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MARES, JAN W.: Files 1986-1987


Office of Policy Development


OA 19366

David Brown [OPD Intern]

David Brown (I think) Reobligation Review (diskette, 3.5")

Beginning 03/10/1987 [8" disk w/ index of contents]

IBMIRD [8" disk]

Program [8" disk]

Issues [8" disk]

Jan2 (Diskette Programs Starting 10/10/1986) [8" disk with index of contents]

Jan (Diskette Programs Starting 01/31/1986, Ending 10/14/1986) [8" Disk w/ Index of Contents]

JanDup (Duplicate of Jan) [8" disk]

Dave (Documents Starting 6/19/1986) [8" disk w/ Index of Contents]

GaryC (Duplicate of Gary Diskette) [8" disk]

Telephone Logs: 03/18/1987-05/06/1987

Telephone Logs: 01/21/1987-03/18/1987

Telephone Logs: 11/19/1986-01/21/1987

Telephone Logs: 10/23/1987-11/18/1986

Telephone Logs: 09/26/1986-10/23/1986

Telephone Logs: 09/02/1986-09/29/1986

Telephone Logs: 07/22/1986-08/29/1986

Telephone Logs: 06/12/1986-07/22/1986

Telephone Logs: 05/19/1986-06/12/1986

Telephone Logs: 04/17/1986-05/16/1986

Telephone Logs: 02/25/1986-04/15/1986

Appointment Book - Jan Mares 1986

Appointment Book - Charlie, Dave, Bob 1986

04/29/1987 Competitiveness Paper

Acid Rain - Oil Industry - Ozone Papers 03/18/1987

03/03/1987 Acid Rain Memo

Administrative Information for the Executive Office of the President

CO2, Other Gases & Possible Atmospheric Changes

Corporate Policy Approach

Alternative Roles for Corporate America

Documents Prior to 02/24/1986

DOD Use of Coal

10/27/1986 Ideas Relating to Education & Global Competitiveness

03/03/1987 Energy Security Memo

12/11/1986 EPC Human Capital

Global Climate

Global Climate

01/9/1987 Policy Goals Regarding the Competitiveness Bill

01/8/1987 Enhancing Strength & Competitiveness

Global Competitiveness 12/10/1986

12/04/1986 Increasing Competitiveness Administration

10/27/1986 Education & Competitiveness

04/26/1986 Possible Initiatives for Global Competitiveness Working Group

09/26/1986 Memo to Eugene McAllister RE: Global Competitiveness Working Group

Memo 09/24/1986 re Global Competitiveness Working Group

09/15/1986 Possible Initiatives for Consideration by Global Competitiveness Working Group

09/10/1986 Possible Initiatives for Consideration by Global Competitiveness Working Group

Business "Host a Student" Program

Institute for International Economics

Issues that Will Make a Major Difference in the Future for the United States

11/03/1986 National Laboratory Initiative

11/05/1986 National Laboratory

03/23/1987 Hostage Nuclear Plants NRC Emergency Planning

Legislative/Regulatory Barriers to Innovation and Cost Effectiveness, etc.

OPD Job Description

OPD Policy Dinner Proposal

Follow Up to Dinner - Suggestions for Government Action RE Labor Management Cooperation

Thank You Letter from Hobbs to OPD Dinner Participants

OPD Dinner Letters from Chuck Hobbs

Invitees to the OPD Policy Dinner

03/23/1987 DPC/Ozone Working Group Resources

03/26/1987 Dr. Steed's Paper on Ozone Protection

Ozone Paper 03/24/1987

05/26/1987 Ozone Working Group Memo

04/01/1987 Pension (PBGC) Paper

Policy Implementation Monitoring System

Possible Areas for Policy Attention

Improving America's Competitiveness through Productivity

Competitiveness & Human Values - A Challenge to Labor & Management

Productivity Chart 9

Possible Initiative Involving a Senior Governmental Official

Improving America's Competitiveness through Productivity - a National Necessity

Possible Productivity Initiatives Short Version

Possible Further Productivity Initiatives

Possible Productivity Initiatives

Pro - Competitiveness

Possible Outline of Productivity Goal and Strategy

Letter to Bruce Smart


Research Names & Material for Training/Employment/Low Income

1988 Goal Statement for Risk Assessment Use by the Federal Government

Risk Assessment by the Federal Government

Possible Risk Assessment Policy Statement

Science Week Proposal

Business Leaders Proposal Request

Balloon Proposal

Technology Medal Fact Sheet

Science Medal Fact Sheet

Talking Points for Both Medals

Possible Remarks at Technology Medal Presentation

Description of Two Medals

1985 Medals of Technology & Science

Colleges & Universities of Medal of Technology Winners

Colleges and Universities of Medal of Science Winners

Medals Memo to Brashear & Roussel

Science Biographies

Technology Biographies

Press Releases

04/01/1987 Science & Technology Week

03/06/1987 Start-Up Ventures


OA 19369

01/14/1987 State of the Union Draft Review Statements

12/04/1986 State of the Union

12/03/1986 State of the Union

State of the Union Memos

10/27/1986 Education (from State of Union Paper)

Suggestion 2

State of the Union Outline

Background Information for State of the Union Suggestions [Unfoldered]

National Merit Scholarships

SAT Scores

Federal Education Awards

Suggestions for Assisting the Hard to Employ, etc.

Memos on SSC from Jan

Relative Diameters Paper

Superconductor Super Collider

Superfund & State & Local Government Fiscal Responsibility

Possible Congressional or Administration Action & Effect on Superfund

Tax Increase I, 1986, etc. - Memo to Chuck 10/10/1986

05/11/1987 Trade & Alternative Fuels

Tennessee Valley Authority

U.S. Nuclear Safety Experience & Navy (Same)

Workforce & Youth by the Year 2000 Making the Welfare System, etc.

11/12/1986 Workforce Findings

11/12/1986 Workforce/Baby Bust

11/10/1986 Youth & Workforce Paper

Workforce and Youth by the Year 2000

Workforce & Youth by the Year 2000 - A Business Sector Challenge & Opportunity

Workforce Needs by the Year 2000

The Folly of Inflating Quarterly Profits 03/02/1986

Stephen I. Schlossberg

"The Peace Bridge" - Science & Technology Medals

[Global Warming] (unfoldered)

Letters for Gary Bauer

Jack Svahn

Letters to Welch & White - Second Version Medals

Presidential Letter for Work & Family Conference

Presidential Letter for Third National Labor-Management Conference

Presidential Letter for Mid-America Conference on Labor-Management Cooperation

Presidential Letter for GWU Conference

Letter to Gene McAllister from Chuck Hobbs 09/09/1986

Presidential Letter for 18th Annual NAB Conference 09/14/1986

Letters from Jan

Memos to Jan

Memos from Jan

1987 Staffing Memos

National Alliance of Business

1987 Resources for the Future Series

02/02/1987 National Association of Private Industry Councils Briefing - Room 450

12/09/1986 Public Assistance Reform Meeting - Roosevelt Room

Hazardous Wastes, Superfund & Toxic Substances 10/23/1986-10/25/1986

Barriers to Employment of Youth Meeting 09/26/1986

Roxie's Notes from 09/12/1986 Barriers Meeting

Youth 2000 Meeting 09/12/1986

Barriers to Youth Seeking a First Job

David Willetts - UK 09/03/1986

National Alliance of Business 07/22/1986

John Mercer 07/14/1986

Dr. John Kirton & Dr. Robert Bothwell - Canada 07/01/1986

Future Meetings/ Invitations

Executive Meeting of Atomic Industrial Forum, Inc. 06/25/1986 12:00 p.m.

Richard Farmer & Catharina Nystedt 06/17/1986

Youth 2000 Conference 06/10/1986

William Waldegrave and Others - Great Britain 06/02/1986

Houston, Texas 05/30/1986

Third National Labor-Management Conference 05/28/1986

University of Pennsylvania - Philadelphia 05/15/1986

International Trade Policy: The Lawyer's Perspective 04/02/1986 9:30 a.m.

National Critical Materials Council 03/21/1986 1:00 p.m.

The Center for the Study of the Presidency 03/13/1986

Acid Rain Meeting 03/12/1986

Meetings/Functions Attended

Guidelines and Procedures

Travel Vouchers

Advance Forms

Claim for Reimbursement for Expenditures

Travel Authorization Forms

Clearance Sheets

Clearance Forms/Room Requisition Forms

[Organization Charts]

"Greetings" Memos

The Old Executive Office Building [unfoldered]

Presidential Picture Forms

Sears Catalog Forms

House Wednesday Group Human Capital and Competitiveness 03/24/1986 (VHS Videotape)

[Financial Reporting Requirements Executive Office of the President Employees Paid at

Levels Equivalent to General Schedules (GS) 16 and Above] [unfoldered]

Low-Income Opportunity: Border Demo Design [October 1986 November 1986]

Memo to Chuck 10/14/1986 re Immigration Legislation

10/29/1986 Signing Statement/Control Act

Immigration Legislation Memo 10/20/1986

Memo to Chuck re Immigration

Mexico: Parameters for Low-Income Demonstration, etc.

Possible Solutions: Immigration/Drug Problem

Border Demo Design

Naturalizations, Permanent Residents Admitted, etc.

Illegal Alien/Drug Impact

Parameters/Processes: Immigration

Problems: Immigration

Possible Solutions: Immigration

Mexico Initiative Aspects

Implications for the US Immigration & Border Control

Immigration Initiative - C.S.

Additional Policy Initiatives for Mexico


Southern California Drug/Immigration Initiatives

Domestic Policy Plans 12/10/1986 (1)(2)

01/13/1987 Evaluation Design Ideas

Low-Income Housing Issues & Issue Areas

Low-Income Opportunity: Border Demo Design [September 1986]

Veterans Health Care Targeting

Veterans Administration Questions

Veterans Administration Ideas [04/25/1986]

Veterans Administration Ideas [04/26/1986]

Issue Luncheon Ideas

Immigration Policy Opportunities

Interview Contacts Concerning Policy Implementation System

Public Housing Tenant Management and Ownership

Immigration Reform Questions

Program Management Unit for Low Income Opportunity [I]

Program Management Unit for Low Income Opportunity [II]

An Act

Program Management Units

Federalism Working Group

11/24/1986 Papers for M. Driggs Meeting

Miscellaneous Letters/Memos

Memos from Charlie

Charlie's Leave

Charlie - Resumes

Cab Reimbursements

Los Angeles-San Diego 09/05/1986-09/19/1986

Introduction to California Trip - Bev & Charlie and Vitas 09/05/1986-09/10/1986

California Trip Agenda - Bev & Charlie's 09/05/1986-09/10/1986

Texas Trip 09/28/1986-10/01/1986

01/14/1987 Homeless/Vagrant File - Speech

Neighborhood Round Tables

Private Initiative Corporations

Sample Report for each Focus Group

Memos from Dave

Clearance 08/01/1986

Homeless Meeting Notes from 07/17/1986

Round Table - Crime 08/13/1986 Thank Yous

Low-Income Focus Group - Memphis, TN 08/25/1986

Round Table Meeting Invitations

Presidential Domestic Policy Decision/Initiative Update

Philosophy & Practice of Opportunity System Among Low Income People

Questions for Improved Monitoring of Domestic Policy Implementation

Improved Monitoring of Domestic Policy Implementation

Presidential Domestic Policy Decision/Initiative Update

Presidential Domestic Policy Decision/Initiative Update

Philosophy & Practice of Opportunity System Among Low Income People - 2

Letter to Julio Martinez from Morgan

Letters from Bob

Low-Income Study Timetable

Letter to Brock from Hobbs

Beverly & Charlie 09/26/1986-10/02/1986 Texas Trip