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HARLOW, BRYCE LARRY: Files, 1983-1988


Legislative Affairs, White House Office of


OA 15359

Baker Memo, House and Senate Overview

[Baker - Legislative Briefing Paper]

Alf Landon - 100th Birthday

Clean Water


Dr. Billington

Clean Water 4 Documents for Copy

Quad Commission


Homeless (1)(2)

[Clean Water]

[Highway Act] (1)-(6)

Energy Appliance

Drug Testing

FHA Insurance - Rock Springs

Farm Credit

Highway Bill (1)(2)

1987 Legislation - Highway Legislation (1)-(3)

Gift Receipt Authority


Homeless Legislation (1)-(4)

Highway Legislation (1)-(5)

[Highways] (1)(2)

OA 17035

FY89 Budget - Senate

Appropriations Strategy

Appropriations 1987 - Votes on Each Bill

Defense Authorization

Balanced Budget

Balanced Budget Amendment [I]

Balanced Budget Amendment [II]

07/23/1987 - Debt Limit

G - R - H Fix 07/31/1987 (Senate Passed)

Vote Analysis - GRH / Fix Debt Limit

Line Item Veto

Pork [in Budget]

Reconciliation Conference


Budget Reform

Budget Schedule

FY88 Supplemental [Empty]

Budget Schedule

Summit Agreement (Budget)

Truth in Federal Spending


Don Wilson

Wendy Lee Gramm

Lugar - AAU

Mt. Rushmore

Murkowski / Peace Summit


Presidential Pen

Presidential Vetoes

Trade Legislation

OA 17036

Trade - 1988


Signing / Pen Letters

RPM (Resale / Retail Marketing Maintenance)

Price Anderson Legislation / Nuclear (1)-(3)

Ozone Depletion

OPL - Office of Public Liaison

OEOB Restoration / Gift Authority


Nuclear Waste Negotiator


Naval Petroleum Reserve

Uranium Enrichment

(Atomic) Veterans

H.R. 1811 [Atomic Veterans]

Korean Veterans

Veterans Administration (1)-(6)

Warner Amendment Repeal

[Welfare Package]

White House Detailees and Gift Authority

WH Transition

White House Fellows

Alaska Native Claims Settlement H.R. 278

Agriculture 1988

Agriculture/Farm Legislation

Agriculture / Farm Issues

Agriculture: Trade

Breaux Meeting

Campaign Financing


Civil Rights Commission

Clean Air Act (1)-(6)

Acid Rain (Clean Air)

Clean Air - 1988

Clean Coal

Defense SR 71



Economic Bill of Rights

Employee Benefits

Fair Housing (1)(2)

Fairness Doctrine / S. 742



FEMA / Nuclear Plant

Financial Markets

Foreign Policy / General 1988


Foreign Affairs / Defense Old

Glass - Steagall

Grand Ronde


Hanford Nuclear Reactor

Harlow Memos (Partial)


Hunger Bill - Kennedy & Panetta

S. 1721 - Intelligence Oversight Act of 1987

Major 1988 Issue Paper

Congressional Agenda - Issues

Japanese - American

U.S. - Japan Agreement


Karnes (Davis Creek)

June - Space

Drought (I)

Drought (II)

Drought Relief

NASA and Space Station


Domestic Policy / Cluster File

Larry Harlow Personal

March Chron File - Harlow

Chron File - April 1985

May 1985 Chron Files

June 1985 Chron Files

July 1985 Chron Files

August Chron Files - 1985

September 1985 Chron Files

October 1985 Chron Files

November 1985 Chron Files

OA 18191

Trade Bill -1985

Textile Quota Legislation

Tax Relief

Tax Reform

Talking Points, RR Tax Fairness Plan 1985


Defense Authorization Bill 1985 Gramm / Nickles

Joseph Wright Hearing May 1985 Deputy Director OMB

[Unfoldered Material - Dr. Donald J. Devine - Executive Assistant to the Director]

Deficit Reduction (1)-(3)

Youth Employment Opportunity Wage Act (1)-(5)

OMB Policy Statements (1)-(3)

S. 44 - Product Liability

Product Liability

[Medicare] Voucher [Act of 1983]

H.J. Res 386 - "National Day of Fasting to Raise Funds to Combat Hunger"