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McCAIN, CAROL: FILES, 1981-1985


Director, White House Visitors Office


            OA 6975

            Artists, Background

Participant Letters, Diplomats & Celebrities

The Christmas Pageant of Peace, Inc/Christmas‑General Info (1)-(2)

Christmas at the White House 1981 (1)‑(3)

            Christmas at the White House Historical Information (1)‑(3)

            Christmas at the White House Background on Choirs Used (1)‑(3)

            Christmas at the White House Choirs Not Used (1)-(2)

            Christmas Invitations 1981

Easter Egg Roll, 1982

Easter Egg Roll 1981-1982

Participants Used and Not Used, Letters


Box 13938

White House Rooms and Furnishings

Arrival Ceremonies

07/04/1982 (Photos) (housed in AV)

Marty Robbins Photos (housed in AV)

Ensler Photos (housed in AV)


Pageant of Peace 82 (1)-(4)

December 1983 Christmas (1)-(3)

Christmas Decorations, Ornaments, Brochures


Box 14987

Professional Appointment Book, Carol McCain

November 1981 Smithsonian

05/12/1980 Time Magazine

Express Mail Pack (Sealed)

Exhibition of Dong Kingman’s Watercolors (Pamphlet)

File Ellipse Commerce Entertainment

Park Service Information Regarding WH Visitors Office

Christmas 1982 (1)(2)

Easter 1984 Turndowns

Easter 1985 Turndowns

Egg Roll Shipping Orders

Cassette Tape J. Doug Jordan Raleigh, NC 27609

Video Tape Piedmont Community Church 400 Highland Ave, Piedmont, CA 94611

Binder Notebook Payroll Information