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MEDIA RELATIONS, OFFICE OF, 1981-1989: Records


Office History


The Office of Media Relations was responsible for all press relations except the White House Press Corps.  This involved press briefings, press conferences for regional and local media, arranging interviews for regional media, and sending out video clips for local newscasts.


At various times it also included the “television office” responsible for the recordings of Presidential video/audio-taped messages and assisting with the actual technical set-ups for outside broadcast crews.


These different functions were carried out under several office permutations and office names throughout the Reagan administration.  Since most of the staff and their physical location remained the same throughout the eight years, we have gathered all of this material under the title of the Office of Media Relations.


Originally, providing liaison services to non-regular White House press was handled by a subset of the Press Secretary’s Office entitled Media Liaison.  Its director was Lou Gerig, an associate of Press Secretary James Brady.  His staff included Sue Mathis (later Mathis-Richard) and Linda Perryman.  Simultaneously, the Office of Communications contained the “Television Consultant to the President,” Mark Goode and Media Coordinator, Jan Mahan (later Mahan-Duval).  Goode and Mahan handled the recorded activities of the President.  This consisted of taping messages for various events the President could not attend, public service announcements, interviews and the President’s weekly radio address. In addition, they provided the television service or coordinated the needs of external television organizations. Their activities included audio and video, political and non-political recordings and working with recordings for the First Lady.


After the assassination attempt on the President, and the resulting serious injury to Press Secretary James Brady, it became necessary to make adjustments in handling the media and the construction of the Press Secretary’s office.  Larry Speakes and Karna Small (later Small-Stringer) were both Deputy Press Secretaries at the time of Brady’s injury.  Speakes was made Principal Deputy Secretary for the Press Office.  The Office of Media Liaison was moved from the Press Secretary’s Office, and became a sub-office of the Office of Communications.  Karna Small was made the Director of Media Relations and Planning and Lou Gerig became her Deputy Director.  The television office functions became Small’s responsibilities, although it appears to have been handled almost exclusively by Mahan and Goode. In addition, the newly constituted office appears to have taken the responsibility of the Speaker’s Bureau.  The Library found no documents related to the Speaker’s Bureau within this collection.


While serving as Director of Media Relations and Planning, Small also became a consultant to the National Security Council on media relations. In 1984, both Karna Small and Jan Mahan-Duval left the Office of Media Relations. 


The office went through some short term solutions, but it was eventually decided to separate the television/recording functions into the Office of Television and to promote Sue Mathis-Richard to Director of the Office of Media Relations. Elizabeth Board was hired as Director of the Television Office. Both offices were ultimately reporting to the Office of Communications.  

At this time the Office of Media Relations continued as a the point of contact for all non-White House press corps inquiries, arranging media coverage for other White House office evetns, especially the Office of Public liaison and the Office of Political Affairs, working with national magazines, and providing regional briefings for local media from selected areas of the country.


Mathis-Richard left the White House in September 1987 and the television functions and media relations were recombined.  Elizabeth Board became the Director of Media and Broadcast Relations.  This was the final organization of these functions in the White House.


The Office of Media Relations, in all its manifestations, was always a small office with limited staff, supplemented with several interns providing administrative support.  


The material for this office has been arranged in eight series:


Series I: Correspondence                                                 

Series II: Subject File I, 1981-1984                                                                 

Series III: Subject File II, 1985-1989                                                                

Series IV: Television Office – Presidential Taping Sessions, 1981-1988              

Series V: Television Office - First Lady Taping Sessions, 1981-1988                  

Series VI: Television Office – Political Taping Sessions, 1981-1988          

Series VII: Mailings, 1981-1988                                                             

Series VIII: Calendars.                                                                         


SERIES I: CORRESPONDENCE 1981-1987 (Boxes 1-6; 2.5 l.ft.)


This series consists of general correspondence with various media and broadcasting organizations.  It is arranged chronologically and alphabetically by correspondent.


SERIES II: SUBJECT FILE I, 1981-1984 (Boxes 7-24; 8 l.ft.)


This series consists of a subject file from the first administration.  It is arranged alphabetically.


SERIES III: SUBJECT FILE II, 1985-1988 (Boxes 25-34; 3.5 l.ft.)

This series consists of a subject file from the second administration.  It is arranged alphabetically.





This series consists of the background material and administrative arrangements for the multiple taping sessions by the President for various organizations and public service announcements. It is arranged chronologically.  This material was originally separated among various staff members: Mahan-Duval, Elizabeth Board, Caroline Rhoden and John Peschong.  Since the material was not unique to each staff member but unique to the date of the taping, the Library combined all the tapings in one office series.




This series consists of the background material and administrative arrangements for the taping sessions by the First Lady for various organizations, public service announcements, and taped interviews with the First Lady. It is arranged chronologically.  This material was originally separated among various staff members: Mahan-Duval, Elizabeth Board, Caroline Rhoden and John Peschong.  Since the material was not unique to each staff member but unique to the date of the taping, the Library combined all the tapings in one office series.




This series consists of the background material and administrative arrangements for the political endorsement and political support tapings by the President for various candidates and the Republican party for fundraising. It is arranged chronologically. This material was originally separated among various staff members: Mahan-Duval, Elizabeth Board, Caroline Rhoden and John Peschong.  Since the material was not unique to each staff member but unique to the date and type of taping, the Library combined all the tapings in one office series.


SERIES VII: MAILINGS, 1981-1988 (Boxes 55-64; 5 l.ft.)


This series consists of various issue statements, press releases, fact sheets and questions and answer papers sent out to outside media during the Reagan Administration.  It is arranged alphabetically. 


SERIES VIII: CALENDARS, 1985-1987 (Box 65)


This series consists of event and presidential activities calendars for 1985-1987. The Library was unable to establish any individual ownership of these calendars, so they were placed in the office collection.  Other Media Relations staff members have other copies and further copies of these calendars.  They are arranged chronologically.





          Box 1

          Memos 01/27/1981-03/05/1981 (1)(2)

          [Correspondence 1981-1982] A-B (1)-(5)

          [Correspondence 1981-1982] C-D (1)(2)

          [Correspondence 1981-1982] E-F (1)(2)

          [Correspondence 1981-1982] G-H (1)-(3)

          [Correspondence 1981-1982] I-J

          [Correspondence 1981-1982] K-L (1)(2)


Box 2

          [Correspondence 1981-1982] K-L (3)

[Correspondence 1981-1982] M-N (1)-(3)

          [Correspondence 1981-1982] O-P (1)(2)

          [Correspondence 1981-1982] Q-R

          [Correspondence 1981-1982] S-T (1)-(6)

          [Correspondence 1981-1982] U-V (1)-(3)

[Correspondence 1981-1982] W-X-Y-Z (1)


Box 3

[Correspondence 1981-1982] W-X-Y-Z (2)

          1982-1983 Correspondence (1)(2)

          Letters to Jann Mahan Duvall and Mark Goode 1981-1982

          1983 Correspondence

          Correspondence [January 1981-March 1981]

          Correspondence [April 1981-May 1981]

          Correspondence [June 1981]

          Correspondence [July 1981]

          Correspondence [August 1981]

          Correspondence [September 1981-October 1981]

          Correspondence [November 1981-December 1981]

Correspondence [January 1982]

          Correspondence [February 1982-March 1982]

          Correspondence [April 1982-May 1982]

          Correspondence [June 1982] (1)(2)


          Box 4

Correspondence [July 1982-08/05/1982]

          Correspondence [08/06/1982-09/07/1982]

          Correspondence [09/08/1982-10/05/1982]

          Correspondence [10/06/1982-11/02/1982]

          Correspondence [11/03/1982-12/15/1982]

          Correspondence [12/16/1982-12/31/1982]

          Correspondence [January 1983-02/15/1983]

          Correspondence [02/16/1983-04/07/1983]

          Correspondence [04/08/1983-June 1983]

          [Correspondence 1983-1987] A

          [Correspondence 1983-1987] B (1)-(4)

          [Correspondence 1983-1987] C (1)-(4)


Box 5

          [Correspondence 1983-1987] D (1)(2)

          [Correspondence 1983-1987] E

          [Correspondence 1983-1987] F (1)(2)

          [Correspondence 1983-1987] G (1)-(3)

          [Correspondence 1983-1987] H (1)-(3)

          [Correspondence 1983-1987] I

          [Correspondence 1983-1987] J (1)(2)

          [Correspondence 1983-1987] K (1)(2)

          [Correspondence 1983-1987] L (1)-(3)

          [Correspondence 1983-1987] M (1)-(3)


Box 6

          [Correspondence 1983-1987] Mc

          [Correspondence 1983-1987] N

          [Correspondence 1983-1987] O

          [Correspondence 1983-1987] P (1)(2)

          [Correspondence 1983-1987] Q

          [Correspondence 1983-1987] R (1)(2)

          [Correspondence 1983-1987] S (1)-(5)

          [Correspondence 1983-1987] T

          [Correspondence 1983-1987] U

          [Correspondence 1983-1987] V

          [Correspondence 1983-1987] W, X, Y and Z (1)-(3)


          SERIES II:  SUBJECT FILE I 1981-1984

          Box 7


          Volunteer Action Awards



          African Development Bank

          Agriculture (1)-(3)

          Amerasian Immigration Act of 1982

          American Enterprise Institute Reception 12/08/1983



          Arab League


          Arts, National Endowment for the

          Asian Trip of President (November 1983) (1)-(3)

          Asia-Pacific Trip of President

          Australia (Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser)



          Balanced Budget Amendment



          Bipartisan Roundtable

          Black Clergy

          Black Colleges and Universities

          Black History Month

          Block Grants (1)(2)

          Brady, James

          Brazil, Federal Republic of

          Briefing Book Flack


          Box 8


          Buckley, James

          Budget (1)-(6)

          Budget Deferrals

          [Budget] Deficit Down-Payment Package

          [Budget] Supplementary Appropriations Act of 1982

          [Budget] Urgent Supplemental

          Bus Regulatory Reform Act of 1982

          Cabinet / Cabinet Councils

          Cabinet Council on Management and Administration

          Cameroon, United Republic of

          Campaign (Reagan-Bush ‘84)

          Candidacy Announcement for Reelection—Jan. 29, 1984

          Canada (1)-(3)

          Cape Verdi, Republic of

          Caribbean Basin (1)(2)

          Caribbean Common Market

          Central America (1)-(3)


Box 9

          National Bipartisan Commission on Central America (1)-(3)

          Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) William J. Casey


          China (1)(2)

          Citizens of Dixon, Illinois 02/06/1984

          Civil Rights

          Columbia, Republic of

          Combined Federal Campaign

          Commerce (1)(2)

          Communications (Television)

          Commission on Executive Exchange 01/09/1984

          Conference on Free Elections

          Congressional Leadership Meetings (1)(2)

          Congressional Medal of Honor Society 12/12/1983

          Copyright Law/Manufacturing Clause

          Costa Rica

          Crime, Omnibus Crime Bill (1)-(3)

          President's Commission on Organized Crime

          Comprehensive Crime Control Act of 1983

          [President's Task Force on Victims of Crime] (1)(2)




          Box 10

Defense (1)-(4)

          Defense and Arms Control Address MX Briefing Papers (1)(2)

          [Defense] Joint Chiefs of Staff

          [Defense] MX and C-5


          Depository Institutions Act of 1982

          Disaster Relief Fund


          Dominican Republic

          Doolittle, Jimmy Honorary Dinner

          Drug Abuse Program (1)(2)

          Drug Trafficking and Organized Crime

          Drunk Driving

          Economy (1)-(4)


          Education (1)-(5)


          Box 11

Education (6)(7)

          [Education] School Violence / Discipline

          Egypt (Sadat) (1)(2)

          [Egypt – Briefings] (1)(2)

Egypt/Israel (1979 Peace Treaty)

          Elected GOP Women Officials

          Elections (1)-(3)

          Elmets, Douglas [empty]

          El Salvador (1)-(4)

          Energy (1)-(4)


          Box 12

          Department of Energy Reorganization (1)-(3)


          Enterprise Zones (1)-(4)

          Environmental Protection Agency (1)(2)

          Eureka College—Illinois 02/06/1984

          European Communities, Commission of

          European Trip - AM News Show Interviews with Senior Administration Officials

          European Trip – Briefings (1)-(3)

          European Trip - Pool Reports

          European Trip - Remarks of the President

          Executive Orders (1)-(5)

          Export Trading Company Act of 1982


          Box 13

          Falkland Islands

          Federal Assistance for Those in Need of Help

          Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

          Federal Employee Pay Increase

          Federal Reserve Board

          Federalism Initiative (1)-(5)

          Financial Planner Magazine


          Food Assistance Task Force

          Ford, Gerald


          General - Butler's, Ku Klux Klan Victims

          Germany, Federal Republic of (1)(2)

          Goodby, James E. - Conference on Disarmament

          Goodman, Lt. Robert, and Reverend Jesse Jackson


          Grace Commission

          Grain Agreement US-Soviet

          Grenada (1)(2)

          Gun Control

          Habib, Phillip

          Health Fair Partnership, National

          Health and Human Services (1)(2)

          Hispanics (1)-(4)


          Box 14

          Hispanics (5)


          House Resolutions / House Joint Resolutions

          [Housing and Urban Development]—HUD (1)(2)

          Human Rights



          Indian Policy Statement



          Information Collection Budget FY 1983

          International Monetary Fund

          Interior (1)-(3)

          International Communications Agency (I.C.A.)



          Israel (1)-(3)

          Israel "June Conflict"

          Italy (1)(2)


          Box 15

          Ivory Coast



          Jewish Community Center Hanukkah Ceremony

          Job Training Partnership Act

          Jordan, Kingdom of

          Justice (1)-(3)

          Kennedy Center Honors 12/04/1983


          Korean Air Lines (1)(2)

          Labor (1)-(3)

          Lebanon (1)-(6)


          Box 16

          [Lebanon]War Powers



          Management Improvement Initiatives


          Meese, Baker, Deaver (1)-(5)

          Meese, Scott

          Merit Pay System

          Mexico (1)-(3)


          Mid-Session Review Office of Management and Budget

          Military Manpower Task Force

          Minority Business Enterprise Initiatives

          Monaco (Princess Grace)


          NASA [National Aeronautics and Space Administration]

          National Association of Counties

          National Conference on U.S. Attorneys

          National Debt Retirement Act of 1982

          National Endowment for Democracy--12/16/1983

          National League of Cities

          National Materials and Minerals Policy

          National Prayer Breakfast


          Box 17

          National Religious Broadcasters Convention, 01/30/1984

          National Security Affairs

          National Security Executive Order on Classification

          National Space Policy



          New Zealand

          Nicaragua Helicopter Shooting


          Nuclear Arms Control - START Talks (1)-(6)

          International Nuclear Force Talks in Geneva (INF Talks) (1)(2)

          O.M.B. [Office of Management and Budget] (1)-(5)

          [OMB] Stockman, David

          Older Americans Act


          Box 18






          Poland (1)(2)




          Prayer, National Day of

          Press Briefing 12/01/1983

          Press Briefing 12/02/1983

          Press Briefing 12/04/1983

          Press Briefing 12/05/1983

          Press Briefing 12/06/1983

          Press Briefing 12/07/1983

          Press Briefing 12/08/1983

          Press Briefing 12/09/1983

          Press Briefing 12/12/1983

          Press Briefing 12/13/1983

          Press Briefing 12/14/1983

          Press Briefing 12/15/1983

          Press Briefing 12/16/1983

          Press Briefing 12/19/1983

          Press Briefing 12/21/1983

          Press Briefing 12/22/1983

          Press Briefing 01/03/1984

          Press Briefing 01/04/1984

          Press Briefing 01/05/1984


          Box 19

Press Briefing 01/06/1984

          Press Briefing 01/09/1984

          Press Briefing 01/10/1984

          Press Briefing 01/11/1984

          Press Briefing 01/12/1984

          Press Briefing 01/13/1984

          Press Briefing 01/14/1984

          Press Briefing 01/16/1984

          Press Briefing 01/17/1984

          Press Briefing 01/18/1984

          Press Briefing 01/19/1984

          Press Briefing 01/20/1984

          Press Briefing 01/23/1984

          Press Briefing 01/24/1984

          Press Briefing 01/25/1984

          Press Briefing 01/26/1984

          Press Briefing 01/27/1984

          Press Briefing 01/29/1984

          Press Briefing 01/30/1984

          Press Briefing 02/01/1984

          Press Briefing 02/02/1984

          Press Briefing 02/03/1984

          Press Briefing 02/06/1984

          Press Briefing 02/07/1984

          Press Briefing 02/08/1984

          Press Briefing 02/09/1984

          Press Briefing 02/10/1984

          Press Briefing 02/11/1984

          Press Briefing 02/13/1984

          Press Briefing 02/14/1984

          Press Briefing 02/15/1984

          Press Briefing 02/16/1984

          Press Briefing 02/17/1984


          Box 20

          Press Briefing 02/21/1984

          Press Briefing 02/23/1984

          Press Briefing 02/24/1984

          Press Briefing 02/28/1984

          Press Briefing 02/29/1984

          Press Briefing 03/01/1984

          Press Briefing 03/02/1984

          Press Briefing 03/05/1984

          Press Briefing 03/07/1984

          Press Briefing 03/08/1984

          Press Briefing 03/09/1984

          Press Briefing 03/12/1984

          Press Briefing 03/13/1984

          Press Briefing 03/14/1984

          Press Briefing 03/15/1984

          Press Briefing 03/16/1984

          Press Briefing 03/19/1984

          Press Briefing 03/20/1984

          Press Briefing 03/21/1984

          Private Sector Initiatives (1)(2)

          [All-American City Awards]

          Proclamations (1)-(4)


          Box 21

          Proclamations (5)-(9)

          Productivity, White House Conference on

          Property Review Board

          Radio Marti

          Railway, National Dispute (1)(2)

          Regulatory Relief (1)(2)


          Republican National Committee (1)(2)


          Savings Bonds, US Series EE

          Science and Technology

          Secondary School Principals—Las Vegas 02/07/1984

          Senate-House Resolutions


          Singapore, Republic of

          [Sluhan Productions]


          Box 22

          Small Business (1)(2)

          Small Business Innovation Development Act

          Small Business Legislative Council

          Social Security (1)(2)

          South American Trip (Brazil, Columbia, Costa Rica and Honduras) (1)(2)

          Southern Republican Leadership Conference 01/26/1984

          Southwest Border Region

          Soviet Exiles and Emigres

          Soviet Military Power (1)-(3)

          Soviet Union/Human Rights

          [Soviet Union] Brezhnev, Leonid Il'ich

          [Soviet Union] Yuri Andropov

          Space Policy


          Spirit of America Rally--Atlanta, GA 01/26/1984

          St.Christopher - Nevis (Prime Minister Simmonds)

          State (1)(2)

          [State] Haig, Alexander

          [State] Shultz, George

          Statue of Liberty - Ellis Island

          Steel Trading Laws

          Steiger Award

          Stigler, George


          Summit of Industrialized Countries--Williamsburg, Virginia (1)(2)


          Box 23

          Tax Bill (1)(2)


          Test Ban Treaty

          Textile Industry

          “The Day After”

          Third Anniversary Remarks


          East-West Trade Report


          Transportation User Fees

          Treasury (1)-(4)

          Tuition Tax Credits (1)(2)

          Tuition Tax Credits: [Catholic and Jewish Press Briefing]


          United Nations

          United Nations (President's Address 09/26/1983)

          U.S.-China Joint Communiqué


          Box 24

          Values, Restoring Basic


          Veterans Administration

          Vice President

          Volunteer Action Awards (1)-(3)

          Voting Rights Act

          Weidenbaum, Murray

          Women: The Reagan Administration Record (1)-(5)

          Worlds Fair - Knoxville, TN

          Worlds Fair - 1992 (Chicago)






          SERIES III:  SUBJECT FILE II 1985-1989

          Box 25

          ABC Affiliates 02/25/1987

          ABC Affiliates 1988

          Association of Business Publishers (1)-(3)

          American Newspaper Publishers Association

          American Society of Newspaper Editors, 1988

          American Press Institute Briefing

          Associated Press Board, 10/08/1987

          American University, 02/15/1988

          Bork Monster Memos

          Bork Bookings

          Bork Letters to the Editors

          Bork Surrogates

          Bork Bookings #1 Past Memos

          Bork Bookings #2 08/28/1987

          Bork Bookings #3 Next Memo

          Bork Bookings #4

          Bork Bookings #5

          Bork Clippings

          [Bork] Spokespeople

          Bork Briefing 09/30/1987


          Bork Current

          Bork Plans

          Bork Materials


          Box 26

          Calkins Newspapers

          US Chamber of Commerce TV Shows Guests

          Christmas Photos

          Conservative Colleges (1)(2)

          Crime (1)-(3)

          Dallas Morning News / Bennet Lunch

          DOD Authorized Interviews


          Disney TV, Today's Business

          Economic Bill of Rights

          First Monday (1)(2)

          Gannett, 1986

          Gannett USA Today 09/15/1987 (1)(2)

          Ginsberg Bookings

          Ginsberg #1

          Ginsberg #2

          Ginsberg Speakers


          Box 27

          Hastings Media

          Hour Magazine



          Houston/Boca Raton (1)(2)


          Susan King / Duberstein Interview


          Michigan Briefing 06/17/1986

          Michigan Trip

          Detroit, Michigan 10/07/1988 (1)(2)

          National Association of Broadcasters Broadcasting CEO's Briefing

          National Association of Broadcasters, Las Vegas 04/10/1988 (1)(2)

          National Newspaper Association 1987 (1)-(4)

          National Newspaper Association 1988 (1)(2)


          Box 28

          Old Press Letters

          Paul Miller Fellowships (1)(2)

          Radio America, 04/06/1988

          American Press Institute Briefing 12/04/1986

          American Press Institute 02/19/1986

          Bureau Chiefs 01/08/1986

          Bureau Chiefs 01/08/1986, Post News Conference Session (1)(2)

          CR Briefing [Nicaragua] 08/02/1988

          Chattanooga Local Paper Interviews 05/19/1987

          Chicago News Conference 08/12/1986

          Columnist / Commentators Anchors

          Columnists (After Defense Speech) Friday Briefing 02/25/1986

          Columnists Pre-Trade Summit 04/23/1986

          Contra Aid

          CONUS Washington Direct


Convention 1984 (1)(2)


          Box 29

          Convention 1984 (3)-(5)

          Economic Briefing 06/16/1987 (Post Summit) (1)-(4)

          Economic Lunches

          Fall Media Plan, Memo #1 [Memo #2 in folder]

          Gannett Briefing

          Iran Speech/Follow up Briefing for Columnists and Commentators 11/14/1986

          Lavin Interviews

          Magazine Publishers 03/07/1985 (1)(2)

          National Association of Broadcasters 06/18/1985

          National Newspaper Association 03/05/1987

          Newspaper List News Summary

          Phone Call to Miami Rally 03/15/1986 (Pro-Contra March)

          Post Ireland Briefing 10/14/1986

          Post News Conference Session, #2 07/30/1986 (postponed)


          Box 30

          Post Summit / Columnist Briefing 11/22/1985

          Pre-Summit Session 10/02/1986

          Radio Talk Shows

          Regan on Local Program Network 10/21/1986

          Regional Briefing 03/11/1986 (1)-(5)

          Regional Briefing 05/15/1987

          Regional Briefing 06/13/1986 (1)-(5)

          Regional Briefing Photos

          Regional Briefings Work Notes 06/08/1988

Regional Briefing Feedback (1)


          Box 31

          Regional Briefing Feedback (2)

          Regional Economic Press Photos

          Rowny OP/ED

          Patsy Smullin Interview

          Sperling Breakfast

          Sperling Breakfast 03/05/1986 (1)(2)

          Sportscasters Luncheon 10/20/1986 (1)(2)

          State of the Union Anchors Luncheon

          State of the Union

          Taft TV

          Turnage / Florida 05/29

          Western States 04/181988

          Women's Briefing 03/04/1986

          Women's Press Briefing 03/07/1986

          Women's Issues Media

          WWII Correspondents


          Box 32

          Action Taken (1)-(4)

          Address to Students 11/14/1988


          Alabama OP/ED

          Arts Report

          Senator Baker Interviews

          Biznet / Local Program Network (1)(2)

          Black Media List

          Briefings/Luncheons (1)-(3)

          Business Lists

          Cancelled Events

          Colorado OP/ED

Columnists / Commentators Sessions Master List


          Coverage Reports

          Editors Briefing

Elizabeth Board Memos

          Fall Media Plan (1)(2)


          Box 33

          Future Briefings

          Future Briefing File - Do Not Invite


          Letters (Presidential)

          Loeffler Interviews

          Maine OP/ED

          OP/ED Ohio

          OP/ED South Carolina

          Ohio Trip

          Parade Magazine Photo 05/09/1986

          Anderson / Parade Book Interview

          Pending Schedule Items (1)(2)

          Political Stuff

          Potomac / Local Program Network

          Press Lists (1)(2)

          Radio Talk - Regular Mailout

          Responses (1)-(5)


          Box 34


          Scheduling Proposals

          Super Tuesday

          Surrogate Speakers (1)(2)

          Trade Bill

          VIP Tickets



          Box 34, Continued

          Taping Session Information (Format)

          Taping 03/05/1981 Red Cross [Easter Seal and Newsweek]

          Taping 08/05/1981 [Young Americans for Freedom, Knoxville World Fair, POW's in

Romania Reunion, American Legion Convention, Heritage Foundation] (1)(2)

          Taping 09/30/1981 Roy Acuff, Horatio Alger [GOP Shareholders Convention]

          Taping 10/13/1981 [Broadcast Magazine, Orange County Chamber of Commerce, National Captioning,

 Barry Goldwater Dinner, Highway User's Federation] (1)(2)

          Taping 10/19/1981 [Cagney, Chicago Crime, Lombardi Dinner]

          Taping 11/09/1981 [Westinghouse Interview, Red Auerbach]

          Taping 11/18/1981 [Bible Week, WHO Radio Interview, Governor Quie (Minnesota),

                   Governor Calus (Guam), Thanksgiving] (1)(2)

          Taping 12/11/1981 [Tournament of Roses, Agriculture Day, Independence Bowl]

Taping 12/21/1981 [International Communications Agency New Year's Message, Orange

          Bowl, Armed Forces Christmas Audio]


Box 35

          Taping 01/06/1982 [American Farm Bureau, National Association of Home Builders] –

                   01/07/1982 [Cerebral Palsy Message - Mrs. Reagan]

          Taping 01/19/1982 [Bob Hope Research Institute, WOR Radio (New York), Press Club

                   Salute to Congress, Actors Fund Medal, Armed Forces Advertisement, European Management Forum] (1)(2)

          Taping 01/29/1982 [International Communications Agency - Solidarity Day for Poland, George Eccles]

          Taping 02/11/1982 [Message to Navajos Honoring WWII Code Talkers, Roofing

                   Contractors Convention, House Ear Institute]

          Taping 02/26/1982 [George Washington Hospital Doctors, National Council on Alcoholism, National

 Association of Television Program Executives]

          Taping 03/12/1982 [Agriculture Day, Plumbers and Air Conditioners, Overseas Private Investment

 Corporation, Tidewater Conference, Good Morning America (Jimmy Stewart Week)]

          Taping 04/01/1982 and 04/02/1982 [NBC Pool 8:00 pm Press Conference, World Heath Day,

 American Apparel Manufacturers Association, Edison Electric Institute, National Association of Broadcasters]

          Taping 04/20/1982 [Future Business Leaders, Country Music Fan Fair, Republican

Shareholders Conference, Congressman Steve Gunderson]

          Taping 05/03/1982 [04/29/1982 Oval Office Speech - 05/03/1982 Cable TV

Association Private Sector - 05/05/1982 National Day of Prayer]

          Taping 05/31/1982 [International Communications Agency D-Day - 06/01/1982

                   Interview with Four European Correspondents]

          Taping 06/28/1982 [Santa Barbara 4th of July, Ellis Island, 4th of July Audio, Legislative]

          Taping 07/12/1982 [Right to Life, Conference of State Legislatures, Guam Audio Message,

 American Society of Association Executives] (1)(2)

          Taping 07/16/1982 [Governor's Meeting, Paul Duke Interview]

          Taping 07/20/1982 [American Legion Convention]

          Taping 07/30/1982 [King Hussein Tribute]

          Taping 08/06/1982 [Unispace Convention, Brazil Anniversary]

          Taping 08/17/1982 [St. Mels Providence High School, National Radio Broadcasters

                   Convention, Rhodes Appreciation Dinner]

          Taping 08/19/1982 [Safety Belts]

          Taping 09/13/1982 [Free Enterprise, Crime Victims Fund Luncheon, Senator Rhodes, News Director Association]


          Box 36

Taping 09/20/1982 [United Way, Boy Scouts, Ray Kroc, Private Sector, Better Business Bureau] (1)(2)

          Taping 10/15/1982 [Airline Pilots Association, Navy League Dinner, Realtors Convention,

 Caribbean Basin Initiative] (1)(2)

          Taping 10/25/1982 [Armed Forces Thanksgiving and Christmas, Future Farmers,

                   Oklahoma Diamond Jubilee, Ophthalmology Congress, Air and Space

                   Bicentennial, South Pacific Conference] (1)(2)

          Taping 11/08/1982 [Freedoms Foundation, American Enterprise Institute, Ad Council,

                   Salute to Veterans, Bette Davis Theater] (1)(2)

          Taping 11/22/1982 [4-H Congress, Moroccan-American Foundation, Brazil TV,

                   Colombia TV, Honduras TV, Costa Rica TV, International Special Olympics]

          Taping 12/09/1982 [Sudler National Intercollegiate Marching Band Trophy, Drunk

                   Driving, Anti-Crime Program]

          Taping 12/17/1982 [Governor Roy Tribute, Fowler-McCracken Commission, Red Cross]

          Taping 01/10/1983 [National Association of Home Builders, Salute to Friends and

                   Members, LA Confriere Dinner, Irv Kupcinet Dinner, Savings Bonds, Los

                   Angeles Olympic Organizing Committee, Job Fair Program - TAFT] (1)(2)

          Taping 01/17/1983 [Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce, California Republican Convention]

          Taping 01/24/1983 [Red Barber - National Public Radio Tribute, Gene Autry

                   Tribute, Reserve Officers Association, Promote Use of Seat Belts, Channel

                   20 – Chicago, Job-A-Thon] (1)(2)

          Taping 01/31/1983 [Micronesia, United Airlines Salute to Edward Carlson]

          Taping 02/25/1983 [NATPE (National Association of Television Program Executives),

International Radio and TV Society, Junior Achievement, WOR Radio,

National Defense Executive Reservists] (1)(2)

          Taping 03/28/1983 [Tom McCall Day, National Association of Broadcasters,

                    Association of Physical Centers, White House National Alliance of Business

                   Summer Jobs Programs, National Volunteer Week, National Hardwood Lumber

                   Association] (1)(2)


          Box 37

          Taping 04/05/1983 [New Mexico Republican Party, Working Partners Program

                    Sponsored by RNC, Neighbor to Neighbor, Summer Jobs]

          Taping 04/21/1983 [Future Business Leaders, American Feed Manufacturers,

                    21st Anniversary of James Bond]

          Taping 05/02/1983 [Citizens for the Republic Dinner, Payment In Kind,

                    Advertising Council, Association of Physical Fitness Centers]

          Taping 05/23/1983 [American Physical Therapy Association, National

Conference on Christians and Jews, Utah Republican State Convention, Nevada

Economic Development Company, Nosotros Golden Eagle] (1)(2)

          Taping Session, 06/01/1983 [Justin Dart Tribute (Boy Scouts of America), GOP

                   Women’s Leadership Tribute, Corporations in Support of Public

                   Broadcasting, Teach the Children Program, American Red Cross,

                   Williamsburg Summit, USIA Satellite File"] (1)(2)

          Taping 06/10/1983 [National Confectioners, Children’s Diabetes Foundation,

                    Life Jacket (DC Metropolitan Police), Broadcasters, Young Republicans

                    Convention] (1)(2)

          06/17/1983 Battle of Yorktown

          06/17/1983 Voice of America 4th of July

          06/17/1983 Simon Bolivar

Taping Session, 06/27/1983 [Vietnam Veterans Leadership Program,

All Star Baseball Game, 4th of July, Philippines – USIA]

          Taping 07/14/1983 [Inroads, National Security Telecommunications Advisory

                    Committee, YMCA, Armed Forces Day, Grocers Convention] (1)(2)

          Taping 08/11/1983 [Hispanic Heritage Week, 1983 United Way, Italian Red

                    Cross, WITP Westinghouse, Chicago 150th Birthday, Willy Mays, Pete Wilson Birthday]

          Taping 09/08/1983 American Legislative Exchange Council

          Taping 09/08/1983 Treaty of Amity and Commerce - U.S. Information Agency

          Taping 09/08/1983 Independent Insurance Agents

          Taping 09/08/1983 Eagle Forum

          Taping 09/08/1983 Brady Foundation

          Taping 09/08/1983 35th Anniversary - Heart, Lung and Blood

          Texts for Seven Tapings – [Job Training, Radio Broadcasters, Mortgage Bankers,

                   American Automobile Association, Small Business, Olympics, U.S. Information Agency]

          Taping 09/21/1983 [American Automobile Association, United States Olympic

                    Committee, Mortgage Bankers Association, Small Business Investment Company

                   25th Anniversary Dinner, National Radio Broadcasters Association, U.S.

                   Information Agency 30th Anniversary] (1)(2)

          Taping 10/04/1983 [American Meat Institute, Tune-In Awards Dinner, BBC Tribute to

                   John Wayne, Department of Agriculture Fall Agriculture Meetings, Theodore

                   Roosevelt 125th Anniversary Dinner]


          Box 38

          Taping 10/17/1983 [Small Business Administration Women’s Conference,

          American Institute of Architects (California Council), Navy League Dinner,

          Tribute to Pope John Paul II, Salute to Lech Walesa, Metropolitan Opera] (1)-(3)

          Taping 10/26/1983 [American Business Women’s Association Convention, Texas GOP Fundraiser,

International Television Organization Song Festival]

          Taping 10/31/1983 [Federal Automation Conference, Operation Opportunity,

Vietnam Veterans Association, Tune – In, International Rescue Committee,

National Association of Realtors] (1)-(3)

          Taping 11/07/1983 [American Cancer Society, Republican Women’s Leadership

                   Forum, Boy Scouts] (1)(2)

          Taping 11/17/1983 [Governor’s Reception - Army Navy Game, Neighborhood Watch,

 Council of State Governments, Christmas Message - U.S. Servicemen,

American Cancer Society Tribute] (1)(2)

          Taping 11/28/1983 [Campus Crusade for Christ, Tournament of Roses, National

Food Brokers Association, University of Nebraska, AEI Dinner (American

Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research)] (1)(2)

          Taping 12/05/1983 [California Truckers, SBA New Frontier, Jean Kirkpatrick, Jepsen / McClure] (1)(2)

          Taping 01/05/1984 [Martin Luther King Dinner, Today Show - Cary Grant, National

                   Farmers Cooperatives, Voice of America Message to Cuban People] (1)(2)

          Taping 01/12/1984 [Jessie Owens, California Trucking, National Association of Home

                   Builders, Health Insurance Association of America, Agent Tim McCarthy Tribute] (1)(2)


          Box 39

          Taping 01/23/1984 [National Rifle Association, Lincoln Day Ceremonies, California

                   Trucking, Health Insurance Association of America]

Taping 02/16/1984 [Automotive Service Industry Association, Radio Information Center

          for the Blind, Hospital Trustees]

          Taping 02/27/1984 [National Association of Manufacturers, Republican National

                   Committee Women's Forum, Congresswoman Lynn Martin Interview]

          Taping 03/05/1984 [Dallas County Republican Assembly, Order Sons of Italy Dinner,

                   American Association of Retired Persons]

          Taping 03/23/1984 [American Advertising Federation, Lucille Ball, American

                   Preparedness Association, Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation, National

                   Conference on Aging] (1)(2)

          Taping 03/29/1984 [Headstart, Junior Achievement, Senator Gordon Humphrey, Crime

                   Stoppers, Portugal 10th Anniversary - U.S. Information Agency]

          Taping 04/16/1984 [National Association of Broadcasters, Boy Scouts, Chicago World

                   Trade Conference, Maine Republican Convention, National Guard, AID Small

                   Business, Cummings - Reagan-Bush Fundraiser, U.S. Chamber of Commerce]


Taping 05/07/1984 [National Restaurant Association, Red Cross, National Right to Life,

          California Special Olympics

Taping 05/22/1094 [National Exchange Club Convention, Gospel Concert, Indiana

          Republican State Convention, Catholic Health Association

Taping 05/31/1984 [Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, General Federation of Women’s Clubs,

          Cattle Baron’s Ball, Communication Act National Dinner, Washington Charity

          Dinner, National Cable TV Association] (1)(2)

Taping 06/14/1984 [Baltimore Conference of Conservative Opportunity Society,

          Kennerly Taping-Dick Swanson Birthday, Voter Registration Program –

          American Coalition for Traditional Values, Reagan-Bush Roundup]

Taping 06/26/1984 [Olympic Basketball, Convention of Gospel Business Men

          Fellowship, Future Business Leaders of America, Jack Dales – Motion Picture

          and TV Fund, Elks Annual Convention, National Computer Conference]

          Taping 07/09/1984 [United Negro College PSA, National Association of Counties,

                   Pre-Convention Celebration]

          Taping 07/24/1984 [Asian Pacific American Chamber of Commerce, Convention of

                   Paralyzed Veterans, Council on Adoptable Children, Republican Convention

                   Audio, National Association of Female Executives, Brady Foundation – Dennis



          Box 40         

          Taping 08/20/1984 [Little League World Series Championship, Republican Senatorial

                   Candidates, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation, Chamber of Commerce 5th

                   Anniversary, National Association of Life Underwriters]

          Taping 09/06/1984 [National Rural Electric Cooperative Association, NAACP 75th

                   Anniversary, Hispanic Leadership Conference, American Trucking Association,

                   Citizens for Educational Freedom]

          Taping 09/14/1984 [Small Town America, Congressman Tim Martin, Eagles Forum

                   National Conference, Texas Chamber of Commerce, Charles Wick]  

          Taping 09/21/1984 [Greek United Hellenic Banquet, Roast of Dallas County Republican

                   Chairman – Fred Meyer, Annual Conference of the Electrical Industries

                   Association, Electrical and Electronic Engineers – 100th Anniversary, Holiday

                   Message for Armed Forces, American Coalition for Traditional Values]

Taping 09/27/1984 [Small Business Administration, Cary Grant Theatre Dedication,

          United American Hellenic Conference]

          Taping 10/11/1984 [GOP Candidates]

          Taping 10/17/1984 [Los Angeles Boy Scout Award, Lutheran for Life National

                   Convention, National Electrical Contractors Association, International

                   Association of Chiefs of Police, Annual Navy League Dinner, Del Latte for


          Taping 10/25/1984 [Campaign Messages]       

Taping 11/12/1984 [Ethics and Public Policy Dinner Honoring Paul Nitze, Heisman

          Trophy TV Show, Dedication of Cinema-TV Center at UCLA, Ireland Fund

          Tribute-Peter Dailey, National Interfraternity Conference, Republican Convention

          Film] (1)(2)

          Taping 11/29/1984 [Los Angeles Free Clinic Roast Honoring David Wolper, Chicago

                   Boys Club Chicagoan of the Year, NCAA film – National Youth Sports Program, 

                   Opryland Special, Action for Research into Multiple Sclerosis, Army-Navy

                   Football Game – CBS, Holiday Message Request – Audio and Video] (1)(2)

          Taping 12/06/1984 [Joe Coors "Roast"]

Taping 12/26/1984 [Tournament of Roses Parade]

          Taping 01/07/1985 [Audio - Groundbreaking of McCallum Theatre, Inaugural Heritage

                   Radio Series]

          Taping 01/10/1985 [Taping for Republican National Committee, Generic Use message,

                   National Association of Television Program Executives, Audiotaping – Central

                   America Fundraiser, Inaugural Taping Deaver/POTUS, National Automobile

                   Association, NR/RR Taping] (1)(2)       

          Taping 01/24/1985 [Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce, U. S. Olympic Committee

                   House of Delegates Meeting, International Amateur Athletic Association Dinner,

                   100th Anniversary Meeting of the Food Processing Machinery and Supplies

                   Association, National Religious Broadcasters – Rescheduled] (1)(2)

          Taping 01/29/1985 [American Trucking Association, Special Olympics, Georgetown

                   University International Relations Association Model UN]

          Taping 02/26/1985 [Tribute to Walter Annenberg, Juvenile Diabetes Foundation National

                   Telethon, Associated General Contractors, Japan Society Dinner, National Red

                   Cross (Public Service Announcement), Japan Productivity Center] (1)(2)

          Taping 03/02/1985 Harden and Weaver [25th Anniversary]


          Box 41

Taping 03/14/1985 [Second Chance Organ Donating Program, Salvation Army, Young

                   Republican Leadership, “It’s Academic,” National Rifle Association Annual

                   Meeting, Marvin Stone / U.S. News and World Report] (1)-(3)

          Taping 04/01/1985 [Strong Memorial Hospital, “Adam”III, Television Academy Hall,

                   Senator Pete Wilson]

          Taping 04/17/1985 [Andrew Mellon Dinner, U.S.A. for Africa, 173rd Airborne Brigade,

                   Armed Forces Day Television Spot, Evangelical Press Association’s 37th Annual

                   Convention, Texas Sesquicentennial] (1)(2)

          Taping 04/25/1985 [Horatio Alger Association of Distinguished Americans, President’s

                   Council on Physical Fitness, Arts and Humanities, “A Tribute to Mohammed

                   Ali’s SPAR Foundation, USIA World Net] (1)(2)

          Taping 05/15/1985 [College Republicans, Council for a Black Economic Agenda

                   Teleconference, White House News Photographers Association,

                   Otorhinolaryngology, Paris Air Show, Close-up Foundation, Cuban-

                   American National Foundation] (1)(2)

          Taping 05/22/1985 [Cincinnati Reds Audio Taping, Edd Hargett Photo Op]

          Taping 05/24/1985 [Christian-Jewish Meeting, World Games for the Deaf]

          Taping 06/13/1985 [USIA Worldnet, Generic 4th of July Tape, “Right to Life,”

                   U.S. Savings Bonds (Public Service Announcement), Salvation Army /

                   International Youth Conference, Baptist World Alliance] (1)(2)

          Taping 06/29/1985 [Osmond Family Audio Tape]

          Taping 07/09/1985 [Edd Hargett, Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks,

                   Tribute to Volunteers of the Olympics, National Aviation Hall of Fame,

                   Paralyzed Veterans of America, FBI National Retraining Session] (1)(2)

          Taping 09/06/1985 [United Way, Greer Garson, American Heart Association,

                   President’s Council on Physical Fitness, Unknown Soldier of World War II,

                   White House Conference on Small Business] (1)


          Box 42

          Taping 09/06/1985 [United Way, Greer Garson, American Heart Association,

                   President’s Council on Physical Fitness, Unknown Soldier of World War II,

                   White House Conference on Small Business] (2)(3)

Taping 09/19/1985 [CBS / American Portrait Series, Radio America, Operation Care

                   and Share, National Federation of Republican Women, Holiday Message to the

                   Armed Forces, Eagle Forum] (1)-(3)

          Taping 09/26/1985 Senator Bob Packwood, Bryce Harlow Tribute, DeMoss Foundation –

                   “America, You’re Too Young to Die,” Armed Forces Christmas Message, Tribute

                   to Aaron Spelling] (1)-(4)

          Taping 10/02/1985 [Magazine Publishers Association, Honolulu Councilmen]

          Taping 10/16/1985 [Statue of Liberty, Wyatt Durette Gubernatorial, Iowa Homecoming


          Taping 10/31/1985 [Ireland Fund / Ambassador Gavin, Navy League Dinner (Hickey),

                   Public Relations Society of America (Chavez)]

          Taping 11/05/1985 [American Cancer Society (Chavez)]

          Taping 11/06/1985 [King Hussein’s 50th Birthday (McFarlane), WTTW 30thAnniversary]

          Taping 11/15/1985 [Holiday Thanksgiving Message, Holiday Christmas Message, Ethics

                   And Public Policy Center, Red Cross, Public Service Documentary on Aging]


          Taping 11/25/1985 [National 4-H Council, Coach Ralph McKinzie, Macy’s

                   Thanksgiving Day Parade, National Republican Congressional Committee]


          Box 43

          Taping 12/06/1985 [Afghan Relief Dinner, C-Flag Public Service Announcement,

                   Army/Navy Game, Tournament of Roses, Broadcast Pioneers Dinner, George

                   Burns 90th Birthday] (1)(2)

          Taping 12/07/1985 [West Virginia Telethon]

          Taping 12/19/1985 [Marine Band, WQRC and BBC, Martin Luther King, Jr.]

          Taping 01/08/1986 [National Retail Merchants Association, Irving Berlin, Jaycees,

                   Marianas Islands]

          Taping 01/15/1986 [Blood Drive / Red Cross, Newsweek / Tokyo, Los Angeles

                   Chamber of Commerce, 75th Anniversary / Naval Aviation, 150th Birthday

                   Celebration of the National Theater, “Lesson from Space”/ PBS] (1)(2)

          Taping 01/30/1986 [Associated General Contractors, Budget Messages 1986, Generic

                   Budget, National Hospice Month, National Religious Broadcasters] (1)(2)

          Taping 02/28/1986 [University of Southern California Tribute to Virginia Ramo,

                   Tribute to King Hassan of Morocco, Dr. Dennis O’Leary, FLOTUS Taping –

                   Department of Justice, Leukemia Telethon]

          Taping 03/12/1986 [Community College Generic, Tribute to John Patrick, St. Patrick’s

                   Day, Good Times Documentary, 1986 Television Academy Hall of Fame,

                   American Newspaper Publishers Association, Associated General Contractors,

Women in Government Relations] (1)-(3)

          Taping 03/24/1986 [Associated Press Radio, President’s Council on Physical Fitness,

                   American Defense Preparedness Association, Scripps Howard Foundation,

                   Memorial Day Message and Armed Forces Day Message, Olive View Medical


Taping 04/10/1986 [Ireland Fund Dinner, National Day of Prayer, Smithsonian / Time

                   Inc., Carol Burnett, National Association of Bank Women, National Association

                   of Broadcasters, Ward Quaal / Association of Maximum Service Telecasters]



          Box 44

Taping 04/10/1986 [Ireland Fund Dinner, National Day of Prayer, Smithsonian / Time

                   Inc., Carol Burnett, National Association of Bank Women, National Association

                   of Broadcasters, Ward Quaal / Association of Maximum Service Telecasters]


          Taping 04/21/1986 [Nevada Republican State Convention, American Cancer Society

                   Benefit, Tribute to Catherine Shouse (Wolftrap), Dr. C. Rollins Hanlon, Air Force

                   Association Convention, Wide World of Sports 25th Anniversary, Chamber of

                   Commerce Dinner, Harold Boel’s Retirement Dinner, Mrs. Reagan Prom

                   Graduation (Audio Only), Public Service Announcement for Children’s Hospital

                   Trauma Season Campaign] (1)-(3)

          Taping 05/12/1986 [Local One’s Centennial Celebration, Bicentennial of the U. S.

                   Constitution, Charlie Boswell Golf Tournament, Bellvinent Space Program,

                   World Trade Week, American Iron and Steel Institute] (1)(2)

          Taping 05/22/1986 [American Association of Retired Persons, National Travel Industry

                   Convention, Rotary International, Public Service Announcement for Red Cross

                   International, Congressional Medal of Honor, Young Voter Registration (Audio

                   Only)] (1)(2)

          Taping 06/02/1986 [Kirov Ballet, NBC Affiliates 60th Anniversary, Chicago Vietman

                   Veterans Parade, National Right to Life Convention, Covenant House Dinner,

                   Colorado GOP Convention, Tribute to Jimmy Doolittle] (1)(2)

          Taping 06/18/1986 [Sandy Smoley, ABC for 50th Anniversary of Life, U.S.-Japan

                   Cultural and Educational Conference, Free Enterprise Man of the Year Award,

                   USIA International Visitor Program]

          Taping 07/02/1986 [EXPO, Tribute to Walter Annenberg, National Football League

                   Players Association Awards Banquet, U.S. Olympics Festival, Lew Wasserman

                   50th Anniversary] (1)(2)

          Taping 07/14/1986 [National Law Enforcement Explorers Conference, National Aviation

                   Hall of Fame]

          Taping 07/21/1986 [Lutheran Church Missouri Synod Youth Gathering, United Way,

                   Little League World Series, Disabled Veterans, Productivity Improvement in

                   the Federal Sector]

          Taping 08/05/1986 [American Amateur Union / U.S.A. Junior Olympics]

          Taping 08/11/1986 [Danny Thomas’ 50th Wedding Anniversary, Project Literacy

                   U.S. (PLUS), Salvation Army Conference, American Legion, Sacred Heart

                   Rehabilitation Hospital Award to Jim Brady] (1)(2)


          Box 45

          Taping 09/09/1986 [National Basketball Association, Telephone Pioneers 75th

                   Convention, Political Tapings, Health Distributors Convention, Campaign for

                   Penn State Dinner] (1)(2)

          Taping 09/25/1986 [Marc Buoniconti Fund, Disney World Bicentennial Celebration,

                   Vote America Public Service Announcement, Political Doughnut Spots,

                   University of Southern California Campaign, Eagle Forum Leadership

                   Conference, Bryce Harlow Foundation Annual Award Dinner](1)-(3)

          Taping 10/02/1986 [Pacific Region Economic Conference, Holiday Message for

                   Armed Forces, American Dental Association Annual Meeting, U.S. Attorneys

                   Drug Program, Congressman Wortley]

          Taping 10/20/1986 [Museum of Broadcast Communications, American Trucking

                   Association, Life and Health Insurance Medical Research Fund, Veterans

                   Administration Volunteer Service 4oth Anniversary, Worldnet, John Amos

                   1986 Georgian of the Year] (1)(2)

          Taping 10/27/1986 [Swanson Center, Political Tapings] (1)(2)

          Taping 11/10/1986 [Tribute to Roy Rogers, Life of Jimmy Stewart WNET Special

                   American Society of Association Executives, FLOTUS WNET – Jimmy Stewart

                   Special, American Family Society Thanksgiving Week] (1)(2)

          Taping 11/18/1986 [Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, Ireland Fund Dinner, Private

                   Sector Initiatives Conference in Paris]

          Taping 12/02/1986 [Lew Wasserman’s Golden Anniversary, National Republican

                   Congressional Committee Dinner for Newly-Elected GOP Congressmen]

          Taping 12/16/1986 [Rose Bowl Parade, Generic Christmas Message, Walt Disney World

                   Christmas Parade]

          Taping 12/23/1986 [Farewell for Gene Chappie, Martin Luther King Anniversary Dinner,

                   United Negro College Fund Telethon, Bicentennial of the U.S. Constitution,

                   Electric Utility Industry]

          Taping 01/26/1987 [American Institute of Architects, Religious Broadcasters, Radio

                   Advertising Bureau Convention]

          Taping 02/02/1987 [Latter Day Saints Anniversary, Rendezvous 1987, We the People]


          Box 46

          Taping 02/17/1987 [Stu Spencer’s Birthday, Paul Duke Proposal, Aquino Anniversary,

                   Broadcast Pioneers Taping, Voice of America Anniversary]

          Taping 03/03/1987 [Pat O’Brien Dinner, National Association of Evangelicals,

                   National Committee for Adoption, Red Cross, American Film Institute

                   Festival, Rockford Institute] (1)-(3)

          Taping 03/17/1987 [National Association of Broadcasters, Childhelp USA, UMCA

                   Youth Legislation, 40th Anniversary of the Marshall Plan]

          Taping 03/30/1987 [U.S. Olympic Committee Annual Meeting, Pacific Research

                   Institute, Armed Forces Day / Memorial Day]

          Taping 04/21/1987 [President’s Committee on the Employment of the Handicapped,

                   International Herald Tribune, World Trade Week, Norman Rockwell Museum,

                   George Romney’s 80th Birthday] (1)(2)

          POTUS Taping 05/01/1987:  Information USA - USIA

          POTUS Taping 05/01/1987:  McCann-Erickson

          POTUS Taping 05/01/1987:  Frank Batten / Associated Press

          POTUS Taping 05/01/1987:  Food Marketing Institute

          POTUS Taping 05/01/1987:  Better Boys Bureau

          POTUS Taping 05/01/1987:  Soviet Jewry

          Taping 05/14/1987 [Public / Private Partnerships, Chapel of 4 Chaplains, Ashbrook

                   Center, National Association of Bank Women]

          Taping 05/26/1987 [Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Covenant House]

          Taping 06/17/1987 [Marshall Plan, Anti-Defamation League (In Honor of Robert

                   Kremer), Paralyzed Veterans of America, Right to Life, National Association

                   of Secretaries of State, 4th of July Generic] (1)(2)

          Taping 07/07/1987 [Nosotros, Bicentennial of the Constitution, Morocco, Volunteer,

                   Knights of Columbus]

          Taping 07/16/1987 [Navajo Economic Summit, American Veterans, Nancy Lopez Ladies

                   Professional Golf Association]


          Box 47

          Taping 07/28/1987 [Bicentennial Commission, Thanksgiving Day Proclamation, U.S.

                   Olympics] (1)(2)

          Taping 08/11/1987 [Traffic Safety Now, Minnesota World Trade Center, National Center

                   for Neighborhood Enterprise, U.S. Space Foundation, State of North Carolina,

                   Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity, American Legion] (1)-(3)

          POTUS Taping 09/11/1987:  Eagle Forum

          POTUS Taping 09/11/1987:  USIA Varsity Club

          POTUS Taping 09/11/1987:  National Federation of Republican Women

          POTUS Taping 09/11/1987:  San Diego Crime Commission (Secret Service)

          POTUS Taping 09/11/1987:  United Way

          POTUS Taping 09/11/1987:  National Aids Test 09-11-1987

          Taping 09/29/1987 [Hour Magazine, American Hardware Manufacturers Association,

                   Christmas / New Years Day Messages for Armed Forces, Electronic Industries

                   Association, Mexican American Foundation, Oklahoma Publishing Company

                   Sam Watson), Patricia Neal] (1)-(3)

          Taping 10/05/1987 [Great International Society of Satellites in Space, American Dental

                   Association, USDA World Food Day, Better Business Bureau, Armenian

                   Assembly of America, POTUS / FLOTUS Thalians Gala] (1)(2)

          POTUS Taping 10/15/87

          POTUS Taping 10/15/1987:  POTUS / FLOTUS Drug Free America

          POTUS Taping 10/15/1987:  USO Gala for 40th Anniversary of Marshall Plan

          POTUS Taping 10/15/1987:  Willard Rockwell Space Foundation

          POTUS Taping 10/15/1987:  National Paint and Coatings Association

          POTUS Taping 10/15/1987:  American Colleges of Surgeons - POTUS / FLOTUS

          Taping 10/23/1987 [Dr. James Dobson [The Family Research Council], Association of

                   Independent Colleges and Schools, Independent Sector, National Decency Forum,

                   Centers for Disease Control, American Defense Preparedness Association] (1)(2)

          POTUS Taping 10/23/1987: Worldnet to Africa


          Box 48

          Taping 11/03/1987 [Jaycees, U.S. Navy League, National Committee for Employer

                   Support, for Guard and Reserve, U.S. League of Savings Institutions, Housing

                   and Urban Development Drug Free Public Housing Conference, American

                   Association of Respiratory Care] (1)-(3)

Taping 11/16/1987 [Air Force Association, Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, Ethics

                   and Public Policy Center, Frank Horton [The Rochester Institute of  Technology],

                   Mount St. Vincent College for George Scharffenberger, Dana-Farber Cancer

                   Institute Jimmy Fund] (1)(2)

          Taping 11/30/1987 [Chicago’s Off the Street Club, National Women’s Economic

                   Alliance, Rotary Club of Houston,  Vote America] (1)(2)

          Taping 12/14/1987 [FEMA, Australian Bicentennial, Medical College of Georgia,

                   Red Cross, Lou Rawls [United Negro College Fund]

          Taping 12/23/1987 [NBC Rose Bowl Parade, New Year’s Message to Soviet Union]

Turndowns 1987

          Taping 01/14/1988 [Martin Luther King Birthday Message, American Legion, Anti-

                   Defamation League]

          Taping 01/27/1988 [U.S. Capitol Historical Society, Commerce Department,

                   Westinghouse [Science Talent Search], NFL Super Bowl Kickoff Great

                   American Bank] (1)(2)

          Taping 02/09/1988 [COMSAT (Communication Satellite Corporation), Foundation for

                   the Commemoration of the United States Constitution, Southern Republican

                   Leadership Conference, Winter Olympics – ABC]

          Taping 02/22/1988 [Mount Rushmore, National Association of Evangelicals, Associated

                   Builders and Contractors, A. C. Lyles [50th Anniversary Message], Governors

                   Conference on Drug Awareness, USIA - Message for Sweden and Finland [350th

                   Anniversary of the First Finnish and Swedish Settlement] (1)-(4)

          Taping 03/08/1988 [Variety Club of Washington, DC, United Negro College Fund,

                   National Volunteer Week, Armed Forces Memorial Day Messages, Young

                   Republicans] (1)(2)


          Box 49

Taping 03/22/1988 [Olive View Medical Center Foundation’s Annual Dinner, American

                   Popular Music in China, Emil Verblan Memorial Society Luncheon]

          POTUS Taping 03/22/1988: USIA - U.S./USSR Satellite Video Conference on Oncology

          Taping 03/31/1988 [Millennium of Christianity, USA Film Festival, Golden Mike Award

          Dinner, Distributive Education Clubs of America, Operation CARE, Uniformed

          Surgical Associates Day](1)(2)

          Taping 04/15/1988 [Bob Hope, Washington for Jesus Rally, British-American

                   Conference on Private Sector Initiatives, The Anti-Defamation League of Greater

                   Chicago, Marine Corps Reserve Officers Association, Better Hearing and Speech

                   Month] (1)-(3)

          Taping 04/26/1988 [Creative Arts Rehabilitation Center, Inc., President’s Advisory

                   Committee on the Arts, Public Relations News Awards, American Association of

                   Retired People, Armed Forces Day Message, Cinco de Mayo] (1)-(3)

          POTUS Taping 04/26/1988: Irving Berlin’s 100th Birthday, USIA

          Taping 05/10/1988 [Norman Vincent Peale’s 90th Birthday, King Bumiphon, Variety

                   Club, Radio Minuto Award, Marine Band’s 190th Birthday, Loyal Order of the

                   Moose] (1)(2)        

          Taping 05/16/1988 [Charlie Gehringer, Alger Award Dinner, Football Players Award

                   Dinner, Eisenhower Exchange Fellowships] (1)(2)

          Taping 06/06/1988 [Edison Electric Institute, Strand Capitol Theater Portfolio, Covenant

                   House, Phil Dusenberry, Philippine Independence Day, Anti-Defamation League]


          Taping 06/17/1988 [U.S. Agricultural Commission Congress, League of United Latin

                   American Citizens, Tonga, YMCA] (1)(2)

          Taping 07/01/1988 [The Elks, American GI Forum, World Cup, Right to Life,

                   Congress on the Church and the Disabled] (1)-(3)

          POTUS Taping 07/01/1988 Knights of Columbus


          Box 50

Taping 07/15/1988 [Sister Cities, Ralph Baruch Dinner, Veterans of Foreign Wars] (1)(2)

          Taping 07/28/1988 [Hungarian Message, Mexican American Foundation, Swaziland,

                   Asian American Leadership Conference, World Conference on Health] (1)(2)

          Taping 08/12/1988 [U.S. Olympic Committee, Alaska Winter Olympics, Armed Forces

                   Voters Week, University of Southern California Football, Paralyzed Veterans of

                   America] (1)(2)

          POTUS Taping 08/12/1988 Worldnet

          Taping 09/08/1988 [National Alliance of Business, National Association of Broadcasters,

                   Eagle Forum, Central America, Otolaryngology, Paul Harvey, Women’s Sports

                   Foundation] (1)-(3)

          Taping 09/20/1988 [Presbyterians, National Guard, Alzheimer, Holiday Message, Young

                   Entrepreneur] (1)(2)

          Taping 10/05/1988 [Cary Grant, Cancer Award Tribute to Mrs. Reagan, United

                   Pentecostal Church Conference, Generic GOP Message, Southern Association of

                   Student Councils, World Food Day Proclamation, American Dental Association,

                   Stop Cancer Gala] (1)-(3)

          Taping 10/18/1988 [Global Conference on Tourism, American/Scandinavian Foundation,

                   World Travel Congress, Association of Christian Schools, Hal Roach,

                   Tournament of Roses, Victory 1988] (1)(2)

          Taping 10/25/1988 [U.S. League of Savings Institutions, Jimmy Fund, Ireland Fund,

                   Victory 1988, Mexican American Grocers’ Association, Johnny Greene, Ethics in

                   Public Policy, National Bible Week, Alistair Cooke BBC, Conrad Burns] (1)-(3)


Box 51

Taping 11/03/1988 [Harry Caray, Degreen, Future Farmers of America, U. S. Marshals]


POTUS Taping 11/03/1988 USIA Election

11/07/1988 Connie Mack [Satellite Feeed]

Taping 11/15/1988 [Congressman Stratton, American Academy of Dermatology,

          60 Second Holiday Message, Milton Berle, Nehru 100th – India] (1)(2)

          Taping 12/14/1988 [Tournament of Roses, Lou Rawls, Save the Children, New Year’s

                   Message to the Soviet Union, House of Hope, Straight] (1)(2)

Turndowns 1988 (1)-(4)



          SERIES V:  FIRST LADY TAPINGS, 1981-1988

          Box 51, Continued 

          Barbara Walters Interview 05/17/1981-05/18/1981

          Mrs. Reagan 01/13/1983

          Mrs. Reagan - NHL 04/22/1983

          Mrs. Reagan, 06/22/1983

          Nancy Taping, 09/15/1983 [McDonalds, Bob Gubitosi]

          First Lady Taping 06/12/1984

          First Lady Taping Session 10/16/1984

          Log / Mrs. Reagan Taping and Interviews [1985]

          First Lady Taping 01/10/1985

          First Lady Interview 01/15/1985


          Box 52

          Mrs. Reagan Taping 01/18/1985 [ABC, NBC, CBS Interviews]

          [First Lady Interviews 04/18/1985 and 04/26/1985]

          Mrs. Reagan Taping 11/04/1985 [Drug PSA, NFL (Drug) PSA, Raleigh Warner Message]

          FLOTUS Taping Session 01/13/1986

          FLOTUS UNICEF 01/13/1986

          FLOTUS ABC 01/13/1986

          FLOTUS Big Sisters 01/13/1986

          Mrs. Reagan PGA Taping 03/19/1986)

          BBC/Grange Hill Kids 05/19/1986

          RR/NR for Ron Jr. 05/28/1986

          FLOTUS Keebler "I Believe in Me"- Bessie S. Speed Center for Alcohol and Drug Education 06/19/1986

          FLOTUS - Povich PSA Interview 07/10/1986

          Mrs. Reagan - Meet the Press 09/12/1986

          National Institute on Drug Abuse FLOTUS PSA 10/17/1986

          FLOTUS Generic Drug Taping 11/10/1986

          FLOTUS/POTUS Camp David 11/14/1986 Maryland Public TV

          Mrs. Reagan Taping Session 01/21/1987 [Childhelp PSA, Drug PSA (Kiwanis and UN)]

          FLOTUS Taping 03/10/1987 [Our Kids (Drug)]

          FLOTUS Taping: Melanoma for the American Academy of Dermatology 03/30/1987

          FLOTUS and Mrs. Perez de Cuellar UN Taping 04/03/1987

          FLOTUS Taping 10/05/1987 [AIDS Education, Youth Suicide]

          Mrs. Reagan Taping 10/15/1987 PBS - Chicago

          FLOTUS Audiotape 02/01/1988

          FLOTUS Interview with Barbara Walters 02/03/1988

          Mrs. Reagan American Cancer Society 02/19/1988

          First Lady / Ted Koppel 02/29/1988

          First Lady - USIA 3/21/1988

          FLOTUS - National Association of Broadcasters 03/28/1988

          FLOTUS 05/10/1988

          FLOTUS Great American Family Event 08/11/1988

          Hanna-Barbera 09/09/1988

          FLOTUS Education/Drugs 09/12/1988

          FLOTUS/Jill Eikenberry Cancer Documentary 09/14/1988

          FLOTUS / Disney - cancelled

          Mrs. Reagan / Youth Suicide National Center PSA

          First Lady



          Box 53

          Political Spots 1982 (1)-(3)

          Republican National Committee Teleconferencing 1983 (1)(2)

          Tape for Convention Film [1984]

          Documentary [Campaign 1984] (1)(2)

          [05/16/1984 Alaska State Fundraiser - Cancelled]

          05/24/1984 Taping Oval Office (Congressional)

          06/19/1984 Taping NRCC

          06/25/1984 Senate Challengers and Incumbents Photo

          08/16/1984 Taping for Senator Helms

          09/06/1984 Tuesday Team - Audio Tapings

          10/03/1984 Taping [Tuesday Team]

          10/17/1984 Representative Carney Taping

          10/17/1984 Tuesday Team

          10/30/1984 Audio-Taping (Campaign)

          10/31/1984 Tuesday Team Taping

          Miscellaneous Candidate Tapings [1984]

          Magnitude Estimation Scaling - Harry Clark Letter 1984

          GOP Campaign Contacts 1986 Elections

          07/31/1986 GOP Taping Session (W.H. out card - McCallister 7/13/88)

          08/05/1986 GOP Taping Session Political Spots (1)-(4)


Box 54

08/11/1986 Political Candidates House/Senate

          09/16/1986 GOP Taping (W.H. out card - McCallister 7/13/88)

          09/16/1986 Political Tapings

          09/22/1986 Candidate Photo Op

          09/23/1986 Congressional Candidates Photo Op

          10/14/1986 Taping Session / Political Candidates

          Elections 1988: Election 1988

          Elections 1988: Talk / Radio Shows [1988] (1)(2)

          Elections 1988: Talk / Radio Shows: OP/ED's

          Elections 1988: Talk / Radio Shows: Forms / etc.

          02/26/1988 POTUS Audiotape (For Candidate Jim McCrery)

          02/26/1988 Re: State Chairs

          03/22/1988 Republicans

          03/24/1988 Candidates

          03/24/1988 Republican Candidates

          04/18/1988 Lunch with Western GOP Chairmen

          06/11/1988 State Legislators Photo Op

          06/13/1988 Candidate Photo Op

          06/15/1988 Lunch with Northeastern GOP Chairmen

          06/15/1988 Eastern GOP Chairs

          06/28/1988 Congressional Candidate Photo Op

          07/08/1988 Candidate Photo Op

          07/28/1988 GOP County Officials Briefing

          07/28/1988 VP Commercial

          07/28/1988 VP Commercial: Bush Documentary

          08/01/1988 Luncheon with Key State Legislative Leaders

          08/02/1988 Senate Taping Session

          09/28/1988 Taping for Republican Candidates

          10/11/1988 and 10/13/1988 Campaign Commercials (1)-(4)


          Box 55

10/13/1988 GOP Ads (1)(2)

          Western Chairmen

          Western GOP Event

          Ethnic Lists (1)-(3)


          SERIES VII:  MAILINGS 1981-1988

          Box 55, Continued

          Computer Stuff [Mailing Lists 1981] (1)-(3)

          Mailing Lists - Aging

          Mailing Lists – Agriculture (1)-(3)

          Mailing Lists - Asian Americans [Empty Folder]

          Mailing Lists - Bulgarian

          Mailing Lists - Business

          Mailing Lists – Catholic (1)-(4)

          Mailing Lists - Crime / Law Enforcement (1)(2)


          Box 56

          Mailing Lists - Crime / Law Enforcement: Crime / Law (1)(2)

          Mailing Lists - Economic [empty]

          Mailing List – Economics (1)(2)

          Mailing Lists - Education

          Mailing Lists - Environment

          Mailing Lists - French

          [Mailing List - General Newspaper] (1)(2)

          Mailing Lists - Handicapped

          Mailing Lists – Hispanic (1)-(3)

          Mailing Lists - Irish

          Mailing Lists - Italian

          Mailing Lists – Jewish (1)-(4)


          Box 57

Mailing Lists - Polish

          [Mailing Lists - Political Editors]

          Mailing Lists - Religious (General)

          Mailing Lists - Religious Radio / Television

          Mailing Lists – Veterans (1)(2)

          Mailing Lists - Women

          Women's Mailing List

          [News - Talk Radio List]

          Blank List Sheets

          Mailing List Changes Completed

          Catholic Press Corrections

          Crime / Law Enforcement Corrections [Empty]

          Editorial Page Editors Corrections [Empty]

          Education Corrections

          Environment Corrections [Empty]

          Ethnic Corrections

          Financial / Economic Corrections

          General Radio / Television Corrections

          General Newspaper Corrections

          Hispanic Corrections


          Box 58

PJB List Corrections [Empty]

          Science / Space Corrections

          Specialty (Women, Elderly, Handicapped, etc.) Corrections

          Transportation Corrections {Empty]

          Unidentifiable Corrections

          [Mailings January 1981]

          [Mailings February 1981]

          [Mailings March 1981]

          [Mailings April 1981]

          [Mailings May 1981]

          [Mailings June 1981]

          [Mailings July 1981] (1)-(3)

          [Mailings August 1981]

          [Mailings September 1981]

          [Mailings October 1981]

          [Mailings November 1981]

          [Mailings December 1981]

          [Mailings January 1982] (1)(2)

          [Mailings February 1982] (1)(2)


          Box 59

[Mailings March 1982] (1)-(3)

          [Mailings April 1982] (1)(2)

          [Mailings May 1982]

          [Mailings June 1982]

          [Mailings July 1982] (1)(2)

          [Mailings August 1982]

          [Mailings September 1982] (1)-(3)

          [Mailings October 1982]

          [Mailings November 1982]

          [Mailings December 1982]

          [Mailings January 1983] (1)(2)

          [Mailings February 1983]

[Mailings March 1983] (1)


          Box 60

[Mailings March 1983] (2)(3)

          [Mailings April 1983] (1)-(3)

          [Mailings May 1983]  (1)(2)

          [Mailings June 1983]

          [Mailings July 1983]

          [Mailings August 1983] (1)-(3)

          [Mailings September 1984]

          [Mailings October 1984] (1)(2)

          [Mailings November 1984]

          [Mailings December 1984]

          [Mailings January 1985]

          [Mailings February 1985]

          [Mailings March 1985]


          Box 61

[Mailings April 1985]

          [Mailings May 1985]

          [Mailings June 1985]

          [Mailings July 1985]

          [Mailings August 1985]

          [Mailings September 1985]

          [Mailings October 1985]

          [Mailings November 1985]

          [Mailings December 1985]

          [Mailings January 1986]

          [Mailings February 1986]

          [Mailings March 1986]

          [Mailings April 1986]

          Mailings May1986-August 1986 (1)-(4)

          Friedman Photo 06/18/1986

          Scalia 07/07/1986

          Radio Address Post Card 07/14/1986 (This material consists of return postcards from

                   media outlets. It is housed in a box at the end of the office collection.)

          South African Speech 07/22/1986

          Captive Nations 07/22/1986

          South Africa Articles 08/04/1986

          Knights of Columbus Speech 08/05/1986

          Radio Address – Defense 08/16/1986

Drug Mailing 09/16/1986 [Empty]

          Veterans List [Mailing] 09/29/1986

          PJB's Mailing 09/24/1986

          [Mailings] 09/25/1986

          South Africa [Mailing 09/26/1986]

          [Scalia/Rehnquist Swearing-In Mailing 09/26/1986]

          [Mailing] Jewish 10/03/1986

          [Mailing]  Executive Exchange Commission 10/06/1986

          [Mailing - Yuri Orlov Meeting 10/07/1986]

          Graham Mailing 10/12/1986

          Young Astronauts Mailing 10/16/1986

          PJB / SDI Mailing


          Box 62

          Sports Mailing 10/20/1986

          Tax Reform Mailing 10/22/1986

          First Lady Mailing 10/22/1986

          [Mailing] Drug Bill 10/27/1986

          [Mailing] Veterans Bill 10/28/1986

          [Mailing] Immigration Bill 11/06/1986

          [Mailing - PJB: " The Family: Preserving America's Future" 11/14/1986]

          Christmas Mailing 12/17/1986

          [PJB's Speech 12/08/1986]

          Jewish Mailing 12/18/1986

          [Mailing] Prayer Proclamation 12/22/1986

          Lukavilch Mailing 12/23/1986

          [Mailing] Human Life Day 01/16/1987

          National Security Report 01/28/1987

          State of the Union 02/03/1987

          National Year of Thanks 02/20/1987

          Iran Speech 03/04/1987

          National Newspaper Association 03/05/1987

          Afghan Mailing 03/25/1987

          Greek Mailing 03/25/1987

          Minnie Pearl 04/09/1987

          Education Mailing 04/14/1987

          Friends of Lubavitch 04/14/1987

          Victims of Crime 04/30/1987

          Captive Nations 05/03/1987

          Captive Nations 05/07/1987 [empty]

          Asian-Americans 05/08/1987

          Korean Mailing 05/11/1987

          Welfare Mailing 05/19/87

          What Works" Mailing 05/20/1987

          AIDS 06/01/1987

          Fairness Doctrine Veto 06/20/1987

          Business Mailing 06/23/1987

          Lithuanian Leaders 06/26/1987

          Economic Bill of Rights to Everybody 07/03/1987

          Economic Bill of Rights to Weeklies 07/04/1987

          Economic Bill of Rights Specialty Mailings 07/14/1987

          Minority Businessmen 07/15/1987

          Health List 07/27/1987

          Superconductivity 07/28/1987

          Agriculture Sent 07/29/1987

          Law Enforcement 07/29/1987

          Captive Nations 07/30/1987

          Bongo Mailing 07/31/1987

          Greenspan 08/11/1987

          Hispanic 08/11/1987

          Bork 08/12/1987

          Speech to the Nation 08/13/1987

          Law Enforcement 09/11/1987

          General Endorsement Mailings 09/15/1987

          Hispanic Op/Ed 09/16/1987

          Sons of Italy 09/23/1987

          Hispanic Week 09/23/1987

          Veterans 09/23/1987

          To Talk Shows (Bork) 09/25/1987

          American Farm Bureau 09/25/1987

          Youth 09/25/1987

          Black College Proclamation 09/25/1987

          Asthma and Allergy 09/25/1987

          Bork on Civil Rights 09/30/1987


          Box 63

          Grass Roots Briefing 09/30/1987

          Concerned Women for America 10/01/1987

          Bork Endorsements 10/01/1987

          Medical Research Day 10/02/1987

          German-American Day 10/05/1987 [I]

          German-American Day 10/05/1987 [II]

          Polish-American Week 10/05/1987

          Education Excellence Ceremony 10/05/1987

          Chief Executive Officer Mailing 10/06/1987

          Minority Enterprise Development Company 10/07/1987

          Crime Legislation Briefing 10/16/1987

          Small Business 10/29/1987

          Ginsberg Package 10/29/1987

          Canada Free Trade 11/04/1987

          Soviet Poetess 11/05/1987

          Labor Announcement 11/05/1987

          To Defense Press 11/05/1987

          Talk-Show [Ginsberg] 11/06/1987

          Child Safety 11/09/1987 (1)(2)

          Asian-Americans / Dr. Patan / Alzheimers 11/09/1987

          Pornography 11/10/1987 [I]

          Pornography 11/10/1987 [II]

          American Legion 11/13/1987

          Bravery Award Winner 11/17/1987

          Science and Mathematics Awards 11/18/1987

          Soviet Jewry 11/18/1987

          Chamber of Commerce 11/19/1987

          Talk Shows [Kennedy] 11/27/1987

          Human Rights 12/09/1987

          Menorah 12/15/1987

          Future Farmers 12/18/1987

          Martin Luther King Proclamation 01/13/1988

          Contras 01/15/1988

          National Security Report 01/20/1988

          State of the Union 01/26/1988

          Duke Speech 02/08/1988

          Boy Scouts 02/10/1988

          Space Policy 02/11/1988

          Budget 02/18/1988

          Easter Seals 02/26/1988

          Drug Briefing 03/08/1988

          SDI 03/14/1988

          Fitness 03/15/1988

          Grove City Fact Sheet 03/16/1988

          Prime Ministers Council 03/16/1988

          Grove City 03/17/1988


          Box 64

          Afghanistan 03/23/1988

          Greek Day 03/25/1988

          Cancer Courage Awards 03/30/1988

          Teacher of the Year 04/15/1988

          Slain Law Officer/ Law Day 04/18/1988

          National Volunteer 04/21/1988

          Muscular Dystrophy Association Poster Child 04/29/1988

          Education Mailing 04/29/1988

          Asian-American Heritage Week 05/03/1988

          Religious Rights / USSR 05/03/1988

          Day of Prayer 05/06/1988

          Adoption 05/12/1988

          Drugs [I] 05/18/1988

          Drugs [II] 05/18/1988

          Economic Bulletin 06/03/1988

          Economic Bulletin 07/08/1988

          Captive Nations 07/12/1988

          Farmers 07/13/1988

          Personalized Science [Medal of Science and Medal of Technology Awards] 07/15/1988 (1)(2)

          Korean Vets 07/25/1988

          Boys' Nation 07/25/1988

          US Canada Free Trade 07/25/1988

          Take Pride 07/26/1988

          Hungarians 07/28/1988

          Future Farmers & Student Groups 07/28/1988

          Student Congress on Evangelization 07/28/1988

          Future Farmers of America 07/28/1988

          POW/MIA 07/28/1988

          Defense Authorization 08/03/1988

          Economic Bulletin 08/05/1988

          Omnibus Trade Bill 08/23/1988

          Economic Bulletin 09/02/1988

Judiciary Fact Sheet 09/09/1988

          Hispanic Ceremony 09/14/1988

          Boys Club 09/29/1988

          Economic Bulletin 11/04/1988

          Year of the Young Reader 12/05/1988

          Future Farmers of America 12/15/1988



Box 65

          Events Calendars 1985 (1)-(4)

          [Events Calendars 1986] (1)-(8)

          [Events Calendars 1987] (1)-(4)

          Calendar Updates [1986] (1)(2)



Box 66 (Medium Object Box)

          Radio Address Post Card 07/14/1986