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JACOBI, MARY JO: Files, 1983-1985


Office of Public Liaison (Women/Minorities and Business)


Mary Jo Jacobi was one of four people who were simultaneously appointed to Office of Public Liaison positions in April 1983, as Faith Whittlesey replaced Elizabeth Dole as head of the office. Her stated responsibilities involved “working with the business community, with special emphasis on issues of concern to women and minorities.”


For a brief time, Marybeth Brennan assisted Ms. Jacobi with some of her duties and provided secretarial assistance. A very few folders contain work product or personal material for Brennan, but have been left in the Jacobi collection.



          OA 10109

          A-122 Lobbying

          Acid Rain

          Acid Rain - Issues

          Air Traffic - Editorial

          Air Travelers Security Act

          Airline Meeting – 05/14/1984

          B-1 Bomber Rollout – Rockwell News September 1984

Briefing Past – 07/14/1983 – Tax and Budget Issues

          Bronx High School of Science – POTUS Open

          Budget 1984

          Budget – ALL Supportive Letters/Mailgrams, etc.

          Budget – ALL Supportive Letters/Telegrams, etc.

          Building and Construction Trades 75th Anniversary Reception 04/19/1983 (1)(2)

          Business Alliance on Government Competition

          Business and Public Affairs Fortnightly 08/15/1984

Business Community Representatives 02/13/1983

          Campaign Directives

          Caribbean Basin Initiative

          Central America - I

          Central America - II

          [Central America] Shultz Project -Secretary Shultz meeting with Chief Executive

                   Officers 03/20/1984

          [Central America] State Department 03/ 20/1983 - George Shultz address to Chief

                   Executive Officers

          Central America Briefing for Chief Executive Officers with POTUS 07/27/1984

          Copper Imports

          Cottage Industry


          Domestic International Sales Corporation Replacement

          Drug Problem

          Economic Issues – Channel September 1984

          Reflections on Economic Issues

          Review of U.S. Economy August 1984

Education for Economic Security Act HR 1310

          Emergency Veterans Job Training 1983


          Environmental Protection Agency

          Export Administration Act

          Fair Insurance Practices Act (Sex Discrimination)

          FY85 Tax and Budget

          Flat Rate Tax


          OA 10110

          Global Competitiveness (Packet)

          Home Based Industries

          Industrial Competitiveness


          International Monetary Fund Funding

          International Trade

          International Trade: US-Japan (Vice President) (1)(2)

          Minority Business


          MX Peacekeeper Program (1)(2)

          National Machine Tool Builders Import Relief

          National Premium / Incentive (Notebook) (1)(2)

          National Productivity and Innovation 1983 – Innovation Legislation

          National Theater Week

          Natural Gas - I

          Natural Gas - II

          Non Bank Banks

          Non-Competitive Contracting Issue – Federal Procurement Issue

          Opportunities Industrialization Centers

          Permanent International Association of Road Congresses

          Personnel Material [Marybeth Brennan]

          Policy Positions on Natural Gas Deregulation

          Procurement H.R. 2133

          Product Liability

          Private Sector Initatives

          Public Infrastructure

          Regulatory Relief

          Resumes - I:


          OA 10111

          Resumes - I:I

          Resumes - I:II

          Seat Belts

          Shipping Act of 1984 S.47

          Small Business

          Small Business Conference – Swain

          Small Business Week – 05/08/1983-05/14/1983

Social Security / Retirement

Soviet Union

          Space – Issue

          Space Program

          Special Projects

          Specialty Steel


          Surface Transportation Assistance Act

          Tax Letter

          Tax Reform Correspondence

          Taxes - 06/30/1983 Meeting with Carlton Group

          Taxes – FY84

          Telephone Service

          Tourism (1)-(3)

          Toxic Torts

          Trade Barriers to U.S. Motion Picture and Television, Prerecorded Entertainment,

                   Publishing and Advertising Industries

Trade Reform

          Copies of Travel Authorization

          U.S. Information Agency (1)(2)

          White House Conference on Small Business

          [Women] Administration Activities on Issues of Importance to Women 02/15/1983 (2


          [Women] President Reagan’s 50 States Project "Status of the States" 1982 Year-End

                   Report (2 Copies)

          Women - Women Groups

          Youth Opportunity Minimum Wage



          OA 11150

          Adhesive and Sealant Council (empty)

          Advertising Women of New York

          Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute

          Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association

          Aluminum Association

          Aluminum Extruders Council

          American Apparel Manufacturing Association

          American Association of Advertising Agencies

          American Association of Airport Executives

          American Association of Black Women Entrepreneurs

          American Association of Equipment Lessors

          American Association of Minority Enterprise Small Business Investment Companies

          American Automobile Association

          American Bankers Association – POTUS – 02/15/1984‑02/17/1984

          American Bicycle Manufacturers 05/17/1983

          American Business Women's Association

          American Business Women’s Association 10/28/1983 – RR Appearance

          American Car Rental Association

          American Concrete Pipe Association

          American Consulting Engineers Council

          American Electronics Association

          American Farm Bureau Federation

          American Feed Industry Association

          American Fire Sprinkler Association

          American Forest Institute

          American Furniture Manufacturers Association 03/??/1984 POTUS

          American Gas Association - I

          American Gas Association - II

          American Gear Manufacturers Association

          American Hardware Association 06/15/1984

          American Home Sewing Association

          American Institute for Transportation and Business Development (See Minority


          American Institute of Certified Public Accountants

          American Institute of Chemical Engineers (ALCHM)

          American Land Development Association

          American Land Title Association 03/28/1984

          American League of Lobbyists, 06/06/1984

          American Mining Congress

          American Paper Institute (empty)

          American Public Transit Association

          American Recreation Coalition

          JHR – American Retail Federation

          American Society for Personnel Administration

          American Society of Industrial Security

          American Society of Mechanical Engineers

          American Space Foundation

          American Subcontractors Association 06/22/1984

          American Supply and Machinery Manufacturers Association 03/14/1984

          American Supply Association

          American Textile Machinery Association

          American Woman’s Economic Development Corporation

          Associated General Contractors of America (The)

          Associated Industries of Alabama

          Association for Regulatory Reform

          Association of American Foreign Service Women – January 1984

          Association of Data Processing Service Organization

          Association of General Merchandise Chains, Inc.


          OA 11151

          Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers - I

          Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers - II

          Association of Independent Corrugated Converters

          Association of National Advertisers

          Association of School Business Officials

          JHR Association of Wall and Ceiling Industries International

          Automotive Service Councils

          Automotive Service Industry Association (1)-(5)

          Basic Industries Coalition

          Brookings Institute (The)

          Business Executives with Disabilities – Robert Muller)

          Business Liaison Discussion Group

          Business Records Manufacturers Association

          Business Roundtable

          California Trucking Association

          Carpet and Rug Institute

          Cast Metals Federation

          Chamber of Commerce of U.S.

          Chamber of Commerce of USA

          Chambers of Commerce 04/30/1984

          Charter 100 (The)

          Citizen's Choice, 05/17/1984

          Citizens for America

          City Club of Chicago

          Cleveland World Trade Association

          Coal Industry Officials

          Coin Laundry Association

          Commercial Refrigerator Manufacturers Association 06/09/1983

          Committee for Equitable Compensation

          Committee of 200

          Computer and Business Equipment Manufacturers Association - I

          Computer and Business Equipment Manufacturers Association - II

          Computer and Business Equipment Manufacturers Association, Inc.

          Conference Board (The)

          Construction Industry Manufacturers Association - I

          Construction Industry Manufacturers Association - II

          Construction Association of Michigan

          Consumers for World Trade

          Cookware Manufacturers Association 05/01/1984

          Corporate Associates – Marine Corps Reserve Officers Association 12/05/1984

          Cosmetic Toiletry Fragrance Association

          Council of Small and Independent Business Associations

          Credit Union National Association

          Cutting Tool Manufacturers of America

          Des Moines Chamber of Commerce

          Direct Selling Association


          OA 11152

          Edison Electric Institute

          Electronic Funds Transfer Association 09/24/1984

          Electronic Industries Association

          Envelope Manufacturers Association of America

          Far Western Garage Door Association (Garage Door Council)

          Ferroalloys Association

          Fiberglass Fabrication Association

          Financial Analyst Federation

          Financial Executives Institute

          Financial Women’s Association

          Flexible Packaging Association 10/12/1984

          Florida Nurserymen and Growers

          Florida Progress Corporation

          Food Processing Machinery and Supplies Association

          Food Service and Lodging Institute

          Footwear Industries of America

          Foreign Investment Executives

          Furniture Manufacturers Association

          Future Farmers of America

          Gas Appliance Manufacturers Association

          General Aviation Manufacturers Association

          Global One Hundred – Dr. Grub

          Government Research Corporation 05/14/1984

          Greater Macon Chamber of Commerce 02/23/1984

          Greater Washington / Maryland Service Station Association

          Greater Washington Society of Association Executives

          Greater Waterbury Chamber of Commerce

          Greater Winston – Salem Chamber of Commerce

          Hampton Roads Maritime Association POTUS

          Health Industry Manufacturers Association 05/02/1984

          Hobby Industry Association of America 06/14/1984

          Home Recording Rights Coalition

          Illinois Manufacturer Association 06/12/1984

          Independent Bakers Association 09/26/1984

          Independent Bankers Association

          Independent Electrical Contractors

          Independent Insurance Agents of America 03/26/1984

          Independent Lubricant Manufacturers Association

          Industrial Fabrics Association International – 09/18/1984

          Industrial Safety Equipment Association

          Institute for Interconnecting and Packaging Electronic Circuits (The) – Video –


          Institute for Women Executives

          Insurance Federation of Minnesota

          International Association for Financial Planning, Inc.

          International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions – 03/26/1984

          International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association

          International Communications Industry Association

          International Concrete Aggregates Show and Convention 01/31/1984 POTUS

          International Franchise Association 10/25/1985

          IMDI (International Management and Development Institute)

          International Platform Association

          International Service Association – Judith Watts

          International Snowmobile Industry Association

          International Teleconference Association – 04/10/1984

          Iowa Bankers Association 04/10/1984

          Irrigation Association

          Jefferson Education Foundation

          Joint Action in Community Service – Vice President – 03/21/1984

          Kansas Bankers Association 09/28/1983

          Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce


          OA 11927

          Machinery Dealers National Association 12/14/1984

          Manufactured Housing Institute 03/19/1985

          Marine Corps Reserve Officers Association

          Massachusetts Society of Certified Public Accountants

          Memphis Chamber of Commerce

          Mineral Insulation Manufacturers Association

          Mortgage Bankers Association of America

          Motor and Equipment Manufacturers Association 01/31/1984

          Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Association

          Multi Housing Laundry Association

          National Alliance of Business

          National Alliance of Home-based Businesswomen

          National Alliance of Professional and Executive Women's Network 10/22/1985

          National American Wholesale Grocers Association

          National Apartment Association

          National Association for Female Executives

          National Association for the Cottage Industry

          National Association for the Self Employed

          National Association of Aluminum Distributors

          National Association of Americans of Asian Descent

          National Association of Automobile Dealers

          National Association of Bank Women

          National Association of Business Economists

          National Association of Convenience Stores 03/27/1984

          National Association of Electrical Distributors

          National Association of Federal Credit Unions

          National Association of Food Equipment Manufacturers 06/20/1984

          National Association of Garage Door Manufacturers

          National Association of Home Builders

          National Association of Hosiery Manufacturers

          National Association of Independent Insurers

          National Association of Industrial and Office Parks 05/21/1984

          National Association of Life Underwriters

          National Association of Manufacturers

          National Association of Manufacturers – National Association of Council (White House

                   Out Card to Foley – 10/22/1985)

          National Association of Minority Women in Business

          National Association of Plastic Distributors

          National Association of Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors

          National Association of Realtors

          National Association of the Remodeling Industry 06/13/1984

          National Association of Retail Dealers of America 04/14/1983

          National Association of Retail Druggists 05/23/1984

          National Association of Securities Dealers Briefing 10/20/1983

          National Association of Small Business Investment Companies Video Tape –


          National Association of Stevedores

          National Association of Temporary Services 06/12/1984

          National Association of Uniform Manufacturers

          National Association of Water Companies

          National Association of Wholesale Distributors

          National Association of Women Business Owners

          National Association of Women Government Contractors

          National Automobile Dealers Association

          National Aviation Hall of Fame

          National Bankers Association and American League of Financial Institutions 04/03/1984

          National Boating Association

          National Candy Wholesalers Association


          OA 11928

          National Coal Association

          National Coffee Service Association

          National Commercial Finance Association

          National Commercial Finance Association 05/16/1984

          National Construction Industry Council

          National Constructors Association

          National Cotton Council – POTUS – 02/06/1984

          National Crushed Stone Association

          National Development Council

          National Electrical Manufacturers Association

          National Electronic Distributors Association

          National Fertilizer Solutions Association

          National Food Brokers Association Video Tape – 12/02/1983 / Briefing 09/23/1983

          National Foreign Trade Council

          National Forest Products Association 05/09/1984

          National Glass Dealers Association

          National Grocers Association

          National Independent Dairy Foods Association

          National Insulation Contractors Association (Videotape 03/24/1985-03/27/1985)

          National Kerosene Heater Association

          National Limestone Institute 02/08/1984

          National LP-Gas Association

          National Lumber and Building Material Dealers Association

          National Machine Tool Builders Association

          National Management Association - I

          National Management Association - II

          National Multi Housing Council

          National Newspaper Association – POTUS 03/08/1984

          National Nutrition Council 06/25/1984

          National Office Products Association 03/15/1984

          National Parking Association

          National Pasta Association, 05/10/1984

          National Printing Equipment and Supply Association

          National Pest Control Association

          National Realty Committee

          National Recreation and Park Association 02/28/1984

          National Restaurant Association

          National Roofing Contractors Association 04/04/1984

          National Sand and Gravel Association

          National Security Institute for Women

          National School Boards Association

          National Small Business Association White House Reception 09/21/1983-09/23/1983

          National Soft Drink Association

          National Tire Dealers and Retreaders Association 01/24/1984

          National Tooling and Machining Association

          National Turkey Federation

          National Waterways Conference

          National Welding Supply Association

          Nebraska Conservatives for Freedom

          New Jersey Bankers Association 02/29/1984

          New Mexico Amigos 05/15/1984

          North Carolina Savings and Loan League December 1983

          Northern Virginia Builders Association

          Northern Virginia Realtors 03/06/1984

          Ohio Chamber of Commerce

          Outdoor Power Equipment Institute

          Pennsylvania Cable Television Association

          Petrochemical Energy Group

          Petroleum Equipment Institute


          OA 11929

          Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association

          Polyurethane Manufacturers Association

          Private Sector Council

          Producer Advisory Forum 10/14/1983

          Promotion Marketing Association of America

          Proprietary Association

          Public Affairs Council 11/15/1983

          Public Relations Society of America

          Railway Progress Institute 04/18/1984

          Real Estate Symposium 09/19/1984

          Recording Industry Association of America

          Renewable Energy Technologies Symposium and International Exposition

          Rhode Island Bankers Association

          Rotary International

          Sales and Marketing Association of America – Cancelled – Surrogate to be Sent


          San Antonio Group

          Screen Printing Association International 01/25/1984

          Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors’ National Association - SMACNA

          Small Business Association of Delaware Valley

          Smart Business 1985

          Society of American Florists - I

          Society of American Florists - II

          Specialized Carriers and Rigging Association – Video 04/27/1984

          Specialty Tools and Fasteners Distributors Association

          Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association – 03/08/1984

          Steel Service Center Institute – POTUS – 05/13/1984-05/16/1984

          Synthetic Organic Chemical Manufacturers Association

          Tanners Council

          Tax Executives Institute

          Tax Foundation, 06/15/1984

          Texas Farm Bureau

          Technology Catalysts, Inc.

          Thursday Group

          Tobacco Institute

          Trade Association Liaison Council

          Transportation Investor Roundtable

          Travel Industries Association

          U. S. Brewers Association

          U.S. Council for International Business

          U.S. League of Savings Institutions, 05/05/1984

          U.S. Water Resources Export Council, 10/01/1984

          Urban Land Institute

          Wayne Valis

          Valve Manufacturers Association 04/19/1983

          Washington Area State Relations Group

          Washington / Baltimore Regional Association 10/09/1985

          Water Pollution Control Federation

          Water Resources Export Council

          Webster University

          Western Coal Traffic League

          Western Regional Council

          Women in Government Relations

          Women in Housing and Finance, 05/15/1984

          Women in Housing

          Wood Heating Alliance

          Wood Machinery Manufacturers 10/19/1983

          Wood Machinery Manufacturers

          Worchester Chamber of Commerce

          World Business Council 03/26/1984

          World Business Council 03/26/1984: World Business Council 03/26/1984  (Bo


          Worldesign 85 / ICSID USA

          Y Group

          Young Presidents Organization, 10/26/1984



          OA 11930

          Allis - Chalmers


          Altman Carpentry, Inc.

          American Women's Economic Development Corporation

          Borg-Warner Corporation 04/06/1984

          Caterpillar Tractor Company

          CBI Industries, Inc.

          Champion International

          Chicago Board of Trade


          Colejon Mechanical Corporation

          Corning Glass Works

          Deere and Company

          Eastman Kodak

          Electronic Data Systems

          Eli Lilly


          Essex Corporation

          Exxon Corporation

          Florida Power and Light Company

          FMC Corporation / Bob McLellan

          Ford Motor

          General Development Corporation, 08/18/1983 Richard Reizen

          Getty and Mitsubishi – Vice President 05/18/1984

          Gould, Inc.

          Goodyear Tire and Rubber

          Hershey - Government Relations Issues Briefing 03/28/1985

          Holiday Inn

          Honeywell Corporation

          Institutional Investor

          Intel Corporation – Mike Maibach

          International Minerals and Chemical Corporation – Annual Report 1984


          Kern/Kelly International

Lillian Vernon


          Manpower Demonstration Research Corporation

          Matsushita Electric Corporation of America

          MAPCO, 09/19/1984

          Max Factor and Company

          Mazda Motor Corporation

          MEM Company

          Meridith 09/22/1983

          Merrill Lynch

          Mid-Size Companies

          Midwest Energy Company

          Midwest Stock Exchange

          Minority Business

          Monsanto 04/05/1984

          Montgomery Securities

          Morgan Stanley and Company


          National Steel Corporation

          New York Stock Exchange

          Ocean Spray Cranberries, Inc.

          Owens-Corning Fiberglass Corporation

          Overseas Private Investment Corporation

          (Paine Weber) Money Managers

          Phillip Morris

          Phillips Petroleum

          Proctor and Gamble

          Prudential Insurance Company of America



          Rockwell International


          OA 12025

          Southland Corporation

          Stauffer Chemical Company

          St. Regis Corporation, 04/03/1984



          Transart Industries


          Unilever United States

          Union Carbide Corporation

          Union Oil of California


          Westvaco Corporation


          Whirlpool Corporation, 06/25/1984

          Wickes Companies (Sitrick, M.S.)

          World Information Resources, Ltd.(empty)

          Worldwide Information Resources Ltd.


          SERIES IV:  EVENTS

          OA 12025 (Continued)

          07/12/1983-07/13/1983 - National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors / Distribution

                   Education Research Foundation - Quebec, Canada

          07/20/1983 - American Textile Machinery Association – Charlotte, NC

          07/22/1983 - New Orleans Business Development Center

          08/04/1983 - American Association of Black Women Entrepreneurs Legislative


          08/10/1983 - Future Business Leaders of America

          09/14/1983 - Hispanic Leadership Conference

          09/14/1983 - Washington Appliance Roundtable

          09/16/1983 - Chicago Public Affairs Group

          09/19/1983 - National Electronic Distributors Association

          09/21/1983 - American Society of Association Executives Key Industries Association


          09/22/1983 - Business Women’s Day

          09/22/1983 - Business Women’s Day: 09/22/1983 - I

          09/22/1983 - Business Women’s Day: 09/22/1983 - II

          09/22/1983 - Business Women’s Day: 09/22/1983 Women’s Organization Lists

          09/26/1983 - Metropolitan Republican Club - New York, NY

          09/27/1983 - American University Students

          09/30/1983 - New Mexico Bankers Association

          10/01/1983 - California Republican Party Convention - Long Beach, CA

          10/03/1983-10/07/1983 - Minority Business Week

          10/04/1983 - Pennsylvania Council of Republican Women

          10/07/1983 - Greeting Card Association

          10/08/1983 - California Republican Assembly

          10/11/1983 - Network of Women in Business – Indianapolis, IN

          10/14/1983 - Women’s Economic Club Conference

          10/18/1983 - Financial Women’s Network

          10/18/1983 - New York Area Public Affairs Professional

          10/18/1983 - Purchasing Management Association of New York / National Institute of

                   Government Purchasing

          10/19/1983 - Baltimore New Directions for Women Annual Meeting

          10/19/1983 - Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization Meeting at White


          10/20/1983 - Office of Cabinet Affairs [Subcabinet Seminar in Public Management]

          10/25/1983 - Sheetmetal and Air Conditioners National Contractors Association

          10/26/1983 - Republican Women’s Leadership Forum – San Diego, CA

          10/27/1983 - Business Women in the West Conference - Los Angeles, CA

          10/28/1983 - Department of Commerce / Young Presidents Organization Briefing

          11/ 02/1983 - Office of Cabinet Affairs Briefing for Altoona, PA Chamber of Commerce

          11/07/1983 - Los Angeles

          11/08/1983 - Minority Business Development Center Conference - Los Angeles, CA

          11/12/1983 - Republican Women’s Leadership Forum – Philadelphia, PA

          11/13/1983 - Virginia Retail Merchants Association Board of Directors Fall Meeting

          11/15/1983 - American Society of Association Executives Regional Meeting – Chicago,


          11/15/1983 - American Society of Travel Agents - Delaware Valley Chapter

          11/17/1983 - Harvard Seminar

          11/19/1983 - Women’s Economic Development


          OA 12026

          Jacobi Speeches and Events January 1984-May 1984

          01/13/1984 - National Drug Trade Conference - Cancelled

          01/15/1984-01/18/1984 - National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors

          01/ 22/1984 - New York County Republican Committee - New York, NY

          01/25/1984 - Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Association Executive Committee Leadership


          01/25/1984 - Zonta – Rotary

          11/26/1984-11/28/1984 - Republican Regional Leadership Conference - Cancelled

          02/03/1984 - New Jersey State Chamber of Commerce

          02/07/1984 - American University Washington Seminar Program

          02/07/1984 - National Welding Supply Association

          02/08/1984 - FY85 Budget Briefings

          02/09/1984 - George Washington University

          02/10/1984 - American Society of Association Executives

          02/27/1984 - Executive Women’s Briefing (Betty Heitman)

          02/29/1984 - Chamber of Commerce Executive Development Program

          03/01/1984 - Republican National Committee Chairman’s Small Business Advisory


          03/02/1984 - Broward Forum – Hollywood, FL

          03/02/1984 - Republican National Committee Women’s Leadership Forum - Miami, FL

          03/05/1984 - West Texas Chamber of Commerce

          03/09/1984 - Conference for Women Business Ownership

          03/11/1984 - Middle Atlantic Wholesalers Association

          03/13/1984 - Small Business Administration National District Directors

          03/19/1984 - Department of Agriculture

          03/20/1984 - Republican National Committee Human Resources Briefing

          03/27/1984 - Independent Insurance Agents of America POTUS

          03/29/1984 - President’s Advisory Committee on Women Business Ownership

          03/31/1984 - Professional Development for Women – Profit Making (Regretted)

          04/02/1984 - Associated Builders and Contractors

          04/03/1984 - Ohio Bankers Association Wives

          04/05/1984 - Women in Business Conference - New York, NY - POTUS

          04/11/1984 - Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association – Tom Dawson


          04/12/1984 - Harvard Seminar

          04/12/1984 - Housing Event with POTUS – Dallas, TX

          04/12/1984 - Housing Event with POTUS – Dallas, TX: Housing

          04/12/1984 - Housing Event with POTUS – Dallas, TX: (TIM) Trusts for Investment


          04/13/1984 - Women Business Owners Advisory Committee – Chicago, IL

          04/19/1984 - Weyerhaeuser Events – POTUS

          04/ 25/1984 - Republican National Committee Human Resources Group - Department of


          04/27/1984 - Small Business Administration Women Business Ownership National

                   Initiative Conference – Cleveland, OH

          04/30/1984 - California Chamber Breakfast - FRW

          05/02/1984 - Frank Wolf

          05/04/1984 - American Society for Personnel Administration

          05/04/1984 - Hispanic Business Women Briefing

          05/05/1984 - National Council of Career Women

          05/07/1984 - Equitable Life Assurance Society Dinner

          05/ 10/1984 - National Association of Realtors POTUS Address

          05/11/1984 - American Society of Association Executives Breakfast

          05/11/1984 - Georgetown Landegger Mid-Management Training Program

          05/15/1984 - Business Reception

          05/15/1984 - Business Reception: Reception 05/15/1984 Business Community

          05/17/1984 - The Chamber / New Orleans of the River Region

          05/17/1984 - Wine and Spirits - New Orleans

          05/18/1984 - Federation of Organizations for Professional Women Career Transition

                   Conference (Regretted)

          05/23/1984 - Chamber of Commerce Corporate Executive Development

          05/24/1984 - Washington Women’s Network

          05/30/1984 - Society of Professional Benefit Administrators

          05/31/1984 - National Management Association Manager of the Year Award

          05/31/1984 - National Management Association Manager of the Year Award: Manager of

                   the Year 05/31/1984


          OA 12027

          06/01/1984 - President’s Advisory Committee on Women’s Business Ownership –

                   Los Angeles, CA

          06/04/1984- Young Women’s Christian Association - Stamford, CT

          06/06/1984 - Maryland Chamber Baltimore Human Relations and Equal Opportunity

          06/07/1984 - General Merchandise Distributors Council Palm Springs - Cancelled

          06/07/1984 - Photo Op with Vice President

          06/08/1984-06/11/1984 - Small Business Issues Conference

          06/09/1984 - National Association of Americans of Asian Indian Descent - Atlantic City,


          06/12/1984 - Corning Executives / Wives

          06/19/1984 - Executive Women’s Briefing

          06/20/1984 - Women, The Economy Public Policy National Conference

          06/25/1984 - Automotive Service Councils

          06/25/1984 - Business School Deans Conference

          [06/27/1984 - National Association of Minority Contractors]

          [06/27/1984 - National Association of Minority Contractors]: Minority Contractors

          [06/27/1984 - National Association of Minority Contractors]: National Association of

                   Minority Contractors - POTUS

          06/28/1984 - Airline Owners / Pilots Association Vice President Photo Op

          07/02/1984-07/03/1984 - Young Men’s Christian Association National Affairs

                   Conference - Ashville, NC

          07/11/1984 - Small Business Administration in New Orleans, LA

          07/24/1984 - National Association of Women Business Owners

          07/27/1984 - American Hardware Manufacturers Association Photo Op

          08/08/1984 - Erie County

          08/09/1984 - Housing and Urban Development - Steve Larkin

          08/10/1984 - Future Business Leaders of America

          08/11/1984 - Transart Industries

          08/30/1984 - Chamber of Commerce Congressional Action Conference - Palm Beach, FL

          08/30/1984 - National Lumber and Building Material Association Photo Op

          08/30/1984 - National Lumber and Building Material Association Photo Op: National

                   Lumber and Building Material Association

          09/07/1984 - Women Business Leaders Briefing

          09/07/1984 - Top Women Executives Proposal 09/07/1984

          09/07/1984 - Women Business Leaders Briefing - POTUS

          09/19/1984 - Chamber of Commerce Corporation Executive Development

          09/20/1984 - Clairol – New York, NY

          09/22/1984 - Production Engine Remanufacturers Association

          09/24/1984 - Electronic Funds Transfer Association

          09/24/1984 - Signing Ceremony Patent Term Bill - POTUS

          09/24/1984 - United Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Association

          09/25/1984 - American University Dr. Almadi

          09/28/1984 - Longshore Act Signing - POTUS

          09/28/1984 - National Women’s Coalition

          10/01/1984 - POTUS Trip to Detroit

          10/03/1984 - Secondary Mortgage Market Enhancement Act of 1983 Signing

          10/11/1984 - (Research and Development) National Cooperative Research Act Signing

          10/12/1984 - American Society of Association Executives

          10/12/1984 - McGraw Hill Washington Marketing Committee

          10/18/1984 - Women in Government Relations Tax and Budget Task Force

          10/23/1984 - Westchester Women in Communications

          10/24/1984 - Chamber of Commerce Corporation Executive Development

          10/27/1984 - Women Construction Owners and Executives – Chicago, IL

          10/29/1984 - Republican National Committee - Philadelphia (Cancelled) (empty)

          10/29/1984-11/01/1984 - National Women Coalition (Republican National Committee)

          10/30/1984 - Republican Caucus – Pensacola, FL (Cancelled)

          10/30/1984 - Republican National Committee – Atlanta, GA

          10/30/1984 - Signing of Trade Bill

          10/30/1984 - USIA International Visitors Program on "Academia and the

                   Corporate World" (Donatelli Spoke)

          10/31/1984 - Republican National Committee Seminar - Louisville, KY

          11/01/1984 - Republican National Committee - San Antonio, TX

          11/13/1984 - Harvard Seminar

          11/14/1984 - Bendix Management Club - South Bend, IN

          11/14/1984 - Business Advisory Council on Federal Reports

          11/20/1984 - Georgetown Center for Strategic and International Studies

          01/03/1985 - Edison Electric Institute Governmental Affairs Teleconference

          01/09/1985 - National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors - Acapulco, Mexico

          01/15/1985 - Chief Executive Officers Meeting - POTUS - Deficit

          01/28/1985 - Housing Industry and Financial Institutions - POTUS Deficit Briefing

          01/28/1985 - National Association of Homebuilders - POTUS Telephone Call

          02/04/1985 - National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration – Seattle, WA


          02/08/1985 - New Jersey State Chamber of Commerce – Washington, D.C.

          02/26/1985 - Associated General Contractors - POTUS Video

          03/04/1985 - B. F. Goodrich

          03/05/1985 - International Management and Development Institute - Cancelled

          03/06/1985 - Washington Center Breakfast

          03/08/1985 - Pressure Sensitive Tape Council

          03/12/1985 - Swedish American Chamber of Commerce - Michael Driggs

          03/13/1985 - American Business Conference – POTUS Briefing

          03/13/1985 - U.S. Information Agency International Visitors

          03/19/1985 - Society of American Florists

          03/20/1985 - National Bankers Association Award

          03/22/1985 - National Association of Stevedores

          03/22/1985 - National Federation of Republican Women – Las Vegas, NV

          03/27/1985 - Republican Women of Capitol Hill Luncheon


          OA 14581

          03/28/1985 - University of the Pacific - Cancelled

          04/02/1985 - Associated General Contractors of America - POTUS Briefing

          04/04/1985 - George Washington University School of Business Administration –

                   Department of Public Administration

          04/08/1985 - Business Leaders – Vice President Deficit Briefing

          04/16/1985 - POTUS Deficit Briefing 

          04/19/1985 - American Society of Association Executives

          04/19/1985 - National Federation of Independent Business Photo Op

          04/23/1985 - National Association of Realtors

          04/25/1985 - New York State Republican Committee – Saratoga County Federation of

                   Women - Saratoga Springs, NY

          04/29/1985 - U.S. Chamber - POTUS

          04/30/1985 - Republican National Committee Women’s Business Executives Briefing

          05/03/1985 - Executive Women’s Briefing Republican National Committee

          05/05/1985 - Speech: Chamber Corporate Executive Development

          05/06/1985 - Republican National Committee National Women’s Coalition

          05/07/1985 - Small Business Administration Small Business Winners Awards

          05/10/1985 - Indian American Forum for Political Education Briefing

          05/10/1985 - Landegger / Georgetown - Ralph Bledsoe Surrogate for MJ

          05/17/1985 - Texas Jaycees – McAllen, TX

          05/22/1985 - Brookings Institute

          05/22/1985 - National Association of Manufacturers Associations Council

          05/24/1985 - Bryce Harlow Conference – Harper's Ferry, WV

          05/24/1985 - National Association of Manufacturers

          05/29/1985 - POTUS Meeting on Tax Reform with Citizens Group

          06/03/1985 - National Council of Hispanic Women - Villapando

          06/04/1985 - POTUS Meeting with Corporate Chief Executive Officers

          06/12/1985 - Chamber of Commerce Georgetown Club

          06/13/1985 - Northern Virginia Minority Business and Professional Association

          06/17/1985 - Small Business Tax Reform - POTUS

          06/18/1985 - United States Jaycees - POTUS (Briefing Papers)

          06/20/1985 - Commission on Latino Community Development

          06/20/1985 - Washington Workshops – Marymount College

          06/22/1985 - Automotive Engine Rebuilder Association

          06/24/1985 - Students-in-Government Program

          06/25/1985 - Capitol Classroom – Schnepper

          07/02/1985 - Deficit Reduction Meeting - POTUS

          07/17/1985 - Nova UniversityHolladay

          07/17/1985 - West German Dealers from Andreas Stihl

          08/07/1985 - International Association of Refrigerated Warehouses

          08/08/1985 - Transportation Executive Women’s Briefing

          08/24/1985 - Asian Pacific American Chamber of Commerce – San Francisco, CA

          09/14/1985 - National Association of Women Business Owners - West Palm Beach, FL

          09/16/1985 - Situation Room - Meeting with Secretary Shultz re: POTUS South African Program

          09/16/1985 - Western States Association of Tax Administrators – Honolulu, HI

          09/17/1985 - San Diego County Republican Party – San Diego, CA

          09/19/1985 - Cutting Tool Manufacturers of America

09/20/1985 - Doug Holladay Briefing – American Studies Program – Tax Reform

          09/23/1985 - POTUS Event

          09/25/1985 - Chamber Corporate Executive Development

          09/30/1985 - American Automotive Leasing Association – Chicago, IL – 501(c)(3)

          09/30/1985 - Worcester Chamber of Commerce

10/01/1985 - Tax Reform Action Coalition Briefing

          10/05/1985 - Republican National Committee Alliance for Opportunity, Orlando, FL

          10/07/1985 - Meeting on Trade

          10/14/1985 - Roundtable for Women in Food Service – Chicago, IL

          10/16/1985 - American National Metric Council

          10/17/1985 - Harvard University Graduate School of Business Administration –

                   Washington, D.C.

          10/23/1985 - Chamber Corporate Executive Development

          10/30/1985 - Fundraiser for John ChichesterRichmond, VA

          11/04/1985 – Southwest Florida Community Foundation Annual Meeting – Fort Myers,


          11/06/1985 - Quality Bakers of America Cooperative, Inc. / American Institute of Baking

                   Las Vegas, NV

          11/13/1985 - Colorado Society of Certified Public Accountants Conference - Denver, CO

          11/18/1985 - Baltimore Gas and Electric Company - Baltimore, MD

          11/20/1985 - Annual Fall Marketing Conference of Southeast Electrical Exchange

          12/04/1985 - Brookings Institute Seminar on Government Policy – Terrytown, NY



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