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KING, GWENDOLYN S.: Files, 1981-86


Intergovernmental Affairs, White House Office of


          OA 15367

          March 1985-April 1985

          March 1985-April 1985: Puerto Rico, March 1985-April 1985

          January 1985-February 1985

          January 1985-February 1985: Puerto Rico, January 1985-February 1985

          Puerto Rico (12/01/1983-02/28/1984)

          Puerto Rico (12/01/1983-02/28/1984): Ferre

          Puerto Rico (03/01/1984-April 1984)

          Puerto Rico (03/01/1984-April 1984): Puerto Rican Task Force Meeting Thursday, 03/15/1984

          Puerto Rico (03/01/1984-April 1984): White House Briefing for Puerto Rican Leaders - Thursday, 03/15/1984

          Ft. Allen

          Ft. Allen: Ft. Allen (2 folders)

          [San Juan Newspapers and Miscellaneous Booklets]

          Puerto Rico Business Review     

          Puerto Rico - White House Task Force Meetings in Puerto Rico, 09/13/1981-09/16/1981

          [Unfoldered Material - Booklets and Pamphlets on Puerto Rico, Business Investments, Trade, and Caribbean Basin Initiatives]

          [Presentation to Andrew Card, 06/04/1986 re: Puerto Rico's Relationship with the Federal Government]

          [Puerto Rico: The Canzeri Company]


          OA 15368

          Puerto Rico, March 1986

          Puerto Rico 1986: Puerto Rico February 1986

          Puerto Rico 1986: Puerto Rico January 1986

          December 1985: Puerto Rico December 1985

          November 1985: Puerto Rico, November 1985

          October1985: Puerto Rico October 1985

          September 1985: Puerto Rico September 1985

          August 1985: Puerto Rico August 1985

          July 1985: Puerto Rico July 1985

          May 1985-June 1985

          May 1985-June 1985: Puerto Rico May 1985-June 1985


          OA 16160


[Mess Bills, 1986-1987]


[Travel Vouchers, 1986-1988] (1)-(3)

Women Executives in State Government – Tampa, FL, 11/12/1986

[National Governors Association] – Arkansas, November 1986 (1)(2)

[Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations] – San Francisco, 06/04/1987-06/05/1987 (1)(2)

United States Conference of Mayors – Nashville, TN, 06/14/1987-06/16/1987

          National Association of County Officials Conference – Indianapolis, IN, 07/13/1987-07/14/1987

          National Governors Association – Traverse City, MI, 07/25/1987-07/28/1987

          National Conference of State Legislatures – Indianapolis, IN, 07/27/1987-07/29/1987 [Empty]

          [American Legislative Exchange Council] – Coeur d’Alene, 08/27/1987-08/30/1987 (1)(2)

          Ford Foundation – New York, 09/17/1987, National Federation of Republican Women – Orlando, 09/19/1987

          National Association of Counties – Wingspread, WI, 11/15/1987-11/17/1987

          [Seminar for Newly Elected Mayors/Republican Governors Conference] - Cambridge/Santa Fe, 11/22/1987-11/24/1987 (1)(2)

[Mayor Harold Washington’s Funeral] – Chicago, 11/30/1987

          National League of Cities – Las Vegas, 12/13/1987-12/16/1987 


          OA 16166

          GSK / Black Pastors

          GSK / Black Issues

          GSK / South Africa (1)-(4)

          [Disaster Declaration - Micronesia]

          Council of 100 Black Women

          Appliance Standards

          Academy for State and Local Government

          GSK / Women

          Revenue Turn backs


          OA 18517

          Homeless (1)-(3)