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HOLLADAY, J. DOUGLAS: Files, 1984-1986


Office of Public Liaison, Religion and Education



          OA 12150

          Abortion I

          Abortion II (1)(2)

          ["Abortion and the Conscience of the Nation" – Ronald Reagan]


          Alternatives to Abortion List

          American Civil Liberties Union

          Arms Control

          Articles and Speeches

          Bills Reviewed by Doug Holladay

          Black American Equality

          Blacks and the Church

          Policies for the Black Community

          White House Strategy toward Blacks (Cisconi)

          Capital Punishment

          Central America I

          Central America I:  Article on Central America by J. Douglas Holladay

          Central America I:  Background Paper on Central America Released by Department of State and Department of Defense

          Central America I:  Briefing Book - Central America Democracy, Peace and Development Initiative

          Central America I:  Church on Central America (The)

          Central America I:  El Salvador’s Runoff Elections

          Central America I:  Grenada [A Preliminary Report]

          Central America I:  Lists Submitted for Central America Briefings (Invitees)

          Central America I:  Newspaper Articles on Central America

          Central America I:  Outside Paper on Central America / Nicaragua

          Central America I:  Policy in Central America from Department of State Public Affairs

          Central America I:  President’s Speeches on Central America

          Central America I:  Programs for Central America

          Central America I:  White House Digests 1983

          Central America I:  White House Digests 1984

          Central America I:  White House Press Releases on Central America

          Central America II

          Central America III

          Central American Bishops on Central America - Transcript

          [Central America] Response to Fears of U.S. Invasion of Nicaragua

          [Central America] Sandinista Repression of Human Rights in Nicaragua – Department of State

          Child Abuse


          Missing Children

          Christmas List 1984 / 1985

          Conservative List – 03/04/1985

          Conservatism / Liberalism

          Corporate Social Responsibility

          Defenses - American

          Demographic Trends



          OA 12151

          Drug Abuse

          Drug Abuse Comic Book Project

          Drug Abuse in the Workplace

          Drug Abuse / Issue Alerts

          Drug Abuse:  Mrs. Reagan

          Economic Justice


          [Education] Asbestos in School

          [Environment] Water Pollution

          Environmental Protection Agency Operating Guide FY 1985-1986

          Environmental Protection Agency Request for Presidential Participation or Related


          Ethiopia 1985

          Trip to Ethiopia January 1985 – World Vision – Paul Carey

          Background Material for Ethiopian Trip [Sahel Development] (1)(2)

          Fairness II

          Family Issues

          Focus on the Family

          Major Events Regarding the Family

          Why Not Fairness for Families (Chapman)

          Food Shortages in Africa

          Foreign Policy

          Foreign Service

          Foundation and Corporate Executives (Philanthropy)

          Grace Commission - Reform 88 I (1)-(11)

          Grace Commission - Reform 88 II (1)-(4)


OA 12152



          Human Rights


          Humanitarian Component of Foreign Policy



          Inaugural List

          Inaugural 1985


          Interest Rates

          Interviews with the Press


          Issue Alerts

          Key Organizations (JDH)


          The Political Left

          Legislative Clearance Procedures

          Materials on Marriage

          Minimum Wage

          Minority Concerns

          Outreach to Constituents for March 1984-March 1985

          Overall Plan (Copies)

          Peace Institute



          Presidency (The)

          Presidential Speeches Reviewed by Doug Holladay

          Private Sectors Initiatives - I

          Private Sectors Initiatives - II

          Public Law 94-482


          Ronald Reagan

          Apologetics for Reagan Administration

          President Reagan - Policy


          Reimbursement of Expenditures on Official Business

          Republican Convention in Dallas - 08/20/1984-08/23/1984

          Republican Party

          Requests for Presidential Letters

          Request for Photos and President's Signature

          Resume - Doug Holladay

          The New Right

          Sanctuary Movement (The)

          Secular Humanism

          Social Justice

          Social Security - I

          Social Security - II

          Good Speeches

          Suggestions for State Dinners

          Talking Points on the Reagan Record - July 1984

          Travel Authorization Approvals


          Volunteerism - White House

          Vouchers: Voucher Talking Points

Vouchers:  Education Consolidation and Improvement Act Chapter I


          White House Gift Register

          White House Management Conference

          The Institution of the White House [Empty]

          Women - Equal Rights Amendment

          Equal Rights Amendment

          Women's Issues - I

          Women's Issues - II

          White House Talking Points on Issues of Interest to Women


          Youth Services U.S.A.




          OA 12249

          Administration's Education Policies

          Adult Literacy

          Adult Literacy Task Force

          American Federation of Teachers (1)(2)

          Arkansas Educational Reform Proposals 10/14/1983

          Sec. Bell's Comments on "A Nation at Risk"

          Bilingual Education

          Boy's Hope: Education

          Business Leadership Organized for Catholic Schools - Philadelphia Archdiocesan Catholic Schools

          Chicago Desegregation

          Cities in Schools (1)-(3)

          Citizenship Education

          Citizenship -Traditional Values (1)-(3)

          The Civil Rights Act of 1984

          Commission on Excellence in Education (1)-(8)

          Education (1)(2)

          Education of Blacks

          Education Organizations – Mailings and Lists

          Education Partnerships: The Bank of Boston

          Education Quality

          Education Savings Tax Incentives

          Educational Commission of the States [Andriga]

          Educational Freedom - Freedom of Choice

          Educational Pamphlets (1)-(3)

          Equal Access - I [Public School Religious Group Meetings]

          Equal Access - II [Public School Religious Group Meetings]

          Equal Access - Possible Presidential Radio Address - Government and Individuals

          Equal Access Signing Ceremony

          Excellence in Education - Return to High Standards

          Federal Role in Education

          Hatch Amendment

          Home Schools (1)(2)

          International Education

          Issue Alerts: Education Policy

          Jewish Education

          Major Education Meetings and Conventions

          Master Teacher Concept (Merit Pay) (1)-(6)

          [Master Teacher Coordinator]

          Master Teacher - Merit Pay

          Master Teacher Working Group (1)(2)

          Math and Science (1)-(5)

          Merit Pay for Teachers [I]

          Merit Pay for Teachers [II] (1)(2)

          Merit Pay for Teachers [III] (1)(2)

          Merit Pay for Teachers [IV]

          Merit Pay - Part II (1)(2)

          Merit Pay Project (1)-(3)

          National Association of Independent Schools

          National Council for Better Education

          National Education Association

          National Education Corporation

          National Institute of Education (1)-(3)

          Nebraska Certification (1)(2)

          OPBE Monthly Reports [Terrell Bell Speeches] (1)(2)

          Parents and Education

          Partners in Education (1)-(3)

          Partnerships in Education (1)-(3)

          Possible Presidential Visits to Public Schools

          Prayer in Schools and the Equal Access Act - Newspaper Articles

          President Reagan on Education Reform

          President Reagan on Education Reform [empty]

          President Reagan's Education Policies

          President's Speeches on Education

          Presidential Academic Fitness Awards

          Private Education (1)(2)

          Private School Matters [Air Force Educational Enlistment Standards]

          Private Sector Task Force

          Recommendations for American Education

          Relationship of Education and Business

          Reports on the Condition of Education (1)(2)

Representative Sunia Interview with Doug Holladay 10/26/1983 (Video cassette)

Role of Religion in Education

          School Busing

          School Discipline (1)-(4)

          School Discipline / Violence - DOE [Education Department] Report Polls 40s vs. 80s

          School Finance Reform

          School Prayer [I] (1)-(3)

          School Prayer [II] (1)-(12)

          School Prayer/Dr. H.H. Meyer

          School Violence - See School Discipline File

          Speeches on Education [Secretary Bell Speeches at National Forum on Excellence in Education - December 1983]

          Student Financial Aid

          Teachers [Empty]

          Teachers Competency

          Teachers Union

          Textbook Controversy (1)(2)

          Title IX

          [Title IX] (Binder) (1)-(6)

          [Title IX] Education Amendments to Title IX 5. 2568

          Tuition Tax Credits

          Urban Education

          Vocational Education



          OA 12249, Continued

          Articles on Religious Subjects

          Bishop's Pastoral - Catholic Social Teaching and U.S. Economy

          Christian Groups

          Church Audit Procedures Act

          Christian Voice (Packet) (1)(2)

          Conservative List from Morton Blackwell

          Ethiopia Relief Trip January 1985

          Evangelical Protestant Media

          Evangelism / Fundamentalism

          Evangelical and Fundamentalist Political Survey


          Evangelicals and Fundamentalist Presidential Survey

          Faith and Secular Society - Young Presidents Organization

          Habitat for Humanity

          Hispanic Evangelicals / Christians

          LEND - Leaders Energizing Neighborhood Development (Black Church)

          Mainline Protestant Forums


          National Awards Program Religious Heritage of America

          National Prayer Breakfast

          Non-Profit Organizations

          Norman Lear: Church and State

          ONE Ministries

          Presidential Biblical Scoreboard

          President's Religious Speeches

          Religious Broadcasting

          Religion and Culture

          Role of Religion in American Political Life (Candidates)

          Analysis of Religion and Politics

          Reagan Administration / Religion and Politics (1)-(4)

          Religion and Politics / Lear and Reagan Correspondence

          Shaw Project

          Strategies to Elevate People Foundation

          U.S. Church Leaders



          OA 12249, Continued

          [Whittlesey, Faith Ryan] (1)-(3)

          [Doug Holladay to take care of from Whittlesey]

          [FYI from Whittlesey] (1)(2)

          [Memos from Whittlesey on J. Douglas Holladay's Behalf]

          [Briefing Papers Drafted for Whittlesey's Signature]

          [Briefing Papers for Whittlesey from J. Douglas Holladay]

          [Letters Drafted for Whittlesey's Signature] (1)-(3)

          [Memos Drafted for Whittlesey's Signature from J. Douglas Holladay]

          [Memos for Whittlesey from J. Douglas Holladay] (1)(2)


          SERIES V:  EVENTS

          OA 12267

          04/05/1984 - Drew University

          04/13/1984 - Baptist Fundamentalism 1984 Convention

          04/18/1984 - Senior Pilgrim Fellowship - 1st Congregational Church

          04/23/1984 - American University Students

          04/23/1984 - American Studies Forum

          04/24/1984 - Washington Insight Briefing - National Association of Evangelicals

          05/01/1984 - Institute of International Education

          05/03/1984 - Onteora Junior-Senior High School (1)(2)

          05/04/1984 - Suomi College Trustees

          05/07/1984 - National Coalition of Concerned Citizens [Christians]

          05/08/1984 - Evangelical Press Association

          05/09/1984 - Sacred Heart School

          05/10/1984 - Fellowship Foundation

          05/11/1984 - Global Education Outreach

          05/17/1984 - Michigan High School Students

          05/18/1984 - Indiana State University Evansville

          05/22/1984 - American Water Works Association

          05/25/1984 - Wheaton College Graduate Students

          05/29/1984 - Christian School Leadership Coalition

          06/01/1984 - American Association of State Colleges and Universities

          06/14/1984 - Honor Students from South Carolina

          06/19/1984 - Washington Center Interns

          06/20/1984 - Presidential Classroom for Young Americans

          06/20/1984 - The Friends - Washington Program

          06/21/1984 - American University

          06/21/1984 - Mainline Church Briefing (1)-(3)

          06/28/1984 - Dale Parnell Photo Op

          06/29/1984 - Young Life

          07/09/1984 - American Coalition for Traditional Values (1)-(3)

          07/09/1984 - American Coalition for Traditional Values (Packet)

          07/11/1984 - Israel Valdes' Group

          07/24/1984 - Education Representatives - Political Appointees

          07/25/1984 - Christian Leaders with McFarlane

          07/26/1984 - Mainline Church Briefing on Youth

          07/26/1984 - Mainline Church Briefing on Youth - Letters of Response /Reaction

          07/27/1984 - Wesley Theological Seminary

          08/07/1984 - Korean Students on Exchange

          08/10/1984 - Young Life White House Tour

          08/30/1984 - Mainline Church Briefing on Social and Economic Justice (1)(2)

          08/30/1984 - Mainline Church Briefing on Social and Economic Justice (Packet)

          09/10/1984 - National Council of Churches

          09/13/1984 - Rhema Youth Ministries Briefing

          09/17/1984 - American Studies Institute Briefing

          09/21/1984 - Sanctuary Movement

          09/27/1984 - Mainline Church Civil Rights Briefing

          09/27/1984 - Mainline Church Civil Rights Briefing (Packet)

          10/18/1984 and 10/30/1984 - Episcopal and Private Schools

          10/25/1984 - Mainline Church Briefing on the Family

          10/25/1984 - Mainline Church Briefing on the Family (Packet)

          11/27/1984 - American University - Washington Semester Program Briefing

          11/28/1984 - Black Leaders

          12/10/1984 - Presbyterian and Methodist Ministers – Institute on Religion and


          12/20/1984 - Religion and Politics - Briefing for Mainline Church Leaders

          01/21/1985 - Inaugural Education Committee

          01/28/1985 - American Studies Institute Briefing

          01/29/1985 - National Association of Evangelicals

          01/31/1985 - Baker's Meeting with Internationals

          02/04/1985 - Gatsha Buthelezi

          02/04/1985 - National Religious Broadcasters

          02/08/1985 - United Methodist Youth Fellowship

          02/11/1985 - Wesley Theological Seminary

          02/14/1985 - Mainline Church Briefing on Arms Control

          02/14/1985 - Mainline Church Briefing on Arms Control (Packet)

          02/20/1985 - College and University Personnel Association - Briefing

02/27/1985 - National Association of Independent Schools (1)(2)

          02/27/1985 - National Association of Independent Schools (Packet)

          03/01/1985 - National PTA

          03/01/1985 - National PTA (Packet)

          03/01/1985 - National Association of Elementary and Secondary School Principals

          03/15/1985 - United Methodist Church Fellowship

          03/15/1985 - Drew University Students

          03/18/1985 - Jewish Christian Retreat

          03/20/1985 - Ambassador Keyes

          03/20/1985 - Education Graduate Students - University of South Carolina

          03/22/1985 - American Studies Program Christian College Coalition

          03/25/1985 - Center for New Era Philanthropy

          03/25/1985 - National Association of State Boards of Education

          03/28/1985 - Cities in Schools

          03/21/1985 and 04/11/1985 - Episcopal Private School

          04/18/1985 - Mainline Protestant Clergy and Lay Leaders - Africa

          04/19/1985 - Evangelical Press on Freedom Fighters and Budget

          04/23/1985 - American University Washington Seminar

          04/25/1985 - College of Preachers

          04/26/1985 - Evangelical Briefing - Virginia Preachers - Trible

          04/26/1985 - Evangelical Briefing - Virginia Preachers - Trible (Packet)

          05/17/1985 - National Church Growth Foundation - Tom Hess

          05/22/1985 - Meeting with the President and Members of the Scottish Rite of


          06/06/1985 - Mainline Protestant Clergy and Lay Leaders - Refugees

          06/06/1985 - Mainline Protestant Clergy and Lay Leaders - Refugees (Packet)

          06/17/1985 - Christian Businessmen with World Vision June Trip to E. Africa (1)(2)

          06/20/1985 - American University Students

          06/25/1985 - Wesley Theological Seminary

          07/02/1985 – Young Men’s Christian Association Youth Conference on National

                   Affairs - Presidential Phone Call

          07/17/1985 - Nova University

          07/17/1985 - Nova University (Packet)

          07/24/1985 - Mainline Protestant Group on Tax Reform

          07/24/1985 - Mainline Protestant Group on Tax Reform (Packet)

          07/26/1985 - United Methodist Internship Program

          07/29/1985 - Youth Congress Delegation from Panama

          09/13/1985 - Briefing for Religious Leaders on South Africa

          09/20/1985 - American Studies Program

          09/23/1985 - Mainline Church Briefing on South Africa

          09/23/1985 - Mainline Church Briefing on South Africa (Packet)

          09/30/1985 - Wesley Theological Seminary

          10/02/1985 - Wayfarers Senior Citizens of 1st Presbyterian Church - Anderson, SC

          10/22/1985 - Private School Representatives on Tax Reform

          10/22/1985 - Private School Representatives on Tax Reform (Packet)

          10/25/1985 - Evangelicals for Social Action

          10/29/1985 - Mainline Church Briefing on School Drop-Out Problem (1)-(3)

          10/29/1985 - Mainline Church Briefing on School Drop-Out Problem (Packet)

          10/24/1985 and 10/30/1985 - Episcopal High School - Jeff McSwain



          OA 12267, Continued

          Schedule Proposals 1984

          Schedule Proposals 1985

          Schedule Proposals Regretted



          OA 12267, Continued

          [Chron] J. Douglas Holladay March 1984-June 1984 (1)-(4)

          [Chron] JDH 06/29/1984-09/30/1984 (1)-(5)

          Chron File JDH October 1984-December 1984 (1)-(4)

          Chron File JDH January 1985-03/12/1985 (1)-(4)

          03/04/1985-05/31/1985 JDH Chron (1)-(5)

          [Chron] June 1985-09/30/1985 (1)-(5)

          [Chron] 09/27/1985-01/03/1986 (1)-(3)



          OA 12267, Continued


          Action Group Inner City Ministries

          Adkison, Robert

          Aldridge, Mindy

          Allison, Fitzsimmons (Diocese of South Carolina)

          Allison, Richard

          American Association of Community and Junior Colleges

          American Association of School Administrator

          American Coalition for Traditional Values

          American Missionary Fellowship

          American Red Cross

          American Water Resources Association


          Andrew, C.E.

          Andrews, David

          Andrews, James

          Armstrong, Herbert

          Arnold, Glenn

          Averill, Cheryl




          Baldwin, Robert

          Barnard, Richard

          Bennett, William

          Bergstrom, Charles

          Billings, Robert

          Boyer, Ed

          Brock, Frank

          Brumfield, Stephen

          Budget - Deficit Reduction Plan

          Bull, Mary E.

          Buteyn, David




          California Graduate School of Theology

          Campbell, Dolph

          Carras, Costa

          Campolo, Tony

          Caraher, James Jr.

          Carpenter, Reid

          Carter, Warren

          Center of Religion and Society

          Chicago Bible Society

          Christian College Coalition (American Studies Program)

          Cities in Schools

          Cizik, Richard

          Clausen, Henry

          Coe, Douglas

          Colson, Charles

          Concerned Women for America

          Cordle, Anthony

          Cordle, Charles

          Cromartie, Michael

          Crouch, Paul

          Crouse, Charmaine

          Curl, Brad


          Dalton, James

          De Brodenave, E.A.

          Dennis, Muriel

          Dinamani, S.S.

          Dingman, Richard

          Ditto, Dale

          Dobson, James

          Doner, Colonel

          D'Onofrio, William

          Doty, Lockwood

          Dudley, James

          Dugan, Robert

          Dunlop, Becky Norton

          Durrett, Wyatt


          Eagle Forum

          Eckstein, Yechiel

          Education Commission of the States

          Eimicke, Victor

          Enrico, Richard

          Ethics and Public Policy Center

          Ethiopia Traveling Team (Correspondence from Doug)

          Evans, Louis


          OA 12268


          Fagan, Bill

          Falwell, Jerry

          Fellowship of Christian Athletes (John Erickson)

          Fellowship of Christian Educators

          Fenn, Robert

          Florida Council of 100, Palm Beach

          Fossedal, Gregory

          Free Congress Foundation

          Freedom Council

          French, James W.



          Gallop, George

          Getman, Thomas

          Global Education Outreach

          Godwin, Ron

          Griffiths, Brian

          Guinness, Os

          Gums, Reuben



          Halls, Norman

          Hamilton, James

          Hammon, Craig

          Hancock, Robert Lincoln

          Hashim, Hassan

          Haws, Joyce

          Health Occupations Students of America

          Henderson, U.V.

          Henson Associates (Creator of the Muppets)

          Heritage Foundation

          Hinish, James

          Hodel, Donald

          Hofman, Leonard

          Holtzman, Marc

          Horowitz, Michael

          Hunger Project

          Hunter, Robert


          Iatesta, Robert

          Institute on Religion and Democracy


          Jackson, Edward

          Jackson, Samuel

          Jarmin, Gary

          Jarvis, Charles

          Jemison, T.J.

          Johnson, James

          Jones, Roy

          Justiz, Robin



          Kaufmann, Stephen

          Keplinger, H.F.

          Kienel, Paul

          Kimball, Charles

          Kinsolving, Les

          Kirk, Jerry




          Lahaye, Tim and Bev

          Bob Larson Ministries

          Lawrence, Malcolm

          Lefever, Ernest

          Lehr, Lewis

          Lehrman, Lew

          Leib, Gerald

          Lesourd, Leonard

          Lewis, Brian

          Linder, Scott

          London Trip 03/08/1985-03/10/1985

          Louderback, Robert

          Loury, Glenn

          Loux, Gordon

          Lowry, Charles

          Lundquist, W. R.

          Lutheran Church in America

          Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod

          Lutherans for Life


          OA 12269




          Maddox, Robert

          Make-a-Wish Foundation - Ted White

          Malcolm, Susan and Andrew

          Maranatha Churches

          Marshner – "Blueprint for Education Reform" Chapter Submitted by the President


          McBirnie, W. S.

          McEwen, Maureen

          McEwen, Stephen J.

          McIntire, Carl

          McManus, Michael

          Meehan, Elizabeth

          Melady, Thomas

          Menendez, Albert

          Meyer, Hermina Herta

          Mickey, Paul A.

          Moore, Raymond

          Mortar Board

          Mowery, Donald


          National Association for Neighborhood Schools

          National Association of Elementary School Principals

          National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

          National Center for Neighborhood Enterprise

          National Christian Choir (Inauguration and Christmas)

          National Student Leadership Conference for Christian Educators

          Nelson, William

          Neuhaus, Richard

          Neville, Mrs. Edwin

          Nicoli, Armand

          Novak, Michael


          O'Brien, J. Willard

          Ochoa, David

          O'Malley, Charles

          Osterblom, Ryan

          Overman, Dean

          P and Q

          Panteleo, Ted

          Park, Jung-Ki

          Parsons, Thomas

          Partlow, Robert

          Peace Corps

          Peale, Norman Vincent

          Picado, Juan Edgar

          Poe, Jerry

          Powell, Pam (Reverend)

          Presbyterian Journal - Article on Central America

          Prison Fellowship

          Quie, Albert



          Regier, Gerald

          Reinhold, Chuck

          Religion Affiliated Organizations

          Republican Party of Virginia - Don Huffman

          Rhema Youth Ministries

          Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (Andrew Burness)

          Robertson, John A.

          Robertson, Pat

          Robinson, Peter

          Roquemore, Brian

          Roskam, V. R.

          Rowe, Donald R.

          Ryan, Joseph F. Jr. (Skip)






          OA 12270

          Saigon (Fall of - 10th Anniversary)

          Salmon, Paul

          Salvation Army

          Salvation Army’s International Youth Conference

          Salzburg, John

          Sanders, John

          Satterfield, Ed

          Saturday Evening Post

          Save Our Schools

          Save the Children

          Schaeffer, Edith

          Schaller, Martin

          Scherer, Joseph

          Scheuerman, Thomas


          Scott, Henry

          Seattle Trip 05/02/1985-05/04/1095

          Shannon Forest Christian School

          Shepherd, David

          Sidwell Friends SchoolZeidman Scholars

          Silber, John

          Sileven, Everett

          Silverthorn, Merwin

          Singer, Max

          Sizemore, Frank

          Slaughter, Bernice B. (Chapel – Occuquan Prison)

          Smith, Jane

          Smith, Robert

          Snider, Gerald

          Snyder, Mitch

          Starr, William

          Stemper, William

          Striegel, Lawrence

          Swallow, Joel



          Tax Reform Strategy 05/29/1985 (1)(2)

          Taylor, William

          Thompson, Grant

          Thompson, Lee

          Thomson, Rosemary

          Trible, Paul

          Tucker, I.W.


          Uffelmann, John

          U.S. Academic Decathlon 04/10/1985


          Valdez, Israel

          Van Egmond, Alan



          Walter, Ingrid

          Waxer, Eddie

          Weaver, Winston

          Webster, Sandra

          Weinberger, Casper (Dinner on 10/02/1984 / Protestant)

          Weller, Armand

          Western Food Equipment Company

          Wilson, William [Dr. William P. Wilson, Duke University]

          Woodson, Robert (1)(2)

          Woolverton, John F.

          Word, Bill

          World Vision


          Yates, John

          Young, David

          Young Men’s Christian Association International Affairs Conference

          Young Presidents Organization

          Youth Congress 1985

          Zondervan, P. J.



          OA 12270, Continued

          [Diskettes – "MAUR" – Index and Contents] (1)-(3)

          [Diskettes – "MAUR2" – Index and Contents] (1)-(3)

          [Diskettes: Indexes for MAUR3, MM4]

          [Diskettes: "MAUR3" – Contents] (1)-(6)

          [Diskettes “MM4" – Contents]