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Office of Presidential Advance


OA 18211

18 IBM 8" Displaywriter Diskettes (Stored in A/V for preservation - see transfer sheet for

a detailed listing)

1 IBM 5 1/4" Disk (Stored in A/V for preservaiton - see transfer sheet for identification)

3 Wang 8" Diskettes (Stored in A/V for preservation - see transfer sheet for

a detailed listing)

2 Wang 5 1/4" Disks (Stored in A/V for preservation - see transfer sheet for

a detailed listing)

[Presidential Events July 1987-December 1988

Long Range Scheduling Decisions

Set up Sheets, Info.

Los Angeles Room Advance (Notebook)

[Presidential Advance Office Staff Assignments November 1986-December 1988]

Assignment Sheet, November 1986 - December 1988

Build-up of Personnel Sheet

Memorandums from 1985 [Policy Memos 1982-1985]

Issues / Agenda

Colleges, Universities

Rome / The Vatican (1)(2)

Rome, Italy [1982]

Geneva Samples

June 1982 Schedule

Interoffice Memos

OA 18212

Political Possibilities [Trips 1986] (Notebook)

State Visit Scenarios- Arrival Ceremonies

Flight Times

Miscellaneous (Political Trips)

IBM / OA Memos, Etc.

IBM / OA Memos, Etc.: PROFS Manual

China Schedule

Travel Day Options and Schedules

Political Trip Info

Schedule Planning

59-Month Economic Recovery Proposals, Fall 1987

Political Campaign Travel Assignments


Gorbachev: Video Tape "Voices from the Future" (Stored in A/V for preservation)

Political Trip Time Lines

Economic Summit Outlines

Manifest Memos

Updated Procedures

Sample Flight Times / Trip Schedules

U.S. Congressional Information

Drug Info.

New York, NY

Columbus, Ohio

Burlington, Vermont

Jacksonville, Florida

Jefferson Parish, Louisiana

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Orlando, Florida

Political Trip 1988

Santa Barbara Info

Political Trip Info

Campaign 1984 Manifests

Williamsburg Diagrams

Charlottesville, VA