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HOBBS, CHARLES D.: Files, 1984-1988


Office of Policy Development, Deputy Assistant to the President for, 1984-September 1985

Office of Policy Development, Assistant to the President, Director of the Office of Policy Development, October 1985-Janury 1987

Interagency Low-Income Opportunity Advisory Board, Chairman – Assistant to the President, 1987-1989 - see separate inventory


Charles Hobbs was Chief Deputy Director of Social Welfare for Governor Reagan’s administration in California from 1970-1972.  He was heavily involved in the California welfare reform movement under Reagan. After leaving the Governor’s office, Hobbs started his own consulting firm serving a wide variety of federal, state, and local government agencies in the development of public service programs and management plans.


In 1984, Hobbs joined the Reagan administration in the Office of Policy Development.  He worked on welfare and budgeting issues.  In October 1985, Hobbs was promoted to Director of the Office of Policy Development.


On January 30, 1987, Hobbs was moved to the White House Office as Assistant to the President. His primary responsibilities were to develop and implement reforms of the Nation’s public assistance system.  In July 1987, the Interagency Low Income Opportunity Advisory Board was formed with Hobbs as chairman.  The Board worked to assist state welfare programs to receive permission and support to make changes and create innovations in their public assistance programs outside of current federal regulations.


At this time we see documentary evidence that Hobbs continued to work with the Office of Policy Development throughout 1987 and 1988.  The Library has put only material directly related to the ILIOAB within Hobb’s Board collection. All other material is within this collection.  There is also a great deal of information about welfare reform within this OPD collection.


OA 18529


Administration – OPD

Agent Orange

AIDS (1)-(6)


Balanced Budget Amendment

Baltimore Conference [Republican House Members Conference, 1984]


Budget Alternatives 1986

Correspondence: Reform Change


Deficit Control

Down Payment

Drug Abuse



Environmental Effects

Environmental Liabilities

Environmental Safety

Farm Policy

Federal Tax Policy


Flexible Compensation


Food Assistance

Food Stamps

Grove City


Health Care (1)-(10)

Health Policy (1)(2)

Highway Bill

Homeless (1)-(8)


Hunger in America


OA 18531

Initiatives I

Initiatives II

[Initiatives]: Mexico

International Trade

Local Control I

Local Control II

Low Income (1)(2)

Low Income Assistance Working Group (1)-(3)

Low Income Assistance Reform 06/19/1985 (1)-(3)

Low Income Assistance Opportunity (1)-(4)

Low Income Assistance Presentation (1)(2)

LIO – Blacks

LIO – Child Care

LIO – Demonstrations

LIO – Employment

LIO – Family

LIO – Governors

LIO – Health

LIO – Local Control

LIO - Veterans

Low Income – ACIR

Low Income – Cash Assistance

Low Income – Congress

Low Income – Food and Nutrition

Low Income – GAO Report

Low Income – Housing (1)-(3)

Low Income – Labor Force

Low Income – Lousiana

Memoranda - Blankley, Tony

Memoranda - Doughton, Morgan

Memoranda - Driggs, Michael

Memoranda - Germanis, Peter (1)(2)

Memoranda - Mares, Jan

Memoranda - Reople, Michael

Memoranda - Warner, James


OA 18532


Monetary Policy


PEPAB (President’s Economic Policy Advisory Board)

Policy Implementation Monitoring

Postal Service

PPSSCC (President’s Private Sector Survey on Cost Control)




Reason Conference


Rural America

Social Security

Social Security Individual Statements

Thank Yous

Vermont Meeting 06/14/1985



Welfare [undated publications] (1)-(3)

          Welfare [undated reports] (1)(2)

          Welfare-August 1972

          Welfare-March 1982

          Welfare-April 1982

          Welfare-Fall 1982

          Welfare-March 1984

          Welfare-May 1984

          Welfare-June 1984

          Welfare-July 1984

          Welfare-August 1984

          Welfare-September 1984

          Welfare-January 1985

          Welfare-February 1985

          Welfare-March 1985

          Welfare-April 1985

          Welfare-May1985 (1)(2)

          Welfare-June 1985

          Welfare-July 1985 (1)(2)

          Welfare-August 1985

          Welfare-September 1985

          Welfare-October 1985

          Welfare-December 1985



          Welfare-[Policy Forum]

[Welfare Reform, 1982-1986] (1)-(3)

Welfare Reform Legislation (1)-(8)

          I – Welfare System

          II – Welfare System Growth

          III – [Welfare System]-Vermont Examples

Woodson, Robert (1)(2)

Workfare (1)-(8)

Workfare-California (1)(2)