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HEMEL, ERIC I.: Files, 1981-1983


Office of Policy Development, 1981-1982

Council of Economic Advisors, Asst. to the Chairman, 1982-1983


The following material is from Mr. Hemel's time in the Office of Policy Development as a Policy Advisor. The Library does not appear to have any material from his time with the Council of Economic Advisors.


OA 7419

Activities Reports

Accelerated Depreciation

Actuaries - Joint Board

All Savers Bill


Auto Industry (1)(2)


Balanced Budget Amendment

Budget - Congressional Process

Budget - General

Budget - Reconciliation

Budget - Theoretical Issues

Business Economics

Cabinet Councils


OA 7420

CCEA Working Group

COLA and Indexing

Coal Severance Tax

Congressional Staff

Council of Economic Advisers

Credit Policy - Current

Credit Policy - Background

Credit Policy -Publications

Davis - Bacon

Debt Collection


Economy - Current

Economic Indicators

Economic Statistics

Employment and Training



OA 7421

Energy Bradley / Percy Bill

Enterprise Zones (1)-(10)

Export - Import Bank


Federal Financial Bank

Financial Deregulation

Financial Stability

General Admin.

Health Insurance


Hiring Freeze


International Banking

Journal of Urban Law

Legislative Clearance

Longshoreman Act

Minimum Wage (1)(2)

Monetary Policy

Mortgage - Financial


OA 7422

Natural Gas

Options Trading

Patent Policy

Pension Policy - Background

Pensions - Financing

Pensions - Government Programs

Pensions Policy - Current

Pensions - Financing

Pensions - Multi-Employer Issues

Pensions - Nickles - Erlenborn Act

Pensions - Prohibited Transactions

Pensions - Reporting Requirements

Pensions - Single Agency Issues

Pensions - Single Employer Termination Insurance

Pensions - Suspension of Benefits


Postal Strike



OA 7423

Public Utility Holding Company Act

Rational Expectations

Reading Reminders

Ronald Reagan

Social Security Administration Proposal [1981] (1)-(5)

Social Security Background (1)-(8)

Social Security - Current

Social Security - Trustee Report

Strategic Petroleum Reserve

Strategic Petroleum Reserve - Withdrawal Policy

Tax Credits

Thrifts - Background

Unemployment Insurance


Youth Unemployment