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KOJELIS, LINAS J.: Files, 1981-1988


Public Liaison, White House Office of (Ethnic Groups, Roman Catholics, Defense and Foreign Policy)


Linas Kojelis (1955- ) is the son of Lithuanian parents who immigrated to the United States after the Soviet Union occupied Lithuania during World War II. He joined the Office of Public Liaison shortly after Faith Whittlesey became head of that office in May 1983. Kojelis initially handled the ethnic portfolio, dealing with issues and organizations pertaining to Americans of eastern and southern European heritage (primarily), Armenian Americans, Arab Americans, and Asian Americans. When the Public Liaison office was reorganized in late 1985, Kojelis was promoted to a new position in which he focused on raising support for the Administration’s defense and foreign policies. Additionally, Kojelis was involved throughout his Public Liaison tenure with Roman Catholic and anti-Communist issues and groups. In April 1988, Kojelis left the White House to become the State Department’s United States Coordinator for Refugee Affairs.


Kojelis’ collection includes documents from 1981 and 1982 that were borrowed from other Public Liaison staff collections for his use.


This collection is arranged into seven series: SERIES I: Subject File; SERIES II: and SERIES VII: Publications.

          SERIES I: Subject File

OA 8631

          ABM Treaty

          Achille Lauro

          Acquino Visit September 1986

          Administrative Matters

          Afghan Freedom Fighters and Children

          Afghani Refugees

          Afghanistan Briefing

          Afghanistan Day 1985

          Afghanistan Day 1986

          Afghanistan Resistance Relief Center


          African Economic Issues

          Air Force Sergeants Association

          Alabama Council to Save Soviet Jews

          Albanian - American Issues


          American Bar Association Soviet Relations

          American East European Ethnic Conference (AEEEC)

          American Ex-Prisoner of War

          American Foreign Policy Council

          American Friends of the Anti-Bolshevik Bloc of Nations

          American - German Meeting - Vice President March 1985

          American Helenic Educational and Progressive Association Photo Op

          American Hungarian Federation Briefing

          American Irish Teachers Association

          American Legion

          American Legion (The)

          American Legion - Central America

          American Legion Magazine Interview

          American Legion Meeting with Poindexter

          American Legion Videotape January 1988

          American Soviet Walk 1987 (1)(2)

          Americans for a Free Central America


          Ancient Order of Hibernians

          Andrei Sakharov Day


          Apostolic Coalition

          Armenian-American Briefing, Spring 1984

          Armenians in Chicago

          Arms Control - Issues

          Arms Control - Pro Salt II

          Arms Control - Religious Groups

          Arms Exports Reform

          ASAT (Anti-Satellite)

          Asian/American California Event

          Asian-American Drop By Event List

          Asian American Program

          Asian Bilingual Multicultural Center

          Asian Indians in North America Convention May 1984

          Asian Pacific American Heritage Week 1984

          Asian Pacific American Heritage Week 1985

          Associate Director Resumes

          Association of American Chambers of Commerce in Latin America


          Asylum from Communist Countries

          Athens Airport

          AWACS to India

          AWACS to Pakistan


          OA 8632

          Jim Baker / Jim Cicconi

          Balt Meeting with Matlock

          Baltic American Freedom League

          Baltic-American Issues (1)-(3)

          Baltic-Americans (1)-(5)

          Baltic/Americans Meeting with the Vice President March 1984

          Baltic Dissidents October 1987 (1)(2)

          Baltic Freedom Award

          Baltic Freedom Cruise

          Baltic Freedom Day

          Baltic Freedom Day 1983 (1)-(4)

          Baltic Freedom Day 1984

          Baltic Freedom Day 1985

          Baltic Freedom Day 1986

          Baltic Freedom Day 1987

          Baltic States / GIST

          Baltic States - Maps

          Baltic States Service / Radio Liberty

          Baltic States - U.N. Initiative


          Belorussian-American Issues (1)(2)

          Bern Human Contacts Meeting

          Black Americans

          Black Flag Officers Banquet February 1986

          Board for International Broadcasting - I

          Board for International Broadcasting - II

          Board International Broadcasting

          Buchanan Transition

          Budapest Conference

          Budget Agreement

          Budget 1986

          Budget Defense

          Budget Defense -Talking Points


          Bulgarian-American Issues (1)-(3)

          Bulgarian Orthodox Church

          Thomas Burch Group

          Business Briefing on Geneva

          Business Council for International Understanding

          Business Executives for National Security


          Campaign Related Correspondence


          Candle in the Wind

          Captive Nations [Week]

          Captive Nations 1983

          Captive Nations 1984

          Captive Nations 1985

          Captive Nations Week 1987 (1)-(3)

          Cardullo Letter

          Caribbean - Americans

          Catholic Issues [National Conference of Bishops/U.S. Catholic Conference]

          Census: National Center for Urban Ethnic Affairs

          Central America

          Central America - Aid to Resistance March 1986

          Central America - Audio-video tapes

          Central America Business Outreach 1986

          Central America Catholic Strategy


          OA 8633

          Central America - Current Projects (1)(2)

          Central America - Ethnic Support (1)(2)

          Central America Fall 1987 I (1)-(4) 143 p.

          Central America Fall 1987 II 2 p.

          Central America Files (1)(2) 95 p.

          Central America - Guatemala

          Central America - Honduras

          Central America IG's

          Central America - Labor

          Central America - Legislative Assistants

          Central America - Nicaragua - Catholic Church

          Central America Notes I 12 p.

          Central America Notes II 40 p.

          Central America Outreach I (1)(2) 110 p.

          Central America Outreach II (1)(2) 81 p.

          Central America Outreach III 4 p.

          Central America Policy 2 p.

          Central America Publications 38 p.

          Central America Sanctuary Movement (1)-(3) 198 p.

          Central America - 2nd House Vote 1986 3 p.

          Central America Swing Votes 6 p.

          Central America Week – August 1987 (1)(2) 58 p.

          Central Intelligence Agency (empty)

          Century Club Reception

          Chautaqua Latvia September 1986

          Chautaqua 1987

          Cherynobyl Disaster

          Cherynobyl Disaster: Soviet Nuclear Reactor Accident

          Chicago Vietnam Veterans Parade - June 1986 Videotape by President (Not found at this


          China Trip

          Chinese-American Briefing January 1984

          Chinese/American Meetings with NSC and State

          Chinese-Americans - Taiwan Benevolent Society Message August 1983

          Citizens for America 12 p.

          Citizens for Reagan 55 p.


          OA 9418

          Civil Rights Commission #1

          Civil Rights Commission #2

          Coalitions for America

          Coalition for Peace through Strength

          Coalition for Peace through Strength - American Security Council

          Coalition for Strategic Defense Initiative - I

          Coalition for Strategic Defense Initiative - II

          Coalition for Strategic Defense Initiative Banquet

          CODEL to USSR

          Columbus Citizens Foundation Dinner

          Columbus Day Dinner

          Columbus Day Proclamation 1983

          Columbus Day 1984

          Columbus Day 1987

          Christopher Columbus Quincentenary Jubilee Commission

          Commerce / Minority Business Development Agency Grants - Asian Pacific American


          Committee for Absorption of Soviet Emigrees (CASE)

          Committees for a Community of Democracies (CCD)

          Committee on the Present Danger

          Concerned Citizens for Democracy

          Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe Review Conference

          Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe Vienna State Working Group

          Congratulations to Linas Kojelis

          Congressional Task Force on Economic Affairs

          Consecration - American Byelorussian Orthodox Church

          Conservative Action Foundation

          Constituent Groups

          Constituent Meetings

          Contra Aid

          Contra Aid 1986

          Contra Aid 1988

          Contra Aid Outreach 2 p.

          Contra Aid Private Support 19 p.

          Contra Support Letters 1 p.

          Council for Inter American Security 30 p.


          Croatian-American Issues



          Cuban Independence Day 1986

          Cuban Refugees

          Cyprus Crisis 1983


          Czechoslovak Radio Hour

          Czechoslovak Society of America Fraternal Life

          Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, Romanian Briefing

          Dante Alighieri Society Gala Dinner, VP

          Daughters of the American Revolution

          Daughters of the American Revolution Congress April 1986

          Day of Sorrow and Irreconcilability

          Defense-Foreign Policy/Central American Strategy 22 p.

          Defense / Foreign Policy Labor Outreach

          Defense / Foreign Policy Master Plan

          Defense / Foreign Policy Organization

          Defense-Foreign Policy - Trilogy Foundation

          Defense-Foreign Policy - Veterans Outreach

          Defense / Foreign Policy World Hunger

          Defense Soviet Affairs


          OA 9808

          Deficit Reduction Agreement, 1987

          Deficit Reduction Outreach 1985

          Deficit Reduction Team 1985

          Democratic Council on Ethnic Americans

          Direct Connection


          Economic Bill of Rights 1987

          Lief Erickson Society International - Lief Erickson Day Proclamation

          Estonian-Americans - Mart Niklus Rally

          Estonian Independence Day


          Ethiopia: Ethiopia

          Ethnic American Day 1985

          Ethnic Appointments

          Ethnic - Appointments - Bob Tuttle

          Ethnic Issues

          Ethnic Press Articles 1984 (Binder) (1)-(6)

          Ethnic Press Articles on OPL / Linas Kojelis

          Ethnic Press Articles Resulting from OPL Activities (1)-(4)

          Ethnic Press Clips

          Ethnic Women's Luncheon

          Ethnic Press

          Ethnic Press - Projects

          Ethnic Statistics

          Ethnic Strategy (1)-(5)

          Ethnic Strategy - FRW/LK [Faith Ryan Whittlesey/Linas Kojelis] (1)(2)

          Ethnic Strategy Report February 1985

          Ethnics - Background

          Federal Communications Commission / Ethnic Affairs Office

          Festival of India

          Finnish Women's Briefing

          FY 1989 Budget Themes

          Forced Labor

          Free the Eagle

          Freedom Federation

          Freedom Federation - Central American Briefing

          Freedom Federation Youth Leaders Program


          OA 10308

          Gandhi’s Birthday 10/01/1983-10/08/1983

          General Federation of Women’s Clubs

          Geneva Summit

          Genocide Treaty

          German-American Issues

          German-American National Congress

          German-American Reception Fall 1983

          German-American Tricentennial

          German Visit Correspondence [Bitburg]


          Gorbachev Summit November 1985

          Great Peace March

          Greek-American Meeting October 1983




          Helsinki Commission - Medvid Case

          Helsinki Human Rights Day

          Helsinki Human Rights Day 1985

          Heritage Council (Republican National Committee) Cleveland Fundraiser - Weinberger

          Heritage Foundation 105 p.

          Heritage Groups Council

          Linas Kojelis: [Heritage Group Council] (Stored in CFOA 452)

          Holocaust Commission (1)-(4)

          House Budget Committee Regional Hearings

          Human Rights Day 1987 (1)(2)

          Hungarian Exhibition - October 1986 - Americo Makk

          Hungarian Revolution 30th Anniversary Commemoration October 1986 (1)(2)

          Hungarian Service of Radio Free Europe

          Hungarian T.V. Interview

          Hungarian Uprising, 1984


          Immigration Article (1)-(5)

          Inauguration 1985

          India Independence Day 1984

          India Republic Day 1985

          Indian Medical Association of American - Heckler – June 1984

          Indo-Chinese Community


          INF Supporters

          International Black Ribbon Day

          International Monetary Fund

          International Parliamentary Group for Human Rights in the Soviet Union

          International Scholars Conference Khmer

          International Video Institute


          OA 11518

          Interns 1986

          Interns 1987

          Iran 1987

          Iraqi Americans

          Italian American

          Italian American Outreach

          Italian Leaders Meeting Spring 1984

          Jamaican Americans

          Jefferson Educational Foundation

          [Jewish Political Caucus]

          John Paul II in Puerto Rico October 1984

          Joint Baltic American National Committee (1)(2)

          Kennedy Center

          Kick Off" for Child Safety Program - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

          Knights of Lithuania

          Kojelis - Accomplishments

          Kojelis - Ethnic Speech

          Kojelis - Miscellaneous

          Kojelis - OPL Job

          Kojelis Schedule Proposals

          Linas Kojelis' Speeches and Interviews Agenda

          Kojelis - Travel

          KAL Massacre – I (1)-(3)

          KAL Massacre - II

          KAL Massacre - Con RR

          KAL Signing Ceremony

          [KAL 007: Petitions Supporting President Reagan’s Position, Collected and

Delivered by J. Golden of Chattanooga, TN] (1)(2)

          Korean / American Citizens Council Briefing

          Korean American Issues

          Korean Meeting - November 1983

          Le Figaro Interview

          Liberty Federation


          Lithuanian-American Community, Inc. November 1983

          Lithuanian-American Republicans


          Lithuanian Canadian Community

          Lithuanian Catholic Religious Aid

          Lithuanian Catholics (packet) (1)-(3)

          Lithuanian Human Services

          Lithuanian Independence Day 1985

          Lithuania Independence Day 1986

          Lithuania 600th Christianization Anniversary

          Lithuanian World Festival

          Los Angeles Trip January 1984

          Macedonian Convention

          Macedonian - Americans


          Media Relations

          Mihailovich Statue in Washington D.C.

          Milewski Meeting

          Miss Chinatown


          Mutual and Balanced Force Reduction (MBFR)


          MX Outreach

          National Association of Americans of Indian Descent

          National Aviation Hall of Fame 1987

          National Center for Public Policy Research

          National Christmas Tree

          National Citizens Coalition

          National Confederation of American Ethnic Groups

          National Defense Council

          National Endowment for Democracy

          National Italian American Bar Association

          National Italian American Coordinating Association (NIACA)


          OA 11519

          National Peace Institute

          National Republican Heritage Groups Council

          National Republican Heritage Groups Council Convention Spring 1984

          National Republican Heritage Groups Council: Site Selection Committee Results 1986


          National Security Council Transition

          National Security Strategy Report

          National Security Strategy Report

          National Vietnam Veterans Coalition

          National Year of Americans


          Nationalities Service Center

          New Exodus Inc.

          New York Central American Briefing October 1983 - Kirkpatrick

          New York Trip – October 1983

          Nicaragua - I

          Nicaragua I 64 p.

          Nicaragua – Disinformation 110 p.

          Nicaraguan Bishops' Conference

          Nicaraguan Correspondence 24 p.

          Nicaraguan Freedom Campaign 2 p.

          Nofziger Meeting

          Non-Government Organizations

          Oliver North

          Northern Ireland

          Nuclear Disarmament

          OLA (Office of Legislative Affairs) Routine Matters

          OPL 1985

          OPL Presidential Events Guidelines

          OPL White House Mess

          Office of Special Investigations - Attorney General Initiative

          Office of Special Investigations Rudolph

          150 Account

          150 Account Foreign Affairs Budget

          Onion Harvest Festival

          Order Sons of Italy in America Congressional Reception

          Organization of Chinese American Women (OCAW)

          Orthodox Church of America – I [1983 Events]

          Orthodox Church of America – II [1986 Memo]

          Partners in Peacemaking

          Patriarch of Antioch Meeting

          Peace Groups

          Pennsylvania Heritage Affairs Commission



          Polish American Congress Infant Care Charity Drive

          Polish American Heritage Month 1985

          Polish Americans / Folder # III


          OA 11520

          Polish Arts Association National Meeting - Vice President

          Polish Extension of Voluntary Departures 06/18/1987

          Polish Meeting September 1983

          Polish National Alliance Convention Speaker

          Polish Political Asylum

          Polish Roman Catholic Union of America Visit

          Political Affairs

          Political Affairs - White House

          Political Asylum Reform

          Political Prisoners

          Polovchak: Tribute to Freedom


          POMOST Petitions in Support of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty and Voice of


          Portuguese American Community


          POW -MIAs

          POW - MIA Photo Opportunity

          Presidential Arms Control Panel - Resumes

          Presidential Commemorative Proclamation Calendar

          Presidential Delegations

          Presidential Designations (Binder)

          Presidential Prayer Breakfast

          Presidential Radio Talks

          Presidential Statement: Baltic States Service/RL

          Press Clippings for PB

          Press Documentation of OPL Activities

          Priority Ethnic Events

          Proclamation - 40th Anniversary of Warsaw Uprising

          Private Sector Initiatives

          Private Sector Strategic Defense Initiative Supporters Meeting

          Private Sector Supporters of Central American Policy


          Pulaski Day 1983

          Pulaski Day 1984

          Pulaski Day 1985

          Pulaski Day 1987

          Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty

          Radio Marti

          Rambo Coalition

          RR Asian Trip

          RR Europe / March 1988

          RR Trip to Germany May 1985

          Reagan Bush 1984

          Rebild - Week of 04/15/1986

          Refugee Policy

          Religious Persecution Conference 9 p.

          Religious Persecution in Eastern Europe

          Religious Persecution in Nicaragua (1)(2) 96 p.

          Renaissance Women

          Republican National Committee Ethnic Liaison

          Republican National Committee Ethnic Outreach

          Republican National Committee Ethnic Strategy

          Reserve Officers Association

          Reserve Officers Association April 1987




          OA 11521

          Romanian-American Issues


          Russian-Americans - Meeting with Radio Liberty, Voice of America Fall 1983

          Russian Orthodox Church in Israel (1)(2)

          Russian Orthodox Church in Israel: Russian Ecclesiastical Mission in Jerusalem

          Russian Revolution Petition

          St. Louis

          St. Patrick's Day 1984

          St. Petersburg, Florida Trip February 1984

          Santa Claus

          Saturday Radio Address

          Saudi Arms Sale 1986

          Saudi Arms Sale 1986: Arms Sales to Saudis Briefing Materials

          Saudi Arms Sale Press

          Save the Oppressed People

          Scherbytsky Visit

          School Prayer

          Secretary of State - DET

          Secretary Bennett

          Security Affairs Meetings

          S. 1444

          1988 Senate


          Serbian-Americans: Kosovo

          Serbian Orthodox Church

          Service Organization Representatives, Meeting FY 1987 Budget

          70th Anniversary of Landing of American Expeditionary Force

          Shultz/Baltic Leaders Meeting September 1987

          Sister Cities

          Skuodis/Zakharov Exchange

          Slavic Culture Week

          Slovak-Americans (1)-(4)


          Slovak Catholic School

          Slovak Heritage Festival

          Solidarity Day

          Solidarity Endorsement 1988

          Sons of Italy in America Letters

          South Africa I

          South Africa II (1)(2)

          South Africa Briefing

          (South Africa) Meeting with Colin Eglin

          South Africa Outreach

          South Africa Sanctions

          South Africa Memos, Miscellaneous

          South East Asian/American Briefing Fall 1984

          Soviet Defector, October 1985

          Soviet Emigre Concert May 1984

          Soviet Social/Economic Issues

          Soviet Military Power

          Soviet Political Prisoners (Release of, Spring 1987)

          Soviet Press Attacks on LK

          Soviet Prisoners of War

          Soviet Students

          Soviet Tour

          Soviet Union - Economic Issues

          Ambassador Spasowski

          Speakers - Central America

          Specialty Steel

          Speech - Asian Overview

          Speech - Cambodia

          Speech - Civil Rights/Asians

          Speech - Ethnic - Economic Issues

          Speech – German-Americans

          Speech - Greek/Cyprus

          Speech - Polish

          Speech - Voice of America


          OA 12205

          Spies and Defectors

          Staff Assistant

          Staniszewski Bill

          Stanton Group Briefing on SALT

          State Dinners

          State - GS 12 Position

          State of the Union 1984

          State of the Union 1986

          State of the Union 1987

          State - Public Programs

          Statue of Liberty

          Statue of Liberty Restoration - Craig Fuller

          Statute, Rules, and Regulations - U. S. Commission on Civil Rights – April 1980

          Steel Imports

          Steuben Society of America


          Strategic Defense Initiative1987

          Strategic Defense Initiative - Administration Statements

          Strategic Defense Initiative - American Conservative Trust

          Strategic Defense Initiative -Background - I

          Strategic Defense Initiative - Background - II

          Strategic Defense Initiative - Business Outreach

          Strategic Defense Initiative - Coalition

          Strategic Defense Initiative - Coalition for Strategic Defense Initiative

          Strategic Defense Initiative - Coalition for Strategic Defense Initiative: Strategic Defense


          Strategic Defense Initiative - Deployment Controversy

          Strategic Defense Initiative - Ethnic Support

          Strategic Defense Initiative - European Defense Initiative

          Strategic Defense Initiative - Information from NSC Meeting

          Strategic Defense Initiative - International Issues

          Strategic Defense Initiative - Israel

          Strategic Defense Initiative - OPL Efforts

          Strategic Defense Initiative - Outreach

          Strategic Defense Initiative - Public Opinion

          Strategic Defense Initiative - Resources

          Strategic Defense Initiative - Scientists

          Strategic Defense Initiative - Speakers list

          Strategic Defense Initiative - Tuesday Meetings

          Strategic Defense Initiative - Working Group

          Strategic Defense Initiative - Working Group Weekly Meeting

          Strategic Defense Initiative - Working Group Weekly Meeting: LK Working Group on

Strategic Defense Initiative

          Summer Intern 1984

          Summer Olympics


          OA 13513

          Summit December 1987

          Summit Working Group



          Task Force on Economic Justice (empty)

          Tax Reform 1985 – Fraternals (1)(2)

          Tax Reform Outreach (1)(2)

          Tax Reform Team

          Teamsters (International Brotherhood of)

          Technology Transfer

          Television's Vietnam: The Impact of Visual Images

          Dr. Tellers 80th Birthday January 1988


          Tibet - Issues

          Tokyo Summit - Public Diplomacy Working Group

          Tower Report – February 1987

          Tower Report – February 1987

          Travel Authorizations

          Troika Meeting


          Ukraine - Consulate in Kiev

          Ukrainian American Bar Association

          Ukrainian-American Friends of ABN (Anti-Bolshevik Nations) 02/24/1987

          Ukrainian-American Program September 1983-October 1983

          Ukrainian Catholic Church 25th Anniversary

          Ukrainian Catholics

          Ukrainian Concerns, State Department Helsinki Report

          Ukrainian Famine

          Ukrainian Famine Commission - Public Delegates

          Ukrainian Human Rights Day

          Ukrainian Meeting with the President on Chernobyl May 1986

          Ukrainian Students Briefing

          Ukrainian White House Event January/February 1984

          United Nations Decade for Women World Conference - Kenya

          United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

          United Palestinian Appeal Banquet November-December 1985

          United Presbyterian Women's Briefing

          U.S. Agency for International Development.

          U.S. Aid to the Democratic Resistance in Nicaragua 03/10/1986

          U.S. / Asian Relations

          U.S.- China Policy

          U.S. Commission on Civil Rights November 1983

          United States Council for World Freedom

          U.S. Defense Committee

          U.S. - Export Controls

          U.S. Holocaust Memorial Council (1)(2)

          U.S. / India Relations

          U.S. - Institute of Peace

          U.S. / Korean Relations

          U.S. / Soviet Agreements

          U.S. / Soviet Relations

          U.S. / Soviet Trade

          USSR - Human Rights

          University High School Alumni

          University of Louisville Grawemeyer Award


          OA 13514

          Veterans of Foreign Wars

          Vice President in Hungary, September 1983

          Vice President Trip to Poland

          Vienna Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe

          Vienna Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe Conference - Public Members

          Vienna – Helsinki Review Meeting 1986

          Vietnam Veterans of America, Charter - Signing Ceremony (1)(2)

          Vietnamese-American Community Briefing - Vice President

          Vietnamese - Americans

          Vigo Stamp Committee


          Voice of America (VOA)/Radio Free Europe (RFE)/Radio Liberty (RL) (1)-(3)

          Warsaw Pact Journalists

          The Washington Center "Crisis and Choice in American Foreign Policy"

          The Washington Group

          Washington International Business Council

          Washington Post, FRW

          WBZ-TV (National Broadcasting Company) Boston

          Weekly Activity Report

          White House Conference on Small Business

          White House Reorganization

          Winter Olympics

          Women's Organization Meeting

          World Strategy Network

          World Wide Peace Foundation


          Young Conservative Alliance

          Youth Employment

          Yugoslavian-American Issues (1)(2)



          OA 16007

          Czech Visit 08/11/1983

          Sons of Italy Convention 08/20/1983

          Chinese Volleyball Tournament 09/04/1983

          Russian Orthodox Program 09/10/1983

          KAL Briefing 09/14/1983 with Korean-American Leaders

          Filipino American Women's Network (FAWN) 09/17/1983

          KAL Briefing, 09/19/1983 with Ethnic Leaders (Non-Korean)

          California Trip 09/28/1983

          Chicago Trip 10/06/1983-10/08/1983

          POMOST Convention 10/08/1983-10/09/1983

          Columbus Day 1983

          Columbus Day 1983: Columbus Day 10/10/1983

          Americans for Due Process 10/14/1983

          Ethnic Press Conference 10/18/1983

          Grenada Briefing, 10/31/1983 (1)(2)

          Art of Solidarity" - Vice President 10/31/1983

          Victims of Communism 11/07/1983

          National Italian-American Foundation - Vice President 11/12/1983

          Latvian-Americans 11/16/1983 (W.H. Out Card - Brenda Wong 02/09/1984)

          Greek-American Rally Outside United Nations 11/18/1983

          Lenczowski in Chicago 11/18

          UCLA Interns 11/22/1983

          Korean Briefing 12/01/1983 (1)(2)

          Human Rights Proclamation Signing Ceremony - 12/09/1983

          Indian-Americans in Washington 12/10/1983-12/11/1983

          Ethnic Leaders Photo Op - New York 12/12/1983

          National Endowment for Democracy 12/16/1983

          Afghani Freedom Fighters Briefing 01/06/1984

          Italo - American Book Presentation - Vice President 01/12/1984

          Chinese Benevolent Society of Chicago Banquet 01/14/1984

          Ralph Perk Birthday Congratulatory Note 01/19/1984

          Coalition of Polish American Women 01/20/1984

          Asian Pacific American Voters Night 01/26/1984

          Ethnic Event in Chicago 01/31/1984

          Ukrainian American Briefing 02/01/1984

          Afghanistan Briefing for Ethnic Leaders 02/02/1984

          American Friends of Turkey Conference 02/03/1984-02/04/1984

          Detroit Trip 02/04/1984

          Lithuanian Independence Day Chicago, 02/12/1984 - Vice President

          Chicago Trip 02/19/1984 (empty)

          Lithuanian Briefing and Reception 02/21/1984

          Assisi Photo Op 02/21/1984

          Breakfast with Al Mazewski 02/22/1984

          Asian and Pacific-Americans Briefing 02/23/1984

          Spiffs Folk Fair 02/25/1984

          Mazewski/Schultz/McFarlane Meeting 02/27/1984

          Bulgarian Independence Day 03/03/1984

          St. Casimir Commemoration in Hartford 03/06/1984

          UNICO Briefing and Tour 03/08/1984 and 03/10/1984

          Cyprus Accords Meeting 03/09/1984

          Boston Trip 03/10/1984-03/12/1984

          St. Patrick's Day Brunch - Boston 03/11/1984

          FW/Derwinski Meeting 03/15/1984

          Baltic American Freedom League - Human Rights Conference 03/17/1984

          St. Patrick's Day 03/17/1984

          Order Sons of Italy in America in New York - Grand Lodge Foundation Inc. 03/19/1984

          Polish Sanctions Briefing 03/19/1984

          Ukrainian Students Association of Michnowsky Briefing 03/23/1984

          Southeast Asia Briefing 03/26/1984

          Hungarian Photo Op 03/29/1984


          OA 16008

          Latvian Briefing 03/30/1984

          Order Sons of Italy in America Testimonial Dinner, Boston 03/31/1984

          New York Trip 04/01/1984-04/02/1984

          New York Italian-American Event 04/05/1984

          New York Trip 04/11/1984

          Serbian Orthodox Free Diocese Dedication 04/12/1984

          Asian-American Education Council Briefing - Vice President 04/19/1984

          World Federation of Free Hungarian Jurists 04/26/1984

          Freedom Federation Board of Directors Briefing  04/27/1984

          U.S. Debate Team Briefing 04/27/1984 and 04/30/1984

          National Chinese Welfare Council Convention 05/03/1984-05/06/1984

          Chicago Trip 05/05/1984

          Association of Indians in America 11th Honor Banquet - Chicago 05/05/1984

          Polish American Congress 40th Anniversary Banquet - Chicago 05/05/1984

          Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Panel Discussion 05/07/1984

          United States Information Agency (USIA) International Visitors 05/08/1984

          Italian American War Veterans Photo Op 05/11/1984

          Korean-American Young Man’s Christian Association (YMCA) Banquet 05/12/1984

          Chief Maui Loa Painting Presentation 05/15/1984

          Ethnic Republican Leaders Briefing 05/18/1984

          Turkish-American Briefing 05/18/1984

          Ethnic Republican Leaders Reception 05/20/1984

          American East European Ethnic Conference 05/23/1984

          Congress of Russian-Americans Banquet 05/27/1984 (1)(2)

          Scandinavian Council Briefing – March 1984 [06/05/1984]

          Central America Briefing - New York 06/06/1984

          American Justinian Society of Jurists 06/07/1984

          Ukrainian / Baltic - American Youth Briefing - 06/08/1984

          Honorary Patrons - John McCormack Event 06/14/1984

          Baltic / Ukrainian Youth Council Briefing 06/15/1984

          Slovak American National Council Convention 06/17/1984

          Volpe Anniversary Message 06/17/1984

          Korean War 34th Anniversary 06/24/1984

          Lithuanian Catholic Alliance 06/24/1984

          Swedish Embassy Request 06/26/1984

          Asian Tea 06/30/1984

          Lithuanian Folk Dance Festival 07/01/1984

          Greek Orthodox Clergy-Laity Congress 07/01/1984

          Pan-Macedonian Association National Convention 07/04/1984

          Lithuanian American Catholic Students Association 07/06/1984

          Italian Kids 07/10/1984

          Chicago Captive Nations Trip 07/19/1984

          Captive Nations Rally St. Petersburg, FL 07/21/1984

          Venezuela Trip 07/21/1984

          Polish Luncheon 07/25/1984


          OA 16009

          Asian Pacific American Chamber of Congress Convention 08/04/1984

          Asian American Voters Coalition of Texas Reception 08/19/1984

          India Day Parade - New York 08/19/1984

          Dallas Trip 08/20/1984-08/24/1984

          American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association Convention - Miami, FL


          Knights of Lithuania 71st National Convention 08/22/1984

          Organization of Chinese Americans Convention 08/24/1984-08/26/1984

          KAL #007 Commemorative Rally - Lafayette Park 08/31/1984

          Polish Day Parade - Hamtramck, MI  09/03/1984

          New York Trip 09/09/1984-09/10/1984

          RR Visit to Doylestown, Pennsylvania 09/09/1984

          RR Trip to New York 09/12/1984

          Bulgarian-American Briefing 09/14/1984

          Italo-American Association 09/14/1984

          NIAF [National Italian American Foundation] on Drug Abuse - First Lady


          National Italian American Foundation Dinner 09/15/1984

          Shevchenko Monument 20th Anniversary 09/16/1984

          Ukrainian March on Soviet Embassy 09/16/1984

          Hungarian Reformed Federation of America 09/17/1984

          Serbian Orthodox Church Triennial Clergy/Laity Banquet 09/17/1984

          Ukrainian Leaders Photo Op 09/17/1984

          Warsaw Uprising Program  - Chicago 09/23/1984

          Ethnic Festival - Milwaukee, WI 09/26/1984

          American Hungarian Federation Briefing 09/27/1984

          Bulgarian / American Briefing 09/28/1984

          Gromyko Visit 09/28/1984

          Ukrainian Cultural Center - Philadelphia 09/29/1984

          National Fraternal Congress of America 10/03/1984

          United Hellenic American Congress Banquet 10/06/1984

          Bridgeport/New York Trip 10/06/1984-10/07/1984

          Pulaski Day Parade - Philadelphia 10/07/1984

          UNICO National - Orange/West Orange Annual Columbus Day Lunch 10/08/1984

          RR Trip to Michigan 10/10/1984

          Asian / American Appointees Photo Op 10/11/1984

          Polish American Congress Board Meeting 10/11/1984-10/13/1984

          Polish American Congress  Briefing at State 10/11/1984

          Polish American Congress Vice President 10/11/1984-10/13/1984

          Las Vegas Trip 10/12/1984-10/14/1984

          Ukrainian Bar Association Briefing 10/19/1984

          Chicago Trip 10/21/1984-10/22/1984

          Los Angeles Trip 10/25/1984-10/28/1984

          Czechoslovak Independence Commemoration 10/26/1984

          Funderberk Briefing 10/26/1984

          Tenth Annual Lithuanian Congress - Chicago 10/27/1984


          OA 16018

          Chicago Trip 11/01/1984

          American East European Ethnic Conference Luncheon 11/02/1984

          Hartford Trip 11/03/1984

          New York Trip 11/08/1984

          New York Trip 11/16/1984

          Ukranian Congress Committee of America 14th Congress Banquet 11/24/1984

          Philadelphia Trip 11/27/1984

          Douhet / Mitchell International Trophies 11/30/1984

          International Human Rights Event 12/10/1984

          Asian Indian Briefing on Bhopal, State Department 12/19/1984

          Vermont Trip 12/26/1984

          Religious Leaders Luncheon 01/08/1985

          Ukrainian Student Association 01/12/1985

          University of California at Los Angeles Interns 01/17/1985

          Polish Asylum Issues Meeting 01/18/1985 and 03/19/1985

          Reserve Officers Association 01/26/1985

          Iranian Revolution, 6th Anniversary 02/11/1985

          Hartford Trip 02/17/1985

          New York Trip 02/22/1985

          Chicago Trip 02/24/1985

          Arab-American Briefing 03/01/1985 (1)-(4)

          Asian Pacific American Chamber of Congress Briefing 03/07/1985

          Asian Women's Organizations Briefing 03/13/1985

          Irish American Photo Op 03/17/1985

          California Trip 03/21/1985

          Ukrainian Meeting Regarding Report to Conference on Security and Cooperation in

                   Europe 03/21/1985

          National Confederation of American Ethnic Groups Briefing 03/22/1985

          Ottawa Human Rights Briefing 04/04/1985

          Chicago Trip 04/13/1985

          Asian / American Budget Briefing 04/16/1985

          Conference on Religious Liberty 04/16/1985 19 p.

          Buchanan Meeting on Nicaragua 04/17/1985 4 p.

          Central America Outreach Briefing with Pat Buchanan 04/17/1985 6 p.

          European / American Budget Briefing 04/18/1985 (empty)

          Order Sons of Italy in America New York Grand Lodge 04/18/1985

          Cambodian Briefing 04/25/1985

          Visit of South Korean President Chun 04/26/1985

          Kosciuszko Foundation 50th Anniversary Dinner 04/27/1985

          National Italian American Bar Association Briefing 04/29/1985

          American East European Ethnic Conference Farewell Luncheon for FRW 05/02/1985

          Cardinal Mindszenty Mass - Linda Chavez 05/05/1985

          Asian Indian American Briefing 05/10/1985

          International Institute Detroit Dinner 05/10/1985

          National Republican Heritage Group Council Convention 05/16/1985

          Cleveland Trip 05/25/1985


          OA 16019

          New York Trip 06/01/1985

          National Federation of American Hungarians 06/07/1985

          Office of Special Investigations/Linda Chavez Meeting 06/20/1985

          Detroit Trip 06/21/1985

Arab-American Meeting 06/26/1985

          Korean War 35th Anniversary 06/29/1985

          Japanese American Citizens League Briefing 07/16/1985

          Ukrainian National Association Meeting - Buchanan 07/19/1985

          Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe Briefing 07/26/1985

          Stella Meetings 07/08/1985

          Order Sons of Italy in America Convention 08/13/1985

          Italy Trip 08/14/1985

          Asian Pacific American Chamber of Commerce Conference 08/23/1985

          Nicaraguan Freedom Fighters Fundraiser - Buchanan 09/06/1985 4 p.

          Chicago Trip 09/15/1985

          Joint Baltic American National Committee / Linda Chavez Meeting 09/19/1985

          National Fraternal Congress Briefing 09/20/1985

          Shevardnadze Meeting 09/27/1985

          Order Sons of Italy in America Photo Op 10/01/1985

          American Hungarian Federation Briefing 10/04/1985

          New York Trip 10/05/1985

          BALFAS 10/12/1985 (United Lithuanian Relief Fund)

          Citizens for America Briefing 10/16/1985 7 p.

          National Endowment for Preservation of Liberty, 10/17/1985 16 p.

          National Italian-American Foundation Dinner 10/19/1985

          Ukrainian American Bar Association 10/19/1985

          Federation of GOP Asian Americans Reception - Chavez 10/24/1985

          Veterans Groups - Washington Representatives 10/24/1985

          American Latvian Association 2nd Annual Political Action Workshop 10/25/1985

          Central American OPL (Office of Public Liaison) Constituent Groups 10/25/1985

                    16 p.

          New York Trip 10/27/1985

          Ex-Prisoners of War 10/29/1985

          Heritage High Level 10/29/1985

          Ukrainian-Americans Meeting with Matlock 10/29/1985

          Citizens for America, Strategic Defense Initiative Coalition, Renaissance Women –

                   Strategic Defense Initiative Briefing 10/30/1985 (1)-(3) 140 p.

          American Legion Photo Opportunity 10/31/1985

          Kotas - Buchanan 11/05/1985 or 11/06/1985

          MIFSUD Heritage 11/06/1985 or 11/07/1985

          Asian American Voters Coalition Briefing 11/07/1985

          Private Sector Strategic Defense Initiative 11/07/1985

          Retired Officers Association Defense / Foreign Policy Briefing, 11/19/1985

          Free Hungarian Congress - Cleveland 11/20/1985

          American Conservative Trust 11/21/1985

          American Latvian Youth Association 11/29/1985

          F. F. Fraternity Tour 11/29/1985

          American Security Council's President's Club 12/03/1985

          Hungarian - American Meeting 12/03/1985

          William Penn House Briefing 12/04/1985


          OA 18282

          Reserve Officers Association 12/06/1985

          Business Chief Executive Officers Meeting and Photo Op 12/09/1985

          International Human Rights Day 12/10/1985

          OPL / Office of Public Affairs / Republican National Committee Meeting 12/10/1985

          American Conservative Trust - Buchanan and Poindexter 12/20/1985

          Dallas Trip, 12/20/1985

          Miami - Central American Students 01/13/1986-01/16/1986

          Afghan Children Photo Op 01/24/1986

          American Conservative Trust Briefing 01/30/1986

          Central America Arms Display 01/31/1986 (1)(2) 35 p.

          Women's Foreign Policy Briefing - Vice President 02/10/1986 14 p.

          California / Nevada Trip 02/13/1986

          Estonian Independence Day 02/24/1986

          Private Sector Supporters on Central America 03/03/1986

          Taping - Message on Contra Aid for Eastern Europeans in the United States 03/05/1986

          Council on Inter-American Security 03/06/1986

          Private Sector Supporters on Central America 03/10/1986

          Miss World POTUS 03/11/1986

          American Legion - Vice President - Department of State Motorcade 03/12/1986

          Chicago Trip 03/13/1986 (Empty)

          Estonian - American Briefing 03/14/1986

          California Trip 03/21/1986

          Contra Aid Rally 03/21/1986 (1)-(3) 47 p.

          Contra Aid Supporters Satellite Meeting 03/21/1986 (Empty)

          Baltic American Freedom League 5th Annual Human Rights Conference and Banquet


          Senior Army Reserve Commanders Association Briefing 03/22/1986

          California Trip 04/03/1986

          Reserve Officers Association Photo Op 04/10/1986

          Briefing for Speech Communications Association 04/15/1986

          Briefing for National Confederation of American Ethnic Groups 04/18/1986

          President's Executive Exchange 05/01/1986

          Washington Lithuanian Seminar 05/01/1986-05/03/1986

          Saudi Arms Sale (Vice President) 05/02/1986

          POMOST Briefing 05/12/1986

          Associated General Contractors Meeting 05/25/1986

          Washington Horizons II 06/06/1986

          Daytona Beach, Florida Trip 06/14/1986

          Central America: Nicaraguan Freedom Fighters 06/16/1986 (1)-(3) 27 p.

          National Republican Heritage Groups Council Convention - Los Angeles 06/27/1986

          National Republican Heritage Group Convention 06/27/1986

          Briefing: National Federation of American Hungarians 07/11/1986

          Cambodian Briefing 07/11/1986

          Jefferson Foundation Latin American Intern Briefing 07/17/1986

          Briefing: Lithuanian World Youth Association 07/18/1986

          Captive Nations Week 07/21/1986 (1)(2)


          OA 18283

          [South Africa Speech 07/22/1986 Invitations – Mel Bradley Lists]

          [South Africa Speech 07/22/1986 Invitations – Business Lists]

          [South Africa Speech 07/22/1986 Invitations – Max Green Lists]

          [South Africa Speech 07/22/1986 Invitations – Linas Kojelis Lists]

          [South Africa Speech 07/22/1986 Invitations – Religious Leaders Lists]

          [South Africa Speech 07/22/1986 Invitations – World Affairs Lists]

          [South Africa Speech 07/22/1986 Invitations – World Affairs Board of Directors Lists]

          [South Africa Speech 07/22/1986 Invitations – Miscellaneous Lists]

          [South Africa Speech 07/22/1986 Invitations] (1)-(6)

          Washington Interns - President 07/29/1986

          American Federalism Briefing 07/30/1986

          Promoting Democracy in Latin America 07/31/1986 (1)(2) 57 p.

          U.S. Information Agency Briefing 08/06/1986

          American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association Photo Op - Vice President


          ATK Trip 08/13/1986

          American Security Council Briefing 09/09/1986, 09/16/1986 (Womens) 26 p.

          Chatauqua Conference Briefing 09/10/1986

          American Lebanese League 09/11/1986

          Polish American Congress 09/12/1986

          U.S. Overseas Broadcasting 09/16/1986

          Ethnic American Day 09/21/1986

          Strong Pro Defense Briefing 09/23/1986

          Republican State Nationalities Council of Illinois Annual Awards Brunch 09/27/1986

          American-Hungarian Association 10/02/1986

          Human Rights: Iceland 10/07/1986

          Iceland Meeting 10/16/1986 (1)(2)

          Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) 11/10/1986

          Newark Trip 11/15/1986

          Heritage Foundation 11/18/1986 35 p.

          National Republican Heritage Council 12/10/1986

          Human Rights Day 12/10/1986 - I (1)-(4)

          Human Rights Day 12/10/1986 - II

          Vermont Trip 12/16/1986 - 01/01/1987

          Citizens for America Rally 01/05/1987

          Central America Briefing 01/13/1987 (1)-(12) 646 p.


          OA 18284

          UCLA Alumni 01/22/1987

          American Latvian Association 02/06/1987

          Polish Sanctions 02/19/1987 (1)(2)

          Meeting with Jesse Jackson 02/25/1987

          Post-Tower Speech 03/04/1987

          National Coordinating Council on Emergency Management 03/09/1987

          U.S. / Soviet Relations Speech 03/09/1987

          Citizens for Reagan 03/12/1987

          U.S./Overseas Broadcasting 03/13/1987

          Princeton (Parvin Fellows) 03/16/1987

          Afghanistan Day 03/20/1987

          Highway Bill Veto – 03/26/1987

          California Agriculture Leadership 04/09/1987

          Oklahoma Young President's Organization 04/10/1987

          Freedom Federation 04/27/1987

          National Republican Heritage Groups Council 05/12/1987

          President's Executive Exchange 05/15/1987

          Council National Policy - Dallas 05/29/1987-05/30/1987

          Venice Economic Summit 06/01/1987

          Central America 06/04/1987 3 p.

          Ibero-American Chamber of Commerce 06/04/1987

          Central America 06/11/1987 Cancelled

          Central America 06/18/1987 10 p.

          Lithuanian 600 Years Christianity 06/18/1987

          National Conference of American Ethnic Groups 06/18/1987

          600 Anniversary Christianity 06/18/1987

          Central America 06/19/1987 18 p.

          Conservative Network Briefing 06/19/1987 2 p.

          Central America - Legislative Assistants Briefing 07/01/1987 31 p.

          Central America 07/02/1987 11 p.

          Central America - CR (Continuing Resolution) 07/02/1987 2 p.

          Central America 07/13/1987 13 p.

          Central America 07/16/1987 15 p.

          South African Briefing 07/28/1987

          Central America 07/30/1987 11 p.

          Central America 08/03/1987 2 p.

          Nicaraguan Resistance 08/05/1987 (1)(2) 22 p.

          Central America 08/13/1987 6 p.

          Baltic Demonstrations 08/23/1987

          Center for Liberation Strategy 09/09/1987

          Jefferson Education Foundation 09/18/1987

          American Council of Young Political Leaders - Central America 09/22/1987

          Sons of Italy Photo-op 09/24/1987

          Council for the U.S. and Italy Briefing 09/22/1987

          Citizens Network 10/21/1987

          Latvian American Briefing 10/23/1987

          Lithuanian American Political Conference 10/23/1987

          Italian Gala 10/24/1987

          National Republican Heritage Groups Council Reception 10/30/1987

          POMOST Briefing 11/09/1987

          Coleman Core Group 11/10/1987

          Afghan Resistance Alliance 11/12/1987

          Pre-Summit Soviet Human Rights Seminar 12/03/1987 (1)(2)

          Human Rights Day 12/09/1987

          Central America Constituents Briefings 01/20/1988 and 01/24/1988 (1)(2) 92 p.

          Hungarian-American Briefing 02/10/1988

          Direct Connection 02/12/1988

          Cleveland Lithuanian Independence Day 02/14/1988

          American Legion 02/29/1988

          American ex-Prisoners of War 03/23/1988

          American Federalism 04/01/1988

          Seminar on Religious Rights in the USSR 05/03/1988 (1)(2)

          American Hungarian Federation 05/06/1988

          Antibolshevik Bloc of Nations Conference 05/13/1988-05/15/1988



          OA 18285

          Altamuro, Leonard

          Antonucci, Alfred A.

          Ashby, Dr. Timothy

          Baron, Carl William

          Bartesch, Martin

          Batra, Ravi

          Bedelis, Anita

          Bengechea, Roger Miranda

          Beserra, Rudy


          Post Bork - New Nominee

          Brazinskas, Pranas

          Bureika, Rita D.

          Bussio, Michael J.

          Chan, Wallace

          Channell, Karl R. (Spitz)


          Chenoweth, Eric

          Cherian, Joy - I

          Cherian, Joy - II

          Chin, Curtis

          Chin-Lee, William

          Choi, Dr. Yearn H.

          Chumachenko, Katherine

          Coleman, Richard

          Cothram, Joy

          Dambrava, Vytantas

          Dana, Michael G.

          DePaulo, Michelle Claire

          Derwinski, Ed

          Dollinger, Steven K.

          Duarte, Jose Napoleon 1 p.

          Dutton, Leslie

          [Eastlane, Ann]

          Frisbee, Owen

          Futey, Bohdan

          Gentile, Carolyn

          Gereben, Istvan

          Golden, James

          Grabbe, Msr. Anthony

          Gulden, Julianna

          Ham, Mr. Douglas Bryan

          Hind, Clarkson

          Ho, Esther

          Hoffman/Bon - Swiss / Department of Defense)

          Hough, William J.H.

          Hsu, Ronald

          Iturrequi, Juan Carlos

          Iwanciw, Eugene M.

          Izvanariu, Adrianna

          Jhin, Kyo R

          Jung, George J.

          Kallay, Tom

          Kao, T.M.

          Kmiec, Douglas

          Kohout, Jara

          Kotas, Jiri

          Kotas, Jiri V.

          Kuczynski, Les S.

          Kulick, Lydia A.

          Kunkle, Kimberly

          Kuropas, Myron B.

          Kybal, Dalimil

          Lamberts, Aristids

          Laniado, Eli

          Laucius, Laura T.

          Li, Peter J.

          Litvin, Yuriy

          Majauskas, V. MD

          Marciniak, Christina

          Marinaccio,Charles L. (Lindy) 

          Mattsson, Eira I.

          Mayer, Charles

          Mazewski, Aloysius

          McCarthy, John

          Medaris, John Bruce


          OA 18286

          Medvid, Miroslav

          Medvid 1987



          Milunas, Anatole

          Milunas, Anatolius

          Morgiewicz, Conrad S.

          Mularoni, John

          Nesterczuk, George

          Neterowicz, Eva

          Nofzinger, Lyn

          Nouri, Hasan

          Oksas, Casimir

          Oksas, Casimir G.

          Ortiz, Maria Teresa Dorado

          Paegle, Roland D.

          Palubinskas, Ginta

          Parness, Jeff

          Pasymowski, Eugene

          Pasztor, Laszlo

          Paulucci, Jeno

          Pavlovskis, Olgerts

          Perez, Carlos

          Phillips, Michael

          Postupack, Steve - August 1983

          Pramukhswamiji, H.S.D.H.

          Randpere, Valdo


          Raskauskas, Ernest C.

          Ravancho, Mr. and Mrs. - Immigration and Naturalization

          Roche, Joseph A.

          Salvia, Anthony T.

          Sann, Son

          Saxena, S. K.

          Scalia, Antonin

          Shukhevych, Yuriy

          Silas, Aligas J.

          Singlaub, General Jack

          Slavoff, Radi

          Smoot, David

          Soave, Antonio

          Sorianno, Jesse

          Sotirhos, Michael

          Sotirhos, Mike

          Spencer, Dao - Meet with FW August 1983

          Spiro, Robert H. Jr.

          Steel, Shawn

          Stella, Frank

          Stella, Frank August 1983

          Stokes, Inese

          Szagedi, Attila - Immigration and Naturalization

          Szaz, Michael

          Talandis, Jonas

          Ullrich, Suki

          Ullrich, Suki (WH Out Card - Brenda Wong 01/20/1984)

          Vegh, Jeno

          Vego, Bishop Pablo Antonio


          Von Wiren Garczynski, Vera

          Walentynowicz, Leonard

          Wallenberg, Raoul - I

          Wallenberg, Raoul _ II

          Wang, James Y. A.

          Wang, K. L.

          Wasylyk, Myron

          Webster, Al William

          Wilson, Oliver

          Wu, John K.

          Yemen, Arpo

          Yerger, Frank

          Zeidlickis, Dagnia

          Zilinskas, Klein L

          Ziurys, Eugene Jr.

          Zumbakis, S. Paul



          OA 18289

          Lists - Armenian-Americans (Empty)

          Lists - Central America 5 p.

          Central America Core List (1)(2) 66 p.

          Central America Briefing Lists - Pennsylvania, Connecticut and New Jersey 14 p.

          List - Chinese Americans

          Church List

          Lists - Eastern European

          Ethnic Media List

          Lists - Ethnic Media

          Ethnic Organizations

          Filipino American List - Pro Marcos

          Lists - Filipino Americans

          Defense / Foreign Policy List

          Fraternal Organizations

          Hispanic Lists 3 p.

          Lists - Irish Americans

          Lists - Japanese Americans

          Lists - Korean Americans

          Lists - Latvian Americans

          Lists - Lithuanian Americans

          Muscle List 2

          List - Other / Multi-Ethnic

          Organization Lists

          Lists - Polish Americans


          Publications Lists




          Soviet Human Rights Leaders

          State Dinner Lists



          Lists - Ukranian Americans

          Lists - Vietnamese Americans




          OA 18290

          Talking Points - Afghanistan

          Talking Points - Arms Control

          Talking Points - Asian/U.S. Relations

          Talking Points - Baltic States

          Talking Points - Budget

          Talking Points - Central America (1)-(5) 402 p.

          Talking Points - Central American - U.S. Aid 22 p.

          Talking Points - Chinese Americans

          Talking Points - Civil Rights

          Talking Points - Crime

          Talking Points - Defense

          Talking Points - Domestic Issues

          Talking Points - Drug Free America

          Talking Points - Eastern Europe

          Talking Points - Economic Recovery

          Talking Points - Economy

          Talking Points - Farm Credit

          Talking Points - General

          Talking Points - Geneva

          Talking Points - Human Rights

          Talking Points - Industrial Policy

          Talking Points - Italian Issues

          Talking Points - Korean Issues (Foreign Policy) (1)(2)

          Talking Points - Lebanon/Grenada

          Talking Points - Media

          Talking Points - Minimum Wage Law

          Talking Points - MX

          Talking Points on the NATO Summit

          Talking Points - 1987

          Talking Points -- Plant Closings

          Talking Points - Polish Americans

          Talking Points - Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty - Voice of America

          Talking Points - Reagan, Ronald

          Talking Points - Senior Citizens

          Talking Points - Strategic Defense Initiative

          Talking Points - Taiwan

          Talking Points - Taxes

          Talking Points - Terrorism

          Talking Points - Trade Policy

          Talking Points - Voice of America (VOA)/Radio Free Europe (RFE)/Radio Liberty


          Talking Points - U.S./Soviet Relations

          Talking Points - Urban Issues

                   Talking Points - Women

          Talking Points - Youth



          OA 18291

          February 1986 Chrons

          March 1986 Chrons

          March 1986 Chrons: OPL Staff Meeting Minutes

          April 1986 Chrons


          Memos to Frank Donatelli