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HOOLEY, JAMES L.: Files, 1984-1985


Office of Presidential Advance


CF 1158-1

Venice, Italy Cables 1986 (Binder)

Bonn and Berlin, Germany [1987 Summit] (Binder) (1)-(3)

Europe Trip - General [May 1987] (Binder) (1)-(5)

Reagan / Gorbachev Summit Planning Background Material [December 1987] (Binder)

Far East Cables [1985]


CF 1158-2

Rome, Italy Cables 1986 (Binder)

Duplicate [Cables]

Pope's Visit to the U.S.

Cables Ottawa

01/03/1985 Mexico Cables

[Mexico Memoranda]

Canada Cables

Europe Regan Memorandum

1987 Economic Summit

[1986] Europe Memorandum

Hooley Europe Post-Survey

Extra Far East Cables

04/26/1986-05/07/1986 Far East Visit


CF 1160-1

Survey Schedules: 02/07/1988 New York Cables

Survey Schedules: Miscellaneous Cables, etc.

Survey Schedules: Leningrad Cables

Survey Schedules: Moscow Cables

1988 Helsinki Cables

1988 London Cables

1988 Toronto Summit

[February 1988 Presidential Visit to NATO Mission in Brussels (2 Notebooks)

Reagan/Gorbachev Summit Planning Background Material (Hooley) (Binder)

Reagan/Gorbachev Summit Planning Background Material (Terry Grey) (Binder)

1985-1986 Europe - Site Survey

1985 Europe - Draft Schedule

1984 Ireland Cables & Memoranda

Summit II Gorbachev Visit

Gorbachev Visit

Summit II Classified

[Planning for Summit II]

1985 Geneva Planning Memoranda

CF 1160-2

Geneva Background Strategy

Geneva Schedules

Geneva Site Survey

Geneva Press

Geneva Joint Congressional

Geneva Events/Themes

Geneva Issues

Geneva Memoranda

Geneva Housing

Geneva Personal Notes (Henkel)

Geneva General Notes

Geneva Special Missions & Surveys

Geneva Cables


Ebert File on Geneva

1985 Grenada Cables

OA 19275

[Policy/Procedure Memos]

Press Issues

Political Background (Trips)

Operating Procedures

Office Renovation


Military Office

Becky Mandigo (Bat girl)

Haley/Barbour Meeting 07/24/1985

Legal Issues

Invitations - Hooley

Event Concepts [I]

Event Concepts [II]


Cupertino Lawsuit Meeting

Costs (Tax Tour)

Costs - Figures



[Proposed Trip 09/05/1985]

Liberty Weekend

Armed Forces Day Event Andrews AFB 5/17/1986

Greensboro, NC/Parris, Island, SC 06/04/1986

Los Angeles

EIA Government/Industry Dinner

Gorbachev Visit

College Visit, Muncie IN 05/14/1986

Passippany, NJ

President's Dinner May 1986

Tennessee 9/24/1986

International Trips: Procedure

International Trips: State Department

International Trips: Europe 1985

International Trips: Far East

International Trips: Geneva

International Trips: Grenada

International Trips: Liberty Weekend

International Trips: Mexico

International Trips: UNGA

[Bonn Economic Summit - 1985] (Notebook)

[Berlin Pictures and Information]

Presidential Pre-Advance to Ottawa, Canada 03/16/1987 (Notebook)

Inaugural Committee Personnel Information

Hooley Response to Hostages to Regan

OA 19278

Hooley 1985 Christmas List - Cards

Hooley Phone Log 05/15/1985-03/17/1986

[Daily Phone Log 03/18/1986-09/14/1987] (Notebook)

[Correspondence - Trip Planning 1986]

[1985 Fortune Diary - Hooley Schedule]

[1985 Fortune Diary - Hooley Schedule]

[Advance Office Redesign]

Congratulation Notes to Jim on New Job


Complimentary letters


Advance Seminar



President's Birthday

Bethesda Naval Hospital Background


Aircraft Memos and Information

Ahearn Surveys

OA 19289

Henkel Letters (1)-(3)

State Profiles

[Correspondence - Volunteers]

Changes in Trip Procedures on the Road

Tax Tour (1)(2)

[White House Office Guide re: Correspondence, Calls, etc.]

Pre-Director Hooley Memoranda

Volunteer Advance Corps

Briefing Paper: Presidential Advance Office

James L. Hooley, Meeting [re: Presidential Advance Office and Presidential Trip Coordinator]

Advance Staffing Adjustments

Advance Staff Salary and Job Description

Baltimore 04/07/1986

Greg Schiffbauer

Senatorial Committee, Griscom

Santa Barbara



Scheduling Requests / Invitations


1986 Republican Candidate Briefing Book (Notebook)

Fall 1987 Interns


OA 19290

Quest for Excellence - Hooley

Quest for Excellence

Gorbachev [Reagan-Gorbachev Summit, 1987] (1)-(11)

[Advance Office Briefing Memo - 1985]

Seminar (Notebook)

[Correspondence 1986]

[Correspondence 1987] (1)-(5)

OA 19374

[1987 Reagan - Gorbachev] Summit

[1987 Reagan - Gorbachev] Summit Non-Classified

[1987 Reagan - Gorbachev - Hooley Summit File]

[1987 Reagan-Gorbachev Summit Reagan Speeches re Zero Option Proposal] (1)(2)

[Wick Correspondence]

Accession A93-01

Box 1

Advance Office Remodeling: Approval Memorandum

Advance Office Remodeling: Cincinnati Suit

Advance Office Remodeling: Filing Systems

Advance Office Remodeling: General Office Memoranda

Advance Office Remodeling: Invoices and Packing Lists

Advance Office Remodeling: Layouts

Advance Office Remodeling: Scanners

Advance Office Travel Expense Forecast

Event Cost Projections

Executive Forum

Gifts/Ambassador Roosevelt

William Henkel Memos for Donald Regan

In House Events

[Indiana Complaint Correspondence]

Irish Aid

Mary Baldwin College

Medals and Awards

Military Related Events


Political Season - 1986

Potential Events

Presidential Trip Management

Project Officers

Regan Memorandum by Hooley

Rolodex Files: Current Rolodex Shell - March 1987

Rolodex Files: Past Rolodex Shell

Rolodex Files: Past Bio Files

Traffic Concerns

Venice Economic Summit