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KENNEDY, NANCY: Files, 1981-1988


Legislative Affairs, White House Office of


Box 11242

[June-August - Chron Files]

September 1988

[October 1988 - Chron File]

[November 1988 - Chron File]

[December 1988 - Chron File]

[January 1989 - Chron File]

[Legislative Affairs, Senate, Turner, Ball, Kennedy, Sable - End of Administration


[Attorney General - Independent Counsel Comments]

[Judicial Nominations]

[Nomination Withdrawals]

Problem Nominations

[Late Nominations] I

[Late Nominations] II

[Late Nominations] III

[Late Nominations] IV

[Late Nominations] V

[Late Nominations] VI


Box 11243

Personnel Book [1987-1989] (Binder)

Personnel Book [1988] (Binder)

[Weekly Issues Update June 1988-October 1988] (Binder)

Attorney General [Thornburg] (Binder)


OA 15757

[PAS - 09/10/1986-0/14/1986]

[PAS - 01/12/1987-03/23/1987]

[PAS - 04/02/1987-07/24/1987]

[PA - 09/09/1986-12/30/1986]

[PA - 01/05/1987-05/15/1987]

PA - 05/20/1987-08/06/1987]

[PA - 10/23/1987-11/10/1987]

[PA/PAS - 01/11/1988-02/16/1988]


OA 17044

[Nomination Announcement Papers] 01/09/1987-09/24/1987

[Nomination Announcement Papers] 01/06/1987-08/10/1987

[Nomination Announcement Papers] 08/13/1987-0/15/1987

[Nomination Announcement Papers] 10/16/1987-11/17/1987

[Nomination Announcement Papers] 11/19/1987-12/03/1987

[Nomination Announcement Papers] 12/10/1987-12/21/1987

[Nomination Announcement Papers] 01/04/1988-10/05/1988


OA 17045

[Nomination Announcement Papers] 02/25/1988-04/27/1988

[Nomination Announcement Papers] 05/04/1988-06/27/1988

[Nomination Announcement Papers] 06/13/1988-12/12/1988


OA 17046

[Nomination Announcement Papers] 01/03/1986-02/14/1986

[Nomination Announcement Papers] 03/21/1986-09/19/1986

[Nomination Announcement Papers] 03/07/1986-07/21/1986

[Nomination Announcement Papers] 07/25/1986-10/03/1986

[Nomination Announcement Papers] Charts - 01/27/1987

[Nomination Announcement Papers] 08/07/1987-11/15/1987

[Nomination Announcement Papers] 02/17/1988-03/09/1988

[Nomination Announcement Papers] 03/25/1988-07/12/1988

[Nomination Announcement Papers] 07/12/1988-09/30/1988


OA 17047

Nomination Announcement Papers: 01/13/1986-04/14/1986

Nomination Announcement Papers: 01/10/1986-05/15/1986

Nomination Announcement Papers: 04/04/1986-07/08/1986

Nomination Announcement Papers: 07/09/1986-09/05/1986

Nomination Announcement Papers: 05/22/1986-09/05/1986


OA 18086

[Judicial Nomination Papers] 1st Circuit, U.S. Court of Appeals

[Judicial Nomination Papers] 2nd Circuit, U.S. Court of Appeals

[Judicial Nomination Papers] 3rd Circuit, U.S. Court of Appeals (1)(2)

[Judicial Nomination Papers] 4th Circuit, U.S. Court of Appeals (1)-(3)

[Judicial Nomination Papers] 5th Circuit, U.S. Court of Appeals (1)(2)

[Judicial Nomination Papers] 6th Circuit, U.S. Court of Appeals (1)-(3)

[Judicial Nomination Papers] 7th Circuit, U.S. Court of Appeals

[Judicial Nomination Papers] 8th Circuit, U.S. Court of Appeals (1)(2)

[Judicial Nomination Papers] 9th Circuit, U.S. Court of Appeals (1)-(5)

[Judicial Nomination Papers] 10th Circuit, U.S. Court of Appeals (1)-(4)

[Judicial Nomination Papers] D.C. Court of Appeals (1)-(4)

[Judicial Nomination Papers] Superior Court of the District of Columbia

[Judicial Nomination Papers] U.S. Court of Claims (1)-(4)

[Judicial Nomination Papers] U.S. Court of International Trade (1)(2)

[Judicial Nomination Papers] "Intelligence" (1)-(3)

[Judicial Nomination Papers] D.C. Superior Court

[Judicial Nomination Papers] U.S. Tax Court (1)-(3)

[Judicial Nomination Papers] Alabama

[Judicial Nomination Papers] Alaska

[Judicial Nomination Papers] Arizona

[Judicial Nomination Papers] Arkansas

[Judicial Nomination Papers] California (1)-(6)

[Judicial Nomination Papers] Colorado (1)(2)

[Judicial Nomination Papers] Connecticut

[Judicial Nomination Papers] Delaware

[Judicial Nomination Papers] District of Columbia (1)-(4)


OA 18087

Domestic Policy Council

Economic Policy Council

Secretary of Education William J. Bennett

Department of Education

Herrington Nomination

Department of Energy

Environmental Protection Agency

Clarence Thomas (Commissioner, EEOC) [Appointing of EEOC Members] (1)(2)

William Bell/EEOC

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

President' Commission on Executive Exchange

John Bohn, President & Chairman of the Board - Export Import Bank

Export-Import Bank

William Draper - Export Import Bank

Federal Aviation Administration

Patricia Diaz Dennis - Commissioner FCC

Mark Fowler - Chairman FCC

Lewis Seidman

Federal Communications Commission


Federal Election Commission

Julius Becton FEMA

Federal Emergency Management Agency

Rick Richard

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission


OA 18090

Smart - Under Sec. for Int.l Trade DOC

Orson Swindle - Asst Secretary of Commerce EDA

Department of Commerce

Susan Phillips (Member - CFTC)

Commodities & Future Trade Commission


Consumer Product Safety Commission (1)-(4)

Copyright Royalty Tribunal

Corp. for Public Broadcasting

Daniel Brenner

Thomas G. Moore - Council of Economic Advisors

Council of Economic Advisors

Council on Environmental Quality

D.C. National Guard

Department of Defense


OA 18091

[Judicial Nomination Papers] North Dakota

[Judicial Nomination Papers] Ohio (1)-(3)

[Judicial Nomination Papers] Oklahoma (1)-(3)

[Judicial Nomination Papers] Oregon

[Judicial Nomination Papers] Pennsylvania (1)-(4)

[Judicial Nomination Papers] Puerto Rico

[Judicial Nomination Papers] Rhode Island

[Judicial Nomination Papers] South Carolina

[Judicial Nomination Papers] South Dakota

[Judicial Nomination Papers] Tennessee (1)-(3)

[Judicial Nomination Papers] Texas (1)-(5)

[Judicial Nomination Papers] Utah (1)(2)

[Judicial Nomination Papers] Vermont (1)(2)

[Judicial Nomination Papers] Virgin Islands

[Judicial Nomination Papers] Virginia (1)(2)

[Judicial Nomination Papers] Washington (1)(2)

[Judicial Nomination Papers] West Virginia (1)(2)

[Judicial Nomination Papers] Wisconsin (1)(2)

[Judicial Nomination Papers] Wyoming

Bankruptcy Legislation

Social Security Amendments on Senior Judges

Commissioners, Miscellaneous (1)-(6)

Guide to Federal District Judges

Memos to Ken re: Judicial Appointments (1)(2)

Judicial Meetings Selection/Recommendations (1)-(13)


OA 18140

[Resumes - Legislative Clearance]

[Resumes] [I]

[Resumes] [II]




Continuing Resolution

Interagency Committee on Women's Business Enterprise


Campaign Reform


Committee Questionnaires


Press Releases


OA 18143

Trade Representative, Counsel to

Tennessee Valley Authority

U.S. Institute of Peace [I]

U.S. Institute of Peace [II]

U.S. Peace Institute

[Resumes - U.S. Institute of Peace]

Lenkowsky - Deputy Director - USA


Synthetic Fuels Board

Board of Directors, State Justice Institute

Secretary Shultz Nominees Department of State

United Service Organizations, Inc.

Member of the U.S. Delegation to the Panel of Arbitrators of the Intl. Centre for Settle Disputes

U.S. Sentencing Commission

[U.S. Tax Court]

[Alfred Kingan - Cabinet Secretary]

Representative of the U.S. on the Executive Board of the World Health Organization

Department of Transportation

Charles Bowsher Comptroller General

Department of the Treasury

Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences

United Nations






Meese, Edwin (Ltrs re Recommendations in Administration)

Robert P. Nimmo



OA 18148

Robert Rader / John Wall


Connie Horner OPM

Don Devine

Office of Personnel Management

Organization of American States

Indian Land Claims

Maurice Stans, OPIC

Overseas Private Investment Corporation

Panama Canal Commission

Panama Canal Study Commission

[Resumes - U.S. Patrol Commission]

Peace Corps

Peace Corps Advisory Council

Patty Tyson

Postal Rates Commission

Fred Malek - Governor, U.S. Postal Service

U.S. Postal Service

Private Sector Survey on Cost Control in the Federal Government

U.S. Advisory Commission on Public Diplomacy

Regulatory Reform


Science Advisor

William Graham

Science and Technology Policy

Securities Investor Protection Corporation

David Ruder


William Clinkscales

Bill Clinkscales

Small Business Administration

Social Security Administration

[Labor Relations Committee]


OA 18150

Foreign Scholarship

Federal Services Impasse Panel

Federal Prison Industries, Inc. Board of Directors

[Board of Directors - Federal Financing Bank]

Federal Council on the Aging

Dwight David Eisenhower Centennial Commission

Delaware River Basin Commission

D.C. Judicial Nomination Committee

[D.C. Commission on Judicial Disabilities & Tenure]

Cultural Property Advisory Committee

[Council of the Administrative Conference of the U.S.]

National Advisory Council on Indian Education

National Advisory Council on Continuing Education

National Advisory Council on Adult Education

Korean War Veterans Advisory Board (1)(2)

International Whaling Commission, U.S. Commission

Interstate Commission on the Potomac River Basin

[Kansas Nebraska Big Blue River Compact Administration]

International North Pacific Fisheries Commission

[International Cultural and Trade Commission]

International Pacific Halibut Commission

International Boundary Commission, U.S. and Canada

International Advisory Commission for the Caribbean

Intergovernmental Advisory Council on Education

Interagency Committee on Women's Business Enterprise

[General Counsel - Department of the Navy]

[U.S. Commissioner - Great Lakes Fisheries Commission]

National Commission on Innovation and Productivity

National Commission on Agricultural Finance

National Cancer Advisor Board

National Armed Forces Museum Advisory Board

National Air and Space Museum Advisory Board

[Missouri River Commission]

[National Advisory Committee on Oceans & Atmosphere]

[Library of Congress Trust Fund Board]

[National Afro-American History & Culture Commission]

[National Commission on Agricultural Policy]

[National Commission on Children]

[National Commission for Employment Policy]

Ohio River Valley Water Sanitation Commission

Northern Mariana Islands Commission on Federal Laws

National White House Conference on Small Business

National Summit Conference Education

National Selective Service Appeal Board

National Railway Passenger Corporation, AMTRAK

National Historical Publications and Records Commission

National Highway Safety Advisory


OA 18151

President's Committee on the National Medal of Science

President's Committee on Mental Retardation

President's Commission on Executive Exchange

President's Commission on Compensation of Career Federal Executives

President's Child Safety Partnership

President's Cancer Panel

President's Blue Ribbon Task Group on Nuclear Weapons Program

Presidential Task Force on Project Economic Justice

Presidential Commission on Outdoor Recreation Resources Review

[President's Cancer Panel]

Presidential Board of Advisors on Private Sector Initiatives

Permanent Committee for the Oliver Wendell Holmes Devise

Advisory Committee to the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp.

Pecos River Commission

Panama Canal Commission

U.S. Rep. Panama Canal Consultative Committee

Panama Canal Alternate Study Committee

Pacific Salmon Commission

National Graduate Fellows Program Fellowship Board

National Endowment for Democracy

National Council on Vocational Education

National Council on Public Works Improvement

National Correspondents in the Field of Crime Prevention

U.S. International Narcotics Control Commission

United States Holocaust Memorial Council (1)-(4)

USO Board of Directors

United Nation's Children's Fund (UNICEF)

Technical Review Group on Inertial Confinement Fusion

Susquehanna River Basin Commission

South Pacific Commission

Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial Commission

Rural Telephone Bank

Roosevelt Campobello International Park Commission

President's Private Sector Coordinator of International Training

President's National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee (1)-(4)

President's Council on Management Improvement

President's Export Council

[Int'l Center for the Settlement of Investment Disputes]

[Pennsylvania Avenue Development Corp.]

President's Commission on the HIV Epidemic (1)-(2)

[President's Commission on Privatization]

[President's Council on Physical Fitness & Sports]

[President's Commission on White House Fellowships] (1)(2)

[Presidential Emergency Board]

[President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board] (I)

[President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board] (II)

[President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board] (III)

[Int'l Center for the Settlement of Investment Disputes]

Federal Farm Credit Board

Federal Home Loan Bank Board


OA 18152


Federal Labor Relations Authority (1)(2)

Ed Hickey

Federal Maritime Commission

Federal Mediation Conciliation Service

Federal Mine Safety and Health Review Commission

Federal Nat'l Mortgage Association

Robert Heller - Federal Reserve


Preston Martin. Vice Chairman Federal Reserve Board

Federal Reserve System [Board of Governors] (1)(2)

Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board

Federal Trade Commission (1)-(3)

Jim Miller III - Chairman, Federal Trade Commission

Keith Adkinson FTC (1)(2)

General Accounting Office

Foreign Claims Settlement Commission

President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board and Intelligence Oversight Board

General Advisory Committee

Carmen, Gerry

General Services Administration

Goldwater Scholarship & Excellence in Ed. Foundation

Office of Government Ethics

Government National Mortgage Association

Ralph Kinnickel

Ralph Kinnickel Confirmation Hearings

Government Printing Office

Harry S. Truman Scholarship Foundation

Otis Bowen - HHS Secretary

Department of Health & Human Services


OA 18154

[May 1988 - Chron Files]

[June 1988 - Chron FIles]

[July 1988 - Chron FIles]

[August 1988 - Chron FIles]

[September 1988 - Chron FIles]

Judicial Advisory Status Reports


Ron Dosksai - To Be Discussed

Legislative Veto

S.43 Line Item Veto


Grove City (1)(2)

Gun Control

ERISA Reform

Foreign Aid Bill 1985

Grace Commission: Legislative Response 1985

Hatch Fasting Resolution

Hill Reception Guest List


Domestic Content Legislation


August 1985 Mid Course Check

Balanced Budget Amendment

1986 Budget Resolution

CAFE Standards

CPSC Consumer Protection Safety Commission


Retirement Bill



Saccharin Study

S. Africa

OA 18170

[Judicial Nomination Papers] Florida (1)-(7)

[Judicial Nomination Papers] Georgia (1)(2)

[Judicial Nomination Papers] Guam

[Judicial Nomination Papers] Hawaii (1)(2)

[Judicial Nomination Papers] Idaho

[Judicial Nomination Papers] Illinois (1)-(6)

[Judicial Nomination Papers] Indiana (1)-(3)

[Judicial Nomination Papers] Indiana Court of Appeals

[Judicial Nomination Papers] Iowa

Kansas [Judicial Nominations]

[Judicial Nomination Papers] Kentucky

[Judicial Nomination Papers] Louisiana (1)(2)

[Judicial Nomination Papers] Maine

[Judicial Nomination Papers] Maryland (1)(2)

[Judicial Nomination Papers] Massachusetts

[Judicial Nomination Papers] Michigan (1)-(3)

[Judicial Nomination Papers] Minnesota (1)(2)

[Judicial Nomination Papers] Mississippi

[Judicial Nomination Papers] Missouri (1)(2)

[Judicial Nomination Papers] Montana (1)(2)

[Judicial Nomination Papers] Nebraska

[Judicial Nomination Papers] Nevada (1)(2)

[Judicial Nomination Papers] New Hampshire

[Judicial Nomination Papers] New Jersey (1)(2)

[Judicial Nomination Papers] New Mexico

[Judicial Nomination Papers] New York (1)-(7)

[Judicial Nomination Papers] North Carolina (1)-(3)


OA 18172

White House Conference for a Drug Free America (1)(2)

White House Fellowships [Presidential Commission] (1)-(5)

Woodrow Wilson International for Scholars

U.S. Air Force Academy, Board of Visitors

Board of Visitors, U.S. Military Academy

Board for International Food and Agricultural Development

Board of Foreign Scholarships

[General Counsel of the Army]

Artic Research Commission

Advisory Committee on Small & Minority Business Ownership

Aviation Safety Commission

Administrative Conference of the United States

Acid Precipitation Task Force

Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations

Advisory Committee for Trade Negotiations

[Commission on Agricultural Workers]

Commission on America's Heritage Abroad

[Chemical Warfare Review Commission]

Commission on Fine Arts

Commission on Civil Rights (1)-(3)

Commission on Civil Rights (2) [Recommended Telephone Call to

Senator Robert Dole, 10/04/1983] (Partial from above folder)

[American Battle Monuments Commission]

[Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board]

Committee for Purchase from the Blind and Other Severely Handicapped

Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe

Commission on Presidential Scholars

Commission for the Preservat. of America's Heritage Abroad

Commission on Executive, Legislative and Judicial Salaries

[Christopher Columbus Quincenterary Jubilee Commission]

[Commission on Education of the Deaf]

[Commission on the Bicentennial of the Constitution]

[JFK Center for the Performing Arts, Board of Trustees]


OA 18175


[Advisory Board for Radio Broadcasting to Cuba]


Board of Regents Uniformed Services University of Health





Panels, Councils, Committees, Institutes, Etc. (Others)


Administrative Conference of U.S.

African Development Foundation


Federal Council on the Aging

Department of Agriculture

John Norton

Acting Federal Inspector, Alaska Natural Gas Transport. System


Appalachian Regional Commission

William Burns

L/G Edward L. Rowny

Arms Control Disarmament Agency

Appalachian Regional Commission

John Agresto Archivist

Duignan / Archivist

[Archivist of the U.S.]

Asian Development Bank

California Debris Commission

CIA: Robert Gates

CIA: Webster Nomination

CIA: Vice Admiral Bobby Inman

Civil Aeronautics Board

Mike McManus & Neal Freeman

[Communications Satellite Corporation]


Comptroller of the Currency


OA 18177

December 1982 Chron File

January 1983 Chron File

February 1983 Chron File

March 1983 Chron File

Chron File - Incoming [April 1983]

Chron File - May 1983

June 1983 - Chron File

July 1983 - Chron File

August 1983 - Chron File

September 1983 - Chron File

October 1983 - Chron File

November 1983 - Chron File

December 1983 - Chron File

January 1984 - Chron File

February 1984 - Chron File

March 1984 - Chron File

April 1984 - Chron File

May 1984 - Chron File

June 1984 - Chron File

July 1984 - Chron File

August 1984 - Chron File

September 1984 - Chron File

October 1984 - Chron File

November 1984 - Chron File

December 1984 - Chron File

1984 - Memos from Nancy Kennedy


OA 18178

[John R. Van de Water - Chairman National Labor Relations Board] (Binder) (1)(2)

National Credit Union Administration

National Endowment for the Arts

Lynne Cheney - NEH Chairman

[National Endowment for the Humanities:] Courtesy Calls - Ed Curran (1)-(3)

[National Endowment for the Humanities:] Ed Curran's Nomination

William Bennett, Chairman Nat'l Endowment for the Humanities

National Endowment for the Humanities

National Institute of Building Sciences

John Van de Water, Chairman - Nat'l Labor Relations Board (1)-(5)

National Labor Relations Board (1)-(3)

Van de Water


National Mediation Board

Lois Shepard

National Museum Services Board

[Commerce for Oceans and Atmosphere]

National Productivity Advisory Committee

National Science Board

[National Science Foundation]

National Transportation Safety Board

[Asst. Secretary of the Navy]

North Atlantic Treaty Organization Representative

Native Hawaiians Study Commission

Nuclear Regulatory Commission

OA 18185

[Commissioner of Labor Statistics]

Department of Labor

Legal Services Corporation [I] (1)-(4)

Legal Services Corporation [II] (1)-(3)

Legal Services Corporation [III] (1)-(4)

James Billington


Librarian of Congress

Student Aid

Daniel Levinson - Merit Systems Protection Board

Merit Systems Protection Board

Commission on Merchant Marine and Defense

Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority

Mississippi River Commission

National Advisory Council on Women's Educational Programs

James Fletcher - NASA Administrator


National Commission on Libraries and Information Science

National Consumer Cooperative Bank

National Corporation for Housing Partnerships

National Council on the Arts

National Council on Education Research

National Council on the Handicapped

National Council for the Humanities


OA 18188

Approp. FY 1989

Grove City (1)-(9)

Tuttle Memos - Presidential Approval

Paris Air Show

War on Drugs (1)-(7)


Labor Issues

Welfare Reform [1987] (1)-(12)

Welfare Reform [1988] (1)-(5)

James Abdnor

[Martin Luther King Federal Holiday Commission]

Labor - HHS Appropriations/ERISA

American National Red Cross

Advisory Council on Historic Preservation

Advisory Committee to the Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation

Advisory Committee on Federal Pay

Mil. Con. Appropriations

President's Committee on the Arts and Humanities

Hearings before the Committee on Government Affairs - Nomination of James C. Miller III

(Bound Stenographic Transcript)

Jim Miller's Confirmation

Jim Miller - OMB

OA 18193

Nancy Kennedy Chron January 1985-February 1985

Nancy Kennedy Chron March - December 1985

November 1985 Chron File Nancy Kennedy

December 1985 Chron File

[June 1987 - Chron File]

July 1987 - Chron File

August 1987 - Chron File

[September 1987 - Chron File]

Chron File - October 1987

November 1987 - Chron File

December 1987 [Chron File]

January 1988 [Chron File]

February 1988 [Chron File]

[March 1988 - Chron File]

April 1988 [Chron File]


OA 18196

Civil Rights Commission

[Department of State]

Department of State

State 1985


OA 18523

Status Report of Appointments for Judicial, U.S. Attorneys and U.S. Marshals

[Selection Process for District Court Judges, U.S. Attorneys and U.S. Marshals]

[Background Information on Federal Judges]

[Federal Judicial Selection Committee - Bios]

[Federal Judicial Selection Committee]

[Federal Judicial Selection Committee - 03/07/1985] (1)(2)

[Federal Judicial Selection Committee - 05/16/1985] (1)(2)

[Federal Judicial Selection Committee - 05/23/1985] (1)(2)

[Federal Judicial Selection Committee - 07/11/1985]

[Federal Judicial Selection Committee - 10/ 31/1985]

[Federal Judicial Selection Committee - 11/ 07/1985]

[Federal Judicial Selection Committee - 11/14/1985]

[Federal Judicial Selection Committee - 12/12/1985]

[Federal Judicial Selection Committee - 01/09/1986]

[Federal Judicial Selection Committee - 01/16/1986]

[Federal Judicial Selection Committee - 01/30/1986]

[Federal Judicial Selection Committee - 03/06/1986] (1)(2)

[Federal Judicial Selection Committee - 03/13/1986]

[Federal Judicial Selection Committee - 04/08/1986] (1)(2)

[Federal Judicial Selection Committee - 04/24/1986] (1)(2)

[Federal Judicial Selection Committee - 05/08/1986] (1)(2)

[Federal Judicial Selection Committee - 05/22/1986] (1)(2)

[Federal Judicial Selection Committee - 06/05/1986]

[Federal Judicial Selection Committee - 06/12/1986]

[Federal Judicial Selection Committee - 07/10/1986]

[Federal Judicial Selection Committee - 07/31/1986]

[Federal Judicial Selection Committee - 08/13/1986]

[Federal Judicial Selection Committee - 09/10/1986]

[Federal Judicial Selection Committee - 11/05/1986] (1)(2)

[Federal Judicial Selection Committee - 12/23/1986] (1)(2)

[Federal Judicial Selection Committee - 02/17/1987] (1)(2)

[Federal Judicial Selection Committee - 04/09/1987] (1)(2)

[Federal Judicial Selection Committee - 04/16/1987] (1)(2)

[Federal Judicial Selection Committee - 05/14/1987] (1)(2)

[Federal Judicial Selection Committee - 06/11/1987] (1)(2)

[Federal Judicial Selection Committee - 06/25/1987]

[Bork Nomination - Suggested Talking Points - July 1987] (1)(2)

[Federal Judicial Selection Committee - 07/14/1987]

[Federal Judicial Selection Committee - 08/26/1987] (1)(2)

[Federal Judicial Selection Committee - 02/22/1988]

[Federal Judicial Selection Committee - 03/03/1988] (1)(2)

[Federal Judicial Selection Committee - 05/12/1988]


OA 18527

[Correspondence - Nancy M. Kennedy]

Budget (1)(2)


Central America


Judicial Selections



Pres. Personnel

Pres. Schedule

V.P. Schedule

[Memos 05/09/1985- 04/25/1985]

[Memos - March 1985]


1984 Schedule Proposals (1)-(4)

Dr. Jean Elder [Empty]

The MX Missile Program: A Reference Book (2 binders)