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HENKEL, WILLIAM: Files, 1982-1987


Advance, Office of Presidential: Special Assistant to the President and Director of Presidential Advance (1982-1984)

Deputy Assistant to the President and Director of Presidential Advance (1984-1986)

Assistant to the President and Director of Presidential Advance (1986-1987)


William Henkel (1941- ) first served in the White House Advance Office under Presidents Nixon and Ford, including as Director of the Advance Office beginning in 1973. In 1975 he left the White House staff to become Deputy Secretary of Commerce for Economic Development Operations. When President Ford left office, Henkel took a position with the brokerage firm Merrill Lynch, the company for which he had worked prior to joining the White House staff.


Henkel was asked by the Reagan White House to help coordinate the U.S. logistical arrangements for the G-7 economic summit held at Versailles, France in June 1982. Following the Summit, he was granted a two-year leave of absence from Merrill Lynch so he could serve as a White House special consultant on Presidential advance. Henkel was asked to improve the management operations of the President’s trips and public appearances, better integrate the advance and planning process with other White House operations, and develop a long-term advance strategy that would take into account the need for increased security for the President.


In September 1982 Henkel left Merrill Lynch for a full-time position as Director of Presidential Advance, with a mandate to implement his own recommendations. He reported to Michael Deaver, the Deputy Chief of Staff. Deaver and the Deputy Chief of Staff office retained a large amount of direct involvement in Presidential events.


In March 1984 Henkel was promoted to a Deputy Assistant, due to his increased responsibilities for schedule coordination in the 1984 campaign season. In September Henkel temporarily left the White House payroll for that of the Reagan/Bush re-election campaign, while continuing to work within the White House staff just as before. He returned to the White House payroll after Election Day, while also serving as Director of Operations for the 1985 Presidential Inaugural Committee. After Deaver left the White House staff in May 1985, Henkel assumed a greater role in Presidential schedule coordination and event development, while maintaining general oversight of the Advance Office. He was promoted to Assistant to the President in January 1986. He left the White House staff in September 1987.


Although Henkel did not join the White House staff until 1982, his files include some reference copies of memos from 1981.


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Box 1

[Henkel Correspondence 1981-1985] (1)-(11)

Correspondence – Incoming 1982-1985 (1)-(5)


Box 2

Correspondence – Incoming 1982-1985 (6)(7)

Correspondence / Memos – Outgoing 1982-1983 (1)-(5)

Memos – Outgoing 1982-1986 (1)-(3)

Correspondence – Outgoing 1984 (1)-(5)

Correspondence – Incoming 1985-1986 (1)-(3)


Box 3

Correspondence – Incoming 1985-1986 (4)-(12)

Memos – Outgoing 1985 (1)-(6)

Miscellaneous Incoming Memos 1986 (1)


Box 4

Miscellaneous Incoming Memos 1986 (2)

Memos – Outgoing 1986 (1)-(5)

Memos – Incoming / Outgoing 1987 (1)-(8)

Memos – Outgoing 1987 (1)-(3)


Box 5

Memos – Outgoing 1987 (4)-(5)


CFOA 429

Caribbean Summit - University of South Carolina [06/19/1984] (1)(2)

          Europe General Cables In

          Europe General Cables Out (1)(2)

          Ireland Cables In (1)-(5)

          Ireland Cables Out

          London Cables In (1)-(5)

London Cables Out (1)(2)

Normandy Cables In (1)-(4)       

          Normandy Cables Out

          Europe (1)-(3)

          Miscellaneous / Europe (1)-(3)

          [London Economic Summit] (1)(2)

          PRC Motorcade / Housing

          Henkel [London Economic Summit]

          European Trip June 1984 (1)-(6)

          London Economic Summit June 1984 (1)-(5)


          CFOA 430

          [Visit to London of the Honorable Michael K. Deaver, 03/10/1984-03/13/1984]

                   (Notebook) (1)-(3)

          [Visit to London of the Honorable Michael K. Deaver, 03/10/1984-03/13/1984 –

                   Marked CB England] (Notebook) (1)(2)

Trip of the President to Ireland, Normandy, and the Economic Summit - Trip Book


          CFOA 431

          China - Cables In, October 1983-November 1983

          China - Cables In, January 1984 (1)(2)

          China - Cables In, February 1984 I (1)-(5)

          China - Cables In, February 1984 II (1)(2)

          China - Cables In, March 1984 (1)-(4)

          China - Cables In, April 1984 (1)-(6)

          China - Cables Out, January 1984-February 1984 (1)(2)

          China - Cables Out, February 1984 (1)(2)

          China - Cables Out, March 1984-April 1984 (1)-(5)

          China - Kremer

          China - Background

          China- Sittmann (1)-(4)

          China - McManus (1)-(3)

          Premier/Cables (1)-(3)

          Briefing Book - China Pre-Advance Trip 02/17/1984-02/29/1984 (1)-(4)

          China Trip I (1)(2)

          China Trip II (1)-(6)


          CFOA 432


          State (1)-(4)

          Tokyo (1)-(6)

          Manila (1)(2)

          Bangkok (1)(2)

          Jakarta (1)-(6)


          Seoul (1)-(6)

          Survey Trip to East Asia 08/28/1983-09/11/1983 (Notebook) (1)-(10)

          [Coordination Book - The President’s Trip to the UK, Ireland and France 1984]

                   (Binder) (1)-(9)


          CFOA 620

          Briefing Book - The Trip of the President to Geneva, Switzerland - Part I

                   11/16/1985- 11/20/1985 (1)-(4)

          Briefing Book - The Trip of the President to Geneva, Switzerland, Brussels, Belgium

                   and Return to Washington, D.C. - Part II 11/21/1985

          Briefing Book on International Organizations in Geneva [Publication]

          Fondation pour l'Histoire des Suisses à l'Etranger [Publication]

          Joint Session


          Geneva - Cables (1)-(11)

          [Unfoldered Material re: Gorbachev Visit 1986] (1)-(6)

          LH - Geneva III (1)-(5)

          [Unfoldered Material re: The President's Visit to Geneva and Brussels]

          [Geneva Site Photographs I] (1)-(3)

          [Geneva Site Photographs II] (1)-(3)

          La Gandole

          Soviet Mission

          Eisenhower / Pometta

          Brussels (1)(2)

          Geneva - Miscellaneous (1)(2)

          Additional Events

          [Geneva Site Photographs III] (1)(2)

          Eisenhower Garden

          Le Reposoir

          Geneva - Photographs (1)(2)

          [Miscellaneous Publications re: Geneva] (1)-(4)

          [Small Notebook in English/Russian re: Nixon's Visit to the USSR in 1974]

          [Small Notebook re: Nixon's Visit to Austria and the USSR, May 1972]

          [Small Notebook re: Brezhnev's Visit to the U.S., June 1973]


          CFOA 621

          Background Book - President Reagan's Trip to Reykjavik, Iceland 10/10/1986-

                   10/12/1986 (1)(2)

          [Unfoldered Material re: Trip to Iceland] (1)-(10)

          Trip to Canada I

          Trip to Canada II: Ottawa 04/05/1987-04/06/1987 (1)-(3)

          Trip to Canada III (1)-(3)

          Europe - Pre-Advance (1)-(3)

          Europe - Memos (1)-(5)

          Europe - Deaver Memos (1)(2)

          Europe - Normandy (1)-(5)

          Europe - Memos In (1)-(4)

          Photos - Ireland, England, Normandy


          CFOA 622

          Bill Henkel - European Trip (1)-(12)

          Bill Henkel - Special Mission to Italy 03/07/1987-03/10/1987 (1)-(4)

          Cables (1)-(4)

          [Background Materials re: Trip to Italy, 1987] (1)-(4)

          Background Book - Survey Trip to Europe, January 1987 (1)-(12)

          National Security Priorities July 1986 - December 1986

          Grenada - 02/20/1986 (1)-(4)

          Grenada (1)-(7)

          Pre-Advance Photographs -Trip of the President to Grenada, 02/20/1986


          CFOA 623

          Memoranda, Notes, Schedules, etc. re: President's Trip to the Far East, 04/25/1986-

                   05/07/1986 (1)-(9)

          Memoranda, Notes, Schedules, etc. re: Trip to Far East (1)-(14)

          Photos re: Far East and Tokyo Summit (1)-(8)


          OA 11133

          The Freeman Companies Proposal for the 1984 Republican National Convention

                   (Notebook) (1)-(4)

          Kiernan and Associates Proposal for the 1984 Republican National Convention


          Hargrove, Incorporated Proposal for the 1984 Republican National Convention

                   (Binder) (1)-(3)

          United Exposition Service Company Proposal for the 1984 Republican National

                   Convention (Notebook) (1)-(3)

United Exposition Service Company Proposal for the 1984 Republican National

                   Convention - Illustrations (Notebook) (1)-(7)

          [100 Day Report re: Convention Planning 05/17/1984] (Notebook) (1)(2)

          [Selection of the Prime Contractor Report 01/18/1984] (Notebook) (1)(2)

[Wang 8” Diskettes re: President’s Trip to the G7 Versailles Conference and

          London] (1)(2)


          OA 14895

Concerning William Henkel Leaving White House

          Michael K. Deaver (1)-(3)

          Dan Rather Letter (1)-(3)

          Steno Pad with Notes in Long- and Shorthand


          OA 14896

          Administration Issues / Accomplishments (1)(2)

Bill Henkel Biography - Press Release

Budget Process (1)-(4)

          Budget Functions

          Campaign Funding Problems

Cheap Shots

          Contra Aid

          Inaugural Staff

          Issues (1)-(7)

Long Range Scheduling (1)(2)

          Phone Logs – 1985 (1)-(5)

          Phone Logs – 1986 (1)-(6)

          Phone Logs – 1987 (1)-(8)

Resumes (1)-(6)

          Resumes: Sally Carroll

          Tax Trips (1)-(3)

          Tax Trip Possibilities (1)-(3)

Travel Vouchers (1)-(3)

United States Secret Service Problems

Volunteer Advancement


OA 14897

          Bill Henkel – Planning (1)-(4)

          Advance Seminar - 1983

          Sample Scenarios and Other Information (1)(2)

          Fall Campaign (1)-(4)

          Newspaper Clippings - Various Subjects (1)-(3)

          Advance Office (1)(2)

          Advance Office: Miscellaneous (1)-(8)

          Advance Office: Personnel / Problems

          Framework of Advance Missions and Job Descriptions (1)-(3)

          Advance Office Procedures (1)(2)

          Forecast Office - FY 1983 Budget with Cost Figures

          Staffing, Salaries and Budget 1984-1986 - Resumes and Prospects (1)(2)

          [Budget and Personnel Issues] (1)-(7)

          Advance Office Budget (1)-(5)

          Air Force One Airports

          Air Force One Airports:  Air Force One (1)-(3)

          Air Force One Airports:  [VC137C-2700-0 Seating Area Arrangement]

          Frederick L. Ahearn Site Surveys (1)(2)


          OA 14898

          Council of the Americas, 1987

          Bill Henkel - Economic Bill of Rights Campaign (1)(2)

          Economic Bill of Rights (1)-(3)

          Education Information (Miscellaneous) (1)-(4)

          Papal Visit [1987] (William Henkel) (1)(2)


          Competitiveness (1)-(4)

          Planning Group (1)-(3)

          Long Range Schedule Strategy (1)-(4)

          Pending Files [1986 Highlights / Presidential Activities in 1987 / Agenda for

1987-1988] (1)-(5)

          Bill Henkel - Upcoming Domestic Travel I (1)-(4)

          Bill Henkel - Upcoming Domestic Travel II (1)-(4)

          Excellence and Competitiveness (1)-(6)

          Press Releases / Fact Sheets - 01/27/1987 - Various Issues

          Bethesda Naval Hospital

          Berlin Anniversary Proclamation


          OA 18971




          Arkansas [empty]

          California (1)-(5)

          California: Santa Barbara

          Colorado [empty]


          District of Columbia (1)(2)

          [Florida] (1)-(4)

          [Florida:] Cape Canaveral

          Florida (1)-(4)

          [Florida -] Tampa / St. Petersburg 09/12/1985

          [Florida - Trip of the President to Miami 05/20/1983]


          Illinois (1)-(3)




          Iowa:  Des Moines, February 1985 Pre-Advance 02/15/1985 - Cancelled (1)(2)




          Maine [empty]



          Michigan (1)(2)

          Minnesota [empty]


          Missouri 1984 (1)-(4)

          [Missouri -] Kansas City 04/11/1984 (Notebook) (1)(2)

          Montana [empty]


          OA 18972

          Nebraska [empty]

          Nevada (1)(2)

          New Hampshire [empty]

          New Jersey

          New Mexico

          New York

          North Carolina (1)(2)

          North Dakota [empty]

          Ohio I

          Ohio I:  Train II

          Ohio II

          Ohio III


          Oregon I (1)-(4)

          Oregon II

          Pennsylvania (1)-(4)

          Rhode Island [empty]

          South Carolina

          South Dakota

          Tennessee (1)(2)

          Texas (1)-(3)


          Vermont [empty]



          West Virginia


          Wyoming (1)(2)     


          OA 19325

          Bill Henkel - Versailles Summit: June 1982 (Notebook) (1)-(4)

          Trip of President Reagan to Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica and Honduras,

                   11/30/1982-12/14/1982 (Notebook) (1)-(5)

          [Pre-Advance - New York, Houston, San Antonio, Ashland 1983] (Notebook) (1)-(3)

          Trip of President Reagan to Japan and Korea 11/08/1983-11/14/1983 (Trip Book)


          Visit of Premier Zhao Ziyang 01/07/1984-01/16/1984 William Henkel (Notebook)


          [Official Visit of Premier Zhao Ziyang Part One 01/07/1984-01/11/1984] (Trip Book)


          [Pre-Advance Europe 03/25/1985-03/28/1985] (Notebook) (1)-(3)

          Advance Office Operations Manual (1)-(3)

          Advance Office Operations Manual (1)-(4)


          OA 19332

          [President Nixon Visit to China 1972] (1)-(3)

          Advance Manual – 1973 (1)-(4)

          [Manual, August 1983 (Partial)] (Notebook) (1)-(4)

          Manual for Advance Representatives of Richard Nixon 1974 (Notebook)

          [Model Trip Book - Nixon Era] (Notebook)

          [Ford: Japan, Korea, USSR 11/17/1974-11/25/1974] (1)-(7)

          International Conference in Puerto Rico Schedule Book - Gerald Ford – Ursomarso


          [Advance Office Information 1974-1976] (Notebook)