This collection is available in whole for research use. Some folders may still have withdrawn material due to Freedom of Information Act restrictions. Most frequent withdrawn material is national security classified material, personal privacy, protection of the President, etc.


HUDSON, MAUREEN: Files, 1981-1988 (0.7 l. ft.; Box 1-2)


White House Office of Communications Secretarial and Typing Unit


Scope and Content Note


The Office of Correspondence created standardized form letters to respond to public letters and calls regarding various issues and situations.  These letters were sent out under Anne Higgins signature, the Director of the Office of Correspondence and under the President’s signature.  These form letters were often sent with enclosures offering broader information than a single page letter.  These form letters and some examples of enclosures can be found in the Office of Correspondence records within Series I and Series II.


Maureen Hudson, as the head of the typesetting unit was responsible for the layout and typesetting for the form letters and most of the enclosures for these letters. This collection consists of material gathered to compose these enclosures.  Topics include: abortion and infanticide; the budget; economic expansion during the Reagan Administration; Gramm-Rudman-Hollings Act; the African famine; fairness issues; the Supreme Court nomination of Douglas Ginsburg; homeless people; older Americans, tax reform, veterans affairs and waste and fraud in the federal government.  It also includes some remarks by the President. The folders contain drafts, edited drafts, earlier versions and typesetting instructions. . Some of the material actually references the specific form letter number it was to accompany. The material is arranged in roughly chronological order.


          Container List:


Box 1

Abortion (1)(2)

America’s Agenda for the Future (1)(2)

Bergen-Belsen Remarks

Bitburg Air Base Remarks

Budget (1)-(3)

Challenger Remarks

“Infant Doe” Hotline – Infanticide

Drug Abuse Epidemic – Nancy Reagan Editorial (DB-54)

Economic Growth and the Reagan Administration (1)-(4)

Reagan Presidency and “Fairness Issue” (1)(2)

Farm Credit/African Famine Relief Remarks

Douglas Ginsburg – Supreme Court Nominee

Homeless – Interagency Task Force

The President’s Report on Continuing the Acquisition of the Peacekeeper (MX) Missile,

          March 1985

Gramm-Rudman-Hollings/Court Decision/RR Statement

The Reagan Presidency and Older Americans (1)-(3)


Box 2

The Reagan Presidency and Older Americans (4)

Activities Against Pornography in the Reagan Administration

President’s Management Message

President’s Private Sector Survey on Cost Control Status Report

Program for Economic Recovery/Progress Report (1)-(3)


Railroad Retirement System – Frequently Asked Questions

Statue of Liberty – Restoration Report

Student Rights – Fact Sheet

Tax Reform Proposal

Reagan Administration and Veteran’s Programs (1)(2)

Reagan Administration Programs to Combat Waste, Fraud and Abuse (1)-(5)

Women in the Reagan Administration: Fact Sheet