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HELM, ROBERT W.: Files, 1981-1983


Defense Programs and Arms Control Directorate, NSC: Director of Defense Programs.

Defense Policy Planning Staff



Box 90225

Telecommunications 1984

S.999 International Telecommunications


EMPB [Emergency Mobilization Preparedness Initiatives]

International Telecommunications

NSDD-97 Draft Responses


NSTAC Recommendations to the P 08/19/1983

NSTAC Proposed Membership

NSTAC Conference 07/19/1983-0720/1983

NSTAC 12/14/1982 Meeting Info

PD - 24


Box 90226

Issues Books; DOD Budget 1984 (FY 1985-1989)

DOD Program Review FY 1985-1989

 Directory of issue Authors & Team Members

Issue Outline         

Issue Book: 1- Policy & Risk Assessment

Issue Book: 2 - Nuclear Forces

Issue Book: 3 - Conventional Forces

Issue Book: 4 - Motorization & Investment

Issue Book: 5 - Readiness & Other Logistics

Issue Book: 6 – Manpower

Issue Book:  8 - Management Initiatives


Box 90227

Chron 1983

January 1983-December 1983


Box 90228

Five Year Defense Plan; 1984 Budget

DOD FY 84 Full Director’s Review

JCS Explan 0025 (Night Train) 1984

Overview Emergency Communications Working Group (ECWG) & National Security

          Telecommunications Advisory Committee (NSTAC) May 1983

          M-X Permanent Basing 09/15/1982 Draft

USAF Extended Planning Annex FY 90-99

Joint Security Assistance Memorandum - Supporting Analysis FY 84-88

Five Year Defense Program 05/11/1983

FY 84 Budget Submission - Summary & Program Element Detail 09/15/1982

Five Year Defense Program - Program Objective Memorandum FY 85-89

Five Year Defense Program Procurement Annex 01/31/1983

Five Year Defense Program Historical Summary & Program Element Detail FY 62-82



Box 90315


[PD -53 - Telecommunications]

PD -53 Steering Group Related

PD-53: NCS 1-82

PD-53: GSA Briefing June 23

PD-53: Mid-Term Initiative Internal Diplomatic

PD-53: Memo to Boverie 01/24/1983

PD-53: Responses

PD-53: Attendees

PD53: Working Group

PD-53: A1982

PD-53: A 1983

PD-53: A Rewrite

PD-53: A 1981

PD-53: A 1979-80

Emergency Committee Working Group (EMPB) - O. L. North