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LYNCH, EDWARD A.: Files, 1983-1984


Public Liaison, White House Office of


Edward Lynch worked as a consultant within the Office of Public Liaison, specifically assigned to assist with the Central America Outreach Working Group.  His background as a writer at the Heritage Foundation brought him to the attention of the White House staff – particularly his writings on Grenada, published on the day the United States invaded the island nation. He also had a long-time connection with Faith Whittlesey, Director of Public Liaison through state politics in Pennsylvania. 


His collection consists of background material regarding Central America used to assist his contributions on Central America for the White House Digest.  In addition, he has some agendas and topic papers for the Wednesday afternoon briefings for the Central America Outreach Working Group.  This group worked closely with the Office of Public Diplomacy at the State Department, and Mr. Lynch had working relations with Otto Reich of the State Department and Constantine Menges, Jacquelyn Tillman, and Oliver North of the National Security Council staff.


Mr. Lynch left the White House in late 1984.  He is currently active in Republican politics in Roanoke, VA, and serves as Associate Professor of Political Science at Hollins University.


          Box 1

72 Hour Document

Administration Statement

Central America-Contadora

CISPES (Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador)

Cuba Briefing 07/25/1984

Grossman-Interamerican Research Center


Hand Outs [News Clippings and White House Digests] (1)(2)

ICBM-Space Defense

Kirkpatrick's Office (1)(2)


Miskito Persecutions (1)-(3)

Nicaragua-SI (Socialist International)

Persecution Briefing 05/04/1984 (1)(2)

          Persecution of Christians (1)-(5)

          Public Diplomacy (1)-(3)



Box 2

RR Speeches

          Sayings [“What Central Americans are Saying about Central America”] (1)-(3)

          Social Issues (1)(2)

          Soviet Objectives

          Soviets (1)(2)

          Strategic Importance

Student Groups