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          Box 11244    

          [Press Clippings] Helms, Jesse

          [Press Clippings] Hollins, Ernest

          [Press Clippings] Humphrey, Gordon

          [Press Clippings] Inouye, Daniel

          [Press Clippings] Johnston, J. Bennett

          [Press Clippings] Karnes, David

          [Press Clippings] Logar, Richard

          [Press Clippings] McCain, John

          [Press Clippings] McClure, James

          [Press Clippings] Melcher, John

          [Press Clippings] Moynihan, Daniel

          [Press Clippings] Nunn, Sam

          [Press Clippings] Pell, Claiborne

          [Press Clippings] Pressler, Larry

          [Press Clippings] Proxmire, William

          [Press Clippings] Pryor, David

          [Press Clippings] Quayle, Dan

          [Press Clippings] Simpson, Alan

          [Press Clippings] Specter, Alan

          [Press Clippings] Warner, John

          [Press Clippings] Wallop, Malcolm

          [Press Clippings] Wilson, Pete

          [Press Clippings] Wirth, Timothy

          INF Articles

          Nicaraguan Legislation

          INF Articles Citing Senators


          OA 13528

          Support for Tax Bill, August 1982 (1)-(5)

          House Bills/House Resolutions/House Con. Res./Senate Bills (Administration Positions,


          [Administration Positions for 97th Cong]: 1983 Budget / Bill Signing Ceremonies /

Gramm-Latta / Gramm-Latta II / Tax Cut Proposals / Conable-Hance]   (1)-(5)

          Completed Briefing Papers with Schedule Proposals / Leadership / First Lady / Special

                   Event / Regrets / (Also Includes Original Schedule Proposals - Not Used) (97th) (1)-(4)

          Completed Briefing Papers with Schedule Proposals: [First Lady Only] (Partial

                   Processing of above Folder)

          Schedule Proposals, 1981: Congressional Hour / First Lady / Special Event / Standing Committees (1)-(3)

          Schedule Proposals, 1981: [First Lady Only] (Partial Processing of above Folder)

          Completed Briefing Papers (97th) Alphabetical Listing A - I

          Completed Briefing Papers (97th) Alphabetical Listing J - Z


          OA 13529

          Recommended Telephone Calls, A-C, 1981

          Recommended Telephone Calls, D-J, 1981

          Recommended Telephone Calls, K-M, 1981

          Recommended Telephone Calls, N-Z, 1981

          Recommended Telephone Calls, A-B, 1982

          Recommended Telephone Calls, C, 1982

          Recommended Telephone Calls, D, 1982

          Recommended Telephone Calls, E, 1982

          Recommended Telephone Calls, F, 1982

          Recommended Telephone Calls, G, 1982

          Recommended Telephone Calls, H, 1982

          Recommended Telephone Calls, I-K, 1982

          Recommended Telephone Calls, L, 1982

          Recommended Telephone Calls, M, 1982

          Recommended Telephone Calls, Mc, 1982

          Recommended Telephone Calls, N-O, 1982

          Recommended Telephone Calls, P, 1982

          Recommended Telephone Calls, Q-R, 1982

          Recommended Telephone Calls, S, 1982

          Recommended Telephone Calls, T-V, 1982

          Recommended Telephone Calls, W-Z, 1982


          OA 13765

          Recommended Telephone Calls - Index 97th - 98th Congress

          Recommended Telephone Calls, A 98th Congress [1983-1984]

          Recommended Telephone Calls, B, 98th Congress [1983-1984]

          Recommended Telephone Calls, C, 98th Congress [1983-1984]

          Recommended Telephone Calls, D, 98th Congress [1983-1984]

          Recommended Telephone Calls, E, 98th Congress [1983-1984]

          Recommended Telephone Calls, F, 98th Congress [1983-1984]

          Recommended Telephone Calls, G, 98th Congress [1983-1984]

          Recommended Telephone Calls, H, 98th Congress [1983-1984]

          Recommended Telephone Calls, I-J, 98th Congress [1983-1984]

          Recommended Telephone Calls, K-L, 98th Congress [1983-1984]

          Recommended Telephone Calls, M, 98th Congress [1983-1984] (1)-(5)

          Recommended Telephone Calls, Mc, 98th Congress [1983-1984]

          Recommended Telephone Calls, N, 98th Congress [1983-1984]

          Recommended Telephone Calls, O-P, 98th Congress [1983-1984]

          Recommended Telephone Calls, Q-R, 98th Congress [1983-1984]

          Recommended Telephone Calls, S, 98th Congress [1983-1984]

          Recommended Telephone Calls, T-V, 98th Congress [1983-1984]

          Recommended Telephone Calls, W, 98th Congress [1983-1984]

          Recommended Telephone Calls, X-Z, 98th Congress [1983-1984]

          1983 Congressional Correspondence [Log] (1)-(5)

          Congressional Correspondence, 1984 & 1985 [Log] (1)-(4)

          Index for Completed Meeting File, November 1980-December 1984

          Master List, Arrival Ceremonies, 98th Congress (1)-(4)

          1983 Key House Votes, #1-16

          1983 Key House Votes, #1-16 - Percentages

          1983 Key House Votes, #1-16 - Supplemental Information

          Administration Positions, 98th Congress [I] (1)-(8)

          Administration Positions, 98th Congress [II] (1)-(8)


          OA 13766

          Schedule Proposals (Index + A - I) [February 1981-December 1984] (1)-(8)

          Schedule Proposals (J - Z) [February 1981-December 1984] (1)-(4)

          1983 Key House Votes, #17-30

          1983 Key House Votes, #17-30 - Percentages

          1983 Key House Votes, #17-30 - Supplemental Information

          1984 Key House Votes, #1-16

          1984 Key House Votes, #1-16 - [Supplemental Information]

          Briefing Papers 98th Congress - Leadership, Bill Signings, '84 Budget, '85 Budget,

                   Cancelled Schedule Propos. (1)-(7)

          Briefing Papers 98th Congress, A-E (1)-(8)

          Briefing Papers 98th Congress,  F-L (1)-(6)

          Briefing Papers 98th Congress, M-Z (1)-(7)


          OA 15312

          Aberchrombie, Neil

          Ackerman, Gary L.

          Addabbo, Joseph P.

          Akaka, Daniel K.

          Alexander, Bill

          Anderson, Glenn M.

          Andrews, Michael A.

          Annunzio, Frank

          Anthony, Beryl, Jr.

          Applegate, Douglas

          Archer, Bill

          Armey, Richard

          Aspin, Les

          Atkins, Chester G.

          Au Coin, Les

          Badham, Robert E.

          Barnard, Doug, Jr.

          Barnes, Michael D.

          Steve Bartlett / Wednesday, May 7

          Barton, Joe

          Bateman, Herbert H.

          Bates, Jim

          Bedell, Berkley

          Beilenson, Anthony C.

          Bennett, Charles E.

          Bentley, Helen D.

          Bereuter, Douglas K.

          Berman, Howard L.

          Bevill, Tom

          Biaggi, Mario

          Bilirakis, Michael

          Blaz, General Ben G.

          Bliley, Thomas J., Jr.

          Boehlert, Sherwood L.

          Boggs, Lindy

          Boland, Edward P.

          Boner, William Hill

          Bonior, Davie E.

          Bonker, Don

          Borski, Robert A.

          Bosco, Douglas H.

          Boucher, Frederick C.

          Boulter, Beau

          Boxer, Barbara

          Breaux, John B.

          Brooks, Jack

          Broomfield, William S.

          Brown, George E., Jr.

          Brown, Hank

          Broyhill, James T.

          Bruce, Terry L.

          Bryant, John

          Burton, Dan

          Burton, Sala

          Byron, Beverly

          Callahan, H.L. "Sonny"

          Campbell, Caroll A., Jr.

          Carney, William

          Carper, Thomas R.

          Carr, Bob

          Chandler, Rod

          Chappell, Bill

          Chappie, Gene

          Cheney, Dick

          Clay, William

          Clinger, William F., Jr.

          Coats, Dan

          Cobey, William W., Jr.

          Coble, Howard

          Coehlo, Tony

          Coleman, Ronald D.

          Coleman, E. Thomas

          Collins, Cardiss

          Combest, Larry

          Conte, Silvio O.

          Conyers, John, Jr.

          Cooper, Jim

          Coughlin, Lawrence

          Courter, Jim

          Coyne, William J.

          Craig, Larry E.

          Crane, Phillip M.

          Crockett, George W., Jr.


          OA 15313

          Daniel, Dan

          Dannemeyer, William E.

          Darden, George (Buddy)

          Daschle, Thomas A.

          Daub, Hal

          Davis, Robert W.

          de la Garza, E. Kika

          DeLay, Thomas

          Dellums, Ronald V.

          de Lugo, Ron

          Derrick, Butler

          DeWine, Michael

          Dickinson, William L.

          Dicks, Norman D.

          Dingell, John D.

          DioGuardi, Joseph J.

          Dixon, Julian C.

          Donnelly, Brian J.

          Dorgan, Byron L.

          Dornan, Robert K.

          Dowdy, Wayne

          Downey, Thomas J.

          Dreier, David

          Duncan, John J.

          Durbin, Richard J.

          Dwyer, Bernard J.

          Dymally, Mervyn M.

          Dyson, Roy

          Early, Joseph D.

          Eckart, Dennis E.

          Eckert, Fred J.

          Edgar, Bob

          Edwards, Don (Empty)

          Edwards, Mickey

          Emerson, Bill

          English, Glenn

          Erdreich, Ben

          Evans, Cooper

          Evans, Lane

          Fascell, Dante B.

          Fauntroy, Walter E.

          Fawell, Harris W.

          Fazio, Vic

          Feighan, Edward F.

          Fiedler, Bobbi

          Fields, Jack

          Fish, Hamilton

          Flippo, Ronnie G.

          Florio, James J.

          Foglietta, Thomas M.

          Foley, Thomas S.

          Ford, Harold E.

          Ford, William D.

          Fowler, Wyche, Jr.

          Frank, Barney

          Franklin, Webb

          Frenzel, Bill

          Frost, Martin

          Fuqua, Don

          Fuster, Jamie B.

          Gallo, Dean A.

          Garcia, Robert

          Gaydos, Joseph M.

          Gejdenson, Sam

          Gekas, George W.

          Gephardt, Richard A.

          Gibbons, Sam

          Gilman, Benjamin A.

          Gingrich, Newt

          Glickman, Dan

          Gonzalez, Henry B.

          Goodling, William F.

          Gordon, Bart

          Gradison, Willis D., Jr.

          Gray, Kenneth J.

          Gray, William H.


          OA 15314

          Green, Bill

          Gregg, Judd

          Grotberg, John E.

          Guarini, Frank J.

          Gunderson, Steve

          Hall, Ralph M.

          Hall, Sam B.

          Hall, Tony P.

          Hamilton, Lee

          Hammerschmidt, John Paul

          Hansen, James V.

          Hartnett, Thomas F.

          Hatcher, Charles

          Hawkins, Augustus K.

          Hayes, Charles A.

          Hefner, W.G. (Bill)

          Heftel, Cecil

          Hendon, William M.

          Henry, Paul B.

          Hertel, Dennis M.

          Hiler, John

          Hillis, Elwood

          Holt, Marjorie S.

          Hopkins, Larry J.

          Horton, Frank

          Howard, James J.

          Hoyer, Steny H.

          Hubbard, Carroll, Jr.

          Huckaby, Jerry

          Hughes, William J.

          Hunter, Duncan

          Hutto, Earl

          Hyde, Henry J.

          Ireland, Andy

          Jacobs, Andrew, Jr.

          Jeffords, James M.

          Jenkins, Ed

          Johnson, Nancy L.

          Jones, Ed

          Jones, James R.

          Jones, Walter B.

          Kanjorski, Paul E.

          Kaptur, Marcy

          Kasich, John R.

          Kastenmeier, Robert W.

          Kemp, Jack F.

          Kennelly, Barbara B.

          Kildee, Dale E.

          Kindness, Thomas N.

          Kleczka, Gerald D.

          Kolbe, Jim

          Kolter, Joe

          Kostmeyer, Peter H.

          Kramer, Ken

          LaFalce, John J.

          Lagomarsino, Robert J.

          Lantos, Tom

          Latta, Delbert L.

          Leach, Jim

          Leath, Marvin

          Lehman, Richard H.

          Lehman, William

          Leland, Mickey

          Lent, Normal P.

          Levin, Sander M.

          Levine, Mel

          Lewis, Jerry

          Lewis, Tom

          Lightfoot, Jim Ross

          Lipinski, William O.

          Livingston, Bob

          Lloyd, Marilyn


          OA 15315

          Loeffler, Tom

          Long, Gillis W. & Kathy Long

          Lott, Trent

          Lowery, Bill

          Lowry, Mike

          Lujan, Manuel, Jr.

          Luken, Thomas A.

          Lundine, Stan

          Lungren, Dan

          Mack, Connie

          MacKay, Buddy

          Madigan, Edward R.

          Manton, Thomas J.

          Markey, Edward J.

          Marlenee, Ron

          Martin, David O'B.

          Martin, Lynn

          Martinez, Matthew G.

          Matsui, Robert T.

          Mavroules, Nicholas

          Mazzoli, Romano L.

          McCain, John (1)(2)

          McCandless, Alfred A.

          McCollum, Bill

          McCurdy, Dave

          McDade, Joseph M.

          McEwen, Bob

          McGrath, Raymond J.

          McHugh, Matthew F.

          McKernan, John R., Jr.

          McKinney, Stewart B.

          McMillan, J. Alex

          Meyers, Jan

          Mica, Dan

          Michel, Robert H.

          Mikulski, Barbara A.

          Miller, Clarence E.

          Miller, George

          Miller, John

          Mineta, Norman Y.

          Mitchell, Parren J.

          Moakley, Joe

          Molinari, Guy V.

          Mollohan, Alan B.

          Monson, David S.

          Montgomery, G.V. (Sonny)

          Moody, Jim

          Moore, W. Henson

          Moorhead, Carlos J.

          Morrison, Bruce A.

          Morrison, Sid

          Mrazek, Robert J.

          Murphy, Austin J.

          Murtha, John P.

          Myers, John T.


          OA 15316

          Natcher, William H.

          Neal, Stephen L.

          Nelson, Bill

          Nichols, Bill

          Nielson, Howard C.

          Nowak, Henry J.

          Oakar, Mary Rose

          Oberstar, James L.

          Obey, David R.

          O'Brien, George M.

          Olin, James R.

          O'Neill, Thomas P., Jr.

          Ortiz, Solomon P.

          Owens, Major R.

          Oxley, Michael G.

          Packard, Ron

          Panetta, Leon E.

          Parris, Stan

          Pashayan, Charles, Jr.

          Pease, Donald J.

          Penny, Timothy J.

          Pepper, Claude

          Perkins, Carl C.

          Petri, Thomas E.

          Pickle, J.J.

          Porter, John Edward

          Price, Melvin

          Pursell, Carl D.

          Quillen, James H.

          Rahall, Nick Joe

          Rangel, Charles B.

          Ray, Richard

          Regula, Ralph

          Reid, Harry M.

          Richardson, Bill

          Ridge, Thomas J.

          Rinaldo, Matthew J.

          Ritter, Don

          Roberts, Pat

          Robinson, Tommy

          Rodino, Peter W., Jr.

          Roe, Robert A.

          Roemer, Buddy

          Rogers, Harold

          Rose, Charles

          Rostenkowski, Dan

          Roth, Toby

          Roukema, Marge

          Rowland, John G.

          Rowland, J. Roy

          Roybal, Edward R.

          Rudd, Eldon

          Russo, Marty

          Sabo, Martin Olav

          St. Germain, Fernand J.

          Savage, Gus

          Saxton, Jim

          Schaefer, Dan

          Scheuer, James H.

          Schneider, Caludine

          Schroeder, Patricia

          Schuette, Bill

          Schulze, Richard T.

          Schumer, Charles E.

          Seiberling, John F.

          Sensenbrenner, F. James

          Sharp, Philip R.

          Shaw, E. Clay, Jr.

          Shelby, Richard C.

          Shumway, Norman D.

          Shuster, Bud

          Sikorski, Gerry

          Siljander, Mark D.

          Sisisky, Norman

          Skeen, Joe

          Skelton, Ike

          Slattery, Jim

          Slaughter, D. French

          Smith, Christopher H.

          Smith, Denny

          Smith, Lawrence J.

          Smith, Neal

          Smith, Robert C. (NH)

          Smith, Robert F. (OR)

          Smith, Virginia

          Snowe, Olympia J.

          Snyder, Gene

          Solarz, Stephen J.


          OA 15317

          Solomon, Gerald B.

          Spence, Floyd

          Spratt, John M., Jr.

          Staggers, Harley O., Jr.

          Stallings, Richard

          Strangeland, Arlan

          Stark, Fortney H. (Pete)

          Stenholm, Charles W.

          Stokes, Louis

          Strang, Michael L.

          Stratton, Samuel S.

          Studds, Gerry E.

          Stump, Bob

          Sundquist, Don

          Sunia, Fofo I.F.

          Sweeney, Mac

          Swift, Al

          Swindall, Pat

          Synar, Mike

          Tallon, Robin

          Tauke, Thomas

          Tauzin, W.J. (Billy)

          Taylor, Gene

          Thomas, Robert Lindsay

          Thomas, William M.

          Torres, Esteban Edward

          Torricelli, Robert G.

          Towns, Edolphus

          Traficant, James A.

          Traxler, Bob

          Udall, Morris K.

          Valentine, Tim

          Vander Jagt, Guy

          Vento, Bruce F.

          Visclosky, Peter J.

          Volkmar, Harold L.

          Vucanovich, Barbara F.

          Walgren, Doug

          Walker, Robert

          Watkins, Wes

          Waxman, Henry A.

          Weaver, James

          Weber, Vin

          Weiss, Ted

          Wheat, Alan

          Whitehurst, William G.

          Whitley, Charles

          Whittaker, Bob

          Whitten, Jamie L.

          Williams, Pat

          Wilson, Charles

          Wirth, Timothy E.

          Wise, Robert E., Jr.

          Wolf, Frank R.

          Wolpe, Howard

          Wortley, George C.

          Wright, Jim

          Wyden, Ron

          Wylie, Chalmers P.

          Yates, Sidney R.

          Yatron, Gus

          Young, C.W. Bill

          Young, Don

          Young, Robert A.

          Zschau, Ed


          OA 15318

          1981 Congressional Files (House of Representatives - Alphabetized)


          OA 15349

          Legislative Report 99th Congress 01/31/1985-08/01/1985 (1)-(11)

          Legislative Report 99th Congress #2 September 1985-May 1986 (1)-(12)

          Legislative Report 99th Congress #3 June 1986-10/16/1986 (1)-(3)

          Congressional Correspondence [Log] 1986 (1)-(3)

          99th Congress Photo Request, (Alpha A-L)

          99th Congress Photo Request, (Alpha M-Z)


          OA 16828

          Address to Joint Session (Return from Gorbachev Mtg)

          Air & Space Bicentennial Event

          S. 1518 Alternative Motor Fuels Bill Signing Ceremony

          H.R. 5210 Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1988 Signing Ceremony

          Appropriation Bill:  Labor - HHS - Education Signing Ceremony Oval Office

          Signing Ceremony for Berne Implem. Convention Act of 88, 10/31/1988,

Los Angeles, CA

          Blue Ribbon Commission on Defense

          Arms Control Luncheon (House)

          U.S.- Canada Free Trade Agreement Ceremony

          Captive Nations Day

          H.R. 2470 Catastrophic Health Signing Ceremony, Friday, 07/01/1988 The Rose Garden

          Cavazos Swearing In Ceremony 09/20/1988 East Room

          Champions in Sports

          Child Safety Awareness Bill Cere.

          Columbus Day Proclamation

          H.R. 1841 Commercial Fishing Industry Vessel Safety and Compensation Act

          Congressional Ball (Christmas)

          Congressional Barbecue / Picnic

          Contra Aid Reception (House)

          Drug Bill Ceremony (10/27/1986)

          HR 5015: Drought Assistance Act Signing Ceremony, Thursday, 08/11/1988, The

                   Rose Garden

          "Drug Free America" Ceremony

          Education Bill Signing HR 5

          S.2789 Eisenhower Coin Bill Signing Ceremony

          H.R. 1158 Fair Housing Bill Signing Ceremony

          FDR Reception

          1981 Freshman Breakfast

          Freshman Dinner - 1983

          Freshman Dinner - 1985

          Freshman Dinner - 1987

          HR 27: FSLIC Recap. Legislation Signing Ceremony, 08/10/1987

          S1851 Genocide Convention Implementation Bill

          G.I. Bill

          Grenada - Medical Students Ceremony

          Gold Medal Ceremony - Danny Thomas

          Hispanic Tribute Ceremony

          Hill Introductory Letters

          Historically Black Colleges

          House GOP Cocktails 12/05/1988 - U.S. Capitol

          House Republican Conference

          Human Rights Day

          Japanese Internment Signing Ceremony, 450 EOB Wednesday, 08/10/1988

          Jewish Heritage Week / Elie Weisel


          OA 16829

          "Just Say No Week" 1987

          Law Day Ceremony (Counsel)

          Lord Carrington Event (NSC)

          Mac Baldrige Quality Awards 1988

          Martin Luther King Ceremony

          Medal of Freedom Luncheon

          Michel Chamber of Commerce Folks 05/02/1988 Roosevelt Room

          HR 2764: Military Base Closing Bill Signing Ceremony


          Missing Children's Ceremony

          Organized Crime Ceremony

          POW / MIA Day Ceremony

          POW Medal Ceremony: 06/29/1988 The Rose Garden

          Presidential Scholars

          Senate Republican Dinner

          Senate Unity Dinner 11/29/1988 Library of Congress

          Senate Republican Policy Luncheon

          Senate Wives Luncheon

          Skin Cancer Detection Week

          St. Patrick’s Day / Speaker Luncheon

          Dinner for Senator John Stennis, Thursday, 06/23/1988 Sheraton Washington Hotel

          Tax Bill Ceremony (1986)  (1)–(3)

          January 1988 Delegation to Taiwan

          Young American Medals

          H.R. 3471 Signing Ceremony for Department of Veterans Affairs Bill

          HR 1720 Welfare Reform Bill Signing Ceremony

          Summit - RR / Gorbachev 12/07/1987-12/10/1987 Washington, D.C.

          Moscow Trip May 1988-June 1988


          OA 17416

          [Senate Overview - 100th Congress]

          Briefing Papers [June 1986-May 1987] (1)-(3)

          Briefing Papers [June 1987-March 1988] (1)-(3)

          Telephone Calls [Recommended – June 1986-May 1987] (1)-(3)

          Telephone Calls [Recommended – June 1987-March 1988] (1)(2)

          Recommended Telephone Calls - 100th Congress A-G

          Recommended Telephone Calls - 100th Congress H-M

          Recommended Telephone Calls - 100th Congress N-Z

          Schedule Proposals [July 1986-May 1987]

          Schedule Proposals [June 1987-November 1987]

          Correspondence [June 1986-April 1987]

          Correspondence [December 1987]

          [100th Congress Biographies: A-C]

          [100th Congress Biographies: D-G]

          [100th Congress Biographies: H-L]

          [100th Congress Biographies: M-P]

          [100th Congress Biographies: Q-S]

          [100th Congress Biographies: T-Z]

          [Photos: Bill Signing]

          Pen Signing Log [April 1985-December 1986]

          Pen Signing Letters [1986] (1)-(8)

          [99th Congress Biographies, Republicans: A-E]

          [99th Congress Biographies, Republicans: F-L]

          [99th Congress Biographies, Republicans: M-R]

          [99th Congress Biographies, Republicans: S-T]

          [99th Congress Biographies, Republicans: U-Z]

          [99th Congress Biographies, Democrats: A-H]

          [99th Congress Biographies, Democrats: I-Z]

          [100th Congress - Committees - I]

          [100th Congress - Committees - II]

          [100th Congress - CQ Special Edition, Committees]

          [100th Congress - AF One Travel]

          AF1 (by Trip) [April 1985-August 1988]

          AF1 (by State) [1985-1988] (1)(2)

          Old Info - 1981 to Present [Presidential Trips] (1)-(3)

          Attendees [100th Congress Kennedy Center]

          Chron Forms

          Attendees [100th Congress Arrival Ceremonies]

          Memos to Will [March 1987-January 1988]

          [Photos - Misc.]


.        OA 17417

          [Disaster Declarations, 07/09/1987 - 08/02/1987]

          [Disaster Declarations, 09/02/1987 - 11/09/1987]

          [Disaster Declarations, 11/20/1987 - 12/30/1987]

          [Disaster Declarations, 01/08/1988 - 01/29/1988]

          [Disaster Declarations, 02/05/1988 - 07/06/1988]

          [Disaster Declarations, 07/27/1988 - 09/28/1988]

          [Disaster Declarations, 09/28/1988 - 11/17/1988]

          [Disaster Declarations, 11/17/1988 - 11/22/1988]

          [Marital Status - Congress]

          First Name Lists

          [Congressional Lists - 1988]

          Alan's First Name List

          Members - Women in Congress

          Members - Military Services

          [Presidential Letters]

          Aid for the Nicaraguan Democratic Resistance (1/2)

          Aid for the Nicaraguan Democratic Resistance (2/2)

          Aid for the Nicaraguan Democratic Resistance


          OA 17418

          Wednesday, 01/06/1988 11:30 Signing Ceremony for H.R. 3030 - Farm Credit

          Monday, 01/11/1988 Presidential Trip to Cleveland, Ohio

          Monday, 01/18/1988 5:00 Congressional Meeting with Gen. Powell - Nicaragua

          Tuesday, 01/19/1988 1:45 Photo with 03/ of Dimes Poster Child

          Wednesday, 01/20/1988 Presidential Trip to Suitland, MD - Address to Suitland High School

          Wednesday, 01/20/1988 1:25 Photo Opportunity for Dave Bockorny and Family

          Tuesday, 01/26/1988 9:30 GOP Leadership Meeting - Welcome Back!! (Full Issues)

          Tuesday, 01/26/1988 Bipartisan Congressional Meeting - Nicaragua Supporters (Senate Only)

          Wednesday, 01/27/1988 9:30 Meeting with the Speaker - Nicaragua

          Wednesday, 01/27/1988 11:00 Congressional Meeting (Democrats) - Nicaragua

          Wednesday, 01/27/1988 1:00 Congressional Hour

          Wednesday, 01/27/1988 3:00 Congressional Meeting (Republicans) - Nicaragua

          Wednesday, 01/27/1988 3:40 Congressional Meeting - Nicaragua (Southeastern Democrats)

          Thursday, 01/28/1988 10:00 Arrival Ceremony for President Mubarak of Egypt

          Thursday, 01/28/1988 2:00 Congressional Meeting - Nicaragua (Moderate Republicans)

          Thursday, 01/28/1988 7:15 State Dinner for President Mubarak of Egypt

          Friday, 01/29/1988 2:00 Greeting University of Miami Hurricanes

          Tuesday, 02/02/1988 9:30 Congressional Meeting - Nicaragua

          Tuesday, 02/02/1988 11:00 Congressional Meeting - Nicaragua (Democrats)

          Tuesday, 02/02/1988 9:50 Congressional Meeting - Nicaragua

          Tuesday, 02/02/1988 10:10 Congressional Meeting - Nicaragua

          Tuesday, 02/02/1988 2:00 Congressional Meeting - Nicaragua

          Tuesday, 02/02/1988 2:15 Congressional Meeting with Cong. Bob Clement - Nic. & Welcome

          Wednesday, 02/03/1988 11:20 Congressional Meeting - Nicaragua

          Wednesday, 02/03/1988 2:30 Greeting Washington Redskins

          Wednesday, 02/03/1988 2:45 Congressional Meeting - Nicaragua

          Wednesday, 02/03/1988 3:00 Congressional Meeting - Nicaragua

          Thursday, 02/04/1988 1:15 Congressional Meeting - Nicaragua

          Thursday, 02/04/1988 4:30 Photo Opportunity for Women's Sports Foundation

          Friday, 02/05/1988 11:45 Signing Ceremony for S. 825 - Housing Bill

          Monday, 02/08/1988 Presidential Trip to Durham, NC - Drug Policy Event

          02/17/1988 10:30 a.m. Private Meeting with General Powell re Central America / Situation Room

          Thursday, 02/18/1988 10:15 Congressional Meeting - Budget

          Thursday, 02/18/1988 10:30 Congressional Meeting - Budget

          Thursday, 02/18/1988 4:00 Swearing-in of Justice Kennedy

          Monday, 02/22/1988 11:45 Swearing-in of Wendy Gramm-Chman, Commodity Futures Trading Comm.

          Monday, 02/22/1988 3:50 Photo with Office of Legislative Affairs

          Wednesday, 02/24/1988 10:30 Bipartisan Congressional Meeting - Nicaragua

          Wednesday, 02/24/1988 2:00 Kick-off of "Export Now" Campaign

          Thursday 02/25/1988 Lunch with Colin Powell - Nicaragua

          Friday, 02/26/1988 10:45 Photo Opportunity for Lyn Withey and Family

          Sunday, 02/28/1988 5:00 "In Performance" at the White House

          Friday, 03/04/1988 1:30 Photo with Mexican/U.S. Interparl. Conference Delegation

          Tuesday, 03/08/1988 1:45 Greeting U.S. Olympic Team

          Wednesday, 03/09/1988 Presidential Trip to South Bend, Indiana (Notre Dame)

          Tuesday, 03/15/1988 4:30 Congressional Hour

          Tuesday, 03/15/1988 9:30 Bipartisan Leadership Meeting - Panama, Mid-East, NATO, Contras

          Wednesday, 03/16/1988 3:30 Top 5 Congressional Meeting - Honduras, Nicaragua

          Wednesday, 03/16/1988 5:00 GOP Cocktail Reception

          Monday, 03/21/1988 1:30 Afghanistan Day Signing Ceremony

          Monday, 03/21/1988 3:45 Meeting with El Salvadoran Delegation

          Thursday, 03/24/1988 Presidential Trip to Oakton

          Thursday, 03/24/1988 Presidential Visit to Oakton High School, Vienna, Virginia

          Monday, 03/28/1988 11:30 Meeting with Congressman Udall

          Monday, 03/28/1988 Presidential Trip to Richmond, VA - Visit R.J.Reynolds Plant

          03/29/1988 GOP Leadership - Nicaragua; Moscow Summit; INF; Trade; Minimum Wage

          Tuesday, 03/29/1988 1:50 Education Day U.S.A. Signing Ceremony

          03/30/1988 Supercolider  Rose Garden

          Baldrige Quality Award Kickoff 03/31/1988 1:15 Roosevelt Rm.

          03/31/1988 Oval Office  Nevada/Florida Land Exchange

          04/11/1988 Rose Garden  NCAA Basketball Winners

          04/14/1988 Teacher of the Year  Oval

          Tuesday, 04/19/1988 Memorial for Drug Law Enforcement Officers  4:30 OEOB

          04/19/1988 9:30am  GOP Leadership

          04/20/1988 10:00  Law Day Signing Ceremony

          Sunday, 04/24/1988 5:00  "In Performance" at the White House

          04/26/1988 1:30 am Congressional Hour

          04/27/1988 10:00am  Arrival Ceremony for Canada

          Wednesday, 04/27/1988 7:15  State Dinner for Prime Minister Mulroney (Canada)

          04/28/1988 Congressman Jim McCrery - Congrat. on Becoming Member of Congress Oval

          04/28/1988  Poster Child Muscular Dystrophy

          04/28/1988  Signing Ceremony H.R. 5  Education Bill

          04/28/1988  Oval Office  Congressman Jim McCrery (R-LA)

          05/02/1988 Roosevelt Room  Bob Michel Chamber of Commerce

          05/03/1988  Asian/Pacific Am. Heritage Signing Cer.  Roos. Room

          05/04/1988  Presidential Trip to Chicago

          05/05/1988  National Day of Prayer Signing  Oval  4:00 p.m.

          05/05/1988  Ralph Hall and Kilgore Jr. College  Oval

          05/05/1988  Con. Bob Davis  Lake Superior State U. Hockey

          05/05/1988  Main Salmon Event  4:00 Oval Office

          05/10/1988  Lord Carrington to Rec. Gold Medal of Freedom  R.Room

          05/11/1988 GOP Leadership  Cabinet Room 10:00 a.m.

          05/12/1988  Interagency Task Force on Adoption  Oval

          05/12/1988  NCO Association Fed. Charter Ceremony  Oval 4:30pm

          05/13/1988 11:45  Signing Ceremony for Safe Kids Week  R.Garden

          05/15/1988  Assoc. of Nursery Men

          05/17/1988 7:00pm  Telephone Call to Congressman Bob Michel at Cap. Hill Club

          05/17/1988 3:50 pm  Congressman Dan Lungren & Family Photo w/RR

          05/18/1988  RR Trip to New London, Connecticut

          05/19/1988 3:00pm  Human Rights Event  Cabinet Room

          05/23/1988  E Awards Ceremony Event  Rose Garden 11:30 a.m.

          05/24/1988  Big 5  Oval Office  Drug Meeting  9:15 a.m.

          05/24/1988  Bipartisan Leadership Meeting  Cabinet Room 9:30

          05/26/1988 Congressman Lagomarsino Wine Group  No RR Participation

          06/02/1988  Owen Picket  (No RR Participation)  Wood Table

          06/03/1988  Afternoon RR&NR Arrive Andrews AFB from USSR

          RR Taping a Message for Strand Capitol Theatre

          06/08/1988  Photo with Nat. Poster Child for Arthritis  Oval

          06/13/1988  North Atlantic Assembly Report Ceremony  Cabinet

          06/13/1988  Congressional Hour  Oval Office

          06/ 13/1988 Conservative Opp. Society

          Tuesday, 06/14/1988  GOP Leadership  Cabinet Room 9:30 a.m.

          Wednesday/06/15/1988  Bipart. Meeting on Nic.  Cabinet 9:30 a.m.

          06/16/1988  Possible Signing Ceremony for S. 952  Sup. Court

          06/23/1988  Gold Medal Ceremony for George and Ira Gershwin  Roosevelt Room

          06/24/1988  POW Ceremony  South Lawn  Congressman Bob Dornan

          Monday/06/27/1988  State Dinner for Turkey  8:00 p.m.

          06/ 27/1988 Lewis Payne

          Tuesday, 06/28/1988  GOP Leadership  Oval - 10:30 a.m.

          06/29/1988  Connie Mack Fund Raiser - in Miami

          06/30/1988  New Production Reactor Meeting  Oval

          06/30/1988 - M.S. Mom and Dad of the Year Photo Op.  Oval

          07/01/1988  22 High School Students to See President Off.

          07/01/1988 - Catastrophic Health Bill Signing Ceremony  Rose Garden

          Delegation to Solomon Islands  July 02-July 07

          07/08/1988  Indy 500 Winner Rick Mears  Oval

          07/11/1988  New Hampshire Delegation on Nuclear Power Plants  Oval

          07/12/1988  Possible Signing Ceremony for H.R. 4639 Student Loan Abuse

          Tuesday/07/12/1988  GOP Leadership  9:30 a.m. Cabinet Room

          Wednesday/07/13/1988  Captive Nations Week  1:15 p.m. Rose Garden

          07/13/1988  Jay Stone Family Photo Op

          Friday, 07/15/1988  Marvin Leath's Son in for Photo Op

          Friday, 07/15/1988  National Medal of Science  11:15 OEOB

          Tuesday, 07/26/1988  Take Pride in America  South Grounds

          Tue. 07/26/1988  GOP Leadership  Cabinet Room 9:30 a.m.

          Thur. 07/28/1988  DOD Auto. Meeting  Cabinet Room 9:30 a.m.

          Monday/07/11/1988  Drought Meeting  Oval 4:30 p.m.

          Thursday/07/14/1988  RR Trip to Ill. and Iowa

          [07/19/1988 – Letter Signing, U.S.S. Vincennes]

          Tuesday 07/26/1988  Cong. Bill Archer  Oval 4:00 p.m.

          Tuesday, 07 26/1988 4:00 pm  Congressional Hour

          Tuesday, 08/02/1988  GOP Leadership  Oval 9:30 a.m.

          Tuesday, 08/02/1988 4:15 pm  Photo Op with Lynn Martin

          Saturday, 08/06/1988  In Performance (Rained out to Sunday)

          Monday, 08/08/1988  R. Reagan Trip to Cincinnati, Ohio

          Tuesday, 08/09/1988  GOP Leadership  Oval

          08/09/1988  Medal of Arts Lunch

          08/10/1988 Wednesday, Signing Ceremony of Japanese Internment Bill  Room 450 OEOB 2:30 pm

          Thursday, 08/11/1988  Great American Family Event  East Room

          Thursday, 08/11/1988  Signing Ceremony for Drought  Rose Garden

          Tuesday, 08/23/1988  Signing Ceremony Trade Bill at Long Beach Harbor

          Tuesday, 09/06/1988  Trip to Nebraska and Kentucky

          Wednesday 09/07/1988  GOP Leadership Meeting  Cabinet Room

          [09/07/1988] Cystic Fibrosis Poster Child

          Friday, 09/09/1988  Signing Ceremony Fishing Vessel Safety  Oval Office

          [09/ 12/1988] Dinner with Senators

          Tuesday, 09/12[sic]/1988 Cabinet  GOP Leadership  9:30 a.m.

          Tuesday, 09/13/1988  Signing Ceremony for Nat. Hispanic Heritage Week

          Tuesday, 09/13/1988  Signing Ceremony for Fair Housing  Rose Garden

          Thursday[sic] 09/14/1988 - Trip to St. Louis

          Thursday - 09/15/1988  Congressional BBQ  South Lawn

          Tuesday, 09/20/1988  Swearing-in Cavazos / Secretary of Education East Room

          Tuesday, 09/20/1988  Congressional Hour  4:15 pm Oval

          Tuesday 09/20/1988  Signing Ceremony Labor/HHS/Education Appropriations Bill

          Tuesday, 09/20/1988  Congressional Meeting  9:30 a.m. Oval

          Thursday, September 22 and 22[sic] Trip to Texan and Florida

          [09/22/1988Shcharansky Gold Medal]

          Wednesday, 09/28/1988  Rose Garden  Canada Free Trade Signing

          Friday 09/30/1988  Trip to Chicago

          Monday, 10/03/1988 East Room Columbus Day Signing Ceremony

          Monday, 10/03/1988 Oval  - Signing for Dwight D. Eisenhower [Coin Bill]

          Tuesday, 10/04/1988 Cabinet GOP Leadership

          Tuesday, 10/04/1988 Oval Congressional Hour

          Thursday, 10/06 1988 Roosevelt Room – German-American Day

          Thursday, 10/06 1988 Oval Drug Meeting w/Michel & Dole

          Thursday, 10/06 1988 State Dining Room Mali State Dinner

          Friday, 10/07/1988 Trip to Detroit

          Wednesday, 10/12/1988 RR Trip to Phillie and West Orange, NJ

          Thursday, 10/13/1988 Mahatma Gandhi Recognition Ceremony – Oval

          Thursday, 10/13/1988 2:00 Welfare Reform Signing Ceremony

          Friday, 10/14/1988 Methonal Signing Ceremony – Roosevelt Room

          Wednesday, 10/19/1988 RR Trip to Ohio

          Friday, 10/21/1988 RR Trip to Kentucky and N. Carolina

          Monday, 10/24/1988 Signing Ceremony for S. 2749 in Oval w/Army Mil. Base Close

          [10/25/1988] Andrew Wyeth Signing Ceremony

          Tuesday, 10/25/1988 – Signing Ceremony for Veterans Cabinet Level Bill

          Tuesday, 10/25/1988 Antietam Bill Signing Ceremony Oval

          [10/25/1988] Medical Waste Bill Signing

          Wednesday, 10/26/1988 RR Trip to Baltimore

          Wednesday, 10/26/1988 Ceremony for LA Dodgers – Rose Garden

          Monday, 10/31/1988 Berne Convention Signing Ceremony – Beverly Hilton Hotel in LA

          Tuesday, 11/01/1988 RR Trip to Orange County, CA / Reno, NV / and Milwaukee, Wisconsin

          [11/02/1988 – Congressional Staff Cocktail Party]

          [11/07/1988] Teacher Appreciation Day

          Monday, 11/14/1988 Mal. Baldridge Quality Awards

          Wednesday, 11/16/1988 Thatcher Arrival Ceremony South Lawn

          Friday, 11/18/1988 Drug Bill Signing Ceremony East Room

          12/ 01/1988 Mexico Del.

          Monday, 12/05/1988 Bob Michel Reception Honoring Ronald Reagan

          Tuesday, 12/06/1988 Alzheimer’s Disease Photo Op

          Friday, 12/16/1988 Trip to UVA

          January Congressional Hour

          [01/12/1989 – Cong. Young Family Photo Op.]

          [01/12/1989] Duncan Hunter Family Photo

          01/18/1989 Notre Dame Football


          OA 17419

          Chaplain James D. Ford

          James Molloy

          Jack Russ Sergeant at Arms

          Ackerman, Gary

          Akaka, Daniel

          Alexander, Bill

          Anderson, Glenn

          Andrews, Michael

          Annunzio, Frank

          Anthony. Beryl

          Applegate, Douglas

          Archer, Bill

          Archer, Bill: Archer Intern Briefing

          Armey, Richard

          Aspin, Les

          Atkins, Chester

          AuCoin, Les

          Badham, Robert

          Baker, Richard H.

          Ballenger, Thomas C.

          Barnard, Doug

          Bartlett, Steve

          Barton, Joe

          Bateman, Herbert

          Bates, Jim

          Beilenson, Anthony

          Bennett, Charles

          Bentley, Helen

          Bereuter, Doug

          Berman, Howard

          Bevill, Tom

          Biaggi, Mario

          Bilbray, James H.

          Bilirakis, Michael

          Blaz, Ben

          Burton, Dan

          Burton, Sala

          Bustamante, Albert

          Byron, Beverly

          Bliley, Thomas

          Boehlert, Sherwood

          Boggs, Lindy

          Boland, Edward

          Boner, William

          Bonior, David

          Bonker, Don

          Borski, Robert

          Bosco, Douglas

          Boucher, Frederick [Empty]

          Boulter, Beau

          Boxer, Barbara

          Brennan, Joseph

          Brooks, Jack

          Broomfield, William

          Brown, George

          Brown, Hank

          Bruce, Terry

          Bryant, John

          Buechner, John W.

          Bunning, James P.

          Callahan, Sonny

          Campbell, Ben N.

          Cardin, Benjamin

          Carper, Thomas

          Carr, Bob

          Chandler, Rod

          Chapman, Jim

          Chappell, Bill


          OA 17420

          Cheney, Dick (1)(2)

          Clarke, James M.

          Clay, William

          Clinger, William

          Coats, Dan

          Coble, Howard

          Coelho, Tony

          Coleman, Ron

          Coleman, Thomas

          Collins, Cardiss

          Combest, Larry

          Conte, Silvio

          Conyers, John [Empty]

          Cooper, Jim

          Coughlin, Lawrence

          Courter, Jim

          Coyne, William

          Craig, Larry

          Crane, Philip

          Crockett, George [Empty]

          Daniel, Dan

          Dannemeyer, William

          Darden, George (Buddy)

          Duab, Hall

          Davis, Jack

          Davis, Robert

          DeFazio, Peter

          de la Garza, Kika

          DeLay, Thomas

          Dellums, Ronald

          de Lugo, Ron

          Derrick, Butler

          DeWine, Michael

          Dickinson, William

          Dicks, Norman

          Dingell, John

          DioGuardi, Joseph

          Dixon, Julian [Empty]


          OA 17421

          Donnelly, Brian

          Dorgan, Byron

          Dornan, Robert

          Dowdy, Wayne

          Downey, Thomas

          Dreier, David

          Duncan, John

          Durbin, Richard

          Dwyer, Bernard

          Dymally, Mervyn

          Dyson, Roy

          Early, Joseph

          Eckart, Dennis

          Edwards, Don

          Edwards, Mickey

          Emerson, Bill

          English, Glenn

          Erdreich, Ben

          Espy, A. Michael

          Evans, Lane

          Fascell, Dante

          Fauntroy, Walter

          Fawell, Harris

          Fazio, Vic

          Feighan, Edward

          Fields, Jack

          Fish, Hamilton

          Flake, Floyd

          Flippo, Ronnie

          Florio, James

          Foglietta, Thomas

          Foley, Thomas

          Ford, Harold

          Ford, William [Empty]

          Frank, Barney

          Frenzel, Bill

          Frost, Martin

          Fuster, Jamie [Empty]

          Galleghy, Elton W.

          Gallo, Dean

          Garcia, Robert [Empty]

          Gaydos, Joseph

          Gejdenson, Sam

          Gekas, George

          Gephardt, Richard

          Gibbons, Sam

          Gilman, Benjamin

          Gingrich, Newt

          Glickman, Dan

          Goodling, William


          OA 17422

          Gonzalez, Henry

          Gordon, Bart

          Gradison, Willis

          Grandy, Fred

          Grant, Bill

          Gray, Kenneth

          Gray, William (Empty)

          Green, Bill

          Gregg, Judd

          Guarini, Frank

          Gunderson, Steve

          Hall, Ralph

          Hall, Tony

          Hamilton, Lee

          Hammerschmidt, John Paul

          Hansen, James

          [Unfoldered Material - Harkin, Tom]

          Harris, Claude

          Hastert, J. Dennis

          Hatcher, Charles

          Hawkins, Augustus

          Hayes, Chalres [Empty]

          Hayes, James

          Hefley, Joel

          Hefner, W.G. (Bill)

          Henry, Paul

          Herger, Wally

          Hertel, Dennis

          Hiler, John

          Hockbrueckner, George

          Holloway, Clyde

          Hopkins, Larry

          Horton, Frank

          Houghton, Amory Jr.

          Howard, James

          Hoyer, Steny

          Hubbard, Carroll

          Huckaby, Jerry

          Hughes, William


          OA 17423

          Hunter, Duncan

          Hutto, Earl

          Hyde, Henry

          Inhofe, James

          Ireland, Andy

          Jacobs, Andrew

          Jeffords, James

          Jenkins, Ed

          Johnson, Nancy

          Johnson, Tim

          Jones, Tim [Empty]

          Jones, Ed [Empty]

          Jontz, James

          Kanjorski, Paul

          Kaptur, Marcy

          Kasich, John

          Kastenmeier, Robert [Empty]    

          Kemp, Jack

          Kennedy, Joseph P. II

          Kennelly, Barbara

          Kildee, Dale

          Kleczka, Gerald

          Kolbe, Jim

          Konnyu, Ernest L.

          Kostmayer, Peter

          Kolter, Joe [Empty]

          Kyl, Jon L.

          LaFalce, John

          Lagomarsino, Robert

          Lancaster, Harold M.

          Lantos, Tom

          Latta, Delbert

          Leach, Jim

          Leath, Marvin

          Lehman, Richard

          Lehman, William

          Leland, Mickey

          Lent, Norman

          Levin, Sander

          Levine, Mel

          Lewis, Jerry

          Lewis, John

          Lewis, Tom

          Lightfoot, Jim

          Lipinski, William

          Livingston, Bob

          Lloyd, Marilyn

          Lott, Trent


          OA 17424

          [Unfoldered Material - Martin, David O'B.]

          [Unfoldered Material - Martinez, Matthew]

          [Unfoldered Material - Matsui, Robert]

          [Unfoldered Material - Mavroules]

          Mazzoli, Romano

          McCandless, Alfred

          McCollum, Bill

          McCloskey, Frank

          McCrery, Jim

          McCurdy, Dave

          McDade, Joseph

          McEwen, Bob

          McGrath, Raymond

          McHugh, Matthew

          McKinney, Stewart

          McMillan, Alex

          McMillan, Charles T.

          Meyers, Jan

          Mfume, Kweisi

          Mica, Dan

          Michel, Robert H.

          Miller, Clarence

          Miller, George [Empty]

          Miller, John

          Mineta, Norman

          Moakley, Joe

          Molinari, Guy

          Mollohan, Alan

          Montgomery, Sonny

          Moody, Jim

          Moorhead, Carlos

          Morella, Constance A.

          Morrison, Bruce

          Morrison, Sid

          Mrazek, Robert

          Murtha, John

          Murphy, Austin

          Myers, John

          Nagle, David R.

          Natcher, William

          Neal, Stephen

          Nelson, Bill

          Nichols, Bill

          Nielson, Howard

          Nowak, Henry


          OA 17425


          Stallings, Richard

          Strangeland, Arlan

          Stark, Fortney

          Stenholm, Charles

          Stokes, Louis

          Stratton, Samuel

          Studds, Gerry

          Stump, Bob

          Sundquist, Don

          Sunia, Fofo

          Sweeney, Mac

          Swift, Al

          Swindall, Patrick

          Synar, Mike

          Tallon, Robin

          Tauke, Thomas

          Tauzin, W.J. (Billy)

          Taylor, Gene

          Thomas, Robert Lindsay

          Thomas, William

          Torres, Estaban [Empty]

          Torrecelli, Robert [Empty]

          Towns, Edolphus [Empty]

          Traficant, James

          Traxler, Bob [Empty]

          Udall, Morris

          Upton, Fred

          Valentine, Tim

          Vander Jagt, Guy

          Vento, Bruce

          Visclosky, Peter

          Volkmer, Harold

          Vucanovich, Barbara

          Walgren, Doug

          Walker, Robert

          Watkins, Wes

          Waxman, Henry

          Weber, Vin

          Weiss, Ted

          Weldon, Wayne C.

          Wheat, Alan

          Whittaker, Bob

          Whitten, Jamie

          Williams, Pat

          Wilson, Charles

          Wise, Robert

          Wolf, Frank

          Wolpe, Howard

          Wortley, George

          Wright, Jim

          Wyden, Ron [Empty]

          Wylie, Chalmers

          Yates, Sidney

          Yatron, Gus

          Young, Don

          Young, C.W. Bill


          OA 17426

          [98th Congress Member Activity Tracking Cards -2 Alphabetic Sets - Unfoldered]


          OA 17427

          Oakar, Mary Rose

          Obey, David

          Olin, James

          Ortiz, Solomon

          Owens, Major [Empty]

          Owens, Wayne

          Oxley, Michael

          Packard, Ron

          Panetta, Leon

          Parris, Stan

          Pashayan, Charles (Chip)

          Patterson, Elizabeth J.

          Pease, Donald

          Pelosi, Nancy (D-CA) [Empty]

          Penny, Timothy

          Pepper, Claude

          Perkins, Carl

          Petri, Thomas

          Pickett, Owen B.

          Pickle, J.J.

          Porter, John

          Price, David E.

          Price, Melvin

          Pursell, Carl

          Quillen, James

          Rahall, Nick Joe

          Rangel, Charles

          Ravenel, Arthur Jr.

          Ray, Richard

          Regula, Ralph

          Rhodes, John J. III

          Richardson, Bill

          Ridge, Thomas

          Rinaldo, Matthew

          Ritter, Don

          Roberts, Pat

          Robinson, Tommy

          Rodino, Peter

          Roe, Robert

          Roemer, Buddy

          Rogers, Harold

          Rose, Charles

          Rostenkowski, Dan

          Roth, Toby

          Roukema, Marge

          Rowland, John

          Rowland, Roy

          Roybal, Edward [Empty]

          Russo, Marty

          Sabo, Martin [Empty]

          St. Germain, Fernand

          Saiki, Patricia

          Savage, Bus

          Sawyer, Tom C.

          Saxton, Jim

          Scheuer, James

          Schaeffer, Dan

          Schneider, Claudine


          OA 17437

          Tuesday, 01/27/1987 9:00 p State of the Union - First Lady's Box Invites

          Tuesday, 01/27/1987 10:00 GOP Leadership - State of the Union

          Thursday, 01/29/1987 10:00 Bipartisan Leadership - General Legislative Issues

          Thursday, 01/29/1987 3:30 (Michel) Trade Meeting with Regan

          Monday, 02/02/1987 1:15 President Greeting Penn State Football Team

          Tuesday, 02/03/1987 9:30 GOP Leadership - Budget and Legislative Issues

          Tuesday, 02/03/1987 1:30 Train Accident Heroes Meeting

          Wednesday, 02/04/1987 9:30 Bipartisan Meeting with the President - Trade

          Wednesday, 02/04/1987 4:00 Meeting with Regan on Catastrophic Health

          Wednesday, 02/04/1987 2:30 Carlucci Briefing on Capitol Hill

          Monday, 02/09/1987 1:30 President Greeting Crew of Stars and Stripes - America's Cup

          Friday, 02/13/1987 2:30 President Greeting New York Giants

          Wednesday, 02/18/1987 8:30 Bipartisan Leadership Breakfast

          Thursday, 02/19/1987 11:30 Ceremony Lifting Sanctions Against Poland

          Thursday, 02/19/1987 5:00 Cocktail Reception for 26 with President on Clean Water Bill

          Tuesday, 02/24/1987 9:30 Bipartisan Meeting on Trade

          Friday, 02/27/1987 10:30 Private Meeting with the President (Tower Commission Report)

          Tuesday, 03/03/1987 9:30 Bipartisan Leadership Meeting

          Tuesday, 03/03/1987 7:00 p New Member Dinner

          Sunday, 03/08/1987 5:00 p "In Performance" at the White House

          Tuesday, 03/10/1987 9:30 GOP Leadership Meeting - Budget Strategy and Central America

          Tuesday, 03/10/1987 4:30 Meeting with Carlucci - Central America

          Wednesday, 03/11/1987 Bipartisan Leadership Meeting - Central America and Geneva

          Friday, 03/13/1987 3:15 Nebraska Delegation Meeting with Senator Baker

          Monday, 03/16/1987 Congressional Hour

          Tuesday, 03/17/1987 1:25 p St. Patrick's Day - Drop-by Visit at Speaker's Luncheon

          Friday, 03/20/1987 11:30 Signing of Afghanistan Day Proclamation

          Tuesday, 03/24/1987 9:30 GOP Leadership - Budget and Highways

          Wednesday, 03/25/1987 10:30 President's Visit to the Repub. Conference

          Thursday, 03/26/1987 Presidential Trip to Columbia, Missouri

          Thursday, 03/26/1987 - Saturday, 03/ 28/1987 Republicans at Federal Hall - NYC

          Tuesday, 03/31/1987 10:00 Arrival Ceremony for Prime Minister Chirac of France

          Tuesday, 03/31/1987 1:15 Meeting with Cong. Walker on NASA and Space Program

          Tuesday, 03/31/1987 7:15 State Dinner for Prime Minister Chirac of France

          Easter 1987

          Wednesday, 04/01/1987 Presidential Trip to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

          Thursday, 04/02/1987 10:20 Meeting with President and Lord Carrington - NATO

          Thursday, 04/02/1987 1:30 President Greeting Univ. of Tenn. Ladies Basketball Team

          Friday, 04/03/1987 2:00 President's Greeting Indiana Univ. Men's Basketball Team

          Thursday, 04/09/1987 11:45 Photo for Friends of Lubavitch - (Education Day U.S.A. - 1987)

          Thursday, 04/09/1987 Presidential Trip to Lafayette, IN (Purdue Univ.) and on to Los Angeles

          Tuesday, 04/21/1987 9:30 GOP Leadership Meeting - Budget and Shultz Trip

          Tuesday, 04/21/1987 11:00 Baker Meeting with Hammerschmidt on Eight Circuit Court of Appeals

          Tuesday, 04/21/1987 1:45 p Photo with National Teacher of the Year

          Tuesday, 04/21/1987 3:30 p Meeting with the Speaker - Speaker's Trip to Moscow

          Wednesday, 04/22/1987 3:00 p Top Bipartisan Leadership Meeting (Shultz Trip to Moscow)

          Tuesday, 04/28/1987 9:30 Top GOP Leadership Meeting - Budget, Trade

          Wednesday, 04/29/1987 10:00 Meeting with the President - Gephardt Amendment to Trade Bill

          Thursday, 04/30/1987 Arrival Ceremony for Prime Min. Nakasone of Japan

          Thursday, 04/30/1987 7:15 State Dinner for Nakasone of Japan

          Sunday, 05/03/1987 Presidential Trip to Ellis Island, NY – American Newspapers Publishers


          Monday, 05/04/1987 11:30 Asian/Pacific American Heritage Week Signing Ceremony

          Tuesday, 05/05/1987 1:15 Signing Ceremony for WH Conference on Drug Free America

          Tuesday, 05/05/1987 4:15 Republican Rural Task Force Mtg. - with Baker

          Wednesday, 05/06/1987 Presidential Trip to York, PA to Visit Harley Davidson Plant

          Thursday, 05/07/1987 2:00 Wright Meeting with the President

          Friday, 05/08/1987 11:30 GOP Leadership - Debt Limit, DOD

          Friday, 05/08/1987 1:00 Signing Ceremony for H.R. 240 - Santa Fe National Historic Trail

          Sunday, 05/10/1987 Presidential Trip to Tuskegee, AL, for University Commencement Address

          Monday, 05/11/1987 1:30 GOP Ways and Means Meeting - Debt Limit

          Tuesday, 05/12/1987 9:30 GOP Leadership Meeting - Arms Control, Defense, Budget

          Tuesday, 05/12/1987 3:45 Signing Ceremony for S.J. Res. 124 - "Just Say No to Drugs Week"


          Monday, 05/18/1987 11:30 World Trade Week Proclamation and "E" Star Awards Ceremony

          Tuesday, 05/19/1987 Presidential Trip to Chattanooga, TN, for H.S. Commencement Address

          Thursday, 05/21/1987 11:15 Signing Ceremony for H.R. 1941 - Repeal of the Fuel Use Act of 1978

          Friday, 05/22/1987 Presidential Trip to 05/port Naval Station, Florida - USS Stark

          Thursday, 05/28/1987 9:15 GOP Leadership Meeting - Budget Reform

          Monday, 06/01/1987 10:00 Cheney (and Group) Meeting with Senator Baker - Aid to Contras

          Monday, 06/01/1987 1:45 Signing Ceremony for H.R. 1085 - New GI Bill Continuation Act

          Monday, 06/01/1987 2:40 Briefing and Meeting for Marshall Plan

          Monday, 06/15/1987 10:30 Top Bipartisan Leadership Meeting - Venice Economic Summit

          Thursday, 06/18/1987 3:45 Signing Ceremony for Voice of America & Broadcasting for International

Broadcasting Station

          Monday, 06/22/1987 Presidential Trip to Melbourne, FL, to Visit Dictaphone Plant

          Tuesday, 06/23/1987 9:30 GOP Leadership Meeting - Budget, Appropriations, Supplemental

          Tuesday, 06/23/1987 4:30 Congressional Hour

          Sunday, 06/28/1987 5:00 "In Performance" at the White House

          Tuesday, 06/30/1987 9:30 Bipartisan Leadership Meeting - Persian Gulf

          Wednesday, 07/01/1987 11:45 Meeting with U.S. Delegation to UN International Conference (Drugs)

          Thursday, 07/02/1987 4:30 Photo Opportunity for John Kevin Hill (11 Year-old Pilot)

          Wednesday, 07/08/1987 Presidential Trip to New Britain, CT for Economic Bill of Rights     

Monday, 07/13/1987 - Presidential Trip to Danville and Indianapolis, IN for Economic Bill of Rights

          Tuesday, 07/14/1987 9:15 GOP Leadership Meeting (Top 4) Debt Limit; General Discussion

          Tuesday, 07/14/1987 1:30 Viewing of First Lady's Drug Abuse "Trailer"

          Wednesday, 07/15/1987 11:30 Photo Session with Tom Loeffler and Cris Arcos

          Thursday, 07/16/1987 12:30 All-America Cities Awards

          Thursday, 07/16/1987 4:30 Photo Session with National Commander of Jewish War Veterans

          Tuesday, 07/21/1987 9:30 GOP Leadership Meeting, Catastrophic, Debt Limit, Persian Gulf, Trade

          Tuesday, 07/21/1987 1:00 p Take Pride in America Ceremony

          Monday, 07/27/1987 - Presidential Trip to Milwaukee, Hartford, West Bend & Port Washington,


          Thursday, 07/30/1987 1:30 Meeting with Central American Scholarship Students

          07/30/1987 Pro-Life Meeting with Baker and Briefing for Pro-Life Leaders

          Tuesday, 08/04/1987 9:30 GOP Leadership - Debt Limit, Catas., Welfard Reform, Contras, Bork (Sen)

          Wednesday, 08/05/1987 9:30 Ranking Bipartisan Leadership - Central American Peace Plan

          Thursday. 08/06/1987 11:00 House Republican Task Force Meeting on Welfare Reform

          Thursday. 08/06/1987 11:15 GOP Leadership and Housing Bill Conferees Meeting

          Friday, 08/07/1987 10:00 Bob Dornan Congressional Meeting - Trip to Central America

          Monday, 08/10/1987 1:15 p Signing Ceremony for H.R. 27 - FSLIC Recapitalization

          Tuesday, 08/11/1987 3:15 Swearing-in of Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan

          Thursday, 08/13/1987 Presidential Trip to North Platte, Nebraska for Economic Bill of Rights

          Sunday, 09/06/1987 Presidential Trip to Topeka Kansas (From Ranch) for Alf Landon 100th B-D

          Wednesday, 09/09/1987 Arrival Ceremony for Prime Minister Carlsson of Sweden

          Wednesday, 09/09/1987 State Dinner for Prime Minister Carlsson of Sweden

          Thursday, 09/10/1987 8:30 Michel - Dole Meeting with Senator Baker - Legislative Agenda

          Thursday, 09/10/1987 Presidential Trip to Miami, FL to Greet Pope John Paul II

          Friday, 09/11/1987 1:15 Signing Ceremony for Hispanic Heritage Week

          Monday, 09/14/1987 3:45 Greet U.S. Jaycee State Presidents

          Monday, 09/14/1987 Congressional Hour

          Tuesday, 09/15/1987 9:30 GOP Leadership - Budget, Debt Limit, Appropriations

          Thursday, 09/17/1987 Presidential Trip to Philadelphia, PA. - Bicentennial of Constitution

          Monday, 09/21/1987 Presidential Trip to United Nations General Assembly in New York

          Wednesday, 09/23/1987 5:30 Congressional Barbecue

          Thursday, 09/24/1987 10:30 Select GOP Leadership - Gramm-Rudman-Hollings

          Thursday, 09/24/1987 11:30 Historically Black Colleges Week Signing Ceremony

          Thursday, 09/24/1987 11:55 Photo Opportunity for Congressman Christopher Shays

          Thursday, 09/24/1987 4:30 Photo Opportunity with Asthma and Allergy Foundation Poster Child

          Tuesday, 09/29/1987 3:15 Signing Ceremony for H.J. Res. 324 - Debt Limit       Extension/G-R-H

          Friday, 10/02/1987 2:00 Signing Ceremony for German-American Heritage Day

          Tuesday, 10/06/1987 9:30 GOP Leadership - Full Legislative Agenda

          Tuesday, 10/06/1987 12:45 Rick Prendergast Family Photo Opportunity

          Wednesday, 10/07/1987 2:00 Medal of Freedom Presentation to Kevin Kaufman

          Thursday, 10/08/1987 9:30 Bipartisan Leadership (Big 5) Foreign Policy

          Tuesday, 10/13/1987 Presidential Trip to Somerset and Whippany, NJ - Economic Expansion         

Wednesday, 10/14/1987 10:00 Arrival Ceremony for President Duarte of El Salvador

          Wednesday, 10/14/1987 7:15 State Dinner for President Duarte

          Thursday, 10/15/1987 4:30 Signing Ceremony for H.J. Res. 338 - National Safety Belt Use Day

          Thursday, 10/15/1987 4:30 Meeting with Senator Baker - Nicaragua

          Friday, 10/16/1987 1:30  Presentation of Admin's Anti-Crime Three-Part Package

          Sunday, 10/18/1987 5:00 "In Performance" at the White House

          Monday, 10/26/1987 10:00 Top Bipartisan Leadership (Big 5) - Deficit Reduction

          Tuesday, 10/27/1987 4:15 p Meeting with Congressman Bob Walker - Space / NASA

          Tuesday, 10/27/1987 4:30 p Meeting with Congressman Frank Wolf - Most Favored Nation / Romania

          Wednesday, 10/28/1987 Presidential Trip to West Point - Pre-Summit Meeting

          10/29/1987 Greeting the Minnesota Twins Baseball Team Thursday 1:30p

          Tuesday, 11/03/1987 9:30 GOP Leadership - Budget, INF, Judge Ginsburg

          Thursday, 11/05/1987 10:15 Announcement of Personnel Changes (Weinberger / Carlucci)

          Thursday, 11/05/1987 11:30 Receipt of Child Safety Partnership Report

          Thursday, 11/05/1987 4:30 Photo with Leaders of Alzheimer's Disease Association

          Friday, 11/06/1987 9:15 GOP Leadership Meeting - Budget Negotiations

          Monday, 11/09/1987 4:30 Congressional Hour

          Tuesday, 11/10/1987 10:00 Arrival Ceremony for President Herzog of Israel

          Tuesday, 11/10/1987 11:45 Meeting to Discuss Elevating the Veterans Administration to Cabinet Level

          Tuesday, 11/10/1987 1:30 Presentation of Anti-Pornography Legislation

          Tuesday, 11/10/1987 State Dinner for President Herzog of Israel

          Thursday, 11/12/1987 10:10 Briefing with Newly-Elected Afghan Resistance Alliance Leader

          Thursday, 11/12/1987 1:30 Meeting with Congressman Frank Wolf - Most Favored Nation / Romania

          Friday, 11/13/1987 1:15 Presentation of Young Americans Medal for Bravery Awards

          Monday, 11/16/1987 10:00 Meeting with Speaker Wright - Central America

          Tuesday, 11/17/1987 1:30 Meeting with Congressman Bob Walker - Space / NASA

          Tuesday, 11/17/1987 3:00 Meeting with Dornan Delegation to Central America

          Wednesday, 11/18/1987 11:20 Presentation of Awards for Excel. in Mathematics and Science


          Wednesday, 11/18/1987 1:00 USTR's 25th Anniversary Observance

          Thursday, 11/19/1987 4:30 Signing of S.J. Res. 97 - National Adoption Week Proclamation

          Thursday, 11/19/1987 4:30 Photo with Epilepsy Foundation Poster Chile

          Friday, 11/20/1987 3:00 Bipartisan Congressional Leadership - Budget Deficit Reduction

          Friday, 11/20/1987 3:10 Congressional Meeting with Budget Negotiators - Deficit Reduction

          Monday, 11/23/1987 2:00 Presentation of Thanksgiving Day Turkey

          Tuesday, 11/24/1987 Presidential Trip to Waterton, CO - SDI

          Tuesday, 12/01/1987 Presidential Trip to Jacksonville, Florida - Pre-Summit / INF

          Wednesday, 12/02/1987 9:30 GOP Leadership Meeting - Budget

          Wednesday, 12/02/1987 2:00 Photo Opportunity with University of MD Women's Field Hockey Team

          Thursday, 12/03/1987 11:00 Meeting with Ranking Republican Committee Members - Budget

          Thursday, 12/03/1987 11:45 Swearing-in of James Burnley / Secretary of Transportation

          Friday, 12/04/1987 9:30 Bipartisan Leadership Meeting - Summit

          Friday, 12/04/1987 10:30 Signing Ceremony for H.R. 1748 - DOD Authorization

          [Unfoldered Material - 12/06/1987 Summit Schedule]

          Tuesday, 12/08/1987 1:30 Signinig Ceremony for INF Treaty

          Tuesday, 12/08/1987 Arrival Ceremony for General Secretary Gorbachev

          Tuesday, 12/08/1987 7:15 State Dinner for General Secretary Gorbachev

          Wednesday, 12/09/1987 9:00 Meeting with General Secretary Gorbachev

          Thursday, 12/10/1987 2:00 Departure Ceremony for General Secretary Gorbachev

          Friday, 12/11/1987 9:30 Bipartisan Leadership Meeting - Summit Follow-up

          Tuesday, 12/15/1987 9:30 GOP Leadership Meeting - CR and Reconciliation

          Friday, 12/18/1987 9:30 GOP Leadership Meeting - Recon. & CR Conference Reports; Contras

          04/21/1988 Trip to Springfield Mass.


          OA 17438

          01/09/1986 11:00 for 15 Hendon and Smith on MIA's

          01/09/1986 4:30 for 15 Elizabeth Britton, Super Girl Scout

          01/14/1986 10:00 a.m. Arrival Ceremony for President of Ecuador

          01/14/1986 7:15 p.m. State Dinner for President of Ecuador

          01/15/19861:30 Lunch W/B., Alan, Mitch Daniels & Bill Lacy

          01/15/1986 1:45 for 5 Bill Signing for H.R. 1083 - Low Level Radio-Active Waste Policy Amendments


          01/16/1986 11:15 a.m. Partnership for Child Safety Commission Swearing In

          01/16/1986 1:30 for 15 Young American Medals Ceremony

          01/16/1986 4:30 for 5 Widow of Roy Wilkins to Receive Congressional Gold Medal

          01/17/1986 Notification Calls on Winners of 1985 International Youth Skills Olympics

          01/21/1986 9:30 for 1 GOP Leadership on '87 Budget, Tax Reform and Foreign Policy

          01/22/1986 2:30 p.m. W/Regan: C. Smith, Kemp, Hyde, Weber and Gordon Humphrey

          01/23/1986 4:30 p.m. Photo Op for Al Unser & Son with Congressman Lujan

          01/27/1986 3:00 for 30 Grazing Fees with Cheney, Wallop, McClure, Domenici & Laxalt with Regan

          01/28/l986 9:30 a.m. Bipartisan Leadership re: SOTU: Tax Reform and Budget

          01/30/1986 8-9:00 a.m. GOP Leadership Breakfast w/Regan w/Presidential Dropby - 1986 Agenda

          02/03/1986 1:30 for 30 Regan with Michel, Lott, Cheney on Nicaragua - Cancelled

          02/05/1986 9:30 for 15 Presentation of '87 Budget to Big Six

          02/05/1986 9:45 for 1 GOP Leadership

          02/06/1986 2:45 for 30 Regan with Michel, Cheney, Stump on Nicaragua

          02/11/1986 9:45 for 15 Lugar and Murtha to Report on Philippine Election Findings

          02/12/1986 Presidential Trip to St. Louis, MO

          02/18/1986 9:30 for 1 GOP Leadership on Nicaragua

          02/19/1986 2-3 for 1 Bipartisan Meeting on Nicaragua

          02/21/1986 1:30 p.m. President to Address House GOP Conference

          02/21/1986 2:00 Ceremony Acknowledging Public Education of All Handicapped Children Act

          02/26/1986 11:00 for 1 House Republican Meeting on Nicaragua

          02/27/1986 9:30 for 1 Meeting on the Philippines

          02/27/1986 4:30 for 5 Easter Seals Poster Child

          03/04/1986 1:30 for 15 Secretary Bennett to Present Report on "What Works" - State of Education

          03/04/1986 1:50 for 5 Congressman and Mrs. Hopkins to See & Share Wedding Anniversary

          03/05/1986 11:45 for 20 Big 4 Chairmen and Ranking GOPs on Nicaragua

          03/05/1986 1:00 Congressional Photo Opportunities

          03/05/1986 5:00 for 45 Cocktails with President & Michel, Dole, Vander Jagt, Heinz and Laxalt

          03/06/1986 2:30 for 45 House GOP Whip Organization

          03/11/1986 9:30 for 15 Nicaragua - House Side Selected GOPs

          03 11/1986 10:00 for 15 Selected House GOPs on Nicaragua

          03/11/1986 3:45 for 15 Immigration with Rodino & Simpson

          03/11/1986 4:00 for 15 Selected Democrats on Nicaragua

          03/12/1986 1:30 Medal of Science / Medal of Technology

          03/12/1986 10:40 for 20 Selected House Members on Nicaragua

          03/13/1986 11:00 for 15 Selected House on Nicaragua

          03/17/1986 1:00 for 2 Central American Briefing by OPL

          03/17/1986 3:30 for 30 Michel, Lott, Martin with Regan, Miller and Ball on Budget

          03/17/1986 8:00 p.m. Presidential Drop-by to Tip O'Neill Dinner

          03/18/1986 11:20 for 40 Selected Democrats on Nicaragua

          03/18/1986 10:00 Mulroney Arrival Ceremony

          03/18/1986 7:15 p.m. State Dinner for Prime Minister Mulroney of Canada

          03/27/1986 Presidential Trip to New Orleans

          04/07/1986 11:45 for 15 Fascell and Broomfield on Trip to Soviet Union

          04/09/1986 9:30 for 45 GOP Leadership

          04/10/1986 2:00 for 1 hr. Selected Targeted Democrats on Nicaragua

          04/14/1986 4:45 for 5 National Teacher of the Year Ceremony

          04/16/1986 11:45 for 5 Law Day Proclamation Signing Ceremony

          04/16/1986 1:15 for 15 Rose Garden Honoring University of Louisville Men’s and University of Texas

Women’s Basketball Teams

          04/18/1986 Presidential Trip to New York City Fundraiser for D'Amato

          04/21/1986 10:00 & 10:30 Back to Back Meetings with Bob Michel and GOP Ways & Means with


          04/22/1986 2:30 for 15 Meeting with Archer, DeLay, Fields & Edwards on Oil

          04/24/1986 9:45 for 30 Meeting with Top GOPs on Legislation during the Economic Summit

          05/12/1986 Medal of Freedom Awards of 1986

          05/12/1986 11:00 a.m. Fletcher / NASA Swearing In

          05/13/1986 9:30 a.m. GOP Leadership

          05/19/1986 11:30 "E" Awards in Rose Garden

          05/19/1986 3:45 for 15 Volkmer Gun Control Signing Ceremony

          05/19/1986 4:00 p.m. Congressional Photo Opportunity

          05/20/1986 10:15 for 15 Say No to Drugs Week Proclamation Signing Ceremony, 05/18/1986-


          05/21/1986 2:00 for 15 Bill Signing for S.J. Res. 267 - Week of 05/26/1986-06/01/1986 – Skin Cancer

          05/ 22/1986 4:30 for 5 Photo Op for Eddie Robinson, Winningest Coach in Football History

          05/29/1986 4:30 p.m. Arthritis Poster Child Photo Op

          05/29/1986 4:30 p.m. Photo Op for Disabled American National Commander – Albert Linden

          Tuesday, 06/03/1986 9:30 GOP Leadership Meeting

          Tuesday, 06/03/1986 10:45 U.S.-Mexican Interparliamentary Meeting

          Wednesday, 06/04/1986 Presidential Trip to Parris Island, S.C. and Broyhill Fundraiser

          Thursday, 06/05/1986 4:30 Photo with Asthma and Allergy Poster Child

          Thursday, 06/05/1986 5:00 Cocktail Hour - Legislative Agenda

          Friday, 06/06/1986 1:45 Civil Service Retirement Bill Signing Ceremony

          Monday, 06/09/1986 1:30 President Receiving Shuttle Commission Report

          Tuesday, 06/10/1986 9:30 Select GOP Leadership Meeting - Legislative Agenda

          Wednesday. 06/11/1986 1:15 Bipartisan Nicaragua Meeting

          Thursday, 06/12/1986 4:15 Baltic Freedom Day Signing Ceremony

          Monday, 06/16/1986 4:30 Congressional Hour

          Tuesday, 06/17/1986 10:00a Arrival Ceremony for Sanguinetti of Uruguay

          Tuesday, 06/17/1986 1:00 Orbiter 4 (Space) Meeting

          Tuesday, 06/17/1986 7:15 State Dinner for President Sanguinetti of Uruguay

          Thursday, 06/19/1986 11:00 Bipartisan Meeting on Nicaragua

          Friday, 06/20/1986 1:00 Poindexter Meeting on Nicaragua

          Tuesday/Wednesday, 06/24/1986-06//25/1986 Nicaragua Meetings

          Wednesday, 06/25/1986 Presidential Trip to Las Vegas, Nevada

          Thursday, 07/10/1986 Presidential Trip to Dothan, Alabama

          Tuesday, 07/15/1986 9:30 a.m. GOP Leadership Meeting

          Wednesday, 07/16/1986 10:00 Arrival Ceremony for Prime Minister Junejo of Pakistan

          Wednesday, 07/16/1986 7:15 State Dinner for Prime Minister Junejo of Pakistan

          Thursday, 07/17/1986 8:30 a.m. Cong. Breakfast (Tax Reform)

          Monday, 07/21/1986 11:00 Captive Nations Week Signing Ceremony

          Monday, 07/21/1986 4:00 Congressional Hour

          Tuesday, 07/22/1986 4:30 Nicaragua Reception

          07/23/1986-07/24/1986 Presidential Trip to Dallas, TX, Miami, FL & Columbia , South Carolina

          Thursday, 07/24/1986 4:30-5:30 Senatorial Trust Reception

          Tuesday, 07/29/1986 2:15 p GOP Campaign Committee Photos

          Tuesday, 07/29/1986 4:30-5:30 Stenholm, Leath, Roemer Meeting with Regan

          Thursday, 07/ 31/1986 8:00 a.m. Bipartisan Breakfast - Arms Control

          Friday, 08/01/1986 9:45 a.m. Textile Meeting

          Friday, 08/01/1986 4:00 p.m. Poindexter Meeting - National Security Aspects of Energy

          Monday, 08/04/1986 1:30 p.m. GOP Leadership Meeting - Drugs

          Tuesday, 08/05/1986 9:30 a.m. GOP Leadership - Textiles, Defense, & Central America

          Wednesday, 08/06/1986 9:30 a.m. Strategic Defense Initiative

          Tuesday, 08/12/1986 Presidential Trip to Chicago, Illinois

          Wednesday, 08/13/1986 2:30P Congressional Hour

          Thursday, 08/14/1986 1:15P Congressman Boulter Meeting with the President on Oil Issues

          Thursday, 08/14/1986 2:30P Agricultural Task Force Meeting with Regan

          Thursday, 08/14/1986 7:00P Congressional Barbecue

          Monday, 09/08/1986 Presidential Trip from Denver, CO to Washington, D.C.

          Tuesday, 09/09/1986 9:30A Bipartisan Leadership Meeting on Drugs

          Wednesday, 09/10/1986 Arrival Ceremony for Sarney of Brazil

          Wednesday, 09/10/1986 State Dinner for President Sarney of Brazil

          Tuesday, 09/16/1986 9:30A GOP Leadership Meeting

          Tuesday, 09/16/1986 2:00 GOP Photo Opportunity - Taping

          Thursday, 09/18/1986 Presidential Trip to New Orleans and Montgomery, Alabama

          Friday, 09/19/1986 1:15P "Commemorative" Bill Signing of H.R. 4151 - Diplomatic Security Act

          Tuesday, 09/23/1986 3:30 First Lady - Secretary Bennett "Schools without Drugs" Event

          Wednesday, 09/24/1986 Presidential Trip to Detroit, MI and Omaha, Nebraska

          Thursday, 09/25/1986 4:30P Photo Opportunity for Ed Fox and Family

          Friday, 09/26/1986 10:30 Swearing-in of Rehnquist and Scalia

          Monday, 09/29/1986 Presidential Trip to Kansas City, Missouri, and Sioux Falls, SD

          Tuesday, 09/30/1986 3:00 Energy/Oil and Gas Revitalization Legislation Meeting

          Tuesday, 09/30/1986 4:30 Congressional Hour

          Wednesday, 10/01/1986 Presidential Trip to Atlanta, GA Carter Library Dedication

          Tuesday, 10/07/1986 8:30 A.M. Top Bipartisan Cong. Leadership Breakfast

          Tuesday, 10/07/1986 11:45 Signing Ceremony for S.J. Res 159 - Rose as National Flower

          Wednesday, 10/08/1986 Presidential Trip to Raleigh, N.C. and Atlanta, GA

          Tuesday, 10/14/1986 11:00 Bipartisan Leadership Meeting - Iceland

          Wednesday, 10/15/1986 Presidential Trip to Baltimore, MD for Linda Chavez

          Friday, 10/17/1986 Presidential Trip to Grand Forks, North Dakota

          Tuesday, 10/21/1986 10:00 Arrival Ceremony for Chancellor Kohn of West Germany

          Tuesday, 10/21/1986 7:15P State Dinner for Chancellor Kohn of West Germany

          Wednesday, 10/22/1986 11:00 Tax Bill Signing Ceremony

          Th -Fr 10/23/1986-10/24/1986 Presidential Trip to Wisconsin, Missouri, Oklahoma and Florida

          Monday, 10/27/1986 2:00 Signing Ceremony for H.R. 2921 (Strang - Irrigation Ditches)

          Monday, 10/27/1986 2:30 Drug Bill Signing Ceremony

          W-Fr, 10/29/1986-10/31/1986 Presidential Trip to Indiana, S. Dakota, CO., Nevada, WA,

& Idaho

          Thursday, 10/30/1986 Signing Ceremony for H.R. 4350 - Wild and Scenic Rivers

          10/28/1986 Presidential Trip to Columbus, GA, Birmingham, Alabama, & Charlotte, NC

          Bill Signing. Veterans Bill 10/28/1986 Columbus, Georgia

          Sat. & Mon., 11/01/1986-11/03/1986 Presidential Trip to Anaheim, CA; Las Vegas, NV; and

 Anaheim, CA

          Thursday, 11/06/1986 10:00 Immigration Bill Signing Ceremony

          Monday, 11/10/1986 1:50P Photo Op for Congressman McCollum (Signing of H.R. 3737)

          Wednesday, 11/12/1986 11:30 Meeting with New York Mets

          Thursday, 11/13/1986 5:30 Briefing with Poindexter Prior to President's Address to Nation

          Monday, 11/17/1986 1:30P Signing Ceremony for H.R. 6 (Omnibus Water Bill)

          Wednesday, 11/19/1986 1:00 Poindexter Breifing for Lott, (Kemp and Michel Joined Later)

          Thursday, 11/20/1986 10:00 Michel/Wright Meeting with the President

          Tuesday, 11/25/1986 11:00 Bipartisan Leadership Meeting (Iran)

          Wednesday. 11/26/1986 9:45 Presentation of Thanksgiving Turkey

          Tuesday, 12/02/1986 11:15 GOP Leadership Meeting - Iran

          Wednesday, 12/03/1986 10:00 GOP Cong. Leadership Follow-up Meeting - Iran

          Thursday, 12/04/1986 4:30 Photo Opportunity for Congresswoman Bobbi Fiedler

          Friday, 12/05/1986 11:00 GOP Leadership Meeting - Iran + Other Topics

          Friday, 12/05/1986 2:00 (Top 4) Bipartisan Leadership Meeting

          Wednesday, 12/10/1986 10:00 Freshman Member Orientation

          Thursday, 12/11/1986 3:50 Legislative Affairs Staff Photo

          Tuesday, 12/16/1986 1:00 GOP Leadership Meeting - State of the Union Address

          Friday, 12/19/1986 10:00 Briefing on Strategic Modernization

          Tuesday, 12/23/1986 11:30 Photo Opportunity with Congressman Bill Carney


          OA 17439

          04/15/1985 Lee Hamilton - Nicaragua

          04/15/1985 Mack & Boulter - Tax Day Deadline

          04/15/1985 Law Day Signing

          04/16/1985 GOP Leadership / Budget and Nicaragua

          04/16/1985 Congressional Delegation / Soviet Union

          04/16/1985 Danny Thomas Gold Medal

          04/17/1985 Arrival Ceremony - Algerian Pres.

          04/17/1985 Dante Fascell - Nicaragua

          04/17/1985 Selected House GOP - Nicaragua

          04/17/1985 GOP Freshman - Nicaragua

          04/17/1985 Selected House Democrats - Nicaragua

          04/18/1985 Dave McCurdy - Nicaragua

          04/18/1985 Teacher of the Year

          04/19/1985 Pepper et al - Bay of Pigs Bill Sign

          04/19/1985 Elie Wiesel Gold Medal

          04/19/1985 Victims of Crime Ceremony

          04/22/1985 1:30 Selected GOP - Nicaragua

          04/22/1985 2:00 Selected Democrats - Nicaragua

          04/22/1985 2:30 Selected Democrats - Nicaragua

          04/23/1985 9:00 am Selected GOP - Nicaragua

          04/23/1985 Arts & Humanities Luncheon

          04/23/1985 1:15 pm Selected Democrats - Nicaragua

          04/23/1985 Peace Corps - National Volunteer Week

          04/25/1985 Bill Signing - Fair Housing Month

          04/26/1985 Sr. Citizens Volunteer Ceremony

          04/29/1985 Child Safety Awareness Mo. - Bill Signing

          05/14/1985 9:30 - 1 Hour Bipartisan Leadership Meeting

          05/15/1985 Dickinson  1:15 - 15 min.

          05/15/1985 Old Dominion's Women's Basketball Team

          05/16/1985 10:00 am Shultz/McFarlane with GOP [on Nicaragua]

          05/17/1985 Naval Academy Commencement Address

          05/17/1985 10:45 for 15 min. Kemp w/President on Tax Reform

          05/17/1985 Sam Hall Photo before Going to TX

          05/20/1985 CORE Members of COS

          05/20/1985 Congressional Photo Time

          05/21/1985 GOP Leadership - Budget and Nicaragua

          05/23/1985 4:30 p.m. Photo Op w/Multiple Sclerosis Mom & Dad

          05/23/1985 Kemp & Nat'l Arthritis Poster Child

          05/24/1985 1:00 for 5 min. Bill Signing Ceremony H.R. 1869

          05/27/1985 Air Force One Trip to Florida

          05/30/1985 Presidential Trip to Williamsburg and Oshkosh, WI

          05/31/1985 Presidential Trip to Malvern, PA

          06/01/1985 8:30 p.m. for 5 John Duncan Telephone Call

          06/04/1985 9:30 am GOP Leadership - Nicaragua, Tax Reform, Budget

          06/05/1985-06/07/1985 Air Force One Trip / Oklahoma City, GA and AL

          06/10/1985 11:30 a.m. Reception for New GOPs

          06/10/1985 2:00 p.m. LA Lakers Basketball Team Congrats

          06/11/1985 Bipartisan Meeting on Nicaragua

          06/12/1985 Ghandi Arrival Ceremony

          06/12/1985 State Dinner - Prime Minister Ghandi

          06/13/1985 2:00 p.m. 4th Gold Star for General Doolittle

          06/13/1985 Presidential Trip to New Jersey

          06/14/1985 Presidential Trip to Baltimore

          06/17/1985 1:00 p.m. Chemical Weapons Briefing

          06/17/1985 1:55 p.m. Blue Ribbon Defense Management

          06/17/1985 2:00 p.m. Announcing Blue Ribbon Defense Management Commission

          06/19/1985 Presidential Trip to Indiana

          06/20/1985 Presidential Scholars

          06/20/1985 2:30 p.m. American Family Society Awards

          06/21/1985 Presidential Trip to Dallas, TX

          06/24/1985 4:30 p.m. Congressional Photo Time

          06/25/1985 12-1:14 p.m. Bipartisan Leadership Lunch

          06/26/1985 8-9:00 a.m. GOP Ways & Means Breakfast on Tax

          06/28/1985 Presidential Trip to Chicago

          07/09/1985 9:30 a.m. GOP Leadership Meeting

          07/09/1985 4:15 for 5 min. Bill Signing for Statue of Liberty

          07/09/1985 5-6 p.m. Cocktails in Red Room w/House and Senate Leadership Biggies

          07/10/1985 8-9 a.m. Tax Reform Breakfast with Ways and Means Democrats

          07/10/1985 11:00 a.m. Budget Conferees in Cabinet Room

          07/16/1985 9:30 a.m. Bipartisan Leadership - Cancelled

          07/22/1985 4:30 Congressional Hour - Cancelled

          07/23/1985 10:00 a.m. China Arrival Ceremony

          07/23/1985 2:30 p.m. Budget Meeting with Big 6 with Regan

          07/23/1985 State Dinner - President of China

          07/24/1985 11:00 a.m. Private Meeting with Big Six

          07/30/1985 10:30 for 1 ht. GOP Leadership on Budget

          07/31/1985 8:00 a.m. House Tax Reform Breakfast

          08/08/1985 Bill Signing Ceremony in Oval for S. 960 - Foreign Assistance

          09/02/1985 Presidential Trip to Missouri

          09/05/1985 Presidential Trip to Raleigh, N.C.

          09/10/1985 Arrival Ceremony for PM of Denmark

          09/10/1985 State Dinner for Pres. of Denmark

          09/11/1985 10:00 GOP Leadership Meeting

          09/12/1985 Presidential Trip to Tampa / St. Pete

          09/17/1985 1:15 for 20 Minutes - Meeting with Michel, Madigan, and Helms on Farm Bill

          09/18/1985 Presidential Trip to Concord, NH

          09/18/1985 6:30 p.m. Congressional Barbeque

          09/19/1985 4:30 Youth of America

          09/23/1985 11:00 a.m. President Addressing Export Council

          09/23/1985 4:00 p.m. Congressional Hour

          09/24/1985 Presidential Trip to Knoxville, TN

          09/26/1985 10:30 a.m. Tom Donnelly to Accept 7000 Textile Letters from Broyhill

          10/02/1985 9:30 a.m. GOP Leadership

          10/03/1985 Presidential Trip to Cincinnati, OH

          10/04/1985 10:00 a.m. Gramm-Rudman Amendment to Debt Limit - to Show Support

          10/04/1985  Presidential Trip to Parsippany, NJ

          10/08/1985 Singapore Arrival Ceremony

          10/08/1985 State Dinner for Pres. Singapore

          10/10/1985 Presidential Trip to Deerfield, IL

          10/15/1985 Presidential Trips to Boise, ID and Milwaukee, WI

          10/17/1985 Michel and Shioji

          10/17/1985 4:30 for 5 min. Epilepsy Foundation Poster Child Kevin Kincor -     Lungren's District

          10/21/1985 2:30 p.m. Miss America and Sonny Montgomery

          10/22/1985 9:30 a.m. GOP Leadership Meeting - Gramm-Rudman, UN and Jordan Arms Sale

          10/22/1985 2-3 p.m. Full Appropriations Committee with Shultz, McFarlane and President

          10/28/1985 11:45 a.m. Rose Garden Ceremony Honoring the Congressional Grace Caucus

          10/28/1985 2:00 p.m. Bill Signing for H.J. Res. 407 - Year of Liberty - Rose Garden

          10/29/1985 Congressional Photo Time

          10/31/1985 11:30 a.m. Meeting with World Series Champions Kansas City Royals

          11/02/1985-11/03/1985 U.S. Delegation to Guatemalan Presidential Elections

          11/07/1985 Presidential Trip to Falston, MD  Cancelled

          11/07/1985 11:00 Medal of Freedom Presentation

          11/08/1985 9:30 a.m. GOP Leadership re: Geneva

          11/08/1985 2:00 for 5 Proclamation Signing for National Alzheimer's Disease Month

          11/12/1985 4:00 for 15 Stangeland in Oval on Farm Issues

          11/12/1985 Bipartisan Leadership

          11/13/1985 9:00 a.m. Pre-Geneva Briefing w/Pres., Shultz and McFarlane Cancelled

          11/13/1985 2:30 p.m. Bill Signing for Fair Labor Standards Act

          11/18/1985 4:30-6:00 Meeting with Senior Sons and Legislative Affairs – Roosevelt Room

          11/21/1985 8:45 p.m. Joint Session of Congress on Geneva Summit - First Lady's Box

          11/23/1985-11/25/1985 Delegation to Observe Honduras Presidential Elections

          11/ 25/1985 1:30 for 10 Presentation of Thanksgiving Turkey

          12/02/1985 Presidential Trip to Seattle, WA

          12/03/1985 GOP Leadership / Geneva, Debt Ceiling, Tax Bill, Gramm-Rudman, CR

          12/03/1985 Ceremony for Initiative on Technology and Disabled

          12/04/1985 Presidential Trip to Falston, MD

          12/04/1985 2:00 p.m. Photo Op for 20 Millionth Member of National Association of Retired Persons

          12/05/1985 11:00 a.m. Meeting on Textiles

          12/ 05/1985 11:30 a.m. Dropby Briefing for Former Members of Congress

          12/05/1985 Presidential Trip to New York City

          12/06/1985 9:30 a.m. Steel Program Meeting with Regan and Ritter et al

          12/09/1985 4:30 p.m. Congressional Photo Opportunity

          12/10/1985 9:30 a.m. Bipartisan Leadership Meeting

          12/10/1985 11:45 for 10 Bill Signing for MilCon H.R. 3324

          12/10/1985 1:45 for 10 Ceremony for Human Rights Day

          12/11/1985 2:00 for 20 Selected GOP on Tax Reform

          12/11/1985 2:20 for 20 Selected GOP on Tax Reform

          12/11/1985 2:40 for 20 Selected GOP on Tax Reform

          12/12/1985 11:30 a.m. Notification Calls on Ceremony for Executive Rank Awards

          12/12/1985 4:30 for 5 Photo Op for 1986 March of Dimes Poster Child

          12/16/1985 2:15 p.m. President to Address GOP Conference

          12/16/1985 Presidential Trip to Ft. Campbell, KY for Memorial Service for 235

          12/17/1985 9:30 for 10 Tax Reform in Oval / Quillen, Latta, Snyder

          12/17/1985 9:50 for 10 Tax Reform in Oval / Gunderson, Emerson, Stangeland

          12/17/1985 10:10 for 20 Tax Reform in Oval / Pursell, Schuette, Broomfield

          12/18/1985 10:45 Gramm-Rudman-Hollings in State Dining Room

          12/20/1985 2:30 for 15 Swearing In for Otis Bowen (HHS)

          12/23/1985 11:45 for 10 Farm Credit Bill Signing Ceremony

          12/23/1985 1:00 for 5 Photo Op for Tom Donnelly and Crew

          David Chew 1985


          OA 17440

          Presidential Block Calendar

          President's Schedule [October 1987-September 1988]

          [President's Schedule January 1986-November 1987]

          [Vice President's Schedule January 1987-September 1987]

          [Personnel Announcements 07/06/1988 - 08/11/1988]

          [Personnel Announcements - 09/07/1988 - 12/12/1988]


          OA 17441

          Congressional Hour Requests (From 1981) Old [Contains C-Trak Originals]

          Congressional Hours Thru 1984

          Christmas 1988

          Christmas 1987

          Christmas 1986

          Tuesday, 12/09/1986 8:00 p Congressional Ball

          Tuesday, 12/15/1987 8:00 Congressional Christmas Ball

          [1987 Christmas Card List] (1)(2)

          [1986 Christmas Card List]

          1985 Christmas Card List

          Presidential Personnel

          Legislative Affairs Staff Material

          Archival Pen

          Member's Numbers 100th Congress (1)-(11)


          OA 17443

          Administration Positions 100th Congress [H.R. 1 - H.R. 1999] (1)-(8)

          Administration Positions 100th Congress H.R. 2000 - [3999] (1)-(7)

          Administration Positions 100th Congress H.R. 4000 - (1)-(8)

          Schedules Proposals 100th Congress Index, A-I (1)(2)

          Schedules Proposals 100th Congress J-Z (1)-(3)

          Weekly Report 100th Congress [1987] (1)-(9)

          Bill Status 100th Congress (1)-(7)


          OA 17445

          Special Report House Rep. Conference, 1987 (1)-(9)

          Schedule Proposal (Index - Cancelled Schedule Proposals) 99th Congress A - I (1)-(3)

          [Schedule Proposal (Index - Cancelled Schedule Proposals) 99th Congress J - Z] (1)-(4)

          Recommended Telephone Calls - Index, 99th - 100th, A-E (1)-(5)

Recommended Telephone Calls - Index, 99th - 100th, A-E: 1985 Nicaraguan Vote Calls Made by

Cabinet Members, V.P., etc. (1)-(3)

          Recommended Telephone Calls F-Mc 99th Congress (1)-(7)

          Recommended Telephone Calls N-Z 99th Congress (1)-(7)

          Recommended Telephone Calls N-Z 99th Congress: Miscellaneous Calls (1)(2)


          OA 17446

          1985 Pen Letters (1)-(4)

          Briefing Papers - Index 99th Congress: Leadership, Bill Signings, 1985 Budget, 1986 Budget (1)-(7)

          Briefing Papers 99th Congress A-E (1)-(3)

          Briefing Papers 99th Congress F-L (1)-(3)

          Briefing Papers 99th Congress M-N (1)-(8)

          Briefing Papers 99th Congress O-Z (1)-(4)

          Inactive Congressional Hour Requests [July 1984-July 1986] (1)(2)

          Arrivals [Arrival Ceremony Invitations for 99th Congress]

          99th Kennedy Center [Invitations for 99th Congress]


          OA 17449

          Parental Leave Anecdotal Stories and Surveys: Alabama - Florida

          Parental Leave Anecdotal Stories and Surveys: Georgia - Kansas

          Parental Leave Anecdotal Stories and Surveys: Kentucky - Nevada

          Parental Leave Anecdotal Stories and Surveys: New Hampshire - Ohio

          Parental Leave Anecdotal Stories and Surveys: Oklahoma - Texas

          Parental Leave Anecdotal Stories and Surveys: Utah - D.C.

          Parental Leave Anecdotal Stories and Surveys: Surveys (1)-(6)

          Research Manual: Congressional Quarterly's Seminar - Congress and the Legislative Process

          State of the Union Addresses - President Ronald Reagan - 1980-1984: 1981

          State of the Union Addresses - President Ronald Reagan - 1980-1984: 1982

          State of the Union Addresses - President Ronald Reagan - 1980-1984: 1983

          State of the Union Addresses - President Ronald Reagan - 1980-1984: 1984 (1)-(3)

          State of the Union Addresses - President Ronald Reagan - 1985-1988: 1985 (1)-(3)

          State of the Union Addresses - President Ronald Reagan - 1985-1988: 1986

          State of the Union Addresses - President Ronald Reagan - 1985-1988: 1987 (1)-(3)

          Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance [1987] (1)-(13)

          The Department of the Treasury Telephone Directory

          White House Office Staff Manual January 1984 (1)(2)


          OA 17450

          Lowery, Bill

          Lowry, Mike

          Lujan, Manuel

          Luken, Thomas

          Lukens, Donald E.

          Lungren, Dan

          Mack, Connie

          MacKay, Buddy

          Madigan, Edward

          Manton, Thomas

          Markey, Edward

          Marlenee, Ron

          Martin, David O'B.

          Martin, Lynn

          Martinez, Matthew

          Matsui, Robert

          Mavroules, Nicholas


          OA 17715     

          Administrative Memos    

          Central Files Index 

          AMK Congressional Salutations  

          Combined Federal Campaign     

          Communications Equipment (Pageboys, Televisions, Radios, etc.)

          Congressional Lists

          Counsels Office   

          Curator - Art Loans

          1986 Christmas Card List 

          1987 Christmas Card List 

          1988 Christmas Card List 

          Drug Free Workplace Plan, General Notice

          1985-1988 Legislative Affairs Budget     

          1983-1984 Legislative Affairs Budget     

          Facilities Requests #1      

          Facilities Requests #2      

          FEMA - Disaster Assistance        

          Gifts (Cufflinks etc.) (Memos to Gift Unit)     

          Marital Status - Congress 


          OA 17727

          Swearing in Ceremony for William L. Ball as SECNAV 03/29/1988

          State of the Union Address 1987

          State of the Union 1987

          State of the Union 1987

          State of the Union Address 1986

          State of the Union Address 1985

          SOTU / January Events 1985

          State of the Union Address 1984

          Budget Distribution - 1984

          State of the Union - 1983

          Budget Distribution - 1983

          State of the Union - 1982

          Budget Distribution - 1982

          State of the Union - 1981

          State of the Union - General Information

          Budget Distribution - 1985

          Budget Distribution - 1986

          Budget Distribution General Information

          State Dinners

          In Performance at the White House

          Miscellaneous White House Social Events

          Congressional Hour

          Photos to Kathy Osborne


          OA 18088

          President's Federal Judicial Selections Committee 11/29/1984

          President's Federal Judicial Selections Committee 12/20/1984

          President's Federal Judicial Selections Committee 03/07/1985

          President's Federal Judicial Selections Committee 03/21/1985

          President's Federal Judicial Selections Committee 04/04/1985

          President's Federal Judicial Selections Committee 08/13/1986

          President's Federal Judicial Selections Committee 10/01/1987

          President's Federal Judicial Selections Committee 10/22/1987

          President's Federal Judicial Selections Committee 11/23/1987

          President's Federal Judicial Selections Committee 12/04/1987


          OA 18089

          Joint Letters [from Members of Congress] January 1987

          Joint Letters [from Members of Congress] February 1987

          Joint Letters [from Members of Congress] March 1987

          Joint Letters [from Members of Congress] April 1987

          Joint Letters [from Members of Congress] May 1987

          Joint Letters [from Members of Congress] June 1987

          Joint Letters [from Members of Congress] July 1987

          Joint Letters [from Members of Congress] August 1987

          Joint Letters [from Members of Congress] September 1987

          Joint Letters [from Members of Congress] October 1987

          Joint Letters [from Members of Congress] November 1987

          Joint Letters [from Members of Congress] December 1987

          Joint Letters [from Members of Congress] January 1988

          Joint Letters [from Members of Congress] February 1988

          Joint Letters [from Members of Congress] March 1988

          Joint Letters [from Members of Congress] April 1988

          Joint Letters [from Members of Congress] May 1988

          Joint Letters [from Members of Congress] June 1988

          Joint Letters [from Members of Congress] July 1988

          Joint Letters [from Members of Congress] August 1988

          Joint Letters [from Members of Congress] September 1988

          Joint Letters [from Members of Congress] October 1988

          Joint Letters [from Members of Congress] November 1988

          Joint Letters [from Members of Congress] December 1988

          Mass Mailings


          OA 18146

(For the most part, the material in the “Presidential” folders documents letters that were written on President Reagan’s behalf for various members of Congress. Most of these letters were written to accompany the ceremonial signing pens, used to sign bills into law, that were awarded to those who worked on particular pieces of legislation. In addition, the material includes a few Presidential letters to Congressional constituents, and to people leaving the White House Office of Legislative Affairs staff.)

          Presidentials   -  January 1987 [empty]

          Presidentials   -  February 1987

          Presidentials   -  March 1987

          Presidentials   -  April 1987

          Presidentials   -  May 1987

          Presidentials   -  June 1987

          Presidentials   -  July 1987

          Presidentials   -  August 1987

          Presidentials   -  September 1987

          Presidentials   -  October 1987

          Presidentials   -  November 1987

          Presidentials   -  December 1987

          Presidentials   -  January 1988

          Presidentials   -  February 1988 (1)(2)

          Presidentials   -  March 1988

          Presidentials   -  April 1988

          Presidentials   -  May 1988

          Presidentials   -  June 1988

          Presidentials   -  July 1988

          Presidentials   -  August 1988

          Presidentials   -  September 1988

          Presidentials -  October 1988 (1)-(2)

          Presidentials -  November 1988  (1)-(5)

          Presidentials -  December 1988 (1)-(2)

          Presidentials – December 1988 (1)-(4)


          OA 18180

          Department of HUD

          President's Housing Commission

          [Institute of American Indian and Alaska Native Culture and Arts Devel.]

          Inter-American Development Bank

          [Inter-American Foundation]

          Department of the Interior

          Department of the Interior: Model Nomination

          Internal Revenue Service

          Atomic Energy Commission

          International Bank for Reconstruction & Development

          International Boundary Comm.

          International Broadcasting

          Charles Wick

          International Communications Agency

          Int'l Joint Commission

          [International Monetary Fund]

          [International North Pacific Fisheries Commission]

          International Trade Commission

          International Trade Commission:  Anne Brunsdale Confirmation Meetings

          Interstate Commerce Commission

          Interstate Commerce Commission:  Reese Taylor

          [James Madison Memorial Fellowship Foundation]

          Department of Justice

          Department of Justice:  Ginsberg

          Department of Justice:  Justice Rehnquist

          Department of Justice:  Bork

          Department of Justice:  Judge Scalia

          Department of Justice:  Judicial Appointments


          OA 18195

          Executive Office of the President – Office Automation System (PROFS) (binder)

          Dataphone 2400

          AT&T – Merlin Communications System (2 copies)


          OA 18528     


          Republican National Convention Leave Requests     


          Telephone Service 

          Special Account - Mess    

          Transportation / Mess Privileges / and Communications Equipment     

          Travel Authorizations (Passports, info, etc.) 

          Travel - Local        


          Personnel Forms   

          Personnel - Salary 

          Personnel Forms - A-D     

          Personnel Forms - E-M    

          Personnel Forms - N-Z     

          Misc. Resumes      


          Press Clippings