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HICKS, CHRISTOPHER: Files, 1982-1983

Counsel to the President, Office of, 1981-82 - See separate inventory

Presidential Personnel, Office of, 1982-83.

Administration, White House Office of, 1985-86 - See the Claire O'Donnell collection.

Box 1

Chronological File October 1982

Chronological File November 1982

Chronological File December 1982

Chron File - January 1983

Chron File - February 1983

Chron File - March 1983

Chron File - April 1983

Chron File - May 1983

Chron File - June 1983

Chron File - July 1983

Chron File - August 1983

Chron File - September 1983

Chron File - October 1983

Chron File - November 1983

Corporation for Public Broadcasting

Mariana Islands, Commission on Federal Laws for Northern Marine Mammals (out card)

Marine Mammals

Peace Corps