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MACK, RUSSELL R.: Files, 1984-1985


Office of Public Affairs; Deputy Director of Public Affairs


            OA 12229

            [President’s News Conference, 06/18/1985] (1)-(3)

            [Question and Answer Session with Regional Editors and Broadcasters,                                            07/09/1985]

            [Foreword for Book on Entrepreneurs by Ronald Reagan]

            [Briefing for Possible Mini-Press Conference, 08/05/1985]

            Economic Update Talking Points, 07/19/1985 (1)(2)

            [Domestic Briefing Materials, August 1985]

            [Interview of the President by WBS Radio, Atlanta, Georgia, 08/24/1985]

            [Responses to] Franklin Park News, July 1985 (1)(2)