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KOCH, KATHLEEN D.: Files, 1987-1988


Counsel to the President, Office of


Kathleen Koch was assigned as the “Ethics Officer” within the Counsel’s Office.  Her work product in this function is reflected in the material in her collection.


This collections is arranged into three series: SERIES I: Subject File; SERIES II: Appointment Memoranda; and SERIES III: Chronological Files



          OA 18941

          KDK AID (Agency for International Development) / Bissell

          KDK Association of American Women/AIDS

          KDK Book Publishing

          KDK Bork, Robert (1)-(3)

          KDK Calendar 1988

          KDK - Clearance Memos

          Conflicts of Interest

          Conflicts of Interest Reference Manual [1983]

          Deaver and Other Book Contract Issues

          Ethics Bill

          KDK Ethics in Government Act

          Fairness Issues: A Briefing Book on Individual Programs and General Perspectives


          KDK FACA (Federal Advisory Committee Act)

          “First Lady's Borrowed Wardrobe”

          Foreign Gift Act - State Department Regulations and  Federal Property Management


          KDK Foreign Gifts

          KDK Foundation on the Arts and Humanities

          KDK Future Employment Negotiation

          GAO (General Accounting Office)/AIDS Commission (1)(2)

          GAO (General Accounting Office)/AIDS Investigation (1)(2)


          Ginsburg, Douglas: Cable (1)(2)


          OA 18942

          Government Lawyers - Conduct

          KDK Herz, Charles / General Counsel

          KDK HR 2907 [Appropriations]

          Koch  Meese,Ed

          Miscellaneous Financial Disclosure Procedures

          KDK Miscellaneous Recusals 1988

          National Mediation Board

          KDK Nominee Press Releases

          Notes to KDK

          Office of Government Ethics Audit Notes

          Office of Government Ethics Correspondence

          OLC (Office of Legal Counsel) Index 1977

          OSTP (Office of Science and Technology Policy) / Ditchley Conference

          OSTP (Office of Science and Technology Policy) - "Volunteers"

          KDK Paisley

          Political Activities / Employees

          Political Activity

          KDK Presidential Appointee's Handbook

          Presidential Appointee's Handbook and Sample Disclosure Form

          [Presidential Gift Information, 05/13/1988]

          Presidential Horses

          KDK Presidential Inauguration 1989

          PTAT (Private Trans-Atlantic Communications System) / NSC Issue

          Reference Booklet on Conflicts of Interest

          Regulatory Program of the U.S. Government 04/01/1988-03/31/1989

          [Reporting of Gifts by President and First Lady - Draft]

          S508 [Whistleblower Protection Act of 1988]

          S 508:  Whistleblower Bill


          OA 18944

          KDK SF-278 Lists

          Telephone Advice


          U.S. Trade Representative Waiver 18 U.S.C. S208(b)

          KDK 208 (b) Waiver / Erich Bloch

          White House Office Staff Manual, January 1984

          White House - Service by Agreement Issue

          KDK - WHSC SDI Panel

          Widely Attended Gathering" - Gift Exemption



          OA 18944 (Continued)

          K D Koch Appointment Memos A-G 1987

          K D Koch Appointment Memos H-O 1987

          K D Koch Appointment Memos P-Z 1987

          K D Koch Appointment Memoranda by Group A-K 1987

          K D Koch Appointment Memoranda by Group L-Z 1987


          OA 18945

          1988 Appointment Memoranda by Group Name A-K (Binder)

          1988 Appointment Memoranda by Group Names L-Z (Binder)

          1988 Appointment Memoranda by Name: A-M Volume 1 (Binder)

          1988 Appointment Memoranda by Name: N-Z Volume 2 (Binder)



          OA 18945 (Continued)

          Koch June 1987-December 1987 [Chron File]

          K D Koch November 1987 Chron File

          K D Koch December 1987-January 1988 Chron File


          OA 18946

          K D Koch February 1988 Chron File

          K D Koch March 1988 Chron File

          K D Koch April 1988 Chron File

          K D Koch May 1988 Chron File

          KDK Chron. June 1988-August 1988 (Binder)

          Koch Chron September 1988-November 1988 (Binder)

          Koch Chron December 1988-  (Binder)