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HEWITT, HUGH: Files, 1985-1986


Counsel to the President, Office of


This collection is arranged into two series: SERIES I: Subject File and SERIES II: Chronological File.



          OA 12260

          Acting Appointments

          Advisory Committee on Small and Minority Business Ownership

          Alaska Natural Gas Inspector

          Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, Bureau of

          Allen, George

          Ambassador - Belize

          Ambassador - China

          Ambassador - Guinea Bissau

          Ambassador - Indonesia

          Ambassador - Jamaica

          Ambassador - Niger

          Ambassador - Panama

          Ambassador - Paraguay

          Ambassador - Rwanda

          Ambassador - Uganda

          Anti-Lobbying Act

          Appropriated Funds

          Archbishop of Guatemala Letter



          Berney, Phyllis P.

          Black College Expo 1986

          Board of Visitors to the USAF Academy

          Brady Chile

          Briefing Materials

          Campaign Contribution Limits

          Candidate Withdrawals

          Carlisle, Charles

          Carr V. U.S. Baker, Reagan et al

          HH - Code of Federal Regulatons

          CIGNA Proposal

          Civil Rights Commission

          Clark, Vance

          HH Commercial Use of POTUS

          Commission on Presidential Scholars

          Committee on Governmental Processes

          Companies:  Background

          Conflict of Interest Laws

          Cookbook (Transferred to Book Collection)

          Copyright Royalty Tribunal

          Council of Economic Advisers

          Cox, Chapman B.

          Cox, Chris

          Crafted with Pride


          Dead Letters / Returned Letters

          Decision Memo

          Defense, Department of


          Disposition of Papers

          District of Columbia Circuit Law Clerk 1985-1986

          District of Columbia Commission on Judicial Disabilities and Tenure

          District of Columbia Judicial Nomination Committee

          Domestic Policy Council Do's and Don'ts in Advertising Copy

          Doyle, William J.

          Draft Article

          Draft Proclamation

          Draft Statement

          Draft Testimony


          Economic Policy Council


          Education, Department of

          E.F. Hutton

          18 U.S.C.  208 Spouse Trustee Financial Interest Requirement

          18 U.S.C. 219 Foreign Agents Registration Act

          18 U.S.C. 1203 Hostage Taking

          Energy, Department of

          EPA Investigation: House Judiciary Committee

          Ethics in Government Act

          Everett, Esther K.

          Executive Clemency (F04-122/2 Lardner)

          Executive Order

          Extension of Foreign Assets Control Program

          Farm Bill 1985

          HH - Federal Advisory Committee Act

          Federal Tort Claims Act Forms

          Federalism (Garcia)

          FFF Daily Schedule

          Fishery Agreement

          Freedenberg, Paul

          FOIPA (Freedom of Information Acts) Requests

          Fund - Raising

          Gandy, Henry (Restrictions)

          Garrett, H. Lawrence III,

          HH General Counsels


          Gould Nomination

          Hastings Center Report

          Health and Human Services, Department of

          Heritage Foundation

          HH – Holocaust [Bitburg Visit]


          Hot Air Popcorn Poppers

          H.R. Bills

          Hubbard Communications

          Immigration and Nationality Act


          OA 12261

          INS (Immigration and Naturalization Service)

          INS (Immigration and Naturalization Service) Form 1-94

          Ingram, Walter

          HH Institute of Peace

          Interior, Department of the

          International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas

          HH - International Law

          Interstate Commission on the Potomac River Basin



          Judicial Notice (Goldman F094-029/22)

          Justice, Department of  (1)(2)

          Laker Airways

          Letters to Political Action Committees and Magazines

          Libyan Oil

          Lindhal, David M.

          McElrath, Robert L.

          Mattson, Robert H.


          Miscellaneous Letters

          Miscellaneous Memos

          Money Laundering

          Munisteri, Joseph G.

          Naming of Federal Buildings

          National Adoption Week

          National Advisory Council on Adult Education

          National Advisory Council on Continuing Education

          National Advisory Council on Women's Education Programs

          National Aeronautics and Space Administration / Vacancy and Pay Acts

          National Air and Space Museum Advisory Board

          National Commission on Innovation and Productivity

          National Correspondents in the Field of Crime Prevention

          National Council on Public Works Improvement

          National Council on Vocational Education

          National Historic Mint

          Newman, Della M.

          New Conference

          HH - Nicaragua

          Office of Government Ethics

          Office of Management and Budget - Federal Home Loan Bank Board

          Oil Exports

          Okun, Herbert S.

          Outside Activity by White House Staff

          Pension Plan Terminations

          People to People

          Personal Rank of Ambassador

          Pocket Veto

          Poindexter Appointment

          Polygraph Protection Act

          Portal - to - Portal


          POTUS' Interview with Soviet Journalists

          POTUS Trip Planning

          POTUS' 278

          Presidential Biography

          Presidential Commission on Outdoor Recreation Resources

          Presidential Forward

          Presidential Letter

          Presidential Message

          Presidential Remarks

          Presidential Salary

          Presidential Seal

          Presidential Statement

          HH/Presidential Succession        (1)-(3)

          Presidential Tapings

          Presidential Telegram

          HH - President's Chairmanships / Memberships

          President's Child Safety Partnership

          President's Commission on American Outdoors

          President's Pension

          HH - President's Speech Schedule

          HH - Press

          Press Room Seating

          HH - Pro Bono

          Productivity Program


          Public Integrity

          HH - Ranch

          Reassignments of Appointments

          [Recapture of Excess Assets in Pension Plans - Roybal Inquiry] (1)-(3)


          OA 12262

          [Recapture of Excess Assets in Pension Plans - Roybal Inquiry] (4)-(19)

          Requests for Lists of Presidential Appointees



          Reward Offer

          Richards, James R.

          Roberts, Alan (Seal Request)

          Roybal-Porter Correspondence

          RR Daily Schedule


          Schiller Institute


          Senate Bill

          S.1145 Congressional Review of Agency Rulemaking

          Sentencing Commission

          Sentencing Commission: Breyer, Stephen G.

          Sentencing Commission: Robinson, Paul Harper

          Sentencing Commission: Wilkins, William W.

          Sentencing Commission: Nagel, Ilene H.

          Sentencing Commission: Corrothers, Helen G.

          Sentencing Commission: MacKinnon, George E.

          Sentencing Commission: Block, Michael K.

          Sentencing Commission: [Nominees]

          Sentencing Commission: [Legislation]

          Shepard, Lois B.

          Shoshu Soka Gakkai

          Simpson, Wilogene

          Six - Year Term / Two Term Limit

          Smoking - Briefing Room

          Soobzokov, Tscherim

          Spanish Broadcast

          HH - Speeches

          HH - Speeches: "Fein, Bruce - Speech on Government Attorneys (1983)"

          HH - Speeches: AG Speech before American College of Trial Lawyers

          SF-278 Positions Exempt from Disclosure

          Standards of Judicial Review (Goldman F94-029/22

          HH State Dept. Regulations

          Stelling, William

          Superfund Complaint

          Swift (White House Out Card - Gaylon)


          Tennessee Valley Authority

          Textile Bill

          Torres, Dana


          Trade:  Section 301 Investigations

          HH Travel

          Treasury, Department of the

          Twenty - Fifth Amendment

          Udis, Lewis B.

          Unauthorized use of POTUS Letters

          U.S. Flag

          U.S. Holocaust Memorial Council

          U.S. Information Agency

          U.S. - Israel Free Trade Agreement

          U.S. Trade Representative

          Vancouver International Exposition

          Veto Statements

          Vice President’s Task Force on Terrorism

          Walker Case

          White House Gift Items:  Tax Status

          White House Newsletter

          White House News Service (D. Waller Has)

          White House Pass

          White House Portraits

          HH - White House Transportation

          White House Videotape

          Wing, Leon

          Youth Congress Appreciation Banquet



          OA 12265

          April 1985

          May 1985

          June 1985

          July 1985

          August 1985

          September 1985

          August 1985

          September 1985

          October 1985

          November 1985

          December 1985

          January 1986