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HOPKINS, KEVIN R.: Files, 1981-1987


Office of Policy Development

Office of Policy Information


OA 7894

[Background Material for Edwin Harper Interviews with John Lofton, M. Stanton

Evans, Tom Winter and Allan Ryskind] (1)-(3)


OA 9694 (Files - Alpha)

John E. Cox - Foundation for American Communication

CCEA (July 1981-September 1981)

CCEA (January 1981-March 1981)

CCEA (April 1981-June 1981)

CCEA (January 1982-March 1982)

Cabinet Procedures

Book Review

Issue Briefings

Budget Deficits


U.S. Trade Policy

Transfer Statements


Travostino, Joan

Tuna Fleet


Visiting Dignitaries

Welfare Article (1)-(4)

Welfare Defense

Welfare Programs (1)(2)

Undated Memos


OA 9695



Press Questions

Prison and Jail Bill

Productivity Speech 05/15/1981


Property Disposal


Social Security/ Medicare Business RTB Reports

Special Reports & Supplies

Gray Speeches

State of the Union [1982]

Strategic Petroleum Reserve



Talking Points

Tax Speech

Tax Indexing



Thrift Industry

Property Review Board

Puerto Rico


Redistribution of Wealth

Regulation (1)-(4)

Robin Raborn

Rothbard, Murry - article

Schmidt, West Germany

CCEA (October 1981-December 1981) (meeting notes, some classified)


OA 9696

Issues Briefing Papers - Kevin/Doug (1)(2)

Mid-year Budget Review (1)(2)

Minority Business


National Academy of Sciences

National Alliance for Business

New York City Finances

OPD (1)(2)



Pinkerton (1)(2)

International Conservationists

Gold Standard: An Overview

Gold Standard: Articles in Favor – Laffer (1)(2)

Gold Standard: Articles in Favor – Others (1)(2)

Gold Standard: Articles in Opposition

Gold Standard:  Media Analysis on Gold Issue

Gold Standard: Specific Gold Proposals

Gold Standard: Other Articles


Issue Briefing Papers: Kevin Doug (1)(2)

[Spending Reduction Fact Sheets] (1)-(3)

Gold: Overview

Gold Price in relation to other variables

Gold: Pro-Essays, Articles (1)(2)

Gold: Pro-Laffer

Gold: Pro-Wanniski

Gold: Con

Gold Standard: Recent Articles

Gold: French Experience

International Monetary Reform (section on gold) (1)(2)

Gold: MCA Memoranda of 1981

Gold: Positions by Administration Staff and Advisors

U.S. Gold Reserves

Presidential Communications on Gold, Gold Commission

Credit Control Act

Gold Commission

Gold: Pending Bills

Updated "Old" Issues 02/4/1981 Harper (1)-(6)

Gold: Opinion Poll Results


OA 9697


Grant Programs




Law of the Sea

Legislation - 97th Congress

Legislative Schedule - Treasury

Volcker - Talking Points

Issues - Update

Job Service

Memos to NA

Foreign Policy


Gold Commission

Gold Standard

Gramm - Latta


Campaign Statements

High - Employment Budget

Indexing Study Working Group

Interest Rates

International Banking Act



Candidate Education

Compassionate Economy/Swat Teams

Drafts - Review of; Speeches; Statements

Economic Audit

Economic Indicators

Economic Plan - General Material

Economic Stabilization Working Group (ES&PFWG)

Economic Statistics Working Group

Economy Recovery Program Update

Federal Reserve


Presidential Libraries


OA 9698

Publications - National Journal 1977-1978


OA 9699

Publications - National Journal 1978-1980


OA 9700

Reports - Heritage Foundation: Defense

Reports - Heritage Foundation: Energy

Reports - Heritage Foundation: State

Reports - Heritage Foundation: Regulatory Reform (1)-(8)

Reports - Heritage Foundation: Personnel Management

Reports - Heritage Foundation: Labor

Reports - Heritage Foundation: Justice (1)-(3)

Reports - Heritage Foundation: Interior

Reports - Heritage Foundation: Intelligence

Reports - Heritage Foundation: HUD (1)(2)

Reports - Heritage Foundation: HHS

Reports - Heritage Foundation: EPA

Reports - Heritage Foundation: Education

Reports - Heritage Foundation: Arts and the Humanities

Reports - Heritage Foundation: Agriculture

Reports - Heritage Foundation: Action/Legal Services Corportation/CSA


OA 9701

Publications - Cong. Quarterly June 1977-January 1980


OA 9702

[Unfoldered and unarranged]

Office of Policy Information

Harper Speeches

OMR's Memos to Kevin


Meese - Kevin


OA 9703

Misc. Files, Unfoldered and unarranged


OA 9704

Misc. Files Unfoldered and unarranged


OA 9705

Misc. Files Unfoldered and unarranged


OA 9706

[Congressional Updates] 1981 from liaison offices of WH


OA 11653



Federal Aid to Elementary and Secondary Education

Federal Aid to Higher Education

Federal Employment

Cover Sheets

Distribution Lists

Busing -- Administration Position (MU/KRH -- 10/14/1982)

Energy Article for San Angelo Standard Times, KRH and D. Boggs, 10/12/1982

The Reagan Presidency, Two Years of Progress (Baroody)


Fairness II (two folders)

The Answer Book

Key 1983 Initiatives, 05/01/1983

Key 1983 Initiatives

Keating and Law of the Sea Correspondence


Issue Alert, The Reagan Experiment

Fairness Op Ed Piece (KRH 10/08/1982)

Key 1983 Initiatives, 05/01/1983 (Original)


OA 11654

Health Care

Fraud, Waste and Abuse

Food and Nutrition

Federal Spending

Federal Property Policy

Federalism (1)-(3)

Research and Development

Issue Update #17 11/08/1983 Regulatory Reform

Private Sector Initiatives

Offshore Leasing

Interest Rates


Social Spending

Social Security

Small Business

Sex Discrimination

School Prayer


Space Policy



Urban Economic Development

Welfare Reform (1)(2)

Tuition Tax Credits

Issue Update #3, Tuition Tax Credits

"Making American Safe for Families" - Issue Analysis, 10/14/1983 (1)(2)

Issue Update August 1982: The Domestic Foundations of National Security


Budget Deficits


Civil Rights

Crime and Justice (1)(2)

Department of Education

Department of Energy


Economic Growth

Drug Abuse


OA 11655

Issue Alert #1, Real Growth in U.S. Defense Budget

Issue Alert #2, Nondefense budget Growth Reductions

Issue Alert #3, the Export Trading Company Act of 1982

Issue Alert #4, Unemployment

Issue Alert #5, Failure of the House to Pass Appropriations Bills

Issue Alert #6, the Job Training Partnership Act of 1982

Issue Alert #7, The Economy at Mid-Term

Issue Alert #8, 11/15/1982 "Child Support Enforcement Program"

Issue Alert #9, 02/08/1983, Social Spending, A Comparison of Budgets

Issue Alert #10, 03/02/1983, Ten Myths that Miss the Mark

Issue Alert #11, 04/08/1983 "Recovery Scorecard"

Issue Alert #12, Ronald Reagan, Promise of Performance, 04/11/1983

Issue Alert #13, 05/13/1983, Legal Equity for Women

Issue Alert #14, 06/06/1983 Spending on Education

Issue Alert #15, 06/22/1983, High Technology

Issue Alert #16, 06/23/1983 Education Myths

Issue Alert #17, 08/08/1983, "Recovery Scorecard #2"

Issue Alert #18, 10/17/1983, President Reagan, The First 1000 Days

Task Force on Domestic Violence

Issue Alert, Civil Rights Enforcement

News Brief #1, 02/10/1983, Summary of Stockman Speech before the National Press


News Brief #2, 03/21/1983, The Case for Tax Indexing

News Brief #3, 04/16/1983, Exclusive Economic Zone

News Brief #4, 06/03/1983, Enterprise Zones [Draft]

News Brief #5, 06/07/1983, Tax Policy

News Brief #6, 11/10/1983, "Taxes and Federal Spending"

Issue Update, Economic and Legal Equity for Hispanic Americans

Issue Update, Reducing Waste, Fraud and Abuse

Issue Update, Legal and Economic Equity for Women

Issue Update #19, Older Americans

Issue Update #18, 11/16/1983 Health Care Initiatives

Issue Update #17, 11/08/1983, Regulatory Reform

Issue Update #14, 08/29/1983, "The Reagan Administration and Black Americans"

Issue Update #13, 08/26/1983, "The Reagan Administration and Young Americans"

Issue Update #12, 06/03/1983, "Enterprise Zones" (1)(2)

Issue Update #11, 05/19/1983, Crime Control (1)-(4)

Issue Update #10, 04/15/1983, The Laws of the Sea Convention

Issue Update #9 03/23/1983 Education Package

Issue Update #7, Economic and Legal Equity for Women

Issue Update #6 Economic and Legal Equity for Black Americans

Issue Update #5, Balanced Budget/ Tax Limitation Amendment


OA 11656

Hopkins Memoranda

Harper General Speech, Insights into Today's Washington

Memo, Analysis of Press Calls

Harper Memo, 03/23/1983, Barnes Article, "Budget Cuts" 3X5 Cards

Harper Memo#114362, Reaganomics has Failed to Deliver the Promised Results

Harper, Questions and Answers on Women's Issues

Harper Memo, 08/23/1983, Domenici's Triumph

Harper Speech, Business Roundtable

Gray Memo, 03/04/1982, Presidential Policy Papers

Gray Memo, 03/31/1982, Indexing Advocacy Paper

Gray Memo, 07/07/1982, OPI, The Next Six Months

Harper Speech, The Changing American Dream

Harper Speech, 11/07/1982, Principia College

Harper/Bradley, Op Ed 08/24/1983, President Reagan's Commitment to Black Americans

Harper, Questions and Answers 06/15/1983, Grocery Manufacturers of America

Harper/Bradley, Op Ed 06/17/1983, Tuition Tax Credits, The Benefits for Black


Harper, Speech, 06/21/1983, Tandem Executive Institute

Harper/Meese, Speech Insert for "Sustaining the Economic Recovery" by Martin

Feldstein 06/20/1983

Harper November 1982, Response to the Democratic Alternative

Harper, 11/19/1982, Presidential Citizens Medal

Harper, Article, 06/23/1983, Gary Jones Article on Education Initiatives

Harper Memo, 09/08/1982, Editorial Boards

Harper, Remarks, Association of Federal Investigators Man of the Year Award

Harper - Legal Impact of the ERA, 04/27/1983

Harper, Welfare Reform Op Ed, 05/06/1983

Harper Speech, National Association of Realtors, 05/07/1983

Harper Speech, 05/05/1983, Business Week Editorial Conference

Harper, Op Ed 12/21/1982, National Review Response "Reaganomics, A Down Payment

          on Prosperity"

International Bottled Water Association, Meese (KRH, 10/15/1982)

Questions and Answers for "Face the Nation" 10/27/1982, Meese

Fraudulent Loan Practices, 10/04/1982, Talking Points, Meese

Cabinet Council Briefing Materials Meese, 10/20/1982

Insanity Defense Briefing Material, Meese, 10/18/1982

Meese, Op Ed, The Reagan Presidency, A Mid Term Report

Impact of the Federalism Plan (Arizona) Meese, 10/22/1982

Cambridge Speech, Strategic Arms Limitation Portion, 05/02/1983

Memo, Tax Indexing, 03/08/1982

Meese Speech, 03/21/1983, "Administrations 1983 Agenda"

Meese, Dinner for Gene Chappie, 03/16/1983

Philadelphia Society Luncheon, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 04/16/1983

Meese Speech, 05/09/1983, National Association of Chain Drugstores

Op Ed Meese, The Moral Imperative of Indexing

Speech, Meese 03/07/1983, National League of Cities Congressional City Conference

Meese, Speech, Business Roundtable, 06/13/1983

Meese Response to Ed Crane Letter of 03/11/1983

Meese Remarks by Bledsoe 05/11/1983, Federal Personnel Development and Reform

Meese Memo, 02/08/1983, Comparison of Carter and Reagan Budgets

Meese, Op Ed A Rule Gone Awry

Meese - Legal Impact of the ERA, April 1983

Meese Speech, National Conference of State Legislators

Meese Speech , 02/08/1983, JFK School of Government, Institute of Politics Panel

Meese Speech, Cleveland, June 1982

Meese Speech, 07/22/1982, Federal Executive Board

Meese Talking Points, 11/11/1982

Proposed Gasoline Tax Increase

Meese, Summary of Guy Fiske "The U.S. and World Markets, A Strategy for the 1980's

and 1990's," 06/20/1983

Meese, Speech 06/22/1983, Political Humor for California Speech

Meese, Article for Management Magazine, July 1983, 06/23/1983

Meese, AT&T Divestiture Case, 06/29/1983

Meese, Questions and Answers for The "New Force" 12/08/1983

Meese, Speech on Steel for Representative Gene Atkinson, 10/19/1982

10/18 Meese Op Ed Crime for Christian Science Monitor

Meese, Speech, 05/18/1983, California Lutheran College Benefit Banquet

Meese - Op Ed - Criminal Justice – Sims - Editors Copy Newspaper Syndicate,


Meese/Harper Memo, Tax Rates as Percent of GNP, 01/13/1983


1981 Spring Planning Review, Department of Health and Education and Welfare

          Surveys by the Major Statistical Agencies

Master Book, Policy Coordinator Presentation, 01/17/1981


OA 11657

In House Memoranda from Kevin Hopkins to Ed Harper re: Tasks, Subjects, Speeches


Budget Book (General)

Child Health

Conventional Defense

Defense General

Export Promotion

Food Stamps

Foreign Economic Assistance

Housing Assistance

International Security Assistance

Job Training


Legal Services


Small Business

Strategic Defense





R&D Speech, Electronic Industries Association, 10/08/1982

Hillsdale College Speech, 10/06/1982, Ford/Nixon, Harper (1)-(4)

Fairness book Memo, 05/05/1983

Fairness Op Ed "A Poverty of Ideas" 05/05/1983

Presidential Statements Publication    

Equal Pay to Comparable Worth, 05/06/1983

Heritage Foundation Speech, 04/14/1983

Cigna Speech, 02/23/1983

Speech to Students, Albion College Students, 03/07/1983

Women's Packet Administration Activities on Issues of Importance to Women


Memo, "60 Minutes" 05/08/1983

Harper, Reagan Administration, Initiative of Interest to Women, 05/18/1983

Lehrman Institute, Dwyer Paper

The OPD Challenge, 01/25/1983

Speech, Harper, 03/04/1983, World Affairs Council, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, "The

Emerging Economic Recovery"

Speech, Harper Financial Executives Institute, Dallas, Texas, "The Emerging Economic

Recovery," 03/08/1983

Harper Talking Points, "Insights into Today's Washington"

RR Quotations on Employment Opportunities, Quotas, Etc.

Harper Memo, 06/01/1983

Fairness as it Relates to Women

Harper Memo, 05/24/1983, Talking Points for Administration Spokesmen Regarding the

Reagan Record, Two Years of Progress

Harper/Meese Memo, Administration Tax Policy, 01/10/1983

Harper Memo, Income Tax Indexing, 01/28/1983

Harper, Statement for GM/Toyota Event, 02/17/1983

Harper Memo, 02/01/1983, Fairness and the 1984 Budget, Preliminary Materials


OA 11825

Nine Audio Cassette Recordings [Transferred to AV for storage]

Department of Transportation / The Heritage Foundation (1)-(3)

The Reagan Record: 1967-1974 (1)-(2)

National Energy Policy Plan July 15, 1981 Draft 06/30/1981

[Meeting with House Budget Committee Republicans] (1)(2)

[Bexley Family Program (B-10) – Drug Abuse Prevention]


OA 14999


Op Ed Pieces

Education Papers

Civil Rights Op Ed

Energy Issue Update (Empty)

Foreign Policy Forays (empty)


Industrial Competitiveness


1000 Days


Fairness I

Fairness II

Memos to Edwin Harper

Memos to David Gerson

Memos to Edwin Harper

Memos to Jack Svahn

Memos to Jim Jenkins (1)-(4)

Memos to David Gergen

Memos to Edwin Gray


OA 15000

Issue Alert #1 Real Growth in U.S. Defense Budget

Issue Alert #2 Non-Defense Budget Growth Reduction

Issue Alert #3 Export trading Co. Act of 1982

Issue Alert #4 Unemployment

Issue Alert #5 Failure of House of Representatives to Pass Appropriations Bill

Issue Alert #6, The Job Training Partnership Act of 1982

Issue Alert #7, The Economy at Mid-Term

Issue Alert #8, Child Support Enforcement Program

Issue Alert #9, Social Spending: Compare Budgets

Issue Alert #10, The Myths that Miss the Mark

Issue Alert #11, Recovery Scorecard

Issue Alert #12, Promise and Performance

Issue Alert #13,  Legal Equity for Women

Issue Alert #14 06/06/1983 Spending on Education

Issue Alert #15, High Technology

Issue Alert #16 12/23/1983 10 Myths about Reagan's  Education Policy

Issue Alert #17, Recovery Scorecard #2

Issue Alert #18, Reagan: The First 1000 Days

Issue Alert #19, Federal policies for Old Div Wid Women

Issue Alert #20 Ag Task Force on Domestic Violence

Issue Alert #21 School Prayer 03/02/1984

Issue Update #1 Higher Education Assistance

Issue Update #2 The Case Against Bailouts

Issue Update #3 Tuition Tax Credits

Issue Update #4 School Prayer 07/22/1983

Issue Update #5, Balanced Budget/ Tax Limitation Amendment

Issue Update #6 Economic and Legal Equity for Black Americans


OA 15001

Issue Update #7 Legal and Economic Equity for Women    

Issue Update #8 Drug Abuse Update

Issue Alert #9 03/23/1983 Education Package

Issue Update #10 04/15/1983 Law of the Sea Convention

`        Issue Update #11 Crime Control

Issue Update #12 06/03/1983 Enterprise Zones

Issue Update #13 Reagan Administration and Young Americans

Issue Update #14 Economic and Legal Equity for Black Americans

Issue Update #15 Economic and Legal Equity for Women

Issue Update#16 Reducing Waste, Fraud and Abuse

Issue Update #17 11/10/1983 Regulatory Reform

Issue Update #18 Reagan Administration and Older Americans

Issue Update #19 Equity for Black Americans

News Briefs #1 Stockman: Reagan Budget

News Briefs #2 The Case for Tax Indexing

News Briefs #3 Exclusive Economic Zones

News Briefs #4 Enterprise Zones 06/03/1983

News Briefs #5 Tax Policy

News Briefs #6 Taxes and Federal Spending

News Briefs #7 Presidential Statements

Memos to Mike Baroody

Memos to Bruce Chapman

Memos to Mike Guhin

Miscellaneous Memos


Accession A93-01

Box 1


Foreign Affairs



Tax Policy

Draft Statements

Draft Answers

Memos - Lake

Memos to Meese

Memos - Nofziger

Memos to RR

Memos to Whalen

Briefing Questions


Fraud & Waste



Office Procedures

Phone Calls

Order Forms

[RR Schedule, June 1979]



Memos - Hannaford

Memos - Kinder

Memos - Erthein

Memos to Casey

Memos - Carter

Memos - Brady

Memos - Anderson

Memos - Allen


Expense Records

Draft Letters


Memos - Jones


Armed Forces

Auto Industry (1)(2)

Carter: General

Carter Promises (1976 Election) (1)-(3)

Congressional Issues Booklet 1980

Consumer Affairs

Consumer/Producer Price Indexes

Crime (Criminal Justice)



Democratic Convention: Carter Acceptance Speech [1980]

Democratic Platform

Comm. on Intergovernmental Relations

Graphs - Blank

Poll Library

Research Sources

Research Resources at CFTR

Issues Files

State Labels

Debating National Health Policy, 1977-1978 High School Debate Analysis

Oversight Recommendations of 1979 Social Security Advisory Council


Box 2


Press Releases

CBS Moyers

Thursday 03/11/1982

Administration Sponsored Legislation

Education/Science & Math

Records of Calls - 1979 B. Johnston

North American Accord

Unfoldered Material re: Health Insurance Issues, Fuel & Transportation Issues, Campaign

Issues, Personnel, Transition, and other material

Booklets re: Establishment of Inspector General Office in the Department of Health,

Education, and Welfare

Policy Recommendation: The Impact of Accelerated Motor Gasoline Decontrol on

Independent Markets (3 copies)

Notebook: Economic Advisory Council, New York Republican State Committee


Box 3

[Major Issues Areas]

[Regulation] (1)-(3)

[Drafts - memos, letters, summaries]


Task Force on Immigration

Illegal Immigration Meeting

President’s Task Force on Immigration

Venereal Disease

40, Riots

Bond Rating


Medi-Cal - general

Medi-Cal - Funding

Medi-Cal - Fraud


Medi-Cal - Coverage

Medi-Cal - Costs

Mental Health Cutbacks

Mental Health Integration

Mental Health - Quality

Mental Health - Spending



Employment Programs

Illegal Aliens

Campus Unrest - Investigation

Labor - Earnings

Labor - Income

Minimum Wage

19. OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration)

Right to Work

Teachers - Hiring


Neutron Bomb

Labor Law Reform

International Trade

Inflation - General

Inflation - Causes

Inflation - Carter Policy


Income Distribution

Humphrey - Hawkins


Foreign Economies

Federal Spending

3. Federal Regulations – Impact (Empty)

Federal Jobs Programs

Unfoldered Material re: Immigration, National Association of Retired Federal Employees, and Transition

Unfoldered Material with labels: Federal Spending, Domestic Legislation, Transfer

Payments Policy, Tax Policy, Special Groups Policy, Neighborhood Policy,

Labor Policy, International Trade Policy, Energy Policy, Domestic Economic

Policy, Deregulation Policy, Agricultural & Resource Policy, Proposals, pre-1980 Campaign,

Regulatory Reform, Reagan Campaign Positions, Social Programs, Task Forces, Campaign Statements,

Questions Likely to be Raised, Fair Housing Amendments Act of 1980