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LUHN, CHRISTINA A., 1983-1984: Files


Executive Secretariat, NSC:  Staff Member, 1983-1984


RAC Box 001 (Box 90465)

[1984 Correspondence]

[04/16/1984 NSC Meeting re China Trip]

[04/27/1984 PROFS Correspondence from China]

[05/14/1984-05/16/1984 News Clippings re Economics for London Economic Summit]

[Cables 03/09/1984-04/13/1984 re Presidential Trip to China, Visit by Omani Official, Tanzania National Day]

[Cables 04/14/1984-04/17/1984 re Indonesia Visit; China Trip; Tunisia, Niger, Italy]

[Cables 04/19/1984-04/24/1984 re China Trip, Nicaragua]

[Cables 04/25/1984 re China Trip]

[Cables 04/30/1984-05/01/1984 re China Trip]

[Cables 05/01/1984-05/02/1984 re China Trip]

[Cables 05/17/1984 re China Trip, Philippine Election]

China I (1983)

China I (01/01/1984-02/28/1984)

China I (03/01/1984-03/05/1984)

China I (03/06/1984) (1)(2)

China I (03/07/1984-03/15/1984)

China I (03/16/1984-03/18/1984)

China I (03/19/1984-03/21/1984)

China I (03/22/1984)

China I (03/23/1984-03/30/1984)

China I (03/31/1984)

China I (04/01/1984-04/02/1984)

China I (04/03/1984)

China I (04/04/1984-05/04/1984)

China II (September 1983 – February 1984)

China II (03/06/1984) (1)(2)

China II (03/07/1984-03/15/1984)

China II (03/16/1984)

China II (03/17/1984-03/29/1984)

China II (03/30/1984) (1)(2)

China II (April 1984)

China Classified (January 1984)

China Classified (02/01/1984-02/08/1984)

China Classified (02/09/1984-02/15/1984)

China Classified (02/16/1984-02/28/1984)

China Classified (02/29/1984)(1)(2)

China Classified (03/01/1984) (1)(2)

China Classified (03/02/1984-03/24/1984)

[China Trip-Draft Presidential Speeches] (1)(2)

[China Trip Planning]

[China Trip Scheduling]

[China-United States Comprehensive Security: Report of a Meeting]

[Chinese-American Correspondence]

[Chinese Perceptions of the US Economic System]

Classified [Arms Control] (1)(2)

Classified [Analysis re China]

Classified [China Pre-Advance Schedules]

Classified [Far East Trip Schedules]

Classified [Grenada Preliminary Report]

Classified [Regan Trip to China March 1984]

Classified [Visit of Chinese Premier Ziyang January 1984]


RAC Box 002  (Box 90466)

Darman Referrals [China 1983]

Darman Referrals [China January 1984]

Darman Referrals [China 02/01/1984-02/08/1984]

Darman Referrals [China 02/09/1984-02/15/1984]

Darman Referrals [China 02/16/1984-02/28/1984]

Darman Referrals [China 03/01/1984-03/06/1984]

Darman Referrals [China 03/07/1984-03/15/1984]

Darman Referrals [China 03/16/1984-03/31/1984]

[Memos re Additional Copies of China Trip Briefing Book]

[Official Visit of Zhao Ziyang Part I 01/07/1984-01/11/1984] (1)-(3)

[Official Visit of Zhao Ziyang Part II 01/12/1984-01/16/1984] (1)(2)

NSC/S [China Pre-Advance Trip] (1)(2)

NSC/S [Export Administration Act]

[The President’s Trip to Japan 11/08/1983-11/11/1983 Robert Kimmitt] (1)(2)

[The President’s Trip to Japan and Korea] (1)-(5)

[The President’s Trip to South Korea 11/12/1983-11/14/1983 Robert Kimmitt] (1)(2)

[The Trip of President Reagan to Hawaii, Guam, and the People’s Republic of China, 04/22/1984-04/28/1984 Part I]

[Three Years of Accomplishment]