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HONEGGER, BARBARA: Files, 1981-1982


Office of Policy Development

OA 3398

Emergency Health Care

United Nations Questionnaire on Women

Republican National Committee

Honegger to Anderson on Risks of Pregnancy

Military Manpower Task force

EMS - Emergency Medical Services


OA 8278

Cabinet Council on Legal Policy: Health / Health Care

Nuclear Energy / Proliferation (Empty Folder)

Science Policy / Administration

Urban Policy

Enterprise Zones Proposal

Antitrust Legislation and Proposed Legislation

[President's Commission on Housing]

Technology Policy, Information

Environmental Policy

Foreign Policy

Working Group on Legal and Regulatory Equity, CABCNCL / HR's

Working Group on Legal Equity for Women (of Cabinet Council on Legal Policy

(February 1982-July 1982)

Norm Hughes Application for Science Advisor

Task Force on Sex Discrimination (Justice)

Executive Order 12336 Development / Meetings, Etc.

Executive Order 12336 and Development of Order