This collection is available in whole for research use. Some folders may still have withdrawn material due to Freedom of Information Act restrictions. Most frequent withdrawn material is national security classified material, personal privacy, protection of the President, etc.


HORGAN, JAMES: Files, 1981-1983 (1 l.ft.; Box 1-3)


Office of Correspondence: Mail Analysis and Special Letter Response Units


Mr. Horgan joined the Correspondence office staff as a mail analyst in 1981.  Sometime in 1982 he began work in the Special Letter Response Unit.  He left the White House in 1984 to pursue a graduate degree.


This collection is arranged into two series: SERIES I: Trip Thank You Letters, 1982-1983 and SERIES II:  Reference Material.


SERIES I: TRIP THANK YOU LETTERS, 1982-1983 (1.1 l.ft.; Box 1-3)


This series consists of material relating to acknowledgement and “thank-you” letters sent under the President’s signature to individuals and groups responsible for various services during Presidential trips. Included are lists prepared by the White House Office of Advance for individuals assisting with the set-up, functioning and follow-up of Presidential trips. These individuals are mostly volunteers. The lists include notes from the Advance Office on their functions and some specific praise for performance of duties.  Drafts of outgoing letters and some copies of actual outgoing letters are included.  A few folders contain the formal “trip” book from the Advance Office. Most of the 1982 folders are for political trips.  There are several overseas trips included and these contain thank-you letters to heads of states for the visit and gifts exchanged. This material is arranged chronologically.




This series consists of material relating to addresses for Heads of State correspondence and instructions for disposition of incoming public mail including what form to use, how to react to certain correspondents and which agencies received referrals for what specific topics.  It is in its original order.




          Box 1

SERIES I:  Trip Thank You Letters, 1982-1983

Draft Samples

Space Shuttle Columbia Landing (04/04/1982)

Knoxville (05/01/1982)

Chicago (05/09/1982-05/10/1982)

Philadelphia (05/14/1982)

Los Angeles (05/25/1982)

Eureka, Illinois & Arlington National Ceremony (05/31/1982)

European Tour – England (06/11/1982)

European Tour – France (06/11/1982)

European Tour – Germany (06/11/1982)

European Tour – Italy (06/11/1982 (1)(2)

European Tour – Andrews Air Force Base (06/11/1982)

Houston (06/15/1982)

United Nations (06/17/1982)

Diplomatic Credentials Ceremony (06/25/1982)

Los Angeles (07/05/1982-07/07/1982)

[Baltimore (07/13/1982]

St. Louis (07/22/1982)

Iowa (08/02/1982)

[Hartford (08/03/1982]

Billings, Montana (08/11/1982)

Los Angeles (08/23/1982-08/25/1982)

Kansas (09/09/1982 (1)(2)

Utah (09/09/1982-09/10/1982)

New Jersey (09/17/1982 & National Black Republican Council (09/15/1982 (1)(2)

Richmond, Virginia (09/29/1982)

Columbus, Ohio (10/04/1982)


Box 2

Nevada (10/07/1982)

California (10/08/1982)

Illinois (10/20/1982)

Nebraska (10/20/1982-10/21/1982)

North Carolina (10/26/1982)

Great Falls, Montana (10/28/1982)

New Mexico (10/29/1982)

Chicago (11/13/1982)

Miami (11/16/1982-11/17/1982)

New Orleans (11/17/1982)

Brazil (12/01/1982)

Bogota, Columbia (12/03/1982)

Costa Rica (12/03/1982-12/04/1982)

Honduras (12/04/1982)

Phoenix (12/27/1982)

Long Beach / U.S.S. New Jersey (12/28/1982-12/29/1982)

Dallas (01/11/1983)

Boston (01/26/1983)

St. Louis (02/01/1983)

Santa Barbara, CA (02/25/1983-03/03/1983)

The Queen’s Tour (02/26/1983-03/07/1983 (1)(2)

Los Angeles (03/03/1983)

Florida (03/08/1983) (1)(2)

Los Angeles (03/31/1983)

Pittsburg (04/06/1983)

New York City (04/27/1983)

Houston (04/29/1983)

[Washington, DC – National Presbyterian Church and Center (05/01/1983)]

San Antonio, Texas (05/05/1983)

Phoenix (05/05/1983-05/06/1983)

Sun City, Arizona (05/06/1983)


Box 3

Ashland, Ohio (05/09/1093

Miami (05/20/1983)

New Jersey (Seton Hall University) (05/21/1983)

Williamsburg Economic Summit (05/27/1983-05/31/1983)

Minneapolis (06/09/1983)

Hopkins, Minnesota (06/09/1983)

Albuquerque, NM (06/14/1983)

Knoxville (06/14/1983)

Jackson, Mississippi (06/20/1983)

Patrick Air Force Base, Florida (06/22/1983)

Chicago (06/23/1983)

Louisville (06/29/1983)

[Kansas (06/29/1983]

Spruce Goose, Long Beach, California (06/30/1983)

Hollywood, Florida (07/18/1983)

Atlanta (08/01/1983)

Tampa, Florida (08/12/1983)

El Paso (08/12/1983-08/14/1983)

Seattle (American Legion Convention) (08/25/1983)

Los Angeles (Hispanic Business Association) (08/25/1983)



Box 3, cont.

List of Heads of States (08/16/1982 (1)(2)

Instructions and Dispositions January 1982-August 1982

Instructions and Dispositions September 1982-April 1983

Instructions and Dispositions May 1983-December 1983

Instructions and Dispositions January 1984-February 1984