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McALLISTER, EUGENE J.: Files, 1982-1989


Office of Policy Development, 1982-1984

Economic Policy Council; Executive Secretary, 1985-1989 - see separate inventory


Eugene J. McAllister served as the Executive Secretary for the Economic Policy Council for nearly the whole of its existence.†† The Economic Policy Council replaced the old Cabinet Council for Economic Affairs (CCEA) from the first administration.McAllister appears to have been the White House ad hoc secretary for the CCEA while he was a member of the Office of Policy Development.


The Library has a limited scope of material for McAllister for his years in the Office of Policy Development.It consists of less than one l.f. of IBM/Digital Corp. 8" diskettes.†† The Library has not made hard copies of the documents contained on these diskettes, and, in fact, may be unable to print-out these documents due to obsolete equipment.


It appears that McAllister carried his OPD subject files over to the EPC where they were integrated within this collection.This material comprises about 10% of his EPC collection, and is especially prevalent in material kept in the shared safe.†† The Library has decided to keep this material within the McAllister EPC collection.


Accession 92-01


Box 1(2 Digital Computer Magnetic Disk Tape Boxes) (Listed are the items written on

the front of the diskettes contained in these 2 boxes)

Initialized 04/26/1983


CCEA Diskette from: October 1981 to:

Shannon Fairbanks - 05/03/1982

School Prayer Disk

Turner-Correspondence to Public

Blank Labels

Craig Coy Disc from: 09/01/1983 to:

Secretaryís DiskDaily Log, Files, Mailing ListLynne

February - March

June 15 - August 11


May 14 Ė May 16

April - May 9

#8 (short) #47 (long)

Tricia (Jan)

May 9 - June 15 // Tricia - March (2 in one sleeve)

SG - November 1983

278 Systems Disk with Options

Economic Policy Issues and Studies Disk Lynn Ensign

Letters from: To:


Box 2 (Contains 2 Digital Computer Magnetic Tape Disk Boxes) (The following items

are written on the diskettes)

CCEA Disc: from: July 29-September 06

CCEA October Minutes

Memos and Papers #2 From: To: 10/05/1983

Letters and Memos October - (Geneís Chart)

Disc / Gene McAllister Meese Memo and Letters

Gene McAllister Disks Regan Memo

Issues Disk for Gene McAllister

CCEA Flash Report Disk November 1983

03/05/1982 No. 2 CCEA Backup // CCEA Backup (2 in 1 Sleeve)

11/17/1982 Montoya Memos

Issue Papers Initiatives: Denend

Memos and Paper From: To: #1 Carolís Disk

Initialized October 28 NNICC Sharyn #1 Clean Disk

DoC Initialized Banana 01/31/1984 Dan 02/27/1984

Danís Document Disk: Correspondence, Speeches, Memos . . .

Danís Correspondence I fixed 06/22/1983

Danís Document Initialized 10/16/1984

IV Danís Document Disk: General Correspondence, Speeches, Memo

Initialized October 13 Danís Correspondence II

Gailsí Document Disk 07/01/1981

W 78 Digital Systems Disk September 1983

WS 278 Systems Diskette Version 2.0 // WS 278 Systems Diskette

with: List Processing Communications, Sort Option and Math Option (2 disks in 1