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KUTTNER, HANNS: Files 1987-1988


Office of Cabinet Affairs: Associate Director


OA 16599

          Kuttner Files Description

          Abortion Regulations (1)(2)

          Acid Rain


          Age 60 Rule / Jack Young / Department of Transportation

          Agency Legislative Highlights


          AIDS #1 (1)-(5)

          AIDS #2 (1)-(8)

          AIDS Test Kits

          Alamo, Remember the

          Almeyda, Benita Fuego

          ANWR [Alaska National Wildlife Refuge] (1)(2)

          Armand Hammer / re: President’s Cancer Panel

          Aviation Safety Commission

          Awards Programs

Biomedical Research Service

          Boards and Commissions

          Brusselmans, Mrs.

          FY 89 Budget

          Cabinet Issues – 02/19/1988

          Cabinet Members’ Schedules

          Catastrophic – I

          Catastrophic - II

          Child Care

          Christie, Alex – Maritime Issues

          Class of 2000 / Committee for Economic Development Report

          Clean Air Act Amendments

          Completed Projects

          Department of Agriculture

          Department of Commerce

          Department of Commerce Regional Briefings

          Department of Education - I

          Department of Education - II


          OA 16600

          Department of Education Releases, etc.

          Department of Education [Student] Loan Default Rule September 1988

          Department of Energy

          Department of Interior

          Department of Justice

          Department of Labor

          Department of Transportatiion

          Domestic Policy Council Meetings

          Domestic Policy Council Planning Memos

          Domestic Policy Council – Housing and Urban Development Regulations

          Drug Issue - Summer 1988


          Earnings Test

          Economic Bill of Rights

          Economic Updates

          Education Events - I

          Education Events - II

          Elementary School Recognition September 1988

          Elementary School Recognition 09/15/1988

Energy Security Report May 1987

          Environment Events

          Environmental Protection Agency

          Ethics / Conduct

          Fair Housing (1)(2)

          Fair Housing Signing September 13

          [Federal Employee Related Issues]

          Federalism Executive Order


          OA 16601

          Fetal Research - I

          Fetal Research - II

          Forest Fires 09/08/1988

          Gasper, Joann

          Global Climate Protection Act

          Health and Human Services

          Health and Human Services Releases

          Health Policy Working Group

          Hetch Hetchy

          President’s Commission on the HIV Epidemic (1)-(3)

          HIV Commission – First Meeting 09/09/1987-09/10/1987

          Homeless Assistance Act of 1988

          Homeless (1)-(7)

          Housing and Urban Development - I

          Housing and Urban Development - II

          Immigration and Naturalization Service

Interagency Committee on Smoking and Health

          Iroquois / Alberta Northeast Project

          1988 Legislative and Administrative Message

          Making It Work Events - 04/26/1988

          McKinney Act / Interagency Council on the Homeless (1)-(11)

          Media Coverage of Drugs 03/03/1988

          Media Coverage of Drugs 03/23/1988

          Medicare / Social Security

          Miscellaneous Notes, etc.

          Mississippi Drought Stricken Area

          National Acid Precipitation Assessment Project

          National Council on Public Works Improvement


          OA 16602

          National Drug Policy Board

          National Policy Forum – Drug and Alcohol Abuse

          1988 Agenda

          90 Day Plan

          90 Day Plans: October 1987-January 1988

          90 Day Plans: October 1987-January 1988: Department of Commerce – Issues

                   10/26/1987 (Binder)

          90 Day Report Materials

          NR Grams (Nancy Risque)

          Obscenity / Indecency

          OMB Legislative Highlights Reports

          Office of Personnel Management Award Memos

          Office of Personnel Management - China Lake

          Old Harbor Native Corporation

          Ozone (1)-(5)

          Ozone - Ground Level

          Presidential Message Requests / Linda Watson

          President and Right to Life Activists 07/30/1987

          President’s Commission on American Outdoors

          President’s Environmental Youth Awards

          President’s National Urban Policy Report

          President’s Strategic Plan

          Price - Anderson Signing Statement


          Privatization Working Group

          Proposition 65

Reagan/Thatcher on Education [Draft Education Department Statement]

          Ruppe, Loret Miller – Peace Corps Briefing

          Sessions Swearing-in (FBI Director)

          Smallpox / Disease Education


          OA 16603

Southwest Border

          [Staffing Memoranda July 1987-February 1988] WK July 6-13

          [Staffing Memoranda February 1988-July 1988] Energy Press Releases

          State of the Union – 1988

          State of the Union / Legislative Message

          Superconducting Super Collider


          Supported Employment Event 06/08/1988

          Supreme Court Nominees - Ginsburg, Kennedy

          Tax and Spend Gang

          Tennessee Valley Authority


          U.S. Postal Service

          U.S. Trade Representative

          Veterans Administration

          Veterans Administration as Cabinet Level Agency

          Visit of the President to Oakton High School 08/24/1988

          Visit of the President to Suitland High School 01/20/1988

          Visit of the President to the National Institute of Health 07/23/1987

          White House Talking Points

          World Conference on Health Education – August 1988

          4th World Wilderness Conference 09/11/1987-09/18/1987