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Office of Presidential Personnel


OA 10356

Ground floor Committee Reception Held 06/23/1982 Helene Von Damm

Inter-Office Memoranda (Miscellaneous) from 02/03/1982-01/07/1985

Presidential Breakfast with Presidential Appointees (PAS); 09/20/1982: Guest Lists / Photo List / Comments of Ronald Reagan (RR)

Presidential Breakfast with PAS, 03/30/1981: Guest List / Photo List / Comments of RR

Presidential Breakfast with PAS, 11/09/1981: Guest List / Photo List / Comments of RR

Presidential Breakfast with PAS, 05/05/1983: Guest List / Comments of RR

Presidential Breakfast with PAS, 05/24/1983: Guest List / Comments or RR

PAS Appointments between 04/05/1983-10/24/1983

Miscellaneous Press Clippings

Miscellaneous Forms

Recruiting Task Force

Minority and Female Judge Statistics

Old Minority Statistics

John S. Herrington's Female Article

New Boards: Reagan / Carter Comparison

Minorities Miscellany

Civil Rights Committee: Request and Response

Carter Women Summaries

Schroeder Challenge - CCR

Latest Female Statistics 09/25/1984

Latest Black Statistics 09/25/1984

Latest Hispanic Statistics 09/25/1984

Written Synopsis: Minority Appointments: Women

Carter: Hispanics

Carter: Blacks

Minority Declines

Hispanic Appointments in Reagan Administration

Regional Minority Breakdown

Special Group Statistics: Ethnic

Staff: PPO Staff

Staff: Associate Director Information

Staff: White House Staff

Staff Resumes: Presidential Personnel


OA 10357

Reagan/Bush Staff: Directory

Reagan/Bush Staff: Democrats of Reagan

Conservative Candidate / Source List

Withdrawals: PAS Candidates

Legislative Clearances 1983

Recess 1983-1984

Recess Nominations

Recess Appointments

Nominations January 1983

Presidential Appointee Breakfast: Special Invitation Requests for Future PAS Appointees Breakfast

Presidential Appointee Breakfast: Working papers for 09/20/1982 RR Breakfast

Judicial Appointments: Kennedy / U.S. Attorney Southern California

Judicial Appointments: Federal Selection Process / AG's, Marshals, etc.

Judicial Appointments: U. S. Marshals

Judicial Appointments: U.S. Attorneys

Vacancy Report Statistics

Vacancy Report 08/14/1981

Announcement Report: Comparison with Previous Administrations

Assorted Report 1981 PAS Announcement Statistics

Appointment Survey 04/28/1981

Personnel Study: Bayless Report 09/02/1981


Miscellany 1981-1983

Congressional Placement

Reagan Outreach Program: Tuttle

Conflict of Interest

Clearance Procedures

Personnel: Gergen Report 02/10/1981

Holds / Political

Carter Transition Appointments

EPJ Regulatory Tenure Project

Political Clearance / Personal Data Statement

PPO Mail System

Transition Official Report: Personnel

Personnel Reviews


Senior Staff Format

Coding Computer

Computer Operation


OA 10787

John Herrington Phone Logs from 08/03/1983-01/30/1985