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Office of the First Lady


OA 15015

Booklet - Trip of Mrs. Reagan to Japan and Korea, 11/08/1983-11/14/1983 [Miniature Copy]

Booklet - Trip of Mrs. Reagan to California, 01/03/1983-01/06/1983

Booklet - Trip of Mrs. Reagan to New York 01/24/1983-01/25/1983

Booklet - Trip of First Lady to Arizona / California, 02/18/1983-03/11/1983

Bundle - First Lady's Schedules, 01/16/1983-04/24/1983

Children's Hospital, 12/14/1983

Children's Hospital, 12/12/1984

Arizona and Los Angeles, SB 11/17/1984-11/19/1984

Lexington, Kentucky - Macon, Georgia - New Orleans, Louisiana - Jackson, Mississippi,


Knoxville - Des Moines, 10/29/1984-10/30/1984

Riverside, California - Santa Ana, California, 10/22/1984-10/24/1984

Rye, New York, 10/19/1984

ICD Dinner - New York, New York, 10/15/1984-10/16/1984

Southern Swing 10/10/1984-10/12/1984 Columbia, Chattanooga, Atlanta, Birmingham,

Alabama - San Antonio, Texas - Austin, Texas

(National Federation of Parents) NFP Luncheon, 09/28/1984

Convention - Dallas, Texas, 09/22/1984-09/24/1984

Lansing, Michigan - Cincinnati, Ohio - Indianapolis, Indiana - Springfield, Illinois -

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 09/17/1984

Portland, Oregon - Spokane, Washington - Grand Junction, 09/06/1984-09/07/1984

Denver, Colorado - Phoenix, Arizona / Los Angeles, California, 08/10/1984-08/14/1984

Phoenix, Arizona / Los Angeles, California / Portland, Oregon, 09/01/1984-09/05/1984

Trip to Denver, Colorado / Phoenix, Arizona / Los Angeles, California, 08/10/1983-


Summer Olympics, 07/25/1984 - Davis Residence

Morning Break, 07/23/1984

Camp Ockanickon, 07/10/1984

Oakland and San Francisco, 07/04/1984

National Center for Therapeutic Riding, 06/14/1984

Trip to Las Vegas, Nevada / Los Angeles, California

Booklet - Trip of Mrs. Reagan to Ireland, England, France 06/01/1984-06/10/1984 (1)(2)

Trip to Phoenix, Arizona, 06/25/1984

Trip to New York, New York, 05/22/1984-05/23/1984

Frederick Mayfield 05/17/1984 Memorial Services

Marymount College Luncheon

Congressional Club Luncheon

Vienna Volksoper Opera Benefit

New Orleans / Detroit, 04/12/1984-04/13/1984

Senate Lady's Luncheon

Houston / Phoenix / Los Angeles, 03/12/1984-03/15/1984

Washington National Zoo, 03/26/1984

Second Genesis Dinner, 04/03/1984

Monday 02/06/1984

Governor's Wives Luncheon, 02/26/1984

Reagan - Bush Headquarters, 01/30/1984

Los Angeles / Seattle / St. Louis, 02/12/1984-02/15/1984

Gift of Life Dinner, 02/21/1984-02/22/1984

Los Angeles, California Scottsdale, Arizona, 01/02/1984-01/03/1984