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KNAUER, VIRGINIA H.: Files, 1981-1983


Public Liaison, White House Office of, 1981-1983

US Office of Consumer Affairs, Director and Special Advisor to the President for Consumer Affairs (Federal Records) – See separate inventory


Virginia Knauer, the chief consumer advisor for Presidents Nixon and Ford (1969-1977), performed this same role for President Reagan. From 1981 to 1983 she worked within the White House Office of Public Liaison, and dealt with public liaison outreach in addition to consumer issues. After Elizabeth Dole resigned as Director of Public Liaison in 1983, Knauer was reassigned to the Department of Health and Human Services and given the title of Special Advisor to the President for Consumer Affairs. She was moved to HHS and her salary was fully from the agency, so her material from that time period is a federal record.



          OA 7362

          Acid Rain

          Airport Access Task Force

          Alcoholic Beverages Warning Labels

          Alliance for Cannabis Therapeutics

          Amerasian Children Bill

          American Council on Alcoholism, Inc.

          Association for Social Economics

          Baylor University

          Block Grants

          CARE Association

          Care of the Earth

          Children to Children Foundation

          Combined Federal Campaign

          Consignment Shops

          Council of State Governments

          Delaware Disadvantaged Foundation

          Drug Abuse - Miscellaneous

          Duke University

          Economic Package – President Reagan’s

          Economy - Miscellaneous

          Education – Student Assistance

          Enterprise Zone Proposals

          Family Opportunity Act

          Gifts for President / First Lady

          Girlstown, USA

          Green Hill Social Club

          Illinois State University

          Joint Council on Economic Education

          Junior League of St. Louis


          Minnesota Foster Parents Association

          National Academy of Sciences

          National Association of Social Workers

          National Children's Day

          National Coalition for Adequate Alcoholism Programs

          National Committee for World Food Day

          National Consumer Credit Education Week

          National Council on Alcoholism

          National Endowment of the Arts

          National Family Week

          National Federation of Societies for Clinical Social Work, Inc.

          National Home Sewing Month

          National Housing Week 1982 

          National Poison Prevention Week

          National School Bus Safety Week 1982

          National Science Foundation

          Natural Gas Decontrol

          New Federalism

          Office of Public Liaison (VK notes)

          Orphan Drug Act

          Parents Without Partners

          President's Commission on Housing

          President's Task Force on Private Sector Initiatives

          Product Liability Law Hearings

          Professional Adolescent Center for Treatment

          Recommended White House Strategies for Older Americans 02/15/1983

          Reconciliation Act

          Refugee Assistance Amendment

          Regulations - Important Ones in 1982

          Rutgers University

          Seattle University

          Social Issues (Miscellaneous)


          Social Security

          Strategy - Knauer Portfolio 1981-1982


          OA 7363

          Task Force on Regulatory Relief

          Tax Cut – Impact on Woman

          Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act – 1982

          Travel and Tourism Industry Advisory Council (Senate Commerce Committee)

          United Way

          Used Car Rule

          Voluntary Effort


          White House Conference on Youth

          World's Fair 1982



          OA 7363 (Continued)

          Accent on Living"

          Advice, Inc. (Aging)

          Age Discrimination in Employment Act Studies


          Aging / Elderly

          Aging in America, Inc.

          Aging – Office of Consumer Affairs Older Americans Report

          Aging - General Correspondence

          Aging - News Clips

          Aging Organizations Press List

          Aging Publications - Newsletters

          Aging Special Events

          American Association of Homes for the Aging

          American Association of Retired Persons

          American Cemetery Association

          American Federation for Aging Research, Inc. (AFAR)

          Amigo Sales, Inc.

          Arizona Governor's Advisory Council on Aging

          Association of Pension Holders from the Country of Puerto Rico

          Budget Reduction Impact (on Elderly)

          California Commission on Aging

          California Legislative Council for Older Americans

          California State Federation of Chapters

          Catholic Committee for the Aging of San Francisco

          Citizenship Council of Metro Chicago

          Cosmopolitan Concepts, Inc.

          Council of Senior Citizens

          Consortium on Information and Referral Services for Older People

          Energy and Aging Conference – Summary Report

          Federal Assistance for Those in Need of Help (Aging)

          Federal Council on the Aging

          Foster Grandparent Program


          OA 7364

          Generic Pharmaceutical Industries Association

          Gerontological Society of America

          Golden Age Songsters (Aging)

          Gray Panthers of Metropolitan Washington

          Green Thumb Organization - Aged

          Help the Aged


          Interagency Committee on Aging

          International Federation on Aging

          Lewis, Elvira Foundation (Elderly)

          Mandatory Retirement

          Michigan Senior Advocates Council

          Milwaukee County Office on Aging

          National Alliance of Senior Citizens, Inc.

          National Association for Senior Citizens, Inc.

          National Association of Area Agencies on Aging

          National Association of Mature People

          National Association of State Units on Aging

          National Association of Widowed People

          National Caucus and Center on Black Aged, Inc.

          National Council on the Aging

          National Council on the Handicapped

          National Institute on Aging

          National Interfaith Coalition on Aging

          National Retired Teachers Association

          National Senior Citizen Law Center

          Neighborhood Centers Association

          New Mexico State Agency on Aging

          New York State Conference for the Aging

          New York Statewide Senior Action Council, Inc.

          North American Council on Aging

          Nursing Home and Research Council

          Nursing Home Issues

          Ohio Coalition of Senior Citizens Organizations, Inc.

          Oklahoma Alliance on Aging

          Older Americans Month May 1981

          Older Americans Unite for Action

          Older Americans Volunteer Program

          Retired Pilots Association

          Retired Senior Voluntary Program

          Senate Report on Aging - Senator Heinz

          Senior Achievement Corp.

          Senior Citizens

          Senior Homeowners Association

          Senior Life

          Sertoma, Intl.

          Social Security (1)-(3)

          Social Security Act Bill Signing

          Social Security Bipartisan Commission

          Social Security (Miscellaneous)

          South Suburban Council on Aging

          Surfside Senior Citizens Club

          Travelers Insurance - Concerns for Older Americans

          Urban Elderly Coalition

          White House Conference on Aging

          White House Conference on Aging Advisory Board



          OA 7365

          Acme Markets

          Agency for Instructional Television

          Alliance of Information and Referral Systems

          Alpha Beta Company

          American Broadcasting Company

          American Energy Education Foundation

          American Enterprise Institute

          American Heritage Publishing Company

          American Meat Institute

          American National Standards Institute

          American Petroleum Institute

          American Public Power Association

          American Railroads

          American Red Cross

          American Retail Federation

          American Sewing Guild (The)

          American Society for Industrial Issues

          American Telephone and Telegraph

          American Textile Manufacturers Institute

          American Youth Hostel Federation

          Amway Corporation

          Arkansas Advertising Federation

          Association of Junior Leagues, Inc.

          Atlantic Council of the U.S.

          Atlantic Electric Company

          Atlantic Richfield Corporation

          Atlas Van Lines

          Bank of America

          Betty Crocker Food and Nutrition Center

          B'Nai B'Rith International

          Borden, Inc.

          Braddock Publishing

          Business Roundtable

          Business Week

          C and P Telephone

          Cable Satellite Programming

          Captain, Syd

          Chevron, Inc.,

          Christian Broadcasting Network, Inc.

          Christian Embassy

          Christian Science Monitor

          Clearinghouse on Corporate and Social Responsibility

          CNA Insurance Company

          CNY Centro Company

          Coca Cola Company

          Columbia Broadcasting System


          Consumer Credit Counseling Service of South Florida, Inc.

          Corning Glass Company

          Cosmopolitan Concepts , Inc.

          Creative Food Service

          Crocker Bank

          Daughters of the American Revolution

          Day Care Council of America, Inc.

          Dayton Hudson Company

          Dealers Safety and Mobility Council

          Defense Credit Union Council

          Del Monte Corporation

          Tom Drews and Affiliates

          East Ohio Gas Company

          Encyclopaedia Britannica, Inc.

          Equitable Life Assurance Society of the U.S.

          Fathing Fabricare

          Federal Home Loan Bank Board of Seattle

          Federal Union, Inc.

          Fred Emery Associates

          Firestone Tire and Rubber Company

          Fraser Associates

          General Electric Company

          General Foods Corporation

          General Mills Corporation

          General Motors Corporation

          General Warranty Corporation

          Giant Foods, Inc.

          Gimbel Awards

          Glenmore Distilleries Company

          Good Housekeeping Magazine

          Gridiron Club

          Grolier Yearbook

          Gulf and Western Industries

          Hallmark Cards, Inc.

          Haney Company (The)

          Heiden, Pittaway Associates, Inc.

          Hershey Foods Corporation

          Hill and Knowlton

          Holland America Line

          American Honda Motor Company, Inc.

          Housing Conservation Coordinators

          Housing Magazine

          International Business Machines Corporation

          International Management and Development Institute

          Interstate Brands Corporation

          In-Touch Networks, Inc.

          Jewell Food Stores

          Jewish Community Council of Greater Washington

          Jean Judge and Associates

          Johnson and Johnson

          Kaiser Aluminum and Chemical Corporation

          Kappa Delta Epsilon

          Kearns International

          Kellogg Company

          Kemper Group Life Insurance

          Kitchen and Bathroom Specialties

          Knauer and Associates

          Kraft, Inc.

          Leighton, Conklin, Lemov, Jacobs and Buckley

          Kroger Company

          Lewis and Gilman - Advertisers

          Licensed Beverage Information Council

          Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce

          Los Angeles Times

          Louisville Times – Louisville, KY

          Thea Marshall Communications, Inc.

          Maryland Electric Utility Council

          Mead Data Central

          Mexican American Opportunity Foundation

          Michael W. Moynihan Public Affairs Consultants

          Nabisco, Inc.

          National Academy of Conciliators

          National Advisory Council on Adult Education

          National Air Transportation Association

          National Alliance of Business

          National Association of Career Women's Civic Clubs Inc.

          National Association of Chain Drug Stores, Inc.

          National Association of Federal Credit Unions

          National Association of Hosiery Manufacturers

          National Association of Manufacturers

          National Association of Prevention Professionals, Inc.

          National Association of Realtors

          National Association of Retail Druggists

          National Association of Retired Federal Employees

          National Association Protection and Advocacy Systems

          National Broadcasting Company

          National Institute of Building Sciences

          National Safety Council

          National Veterans Service

          Navy Federal Credit Union

          Neo/Research Energy Foundation, Inc.

          New American"

          New York Life Insurance Company

          New York Times

          Ellen Newman Association

          Opinion Research Corporation

          Owens-Corning Fiberglass Corporation

          Patrick H. Hare Planning and Design

          JC Penney Company, Inc.

          People Magazine


          Phillip Morris, Inc.

          Piedmont Aviation, Inc.

          Proctor and Gamble Company (The)

          Prudential Insurance Company of America

          Reliable Stores Corporation

          Revlon Research Center, Inc.

          Rexnord, Inc.

          Scott Paper Company

          Screen Actors Guild

          Sears and Roebuck Company

          Shaklee Corporation

          Smith, Kline and French Laboratories

          Sonneborn Memorial Lectureship

          Steuben Society of America

          Stop and Shop Companies, Inc.

          Stouffer Foods


          Tippers International

          Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A., Inc.

          Travenal Laboratories, Inc.

          U.S. News Washington Letter

          United Brands Company

          Volkswagen of America, Inc.

          Wall Street Journal

          Washington Forum

          Whirlpool Corporation

          Williams Foods, Inc.

          World Business Council

          World’s Fair

          WTTG TV

          Yanklelovich, Skully and White

          Young Women’s Christian Association

          Zayre Corporation



          OA 7366

          Affirmative Action Policy

          Alabama Facilities and Information Network Development (Disabled)

          American Cancer Society

          American Coalition for Citizens with Disabilities

          American Association of Workers for the Blind, Inc.

          American College of Emergency Physicians

          American Deafness and Rehabilitation Association

          American Diabetes Association, Inc.

          American Foundation for the Blind

          American Foundation for the Deaf

          American Occupational Therapy Association

          American Paralysis Association

          American Physical Therapist Association

          American Speech / Language / Hearing Association

          Architectural and Transportation Board

          Architectural Barriers Board

          Arizona Association of Rehabilitation Facilities

          Arthritis (Miscellaneous)

          Assisting the Disabled with Employment, Placement and Training (ADEPT)

          Association for the Advancement of the Mentally Handicapped

          Association for Children and Adults with Learning Disabilities

          Association for Retarded Citizens of Mesa County

          Atlantic Richfield Company

          Austin Resource Center (Texas)


          Barrett, Hanna, Daly and Gaspar

          Barrier-Free Communications, Inc.

          Blinded Veterans of America

          Bureau of Rehabilitation Services

          Cabinet Council on Human Resources Group on Handicapped Policy

          California Association of Physically Handicapped, Inc.

          California Department of Rehabilitation

          California Paralyzed Veterans Association

          Cancer Panel (President’s)


          Cardiac Transamerica Bicycle Relay Ride

          Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Week

          Center for Orthopedic Care

          Cerebral Palsy Foundation

          CHARLEE Program (Children Have All Rights: Legal, Educational and Emotional)

          Children's Diabetic Foundation

          Christmas Seal Month (National)

          Chronic Organic Brain Syndrome Society

          Closed Caption TV Month (National)

          Combined Federal Campaign

          Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities

          Commission Rehabilitation Services – Topeka, KS

          Committee for Purchase from the Blind and Other Severely Disabled

          Committee to Combat Huntington's Disease

          Connecticut General Life Insurance

          Consumer Assistance Services, Inc. (Disabled)

          Cosmopolitan Concepts

          Cystic Fibrosis Week 1982 (National)

          DePaul Institute for the Deaf

          Deaf Issues


          Diabetes Month 1982 (National)

          Disability Groups

          Disabled Organizations Press List

          District of Columbia Project of Independent Living for the Handicapped

          District of Columbia Society for Crippled Children

          Decade of Disabled Persons 1982-1992

          Downs Syndrome Congress

          Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa Research Association

          Education for All Handicapped Children's Act

          Electronic Industries Association

          Employment of Disabled (Reagan Initiatives)

          Epilepsy Foundation of America

          Film Festival of Rehabilitation International – U.S.A. 1981

          Foundation for Children with Learning Disabilities

          Freewheelers Association

          Gallaudet College

          Genessee County Association of Retarded Citizens

          Goodwill Industries of America

          Governor's Committee on Employment of the Handicapped - Maryland

          Governor's Committee on Employment of the Handicapped – Rhode Island

          Greater Boston Volunteer Committee for International Year of Disabled Persons

          Green Door (The)

          Handicaps Unlimited of Virginia

          Handicaps Unlimited of Virginia, Inc.

          Handicapped Association of Texas

          Handicapped Volunteer of the Year


          Horizon House

          Hospital Financial Management Association

          Human Resources Center (Disabled)

          Huntington’s Disease

          Independent Living for the Handicapped, Inc.

          Innovative Software

          Institute of Rehabilitative Medicine

          International Center for the Disabled

          International Games for the Disabled

          International Executive Service Corporation (Disabled)

          International Year of the Disabled


          OA 7367

          International Year of Disabled Persons – 1981 (Memo to Departments/Agencies)

          Jobs for the Handicapped

          Kainos (Disabled)

          Kemp and Young, Inc.

          Kemper Group (Disabled)

          Ken-Crest Centers (Disabled)

          Krents, Harold

          Krents - Harold Disabled Programs

          League of Disabled Voters

          Little People International Conference

          Lupus Awareness Week 1982

          Lupus Foundation of America

          March of Dimes

          Maryland Committee to Create a Trust Fund for Independent Living for Disabled Persons

          Maryland Governor's Committee on Employment of the Handicapped

          Massachusetts Commission on the Employment of the Handicapped

          Menninger Foundation

          Mental Retardation (President's Committee)

          Michigan Commission on Handicapper Concerns

          Montana Association for the Blind, Inc.

          Montgomery County Committee for the Employment of Handicapped Persons

          Muscular Dystrophy Association

          Myasthenia Gravis Awareness Week - 1982

          National Accreditation Council (Disabled)

          National Alzheimer's Disease Week 1982

          National Arthritis Month 1983

          National Association for the Deaf-Blind

          National Association of Physically Handicapped

          National Association of Protection and Advocacy Systems

          National Association of Rehabilitation Facilities

          National Association of Rehabilitation Research and Training Centers

          National Captioning Institute

          National Center on Employment of the Handicapped / Industry-Labor Council

          National Council for Handicapped and Disabled Citizens, Inc.

          National Council on Communication Disorders

          National Council on Communicative Disorders

          National Council on the Handicapped

          National Cystic Fibrosis

          National Diabetes Month 1982

          National Disabled Veterans Week - 1982

          National Easter Seal Society

          National Employ the Handicapped Week

          National Federation of the Blind

          National Foundation for Ileitis and Colitis, Inc.

          National Foundation for Infectious Diseases

          National Huntington's Disease Association

          National Industries for the Blind

          National Institute of Handicapped Research

          National Multiple Sclerosis Society - I


          OA 7368

          National Multiple Sclerosis Society - II

          National Office on Disability

          National Parkinson's Disease Week 1983

          National Parkinson's Foundation

          National Recognition Day for Nurses 1982

          National Rehabilitation Association

          National Rehabilitation Information Center

          National Retinitis Pigmentosa Foundation

          National Spinal Cord Injury Month

          National Sports Council of Easter Seals (Disabled)

          National Year of Disabled Persons 1982

          New England Association of Business, Industry and Rehabilitation, Inc.

          Northern Maryland Association for Retarded Citizens, Inc.

          Norwalk, CA (City of)

          Norwegian Disabled Visitor

          Ohio Association for Retarded Citizen

          Organization for Use of the Telephone

          Paralympic Games 1982

          Paralyzed Veterans of America

          People First of Colorado

          Performing Arts Theatre for the Handicapped

          Perkins School for the Blind

          Phone Power Programs (Disabled)

          President's Committee on Employment of the Handicapped

          President's Committee on Mental Retardation

          Project Outward Bound

          Project Partnership

          Project Partnership (Disabled)

          Project Unite

          Projects with Industry (PWI) Program

          Recording for the Blind Foundation

          Red Cross Month 1983

          Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago

          Rehabilitation International U.S.A.

          Rehabilitation Services Administration

          Resumes (Disabled)

          Rochester Institute of Technology

          Saint Jude's Children's Society

          Saint Paul, MN - Mayor's Committee for Handicapped Persons

          Save Your Vision Week 1982

          Save Your Vision Week 1983

          Schwab Rehabilitation Center

          Security Task Force for Senior, Mentally and Physically Handicapped Citizens of the


          Second International Summit Meeting on Leukemia and Lymphomas

          Sister Kenny Institute

          South Carolina Vocational Rehabilitation Department

          Southwest Collegiate Institute for the Deaf

          Speaking for Ourselves - University of Kansas (Disabled)

          Speech and Hearing Foundation

          Spinal Cord Injury Organization

          Steelcase, Inc.

          Texas Association of Workers for the Blind

          Texas Governor's Committee on Employment of the Handicapped

          Tourette Syndrome Association

          Transportation - (Disabled)

          United Cerebral Palsy Association, Inc.

          United Diabetes Association

          U.S. Council for International Year of Disabled Persone

          United Together, Inc.

          United Way

          Vinland National Center (Disabled)

          Virginia Advisory Council on Needs of Handicapped Persons

          Virginia Governor's Handicapped Commission

          Warner Amex Cable Communications (Disabled)

          White Cane Safety Day

          Wisconsin Rehabilitation Association

          Youthwork, Inc.



          OA 7369

          American Academy of Child Psychiatry

          American Academy of Ophthalmology - I

          American Academy of Ophthalmology - II

          American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons

          American Academy of Pediatrics - I

          American Academy of Pediatrics - II

          American Academy of Physician Assistants

          American Association for Cancer Education

          American Association for Respiratory Therapy

          American Association for Suicidology

          American Association for the Surgery of Trauma

          American Association for World Health, Inc.

          American Association of Blood Banks

          American Association of Critical Care Nurses

          American Association of Occupational Health Nurses

          American Association of Physicians and Surgeons

          American Blood Commission

          American Cancer Society

          American Chiropractic Association

          American College of Cardiology

          American College of Emergency Physicians

          American College of General Practitioners in Osteopathic Medicine and Surgery

          American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists

          American College of Preventive Medicine

          American College of Radiology

          American Council on Alcohol Problems

          American Council on Science and Health (1)-(4)

          American College of Cardiology

          American College of Nursing Home Administrators

          American Dental Association

          American Dental Hygienists Association

          American Dietetic Association

          American Group Psychotherapy Association, Inc.

          American Health Care Association

          American Heart Association

          American Heart Month 1982

          American Heart Month 1983

          American Hospital Association

          American Institute of Nutrition

          American Lung Association

          American Medical Association

          American Medical Student Association

          American Nurses Association

          American Occupational Therapy Association, Inc.

          American Optometric Association - I

          American Optometric Association - II

          American Osteopathic Hospital Association

          American Pharmaceutical Association

          American Physical Therapy Association

          American Psychiatric Association

          American Psychological Association

          American Public Health Association

          American Public Health Foundation

          American Rape Prevention Association

          American Red Cross

          American School Health Association

          American Self-Health Association

          American Society for Medical Technology

          American Society of Dentistry for Children

          Association for the Advancement of Psychology

          Association of American Physicians and Surgeons

          Association of Teachers of Preventive Medicines

          Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Texas

          Bethesda Hospital and Deaconess Association

          Blue Cross / Blue Shield

          California Association of Health Facilities

          California Medical Association

          California Pharmacists Association

          California Society for Respiratory Therapy

          Cambridge Diet

          Cancer Congress (13th International)


          Center for Environmental Physiology

          Central New York Health Systems Agency, Inc.

          Chicago Heart Association

          Child Health Day

          Chronic Organic Brain Syndrome Society

          Coalition on Smoking or Health

          Colorado Society for Clinical Social Work

          Commission for Responsible Health Policy

          Community Nutrition Network

          Comprehensive Benefits Service Company, Inc.

          Comprehensive Health Planning in South Illinois, Inc.

          Conference of Major Superiors of Men

          Dental Care (General)

          Dental Manufacturers of America

          Dentsply International

          District of Columbia Hospital Association

          Down Syndrome

          Drug Abuse

          Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa Research Association of America


          Eye Donor Month 1983

          Family Health Foundation of America

          Federation of American Hospitals

          Federation of Protestant Welfare Agencies, Inc.

          Fitness for Life

          Food and Nutrition Steering Committee (Voluntary)

          Georgia Psychiatric Association

          Greater Southeast Community Hospital Foundation, Inc,.

          Greenwich Health Association

          Health Care – Business Roundtable

          Health Care Costs

          Health Coalition for the "Truly Needy"

          Health Groups

          Health Industry Manufacturers Association

          Health Insurance Association of America

          Health Issues


          OA 7370

          Health Maintenance Organizations [empty]

          High Blood Pressure Association

          Hospitals (General)

          Home-Bound Medical Care, Inc.

          Hospital Institution and Educational Food Service Society

          Hypothermia (Body Temperature)

          Illinois Society for Clinical Social Work

          Indian Health Service

          Infant Formula (1)-(3)

          Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine

          Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine (New York University)

          International Society for Burn Injuries

          Kentucky Hospital Association

          Kentucky Society for Clinical Social Work

          Kentucky Society of Pathologists

          Lapeer County Community Mental Health Center

          Loma Linda University Medical Center

          Louisiana State Medical Society

          Maryland Association of Health Care Providers

          Maryland Psychiatric Society, Inc.

          Medic Alert Foundation International

          Medic - National Medic Alert Week

          Medical Specialties Advisory Group

          Medical Specialties Issues Forum

          Medical Specialties Issue Forum

          Medical Association of Georgia

          Mental Health

          Mental Health Association

          Michigan Nurses Association

          Michigan Society for Infection Control

          Missouri Pharmaceutical Association

          Missouri State Medical Association

          Morris Foundation

          Mount Vernon Narcotic Guidance Council

          National Association for Home Care

          National Association for Hospital Development

          National Association for Practical Nurse Education Service

          National Association of Children’s Hospitals

          National Association of Community Health Centers

          National Association of Dental Labs

          National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians

          National Association of Home Health Agencies

          National Association of Private Psychiatric Hospitals

          National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors

          National Back Foundation

          National Board on Mental Health

          National Burn Victim Foundation

          National Cancer Advisory Board

          National Cancer Foundation

          National Center on Child Abuse and Neglect

          National Coalition for Emergency Medical Services

          National Coalition of Hispanic Mental Health and Human Services Organizations

          National Conference on Smoking and Health

          National Committee for World Food Day

          National Council for Therapy and Rehabilitation through Horticulture

          National Council of Health Centers

          National Dental Association

          National Dental Council

          National Federation of Licensed Practical Nurses

          National Health Action Committee, Allentown, PA

          National Health Agencies

          National Health Council

          National Health Federation

          National Health Insurance Program (General)

          National Health Screening Council for Volunteer Organizations

          National Hemophilia Foundation

          National Home Health Care Week 1982

          National Homecaring Council

          National Hospice Week 1982

          National Hospital Week 1981

          National Institute of Mental Health

          National League of Nursing

          National Medic Alert Week

          National Mental Health Association

          National Mental Health Counselors Week 1983

          National Mental Health Month

          National Mental Health Week 1983

          National Phlebotomy Association

          National Physical Therapy Week

          National Poison Prevention Week 1983

          National Recognition Day for Nurses

          National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians

          National Respiratory Therapy Week 1982

          National Volunteer Blood Donor Month

          Nebraska Psychiatric Society

          Network for Better Nutrition

          New England Deaconess Hospital

          New York Academy of Medicine

          New York Hospital / Cornell Medical Ctr.

          New York State Department of Health

          New York University Medical Center

          Nisi Foundation (Elderly)

          North Dakota Health Care Association

          Northeastern Neurological Association, Inc.

          Nurses PRN

          Nursing Homes

          Nursing Homes 1982 (National Week of)

          Nutrition Foundation

          Office of Health Maintenance Organizations

          Ohio Osteopathic Association

          Pediatric Neuropsychiatric Associates

          Pennsylvania College of Podiatric Medicine

          Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association

          Pharmacopeial Convention, Inc.

          Pharmex Corporation (Health Association Related)


          President's Council on Physical Fitness

          Protective Medicine Center

          Public Voice

          Red Cross Month 1983

          Renal Physicians Association

          Rhode Island Interagency Council on Smoking and Health

          Rush Presbyterian / St. Luke's Medical Center

          St. Louis Sisters of Mercy (Presidential Message)

          Santa Barbara Medical Foundation Clinic

          Schmidt, Terry L., Inc. (Health)

          School Lunch Program 1982

          Scleroderma Week 1982 (National)

          Smoking Issues

          Smoking - National Interagency Council on Smoking and Health

          Society for Neuroscience

          Society for Nutritional Education

          Society of Professional Benefit Administrators

          Sodium Labeling

          Southern California. Psychiatric Society

          Southern California. School of Medicine

          Student National Medical Association

          Student Nurses Association

          Sudden Infant Crib Death

          Texas Society of Pathologists

          Totalcare International, Inc.

          Trauma Care – First National Symposium – Presidential Greeting – 01/07/1982

          United Cerebral Palsy Association

          University of Texas – Health Science Center at Houston

          Utah Lung Association

          Virginia Mental Health Counselors Association

          Visiting Nurses Association

          Voluntary Effort

          Washington Business Group on Health

          Washington Center for the Study of Services (Health)

          World Congress for Mental Health 1983

          World Food Day 1981

          World Food Day 1982

          World Health Day



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          Chron Files - March 1981

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          Confidential Memos to EHD


          OA 7373

          Dole, Elizabeth Correspondence 1982

          Report to Elizabeth Dole 05/13/1981

          Lozano Correspondence 1981

          Congratulatory Letters (VK)

          Invitations Accepted / Declined 1981-1983

          Friday Reports 1981


          OA 7374

          Friday Reports 1982

          Friday Reports (1983 - White House)

          White House Memos 1981-1982

          White House Memos 1983


          SERIES VII:  SPEECHES 1981-1983

          OA 7375

          03/12/1981 - Washington, D.C. - Food Marketing Institute

          03/18/1981 - Chicago, Illinois - Better Business Bureau of Metropolitan Chicago

          03/24/1981 - Washington, D.C. - American Dietetic Association

          03/24/1981 - Philadelphia, PA - Insurance Industry Consumer Affairs Spring Conference

          03/25/1981 - Washington, D.C. - Federal Consumer Education and Information Liaison

          03/26/1981 - Washington, D.C. - Budget Hearings - FY 1982 House Appropriations

          04/11/1981 - Philadelphia, PA - International Friendship Fete of the Women for Greater


          04/13/1981 - Washington, D.C. - Washington Journalism Center's Conference on

                   Information, Taxes and the Consumer

          04/16/1981 - Washington, D.C. - Direct Mail Marketing Association's Committee on

                   Ethical Practices

          04/23/1981 - San Francisco, CA - Press Briefing on Project Partnership

          04/24/1981 - Los Angeles, CA - Press Briefing on Project Partnership

          04/24/1981 – Los Angeles, CA – "Project Partnership" Luncheon Address

          05/07/1981 - Washington, D.C. - Electronic Industry Foundation Project with Industry

          05/19/1981 - Long Island, NY - Nassau County Department of Senior Citizen Affairs

          05/20/1981 - Philadelphia, PA - Philadelphia Rotary Club

          06/16/1981 -Washington, D.C. - Testimony before the Sub-Committee on Surface

                   Transportation, Committee on Public Works and Transportation, U.S. House of


          06/22/1981 - Washington, D.C. - National Conference of the Society of Consumer Action

                   Professionals in Business

          06/25/1981 - Dallas, TX - 11th Annual Women's Conference of the Federal Women's

                   Committee Federal Executive Board

          07/15/1981 - Denver, CO - National Association of Federal Credit Unions

          07/27/1981 - Washington, D.C. - Consumer Affairs Council

          07/29/1981 - New York, NY - Press Briefing of Project Partnership

          08/03/1981 - Washington, D.C. - University of Pennsylvania Wharton MBA Students

          08/04/1981 - Harrisburg, PA - Fraud and the Elderly - William Penn Memorial Museum


          08/05/1981 - Washington, D.C. - George Washington University

          08/11/1981 - Dallas, TX - National Funeral Directors Association

          09/09/1981 - Washington, D.C. - National Business Consortium for Educating Gifted and

                   Talented Children

          09/10/1981 - Washington, D.C. - Responding to the Health Care Consumer Conference

          09/22/1981 - Washington, D.C. - Briefing to Japanese International Year of Disabled

                   Persons Visit Group

          09/24/1981 - Washington, D.C. - Washington Business Group on Health

          09/29/1981 - Washington, D.C. - New Independence for Low Income, Aging and

                   Disabled Consumers Conference

          09/30/1981 - Washington, D.C. - Atlantic Richfield Company

          10/08/1981 - Washington, D.C. - Department of Commerce Awards Ceremony -1981

                   Outstanding Handicapped Federal Employees Award

          10/16/1981 - Dallas, TX - American Movers Conference

          10/17/1981 - Hershey, PA - Annual Convention Republican Women of  Pennsylvania

          10/21/1981 - Orlando, FL - Governor's Committee on Employment of the Handicapped

          10/21/1981 - South Orlando, FL - South Orlando Kiwanis Club

          10/22/1981 - Washington, D.C. - National Institute of Building Sciences

          10/27/1981 - Chicago, IL - Private Label Manufacturers Association

          10/28/1981 - Seattle, WA - Better Business Bureau and United Way Volunteer


          10/28/1981 - Seattle, WA - Seattle Rotary Club

          10/29/1981 - Chicago, IL - Food Marketing Institute's Midwestern Regional Press


          10/30/1981 - Chicago, IL - Consumer Action Now Program

          10/30/1981 - Chicago, IL - Blue Cross/Blue Shield Symposium

          11/10/1981 - San Francisco, CA - San Francisco Chamber of Commerce Women's


          11/12/1981 - Oklahoma City, OK - Fifth Mid-American Consumer Conference

          11/19/1981 - Washington, D.C. - Consumer Affairs Council

          12/02/1981 - Washington, D.C. - White House Conference on Aging

          12/04/1981 - Washington, D.C. - Health Industry Manufacturers Association

          01/11/1982 - New York, NY - New York Chapter of Society of Consumer Affairs


          01/11/1982 - New York, NY - National Retail Merchants Association

          01/12/1982 - New York, NY - Better Business Bureau of Metropolitan New York

          01/22/1982 - Las Vegas, NV - National Association of Home Builders Conference - Press


          01/23/1982 - Las Vegas, NV - National Association of Home Builders - Consumer Panel

                   - Building Consumer Confidence through Effective Customer Service

          02/04/1982 - Arlington, VA - Energy and Aging Consortium - Building Partnerships:

                   Strategies for Older Americans and Their Energy Suppliers

          02/09/1982 - Washington, D.C. - Credit Union National Association – Governmental

                   Affairs Conference

          02/11/1982 - Washington, D.C. - Washington Forum - Lawyers Club

          02/18/1982 - Atlanta, GA - , Food Marketing Institute - Southern Regional Press


          02/24/1982 - Alexandria, VA - Commonwealth Republican Women's Club

          03/02/1982 - San Diego, CA - International Tape/Disc Association Seminar

          03/09/1982 - Washington, D.C. - National Association of Attorneys General Sub-

                   Committee on Consumer Protection

          03/23/1982 - Washington, D.C. - Consumer Affairs Council

          03/29/1982 - Arlington, VA - Agency for Instructional TV and the Joint Council on

                   Economic Education

          03/31/1982 - Washington, D.C. - Solar Energy Industries Association Leadership


          04/01/1982 - Washington, D.C. - American Society for Quality Control – National

                   Conference for Quality

          04/02/1982 - Washington, D.C. - Second National Conference On Long-Term Care


          04/13/1982 - Washington, D.C. - National Food Processors Association - Claims

                   Committee Annual Meeting

          04/20/1982 - Bethesda, MD - Kenwood Citizens Association

          04/22/1982 - Sharonville, OH - Avon Products, Inc. Reception

          04/23/1982 - Columbus, OH - American Council on Consumer Interests

          04/27/1982 - Washington, D.C. - National Consumers Week Ceremony

          04/30/1982 - Washington, D.C. - Council for Better Hearing and Speech

          05/17/1982 - Washington, D.C. –Republican National Committee Senior Congressional


          05/17/1982 - Washington, D.C. - D.C. Special Olympics Torch Run Ceremony

          05/21/1982 - Washington, D.C. - D.C. Chapter of the American Red Cross

          05/25/1982 - Lexington, KY - Fifth Annual Kentucky Conference on Volunteerism

          06/01/1982 - Chicago, IL - National Dairy Month Press Breakfast

          06/02/1982 - Washington, D.C. - Federation of Women's Clubs - Korean Delegation

          06/15/1982 - Washington, D.C. - Annual Meeting - Health Fair Project Directors from


          06/16/1982 - Washington, D.C. - Consumers Affairs Council

          06/18/1982 - Washington, D.C. - Energy-Saving Device Fraud Prevention Council

          06/21/1982 - Tokyo, Japan - International Consumer Leader Dialogue on "American

                   Consumer Movement and Current Consumer Policies"

          06/23/1982 - Kyoto, Japan - Consumer Living Science Center

          06/24/1982 - Fukuoka, Japan - Fukuoka American Center - American Consumer


          06/25/1982 - Osaka, Japan - Osaka American Center

          07/08/1982 - Minneapolis, MN - National Federation of the Blind Convention

          07/12/1982 - Washington D.C. - Wharton Public Policy Students

          07/22/1982 -. Los Angeles, CA - Electronic Industries Foundation

          08/05/1982 - New York, NY - Del Monte Press Conference

          09/13/1982 - Washington D.C. - Consumer Education and Information Liaison


          09/15/1982 - Rochester, NY - Women's Council, Rochester Chamber of Commerce

          09/17/1982 - Washington D.C. - Press Conference - Salmon Canning – Department of


          09/22/1982 - Seattle, WA - Energy and Elderly Conference

          09/25/1982 - Phoenix, AZ - Arizona Consumers Council

          09/25/1982 - Phoenix, AZ - Arizona Association of Rehabilitation Facilities

          09/29/1982 - Washington D.C. - Insurance Rehabilitation Study Group – Projects with


          10/11/1982 - Hershey, PA - Pennsylvania Council of Republican Women

          10/14/1982 - Miami, FL - Better Business Bureau of South Florida and the Florida

                   Chapter of the Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals

          10/18/1982 - New Orleans, LA - Council of Better Business Bureaus Assembly

          10/27/1982 - Philadelphia, PA - Horizon House

          10/28/1982 - Washington D.C. - Consumer Affairs Council

          11/04/1982 - Kalamazoo, MI - Michigan Association of Rehabilitation Facilities

          11/05/1982 - Detroit, MI - Manufacturers National Bank

          11/05/1982 - Detroit, MI - Michigan Consumers Education Conference / Consumer

                   Educators of Michigan

          11/18/1982 - Washington D.C. - National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence

          11/18/1982 - Arlington, VA - National Society of Patient Representatives of the

                   American Hospital Association

          12/01/1982 - Washington, D.C. - President's Committee on Mental Retardation

          12/02/1982 - Aiken, SC - Aiken Rehabilitation Center Workshop - South Carolina

                   Vocational Rehabilitation Department

          12/10/1982 - New York, NY - Fountain House

          12/14/1982 - Alexandria, VA - National Council on the Handicapped

          01/17/1983 - Washington D.C. - Consumer Dispute Resolution Conference

          02/01/1983 - Washington, D.C. - National Council on the Handicapped

          02/01/1983 - Washington, D.C. - Hospital Association Briefing

          02/11/1983 - Washington D.C. - International Anti-counterfeiting Coalition

          03/04/1983 - Washington D.C. - Capitol Hill Health Fair Kickoff

          03/15/1983 - Washington D.C. - Professional Secretaries International

          03/22/1983 - Philadelphia, PA - Girl Scouts of Greater Philadelphia

          04/06/1983 - Washington D.C. - Joint Council on Economic Education

          04/08/1983 - Washington D.C. - International Symposium on Lasers in Ophthalmic


          04/14/1983 - Boston MA - Better Business Bureau of Northern Massachusetts

          04/15/1983 - Washington, D.C. - U.S. Council for International Business

          04/22/1983 – Arlington, VA – State Coordinators Conference

          05/05/1983 - Washington D.C. - President's Committee on Employment of the


          05/10/1983 - Lancaster, PA - Lancaster County Consumer Protection Commission

          05/16/1983 – Philadelphia, PA - American Association of Retired Persons, Inc.

          05/17/1983 – Washington, D.C. – Junior League

          05/19/1983 - New York, NY - Hudson Guild Senior Center - Press Conference on

                   Eldercare Program

          05/19/1983 - New York, NY - Aging in America, Inc.