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McCLURE, FREDERICK: Files, 1985-1986

Legislative Affairs, White House Office of

OA 14862

Tuition Tax Credit Legislation Meetings on the Hill

Tuition Tax Credit Legislation 1983

Youth Employment Opportunity Wage (1)-(3)

Yeutter Nomination (USTR)

US-Mexico Border

[Recommended Telephone Calls re: Tuition Tax Credits]

Trade - (General)


Tort Reform

Canada Free Trade Agreement

Tax Reform Mark Up 1986

Tax Reform Act 1985 (1)-(4)

Tax Issues (1)-(4)

Shoe Imports

School Prayer (1)-(4)

OA 14863

Memorandum to West Wing 1985

Memorandum to West Wing 1986

[Abortion] (1)(2)

Caribbean Basin Initiative (1)-(3)

Budget (1)(2)

Budget - Gramm/Rudman

Debt Limit

[Enterprise Zone Legislation] 1983 (1)-(3)

Enterprise Zones (1)-(3)

Export Administration Act (EAA)

Export Administration Act

Farm Bill (1986)

Farm Credit

Administration's Housing Policy

Immigration Reform (1)-(3)

Imports (Lumber)

Legal Fee Cap

Lobbying Reform

Manufacturing Clause

OPIC (Orange Juice)

Product Liability