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JENKINS, JAMES E.: Files, 1981-1984


Office of the Counsellor to the President


CFOA 337

Department of Defense Transition Team Final Activity Report, December 1980

Hoover Institution Receipt of Pre-Presidential Material, 02/11/1981

International Drug Trafficking and Organized Crime, November 1982

Arms Control Speech, 11/20/1982

Trade Strategy - Ambassador Brock, 11/03/1982

CCEA Minutes 10/20/1982

CCEA Yen (CM#319) - Japanese Financial Market (CM#320), 10/27/1982

CCCT – Wednesday, 09/15/1982 8:45am

Cabinet Council Meeting Giuffrida Meeting 01/08/1982 (Empty)

CCEA Minutes 08/03/1982

CCEA - OECD - India/Asian Bank/LDC Financial Problems, 07/19/1982

EPA Issues, 07/18/1982

CCEA - African Development Bank - Argentine Economic Update, 07/01/1982

CCEA - African Development and Inter-American Development Bank, 08/11/1982

CCEA - Pension Policy Working Group - Global Negotiations, 06/24/1982

LDE Financial Problems: Polish and East European Debt OECD Ministerial

and IMF

CCEA - Latin American Debt, 05/05/1982

CCCT Commercialization of Weather Satellites and Landsat, 04/20/1982

CCEA - Versailles Summit Issues (CM 234), 05/03/1982

CCEA - Versailles Economic Summit - Economic Outlook, 04/19/1982

CCEA - Economic Outlook - Pension Policy - Pathfinder Mines Corp, 03/11/1982

CCEA - Poland - Economic and Financial, 11/30/1981

CCCT – Jim Jenkins, 10/26/1982 Roosevelt Room 8:45 am

CCCT with President, 10/20/1983

CCEA 05/24/1983

CCCT Minutes 04/20/1983

CCCT Wednesday, 04/20/1983 2:00 pm – Roosevelt Room

CCCT and Trade Policy Commission, 02/02/19833:00 pm

Commission on Security and Economic Assistance, Tuesday, 02/21/1984, 1:30 pm

British Labor Party Leader Neil Kinnock, Tuesday, 02/14/1984, 4:00 pm (empty)

Colt Industries M16 Contract with Daewoo Corp (Korean Firm)

Korean Airlines Incident

United Kingdom Trip Briefing Friday-04/29/1983 1:00 pm

Project C - John McCone - DOD Budget

Australian Chamber of Commerce Re: Convention-Pacific Development

Strategic Planning Memorandum #11 - First Final Draft - 1982 Election Results

EMPB (Emergency Management and Planning Board) (empty)

EMPB 11/30/1982 4:00 pm 474 OEOB

Economic Stabilization and Public Finance Working Group

Civil Disturbance, 04/19/1982

Civil Defense

FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) - EMPB - Review of Mobilization

Scenarios (empty)

Jamaican Bauxite - Defense Stockpile

Pons, [Francisco Laurenzo - Uruguayan Cartoonists]

Radio Media for Ronald Reagan

Proposed Initiative to Stimulate (House - SMA - AG - Auto)

Hungarian Application for Membership in the IMF

Landsat - Derived Data from AG (empty)

NSC - Defense Guidance, 02/25/1983 (empty)

Strategic Mobility and Transportation Masterplan (empty)

Madrid / Vienna


U. S. Nuclear Policy, NSC

President's Weekly Update [Week of 03/08/1982]

Update on South America

National War College Speech 11/24/1981

Law of the Sea - Northcut Ely

NATO Summit

Special Interest to Minorities

NATO Summit Presidential Speech

Falkland Islands

Jay Keyworth - Confusion on Administration Space Policy

Colombian Envoy, Hernan Rincon, Thursday, 03/03/1983 4:00pm

Briefing for Evans and Novak Taping, Thursday, 09/09/1982 8:30am

Organized Labor & Reagan Administration

OSTP (Office of Science and Technology Policy) Monthly Reports: January 1982

OSTP Monthly Reports: April 1982

OSTP Monthly Reports: November 1982

P2S2C2 (President's Private Sector Survey on Cost Control) - Air Force Study

FEMA - FY 1983 COG Budget

[FEMA Exercise]

FEMA Major Disasters Declared in 1981

CCEA 04/05/1983 Stockpile

FEMA Countries for Stockpiling Purchases

FEMA (empty)

EMPB 04/18/1984

EMPB General Louis Giuffrida 03/21/1983

EMPB Scenarios

Meese Statement Re: PRC-Taiwan Relations

PFIAB Luncheon

Ed Meese / Jim Jenkins

Advanced Aircraft Sales to Third World (WH outcard to Peter Keisler, 04/10/1987)

National Space Policy (empty)

Mideast Lebanon / Marines (empty)

Strategic Evaluation Memorandum #5 - Long Range Plan for White House

Information Handling

NSC - Disposition of Presidential Directive (empty)

NSC – December 1982 Monthly Report

NSC 4063 (empty)

NSC - 1340 (cover sheet only)

NSC and the Press

U. S. Delegation - Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces Strategic Arms Reduction


Soviet Airline Service to Panama

White House Policy Process - Ed Feulner

EMPB - National Plan of Action

FEMA - Don Hodel

U. S. - USSR Understanding on Cuba (empty)

Mubarak / Hussein Working Luncheon 02/14/1984 (empty)

U.S. Special Trade Mission to Korean and Japan, 01/16/1984-01/26/1984 (1)-(6)

Annual Report to Congress FY 1983 Secretary of Defense Weinberger


OA 5234  (Federal Emergency Management Disaster Files)













Marshall Islands





New Jersey




OA 5235 (Federal Emergency Management Disaster Files)




New York

Disaster – Northern Mariana Islands

North Dakota









OA 5236



OA 5237





OA 5238

(Unfoldered Media Requests for Interviews, May 1982-June 1982)

April 1982 (Media Request for Interview)

March 1982 (Media)

(January 1982 Reports)

February 1982 (Media)

January 1981 (Media)

December - Media Interviews (1981)

Larry Speakes-President's News Conference, 01/21/1982

John Lofton-Conservative Digest

[12/19/1981, Ed Meese Press Briefing]

Media Transcripts-Christian Science Monitor

Newsweek-Henry Hubbard

EM-Connie Francis

Media Request


Marvin Stone, U.S. News & World Report

Wilhide Associates, Inc.

05/19/1982, 12:00 noon Lunch

Media Relations (empty)

Weekly Correspondence Report, 02/16/1982

Gray & Company, Bob Gray

Memos to Ed Meese

Weber Case

Danford L. Sawyer, Jr.

Senator Slade Gorton-Len Hansen-Helen Rasmussen

Leonard Hansen- Senior World Publications

John S.Erthein-NIH Grants/NYU

Wine Institute-John De Luca, Arthur Silverman

The Bulletin-John Edwards

Rand Corporation-Albert Lipson

Scripps League Newspapers-E.W. Scripps

Richard Allen-Thomas Maletesta

Atlanta University-Mr. Cleveland L. Dennard

Captain Conover - West Point Phone Conversation

Edwin Meese Letters - Answered by JJ

Minutes-October 30th Meetings/EM

Office of Personnel Management

Meese Transcript - Defense Construction Mobilization Conference

Senator Anderson - Hawaii

National Right to Work Legal Foundation - Reed Larson

John Wolf - Economic Problems

Zumwalt (Adm. Ret.)

FERC Policy-Anthony Sousa, Commissioner-Fed. Energy Regulatory Commission

High Frontier

Fowler-McCracken Comm. Inter Manage. & Devel. Insti., Ray Shafer & Gene


John T. Kehoe-The Cook Company

Forest Industry Leadership Meeting, Tuesday 02/09/1982, 1:30pm

Sam Hart-The Grand Old Gospel Fellowship, Inc.

Walter Polovchak Custody

Job Training

Inter-American Development Bank/Mr. Curtin/Richard German

Promise Report-Mike Baroody

Congressman Judd Gregg

Secretary Haig - Cuba

Halley's Comet

Keep America Beautiful-Roger Powers

Legislative Reports

McGraw Hill, Inc.-Bill Giglio

McGraw Hill Seminar (empty)

Mine Safety and Health Trends

Conservative Political Action Conference Dinner

DuPont Corporation

National Science Foundation

Northern Mariana Islands

Roger Porter

Issues Lunch

White House Conference on Aging


OA 7121

[Chron File] November 1981 (1)-(5)

[Chron File] December 1981 (1)(2)

[Chron File] January 1982

[Chron File] February 1982 (1)(2)

[Chron File] March 1982

[Chron File] April 1982


[Chron File] May 1982 (1)-(3)

[Chron File] June 1982

[Chron File] July 1982

          [Chron File] August 1982 (1)(2)

Chron File August 1982: Nofziger-Calhoun Letter 08/20/1982]

[Chron File] September 1982

Jack Svahn – 03/18/1983 5:00pm

Bob Tyrrell (Emmett) Luncheon w/EM – Conservative Intellectual

California Trip

Federal Home Loan Bank Board – Richard Pratt

Mike Deaver/JJ – Foreign Affairs/Media – Public Affairs Planning

Mike Deaver – January 8 Luncheon

Davis/Bacon Waiver on Military Construction Bill

Dick Darman

Management Meeting/JJ

Minutes of Management Meeting

Senior Staff Meeting Items

Monthly Reports – OSTP

Media for Edwin Meese

Washington Times – Luncheon 02/08/1983 12:00 noon

Tuition Tax Credits Op Ed Piece

Bill Borklund

Sperling Breakfasts – “Topics”

June 25th 7:30pm – Marine Barricks

U.S. Merchant Marine Academy

Monthly Reports – Deputy Counsellor

Monthly Reports – OPD (Office of Policy Development)

Monthly Reports – Extra Copies

Monthly Reports – OPE (Office of Planning and Evaluation)

Scott Meese

United Way

Crime Victims Fund Luncheon – Presidential Videotaped Message

NCPAC – Salute to American Freedom 02/22/1983 11:15am 325-SROB (Caucus)

Rufus Hill

Lutheran House of Studies Symposium – Edwin Meese Speech

EEOC “Civil Rights”

Minority – Black Community

Ethics in Government Act of 1978


OA 7122

National Security Council

Northern Tier Pipeline

Petroleum Allocation Act

State of the Union [1982 - Fact Sheet]

State of the Union Speech [1982 - Initial Planning]

State of the Union with Reagan 4:30pm Oval Office [Meeting 01/03/1984]

Ed Rollins

Golden State Roundtable Membership

FEMA: Civil Defense (1)-(5)

FEMA: Civil Disturbances

Fire Prevention


WELBILT: Wednesday, 05/19/1982 (1)(2)


WELBILT (1)-(5)

Natural Gas Deregulation


OA 7123


HCFA - Compensation for Hospital Physicians

Michael Allen

Audiovisual Products

Art Fletcher - Safeway

House Select Committee on Narcotics Abuse and Control

Mt. St. Helens

Recommendations for Positions with White House

Intergovernmental Affairs Report - Departmental

Bart Christianson - Congressional Race

Phone Sheets

Republican Study Committee

Foreign Policy

Cordell Room - Executive Conference OEOB

Red Cavaney - Dole

          Gordon Hoxie

Harlan Cleveland 13th Conference

Final Report / Initial Actions Project 01/29/1981

Lyn Nofziger

Mayor Tom Faircloth

Issues Report

Jim Jenkins California Trip

Pace Exam

National Association of Counties

School Prayer

Domenici Budget Plan

Override Vote

Taiji Kohora - Roy Pfauch


OA 7124

CCMA - Cabinet Meeting 02/24/1983

CCMA Papers






Domestic Affairs and Management

Management Reform '88 Management Tracking (1)(2)

OPE - Management Survey


Strategic Evaluation - Kent Lloyd

Morris Abram

American Airlines

Flying Tigers

John Freiderlander

Vietnam  Memorial

Delbert Spurlock - Civil Defense Plan


Federalism - Steering Group

Sequoia Institute

Health Cost Containment

New-New Federalism (Medicaid) 07/21/1982

Medicaid-Joe Holmes

Communication Joe Holmes CSPAN/Chamber of Commerce-BizNet, 10/06/1982

The Group Herb Kline


Jack Gertz

Medal of Honor Movie

Law of the Sea


OA 7125

Correspondence - NO Reply


International Public Relations

Secretary Haig's Resignation

Camp David Meeting

Emergency Mobilization Preparedness Board


CBI [Potential Impact on Puerto Rico of the Caribbean Basin Initiative] (1)-(5)

Advertising Council Inc.



Medals - Presidential

Regulatory Relief


Pell Grants

General Motors - Clean Air Act

Procurement of New Army Handguns


Shell Oil

Braniff International

Commission on More Effective Government

Communications for the End of the Year 1981

Department of Education

Commission on Housing


OA 9097

President’s Weekly Update

Roger Honberger

Public Asst. Refugee

Coldwell Bankers

James Didion

Major General Arthur B. Hanson

Mayor Steve Eigenberg

Robert Blume

Edward Chiera

Car Import Dealers Association

White House Fellows

California Peer Reveiw Organization

Vince Fechtel

California Medical Association

Donald Rice

Barbara Williams

Peter Greenwood

Cong. Jim Sensenbrenner

Dr. Onalee McGraw

Betty Cordoba

Clyde Wheeler

Andy Pew

Cong. John Conlan

Gary Reiner Criminal Justice

Senator Harrison Schmitt

Dick Richards Coal Slurry Pipeline

Senator Warner

Task Force on Crime Victims Ceremony

Gridiron Dinner Presidential 03/26/1983

Arlen Specter Crime Program

Bruce Chapman Resume

Michael Franchetti, Director of Finance California 

Constitutional Convention Resolution Lew Uhler

Dr. Charles Smith HUD

Southern Gas Company

High Mobility Vehicle

Subaru -  Peter

Comm. On Federal Procurement of Architectural Engineering

Ken Wade Wente Bros.

William Frick Resume

Marshall Miller Resume

Dick Wheaton Resume

Charles Neeley

Robert Jones Resume

Dan Stanford Resume

Gene Knorr Resume

Wayne Schell Resume

Richard Stroud Vitae

George Yerby   Resume

Julian Wise

Ted Young

Ralph Frias

Hal Griffin Resume

Norman Cooley

Cubic Corp. Jack Broward

Capt. Robert Kuhlke

Emery Rubin

Richard Harris

Buck Wilhide

Independent Bankers of California

L.A. County Fair

Dr. Parson/Bernard Wunder/Telecommunications FEMA

Independent Contracts

Scon Barge Lines, Inc.

Balanced Budget Amendment

Manufacturers Hanover Trust Company

Jay Keyworth

Bernie Siegan

Assemblyman William J. Filante

Cong. Lent and Cong. McGrath


Gov. King

U. S. League of Savings Associations

Gordon Schaber

School Prayer

Mayorsand Councilmen Assoc. of Sonoma County

Student Aid

Construction Industry

Thrift Institution Proposal

Washington Public Power System

Seymour Siegel

Union Contract Concessions

Earth Society Foundation

Classification Government Documents

Student Assistance

Current Analysis

Issues Update

HR 6467 - Major League Sports Community Protection Act

Abortion Issue

Brookings Institute

Press Conferences

Ben Bobo - HUD

Computer Data Systems

Defense Budget Track Reagan/Carter


OA 9098



OA 9099

Gender Gap


Sub Cabinet Council Working Group on Food Safety 01/20/1983

Reference Booklet on Conflicts of Interest

CCMA Tape - Ed Meese on AG. Situation

Hoover Institute Report

1980 Republican National Convention Platform

First Monday

The Trip of President Reagan to Williamsburg, VA.

Soviet Global Strategy by William R. Kintner

Toutle Cowlitz - Watershed Management Plan March 1983

M & M Rehmat Kahn

Dr. Velke

Braniff/ Pacific Airlines

Carol Simmons Bowman

Suzanne Miller

Ralph Frias

Larry O’Donnell

Ultrapower Incorp.

A. C. Lyles

Coalition for Freedom

Compucorp Executives


Almaden Air Force Station

Carbon Dynamics

Combined Federal Campaign

Martin Luther King


OA 9100 

[Chron File] October 1982 (1)(2)

[Chron File] November 1982 (1)(2)

[Chron File] December 1982 (1)(2)

[Chron File] January 1983 (1)-(3)

[Chron File] February 1983

[Chron File] March 1983 (1)-(8)

[Chron File] April 1983 (1)-(4)

[Chron File] May 1983 (1)-(3)

[Chron File May 1983: Jenkins-Meese Memo 05/24/1983]

Mrs. Jacqueline H. Hume 06/10/1983 11:15am

[Chron File] June 1983 (1)-(7)

[Chron File] July 1983 (1)-(7)

[Chron File] August 1983 (1)-(4)

Bud Nance [President’s Private Sector Survey on Cost Control: Defense] (1)-(7)

Telephone Logs January 1983-August 1983 (1)-(16)

Telephone Logs August 1982-December 1982 (1)-(5)


OA 9419

[Cabinet Council on Management and Administration – Pre-Planning]

Cabinet Council on Management and Administration 02/23/1984 2:00pm w/President

Cabinet Council on Management and Administration 02/14/1984 3:00pm Roosevelt Room

[Cabinet Council on Management and Administration: Public Employees Roundtable]

Cabinet Council on Management and Administration 02/02/1984 1:30pm Roosevelt Room

[Cabinet Council on Management and Administration: Chairman Pro Tempore]

[Cabinet Council on Management and Administration 01/05/1984 2:00pm Cabinet Room]

Cabinet Council on Management and Administration 2:00pm Cabinet Room w/RR

Cabinet Council on Management and Administration Monday 12/19/1983 4:00pm Roosevelt Room

[Cabinet Council on Management and Administration Pre-Planning Meetings]

Cabinet Council on Management and Administration 10/20/1983 3:15pm Roosevelt Room

[Cabinet Council on Management and Administration: October 1983 Memos]

Cabinet Council on Management and Administration Pre-Planning 10/11/1983 4:30pm EM Cabinet Council on Management and Administration 10/06/1983

 3:00pm Roosevelt Room

[Cabinet Council on Management and Administration 09/28/1983]

[Cabinet Council on Management and Administration: September 1983 Memos]

Cabinet Council on Management and Administration Planning 09/23/1983 2:00pm Roosevelt Room

Pre- Cabinet Council on Management and Administration 09/19/1983 3:00pm

[Cabinet Council on Management and Administration: July 1983 Memos]

[Cabinet Council on Management and Administration: August 1983 Memos]

Cabinet Council on Management and Administration 08/04/1983 2:00pm Cabinet Room

[Cabinet Council on Management and Administration: Status and Plans July 1983]

Cabinet Council on Management and Administration 07/15/1983 2:00pm Roosevelt Room

Pre-Cabinet Council on Management and Administration Monday 07/18/1983 4:00pm

Pre-Cabinet Council on Management and Administration 07/11/1983 6:00pm

[Cabinet Council on Management and Administration 06/06/1983]

[Cabinet Council on Management and Administration: June 1983-July 1983 Memos]

Cabinet Council on Management and Administration w/President 06/20/1983 1:00pm and 2:00pm

Cabinet Council on Management and Administration 06/14/1983 1:15pm

Cabinet Council on Management and Administration 06/15/1983 2:00pm Room 208

Cabinet Council on Management and Administration 05/16/1983 4:30pm

Cabinet Council on Management and Administration 05/12/1983 3:13pm Roosevelt Room

[Cabinet Council on Management and Administration: May 1983]

Mid-Term Policy Update – Ralph Bledsoe

Cabinet Council on Management and Administration 04/28/1983 2:00pm Cabinet Room/RR

Pre- Cabinet Council on Management and Administration 04/11/1983 2:00pm

[Cabinet Council on Management and Administration: Federal Field Structure Working Group 03/10/1983]

Cabinet Council on Management and Administration Friday 03/18/1983 4:00pm

[Cabinet Council on Management and Administration: 03/22/1983 Meeting (Proposed)]

Cabinet Council on Management and Administration Pre-Planning Meeting 05/23/1983 4:30pm

Telephone Logs 1983-1984 (1)-(15)


OA 9802

South Bronx

Tuition Tax Credits

Unitary Tax

Energy Tax Credits


Japanese Tariffs

U.S. Special Trade Mission




Jim Zuver

5 Year Planning


OA 9803

Barter - Stockpile

Brain Trust

Bill Bagley - Whale Meat


Chamber of Commerce

Los Angeles County – Supervisor Pete Schabarum

Los Angeles County – Supervisor Pete Schabarum: Deane Dana/Tom Pollard 04/20/1982 10:00 a.m.

Citizens for America

Civil Rights

San Diego County

Mark Briggs and Associates

California Medical Association

Private Sector Survey

North American District Heating and Cooling

Mt. Saint Helens


Pershing Hall



Reagan Library

Former Presidents

Ronald Reagan California Record



OA 9804

This material was reboxed and renumbered - see OA 10726


OA 9805

Office of OPE (Planning and Evaluation)

EM Media



Acid Rain


Armed Forces Day



Arms Proposal

National Endowment for the Arts

Atoms for Peace

National Association of Attorney Generals

PIK Program

Block Grants

Jack Bookout


Budget Goals

Center for the Study of the Presidency

Circular A-125

Civil Aeronautics Board

Coal Slurry Pipelines

Citizens for America

Civil Rights Commission

Colt Industries




Solar Energy / Solar Systems


OA 9806



Disaster Declarations


OA 9807



Public Affairs Advisory Group

Coalition for Peace Through Strength

Deep - Waterport Dredging and User Fees

Home Ports

VA - Harry Walters

Monthly Reports

Health Care Incentives

Hospital Waivers


Health Care for Unemployed

National Living Allowance

Social Security Benefits

Supplemental Security

Joseph Holmes

American Business Conference

AP Board

Executive Management Magazine

Craig Fuller / Ken Cribb

Bruce Chapman

Kevin Hopkins

Jack Svahn

Ed Meese

Hearst - ABC



Information Dissemination

Kings Point

Legal Services Corporation

Machine Tool Industry

Marketing Orders

PECON Marketing Orders

Mattson Engineering

Senator George McGovern

Micro Electronics

Mid - Term Planning

Misery - Plus Index

Nuclear Effects

Nuclear Weapons

Olympic Plan


Product Liability

Public Broadcasting

Public Utility Holding Company

SCX Railroad and ACBL Carriers

Cost Sharing and Water Projects

Hill and Knowlton

Rick Schrage

Alex Sherriffs


OA 10567

Mr. Meese Confirmations


OA 10568

The President’s FY 1984 Budget Freeze and Reform Plan 01/31/1983

Congressional Recommendations for Administration Positions

National Indicators System Report on the Condition of Central Cities June 1981

National Indicators System/Report Number 4/ Violent Crime in the United States

          September 1981

National Indicators System/Report Number 4/ Growth of Governments September 1981

National Indicators System/Report Number 7/ Economics of Health Care April 1982

Presidential Statements

US Conference of Mayors 05/23/1983

Elections 722-95, 1982


OA 10569

Administrative Problems

Assistant to the Deputy Counsellor

Gift Requests

Bruce Chapman

Ron Frankum

Hangtown Fry

International Terrorism Conference (1)(2)

Office of the Counsellor



White House Policy

Drug Enforcement

Administration Television Program

Meeting at Camp David 02/05/1982

1981 Republican Alumnae

How to Shrink Government

The Almanac of Sea Power 1983

Private Sector Initiative

Key 1983 Initiatives

Reform '88 (Binder) (1)-(3)


OA 10570

FEMA Disaster Requests


OA 10571

Military Standard Engines

Strategic Evaluation Memorandum

Strategic Planning Memorandum

The Domestic Supply of Critical Minerals/Report Number 9

Strategic Plan Phase 11

Strategic Plan Volume II

OPE Monthly Status Reports, February 1981-May 1982

Public Opinion Digest

National Indicators System/Report Number 6

Social Issues Notebook


OA 10726

Henry Shine

Richard Sinnott

South Florida Task Force

Special Analysis Group

State of the Union

Steel Industry Restructuring

Specialty Steel

Tijuana Sewage Treatment


Public Transit Association

Don Troutline

Urban Conditions: Cabinet Council on Human Resources with President 07/07/1983

Congressman Chet Holifield

Howard University

Fairchild A-10 – Richard Millman, Gilbert Nettleton (1)-(3)

Corps of Engineers

Federal Water Projects

Cowlitz / Totule Rivers

Jim Cummings 12/06/1983 9:30am


Enterprise Zones

Escondido Mutual Water Company



Food Stamps

Food Against War

Air Force Forging Facilities

Gasoline Blenders


Federal Home Loan Bank Board

High Frontier


[Chron File] September 1983 (1)-(6)

[Chron File] November 1983 (1)-(5)

[Chron File] December 1983 (1)-(7)

[Chron File] January 1984 (1)-(8)

[Chron File] February 1984 (1)-(3)

Scheduling Proposals for the President (1)(2)

[Chron File] March 1984 (1)-(4)

[Chron File] April 1984 (1)-(6)

Chron Files: May 1984


OA 11038

[California Reagan Alumni Association]: Reception for the D.C. Chapter, December 18, 1981 (1)(2)

[California Reagan Alumni Association]: Membership Cards and Lists (1)-(3)

[California Reagan Alumni Association]: White House Credit Union Account

[California Reagan Alumni Association]: Going-away Party (1)-(4)