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LOZANO, DIANA: Files, 1981-1983


Office of Public Liaison (Human Services, Hispanics, Women)


The Office of Public Liaison was originally organized with Elizabeth Dole as the Director, Red Cavaney as her “number two” and with Diana Lozano and Jack Burgess responsible for groupings of staff and reporting to Cavaney.  Diana Lozano oversaw the “human service portfolio” staff people in the Office of Public Liaison. This group focused on outreach to interest groups such as African-Americans, the Jewish community, and Hispanics. This chain of command was simplified in mid-1982. Lozano was taken out of her overseer role, and assigned to work with Hispanic and women’s groups.


Diana Lozano came to the White House on a two year leave of absence from IBM.


Some of Lozano’s work product can be found in the Henry Zuniga collection.



          OA 6528

          Black Strategy

          Morton Blackwell

          Cabinet Council Committees

          Civil Rights Commission

          Domestic Policy

          Thelma Duggin

          Economic Package

          Economic Package Material: Tax Package/Materials

          Federal Procurement Reforms

          Gift Forms

          Native Hawaiians (1)(2)

          Lozano / Hispanic Affairs

          Hispanic Strategy

          Virginia Knauer

          Labor Strategy [empty folder]

          LAMA (Latin American Manufacturers Association)

          M. E. Quint

          Office of Consumer Affairs

          OPL / Administrative

          OPL / Big Three Report

          OPL / Parking

          OPL / Portfolio Strategies [empty folder]

          Other Government Support



          Reagan Administration General Info

          [Social Security]

          Tax Package / Supporters


          Adis Vila


          OA 7980


          Weekly Forecast 10/11/1982-02/28/1983 (Binder)

          White House Fellows (1)(2)




          OA 7980 (Continued)

          Diana Lozano Chron File #1  - 1981

          Diana Lozano Chron File #2 - 1982 and January 1983



          OA 10772

          Abortion I

          Abortion II (1)(2)


          [Affirmative Action / Title IX] (1)(2)

          American Association of University Women

          American Women in Radio and Television

          Anguiano, Lupe

          Association of Junior Leagues

          Business and Professional Women

          [Campaign: Polls – Women]

          Campaign Promises

          Campaign Promises re Women

          Changing Role of Women (The)

          Child Abuse

          Child Care

          Child Nutrition Proposals

          Child Pornography

          Child Protection Proposals

          Child Support Enforcement

          Comparable Worth

          Contemporary Women’s Forum

          Coordinating Council on Women  Minutes

          Department of Justice Quarterly Reports Task Force on Legal Equity

          Department of Justice Quarterly Reports Task Force on Legal Equity: DOJ / Quarterly

                   Report – First Draft

          Department of Labor / Women’s Bureau

          Displaced Homemakers

          Economic Equity Act

          Economic Equity Act - II

          Equal Rights Amendment (1)(2)

          Executive Women in Government

          [Fair Insurance]


          [Family Protection Act / Family Planning]

          Feminization of Poverty (The)


          OA 10773

          Frontline News for Women

          Gender Gap

          Senator Gorton ERA Bill

          Insurance Discrimination

          Interagency Task Force on Sex Discrimination - Department of Justice

          Issue Material / General

          Marriage Tax Penalty

          Military Wives / Pension Benefits

          Miscellaneous Articles on Women

          Moving the Child Care Tax Credit to the Short 1040A Form

          National Advisory Council on Women’s Educational Programs I

          National Advisory Council on Women’s Educational Programs II

          National Association of Bank Women

          National Organization for Women

          National Women’s Political Caucus

          O’Connor, Sandra [Women in Judiciary] (1)(2)

          Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs Regulations

          OPL / Women’s Group

          Phyllis Schlafly Report (The)

          Private Pension Reform

          Private Sector Initiative / Information for Women


          Reagan Record (The)

          Republican Women Elected Officials

          Second Quarterly Report [per Executive Order 12336]

          Sexual Harrassment

          Social Security: Sex Discrimination

          Task Force on Legal Equity for Women

          Task Force Questions and Answers

          Title VI / CIA Spouses’ Retirement Equity Act of 1982

          Title IX (1)-(3)

          [Title IX] (1)-(4)

          Title IX / Court Cases (1)-(3)

          Wage Gap (The)

          White House Coordinating Council on Women (1)(2)

          Widow’s Tax


          OA 10774

          Women Appointments

          Women / Business 8(a)

          [Women] Briefing Book Update Materials - Diana

          Women / Education

          Women in the Army / Policy Review

          Women in the Military

          Women in the Work Force

          Women / Press

          Women / State of the Union Message

          Women Today

          Women’s Affairs

          [Women’s College Presidents]

          Women’s Education Equity Act I

          Women’s Education Equity Act II

          Women’s Issues: Ed Harper Memos

          Women’s Issues / General Info

          Women’s Issues / General Info #2

          Women’s Legal Defense Fund

          Women’s Organizations

          Women’s Rights Legislation

          Women’s Strategy / Follow-up