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MASENG, MARI: Files, 1986-1987


Office of Speechwriting, 1981-1983

Office of Public Liaison, 1986-1987

Office of Communications and Planning, July 1988-January 1989- (see separate inventory)


Ms. Maseng served as Director of the Office of Public Liaison from May 1986 to June 1987.


The Library does not appear to have a Maseng collection for her time in the Office of Speechwriting as a speechwriter. Please refer to the Office of Speechwriting: Speech Drafts and Research Office to find material associated with Ms. Maseng as a speechwriter.



          OA 14311

          ABM Treaty

          Mr. Buchanan 01/22/1987 - Abortion 1987 (Binder) (1)-(3)

          Acid Rain

          Administrative Items



          Affirmative Action

          Agricultural Special Assistant

          AID Funding of United Nations Fund for Population Activities


          Jack Anderson’s Column

          Appropriation Bills

          Balanced Budget

          Bicentennial of the Constitution

          Commission on the Bicentennial

          Black Issues

          Boren Amendment

          Brazil Informatics

          Arranging Briefings

          Administration's Budget

          Meeting with Business Leaders on Small Business and Product Liability - Regan

          Business Liaison

          Business Roundtable

          Canadian Free Trade Agreement

          Catastrophic Health Insurance

          Central America Campaign

          Chilean Loans


          OA 14489

          Civil Rights

          Civil Rights Veto

          Clean Water Act S. 1128

          Coalition for America at Risk



          100th Congress


          Conservative Action Foundation

          Conservative Digest Interview

          Conservative Groups

          Constitutional Convention

          Council for National Policy

          Council on Environmental Quality


          Cuban Americans

          Defense Budget

          Domestic Agenda

          Domestic Policy Council Meeting 03/18/1987 - Agenda and Background

          [Drug] Campaign 07/07/1986


          Economic Bill of Rights (Mari Maseng)

          Economic Indicators Legislation

          Economic Issues (Miscellaneous)

          Economic Summit

          Themes for Economic Summit

          Economy Economic Growth

          Energy Security


          Ethnic Appointments

          Exxon Corporation

          Fall Veto Strategy


          Farm Bankruptcy Legislation


          Federal Bureau of Investigation Director Nomination

          Federal Civil Domestic Emergency Planning and Response


          Meeting with Fiat Representatives

          Fraud and Waste in Government

          Future Business Leaders of America    

          Jo Ann Gasper

          General Motors

          Generalized System of Preferences (GSP)

          Glass - Steagall Act


          OA 14573

          Health / United States / 1986 / and Prevention Profile

          High Frontier

          Highway Bill (1)(2)

          Talking Points for Highway Bill


          Holocaust Events


          Housing Bill

          Hungarian Revolution Commemoration

          Iceland Trip


          Intellectual Property

          International Alliance


          Italian Outreach

          Japan Aluminum

          Japanese Semiconductors

          Japanese Tobacco

          Jewish Community

          Job Training Partnership Act Legislation

          Key Business Contacts

          Key Constituents

          Lane Kirkland Phone Call

          Korean War Veterans Memorial


          Laxalt Committee

          Legal Services Corporation (1)(2)

          Luncheons (Miscellaneous)

          Management Improvement

          Mandated Benefits (Mari Maseng)

          Manion, Daniel - Senate Nomination July 1986

          Maximum Speed Limit

          Mid-America Committee


          National Appliance Energy Conservation Act of 1986

          National Association of Manufacturers

          National Jewish Coalition

          National Security Strategy Report

          National Women's Economic Alliance

          Natural Resource Subsidy Legislation

          The New Consensus on Family and Welfare

          News Stories on Administration Officials

          No Action



          OSI (Office of Special Investigations)

          Omnibus Health Bill S. 1744



          Parental and Medical Leave Act of 1986

          Peace Movement

          Political 1986 Elections

          Pornography (1)(2)

          Pro-Life (1)(2)

          Process Patent Reform

          Product Liability

          Private Pension Reform Legislation


          Privatization of Public Housing (Mari Maseng)

          Quiet Title

          The Reagan Agenda and Control of the Senate 08/04/1986 (Binder)


          Rehnquist Nomination


          OA 14574

          Resume File

          Science and Technology

          Schedule Meetings of Major State / Local Groups

          School Prayer

          Small Business

          South Africa (1)-(3)

          Southern Baptists

          Space Commercialization

          Future Speaking Engagements

          State of the Union

          State of the Union: State of the Union - Agenda 1987 Effort


          Strategic Defense Initiative

          Strategic Defense Initiative - Conservative Reactions

          Dave Fischer - Strategic Defense Initiative

          Visit to Strategic Defense Initiative Site

          Ronald Reagan Visit to Strategic Defense Initiative Site

          Concerned Women of America Petition Presentation (On Strategic Defense Initiative to


          Buchanan’s Strategic Defense Initiative Meeting 08/01/1986

          Strategic Petroleum Reserves (SPR)

          Superconducting Super Collider

          Superfund (1)-(3)

          Task Force on Regulatory Relief 05/14/1987


          Tax Reform 1986

          Tax Reform Coalition 15/27/33

          Textile and Apparel Trade Act of 1987



          Tort Reform

          Tower Commission Report


          Trade Strategy 06/25/1986

          Upcoming Trade Legislation

          Deregulated Transportation

          Upcoming Trips

          Trucking Deregulation


          OA 14575

          U. S. Chamber of Commerce

          U.S. / Japan Semiconductor Agreement

          Vice Presidential Briefing Papers

          Waste Management

          [Weekly Reports – May 1986]

          [Weekly Reports – June 1986]

          [Weekly Reports – July 1986]

          [Weekly Reports – August 1986]

          [Weekly Reports – September 1986]

          [Weekly Reports – October 1986]

          Welfare Reform (1)(2)

          White House Conference on Small Business

          White House Fellowship Commission


          Women's Business Enterprises



          OA 14575 (Continued)

          Morris Abram

          Jim Albertine

          Kenneth Bastian

          William J. Bennett

          Ken Bialkin

          Ivan Boesky

          Bob Bonitati

          Pat Buchanan

          Jim Burnley

          Milt Capps

          Jimmy Carter

          Red Cavaney

          Julie Cave

          Spitz Channell

          Mitch Daniels

          Richard Darman

          Louis Dehmlow

          Norman Dobyns

          Thomas Donohue

          Harvey Ernest

          Ed Feulner, Jr.

          Rich Fink

          Dave Fischer

          Dick Fisher

          Guilford Glazer

          Ed Hall

          Armand Hammer

          Bryce Harlow

          Rick Hohlt

          Max Hugel

          Jerry Jasinowski

          George Klein

          Gene Knorr

          Dick Lesher

          William Lilley III

          Glenn Loury

          Mike McKevitt

          Bob McLellan

          Grover Norquist

          Colonel Oliver North

          George Pendleton

          Phil Peter

          Dale Petroskey

          Howard Phillips

          Richard Rahn

          William Rehnquist

          Nancy Reynolds

          Pat Robertson

          Donald Rumsfeld

          Bishop Saliba

          Jerry Terhorst

          Sandy Trowbridge

          Wayne Valis

          Elizabeth Valk

          Dirk Van Dongen

          Bob Weinberger

          Faith Whittlesey

          Charles Z. Wick

          Rich Williamson



          OA 14576

          Telephone Call - Mt. Hood 05/23/1986

          National Association of Manufacturers 05/29/1986 (1)(2)

          15/27/33 Coalition Meeting 06/10/1986

          Contra Aid Briefing 06/16/1986 (1)-(3)

          Scalia Photo Op 07/07/1986

          Regan Trade Meeting 07/15/1986

          Business Government Relations Council Luncheon Meeting 07/16/1986

          American Legion's Girls Nation 07/18/1986

          Captive Nations Week 07/21/1986

          Penn State Dinner Video 07/21/1986

          American Legion's Boys Nation 07/25/1986

          Service Organizations Briefing 07/30/1986

          Strategic Defense Initiative Supporters 08/06/1986

          Mid-Session Review Highlights 08/06/1986

          Strategic Defense Initiative Briefing, 08/08/1986

          Jaycees 09/15/1986

          Hispanic Heritage Week 09/16/1986

          Conservative Coalitions - Vice President 09/16/1986

          Presidents of Historically Black Colleges 09/19/1986 (1)(2)

          Tax Reform Supporters Briefing 09/23/1986 (1)(2)

          Defense Supporters Briefing 09/23/1986

          American Legion Photo-Op 09/25/1986

          National Fraternal Congress 09/25/1986

          Salvation Army Photo-Op 10/03/1986

          Black Pastors Briefing 10/22/1986

          Tax Bill Ceremony 10/22/1986

          Morality in Media Phone Call 10/25/1986

          Veterans Bill Signing Ceremony - Georgia 10/28/1986

          Library Court/Stanton Group 11/06/1986

          U.S. Chamber of Commerce - Regan 11/12/1986

          Epilepsy Poster Child 11/13/1986

          Christmas Seals Poster Child 11/13/1986

          Religious Leaders Drop-By 11/14/1986

          Alzheimer's Disease Photo-Op 11/17/1986

          Ethics and Public Policy Dinner 11/18/1986

          Thanksgiving Turkey 11/26/1986

          Women Entrepreneurs Meeting 12/02/1986

          Human Rights Day Event 12/10/1986

          Scharansky Meeting 12/10/1986

          Future Farmers of America Photo-Op 12/11/1986

          Yeshiva University Meeting 12/18/1986

          Veterans of Foreign Wars Photo-Op 12/19/1986

          National Day of Prayer Signing Ceremony 12/22/1986

          Menorah Presentation 12/22/1986

          Small Business Conference Report Presentation 12/23/1986

          Signing Ceremonies 1986

          Satmar Sect of Hasidic Jews Grand Rabbi Photo-Op 01/02/1987

          America Cancer Society Courage Award / Minnie Pearl 01/02/1987

          National Religious Broadcasters Convention Taping 01/26/1987

          Deficit Reduction Group Meeting 01/30/1987

          National Prayer Breakfast 02/05/1987

          Coalition for America at Risk Meeting 02/09/1987

          Boy Scouts Photo-Op 02/09/1987

          American Legion Meeting 02/10/1987

          Address Students re: Abraham Lincoln 02/12/1987

          National Year of Thanksgiving 02/12/1987

          Competitiveness Kick-off and Luncheon 02/17/1987

          March of Dimes Photo-Op 02/19/1987

          Chamber of Commerce Photo-Op 02/19/1987

          National Consumers Week Proclamation Ceremony 02/19/1987

          Council for a Black Economic Agenda Meeting 02/24/1987 - Woodson

          Jesse Jackson Meeting 02/25/1987

          Mid-America Committee Briefing 02/25/1987

          National Committee for Adoption Message 02/26/1987

          Citizens for Reagan Photo-Op 03/12/1987

          Balanced Budget Group Briefing 03/13/1987

          Afghanistan Day Ceremony 03/20/1987

          American Business Conference Address 03/24/1987

          Archbishop Lakovas Meeting 03/25/1987

          College of Physicians - Philadelphia 04/01/1987


          OA 14577

          Photo-Op with Satmar / Hasidic Jews 04/02/1987

          Presentation of Conrail Check 04/03/1987

          U.S. / Canada Free Trade Agreement Group 04/08/1987

          American Friends of Lubavitch Photo-Op 04/08/1987

          1987 National Easter Seal Child 04/23/1987

          Meeting with Hispanic Leaders 04/23/1987

          Asian/Pacific American Heritage Week 05/04/1987

          Harley-Davidson Event 05/06/1987

          Better Speech and Hearing Photo-Op 05/07/1987

          Michael Novak / Welfare Reform Meeting 05/08/1987

          Tuskegee University Presidential Trip 05/10/1987

          Non-Commissioned Officers Association Photo-Op 05/21/1987

          National Association of Manufacturers 05/28/1987

          G.I. Bill Ceremony 06/01/1987

          Lithuanian American Leaders 06/18/1987

          Melbourne Trip 06/22/1987

          National Federation of Independent Business Conference 06/23/1987

          People-to-People Program 06/24/1987

          Reserve Officers Association 06/25/1987



          OA 14577 (Continued)

          Chron Files: May 1986 (05/01/1986-05/14/1986)

          Chron Files: May 1986 (05/15/1986-05/19/1986)

          Chron Files: May 1986 (05/20/1986-05/25/1986)

          Chron Files: May 1986 (05/26/1986) (1)(2)

          Chron Files: May 1986 (05/27/1986-05/29/1986)

          Chron Files: May 1986 (05/30/1986-05/31/1986)

          Chron Files: June 1986 (06/01/1986-06/08/1986)

          Chron Files: June 1986 (06/09/1986-06/11/1986)

          Chron Files: June 1986 (06/12/1986-06/16/1986)

          Chron Files: June 1986 (06/17/1986-06/30/1986)

          Chron Files: July 1986 (1)(2)

          Chron Files: August 1986

          Chron Files: September 1986

          Chron Files: October 1986 (1)(2)

          Chron November 1986

          Chron December 1986

          [Chron] January 1987

          [Chron] February 1987

          [Chron] March 1987

          [Chron] May 1987

          [Chron] June 1987

          Senator Howard Baker Memos

          Ken Cribb Memos

          Frank Donatelli Memos

          Ken Duberstein Memos

          Tom Griscom Memos