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McMASTER, MARGARET: Files 1982-1988


Intergovernmental Affairs, White House Office of


            OA 16029

            Market Opinion Research Notebooks (2)

            Legislative Manuals 1983 - for New York (3)

            State of Wisconsin (Wisconsin Blue Book)

            New Hampshire Elected Office Book 1985

            1984 Women State Legislators Book

            Maureen Reagan Briefing for Women Elected Officials, 02/03/1984 (4 audio cassettes)

                        (all cassettes housed in AV)

            Maureen Reagan Briefing for Women Elected Officials, 01/13/1984 (3 audio cassettes)


            OA 16030

            Goals for State-Federal Action 1984-1986

            1984 Nebraska Blue Book

            1983-1984 Illinois Blue Book

            1983-1984 Tennessee Blue Book

            1985-1986 New York Red Book

            1983 North Carolina Manual

            1985 South Dakota Blue Book

            1984 Official Mississippi Register

            1985 Official Iowa Register

            1985 Official Minnesota Register

            1985 Official Maine Register

            1985 New Hampshire Official Register

            1985 Illinois Official Register

            1985 West Virginia Official Register

            1985 Washington Official Register


            OA 16031

            1984 NRCC Notebook (National Republican Congressional Committee)

            1984 NCSL Resolutions Notebook (National Conference of State Legislatures)

            1984 Women State Legislators Notebook

            1983 Goals for SFA (State - Federal Assembly)

            1982 Market Opinion Research Notebook

            NRLA Notebook - The Red Book (National Republican Legislators Association)

            Democracy in Central America Handbook


            OA 16252

            Women Legislators 1985 (Women Representation)

            1986 Surrogate Speakers Schedules

            Speakers Calendars

            Republican Chamber Leaders June 1985 - Democratic Chamber Leaders

            1984 General Election

            Legislative Issues 1984

            Scheduling Requests May 1985 (2 folders)

            Maureen Reagan Briefing September 1984

            User Code Information

            Mailing Lists 1985

            Correspondence 1984

            Maureen Reagan 1984 Briefing Files

            Women’s Briefing Background

            Women’s Briefing

            Maureen Reagan Briefing Attendees

            (Master) Maureen Reagan Briefing Attendance

            02/03/1984 Briefing

            Women’s Briefing 02/03/1984

            Women’s Briefing 01/13/1984

            Maureen Reagan Briefing Regrets

            Regret Letters

            Maureen Briefing Invitees


            OA 16253

            Women’s Briefing 01/29/1984 (with 1 microcassette- housed in AV)

            Maureen Reagan Briefing, 01/13/1984

            Marie Barlow Project September 1984

            Marie Project

            Republican Chamber Leaders

            “Government Operations and Regulations Committee” 05/01/1986-05/03/1986

            National Briefing 02/17/1981

            Women’s Briefing 02/17/1984


            Women’s Briefing 03/02/1984

            03/12/1984 Briefing

            Women’s Briefing 03/12/1984

            06/30/1984 Briefing


            OA 16254

            ALEC Current (American Legislative Exchange Council)

            Greeters 1985

            Fall Issues 1985

            Contra Vote June 1986

            Central America Fact Sheet April 1986

            Tort Reform June 1986

            Welfare Reform 1986]

            Balanced Budget 1986

            NEXIS Information

            Electronic News Manual

            Electronic Mail Manual

            Center for American Women in Politics - Newsletter

            CAWP - Fact Sheets (Center for the American Women and Politics)

            CAWP - Miscellaneous Materials

            Taxes: Unitary, Cigarette Tax, Tax Reform (Current)

            Trade 1985

            Survey Research - Speech Material

            MC - Lecture Notes “Handout”

            1985-1986 Women’s Program Plan

            Women - Ronald Reagan’s Record

            Female Presidential Appointments


            OA 16255

            09/30/1984 Activist Lists

            Republican National Committee Phone List 1985

            Tort Reform Briefing File 04/25/1988

            May 1986 SFA Meeting File (State Federal Assembly)

            NCSL 1986 Conference File (National Conference of State Legislatures)

            Maureen Reagan Events 09/16/1984 Files (4 Folders)

            White House GOP Briefing on Taxes October 1985

            Switch Event 10/30/1985

            ALEC Briefing January 1986

            NCSL Briefing 1986

            Maureen Reagan Event 09/06/1985

            Republican Women 1986 Directory

            Jun 85 Regional Tax Briefing

            Seattle NCSL Conference 08/05/1985-08/09/1985

            Seattle Game Plan - Issue Focus

            IGA - Resolutions (1985)

            National Republican Legislators Association

            Council of State Government - Norm Beckman, DC

            NCSL - Bob Gross Executive Director

            SFA - NCSL Pending, December 1985 - SFA Meeting

            Med - Tax Proposal

            Current Issues

            NCSC Fall (National Collegiate Security Conference)

            SFA Steering Committee Meeting 12/03/1984

            SFA Steering Committee Meeting 10/17/1985-10/18/1985

            Sep 16 Handouts Originals

            NCSL Briefing

            September 13 Handouts Originals

            RSVP September 6

            September 13 Events


            OA 17124

            "Aids and the Education of Our Children" (Pamphlet)

            1987 Staff Manual

            1987 IGA Roster

            1985 Briefing Books


            OA 17125

            New York Red Book 1987-1988

            Madison Elementary School Pamphlet

            AIDS Education Booklets

            1984 Staff Manual

            National Conference of State Legislatures Conference July 1988

            National Conference of State Legislatures / State Federal Assembly Conference December 1988


            OA 17126

            Balanced Budget Update 1988

            State Dept. Booklet Pub. Affairs 1988

            Greeter Photos - Left Overs - Need ID

            Fall 1985 - President's Tax Reform Road Show (1)-(4)

            Presidential Greeters - 1985

            [Greeters] St. Louis, Missouri - 02/12/1986

            [Greeters] Fallston, Maryland 12/04/1985

            VP Photo Opportunities  N.J. VA Legis. Candidates October 1985

            [Greeters] New Orleans, Louisiana 03/27/1986

            [Greeters] Cincinnati, Ohio 10/3/85 & Parsippany, N.J. 10/04/1985

            [Greeters] Liberty Weekend N.Y. 07/04/1986

            [Greeters] Glassboro, N.J. 06/19/1986

            [Greeters] Parris Island, S.C. 06/04/1986

            [Greeters] Dallas, Miami, Columbia S.C. 07/23/1986-07/24/1986 (Political Trip)

            Illinois Trip (Greeters)

            Greeters - NC / GA

            [Greeters] Dothan, Alabama 07/10/1986

            Greeters Lists 1986, 1987, 1988

            Federalism Project

            NCSL February 88

            NGA Winter Meeting February 1988

            ALEC April 1988

            ALEC Briefing – April 1988

            Legislator Briefings 05/06/1988 & 06/03/1988

            Legislator Briefing 06/29/1988

            Legislator Briefing 7/11 Photo-op w/POTUS

            Legislative Leadership Luncheon 8/1

            Legislator Briefing 08/05/1988

            Fall 1988 Planning

            State Legislators Memos 1988

            Greeters 1988

            Reapportionment 1990 Census

            Reapportionment 1990 Census: Political Briefing – 05/06/1988

            Reapportionment 1990 Census: Census Information Kit

            Reapportionment 1990 Census: Political

            Reapportionment 1990 Census: Reapportionment - 1990

            Reapportionment 1990 Census: Reapportionment Briefing – 03/24/1988

            Cabinet Travel Summer 1988

            NCSL Leader Meeting - 1988