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Office of the Legal Advisor, NSC, 1981-1983

Office of the Executive Secretariat, NSC, 1983-85


Robert Kimmitt was a holdover at the National Security Council from the Carter Administration. Since he had worked with arms transfers issues during the Carter administration, he continued to do this as a staff position until the NSC reorganized along functional lines sometime in 1983. In addition, his official position was Legal Counsel for the Freedom of Information/Legal Policy office at the NSC. The position was later changed to Legal Advisor. We have not separated these two office/functions. The files are easily identifiable by Legal or AT (Arms Transfer) tags.  


A number of Kimmitt's legal folders were pulled and then sent on to various Independent Counsel investigations.  No effort was made to identify this material by collection or redistribute to the Kimmitt collection when it was returned to Jonathan Scharfen, Legal Advisor of the NSC at the close of the Reagan Administration. 


As the Library processes this Scharfen material, we will make every attempt to designate boxes containing Kimmitt material.  Currently the following boxes in the Jonathan Scharfen collection are noted for Robert Kimmitt, Paul Thompson and/or Sam Maizel material: Box 37 (91104),  Box 40 (91107), Box 41 (91108), Box 58 (91653) and Box 91110.


Kimmitt, whose father was the long-time Secretary of the Senate, through his personal interest and his work on Arms Transfers was involved in NSC legislative affairs, although never officially a part of that office.  He maintained legislative files that are identifiable with an “LA” tag. The Library believes this might have been an office file for all of the staff members involved with legislative work.  We find a lot of work product from Peter Sommers within this material.


In addition, Kimmitt left the NSC and later returned as Executive Secretary. The Library has not located specific files that are Kimmitt’s from his time as Executive Secretary. Please see the Executive Secretariat records for more information or material originated by Kimmitt as Executive Secretary.  


Box 90079

AT: Saudia Arabia December 1980

AT: Saudia Arabia January 1981-February 1981 (1)-(5)

AT: Saudia Arabia March 1981

AT: Saudia Arabia 04/01/1981-04/15/1981

AT: Saudia Arabia 04/16/1981-04/30/1981

AT: Saudia Arabia May 1981

AT: Saudia Arabia June 1981


Box 90080

AT: Saudia Arabia 07/01/1981-07/08/1981

AT: Saudia Arabia 07/09/1981-07/31/1981

AT: Saudia Arabia August 1981

AT: Saudia Arabia 09/01/1981-09/16/1981


Box 90081

AT: Saudia Arabia 09/17/1981-09/22/1981

AT: Saudia Arabia 09/23/1981-09/25/1981

AT: Saudia Arabia 09/26/1981-09/30/1981

AT: Saudia Arabia 10/01/1981-10/2/1981


Box 90082

AT: Saudia Arabia 10/03/1981-10/15/1981

AT: Saudia Arabia 10/16/1981-10/21/1981

AT: Saudia Arabia 10/22/1981-10/30/1981

AT: Saudia Arabia November 1981; 12/01/1981-12/02/1981


Box 90083

"Why Saudi Arabia Needs AWACS"

Congressional Briefings, September 1981/October 1981 (1) (2)

AWACS for Saudi Arabia [Binder]

Arms Sales to the Saudis: Briefing Book, June 1981

Interagency Coordination Groups [re: F-15s]

[photos, artist renderings, charts re: AWACS]

Air Material for Saudi Arabia

AWACS Background Material

LOA: Standaud and Saudi Additions


Box 90084

Legal: EO 12065 January 1981-December 1981 #1

Legal:Counterintelligence: General

Legal: Intelligence: CIWG

Legal: Intelligence: Congressional

Legal: Intelligence: CIA Personnel

Legal: [Legal: Graymail]

Legal: Intelligence: General

Legal: McGovern Subcommittee Inquiry

Legal: Intelligence: Community Legislative Program 1980

Legal: Intelligence: EO 12036 [Intelligence Activities in the US]

Legal: Intelligence: Regulations January 1981-March 1981 Review #1


Box 90085

Legal: Intelligence: Regulations 12/01/1981 Review #6

Legal: Intelligence: Regulations November 1981 Review #5

Legal: Intelligence: Regulations August 1981-October 1981 Review #4

Legal: Intelligence: Regulation 06/16/1981-07/31/1981 Review #3

Legal: Intelligence: Regulations 04/01/1981-06/15/1981 Review #2


Box 90086

Security Assistance

EO 12036

[Haig's Meeting with Gromyko, October 1981]

Briefing Book for RVA on Revised EO 12036

EO 12036


Box 90087

Legal: EO 12065 March 1982 #3

Information Security Oversight Office: A Report to the Assistant to the President for

 National Security Affairs, 03/08/1982

Legal: EO 12065 January 1982-03/15/1982 #2

ISOO: Report to the NSC on a Proposed Information Security EO, 12/04/1981


Box 90088

Chron January 1981-April 1981 [includes material from 12/18/1980]


Box 90089

Chron May 1981-August 1981


Box 90090

          Chron 09/01/1981-09/30/1981 RMK (1)-(6)

          Chron 10/01/1981-10/31/1981 RMK (1)-(5)

          Chron 11/01/1981-11/30/1981 RMK (1)-(4)

          Chron December 1981 RMK (1)-(4)


Box 90091

Chron January 1982-May 1982


Box 90092

Chron June 1982-August 1982


Box 90093

Chron September 1982-December 1982


Box 90094

Chron January 1983-March 1983


Box 90205   (Arms Transfer, 1981)

AT - Afghanistan

AT - Angola

AT - Antigua

AT - Austria 1981 (1)(2)

AT - Bahamas

AT - Bahrain

AT - Bangledesh

AT - Barbados

AT - Belgium

AT - Belize

AT - Bermuda

AT - Bolivia

AT - Botswana

AT - Brazil

AT - Burundi

AT - Cameroon

AT - Canada

AT - Cape Verde

AT - Central African Republic

AT - Central America

AT - Chad

AT - Colombia

AT - Congo

AT - Costa Rica

AT - Cuba

AT - Cyprus

AT - Denmark

AT - Djibouti

AT - Dominica

AT - Dominican Republic

AT - Ecuador

AT - Ethiopia

AT - France

AT - Gabon

AT - Ghana

AT - Grenada

AT - Great Britain 1981

AT - Guyana

AT - Haiti

AT: India

AT - Indonesia

AT - Ireland

AT - Italy

AT - Jamaica

AT - Japan

AT - Kampuchea

AT - Liberia

AT - Luxembourg

AT - Madagascar

AT - Malaysia

AT - Mali

AT - Mauritania

AT - Mauritius

AT - Mexico

AT: Middle East

AT - Nepal

AT - Netherlands

AT - New Zealand

AT - Nicaragua

AT - Nigeria

AT - Norway

AT - Panama

AT - Papua New Guinea

AT - Paraguay

AT: Persian Gulf/Southwest Asia

AT - Poland

AT - Rwanda

AT - St.Lucia

AT - Sao Tome & Principe

AT - Seychelles

AT - South Africa

AT - Soviet Union [see USSR]

AT - Sri Lanka

AT - Sudan

AT - Suriname

AT - Swaziland

AT - Sweden

AT - Switzerland

AT - Syria

AT - Tanzania

AT - Togo

AT - Trinidad/Tobago

AT - Uganda

AT - Upper Volta

AT - USSR [see Soviet Union]

AT – Vietnam August 1981

AT - West Germany

AT - Zambia

AT - Zimbabwe


Box 90289

Calendar of Events

RMK: Combined Federal Campaign

White House Fellowships [also contains copies of Carter Era Documents

re: SE Asia/POW/MIA]

Resumes, 1980-1982

POW/MIA Data (1)-(8)


Reiss, Mitchell


Box 90290

Legal: Access

Legal: ACDA

Legal: Act of State Doctrine

Legal: American Society of International Law

Legal: APEX Program

Legal: Arms Control

Legal: Arms Exports

Legal: Atlantic Council

Legal: Berlin Document Center

Legal: Berlin Trial

Legal: Bethune, Ed

Legal: BIB (Bd. International Broadcasting)

Legal: CAB

Legal: Cabinet Council on Legal Policy

Legal: Carrollton Press

Legal: Carter, Billy

Legal: Cases--Auigliano v. Sumitomo

Legal: Cases--Canadian Transport Co et al, v. US (CA DC Nol. 76-0630)

Legal: Cases--Elias Demetracopoulos v. CIA

Legal: Cases--Farley v. Air Force

Legal: Cases--Friends of the Earth v. Weinberger

Legal: Cases--Halprin v. Kissinger et al

Legal: Congressional Requests

Legal: CBI

Legal: CFTC

Legal: Chemical Weapons

Legal: Chiefs of Mission

Legal: CIA/FOIA Proposal

Legal: Communications

Legal: Congressional Infringement

Legal: Congressional Testimony

Legal: Congressional Vetos

Legal: Counterintelligence

Legal: Court of Military Appeals

Legal: Counsel's Office

Legal: Defense Department

Legal: Diplomatic Protection

Legal: Diplomatic Reciprocity


Box 90291

Legal: Drugs [CCLP]

Legal: EDS [Electronic Date Systems Corp., Iran]

Legal: Embassy Security

Legal: EOP Law Library

Legal: Emergency Funding

Legal: Emergency Mobilization Preparedness Board

Legal: Energy

Legal: Espionage Act


Legal: European Economic Community [EEC]

Legal: FCC

Legal: Federal Tort Claims Act

Legal: Feith, D.

Legal: Fernances, B.

Legal: FISA

Legal: FOIA Burdensomeness

Legal: FOIA 1977-1980 (1)-(5)

Legal: FOIA 1981

Legal: Foreign Students

Legal: Haig Nomination (1)-(10)


Box 90292

Legal: Halprin v. Kissinger (Wiretap Case) (1)-(9)

Legal: Harken v. Reagan

Legal: Hawkins v. CIA

Legal: Hatfield/Kennedy

Legal: Hunger Project

Legal: Illicit Payments

Legal: In Re Exxon

Legal: ISTC

Legal: Kissinger Papers

Legal: Korean Investigation (January 1977-May 1977)

Legal: Korean Investigation (June 1977)

Legal: Korean Investigation (July 1977-January 1979)

Legal: Kwajalein

Legal: Langenegger, et al v. US (Cl Ct. No. 108-8lL)

Legal: Lansdale Papers

Legal: Mandatory Review

Legal: Mideast Peacekeeping Force

Legal: Military Manpower

Legal: MTN

Legal: NDPC

Legal: NEPA (National Environmental Policy Act)

Legal: Nixon v. Administrator of General Services

Legal: Non-proliferation

Legal: Presidential Papers (01/20/1981-03/14/1983)


Box 90293

Disposition of NSC Records

Presidential Libraries

Presidential Flexibility

PD-13 Conventional Arms Transfer Policy

PRM-12 Arms Transfer Policy Review

Nixon Papers [NSC Requests for Access, 1978-1979] (1)-(4)

Munitions Control

Nixon Papers [NSC Requests for Access, 1978-1979](1)-(4)

Goldman, Richard

Ford Papers

FOIA: Legal Interpretation RMK

Carter: Misc. Actions (1)-(4)

ZB/DA Papers [Brzezinski/David Aaron]

Senate Select Committee Study - Iran (1979) (1)(2)


Box 90294

Legal: Presidential Papers (through 01/20/1981)

Legal: Press Coordination

Legal: President's Commission--Japan

Legal: President's Commission--Poland

Legal: Presidential Protection

Legal: Presidential Reports

Legal: Presidential Service Badge

Legal: Presidential Succession

Legal: Privacy Act

Legal: PRC

Legal: Prepublican Review

Legal: Procurement

Legal: Radio Broadcasting to Cuba

Legal: Reagan Papers

Legal: Reger, Brenda

Legal: Refugees

Legal: Rentschler, J.

Legal: Restricted data

Legal: Restrictive Legislation

Legal: Ree, Thomas

Legal: Rice (Korean Sale)

Legal: Rickover EO

Legal: Roche, Deborah

Legal: Rosenthal Request

Legal: Scharansky, A. Case

Legal: Scherer Case

Legal: Senate Foreign Relations Committee

Legal: Senate Intelligence Report on Angola

Legal: Shadrin Case

Legal: Shultz-Weinberger-Clark (SWC) Breakfast

Legal: Stealth Aircraft

Legal: Sunshine Act

Legal: Supreme Court


Box 90295

Legal: Sinai Suppr/Peacekeeping Mission

Legal: Smith v. Nixon

Legal: Socialist Workers Party v. Attorney General

Legal: Soviet Pipeline

Legal: Soviet Sanctions

Legal: SSCI

Legal: State Department

Legal: Tax Information

Legal: Technology Transfer

Legal: Telecommunications

Legal: Terpil/Wilson

Legal: Three Mile Island Investigation

Legal: Treaties

Legal: Undocumented Aliens

Legal: United Nations

Legal: USIA

Legal: US v. ATT

Legal: US v. Michele Sindona

Legal: US v. Wilson

Legal: US v. People's Temple

Legal: Vesco, Robert

Legal: Wall Street Journal

Legal: War Powers

Legal: White House Papers

Legal: World Peace Through Law Center


Box 90297

Arms Control and Disarmament Agency

Legal: In Re "Agent Orange"

Legal: Broadcasting

Legal: HR 2760--Boland-Zablocki; Bipartisan Commission on Central America

Legal: Broadcasting - Radio Marti (1)-(3)

Caribbean Basin Initiative (CBI), 10/05/1983

LA: CW [Chemical Weapons] (1)-(6)

Legal: Congressional Hearings

Legal: Defense Authorization Bill

Legal: Defense

Legal: Debate [Carter Briefing Book]

Legal: Department of Energy

Legal: Embassy Personnel

Legal: Export Administration Act (1)-(5)

Emergency Preparedness

Legal: Export Controls


Box 90298

Foreign Emergency Management Agency

Legal: Foreign Missions

Legal: Ferroalloys

Legal: Fraud

Legal: Hostages (January 1981-September 1981)

Legal: Hostages (October 1981-December 1981)

Legal: HPSCI

Legal: Indentities Protection 1982

Legal: Immigration (1)-(9)

Legal: Intelligence Legislation

Legal: Interpretation

Legal: Intelligence Authorization

Legal: Joint Chiefs of Staff [JCS]

Legal: Joint Committee on Intelligence

Legal: Jordan Logistic Program

Legal: KAL Airliner

Legal: Legislative Referrals

Legal: Legislative Priorities

Legislative Veto


Box 90299

Legal: Military Promotions

Legal: MX

Legal: Maritime Hijacking

Legal: National Emergency

Legal: National Defense Forum

Legal: Nazi Files (1)(2)

Legal: NSA

Legal: NTIS [National Technical Information Service]

Legal: OAS

Legal: OMB

Legal: Overhead Reconnaissance

Legal: Private Sector Initiatives

Legal: Peace Corps

Legal: Presidential Meetings (General)

Legal: Presidential Meeting/Letters with/to Congressional Leaders

Legal: PLO

Legal: POW/MIA Jan 1982

Legal: POW/MIA 07/29/1981-08/09/1981

Legal: POW/MIA 08/10/1981-09/15/1981

Legal: POW/MIA 09/16/1981-11/02/1981

Legal: POW/MIA 11/03/1981-11/23/1981

Legal: POW/MIA 11/24/1981-12/31/1981

Legal: POW/MIA 01/01/1982-01/12/1982

Legal: POW/MIA 01/13/1982-01/29/1982

Legal: POW/MIA 01/30/1982-02/17/1982


Box 90300

Legal: POW/MIA 1980-July 1981 (1)

Legal: POW/MIA 1980- July 1981 (2)

Legal: POW/MIA 1980- July 1981 (3)(4)

Legal: POW/MIA 1980- July 1981 (5)

Legal: POW/MIA 1980- July 1981 (6)

Legal: POW/MIA 1980- July 1981 (7)

Legal: POW/MIA 1980- July 1981 (8)

Legal: POW/MIA 1980-July 1981 (9)

Legal: POW/MIA, 1980-1981

Legal: Resolutions

Legal: Rehabiltation Act Reg. Section 504

Legal: Science and Technology

Legal: National Endowment for Democracy - USIA Contractual Issues (1)(2)

Legal: Security Assistance

Legal: Travel

Legal: State Department Authorization

Legal: Technology

Legal: Telecommunications

Legal: START


Box 90301

Legal: Antiqua

Legal: Australia

Legal: Austria

Legal: Brazil

Legal: Caribbean [empty]

Legal: China

Legal: Columbia

Legal: Costa Rica

Legal: Czechoslovakia

Legal: Denmark

Legal: Dominican Republic

Legal: Ecuador

Legal: Egypt

Legal: Ethopia

Legal: Europe

Legal: France

Legal: Gabon

Legal: Germany

Legal: Great Britain

Legal: Greece


Legal: Haiti


Legal: Hungary

Legal: India

Legal: Indonesia

Legal: Iran 1982, 1982-1983

Legal: Iran [1949-1960 Declassified/Released Documents](1)(2)

Legal: Iran [1979-1980] (1)-(10)

            Legal: Iran (01/22/1981-01/26/1981)

          Legal: Iran (01/27/1981-03/18/1981)

          Legal: Iran (03/19/1981-03/23/1981)

          Legal: Iran (03/24/1981-04/16/1981)

          Legal: Iran (04/17/1981-05/21/1981)

          Legal: Iran (05/22/1981-06/24/1981)

          Legal: Iran (06/25/1981-08/17/1981)

          Legal: Iran (08/18/1981-09/05/1981)

          Legal: Iran (09/06/1981-10/31/1981)

          Legal: Iran (11/01/1981-11/03/1983)

Legal: Iraq

Legal: Ireland

Legal: Japan

Legal: Jamaica

Legal: Jordan

Legal: Kampuchea

Legal: Kenya

Legal: Korea (ROK)

Legal: Kuwait

Legal: Liberia

Legal: Libya [1979]

Legal: Libya [1981-1983]

Legal: Lithania [not in files]

Legal: Mexico

Legal: Middle East


Box 90302

Legal: Morocco

Legal: NAAA (National Association of Arab Americans)

Legal: Nassua

Legal: Netherlands

Legal: New Zealand

Legal: Micronesia

Legal: Nigeria

Legal: Northern Mariana Islands

Legal: North Yemen

Legal: Oman

Legal: Panama

Legal: Pakistan (1)(2)

Legal: Paraguay

Legal: Peru

Legal: Philippines

Legal: Poland

Legal: Portugal

Legal: Puerto Rico

Legal: Rhodesia

Legal: Romania

Legal: Saudi Arabia

Legal: Seychelles

Legal: Soviet Union

Legal: Spain

Legal: South Africa

Legal: South Korea

Legal: Sri Lanka

Legal: Sweden

Legal: Switzerland

Legal: Taiwan (1972-1978)

          Legal: Taiwan (12/15/1978-12/18/1978)

          Legal: Taiwan (12/19/1978-02/28/1979)

          Legal: Taiwan (03/01/1979-04/30/1979)

          Legal: Taiwan (05/01/1979-01/03/1983)

Legal: Trinidad

Legal - Turkey

Legal: Uganda

Legal: USSR

Legal: West Germany

Legal: Yugoslavia

Legal: Zimbabwe-Rhodesia


Box 90303

LA - MX #3

LA - MX #4

LA - MX #5

LA - MX Commission

LA - MX Working Papers


LA - National Association of Arab Americans

LA - National Judicial College



LA - Nicaragua

LA - Nickles, Donald (Sen)

LA - Non-Proliferation

LA - Nuclear

LA - Nuclear Arms #1 (1)-(10)


Box 90304

LA: Nuclear Arms #2 (08/02/1982)

          LA: Nuclear Arms #2 (08/02/1982-08/03/1982)

          LA: Nuclear Arms #2 (08/03/1982-08/04/1982)

          LA: Nuclear Arms #2 (08/05/1982-08/09/1982)

          LA: Nuclear Arms #2 (08/12/1982-08/18/1982)

          LA: Nuclear Arms #2 (08/20/1982-08/24/1982)

          LA: Nuclear Arms #2 (08/25/1982-09/10/1982)

          LA: Nuclear Arms #2 (09/16/1982-09/25/1982)

          LA: Nuclear Arms #2 (09/28/1982)

          LA: Nuclear Arms #2 (09/29/1982-10/05/1982)

          LA: Nuclear Arms #2 (10/12/1982-10/21/1982)

          LA: Nuclear Arms #2 (10/27/1982-11/08/1982)

          LA: Nuclear Arms #2 (11/09/1982-11/23/1982)

          LA: Nuclear Arms #2 (11/26/1982-12/14/1982)

          LA: Nuclear Arms #2 (12/15/1982-12/23/1982)

          LA: Nuclear Arms #2 (12/28/1982-12/30/1982)

          LA: Nuclear Arms #3 (01/03/1983-01/04/1983)

          LA: Nuclear Arms #3 (01/05/1983-01/08/1983)

          LA: Nuclear Arms #3 (01/10/1983-02/02/1983)

          LA: Nuclear Arms #3 (02/03/1983-02/10/1983)

          LA: Nuclear Arms #3 (02/11/1983-02/25/1983)

          LA: Nuclear Arms #3 (02/28/1983-03/01/1983)

          LA: Nuclear Arms #3 (03/02/1983-03/07/1983)

          LA: Nuclear Arms #3 (08/08/1983-03/09/1983)

          LA: Nuclear Arms #3 (03/10/1983-03/15/1983)

          LA: Nuclear Arms #3 (03/16/1983)

          LA: Nuclear Arms #3 (03/18/1983-03/23/1983)

          LA: Nuclear Arms #3 (03/24/1983-03/29/1983)

          LA: Nuclear Arms #3 (03/30/1983-03/31/1983)

          LA: Nuclear Arms #3 (04/01/1983-04/05/1983)

          LA: Nuclear Arms #4 (04/08/1983-04/11/1983)

          LA: Nuclear Arms #4 (04/12/1983)

          LA: Nuclear Arms #4 (04/13/1983-04/19/1983)

          LA: Nuclear Arms #4 (04/20/1983-04/22/1983)

          LA: Nuclear Arms #4 (04/25/1983-04/27/1983)

          LA: Nuclear Arms #4 (04/28/1983-04/29/1983)

          LA: Nuclear Arms #4 (05/02/1983-05/11/1983)

          LA: Nuclear Arms #4 (05/12/1983-05/19/1983)

LA: Nuclear Arms #4 (05/24/1983-06/09/1983)

LA - Nuclear Energy

LA - Nuclear Freeze

LA: Nuclear Weapons Safeguards

LA - Nunn-Roth Resolution

LA - Nunn, Sam

LA - Oberstar, James L. (M.C.)

LA - Office Legislative Affairs & Security Assistance

LA - Ottinger, Richard L.

LA - Panetta, Leon E. (M.C)

LA - PD-58

LA - Peace Academy

LA - Peace Through Strength

LA - Percy, Charles (Sen)

LA: Pipeline

LA - Poland

LA - Pope John Paul II


LA - Pressler, Larry (Sen)

LA - 1982 Priorities

LA - Project Democracy  (1)-(5)


Box 90305

LA - Protection of Diplomats

LA - Radio Marti #1 (1)-(7)

LA - Ratiner, Leigh

LA - Refugees

LA - Republican Policy Committee

LA - Roth, William V. (Sen)

LA - SCC (Standing Consultative Commission)

LA - Schmitt, H. (Sen)

LA - Schneider, Claudine (M.C.)

LA - Senate Steering Committee

LA - Shamansky, Robert

LA - Simpson, Alan

LA - Solomon, Gerald

LA - Southern Pacific

LA - Soviet Sanctions

LA - Soviet Studies Program

LA - Soviet Threat Briefing

LA - Soviet Union

LA - Space

LA - Specter, Arlen (Sen)

LA - Strategic Defense

LA - Symms, Steven D. (Sen)

LA - Technological Transfer

LA - Terrorism

LA - Textiles

LA - Thomas, William (M.C.)

LA - Thorpe, Jim

LA - Thurmond, Strom (Sen)

LA - Tower, John G. (Sen)

LA - Tsongas, Paul E.

LA - Vice President

LA - Wallop, Malcolm

LA - Weekly Summation

LA - White, Richard C. (M.C.)

LA - Williamsburg Summit

LA - Wilson C. (M.C.)

LA - Wright, Jim (M.C)

LA - Zablocki, Clem (Sen)

LA - Zumwalt, E.


Box 90306

LA - Abramowitz, Morton (Amb. To Indonesia)

LA - Clark, William P.

LA - Evans, Stanton

LA - Garfinkel, Steve

LA - Rogers, William

LA - Thompson, Robert


LA - Administrative Procedures

LA - LSG File

LA - NSC Meetings

LA - OPL File

LA – Presidential Proclamations

LA - State of the Union

LA - Wheeler, John P. III


Box 90307

Legal - Adelman, Kenneth

Legal - Agee, Philip

Legal - Allen, Richard (1)-(3)

Legal - Pauken, Thomas

Legal - Perlmutter, Amos

Legal - Pipes, Richard

Legal - Schweitier, Richard

Legal - Smalley, Ian

Legal - Sommer, Peter

Legal - Von Damn, Helen

Legal - Wettering, Fred

Legal - Woodward, Bob (Washington Post)

Legal - CIA

Legal - Dannemeyer, Wm. E.  (M.C.)

Legal - EATSCO

Legal - Farris, George

Legal - Fielding, Fred

Legal - Garfinkel, Steve

Legal - Grey, Robert T.

Legal - Kelcullen, Bernard G.

Legal - Lenz, Allen

Legal: Lilac, Robert, Col.

Legal - Lobbying

Legal - Mengele, Josef

Legal - Myers, Paul

Legal - Nance, James

Legal - Covert Action 1975-1980 (1)-(4)

Legal - Covert Action 1981-1983 (1)-(8)

Legal - Anderson, Jack

Legal - Army (US)

Legal - Berta, Mike

Legal - Browning, C.L.

Legal - Chatrnuck, Mary Lu

Legal - Cover [covert]


Box 90308

Legal - Aaron, David

Legal - Bloomfield; Lincoln P.

Legal - Brement, Marshall

Legal - Brooks, Bill (GAO & CIA)

Legal - Brezezinski, Zbigniew

Legal - Cutler, Lloyd

Legal - Daly Investigation [Leslie Daly]

Legal - Dodson, Christine

Legal - Gold, Sydell

Legal - Grano, John

Legal - Letelier (1)-(3)

Legal - Liberman, Jeffrey Frank

Legal - Lodal, Jan

Legal - Oplinger, Gerald

Legal - Thornton, Thomas

Legal - Winks, Gordon

Legal - Ethics


Box 90311    

LA: ACDA (Arms Control and Disarmament Agency)

LA - Adelman, Ken - Hearings

LA - Africa

LA - American Security Council

LA - Andrews, Mark

LA: Arms Transfers

LA - Armstrong. William

LA - Army

LA - Asian Development Bank

LA - Bailey, Don (M.C.)

LA - Baker, Howard (Sen)

LA - Barnes, Michael

LA - Bethune, Ed (M.C.)

LA - Boschwitz, Rudy

LA - Brady, Nicholas (Sen)

LA - Broadcasting

LA - Broomfield, Bill (M.C.)

LA - C-5

LA - Caribbean Resolution

LA - CBI #1

LA - CBI #2



LA: Chemical Weapons (1)-(3)

LA - Cheney, Dick


LA - Civil Defense

LA - Clark Amendment

LA - Cohen, William (Sen)

LA - Congressional Correspondence

LA - Congressional Leadership

LA - Cosmos 1402

LA - Cuba

LA - Cuban Resolution

LA - Defense [empty]

LA - Defense Initiatives

LA - Defense Production Act

LA - Denton, Jeremiah A. (M.C.)

LA - Dickinson, W. (Bill) (M.C.)

LA - Dingell, John

LA - Dole, Robert (Sen)

LA - Dornan, Robert E. (M.C.)

LA - Dreier, David (M.C.)

LA – Duberstein's Office

LA - East, John P. (Sen)

LA - Economic Summit


Box 90312

LA - Energy

LA - Enrolled Bills

LA: Export Administration Act (1)(2)

LA - Export of Alaskan Oil

LA - Falklands

LA - Fenwick, Millicent

LA - Ferroalloys

LA - Findley, Paul

LA - Foley, Thomas S. (M.C.)

LA - Foreign Mission Act

LA - FY 1983 Defense Budget

LA - FY 1984 Defense Budget

LA - FY 1984-1985 Legislative Initiatives

LA - FY 1983 Second Continuing Resolution

LA - General

LA - Gilman, Benjamin A. (M.C.)

LA - Gingrich, Newt

LA - Gist/State

LA - Glenn, John (Sen)

LA - Goldwater, Barry

LA - Grain

LA - R. Grey

LA - Habib, Philip

LA - Hamilton, Lee (Rep)

LA - Nance, Kent

LA - Hart, Gary

LA - Hatch, Orrin (Sen)

LA - Hatfield/Kennedy

LA - Hatfield, Mark (M.C.)

LA - Heinz, John

LA - Helms, Jesse (Sen)

LA - Hollings, Ernest F.

LA - Horton, Frank

LA - Hughes Briefing

LA - Hunter, Duncan

LA - Hyde, Henry

LA - Intelligence


Box 90313

LA - International Broadcasting

LA - Iran

LA - Japan Working Group

LA - Jackson, Henry (Sen)

LA - JCS Reorganization

LA - Jepsen, Roger W. (Sen)

LA - Johnson, J. Bennett (Sen)

LA - Kasten, Robert (Sen)

LA - Kemp, Jack (M.C.)

LA - Kennedy, Edward (Sen)

LA - Kramer, Ken

LA - Lagomarsino, Robert J. (M.C.)

LA - Lameduck Strategy

LA - Latin America

LA - Laxalt, Paul (Sen)

LA - Leach, Jim

LA - Lebanon

LA - LeBoutillier, John (M.C.)

LA - Legislative General

LA - Legislative Priorities

LA - Legislative Referral

LA - Legislative Review

LA - Legislative Strategy Group

LA - Levin, Carl

LA - Lewis, Jerry (M.C.)

LA - Libya

LA - Lowery, Bill (Rep)

LA - Lugar, Richard

LA - Martin, Lynn (M.C.)

LA - Mathias, Charles McC (Wen)

LA - McCloskey, Paul N. Jr. (M.C.)

LA - McClure, James A.

LA - Michel, Robert (M.C.)

LA - Micronesian

LA - Middle East Resolution

LA - Military Construction

LA - Montgomery, Gillespie V.

LA - Montreal Protocals

LA - Moynihan, Daniel P.

LA - Murkowski, Frank H.

LA - MX #1

LA - MX #2