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KEEL, ALTON G.: Files, 1984-1986


National Security Council, Deputy National Security Assistant to the President.


This collection is arranged in three series: SERIES I: Subject File (RAC Boxes 1-3); SERIES II: Chronological File (RAC Box 3); SERIES III: Admin File (RAC Box 3).


SERIES I: Subject File

RAC Box 1

[Analysis of US Army Conventional Capabilities] 05/20/1986

Andropov Succession (02/11/1984)

[Arms Control] (Burn Bag)

[Arms Control Nuclear Testing]

Arms Control Reference/Background Material (1)(2)

[Arms Control Salt II]

[Ballistic Missile Defense] (Burn Bag)

Briefing Material for Dr. Alton Keel (Binder) (1)(2)

[Budget] A. K. Notes on Congressional Consultations on OSO and ISO Budgets

Budget Brief (1)(2)

[Budget] International Affairs (ISO) Budget (Dr. Keel)

[Budget: International Affairs, January 1985] (Burn Bag)

[Budget: National Defense] (Burn Bag)

[Budget] National Defense Budget (1)-(5)

[Budget: National Security, FY 88] (Burn Bag)

[Budget Options – Defense, 1988-1992]

Central American Policies

[Congressional Contacts] (Burn Bag)

[Conventional Defense Enhancement] (1)(2)

Daniloff 09/04/1986 thru_______ (1)-(7)

[Department of Energy] (Burn Bag)

[Export Administration Act, January 1983] (Burn Bag)

[Export Administration Act, February 1983] (Burn Bag)

[Export Administration Act, 03/01/1983-03/22/1983] (Burn Bag)

[Export Administration Act, 03/23/1983] (Burn Bag)

[Export Administration Act, 03/24/1983-04/31/1983] (Burn Bag)

[Export Administration Act, 05/01/1983-07/31/1983] (Burn Bag)

[Export Administration Act, 08/01/1983-09/11/1983] (Burn Bag)

[Export Administration Act, 09/12/1983-10/13/1983] (Burn Bag)

[Export Administration Act, 10/14/1983-12/31/1983] (Burn Bag)

[Export Administration Act, 1985] (Burn Bag)

[Export Administration Act, Background and Undated Materials] (Burn Bag)

[Export Administration Act (EAA) – Under Secretaries Meeting, 01/26/1983] (Burn Bag)

[Export-Import Bank] (Burn Bag)

Eyes Only Hostage File

ICBM Modernization (1)(2)

Iceland Arms Control and Interim Restraint Options (Binder (1)-(5)

Iceland Planning (09/29/1986-10/01/1986)

Iceland Planning (10/02/1986-10/03/1986)

Iceland Planning (10/04/1986-10/06/1986)


RAC Box 2

Iceland Planning (10/07/1986) (1)-(3)

Iceland Planning (10/08/1986) (1)(2)

Iceland Planning (10/08/1986)

[Iceland Talks] (Burn Bag)

Post-Iceland (1)-(4)

[Interim Restraint]

[International Monetary Fund (IMF)] (Burn Bag)

Iran December 1986

Iran Contacts, Notes: December 1986

Iran/Hostages Pre-December 1986 (1)-(10)

Issues Briefing Book (Binder) (1)(2)

[Issues Briefing Book] (Burn Bag)

Issues to Discuss with JMP

Legislative Consultation File

Legislative Strategy (09/08/1986-09/11/1986)

Legislative Strategy (09/12/1986-09/24/1986)

Legislative Strategy (09/25/1986-10/16/1986)

Middle East Initiatives

[Middle East Initiatives] (Burn Bag)

NSC Commission Meeting

NSC Meeting 01/14/1982 Nakasone Visit

NSC Meeting 11/23/1982 President’s Latin American Trip

NSC Meeting 12/16/1982 U.S./Soviet Relations

NSC Meeting 02/25/1983 Weinberger Presentation on Defense

NSC Meeting 03/29/1983 El Salvador

NSC Meeting 09/22/1983 Poland

NSC Meeting 05/14/1985 Stockpiles

NSDD 250 [Post-Reykjavik Follow-Up] (1)(2)

[NSDD 250 Post-Reykjavik Follow-Up (Final)]

National Security Developments, August 1986 (Binder) (1)(2)

[National Security Priorities] July 1986-December 1986

Notes to/from Dr. Keel

Notes, Dr. Keel’s Handwritten (1)(2)

[Notes] Burn Bag

[Notes: Meetings] (Burn Bag)

Nuclear and Space Talks Briefing Book (Binder)

[Nuclear Testing Compromise Statement and Q’s & A’s)]

[The “Ogarkov Line”: New Directions in Soviet Strategy and Their Implications for the

 United States]


RAC Box 3

[President/NSC Chron] 12/12/1986-12/14/1986

[President/NSC Chron] 12/15/1986

[President/NSC Chron] 12/16/1986

[President/NSC Chron] 12/17/1986

[President/NSC Chron] 12/18/1986

[President/NSC Chron] 12/19/1986

[President/NSC Chron] 12/20/1986-12/22/1986

[President/NSC Chron] 12/23/1986

[President/NSC Chron] 12/24/1986

[President/NSC Chron] 12/25/1986-01/01/1987

President’s Intelligence Oversight Board (11/26/1986)

Presidential Statements (re: Foreign Policy)

Reagan Agenda and Control of Senate (Binder)

Reykjavik Briefings: Memo re: Eliminating Nuclear Weapons (1)-(5)

Shultz/Shevardnadze Meeting

[South Africa Sanctions] (Burn Bag)

South African Sanctions, 1986 (1)-(4)

South African Sanctions, 1986: Charts

South African Sanctions, 1986: [Executive Order]

South African Sanctions, 1986: Keel South Africa Notes

South African Sanctions, 1986: Comparisons on South Africa

South African Sanctions, 1986: Guidelines

South African Sanctions, 1986: Dole/Kassenbaum

South African Sanctions, 1986: Lugar’s Package

South African Sanctions, 1986: South Africa Strategy Meeting, 09/23/1986

South African Sanctions, 1986: Meeting with Senators Dole and Lugar, 09/17/1986

[Soviet Military and Space Systems in Development] June 1986

Space Initiatives, US-USSR

Space Program, US

Special Review Board (Dr. Keel)

[Special Review Board] (Burn Bag)

Special Review Board AGK Brief on NSC 12/04/1986

SDI Milestones (1)(2)

[Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI)] (Burn Bag)

[Strategic Forces, US-USSR] (Burn Bag)

Summit Planning

UNGA Speech File

Wincon Speech

[The World Factbook 1986] Classified Supplement (Burn Bag)


Series II: Chron File

Box 3, cont,

Keel Chron (September 1986-December 1986) (1)-(6)


Series III: Admin File

Box 3, cont.

Official Appointments Completed (Dr, Keel) Classified

[Calendar, Social] (Burn Bag)


Schedule Book (Binder)

[Portrait of Alton Keel]