This collection is available in whole for research use. Some folders may still have withdrawn material due to Freedom of Information Act restrictions. Most frequent withdrawn material is national security classified material, personal privacy, protection of the President, etc.


HALL, JOHN P. “JACK”: Files, 1984-1985 (1.1 l..ft.; Box 1-3)


Office of Cabinet Affairs: Associate Director


Jack Hall was born in New York City in 1936. He earned B.A. and M.B.A. degrees from Dartmouth University, and attended New York University Graduate Business School. After serving as an executive in various corporations, he took a position in the Small Business Administration. In November 1984 Hall was detailed from SBA to the White House, to oversee the tracking and final review of the recommendations submitted by the President’s Private Sector Survey on Cost Control (Grace Commission). He remained on the White House staff for about a year. When he left, his responsibilities toward the Grace Commission were transferred from the White House Office to OMB.


Material in this collection came to the Reagan Library as loose, unorganized papers. The Library staff placed related loose materials together in folders, and arranged the folders in logical sequence.


SERIES I: SUBJECT FILE, 1984-1985. (0.9 l.ft., Boxes 1-3)


This series documents Hall’s ongoing contact with members of the Grace Commission, the Domestic Policy Council, the Office of Policy Development, and OMB. Prominent topics include implementation of the Grace Commission’s recommendations, budget savings that could result from the Commission’s recommendations, comparisons between the Commission’s recommendations and Reagan Administration policy, the possible forming of a new organization to carry on the Grace Commission’s work, and analyses of proposed savings in welfare assistance programs.


SERIES II: CHRON FILE, 1985. (0.2 l.ft., Box 3)

This series contains two sets of chronologically arranged material. Each set consists largely of copies of outgoing letters and memos, from either Mr. Hall or Alfred Kingon. Kingon succeeded Craig Fuller as head of the Cabinet Affairs office in 1985.





Box 1

          PPSSCC (President’s Private Sector Survey on Cost Control) Reception 07/18/1984 –

                   Presidential Remarks

          PPSSCC Meeting 12/10/1984

          PPSSCC Briefing / Reception 02/25/1985 (1)(2)

          PPSSCC Meeting 08/30/1985 (1)(2)

          PPSSCC Meeting 09/05/1985

          PPSSCC Meeting 09/12/1985

          PPSSCC Meeting 09/23/1985 (1)(2)

Overview and Status Report on Grace Commission Savings Recommendations 05/24/1984 (1)(2)

          Grace Commission Follow-up 11/26/1984

          Grace Commission Follow-up – FY 1986 Budget Request Freeze – 02/08/1985

          Grace Commission Follow-up – Briefing / National Advisory Commission on Oceans

                   and Atmosphere [ca. June 1985]

          Grace Commission Follow-up – Department of Defense – 06/17/1985 (1)-(4)


          Box 2

Grace Commission Follow-up – Opportunities Beyond PPSSCC and Cost of

                   Congressional Encroachment – 09/30/1985

          Grace Commission Follow-up – Privatization and Federally Subsidized Programs –

                   09/24/1985 (1)(2)

          Grace Commission Follow-up – Proposed Successor – 05/14/1985 (1)(2)

          Grace Commission Follow-up – Talking Points – 07/25/1985

          Grace Commission Follow-up – Veterans Administration – 01/16/1985

          PPSSCC Implementation Status Report 10/28/1985 (1)-(3)

          Domestic Policy Council – Welfare System

          Health and Human Services FY 1986 Budget Review (1)-(6)


          Box 3

          Health and Human Services FY 1986 Budget Review (7)-(10)



Box 3, cont.

          Chron File – January 1985

          Chron File – February 1985

          Chron File – March 1985

          Chron File – April 1985

          Chron File – May 1985

          Chron File – June 1985

          Chron File – July 1985

          Chron File – August 1985

          Chron File – September 1985

          Chron File – October 1985 – December 1985

Chron File (01/09/1985-05/15/1985)

Chron File (05/16/1985-10/17/1985)