recommendations,

10/30/1981-07/01/1983 (Binder) (1)-(3)

Export Controls: President’s Export Council Meeting 12/08/1983 (Binder) (1)-(3)

Export Controls: President’s Export Council Recommendations September 1983 (Binder)

Semiconductor Industry Meeting – U.S. Chamber of Commerce 02/28/1984 (Binder)


OA 9643

Increased Efficiencies

Japanese Trade (Binder) (1)-(3)

PCIC Strategy for U.S. Industrial Competitiveness / Issue Intl Policy Debate

FCC Syndication & Financial Interest Rules (5)

PCIC (2)


OA 9644

Product Liability (4)


OA 9645

H.R. 1609 Legislation to Relieve Intl Double Taxation Overseas

Letter from Michael Geffrard (Pharmaceutical)

Letter from Don Brewer Regarding KYW News Radio

UISTA Publication from Charles Ervin

Reagan Record

CBS Competition of Regulations

U.S. Business Leaders Underscore Trade Issues at Sydney Gathering

LTV Corporation Annual Report

Letter from Weldon Lathan Regarding Sterling Systems Inc.

Proposal Regarding Bilateral Shipping Agreements from Roger Figera

Minority Document from Frank Swain

Govt Deficit Spending & Its Effect on Prices of Financial Assets

CED Industrial Strategy & Trade

Orion Satellite Corp

Chase Manhattan Corp., 1982 Chart

President Reagan's Trade Reorganization

Press Call

CDS Payback Letter from Robert Blackwell

Small Business Letter from Gerald Nagy

LTV Corp. Letter from John Meagher

Barbara Honegger Press Release

Letter from China Agro-Industries Development Ltd.

Jobs for the Future

Hong Kong Textile Agreement

Group of Thirty

Reagan Trip to Asia

Report of White House Science Council


Frank Makara Regarding Evangelism

Monetary Charts

Policy Recommendations of Wholesaling / Retailing Industry Sector Committee

Reviving Winning Coalition

IMF Materials

Caterpillar Materials

Computer Industry

Robotics Industry

Administration's Proposed Amendment to the FIA

S. 1158 Bamboo Shoots & Water Chestnuts Import

Citizens Efforts

Public Policy Climate


OA 9646

FCC Syndication and Financial Interest Rule

Guide to Law Firms

Summary of Howrey & Simon's Law Practice

Misalignment of the U.S. Dollar & Japanese Yen

CBD Competition of Regulation

Analysis of the Impacts of Repeal of the Financial Interest & Syndication Rule

Semiconductor Industry - Dataquest

PCIC Capital Resources Committee

Annual Report of the President on the Trade Agreement Report

Japanese Government Promotion of the Steel Industry: Three Decades of Industrial Policy (1)-(3)

Why the FCC Should Repeal the Financial Interest & Syndication Rules

USITC Textile Reports (1)-(3)

U.S. - China Council

Potassium Permangante Materials



Fairness II - Executive Briefing Book


OA 9647

Competitiveness Background Reading

DOT 1984 Fall Director's Review

DOC / SBA 1982 Fall Director's Review

President's Report on the State of Small Business

Maritime Policy Working Group


OA 9648

Newspaper Clippings (4)

Trade Strategy Papers

Fairness Issues


OA 9649

Working Group on Export Financing

President's Statement

International Telecommunications Union - Interagency Working Group (Binder) (1)-(3)

Alternatives to Federal Regulations Working Group

Local Content

Maritime Policy

Small Business


OA 9650

Enterprise Zones (1)-(8)

Fairness II - Briefing Book

Telecommunications: S. 898 Proposed Amendments (Binder) (1)-(9)

Telecommunications Policy Working Group (Binder) (1)-(8)

Energy Reorganization


OA 9651

Executives Secretaries Meeting

1983 Policy Initiatives

Troubled Industries

Thrift Industry Working Group

Northeast Midwest Institute

Washington Intl Business Report


Loagland Maclachlan & Company


OA 9652

Transition Policy Papers

Heritage Papers

Houdaille Industry Booklet

Previews & Premises

Concentration, Mergers & Public Policy

Science and Technology

[The Case for Gold]


OA 9653

Misc Books


OA 9654

[Daily Schedules April 1982]

          [Daily Schedules May 1982]

          [Daily Schedules June 1982]

          [Daily Schedules July 1982]

          [Daily Schedules August 1982]

          [Daily Schedules September 1982]

          [Daily Schedules October 1982]

          [Daily Schedules November 1982]

          [Daily Schedules December 1982]

          [Daily Schedules January 1983]

          [Daily Schedules February 1983]

          [Daily Schedules March 1983]

          [Daily Schedules April 1983]

          [Daily Schedules May1983]

          [Daily Schedules June 1983]

          [Daily Schedules July 1983]

          [Daily Schedules August 1983]

          [Daily Schedules September 1983-October 1983]

November 1982 Chron (1)-(19)

December 1982 Chron (1)-(7)

January 1983 Chron (1)-(15)

February 1983 Chron (1)-(13)


OA 9655

March 1983 Chron (1)-(7)

April 1983 Chron (1)-(12)

May 1983 Chron (1)-(16)

June 1983 Chron (1)-(27)


OA 9656

Acceptance and Regret Invitations (1983)


OA 9657

No Answers Necessary Letters

Calls Not Returned

Miscellaneous Meetings

June - December 1983 Acceptance

Travel Vouchers 1981-1983


OA 9658

[Senior Staff Notes 1983]

[Daily Schedules October 1983-December 1983] (1)(2)

July 1983 Chron (1)-(14)

August 1983 Chron (1)-(9)

September 1983 Chron (1)-(11)

October 1983 Chron (1)-(7)

November 1983 Chron (1)-(8)

December 1983 Chron (1)-(7)


OA 9659

Basin Industries Coalition


Harvey Goldstein

Houdaille Petition (1)-(9)

Investment Policy

Midterm Planning 1983


Resale Price Maintenance Meeting


Pension Policy



OA 9660

Timber Trade Policy Committee Paper

Trade Misc.


Williamsburg Summit

Daily Schedules Ending 12/31/1983

Regret Invitation Ending 03/15/1984


OA 9661

President's Commission on Industrial Competitiveness (1983)

Minority Business Statement


OA 9662

Troubled Industries 1983

Executive Secretaries Meeting Notes 1983

Communications 1983

Export Trading Companies

Industrial Policy

President's Commission on Industrial Competitiveness


OA 9663

Steel 1983

[Tax Policy]  (1)–(11)

Unitary Tax [1983]

Textiles 1983 (1)-(8)

[User Fees] (1)-(3)

User Pay

Calls Not Made 1983

Accepted Appointments, February 1983-May 1983

Regrets February 1983-May 1983

Staff Resumes


OA 9664

Misc. Speeches

1984 Letters Never Answered

President's Trip to Asia

[Telecommunications: OSTP Issues]

          [Telecommunications: Meeting with Michigan Public Service Commission 04/28/1982]

[Telecommunications: Industry Groups: Ad Hoc Committee for Competitive Telecommunications] (1)(2)

[Telecommunications: Industry Groups: Association of Data Processing Service Organizations (ADASPO)]

[Telecommunications: Industry Groups: National Coalition of Cities and U.S. Conference of Mayors]

[Telecommunications: Industry Groups: Computer and Business Equipments Manufacturers Association (CBEMA)]

[Telecommunications: Industry Groups: TELE-CAUSE] (1)(2)

[Telecommunications: Industry Groups: Fair Opportunities for Competition in the U.S. (FOCUS)] (1)(2)

[Telecommunications: Industry Groups: International Communications Association (ICA)]

[Telecommunications: Legislation] (1)-(6)

[Telecommunications: Litigation] (1)-(6)

[Telecommunications: Wirth Bill (H.R. 5158)]

[Telecommunications – Industry Correspondence: ITT]

[Telecommunications – Industry Correspondence:] GTE

[Telecommunications – Industry Correspondence: MCI] (1)(2)

[Telecommunications – Industry Correspondence: RCA]

[Telecommunications – Industry Correspondence: SPC]

[Telecommunications – Industry Correspondence: Sperry Corporation]

[Telecommunications – Industry Correspondence: Telecommunications Association]

[Telecommunications – Industry Correspondence: IDCMA] (1)(2)

[Telecommunications – Industry Correspondence: FOCUS]

[Telecommunications – Industry Correspondence: ITSC] (1)(2)

[Telecommunications – Industry Correspondence: Telecommunications Users Coalition]

[Telecommunications – Industry Correspondence] (1)-(3)


OA 9665


Small Business

Research and Development

Product Liability

Minority Business



OA 9666





OA 9667

High Technology

Enterprise Zones (1)-(5)

Aviation Policy

Airline Industry

[Auto Industry] (1)-(11)


OA 9668

Misc Actions

Travel Vouchers