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MATHIS-RICHARD, SUE: Files, 1981-1987


Media Relations, Office of: Staff Assistant, 1981-1984

Media Relations, Office of: Special Assistant to the President and Director of Media Relations, 1985-1987


The Office of Media Relations handled all press contacts with the White House other than the actual White House press corps.  It was created in the fall of 1981 from the Office of Media Liaison in the Press Office and the Television Office from the Office of Communication. The office had various names throughout the administration including: Media Liaison; Office of Media Relations and Planning; Office of Media Relations and Broadcasting; Office of Media and Broadcasting Relations.  Their staff, physical location in the White House and general functions remained exactly the same during these various name changes. For ease of use and to reflect their organizational unity the Library is naming this office: Office of Media Relations. 


Sue Mathis (later Mathis-Richard) was one of the original members of the Media Liaison Office within the Press Secretary’s Office at the beginning of the administration.  She reported to Lou Gerig who was Director of that office under Press Secretary Jim Brady.  After the shooting of Mr. Brady, the Press Office was reorganized in late 1981, and the Office of Media Relations was created.  Mathis moved into the new office as a staff assistant. In December of 1984, Mathis became the Director of Media Relations.  The Television Office at this time was given its own administrative director, Elizabeth Board.  Mathis stayed on as Director of Media Relations until September 1987.  Upon her departure the two offices were again recombined under Elizabeth Board.


The Library completed a preliminary arrangement of Mathis-Richard in 2007.  It is arranged in five series as follows: Series I:  Subject File; Series II:  Briefings; Series III:  Interviews; Series IV: Events; and Series V:  Correspondence.



          Box 1

          ACTION / Volunteer Awards (1)(2)

          American Press Institute

          Black Forums

          Blackwell Project / Indian Conference

          Buchanan / ABC

          Budget Sessions / Miller 01/24/1986

          [C-Span Correspondence]

          [Opposition Quotes re Central America]

          College Papers (1)-(3)

          Dallas Report

          Defense Plan

          Economic Bill of Rights-Communication Plan


          Gergen History/Lists

Hispanic Heritage Week Tape Distribution List


          Box 2

Hispanic Media

          Hispanic Press


          Local Program Network [I]

          Local Program Network [I]:  For Review

          Local Program Network / Bush 02/08/1985

          Local Program Network [II]

          Regan / CONUS Local Program Network

          Regan / Local Program Network 04/02/1985

          Buchanan - Local Program Network 03/14/1986

          [Local Program Network Information]

          LOCALS-Pre-Trip Interviews

          Libyan Aircraft Attack

          Scott McQuigg File

          Media Relations Staff

          National Women's Economic Alliance

          National Newspaper Association 03/06/1986

          Nominations and Appointments July 1986 [Press Releases] (1)(2)

          Nominations August 1986 [Press Releases] (1)(2)

          Nominations and Appointments September 1986 [Press Releases] (1)-(3)

          Philly Daily News


          Box 3

Photo OP Report

          Bureau Chiefs’ Report / Photo Ops

          Weekly Photo OP Reports January 1983-June 1983

          First Monday Photo


          PM Magazine - Kathy Osborne Feature

          Fall Press Plans 1985

          Private Sector Initiatives

          Quick Magazine Request

          Radio Free Cuba

          Regional Tax Reform Speech 1985

          Resumes (1)-(5)

          Rhodes Meeting

          Satellite Interviews

          Satellite / TV Studio


          Box 4

[Schedule Requests 1985] To Mike

          School Prayer

          School Prayer / Radio (1)(2)


          Small Business 05/08/1984

          State of the Union 1984 Talk Show

          Summit Preparation Planning [Europe 1984]

          TV Guide Photo 04/21/1986

          [Thank You Letters 1986]

          Urban Mass Transportation Administration


          Washington TV Bureau / Photo Op Meetings, etc.


          Women's Media Project (1)(2)

          You Asked for It

          Young Americans Medal



          Box 4 Cont.

04/27/1981 Group W Briefing

          June 1981 National Association of Broadcasters Briefing / Canceled by NAB

          06/04/1981 Associated Press Briefing

          06/12/1981 Radio Television News Directors Association Briefing (1)-(3)

          Radio Television News Directors Association Feed

          Radio Television News Directors Association Report (1)(2)


          Box 5

06/16/1981 Press Women Briefing

          10/02/1981 Friday Briefing

          10/05/1981 Monday Briefing

          [Invitations to Southern Briefings / Special List]

          1982 Regional Briefings

          1982 Regional Briefings: Southeast

          1982 Regional Briefings: Midwest

          1982 Regional Briefings: Northeast

          1982 Regional Briefings: West

          02/19/1982 Friday Briefing

          03/24/1982 Ohio Association of Broadcasters Briefing

          05/20/1982 Briefing-Livestock Publications Council

02/09/1983 Briefings

          03/03/1983 Louisiana Broadcasters Briefing

          04/29/1983 Michigan Broadcasters Briefing

          05/19/1983 Bonneville Briefing

          09/07/1983 Spanish Radio Broadcasters Briefing

          09/14/1983 RSVP for Briefing (1)-(3)

09/14/1983 Hispanic, Labor, Religious Press (1)-(4)


Box 6

09/14/1983 Hispanic, Labor, Religious Press (5)-(7)

          09/21/1983 Invite List for Regional Briefing (1)(2)

          09/21/1983 RSVP Regional Briefing

          09/30/1983 Invite List Regional Briefing (1)(2)

          10/18/1983 Briefing

          [10/24/1983 Regional Editors and Broadcasters]

          11/03/1983 Briefing

          03/01/1984 Ball State Briefing

          05/04/1984 Reilly Briefings

          05/09/1984 Calkins Chain Briefing

07/09/1984 Regional Briefings (1)-(6)


          Box 7

          10/16/1984 Southern Region Briefing

          Regional Briefings Northeast (1)(2)

          02/21/1985 The Editors Briefing

          03/07/1985 National Newspaper Association Briefing

          03/11/1985 Regional Briefing (1)(2)

          03/11/1985 Feedback from Regional Briefing (1)-(3)

          03/25/1985 Sperling Breakfast

          1985 Sperling Breakfast

          04/18/1985 Regional Briefing [I]

          04/18/1985 Regional Briefing [II] (1)-(3)


          Box 8

          04/18/1985 Briefing Folder (1)(2)

To Invite to Briefing File (as of 04/22/1985) (1)-(3)

          [06/07/1985 Regional Briefing]

          06/07/1985 Economic Editors Briefing (1)-(4)

          06/07/1985 Tax Reform Briefing / Economic Editors

          07/09/1985 Regional Briefing (1)(2)

          Invite to Briefings File after 07/09/1985

          08/01/1985 Tax Reform and the Family and Poor [Briefing] (1)(2)


Box 9

          08/01/1985 Tax Reform Briefings for Evangelicals (1)-(3)

          09/11/1985 Specialty Press Briefing (1)(2)

          09/16/1985 Regional Briefing [I] (1)(2)

          09/16/1985 Regional Briefing [II] (1)(2)

          10/02/1985 Regional Briefing

          01/28/1986 1986 State of the Union Anchors’ Briefing

          February 1986 Regional Briefing (W.H. Out Card to Pat Weber 05/10/1988)

          02/10/1986 Regional Briefing Feedback (1)-(4)


          Box 10

          02/10/1986 Regional Briefing Regrets (1)(2)

          02/16/1986 Regional Briefing (1)-(3)

          02/25/1986 ABC Briefing

          03/11/1986 Feedback from Briefing (1)-(4)

          06/13/1986 Regional Briefing (1)-(3)

          06/13/1986 Feedback from Briefing (1)(2)


          Box 11

          [06/13/1986 Regional Briefing - SALT Statement]

          [07/30/1986 Crime / Law Enforcement Briefing]

          1987 Sperling Breakfast

          04/29/1987 National Association of Broadcasters Briefing

          04/29/1987 National Association of Broadcasters [Briefing]

          05/15/1987 Regional Briefing, (1 of 2) (1)-(5)

          05/15/1987 Regional Briefing, (2 of 2) (1)-(7)


          Box 12

          05/15/1987 Drop-By Briefing (1)(2)

          06/16/1987 Post-Economic Summit [Briefing] (1)-(5)

          College Briefing

          SAVVY Magazine Briefing (1)(2)

          Western States Regional Briefing

          Briefing Proposals Cold



          Box 12 Cont.

Interview Requests [1981-1984] (1)

          Interview Requests [1981-1984] (2)(3)

          [Interview Requests 1984]

          Interview Requests (Proposal for McManus)

          Interview Requests (for Future Use) Campaign File


          Box 13

1985 Satellite Interview Requests

          Dobson Interview

          Dobson Interview: Dobson

          Saturday Interviews (1)(2)

          04/24/1985 Pat Robertson Interview

          Robertson Interview

          06/10/1985 Reader's Digest Interview (1)(2)

          08/24/1985 Radio Interviews

          [September 1985] "Family Weekly" - (Cancelled)

          09/09/1985 College Radio Interview

          03/14/1986 Spanish International Network Interview

          05/23/1986 Rusher Interview

          06/09/1986 Radio Marti Interview

          07/08/1986 Jack Casserly Interview

          07/31/1986 Frank Van Der Linden Interview

          Interview with Tomas Regalado

          Human Events Interview [Proposal]

          John McLaughlin Request



          Box 13 Cont.

04/06/1982 National Association of Attorneys General Seminar

          01/23/1985 USDA Telecast

          02/06/1985 Anchor Luncheon on State of the Union (1)(2)


          Box 14

02/06/1985 Columnists on State of the Union

          03/08/1985 Richard Burt Teleconference

          03/27/1985 William and Mary Seminar

          02/18/1986 Lunch with Commentators

          03/21/1986 Commentators Luncheon

          05/12/1986 Cox (1)(2)

          05/21/1986 Close Up Project (1)(2)

          05/28/1986 Cartoonist Luncheon

          06/12/1986Columnists Luncheon

          11/12/1986 Columnists – Commentators Luncheon

          1986 Anchors’ Luncheon following State of the Union

          1986 Columnists and Commentators State of the Union Themes



          Box 14 Cont.

Letters [June 1981-October 1983] (1)-(7)


          Box 15

          Correspondence [August 1983-February 1984] (1)(2)

          [Correspondence May 1985]