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KELLY, ANNE: Files, 1983-1989


Private Sector Initiatives, Office of, Deputy Director


Anne Kelly was a detailee at the White House from the Department of Defense.  She began work as the Assistant to the Director of the Office of Private Sector Initiatives, then James Coyne, and eventually became the Deputy Director of the Office. 


She worked very closely with Frederick Ryan the later Director of the Office of Private Sector Initiatives.  Mr. Ryan eventually became the Chief of Staff of the Office of Ronald Reagan for the President’s post-presidential years.  Ms. Kelly assisted with Mr. Ryan’s transition work for that office from the White House and some of her material reflects that work. 


Container List


          OA 10280

          Child Care (1)(2)

          Dallas AC Meeting 10/17-18/84


          Mailing to Independent Schools


          OA 10285

          AK Travel Authorizations


          Ingle’s Wooden Toys

          OPSI Activity Report

          Pending Schedule Proposals (1)-(3)

          College Times (1)-(3)

          Western Business Development Center

          Shiloh Baptist Church

          Gifts in Kind-United Way
          Missouri Education/Business Partners

          Stride Rite Innercity Scholarship Program

          [Projects/Project Summary-Minneapolis/St. Paul]

          [Projects/Project Summary-Miscellaneous]

          Agricultural Workshop for the Caribbean Basin

          Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity (1)-(4)

          RR Letters

          [National Diffusion Network] (1)-(9)

          History of Employer Options Series (1)-(10)

          [Volunteer Awards] (1)-(6)


          OA 10516

          Michael Castine Phone Logs 1983 to 1984

          Grenada/Files/Memorandum/Press Clips/Impediments/Miscellaneous

          NY Yacht Club

          Expediters Meeting

          Chesapeake Bay


          Mobil Summer Jobs

          PIE Chronology



          NAB Meetings and Background (Castine)


          Partnerships in Education/PIC Support

          Education State Files      


          OA 10831

          Grenada Directory

          Grenada – Memos and Studies (1)-(3)

          Grenada – Press

          Grenada Airport

          Grenada Regatta

          Grenada Economic Development (1)-(7)

          [Photos – Meeting with President re: Grenada]

          Grenada Private Sector Activity – 06/01/1984 (1)(2)

          Requests for Grenada Directory

          Grenada Investor’s Kit (1)(2)

          Grenada – Correspondence (1)(2)


          OA 10979

President Reagan (video tapes)

Private Sector Initiatives (video tapes)


          OA 10980

Surviving Reaganomics - President Reagan (video tapes)

PSI (video tapes)


          OA 11045

          Thank You Notes for Symposium, June 26-28, 1984

          Executive Department/Agency Memo Follow-up/PIE (1)-(10)

          Cabinet Department/Agency Report on Partnerships in Education

          Who’s Doing What/Executive Departments and Agencies (1)-(9)

          3/24/84 RR Visit


          OA 11054

          Correspondence for “Adam” with NBC – Sharon Metcalf

          Summer Jobs Kickoff Event ’84 (1)-(4)

          Summer Jobs Kickoff 5/17/84 Remarks

          Summer Jobs Kickoff 5/17/84 Award Winners (1)-(4)

          Summer Jobs Kickoff 5/17/84 Attendees

          Summer Jobs Program 1984 (1)-(2)


          OA 11235

          President Reagan/PSI (video tapes)


          OA 11236

          President Reagan/PSI (video tapes)


          OA 11345

 Job Fair (video tapes)

          Reagan Tax Spots (video tapes)

          National Firehawk Foundation (video tapes)

          The Hope That Made America Famous (video tapes)

          Bronx Working Partners (video tapes)

          Building Partnerships (video tapes)

          Day of Honor (video tapes)

          Partnerships in America (video tapes)

          Task Force President Reagan Talks (video tapes)

          Walter Cronkite (video tapes)

          A New Lease on Life (video tapes)

Surviving Reaganomics (video tapes)


OA 11346

PSI Volunteer Week 1985 Files


OA 11931

Partnerships in Education Symposium 1984

State by State Programs Anne Kelly Telephone Calls for 1984-1985

OA 11932

Inspector Gadget (video Tape)

Neighbor Helping Neighbor (video tape)

Hope That Made America Famous (8 copies) (video tape)

President Ronald Reagan Remarks-10/13/1983 (PIE) (2 copies) (video tape)

National Volunteer Week Message - President Reagan (video tape)


OA 11933

Long Island at the Crossroads (see also OA 11935) (video tape)

Harry Chapin (video tape)

Ad Council - How to Create Effective Public Service Advertising (video tape)

10/17/1984 - Young Astronauts Program (video tape)

The Magic Lantern (video tape)

Access Interview (video tape)

President Reagan’s Remarks to Youth Volunteers – 11/12/1982 (video tape)

Hope That Made America Famous (2 copies) (video tape)

TVRO 5th Birthday Party (video tape)

A Place to Begin Keep America Beautiful (video tape)

Building Partnerships: Governor’s Aides Working Sessions


OA 11934

Quality of America (video tape)

United Way Food Bank (video tape)

KWTV Foodline (video tape)

The Business of Caring (Department of Labor) (video tape)

Neighbor Helping Neighbor (video tape)

Hope That Made America Famous (4 copies) (video tape)


OA 11935

“San Antonio Youth Literacy” (booklet)

The Crossroads (Long Island at the Crossroad) (video tape)


OA 11946

Historically Black Colleges

America’s Cup

Michael P. Castine

Child Care “How To” Kit

Corporate Community Involvement Briefing 07/26/1982-07/27/1982

Child Care Series in General

Child Care Press

Bonnie Consolo

Cabinet Council Meeting 06/24/1984

American Leadership Forum

Advisory Council Meeting 12/10/1984


Wendell Butler

Detroit Edison

Education Commission of the States

Susan Baker

Department of Education

Department of Defense

De Tocqueville Tie


Sentinel Newspapers

U.S. / Japan Scholarships

Tuskegee Grant 01/24/1984

Project Sustain


OA 11947

Missing Children Background

Walt Disney World Presidential Visit 05/27/1985

Northside High School 06/06/1985

C-Flag Day 06/14/1985

Big Brothers / Fathers Day 06/14/1985

International Symposium on Partnerships in Education 1985

Flag Day 06/14/1985

HUD National Recognition Program

Hudson Guild Presidential Visit 04/05/1984

Invest Indonesia

Project Hope China

Japan Trip

U.S./ Japan Scholar

AMK Travel

Lincoln/Cheyney 11/07/1983


OA 11948

New Mexico Bankers

National School Safety Center

National Defusion Network

McCourt Cable

National Women’s Employment and Education, Inc.

National School Volunteer Program

NAB Citations

NAB Meeting Weekly

PSI Commendations

PIE Working Meeting 09/09/1983

PIE Outreach Mailings

10/13/1983 Event POTUS Remarks

Anne Kelly’s Pen Pal



NAB Board Meeting 03/15/1984

Student in Space

Summer Jobs Program


          OA 12350

          Chron File (07/11/1984-09/13/1984)

Chron File (09/14/1984-09/17/1984)

Chron File (09/18/1984-09/20/1984)

Chron File (09/21/1984-09/24/1984)

Chron File (09/25/1984-09/27/1984)

Chron File (09/28/1984-10/02/1984)

Chron File (10/03/1984-10/08/1984)

Chron File (10/09/1984-10/12/1984)

Chron File (10/13/1984-10/16/1984)

Chron File (10/17/1984-10/31/1984)

Chron File (11/01/1984)

Chron File (11/02/1984-11/04/1984)

Chron File (11/05/1984-11/13/1984)

Chron File (11/14/1984-11/20/1984)

Chron File (11/21/1984-11/30/1984)

Chron File (12/01/1984) (1)(2)

Chron File (12/02/1984-12/10/1984)

Chron File (12/11/1984-12/17/1984)

Chron File (12/18/1984-12/23/1984)

Chron File (12/24/1984-08/12/1985)


OA 12924

Volunteer Week (1986) (1)-(3)


OA 12928

To Protect the Children (video tape)

Ronald Reagan for the United Way Film 1961 (video tape)

Centennial for Liberty with PSAs (video tape)

Camp Good Times Trans From Workprint 09/10/1986 (video tape)

Business Basics Innovative Learning from Junior Achievement (video tape)

The New Junior Achievement (video tape)

Project Business, Junior Achievement (video tape)

National Paint Coating Association 1984, “People Helping People” (video tape)

Cities in Schools (video tape)

Handicapped Organized Women, Inc. (video tape)

Boy’s Harbor / the Harbor for Boys and Girls (video tape)

McJob (video tape)


OA 12935

Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty Briefing Book

Liberty Weekend (unfoldered)

Op Sail ’86 – Captain’s Handbook

[Photos of Jackie Pflug]

          Operation Sail 1986 Information Packets (4)

[Patron Package Invitees]


OA 13405


Child Car IBM

Oliver T. Carr Partnership with Spingarn

Summer Jobs Kickoff Photos


Health / Wellness Promotion

“Are You Committed” Rosey Grier

Grenada Investment Trip

CH Who’s Doing What with School


 OA 13863

          List of C-Flag Winners, 1986 (1)-(5)

          Letter re: Jackie Pflug

Northwestern National Life Insurance – John E. Pearson


OA 13904

          Christmas Is for Children

Youth for Understanding (1)-(3)


OA 14051

Fondation de France, Rapport 1985

Versailles File re: International Conference on Private Sector Initiatives

Battle of Normandy Museum re: International Conference on Private Sector


Fondation Cartier Pour L’Art Contemperain” re: International Conference on

          Private Sector Initiatives

European Corporate Philanthropy re: International Conference on Private Sector


Business in the Community (United Kingdom) re: International Conference on

          Private Sector Initiatives (1)(2)

Philanthropy International re: International Conference on Private Sector Initiatives


OA 14844

Chronological Files January 1985-May 1985

Chronological Files January 1986-December 1986

Chronological Files January 1987-March 1987


OA 14845

Volunteer Action Awards 1984

USIA – Youth Exchange File

Chronological Files June 1985-December 1985


OA 14846

Photograph with Eugene Lang

Missing Children’s Awareness Month

Federal Partners Meeting

Conference Board Meeting

Meeting with Trustees of Reagan Foundation

Liberty Weekend

Liberty Year Events

Luncheon with Ronald Reagan Library Foundation Steering Committee

Photograph with John Fling

Dinner with Ronald Reagan Foundation Board of Governors

Drop by Meeting with the Ronald Reagan Foundation Board of Governors

Presidential Meeting with Missing and Exploited Child Act

Missing Children Radio Event


Volunteer Week

Senior Citizens Event