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JEPSEN, DEE: Files, 1982-1983


Office of Public Liaison: Special Assistant to the President for Women


In August 1982, Dee Jepsen took over the Public Liaison women’s portfolio vacated by Wendy Borcherdt. Jepsen resigned in October 1983 to devote more time to the 1984 re-election campaign of her husband, Sen. Robert Jepsen (R-Iowa).


As the 1982 and 1984 elections approached, polls indicated that the “gender gap” from the 1980 Presidential campaign still existed. Women remained less likely than men to support Ronald Reagan on a wide range of issues, including war and peace matters, economic policy, and “women’s issues” such as the Equal Rights Amendment and abortion. To help counteract this trend, several Public Liaison staff people (Jepsen, Judi Buckalew, Mary Jo Jacobi, Mary Elizabeth Quint, etc.) worked on outreach to women, as their chief task or a secondary task, in the 1982-1984 time period.



          OA 9999

          Abortion (1)-(4)

          Abortion (1)-(9)

          [Abortion and Reagan Administration]

          ACTION for Former Military Wives


          Agent Orange



          American Association of University Women

          American Business Women’s Association

          American Christian Heritage

          American Home Economics Association

          American Values Research

          [Articles on Women’s Issues, December 1982 – January 1983]

          Ashbrook Amendment (empty)

          Assemblies of God


          Budget Briefing

          Business and Professional

          Buziek, Milley [Design for proposed gold coin]

          Cabinet Council on Legal Policy

          Carter Papers


          Central America

          Chavers, Nicky

          Chicago Statement

          Child Abuse

          Child Care

          Child Pornography

          Child Support - I

          Child Support - II

          Child Tax Exemptions

          Children’s Defense Fund

          Chinese American Women

          Christian Rescue Effort for the Emancipation of Dissidents

          Christian Women National Concerns

          Cities in Schools

          Civil Rights [empty folder]

          Comparable Pay


          Coordinating Council

          Democratic Women of Capital Hill

          Displaced Homemakers Network

          [District of Columbia Commission for Women – Report 1980-1982]

          Domestic Violence

          Door Opener

          Draft [Administration Achievement for Women – Report]

          Economic Equity Act 

          Economy General

          Emunah Women of America

          Equal Rights Amendment

          EXPOSE [Ex-Partners of Servicemen for Equality]

          Ex-Spouses Military Pension


          OA 10769

          Family Defense Coalition

          Family – General

          Family Opportunity Act

          Family Planning

          Federal Judges


          Federally Employed Women

          Fetuses (LA County)

          50 States Project

          Free Congress Foundation

          Funding the Left

          Future Homemakers of America

          Gender Gap

          Girl Scouts


          Hatch Amendment (empty)


          Heckler, Margaret

          Helms Amendment (empty)

          Honegger, Barbara

          Hyde Amendment


          Inter-American Commission on Women

          International Federation of Women’s Travel Organizations

          Iowa Women’s Political Caucus

          Issue Updates

          Jobs Training Partnership Act (1)(2)

          Junior Leagues

          Kramers Equal Rights Bill

          Labor [Department]

          Legal Equity for Women

          Legal Services

          Leo Bierman Story

          Lesbian Rights

          Meeting Reports October 1982-June 1983

          Middle East

          Mormon Relief Society

          MX Missile

          Nancy Hanks Center

          National Advisory Council on Women’s Educational Programs

          National Association of Atomic Veterans

          National Association of Commissions for Women

          National Association of Cuban Women

          National Association of Extension Home Economists

          National Association of Insurance Women

          National Auxiliary League (empty)

          National Council of Jewish Women

          National Council of Negro Women

          National Family Week

          National Military Wives Association

          National Organization for Women (1)-(3)

          National Women’s Political Caucus


          OA 10770

          Office of Public Liaison

          OPL Staff Weekly Schedules

          Organization of Women Business Owners (empty)

          Oval Office Information

          Overseas Education Fund

          Pension Reform and Insurance

          Parental Notification

          Planned Parenthood (1)(2)

          Political Advocacy



          Presidential Article

          Prison Fellowship ([empty)

          Pro America

          Project Answer

          Public Liaison

          Quarante (empty)

          Reagan ["Ronald Reagan Speaks Out on the Issues" (January 1980)]

          Religious (empty)

          Republican National Committee (Heitman)

          Reserve Officers Association Ladies

          Rural American Women

          Savitz [Maxine Savitz, Department of Energy]

          Senior Citizens

          Sex Bias Legislation

          Small Business Administration

          Social Security and Women (1)-(3)

          Social Security Widows Benefits

          State of the Union 1983

          STEP Foundation [Strategies to Elevate People] (1)-(4)


          Surrogate Mothering

          Swanson, Norma

          Task Force on Legal Equity

          Task Force on Legal Equity for Women

          Tax Indexing


          Title X [Military Spouses Protection Act]


          Travel Authorization

          Travel Requests

          United Nations Decade for Women

          Veterans Administration

          Veterans Hospital



          OA 10771

          War / Peace General (1)-(5)

          Weekly Forecasts - September 1982

          Women Appointees - General

          Women Appointees / Issues (1)-(3)

          Women Exploited by Abortion

          Women Federal Contractors

          Women for Racial and Economic Equality (empty)

          Women in Community Service

          Women in Construction

          Women in Municipal Government (empty)

          Women - Strategy

          Women’s Bureau (Department of Labor)

          Women’s Bureau Department of Labor (Packet)

          Women’s Defense Fund

          Women’s Equity Action League

          Women’s Groups - General

          Women’s History Week

          Women’s International Network (empty)

          Women’s Issue Book

          Women’s Peace Movement (empty)

          Women’s Strategy / Rosebush

          Working Mothers



          OA 10775

          [Correspondence re: Former Spouses Protection Act]

          [Correspondence with General Public re: Jepsen Interview with James Dobson,

                   02/17/1983] (1)-(7)

          [Correspondence - Dee Jepsen February 1983-July 1983]

          [Correspondence - September 1982 – March 1983] (Binder)

          [Correspondence - January 1983-March 1983] (Binder)

          [Correspondence - April 1983-May 1983 I] (Binder)

          [Correspondence - April 1983-May 1983 II] (Binder)

          [Correspondence - May 1983-July 1983] (Binder)

          July 1983 Correspondence

          August 1983 Correspondence

          September 1983 Correspondence

          October 1983 Correspondence



          OA 10775A (Hollinger Box)

          Phone Call Log Book, 11/10/1982-10/03/1983

          Telephone Logs (08/09/1982-01/31/1983)

          Telephone Logs (02/01/1983-03/31/1983)

          Telephone Logs (04/01/1983-06/15/1983)

          Telephone Logs (06/16/1983-09/23/1983)