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LAUFFER, SUSAN: Files, 1982-1988


Intergovernmental Affairs, White House Office of


          OA 14681

          Tax Reform: Legislative History - Deductions 1917

          Tax Reform: Legislative History of 1954 Revenue Act

          Tax Reform: Legislative History of 1964 Revenue Act

          Tax Reform: Treasury I (1984)

          Tax Reform: ACIR - S&L Deductibility Report – April 1985 Draft (1)-(4)

          Tax Reform: ACIR - S&L Deductibility Report - June 1985 Draft

          Tax Reform: Agriculture Impact (1985)

          Tax Reform: Baker Speech to National Governors Association (1985)

          Tax Reform: Joint Committee on Taxation - Proposals on Bonds (1985)

          Tax Reform: Bonds - Tax Exempts 1983 Data (1985) (1)-(4)

          Tax Reform: Ways & Means Hearing - Bonds (1985) (1)-(4)

          Tax Reform: California State Analysis (1985)

          Tax Reform: Cities Impact (1985)

          Tax Reform: Council of Economic Advisors Analysis / Growth (1985)

          Tax Reform: Darman "Bear" Speech (1985)

          Tax Reform: Deductibility Study – Arthur-Anderson (1985)

          Tax Reform: Durenberger Proposal on S&L Deductibility (1985)

          Tax Reform: Hearings - Deductibility (1985)

          Tax Reform: Joint Economic Hearings - Deductibility (1985)

          Tax Reform: National Conference of State Legislatures – Analysis of Deductibility

(1985)          (1)(2)

          Tax Reform: National League of Cities Analysis - Deductibility (1985) (1)(2)

Tax Reform: Senate Governmental Affairs Hearing - Deductibility (1985) (1)-(3)

          Tax Reform: Stanton Deductibility Study (1985)

          Tax Reform: Deductibility - Treasury Data and Testimony (1985)

          Tax Reform: Treasury Date on Deductibility Testimony (1985)

          Tax Reform: Ways & Means Hearing - Deductibility (1985) (1)-(3)

          Tax Reform: Zimmerman (CRS) - S&L Deductibility Testimony (1985)

          Tax Reform: Editorials – From Treasury (1985)

          Tax Reform: Education Spending Impact (1985) (1)-(3)

          Tax Reform: Elected Officials Reactions (1985)

          Tax Reform: Energy Impact - Treasury Testimony (1985)

          Tax Reform: Family Impact Analysis - Including Poor (1985) (1)(2)

          Tax Reform: Government Finance Officers Association Analysis (1985)

          Tax Reform: GFOA Interviews - MED (1985) (1)(2)

          Tax Reform: Governors - RR Meeting Briefing Book (1985)

          Tax Reform: Grants to States (1985)

          Tax Reform: Treasury Report on High Income Taxpayers (1985)

          Tax Reform: House Markup Summary (Ways & Means) (1985) (1)(2)

          Tax Reform: Housing Impact (1985)

          Tax Reform: Illinois State Analysis (1985)

          Tax Reform: Individual / Corporate Tax Shares (1985)

          Tax Reform: Heavy Industry Impact (1985)

          Tax Reform: Infrastructure Impact (1985)

          Tax Reform: Ways & Means Hearing - Infrastructure (1985)

          Tax Reform: Itemizers Impact Analysis (1985)

          Tax Reform: Itemizers Percent for State/Cities (1985)

          Tax Reform: Massachusetts State Analysis (1985)

          Tax Reform: New Jersey State Analysis (1985)

          Tax Reform: New York State Analysis (1985)

          Tax Reform: Oregon State Analysis (1985)

          Tax Reform: Presidential Speeches (1985) (1)-(3)

          Tax Reform: Puerto Rico - 936 (1985) (1)(2)

          Tax Reform: White House-IGA - Q&A on Deductibility (1985)

          Tax Reform: Revenues and Outlays Data 1976-1985

          Tax Reform: Revenue Neutrality (1985)


          OA 14682

          Russakoft, Dale – WP/Tax Reform (1985)

          Tax Reform: Senate Finance Committee (1985)

          Tax Reform: Senate Finance Hearing - Bonds (1985) (1)-(4)

          Tax Reform: Senate Finance Hearing - Impact on S&L (1985) (1)(2)

          Tax Reform: Senior Citizens Groups Analysis (1985) (1)(2)

          Tax Reform: Special Interests Provisions (1985)

          Tax Reform: SLIG Reactions (1985) (1)-(5)

          Tax Reform: Treasury - One-Earner Analysis - State by State (1985) (1)-(4)

          Tax Reform: State Profiles by IGA (1985)

          Tax Reform: State Revenue Impact (1985)

          Tax Reform: State Severances and Motor Fuel Taxes (1985)

          Tax Reform: State Taxes (1985) (1)(2)

          Tax Reform: State Tax Changes (1985)

          Tax Reform: Summary Treasury Testimony (1985)

          Tax Reform: Summary Report on President's Proposals - May 1985

          Tax Reform: Support - General (1985) (1)-(3)

          WH-IGA: Talking Points on Tax Reform (1985) (1)-(3)

          Tax Reform: USCM – Anchorage Speech by MED (1985)

          Tax Reform: Value-Added Tax (1985)

          Tax Reform: Weekly Report from Treasury (1985) (1)-(3)

          Tax Reform: Women's Groups Analysis (1985)

          Tax Reform: ACIR Analysis of RR & House Proposals by State (1986)

          Tax Reform: Bonds (1986)

          Tax Reform: Competitiveness Impact (1986)

          Tax Reform: Articles on Deductibility (1986)

          Tax Reform: House-Senate Conference (1986)

          Tax Reform: IRA (1986)

          Tax Reform: NFIB (National Federation of Independent Business) Support (1986)

          Tax Reform: News Clips – 09/20/1986-09/26/1986 House Passage

          Tax Reform: News Clips – 09/27/1986-10/31/1986 Senate Passage & Signing (1)(2)

          Tax Reform: Presidential Statements (1986)

          Tax Reform: Senate Finance Committee Bill (1986)

          Tax Reform: Senate Finance Committee Hearings (1986)

          Tax Reform: Senate Markup (1986) (1)(2)

          Tax Reform: Simplification (1986)

          Tax Reform: Signing Ceremony (1986)

          Tax Reform: SLIG Reactions (1986)

          Tax Reform: State Taxes (1986)

          Tax Reform: Support (1986)

          Tax Reform Action Coalition (TRAC) (1986)

          Talking Points on Tax Reform (1986)

          Tax Reform: USDA (U.S. Department of Agriculture) Analysis of House & Senate

Bills (1986)


          OA 15500

          Standard Handout - Garcia

          Garcia - Testimony

          Garcia - Legislative Proposals

          Garcia - Background

          Garcia - Legislative History

          Garcia - Clippings

          Garcia - NLC, FLSA, Hall of States                 

          Garcia - USCS (U.S. Customs Service), Implied and Explicit Project


          OA 15501

          Impact of Garcia - NAAG (Entirely) (National Association of Attorneys General)

          Labor and Justice - Garcia

          Legislative Support and Financial Impact - Garcia

          Data - Garcia

          FLSA Regulation - NLC Comments (Fair Labor Standards Act) (National League of


          Support Letter Signed by all SLIGS

          Supreme Court Opinion - NLC v. Usery 1976 (National League of Cities)

          Supreme Court Opinion Garcia 1985

          White House Prep


          OA 15507

          OMB Fall 1987 Director's Review

          Department of Interior

          Health and Human Services Discretionary Programs FY 1989

          Department of Education 1989 Budget

          Office of Personnel Management

          Justice 1989 Budget Overview

          Commerce 1989 Budget Overview

          Transportation 1989 Budget Overview

          1989 Transportation, Justice and Commerce Overview

          Water Resources

          Natural Resources, Energy and Science

          Environmental Protection Agency

          Department of Agriculture

          Department of Energy Non-Defense


          Department of Labor

          Veterans Administration

          Housing, Treasury and Postal Divisions

          Fall Review Credit Policy and Management

          1989 Fall Review Privatization


          OA 16376

          Administration Trade Actions

          Administration Trade Actions / Policy

          Trade Bill

          H.R. 3 Letters Veto CFA

          Trade H.R. 3

          GATT (General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade)

          U.S. / Canada Free Trade Agreement

          U.S. / Foreign Trade Relations

          IGA Actions

          U. S. Textile and Apparel Import Program

          NGA State Trade Programs (National Governor's Association)

          U. S. Industrial Outlook

          Trade Protectionism

          NLC FLSA Briefing / Workers (National League of Cities / Fair Labor Standards Act)


          OA 16384

          Homeless, USCM (United States Conference of Mayors) - Status Report, May 1987

          Day Care Studies

          Child Support Conference, 08/16/1984

          Child Care DOL 04/04/1988 Task Force Report

          Up from Dependency

          Minimum Wage - National Journal Article

          Public Attitudes on Welfare

          Welfare Reform

          National Urban Coalition, Minorities in Cities

          1982 Census of Governments

          Trade Actions

          H. R. 4800

          State by State Profiles on International Trade

          New City Economic Development

          NASDA State Export Program (National Association of State Departments of Agriculture)

          NCSL 1984 Talking Points for W. Brock (National Conference of State Legislatures)

          U.S. and Foreign Commercial Service


          OA 18281

          Docket Book 99th ACIR Meeting 12/16/1988

          ACIR Correspondence

          Docket Book 98th ACIR Meeting 09/16/1988

          ACIR Local Public Economies Study

          ACIR 29th Annual Report - 1987

          1985 ACIR Judicial Federalism Project

          Tax Reform Act of 1986 - Effect on Federal / State Personal Income Tax Liabilities

          Docket Book 95th ACIR Meeting 12/04/1987

          Federalism Intergovernmental Perspective

          Federal Aid Highway Programs

          ACIR Potential Research Topics

          Docket Book 94th ACIR Meeting 09/11/1987

          Docket Book 94th ACIR Meeting - Revised

          ACIR Testimony 03/18/1988 Before Senate Committee on Treasury, Postal Service and General Government

          Docket Book 97th ACIR Meeting 06/17/1988

          Docket Book 96th ACIR Meeting 03/25/1988


          OA 19235 [Uninventoried]

          Labor/Econ. Data

          [Various Government Publications, Bulletins, Reports]

          1984 The Municipal Yearbook


          OA 19236

          [Unfoldered Material - Testimony to RNC - 1988 Platform Committee Field Hearings]


          OA 19237

          [Unfoldered Material re: various education issues]

          Intergovernmental Advisory Council on Education

          Education Commission of the States

          Legislative Briefing Book

          Bilingual Education



          ECS Task Force


          OA 19238 - Box 22

          1986 Budget Interior

          1986 Budget Water Resources

          HHS 1986 Budget Summary Tables, Health

          HHS 1986 Budget Social Services, Health Financing

          HHS Budget Income Maintenance, Departmental Management

          EPA Fall 1986 & 1985

          1986 Budget SBA

          1986 Budget Commerce

          1987 Budget Environment, Interior, Water

          1986 Budget FEMA

          1986 Budget GSA

          Director's Review 1986 Budget Justice

          Director's Review 1986 Budget Department of Treasury

          Director's Review 1986 Budget Personnel

          USDA Fall 1986 Director's Review

          HHS Entitlement Programs FY 1986

          Transportation Fall 1986

          1986 Budget Dept of Labor

          1986 Budget Education

          1983 Federal Funds Reports


          OA 19240

          Gramm Budget

          CR Sept 1986

          Debt Limit

          Reconciliation COBRA

          Urgent Support


          E.O. 12372 Intergovernmental Review of Federal Programs


          General Revenue Sharing


          Revenue Sharing Studies

          Briefing for Women Elected Officials – 01/13/1984 & 02/03/1984

          Briefing for Women Elected Officials – 02/17/1984

          Briefing for Women Elected Officials – 03/02/1984

          Briefing for Women Elected Officials – 03/12/1984


          OA 19242



          RR Achievements



          Speech Material





          Environmental Protection Agency

          Health and Human Services





          Veterans Admin

          White House Talking Points

          Treasury Study

          IGA Weekly Report


          OA 19250

          AM Outdoors



          America Samoa



          California [1 of 2]

          California [2 of 2]




          District of Columbia






















          New Hampshire

          New Jersey

          New Mexico

          New York


          OA 19252

          Federal Grant in AID

          Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations

          Changing Public Attitudes on Government & Taxes

          ACIR March Meeting 1987

          Discussion Draft ACIR Studies of Federalism

          Statement on Poverty & Independence

          Federalism & the Constitution

          Summary of Welfare Reform

          Docket Book (3)

          ACIR Misc.

          MED Television Interview

          Food Assistants Program



          55 MPH Speed Limit

          [Individual Rights (Sect. 1983)]

          Garcia Data

          San Antonio

          Budget Briefing

          Grant Mgmt

          ABA - Federalisms


          Urban Policy

          Case List

          Direct Marketing Assoc.

          Status of Federalism

          Fiscal Survey of States


          OA 19253

          DLS Resume Bio/Photo (empty)

          DLS Personal: Clips, Misc.

          OMB OIRA (Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs) & Legislation



          1986 Budget (1)-(10)

          Youth 2000

          Youth 2000 (2 folders)

          Project 2000: Jobs and Training for Minorities and Women, n.d.; US Equal Employment

                   Opportunity Commission


          OA 19254

          South Africa - State and Local Investment (1)-(3)

          Florida Sales Tax 1987

          Commerce Clause - AD

          Older Workers: Prospects, Problems & Policies: 9th Annual Report, 1985, NCEP –

National Commission on Employment Policies


          Anti-Trust: McCarran-Ferguson [empty]

          Unemployment Insurance - DLS

          UI [Unemployment Insurance]

          Unemployment Insurance - Background

          Unemployment Insurance - Background: UI Devolution

          Unemployment Insurance - Letters & Outside

          Unemployment Insurance - Data

          ACIR (Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations) Reception/Federalism

Intergovernmental Perspective “View from Commission Column”, “Dear Reader”

          ACIR (Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations) 02/22/198-02/24/1988


ACIR (Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations) / International 

Speech/Article 1988

          [ACIR Staff Working Paper - Devolving Program Responsibilities]

          ACIR (Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations)

          ACIR (Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations) Research

          [Tort Reform] (1)(2)

          [Bicentennial of the Constitution]

          Get from Library

          Calendar / Ideas / Samples

          Atomic Veterans HR 1811

          Strategic Plan for Domestic

          Budget Documents Order FY89 and Rescissions

          State & Local Coalition Letter

          Executive Summary / Report to NGA (National Governor’s Association)

          NGA (National Governor’s Association July 1987 / NCSL (National Conference of State

Legislatures) Clips

          Cooperative Extension System/National Issues

Innovations in State and Local Government

          Risk Notification HR 162 S. 79

          USTR - Intergovernmental Committee

          Campaign Finance Reform


          OA 19255

          Intergovernmental Advisory Council on Education

          Treasury Data for NGA on Impact of Tax Reform on States

          Impact on States of Tax Reform

          Bellas Hess - Mail Order Sales Tax


          Preparations for Administration Status Report on NGA Regulatory Reform Initiatives,

                   Phase II

          Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations (ACIR) Docket Book for 87th

                   Meeting 06/06/1985

          Bellas Hess

          ACIR Report on State and Local Taxation of Out of State Mail Order Sales Taxes

          President Reagan's 50 States Project, "Status of the States" 1982 Year-End Report –

only copy in permanent records

          American Association of State Highways and Transportation Officials Federal Assistance


          ASLG Report on Federal Preemption and Mandates

          Proposed FTC Regulation of State Health Care Laws

          OIRA/IGA Group

          NACO Meeting March 1987-July 1987

          Proposed USCM Resolutions

          Proposed NLC Policy Statements

          O3 & Co.

          Fiscal Surveys


          OA 19263

          92nd ACIR Docket Book 12/05/1986 Meeting

          NGA Review Project on Federal Assistance

          Department IGA Year-End 1985

          NGA Regulatory Reform Initiatives Workbook, Phase II

          Agency IGA Priorities 1983

          Line-Item Veto 1984

          Tax Reform - Miscellaneous

          NCSL - McCurley


          WH IGA Los Angeles County General File 1983-1984

          Unitary [Tax 1985-1986] (1)(2)

          Unitary [Tax 1983-1987] (1)(2)

[Unitary Tax: Section 1983:] 1983 Meeting 11/24/1983

          89th ACIR Docket Book 12/04/1985 Meeting

          88th ACIR Docket Book 09/20/1985 Meeting


          OA 19277

          Census 1990

          NGA Regulations Project


          Pending Mail



          Trip Report LLV - IL, PA, FL, IN, MO, OH, etc.

          OCS Revenue Sharing

          [Unfoldered Material - Miscellaneous]

          [Balanced Budget]


          OA 19279

          North Carolina

          Northern Mariana Islands

          North Dakota





          Puerto Rico

          Rhode Island

          South Carolina

          South Dakota





          Virgin Islands



          West Virginia



          [IGA Weekly Summary of Activities 1981-1982]


          OA 19280

          [Unfoldered Material re: Liability Insurance]

          Business Insurance

          Business Insurance: ALEC

          Business Insurance: NCSL

          Business Insurance: NATaT

          Business Insurance: NLC

          Miscellaneous Articles [re: Liability Insurance]

          [Industrial Insurance Management Corp.]

          [Liability Insurance] Ohio

          [Unfoldered Material - State Legislative Information re: Liability Insurance]

          [Liability Insurance] Alabama

          [Liability Insurance] California

          [Liability Insurance] Colorado

          [Liability Insurance] Alaska

          [Liability Insurance] Arizona

          [Liability Insurance] Arkansas

          [Liability Insurance] Connecticut

          [Liability Insurance] Delaware

          [Liability Insurance] Florida

          [Liability Insurance] Georgia

          [Liability Insurance] Hawaii

          [Liability Insurance] Illinois

          [Liability Insurance] Iowa

          [Liability Insurance] Massachusetts

          [Liability Insurance] Indiana

          [Liability Insurance] Kansas

          [Liability Insurance] Kentucky

          [Liability Insurance] Louisiana

          [Liability Insurance] Maine

          [Liability Insurance] Maryland

          [Liability Insurance] Michigan

          [Liability Insurance] Minnesota

          [Liability Insurance] Missouri

          [Liability Insurance] Nebraska

          [Liability Insurance] New Mexico

          [Liability Insurance] New Jersey

          [Liability Insurance] North Carolina

          [Liability Insurance] North Dakota

          [Liability Insurance] Oregon

          [Liability Insurance] New Hampshire

          [Liability Insurance] Pennsylvania

          [Liability Insurance] Rhode Island

          [Liability Insurance] South Carolina

          [Liability Insurance] South Dakota

          [Liability Insurance] Texas

          [Liability Insurance] Utah

          [Liability Insurance] Virginia

          [Liability Insurance] Washington

          [Liability Insurance] West Virginia

          [Liability Insurance] Wisconsin

          [Liability Insurance] Wyoming

          [Unfoldered Material re: House Committee on Public Works and Transportation,

Subcommittee on Surface Transportation Hearing on Motor Carrier Insurance Issues]

          [1985-1986 State Tort Reform]


          OA 19292

          [Executive Order 12372]

          [History of Federalism Proposal - 1]

          [History of Federalism Proposal - 2]

          [Celebration of Diversity Vol. I]


          [Problems of Cities]

          [Federalism 1981-1982]


          OA 19293

          Acid Rain

          [Unfoldered Material re: EPA Acid Rain, Energy]

          Enterprise Zone - High Tech

          Enterprise Zones (1)-(14)

          [Enterprise Zones] (1)-(8)


          OA 19294

          [Unfoldered Material re: Education, Welfare]


          OA 19295

          [Unfoldered Material - Miscellaneous]

          Metropolitan Transit in the 1980s

          The Transformation in American Politics:  [Various Commission Reports]

          Docket Book - Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations (2 copies)

          Devolving Federal Program Responsibilities and Revenue Sources to State and Local          


          The States and Distressed Communities:  [Various Pamphlets, Reports]