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KLENK, JOHN: Files, 1988-1989


Policy Development, Office of


OA 19359

Tax Exemptions


Working Group on Federal Preemption

Tom Hess

Alan Ginsburg

John Giraudo

Kentucky Post

"Philanthropy" Article

White House Workshop on Choice - Letters

James Webb

White House Workshop on Choice 01/10/1989 Materials Given to Attendees (Binder ) (1)-(5)

Book on Health



Patrick Colquhoun

Ukrainian Famine

AIDS Education

"Sex Respect" Education

[Center for Disease Control] CDC Quarterly Reports (AIDS/HIV) (1)-(7)


OA 19362

E. Harlem Schools

Merrill Lynch Health Plan

Fetal Experimentation (1)-(40)

Miscellaneous Correspondence

Parents Music Resource Center

White House Workshop on Choice in Education I (1)-(3)

White House Workshop on Choice in Education II

White House Workshop on Choice in Education III

Urban Institute

Reagan Record - Education

Reagan Record - Family and Traditional Values

Education Spending

Black Family

Family Report

Youth Indicators

Corporate/Community School

Education Regulations, Chapters 1 and 2

Abortion / Birth Rates

BIA / Teacher Unions

OA 19365

Religious Freedom

Equal Access Act (1)-(4)

CDC AIDS Mailer (1)(2)

Health Policy Working Group [AIDS] (1)-(5)

Health Policy Working Group [AIDS], 07/11/1988

CDC Quarterly Report (AIDS) (1)-(4)

AIDS - 10 Point Action Plan (1)(2)

Parental Role in Education [AIDS]

(July 1988) CDC Quarterly Report (AIDS) (1)(2)

Child Care Working Group (5)

Basharov, Child Care

Bush Plan, Child Care

Sidewalk Vendors

Tax Exemption, Abortion Providers (1)-(3)

Issues Updates

Reagan Record, Education

Handicapped Definition

FDA (1)-(3)

"Philanthropy" Magazine Article

Title X

Unemployment Tax for Non-Church-Affiliated Schools

Urban Institute Report



OA 19368

White House Workshop on Choice in Education (1)-(3)

Chron January 1989

Chron November 1988-December 1988

Chron October 1988

Chron September 1988

Chron August 1988

Chron July 1988

Miscellaneous 1988

Alex Stuart

Health Policy Working Group

Family Report

"One Word of Truth"

Fetal Pain

Parents and Student Success

Ukrainian Famine 05/16/1988 (1)-(5) [Background for Speech]

William Durden/CTY




Tom Lichona

Peg and Ann Zeloski

Ed Eichel

Dr. Watson


Religious Freedom / Secular Humanism / Religion in Schools

Family Stability / Divorce

Fetal Experimentation