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MAHAN-DUVAL, JANN: Files, 1981-1984


Media Relations, Office of: Media Coordinator


The Office of Media Relations handled all press contacts with the White House other than the actual White House press corps.  It was created in the fall of 1981 from the Office of Media Liaison in the Press Office and the Television Office from the Office of Communication. The office had various names throughout the administration including: Media Liaison; Office of Media Relations and Planning; Office of Media Relations and Broadcasting; Office of Media and Broadcasting Relations).  Their staff, physical location in the White House and general functions remained exactly the same during these various name changes. For ease of use and to reflect their organizational unity the Library is naming this office: Office of Media Relations. 


The White House receives a multitude of requests for Presidential messages for organization meetings, tributes to particular individuals, public service announcements on behalf of various causes and charitable fundraising, and taped endorsements for political candidates.  During the Reagan administration this became a highly developed function, and the President regularly sat for tapings for these requests.  The Television Office/function, as part of first the Office of Communication and then the Office of Media Relations, coordinated all aspects of the multiple tapings and coordinating the scripts of these messages. In addition, the Television Office coordinated all the arrangements with outside media for taped interviews with the President, nationally televised press conferences and nationally televised addresses.  


Jann Mahan was the television/radio coordinator from early 1981 to April 1984.  For the first three years she worked with Mark Goode, who was a television media consultant associated with  the Reagans since the gubernatorial years.  The Library has been unable to positively identify a specific set of White House material for Mr. Goode. His work product is intermixed and interfiled with the Mahan collection. As a general rule, Goode did the media coordination, working with the networks and Mahan implemented the plan for specific event tapings. Mahan left the White House in November 1984 and the work was taken over by Alden Lang for the remainder of the first administration.  Lang had been working with Mahan-Duval for about six months prior to this time.  We have no specific collection for Ms. Lang.


This media function was separated as a separate administrative unit known as the Television Office for 1985-1987. Their physical location, staff and functions remained essentially the same.  We have not broken this time period out as a separate collection, the office and its staff are all included in the Office of Media Relations.  Elizabeth Board took over this office in early 1985 and stayed through the end of the administration.  In 1987, the Television Office ceased to exist administratively and was placed under the Office of Media Relations again.  For a continuation of the work done by Jann Mahan-Duval in the second administration, please see the Elizabeth Board collection and Series IV: Television Tapings in the Office of Media Relations.


A preliminary arrangement has been completed on the Jann Mahan Duval collection.  It is arranged in six series as follows: Series I:  Subject File; Series II:  Tapings; Series III:  Speeches and Addresses; Series IV:  Interviews; Series V:  Press Conferences; Series VI:   Events.



          Box 1

          Fourth of July

          Hispanic Heritage Week

          International Communication Agency Film "The Reagan White House" (1)-(5)

          Map Room Survey 01/16/1985

          Rush to Judgment

          Schedule Turn-downs 1984


          Teleconferencing II

          1982 Teleconferencing (1)-(3)

          TV Office Memos



Box 1 Cont. 

02/10/1981 "A Day in the Life"

          06/17/1981 Broadcast Pioneers [Presentation to President and Brief Taping for their


          07/14/1982 Taping Vice President [Organization for Protection and Advancement of

                   Small Telephone Companies]

          07/30/1982 Taping Vice President [Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity]

          01/29/1983-01/30/1983 Dear Mr. President [TV Show Produced by A. C. Lyles]

          05/19/1983-05/20/1983 Bob Hope [USO TV Show]

          10/13/1983 Hugh O’Brian Taping

          07/23/1984 Brady Foundation - Denis Ravel Taping


          Box 2

05/22/1984 Alzheimer's Disease Public Service Announcement

          05/22./1984 Normandy Taping

          [05/30/1984 Federally Employed Women's Conference - Cancelled]

          06/10/1984 Southern Baptists - Cancelled

          06/25/1984 Citizens for America Audiotape

          POTUS Taping for July 4

          09/26/1984, Oval Office Taping

          Mike Pengra [Invoice for 11/24/1984 Taping]



          Box 2 Cont.

02/05/1981 Economic Recovery Plan [Presidential Address] (1)(2)

          07/24/1981 Live Television Address [Budget Cuts]

          1982 European Speeches

          08/16/1982 Tax Hike - Address from Oval Office

          [09/20/1982 Broadcast on Lebanon]

          [10/13/1982 Broadcast on the Economy]

          11/22/1982 Arms Control Broadcast

          03/10/1983 El Salvador Speech to NAM [National Association of Manufacturers]

          03/23/1983 Defense Speech

          09/05/1983 Korean Jetliner Speech ABC

          01/28/1984 Oval Office [Address to the Nation]

          President's Tax Cut Speech - Oval Office

          1981 Radio Addresses (1)(2)



          Box 2 Cont.

Frank Reynolds Interview 03/09/1981

          12/17/1981 Brokaw Interview, Press Conference, National Christmas Tree Lighting

          01/27/1982 CBS - Dan Rather

          05/26/1983, 6 Correspondents Interview

          11/07/1983 Japanese / Korean Interview,

          05/23/1984 Cosell Interview

          05/28/1984 Interview with Bryan Ferrel – [Irish Television]

          05/31/1984 6 on 1 Interview – [Foreign Media Pre-Summit]

          06/02/1984 Satellite Interviews - Orlando, San Antonio

          Consortium Interviews - VP and POTUS



Box 3

          05/13/1982 Press Conference - Taping 05/19/1982 [Mrs. Reagan Address [for General

                   Federation of Women's Clubs]

          06/30/1982 Press Conference

          07/28/1982 Presidential Press Conference

          02/16/1983 NBC Press Conference 

          05/22/1984 Press Conference

          06/14/1984 Press Conference

          07/24/1984 Press Conference



          Box 3 Cont.

05/27/1981 Public Announcement - President Armed Services

          05/11/1982 ABC Affiliates Satellite Feed

          07/28/1982 Indira Ghandi Arrival Live - International Communications Agency

          09/16/1982 Marcos - International Communications Agency

          [10/12/1982 Signing S. 1409 Reclamation Reform Act

          11/07/1982 In Performance at the White House

          11/17/1982 Jobs Teleconference

          December 1982 A Conversation with the President

          02/24/1983 Newsweek Teleconferencing

          04/12/1983 Oman Visit

          04/15/1983 National Volunteer Week

          04/18/1983 North Carolina State Basketball

          05/03/1983 U.S. News and World Report

          05/10/1983 Teleconferencing International Trade (1)(2)

          09/23/1983 Merv Griffin

          10/13/1983 Partnerships in Education

          12/05/1983 Space Shuttle Hookup

          06/18/1984 Sri Lanka Arrival – [U.S. Information Agency]

          10/25/1984 American Sportscasters Award

          12/05/1984 Arrival Ceremony [Venezuela]



Box 3 Cont.

Personnel - TV Office (1)(2)


Box 4

Personnel – TV Office (3)(4)

          Carroll, Sally (Applicant for Director of TV Office)

          Fischer, Kerwin (Applicant for Director of TV Office)

          Gallup, George (Applicant for Director of TV Office)

          Jackson, Wm. M. (Applicant for Director of TV Office)

          Kirk, Eileen (Applicant for Director of TV Office)

          Regrets (Applicants for Director of TV Office)