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MEESE, EDWIN, III: Files, 1981-1985


Counselor to the President, Office of the Counselor


          CFOA 0028

          Assassination Report (1)-(3)

          Auto Task Force Report

          Cabinet Council - Background

          Cabinet Organization / International Issues

          Congressional General, 2/12 - 4/21

          DOD Weekly Reports, 2/6 - 6/20

          DOD National Command Authority

          Electronic Low Frequency

          E.O.P. Classified

          Emergency Evacuation Plans & Contingency Planning

          European Communities (Committee on)

          FEMA General, 1/30 - 6/8

          FEMA (Baseline Audit Request)

          FEMA Continuity of Government, 5/20 - 6/2

          Items for Discussion - Richard V. Allen

          Foreign Assistance Legislation

          Ottawa Summit

          Briefing: Preparation - Ottawa Summit, 06/11/1981

          Hostage Compensation Commission

          Infant Formula Code - U.S. Position

          Interagency Groups & Subgroups

          International Petroleum Markets

          Iranian Hostage Agreements (1)(2)


          Intelligence Activities - Operations

          Regulations Concerning Intelligence Activities

          Law of the Sea Convention

          Long Range Strategic Appraisal (1)-(3)

          Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs

          National Guard

          National Intelligence Topics

          National Military Command Structure

          International Terrorism, 2/5 - 3/1

          National Security - General

          National Security Council Structure

          NSC Meeting -02/25/1981

          NSC Meeting - 04/01/1981

          NSC Meeting -05/28/1981

          NSC Meeting - 06/01/1981

          NSC Meeting -06/04/1981

          NSC Meeting -06/10/1981

          NSC Meeting -06/12/1981

          NSC Meeting - 07/02/1981

          NSC Meeting - 07/09/1981

          NSC Meeting -07/31/1981

          NSC Meeting - 08/05/1981

          NSC Meeting -08/17/1981

          Secretary of State – February 1981-July 1981 (1)(2)

          NSC - NSDD, 3/1 - 7/30

          National Security Policy Group - Next Meeting

          National Security Planning Group – 07/14/1981

          NSC Planning Group Meeting – 08/03/1981

          Nazi Art - Germany

          NEACP [National Emergency Airborne Command Post]


          Non-Fuels Minerals Policy


          CFOA 0029

          O'Connor, Judge (Court of Appeals, Arizona)

          PATCO [Professional Air Traffic Controllers Organization]

          Police Training Program / Foreign Policy Forces

          Presidential Travel - Plans and Procedures

          Rapid Deployment Force - General

          Rolling Calendars, May - July

          SALT:  Standing Consultative Comm. (SCC)

          Secure Telephones

          Security Assistance Legislation

          Security of Information

          Space Policy and the Shuttle

          Theater Nuclear Forces (TNF)

          [USICA Budget Review Presentation, January 1982]

          World Peace Council (USSR)

          Grain Agreement


          Visit of President Mubarak, 02/03/1982

          Visit of President Mubarak, 02/03/1982 (State Department Briefing Book) (1)(2)

          Mubarak Visit [USICA Memo]

          International Affairs Programs

          Joint Commission on Commerce & Trade

          US - USSR Joint Commission

[Visit of Crown Prince] Fahd, January 1982

          Travel by Government Officials


          CBI Speech

          Cuban Boat Lift

          Summit Planning Meeting, 02/27/1982-02/28/1982 - Working File

          Economic Summit

          Schmidt Visit

          Briefing Book - Visit of Chancellor and Mrs. Schmidt, 01/04/1982-01/06/1982

          Weekly Update - NSC Routine Agenda Items

          Polish Debt for CCEA

          P.M. Marteens

          Cyprus Assistance

          Poland, Assistance for

          Poland, Economic and Financial Situation

          Threats - PRESUS

          Versailles and NATO Summit

          CCEA Versailles Summit

          CCCT, 03/17/1982


          CFOA 0115

          Air Material Sale (I) (Saudi Arabia)

          Air Material Sale (II) (Saudi Arabia)

          Alaskan Natural Gas Pipeline (See Also Unclassified Alaska Natural Gas Transportation)

          Allen Monthly Report (Empty)

          Alternative Defense Budget Levels

          Arms Control, Biological Weapons

          Arms Control Strategy (See Unclassified File Also)

          Arms Transfer Policy (See Unclassified File Also)

          AWACS (See Unclassified File Arms Policy Also)

          B-1 Cost Certification, 01/23/1982

          Binary Weapons

          Budget Planning on Presidential Budget Issue Book, 08/26/1981

          Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs


          Cancun Materials Book

          Caribbean Basin

          Caribbean Basin Initiative

          Casey, William - Director of Intelligence

          Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs CM#52

          Combat Readiness

          Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe (CSCE)

          Continuity of Government

          NSC Monthly Report, July 1981

          NSPG (National Security Planning Group) Meeting, Situation Room

          National Security Meeting: 01/21/1982

          National Security Meeting: 01/05/1982

          National Security Meeting: 12/21/1981

          National Security Meeting: 12/19/1981

          National Security Meeting: 12/18/1981

          National Security Meeting: 12/03/1981

          National Security Meeting: 12/08/1981

          National Security Meeting: 11/16/1981

          National Security Meeting: 11/10/1981

          National Security Meeting: 10/16/1981

          National Security Meeting: 10/13/1981

          National Security Meeting: 10/05/1981

          National Security Meeting: 09/30/1981 (Cancelled)

          National Security Meeting: 09/15/1981

          National Security Planning Meeting, 12/01/1981

          National Security Planning Meeting 11/19/1981


          CFOA 0124

          Voice of America


          CFOA 0127

          Allen, Richard

          Cabinet Council on Commerce and Trade

          Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs

          Caribbean Basin Initiative

          Central Intelligence Agency (General)

          Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff

          Deterrent Plan - Raines

          DOD Base Closing

          DOD Organization (Unified Command Plan)

          Report on Economic Working Group

          Enhanced Radiation Weapons

          Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

          FEMA - General

          JJ/FEMA / Civil Defense

          Exercise Nine Lives (FEMA)

          FEMA – REX-ALPHA 82 Exercise

          FEMA - A.108 Structure for Mobilization Planning

          Foreign Policy Accomplishments / Evaluation

          Grand Rapids Trip

          GAO Hanzhong

          IGS / SIGS

          Intelligence Executive Orders

          Intelligence Identities Protection Act of 1981

          Jamaican Bauxite

          Lane Kirkland (AFL-CIO) (Ronald Reagan Meeting 12/19/1981 Regarding Poland)

          Jeanne Kirkpatrick, U.N. Ambassador

          Leaks (Classified)

          Libyan Threat

          McDonnell - Douglas (CK-10S)


          Missing-in-Action (MIAs)


          National Security Council, 02/19/1982 Meeting

          NSC Planning / EM

          OAU Peacekeeping Force


          PFIAB / IOB

          Presidential Succession

          Presidential Travel (1982)

          Press Briefing, 12/19/1981

          Resolution 242

          U.N. Security Council

          Rickover, Admiral

          RNC - Krieger

          Security Investigations Procedures

          Social Unrest, Survey [U.S. Chamber of Commerce]

          Special Planning and Evaluation (Ed Meese)

          Special Situation Group (SSG)

          Speech Material

          Strategic Weapons Systems Development Options

          Teamsters' Central States Pension Fund

          Technology Transfer (Coordinating Committee)

          Telecommunications Policy (Safe)

          Telecommunications Security (Department of Commerce)


          Theater Nuclear Force Negotiations (TNF)

          Visit by Key Officials (Rolling Calendars)

          Voice of America (1)(2)

          War Powers Act


          CFOA 131

          Status Reports on Regulatory Relief

          January 1982 Meese Schedules

          February 1982 Meese Schedules

          Daily Letter Log for November 1981

          President's Federal Judicial Selection Committee Meeting Thursday 03/04/1982 5:00 p.m. - The Roosevelt Room (1)-(3) 

          President's Federal Judicial Selection Committee Meeting Thursday 03/17/1982 6:00 p.m. - The Roosevelt Room (1)(2) 

          President's Federal Judicial Selection Committee Meeting Thursday 04/01/1982 5:00 p.m. - The Roosevelt Room (1)(2) 


          CFOA 132

          Ed Meese Chron Files July 1981-03/15/1982


          CFOA 160

          Gambia (Western Africa)


          Liberia (Western Africa)






          China-General 02/08/1981-05/26/1981

          China-General 05/27/1981-06/03/1981

          China-General 06/04/1981

          China-General 06/05/1981-08/23/1981

          China-General 08/24/1981-09/30/1981

          China-General 10/01/1981-05/24/1982

          U.S.-Chinese Relations (Binder) (1)(2)


          Poland (General)





          ITALY-Dozier Kidnapping


          Prime Minister Andreas Van Agt

          Spain (General)


          Queen Beatrix / Prince Claus - Netherlands (04/19/1982)

          Japan (Prime Minister Suzuki)

          Korea (General)



          Thailand (General)

          Prime Minister Prem (Briefing Materials)

          Latin America (General)

          Central America - Caribbean

          Bahamas – General (Refugees)


          Central America

          Meeting with President Monga of Costa Rica06/22/1982

          Cuba (General)

          President Suazo, Honduras (07/14/1982)


          Jamaica (General)

          Puerto Rico (Task Force)

          Venezuela - President Herrera Campins


          Egypt / Current Situation

          Egypt (General)



          Meeting with Ambassador Habib, 03/17/1982

          Israeli Attack on Baghdad, 06/08/1981-06/09/1981


          State Department Response on Israeli Airstrike

          Saudi Arabia – General (1)-(3)



          President Kyprianou, Cyprus: Tuesday 12/08/1981 11:30 a.m.

          Near East and Energy Security Policy


          Libya (General)


          Canada General (1)(2)

          Trudeau Trip Visit, 07/10/1981

          Official Visit of President Lopez Portillo 06/07/1981-06/09/1981

          USSR - 1981 (General)


          CFOA 161

          Budget FY 83

          Budget Review Board

          Cabinet Council on Commerce and Trade 08/04/1982

          Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs


          Economic Relations (East-West)

          Economic Summit

          Falkland Islands

          Health Care Cost Containment

          High Frontier


          International Broadcasting Funding Level

          Sadat Briefing Book

          George Shultz


          CFOA 207

          ACDA Appointments

          Budget Review Sessions / Fall 1982

          CEA Chairman

          Commuter Rail Labor Disputes

          Conservative Digest (July 1982)

          Deputy Secretary of Defense

          Economic Summit 1983, (Williamsburg) (Consolidated with Classified File)

          Economic Summit 1983 (Williamsburg) (Classified File)

          Federal Reserve Board, Chairman

          Legislative Measures (Signature / Veto – December 1982)


          CFOA 219


          Africa [General and Southern Africa Consolidated] (1)(2)


          Asia, Southeast

          Central America - Caribbean


          Chinese Communique (1)-(3)




          Federal Republic of Germany

          Israel (General)

          Mexico – General (1)-(5)


          Pakistan (General)

          Taiwan 07/13/1981-04/30/1982

          Taiwan 05/01/1982-06/17/1982

          US - USSR Commercial Commission

          USSR (General)

          USSR -Grain Embargo

          USSR - Siberian Pipeline

          United Kingdom – General (February 1981-July 1981)

          United Kingdom – General (August 1981-July 1983)

          Poland - Current Topics


          CFOA 375

          Airline Issues

          Agriculture Barter

          Budget Review Board Meeting 06/06/1983

          Cabinet Council on Commerce & Trade (CCCT) - Materials from Previous Meetings

          NSC Meeting 10/30/1984 Cabinet Room Central America

          Central America: Bipartisan Commission on

          China Trip 1984 (1)(2)

          DOD Space Briefing 08/08/1983

          Department of Defense Weekly Reports

          DOD Budget [FY 1984]

          Defense Strategic and Tactical Budget Options / Considerations

          Department of Energy Security Issues

          East / West Relations

          Economic Planning

          Economic Summit, 1984 (London, United Kingdom) (1)-(4)

          National Security Briefing, 11/30/1983 Legislation re: Certification of Conditions in El


          DOE Nuclear Weapons

          Export Administration Act (NSDD-89)

          Far East Trip


          Genocide Treaty

          Global Negotiations

          Grenada (Temp)

          IINTELSAT WF

          International Communications Agency (ICA)

          International Monetary Fund

          INF Talks

          International Economic Policy

          International Energy Agency

          (EPA) International Joint Commission

          Mexico State Visit 05/15/1984

          Breakfast with Nofziger, Nikaido, et al 05/15/1984

          Adobe Program

          Orient Express Exercise

          Implementation of the Caribbean Basin Initiative

          NSDD #24 Regarding Exports to USSR

          CIA Groundbreaking Ceremony

          Renewal of the Hungarian and Romanian Trade Agreements

          Support of Our Central America Initiative

          IEA Agreement on Energy Emergency Preparedness

          Visit to South America

          Arms Control

          White House Energy Working Groups

          US/Soviet Maritime Boundary

          National Security Planning Group (NSPG) Meeting – Lebanon, 10/14/1983

          NSDD 117 - Lebanon

          NSC Meeting 07/08/1983 [Central America]

          CCCT (Cabinet Council on Commerce & Trade) Meeting with the President, 12/01/1983

          PFIAB Luncheon Speech (Semi-annual Report) 05/11/1983

          Lebanon – Leak

          Middle East (Current) File Date 08/04/1982

          Kwajalein & Micronesia

          NSDD 61

          Lebanon - Leak

          Arms Control and Disarmament Agency Briefings for Congress

          NSC Meeting on MBFR

          NSDD on International Debt Situation

          An Energy Evaluation (Binder)


          CFOA 376


          Latin American Debt Situation CM #248

          Law of the Sea

          Manned Bomber

          Mutual and Balanced Force Reductions (MBFR)

          MX Legislation

          National Machine Tool Builders Association

          OSTP (Office of Science and Technology Policy) Monthly Reports (J. Keyworth)

Refugee Consultation Levels (FY83)

Working Group on Science and Technology AT 236

          RR Briefing for Gromyko Meeting, 09/27/1984

          START Negotiations

          Steel Decision (File Date 09/18/1984)

          Strategic Stockpile Materials Procurement Issues

          Sugar Quotas

          Threshold Test Ban Treaty (TTBT)

          Unger, Sherman

          Williamsburg Summit

          Weekly Update (RR Materials)

          War Powers Resolution

          World Peace Council

          Yamal Pipeline

          JCS Briefing for the President (Binder)

          Photo with Manea Manescu, 09/25/1984

          Briefing for Prime Minister Mulroney Meeting & Lunch, 09/25/1984

          SALT Comparison

          NATO Committee on the Challenges of Modern Society (CCMS)

          Summit White House Group Meeting 04/17/1984

Public Diplomacy for the President's Trip to China

          CCCT (Cabinet Council on Commerce & Trade) with the President 10/20/1983

          FEMA Meeting Materials of 04/13/1984

          Olympic Games Security

          [Civilian Manning]

          [Japan Visit]




          CFOA 414

          Arms Control

          Arms Control Treaty Violations

          Alternative Energy Group


          Caribbean Basin Initiative

          Central America

          China (General)

          Civil Defense

          Discuss with Bill Clark

          CCCT-TPC (Cabinet Council on Commerce & Trade-Trade Policy Committee) Meeting

(send J. Svahn) 12/10/1984

          Congressional Interference in National Security

          Covert Action Process

          Defense Budget FY 1985

          Budget FY 1986 Defense Budget

          Department of Defense - Secretary Caspar Weinberger (1)-(3)

          El Salvador – General [02/05/1981-03/17/1981]

          El Salvador – General [03/18/1981-06/03/1981]

          El Salvador – General [06/04/1981]

          El Salvador – General [06/05/1981]-07/15/1981]

          El Salvador [1984]

          Emergency Preparedness

          Emergency Procedures

          Energy Emergency Response System


          FEMA [I]

          FEMA [II]

          Food for Progress

          Governmental Reorganization

          Interagency Process


          Iraq [Iran-Iraq War; Meeting with Tariq Aziz] (1984)



          Japan - General

          Joint Chiefs of Staff

          Keyworth (Current)

          Jeane Kirkpatrick


          Lebanon: Lebanon I

          Lebanon: Lebanon II

          Lebanon: Lebanon III

          Machine Tools Investigation

          Maritime Policy

          Middle East

          Mobile Communications (White House Cars)

          National Security Decision Directive

          National Security Strategy [Notes]


          CFOA 415


          New Product Reactor (NPR)


          Nuclear Forces

          Nuclear Equipment

          Nuclear Freeze

          NSC/NSPG Issues

          Oceans Policy

          Peace Institute

          Persian Gulf Situation


          PFIAB (President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board)

          Reagan Strategic Program

          Reagan Science Policy

          Room 208

          Secretary of State – [Department of] State General - Classified

          Secure Voice System

          SIG-IEP (Senior Interdepartmental Group on International Economic Policy)

          Soviet Meetings

          Special Forces Association Speech 01/21/1983

          Special Operation Forces

          South Africa [Meeting with Bishop Tutu]

          Strategic Defense Program

          Space Policy (1)-(4)

          Summit Working Group on Science and Technology


          Trade Strategy

          United Nations

          USIA - US Information Agency

          US / USSR Communications and Information Center

          US Sanctions vs. USSR


          White House Crisis Management

          [CCEA (Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs) Meeting  04/05/1983]

[Houdaille Industries]

[SS-20 Deployments]

          [ABA Standing Committee on Law and National Security]

          [NSDD-30/Terms of Reference]

          [Commodity Futures Trading Commission Reauthorization Enrolled Bill]

          [Colombian Presidential Envoy]


          CFOA 610

          Military Manpower Task Force Meetings [Unfoldered material]

          General Thomas Turnage


          CFOA 611

          Cancun Summit Meeting 10/21/1981-10/23/1981 - Preparation Materials (1)-(7)

          DOD Budget

          FY 84 Deficit Program OMB - DOD

          OMB - DOD

          Proposal for a Sep Offensive

          Reagan Defense Budget - Effect of Cuts

          Welt am Sonntag - Alleged Presidential Interview

          Current Status of the All Volunteer Forces (AVF) – 11/16/1981

          MX Missile and Strategic Decisions, May 1981-October 1981

          PFIAB / IOB (President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board / Intelligence Oversight


          AWACS and Air Materials to Saudi Arabia - Volume I (1)-(8)

          AWACS and Air Materials to Saudi Arabia - Volume II (1)-(6)


          CFOA 612

          Reagan Strategic Program

          A Comprehensive Plan for Revitalizing our Strategic Deterrent

          Weekly Update for the President, 12/07/1981

          Weekly Update for the President, 12/14/1981

          Weekly Update for the President, 12/21/1981

          Weekly Update for the President, 01/04/1982

          Weekly Update for the President, 10/18/1982

          Report on Project Truth 07/20/1982 from ICA (International Communications Agency -

                   Charles Z. Wick)

          Project Truth Examples - USICA

          Information Policy Coordinating Committee "A Proposal" From ICA (Wick) - Secret

          FY 1983 DOD Defense Report, 11/23/1981

          Report and Recommendations to NSC from ICA, 03/30/1982 Regarding Public Affairs

                   Campaign in Europe

          Visit of President Joao Baptista de Oliveira Figueiredo of Brazil, 05/11/1982-05/14/1982

          Presidential Appeals Session FY 1983 Budget Appeals, HUD, Session 3, 12/17/1981

          Presidential Appeals Session FY 1983 Budget Appeals, DOL, DOE, Session 1,


          Presidential Appeals Session FY 1983 Budget Appeals, EPA, NASA, Session 2,


          Budget Review Board, FY 1983 Budget Appeal, HUD, DOT, DOC, Meeting #3,


          Presidential Appeals Session FY 1983 Budget Appeal, DOD, Session 4, 12/18/1981

          BRB Meeting #2 12/09/1981 Book I 10:00am-1:00pm

          Budget Review Board, FY 1983 Budget Appeal, DOD, Meeting #5, 12/16/1981

          Presidential Appeals Session, FY 1983 Budget Appeal, USDA, Session 5, 12/21/1981

          Budget Review Board, FY 1983 Budget Appeal, HHS, RRB, USDA, Department of

          Education, Meeting, 12/14/1981

          Budget Review Board, FY 1983 Security Assistance Budget

          Budget Review Board, FY 1983 Budget Appeal, FEMA, RRB, FMC (Federal Maritime

Commission, ATBCB (Architectural Transpiration Barriers Compliance Board)

          Budget Review Board, FY 1983 Budget Appeal, DOL, DOE, EPA, Meeting #1,


          Budget Review Board, 12/19/1981, Entitlement Review


          OA 1167

          Chron Files, January 1981-March 1981 [Uninventoried}


          OA 1298

          Telephone Call Book - 01/22/1981-02/05/1981

          Telephone Call Book - 01/23/1981-02/09/1981

          Telephone Call Book - 01/23/1981-02/23/1981

          Telephone Call Book - 01/23/1981-02/25/1981

          Telephone Call Book - 02/09/1981-02/25/1981

          Telephone Call Book - 02/09/1981-05/26/1981

          Telephone Call Book - 02/09/1981-04/08/1981

          Telephone Call Book - 02/13/1981-03/06/1981

          Telephone Call Book - 02/13/1981-03/06/1981

          Telephone Call Book - 03/06/1981-03/24/1981

          Telephone Call Book - 03/09/1981-03/17/1981

          Telephone Call Book - 03/17/1981-03/26/1981

          Telephone Call Book - 03/30/1981-04/16/1981

          Telephone Call Book - 04/07/1981-05/01/1981

          Telephone Call Book - 04/17/1981-04/29/1981

          Telephone Call Book - 04/29/1981-05/07/1981

          Telephone Call Book - 05/01/1981-05/06/1981

          Telephone Call Book - 05/06/1981-05/18/1981

          Telephone Call Book - 05/07/1981-05/19/1981

          Telephone Call Book - 05/07/1981-05/22/1981

          Telephone Call Book - 05/19/1981-06/01/1981

          Telephone Call Book - 06/01/1981-06/12/1981

          Telephone Call Book - 01/22/1981-01/26/1981

          [Telephone Call Book - 01/22/1981-01/26/1981 - Loose Sheets]


          OA 1299 (true OA)

          [Transition Material] [transferred to Reagan Personal Papers – 3/28/2007]


          OA 2408

          Meeting on Lefever Nomination 06/01/1981 2:15pm James Baker Office (1)(2)

          Ottawa Summit Materials (unclassified)        

          Response to Dingell Questionnaire

          Tax Bill Materials (1)-(7)

          [Automobile Industry Backgrounder] (Packet) (1)-(5)

          Appointments - Supreme Court - Sandra O'Connor (1)(2)

          Federalism Project Materials through Oct 30

          FEMA Materials (unclassified) through 08/31/1981

          Federal Judicial Selection Material


          OA 2409

          Morning Briefing Memos, March 1981-September 1981 (1)(2)

          Senior Staff Mtg. Action Items, February 1981-September 1981 (1)-(3)

          VP Task Force on Reg Relief (10 issues) 07/17/1981-09/25/1981

          Intergovernmental Affairs Weekly Reports 09/23/1981-10/30/1981

          Legislative Weekly Rpts & Departmental Weekly Reports, 07/20/1981-10/26/1981


          OA 2410

          News Summaries for September 1981-October 1981 (2 copies of each day)

          Daily News Items for 08/10/1981-09/30/1981


          OA 2411

          Daily News Items for October 1981


          OA 2807 (True OA)

          Chron File – 07/29/1981-08/14/1981

          Chron File – 09/16/1981-09/30/1981

          Chron File – 10/01/1981-10/15/1981

          Chron File – 10/16/1981-10/31/1981 


          OA 2822

          Newsclips for August 1981-October 1981


          OA 2823

          Newsclips for October 1981-December 1981


          OA 2824

          [Personnel Action Items, April 1981-January 1981]

          Reading File, 11/16/1981-11/03/1981

          Reading, 09/21/1981-09/25/1981

          Reading, 09/10/1981-09/17/1981

          Reading, 08/17/1981-09/08/1981

          [Personnel Action Items, August May 1981]

          Summary of PAS Appointments - Summary of PAS Minority


          OA 2825       

          Hoover Institute Board of Overseers, 01/06/1981

          American Society of Association Executives, 02/03/1981

          Issues and Answers, 02/22/1981

          Association of Advanced Life Underwriting, 03/03/1981 [Empty]

          Newsweek Interview - DeFrank / Clift, 10/29/1981

          Newsweek Weekend - Reston, VA, 03/07/1981

          National Association of Counties, 03/09/1981[Empty]

          U.S. News and World Report, 03/13/1981[Empty]

          ABC TV Good Morning America, 03/16/1981[Empty]

          Sperling Breakfast, 03/17/1981[Empty]

          Center for the Study of the Presidency, 03/20/1981[Empty]

          Bob Novak Seminar Q&A, 03/26/1981[Empty]

          NBC TV Today Show, 03/27/1981[Empty]

          McNeil-Lehrer Report, 03/31/1981[Empty]

          NBC TV Today Show, 04/01/1981[Empty]

          Yale Club of Washington, 04/04/1981[Empty]

          Heritage Foundation - Chicago, 04/09/1981[Empty]

          U.S. Chamber of Commerce, 04/13/1981[Empty]

          PROMIS Users Meeting, 04/23/1981

          American Society of Newspaper Editors, 04/23/1981[Empty]

          San Diego Coalition, 04/25/1981[Empty]

          National Association of Homebuilders, 05/04/1981[Empty]

          National District Attorneys Association, 05/05/1981[Empty]

          Pepperdine University, 05/13/1981

          Business Governmental Relations Council, 05/05/1981[Empty]

          ABC TV Good Morning America, 05/06/1981[Empty]

          California Peace Officers Speech, 05/11/1981

          Financial Analysis Association, 05/12/1981[Empty]

          Foreign Press Center, 05/12/1981

          San Francisco Chamber of Commerce, 05/13/1981[Empty]

          American Jewish Community, 05/14/1981[Empty]

          Delaware Law School Commencement Speech, 05/16/1981

          West Point Speech (President), 05/19/1981 Draft

          Board of Directors McGraw-Hill, 05/28/1981[Empty]

          34th Civil Affairs Association, 06/13/1981[Empty]

          NBC TV Meet the Press, 06/07/1981

          International Management &Development Institute, 06/09/1981[Empty]

          Police Executive Research Forum, 06/08/1981[Empty]

          National Action Council for Minorities in Engineering, 06/09/1981

          Business Week Corporate Planning 100 Group, 06/23/1981

          American Stock Exchange, 06/23/1981

          Press Briefing, 06/27/1981

          Bohemian Grove  07/24/1981

          American Bar Association Speech, 08/11/1981

          International Platform Association, 08/06/1981[Empty]

          Independent Truckers Association, 08/13/1981

          Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, 08/13/1981[Empty]

          Oakland Dalian Friendship City Society, 08/27/1981[Empty]

          Sacramento Host Breakfast, 09/11/1981[Empty]

          Comstock Club, 09/11/1981[Empty]

          Citizens for the Republic, 09/11/1981[Empty]

          Business Roundtable, 09/16/1981[Empty]

          Fort Bragg - Foreign Area Officers Program, 09/17/1981

          Business Government Relations Council, 09/19/1981[Empty]

          St. Louis Lutheran Event, 09/19/1981[Empty]

          National Law Enforcement Council, 09/21/1981

          Concordia College, 09/23/1981

          Senior Executive Association, 09/24/1981

          California Savings and Loan League, 09/25/1981

          Association of General Counsel, 10/08/1981[Empty]

          Business Council, 10/09/1981[Empty]

          ABC TV Issues and Answers, 10/11/1981

          Aero Club of Washington, 10/14/1981

          Center for the Study of the Presidency, 10/16/1981[Empty]

          NASPAA Annual Conference, 10/20/1981

          Doheny Eye Institute, 10/22/1981[Empty]

          CPOS & T - San Diego, 10/23/1981[Empty]

          Hastings Law School, 10/27/1981

          [Management Summaries - Calendar of Events] (1)-(7)

          [Office of Cabinet Affairs -  Tracking Summaries] (1)(2)

          [Office of Cabinet Administration - Tracking Summaries] (1)-(4)

          [Watch List Update] (1)(2)

          [Calendars of Events] (1)-(4)


          OA 2990

          Report on Government Regulations and Business Relations - Notebooks

          List of Senate Committees

          Briefing Memorandum - Lake Tahoe Executive Order

          FEMA Transition Report - Copy II

          HHS - Social Security Proposals

          Politics, People and Issue Reports

          Office of Policy Development [1]

          Office of Policy Development [2]

          President's Trip to New York, 03/15/1981

          Background on the President's Tax Program (Binder) (1)(2)

          A Plan for Enterprise Zones (1)-(5)


          OA 2991

          Appointments Recommendations Book

          Annual Federal Personnel Guide

          Draft of Transition Report

          DOD Annual Report - FY 1982

          Department of Army: Civil Affairs and Civil Defense Manual (1)-(5)

          America's New Beginning: A Program for Economic Recovery (02/18/1981)

          (OMB) Report on Strengthening Federal Credit Management

          Fiscal Year 1982 Budget Revisions (March 1981)

          Fiscal Year 1982 Budget Revisions: Additional Details on Budget Savings (April 1981)

          How To Save Your Own Street by Raquel Ramati, 1981

          Communist Interference In El Salvador (Department of State)(1)-(4)

          Coal Policy Issues (National Coal Association)

          Cronkite Briefing Materials

          Budget Working Group Session, Tuesday, 02/24/1981: Health and Human Services

          Budget Working Group Notebook (02/25/1981)


          OA 2992

          "A Program for Economic Recovery" (02/18/1981)

          "Reducing the Federal Budget"

          "President Reagan's Bipartisan Plans for Tax and Spending Restraint" (June 1981)

          Briefing Memo - Lake Tahoe Executive Order

          Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs

          Demographic Profile of the U. S., Early Findings from the 1980 Census

          Listing of Executive Agencies

          Control Book


          OA 2993

          Daily News Items, 06/18/1981-08/09/1981 [Mounted Newspaper Clippings]


          OA 2994

          Schedules, 03/02/1981-05/30/1981 [Uninventoried]


          OA 2995

          Meese Personal Papers, News Summaries 01/20/1981-09/03/1981


          OA 2997

          Event Files, Months of May 1981-June 1981 [Uninventoried]


          OA 2998

          Daily Schedule, June 1981-July 1981

          Congressional Reports (Copy), July 1981-September 1981

          Event Files, January 1981-April 1981 [Uninventoried]


          OA 2999

          Ed Meese Personal Papers

          Regulatory Relief, Status Reports (June-August)

          OMB Budget Working Group, February - April: Budget Control Working Group #4

                   Health and Human Services, 01/29/1981

          Intergovernmental Affairs Reports, May-September

          Automobile Industry Task Force (1)-(6)


          OA 3000

          President's Federal Judicial Selection Committee Meeting Thursday 07/30/1981 5:00 p.m. - The Roosevelt Room (1)(2) 

          President's Federal Judicial Selection Committee Meeting Wednesday 08/05/1981

5:00 p.m. - The Roosevelt Room (1)-(4) 

          President's Federal Judicial Selection Committee Meeting Thursday 08/27/1981

5:00 p.m. - The Roosevelt Room (1)-(3)

          President's Federal Judicial Selection Committee Meeting Thursday 09/03/1981] 5:00 p.m. - The Roosevelt Room (1)-(3)


          OA 3001

          Chronological Letter Copy Files – 04/01/1981-07/15/1981


          OA 3002

          Chronological Letter Copy Files – 07/16/1981-09/30/1981

          Transition Period Chron File (1)-(4) [transferred to Reagan Personal papers – 3/28/2007]

          Daily Schedules Ed Meese and Ronald Reagan

          Telephone Message Books


          OA 3003

          President's Federal Judicial Selection Committee Meeting Thursday 05/14/1981 5:00 p.m. - The Roosevelt Room (1)-(5) 

          President's Federal Judicial Selection Committee Meeting Thursday 05/21/1981 5:00 p.m. - The Roosevelt Room (1)-(4) 

          President's Federal Judicial Selection Committee Meeting Thursday 05/28/1981 5:00 p.m. - The Roosevelt Room (1)-(4) 

          President's Federal Judicial Selection Committee Meeting Thursday 06/04/1981 4:30. -           The Roosevelt Room (1)-(3) 

          President's Federal Judicial Selection Committee Meeting Thursday 06/11/1981 6:00 p.m. - The Roosevelt Room (1)-(3) 

          President's Federal Judicial Selection Committee Meeting Thursday 06/18/1981 5:00 p.m. - The Roosevelt Room (1)-(6) 

          President's Federal Judicial Selection Committee Meeting Thursday 06/25/1981 5:00 p.m. - The Roosevelt Room (1)-(6) 

          President's Federal Judicial Selection Committee Meeting Thursday 07/02/1981 6:00 p.m. - The Roosevelt Room (1)-(4) 

          President's Federal Judicial Selection Committee Meeting Thursday 07/09/1981 5:00 p.m. - The Roosevelt Room (1)-(6) 

          President's Federal Judicial Selection Committee Meeting Thursday 07/16/1981 5:00 p.m. - The Roosevelt Room (1)-(4) 

          President's Federal Judicial Selection Committee Meeting Thursday 07/23/1981 5:00 p.m. - The Roosevelt Room (1)-(3) 

          President's Federal Judicial Selection Committee Meeting Thursday 09/17/1981

 5:00 p.m. - The Roosevelt Room (1)(2) 


          OA 3225

          President's Federal Judicial Selection Committee Meeting, 10/22/1981 (1)-(3)

          President's Federal Judicial Selection Committee Meeting, 11/05/1981 (1)-(3)

          President's Federal Judicial Selection Committee Meeting, 11/12/1981 (1)-(4)

          President's Federal Judicial Selection Committee Meeting, 11/19/1981 (1)(2)

          President's Federal Judicial Selection Committee Meeting, 12/01/1981

          [President's Federal Judicial Selection Committee Status Report, 12/10/1981]

          President's Federal Judicial Selection Committee Meeting, 01/07/1982 (1)-(3)

          President's Federal Judicial Selection Committee Meeting, 01/21/1982 [not held] (1)(2)

          President's Federal Judicial Selection Committee Meeting, 01/27/1982

          President's Federal Judicial Selection Committee Meeting, 02/04/1982 (1)(2)

          President's Federal Judicial Selection Committee Meeting, 02/11/1982

          President's Federal Judicial Selection Committee Meeting, 02/17/1982


          OA 4314 (True OA)

          Breakfast Agenda – Ed Meese – (05/05/1981-06/02/1981)

          Breakfast Agenda – Ed Meese – (06/03/1981-07/05/1981)

          Breakfast Agenda – Ed Meese – (07/06/1981-07/17/1981)

          Old Schedules Materials and Backups 02/13/1981-02/28/1981

          Old Schedules Materials and Backups 03/04/1981-04/16/1981

          Old Schedules Materials and Backups 04/22/1981-05/22/1981

          Old Schedules Materials and Backups 05/23/1981-08/17/1981

          Old Schedules Materials and Backups 08/19/1981-11/03/1981

          [Joe Ghougassian]

          [Invitations for the Month of January 1981]

          [Schedules, 01/28/1981 & 02/13/1981]

          [Schedules, 02/19/1981-02/22/1981]

          [Schedules, 03/27/1981]

          [Schedules, 05/22/1981]

          [Schedules, 06/12/1981 & 06/15/1981]

          [Schedules, 06/16/1981-06/17/1981]

          [Schedules, 06/18/1981-06/19/1981 & 06/26/1981]

          [Schedules, 11/06/1981]

          [President’s Schedules, March 1981-06/12/1981]

          MacNeil-Lehrer Report 01/26/1981Washington, DC

          Sports Luncheon 03/27/1981 – White House

          Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce, 04/08/1981

          Republican Eagles Speech, 04/08/1981

          U. S. Chamber of Commerce 04/13/1981 10:30am (1)(2)

          Funeral of General Omar Bradley 04/14/1981Arlington Cemetery

          California State Sheriffs Association 04/15/1981 (1)(2)

          Spring Initiation - Phi Delta Phi 04/20/1981

          Inslaw (Institute for Law and Social Research) 04/22/1981

          American Society of Newspaper Editors 04/23/1981 – Sheraton Washington

          MacNeil-Lehrer Report Program 04/24/1981 5:30pm-6:30pm

          Social Engagements, Thursday, 04/30/1981  


          OA 4540

          Telephone Message Book - MAM 09/18/1981-03/22/1982

          Telephone Message Book - MAM 10/29/1981-03/18/1982

          Telephone Message Book - Cynthia 01/15/1982-04/02/1982

          Telephone Message Book - BP & CA 03/22/1982-03/30/1982

          Telephone Message Book - Cynthia 04/07/1982-06/11/1982

          Telephone Message Book - BP & CA 03/30/1982-04/08/1982

          Telephone Message Book - BP & CA 04/08/1982-04/21/1982

          Telephone Message Book - BP & CA 04/22/1982-04/30/1982 [Missing - See Memo]

          Telephone Message Book - Barbara 05/03/1982-05/12/1982

          Telephone Message Book - BP & CA 05/12/1982-05/20/1982

          Telephone Message Book - BP & CA 05/20/1982-05/28/1982

          Telephone Message Book - BP & CA 05/01/1982-06/16/1982 [Missing - See Memo]


          OA 4893 (True OA)

          Letter from Jim Shea, Mr. Charles L. Gould Hearst Foundation

          Pepperdine University

          Lloyd Cutler

          Keith Jones of Fulbright and Jaworski

          Gabrielle Morris, University of California at Berkley

          John Hay, California Chamber of Commerce


          OA 5087

          Event Folders, 01/01/1982-03/15/1982  [Uninventoried]


          OA 5088

          Event Folders, 10/01/1982-12/23/1982  [Uninventoried]


          OA 5089

          Speaking Social Regrets, 1981    


          OA 5090

          Invitation Regrets, April 1982-June 82


          OA 5092

          White House News Summary, February 1982-March 1982


          OA  5094

          White House Press Releases, May 1982


          OA 5095

          White House Press Releases, 12/10/1981-01/15/1982


          OA 5096 

          White House New Summary, 12/10/1981


          OA 5097

          [Presidential Transition Foundation Incoporated]


          Transition of the President and President-Elect (1)(2)

          Transition Responses - Requested Editing by Section (1)-(3)

          Transition Report - Draft Report (GAO Material)  (1)-(3)

          EM Transition Memo Request to Cabinet – Responses (1)(2)


          OA 5098

          White House Press Briefings, 01/25/1982-March 1982


          OA 5099

          Cindy Herrick Project Regrets


          OA 5100

          Cindy Herrick Project Regrets


          OA 5101

          President's Federal Judicial Selection Committee Meeting, 06/10/1982 (1)-(3)

          News Summary April 1982


          OA 5102

          A Mandate For Leadership Report

          Final Report of The Nuclear Safety Oversight Committee

          The Final Report and Recommendations of The President's Commission on Hostage Compensation (09/21/1981)

Voting Rights Act Materials (1)(4)

          Entitlement (Binder) 10/25/1981

          Entitlement (Binder) 10/31/1981

          National Tax Focus Groups, July 1981

          Briefing Book on Oil Exports Prepared by OPD / Boggs, November 1981

          Non - Aligned Movement

          Budget Outlook

          State of the States, 12/10/1981


          OA 5103

          Key Positions and Appointments [03/16/1981]

          Budget Savings and Modernization of U. S. Strategic Forces

          FY 1982 Appropriations Estimates - HHS

          Postal Services Issues

          HHS Working Group on Food Safety

          IG Legislation (3 books)

          The USSR and Major Issues in the U.S.

          AWACS Q's and A's - NSC

          Briefing  - President's Tax Program (1)(2)


          OA 5104

          Communities, Hospitals and Health Care Meeting America's Economic Crisis

          National Indicators System

          Miscellaneous Pamphlets

          1979 Congressional Directory

          Economic Report of the President, February 1982

          1981 Diary

          Business Week Magazine


          OA 5105

          News Summary, 06/10/1982-08/19/1982


          OA 5106

          White House Press Releases, 01/10/1982-07/14/1982


          OA 5107

          White House Press Releases, 07/22/1982-08/17/1982


          OA 5108  (The Following Material Has Been Transferred to the Audiovisual Collection)

          The Responsibility Of Government, An Interview With Edwin Meese III. Herb Koein and Dr. Bernard Siegan - Cassette

          Reagan On Reagan, November 1981 - Cassette

          The National Chamber Network, Chamber of Commerce of The U. S. - Cassette

          Westchester Media Center - Constitutions Birthday - Cassette

          The Apple - School Safety Center, Attorney General's Office - Cassette

          University of San Diego Discussion with Edwin Meese - Cassette

          Executive Horizons, Jean-Jaques Servan-Schreiber, 1981 Private Enterprise Award Dinner - Cassette

          Tom Singer Interviews Edwin Meese, 08/27/1981 - Cassette

          Meese from Oct 28 American Jewish Congress - Cassette

          Presidential Ballroom, Lunch 12/02/1981 - Cassette

          Edwin Meese III at Breakfast Meeting, 02/04/1982 - Cassette


          OA 5109

          Assorted Speech Briefing Files - March 1981 [Uninventoried]


          OA 5110

          Assorted Books on Executive Branch Management  [Uninventoried]

          Incoming Unsolicited Material - 1981


          OA 5111

          News Clippings – November 1981-December 1981


          OA 5112

          News Clippings – January 1982-February 1982


          OA 5113

          News Clippings – March 1982-April 1982


          OA 5114

          News Clippings – May 1982-June 1982


          OA 5173

          Chron File, 06/24/1982-07/09/1982

Chron File, 07/10/1982-07/22/1982

Chron File, 07/23/1982-08/15/1982

Chron File, 08/16/1982-08/20/1982

Chron File, 08/21/1982-08/23/1982

Chron File, 08/24/1982-09/02/1982


          OA 5241

          Ed Meese Chrons, March 1982-June 1982

          FY '83 Budget

          FEMA - General

          FY '82 Budget

          Allen Dorius

          Economic Summit (1982)

          OMB - Federal Budget FY 1981

          Executive Orders


          OA 5242

          EM Schedules, June 1982-October 1982

          Judicial Selection Materials from Meeting – 04/15/1982

          Judicial Selection Materials from Meeting – 05/13/1982

          Judicial Selection Materials from Meeting – 05/20/1982

          Judicial Selection Materials from Meeting – 05/27/1982

          Judicial Selection Materials from Meeting – 06/22/1982

          Judicial Selection Materials from Meeting – 06/24/1982

          Judicial Selection Materials from Meeting – 07/08/1982


          OA 5243

          CBS Morning News, 11/24/1981

          Face The Nation, 11/22/1981

          Washington Forum, 11/19/1981

          Dinner with Reagans + Film, 09/30/1981

          2nd Annual Washington Heart Ball, 11/07/1981

          YPO Department of Commerce Auditorium, 10/14/1981

          U.S. Chamber of Commerce Breakfast, 09/30/1981

          White House Tours - 1981

          Foreign Source Social Invitations (regrets per RV Allen)


          OA 6191

          Itinerary 03/02/1982-03/08/1982 - California/P.

          Bar-B-Que & Performance 03/07/1982 - Rancho Sierra Grande 11:30-4:00

          Congress on the Bible Opening 03/03/1982 - Convention Center, SD 7 :30 pm

          CORO Foundation Dinner 03/04/1982 - Beverly Wilshire 6:30

          Don Livingston Luncheon w/CEO's 03/04/1982 - LA Country Club 12:15

          San Diego Museum of Art - Fundraiser 03/03/1982 - San Diego - 6:00-8:00 pm

          West Point Society of Los Angeles 03/07/1982 - 11:00-1:30 Biltmore

          National Newspaper Association 03/11/1982 - P. Recept. 5:30 pm

          National Newspaper Association 03/12/1982 - Hyatt Regency

          American Business Conference 03/15/1982 - Hyatt Regency 8:00 pm

          American Museum Trustees Reception 03/15/1982 - White House 10:30 am

          Western Regional Council Drop-by 03/15/1982 - Roosevelt Room 4:15 p

          Ellingwood Dinner for Pat Boone 03/16/1982 - "Grand Wok" - McLean 7:00p

          Political Science Class - Naval Academy 03/16/1982 - White House Roosevelt Room 3:30-4:00 pm

          "Good Morning America" Tuesday, 03/16/1982 7:10 am

          St. Patrick's Day Luncheon 03/17/1982 - White House - 12:00 noon, EM only - UM can't

          Society of the Friendly Sons of St. Pat 03/17/1982 - Capitol Hilton 6:30-7:30 pm,

Cocktails only

          Amb./Mrs. Margain, Mexico, Farewell Recpt 03/17/1982 - 2829 16th St. 6:30-9:00 pm


          "Someone Special" (Host Committee) 03/17/1982  - Kennedy Center 8:30pm

          Congressman Bill Whitehurst 03/17/1982 - Capitol Hill Club 6-8pm, EM Listed as


          Republican Congressional Leadership Council 03/18/1982 - White House 5:00-6:00 pm

          National Association of Manufacturers 03/181982 - 11:00 am - President

          National Tax Limitation Committee 03/18/1982 - G-221 Dirksen SOB 8:15

          Hoover Institution Washington Seminar 03/18/1982 - Cosmos Club 7:00-7:30 pm


          Peggy Hayward / Jane Denton Luncheon 03/19/1982 - 2737 Devonshire Pl NW 12:00 Noon

          Dinner with Ghorbals for Percys 03/19/1982 - 2301 Hass Ave B-T

          NASA 3rd Space Shuttle Launch 03/20/1982-03/22/1982 - Patrick AFB/KSC

          Wall Street Journal Luncheon 03/22/1982 - Sheraton-Carlton 12:30-2 pm

          Cong Margaret Heckler Fundraiser 03/22/1982 - The Broker 6-8 pm d-b

          National Lutheran Campus Ministry Brfng 03/22/1982 - per Dole's Office t/b/d --


          Laxalt 1st Annual Basque Lambfry Dnnr 03/22/1982 - George Town Club 7:30 pm,

                   Black Tie

          President's Trip to New York

          West Point Society of New York 03/23/1982 - University Club 6:45 pm

          Ctr for Study of Law Structures 03/24/1982 - Capital Hilton 2:00 pm

          Task Force on Private Sector Initiative 03/24/1982 - East Room 11:15-12:00 noon

          Director Shapiro / Naval Intell. Receptn 03/24/1982 - Bethesda Officers Club 7:00-9:00pm

          President Pertini of Italy Dinner 03/25/1982 - The White House 7:30 pm

          Jack Stein Luncheon Drop-by 03/25/1982 - 444 N. Capitol #412

          Radio & Television Correspondents 03/25/1982 - Washington Hilton 6:30-6:50

          National Health Council, Inc. 03/26/1982 - Capital Hilton 7:30

          Kiwanis International Reception 03/26/1982 - State Department - 6:30 pm

          Young Republicans Presidential Recpt 03/26/1982 - Sheraton-Washington 5:30-7:30 pm d-b

          Petrignani Reception for Pertini 03/26/1982 - 2700 16th St. 5:30 p

          Sulzberger / Kovach / Smith / NYT Reception 03/26/1982 - Metropolitan Club 6-8 pm

          Lunch with Century Club Auctionees 03/27/1982 - White House / West Wing 11:30 am

          Gridiron Club Dinner White Tie 03/27/1982 - Capital Hilton 6:45 pm

          4th Young American Artists Perfm. 03/28/1982 - White House 4:30 pm

          Reception for Ronnie Haggart 03/29/1982 - F Street Club 5-7 pm

          John S. McCain III Reception 03/29/1982 Georgetown Club 6-8

          Veterans of Foreign Wars Opening Session 03/29/1982 - Sheraton Washington 10 am

          Cong Bill McCollum Fundraiser 03/30/1982 - Capitol Hill Club 6:30-8:30 d-b (EM Not Go)

          US Army Institute for Military Assis. 03/30/1982 - Fort Myer Officer's Club 7:00-9:00pm

          21st Evans-Novak Political Forum 03/31/1982- Madison Hotel 2:15-3:15 pm

          Cong Christopher Smith Fundraiser 03/31/1982 - Capitol Hill Club 6-8 pm d-b

          Baldrige 31st Wed Anniv Surprise 03/31/1982 - 2905 32nd St 7:30 pm

          Lunch with Ralph T. Kerchum 04/01/1982 - White House Mess

          TX /1982 Cherry Blossom Princess 04/01/1982 - Capitol Hill Club 6:30- 8:30, (JAB      


          Congressman Hollenbeck Fundraiser Recept. 04/01/1982 - Capitol Hill Club 6-8 pm


          Cooper Evans / West Point Cadets 04/01/1982 - H139 Capitol 4:15-6:

          General Counsels / Federal Bar Assn 04/02/1982 - National Lawyers Club 12 noon

          Chinese Good Will Group  Capitol Hilton - Embassy Rm. 1:40 p.m. 04/02/1982

          Natl Council on Alcoholism Ford Benefit - 04/03/1982 - Const Hall (Cancelled)

          Bermuda and Bermuda Bar Assoc. 04/03/1982-04/04/1982 - Hamilton, Bermuda

          California Medical Association Monday 04/05/1982 3:20 pm

          Dinner with Rawleigh / Kay Evans 04/06/1982 - 3125 O Street, NW 8 pm

          Carlton Club Luncheon 04/07/1982 - Sheraton Carlton 12:00

          04/09/1982-04/12/1982 Valley Forge

          Braden Reception for Kissinger 04/12/1982 - 101 E Melrose ChCh 6-8 pm

          Rally Round Mrs. Shouse Cocktail 04/13/1982 - Campbell's

          Washington Discussion Group 04/13/1982 - Pisces Club 7:40-10 p

          Eureka College Friends Dinner 04/13/1982 - Le Pavillon 6:45-9:30, Drop- by

          P. Briefing and Luncheon 04/13/1982 - White House 10:00 a. m.

          Wendy Borcherdt Birthday Party Dropby 04/13/1982 - EOB Cafeteria 5:30 pm        

          Haig et al Marco Polo Celebration 04/14/1982 - Textile Museum - 6-8

          CBS Morning News 7:00 p.m.  04/14/1982

          Defense / Budget Briefing 2:00p.m. 04/14/1982- Room 3E869 Pentagon

          P's Volunteer Action Awards Lunch 04/15/1982 - EM/UM 12:30 pm

          California Sheriff's Association 04/14/1982-04/15/1982

          The Merchants Club Dinner 04/15/1982 - 26 Thomas St, NYC 6p

          Coolidge Society Tax Bash 04/16/1982 - Forrestal Bldg   8 pm      

          Reception for Republican Eagles 04/16/1982 - White House 4:30 pm

          State Dinner for Queen Beatrix 04/19/1982- White House 7:30 p.m.

          "Days of Remembrance" Ceremony 04/20/1982 - East Room - !:00 p.m.

          "Yale Alumni in Nation's Service" 04/20/1982 - Anderson House pm

          Lunch for Republican Congr Wives 04/21/1982 - White House 12:00

          Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce Lunch 04/21/1982 - Watergate Hotel (11:45-1:30pm) 12:00-1:15 pm

          Congressman Dan Marriott Reception 04/21/1982 - Capitol Hill Club 5:30-7:30 (d-b)

          VP Reception for Queen Beatrix 04/21/1982 -VP House - 6:00-8:00, Drop-by EM/UM

          Fed Exec Institute Alumni Association 04/22/1982 - Fort McNair 12:00-1:30 pm

          Folger Shakespeare Library Dinner 04/22/1982 - WH/Folger 6:30/8:00 pm, White Tie

          NR Luncheon - WH Preservation Fd. 04/22/1982 (Canceled)

          Heritage Associates Bkfast Mtg 04/22/1982 - University Club 8 am

          National Conference of Lt. Governors Friday  04/23/1982 10:00 a.m.

          The Advertising Council Briefing 04/23/1982 -OEOB 450 10:30-10:50 am

          The Corcoran Gallery Dinner Dance 04/23/1982 - 8:30 p.m. - Black Tie

          L/L Ramsbotham Hosted by Weinbergers 04/24/1982 - Blair House - 6:00 pm - 8:00 Black Tie

          Annual White House Correspondents Dinner 04/24/1982 - Washington Hilton 6:30,

 Black Tie

          Burgener Brunch for San Diegan Couples  04/25/1982 - McLean - 11:30 a.m. d-b

          Forbes Yacht Cruise and Dinner 04/25/1982 - Wash Boat Lines Pier 4 6:30 - 9:30

          "On Campus" TV Forum 04/27/1981 U.S.D. Law School

          San Diego Union Editorial Board 04/27/1981 San Diego

          Most Admired Conservative Award (Pres) 04/26/1982 - Corcoran Gallery 8:15-8:45 pm

          U.S. Chamber 70th Annual Meeting 04/26/1982 - Washington Hilton

          Media Institute / Len Theberge Recep 04/26/1982 - Decatur House 7:30---

          Calif Congr Reception / Calif Chamber Cm 04/26/1982 - Caucus Rm CHOB 6-8 p.m.

          Hawaiian GOP Delegates Reception 04/26/1982 - White House   5:00pm.

          Luncheon with Doris Dolan 04/27/1982 - White House 12:00

          Coro Foundation Reception Dropby Tuesday 04/27/1982   3:45 pm

          P's Task Force on Prv Sctr Init 04/27/1982 - White House 1:15 p.m.

          Police Executive Research Forum 04/27/1982 - Capital Hilton - TBD

          CORO Foundation Reception 04/27/1982 - Tayloe House 5:30-7:30

          Dinner with Bob and Pam Zelnick / ABC 04/27/1982 - L'Auberge, Great Falls  7:00 p.m.

          Godfrey Sperling Breakfast (CSM) 04/28/1982 - Sheraton Carlton 8 am

          Caribbean Luncheon & Briefing 04/28/1982 - East Room - 11:45 a.m.

          American Paralysis Association 04/28/1982 - 11:40 - Watergate DB

          "Dandy" Dinner for Jim Barrett 04/28/1982 - Old Town - 7:15 p.m. -10:30 p.m.

          Hoover Institution Reception 04/28/1982 - Sheraton Carlton 5:30-6:15 (UM only)

          Congressman Bill Lowery Fundraiser 04/28/1982 Capitol Hill Club 6-8pm, Drop-by (Cancelled)

          Congressman John Duncan Fundraiser 04/29/1982 - Capitol Hill Club 5:30 (Cancelled)

          WH Fellows & Annual Meeting / Seminar 04/29/1982 - 450 OEOB - d-b 3:30

          Dinner with Orrs for Carolyn's Wedding 04/29/1982 - t/b/d

          Lunch for Mzali of Tunisia 04/29/1982 - White House 12:15 pm

          Lunch with Jackie Bengelloun et al. 04/29/1982 - 2900 Cleveland Ave NW 12:00

          SBA National Advisory Council 04/29/1982 - Wellington Hotel

          President’s Reception for White House Fellows 04/29/1982 - White House - 5:00 p.m.

          American Medical Association 04/29/1982 - 1101 Vermont Ave d-b 6:30-7:00

          Rudolph Petersen, Natl Park Fndn Friday 04/30/1982 1:45 pm

          Lunch w/Midwest Editors / Broadcasters Friday 04/30/1982 12:00 noon

          Citizens for Law and Order, Inc. - Alameda Naval Air Station 05/01/1982 - 11:00-2:00 (1)(2)

          National Guard Association of California / Man-of-Year Disneyland Hotel 05/01/1982 6:30-10:00 (1)-(4)

          Monday Morning Media Appointment / Mtgs. 05/01/1982 - Various

          Itinerary for Ed Meese 04/30/1982-05/04/1982 - California


          OA 6192

          1982 Republican Senate-House Dinner 05/04/1982 - Washington Hilton 6:30 pm

          Reception for House / Senate 05/04/1982 - White House 5:00-6:00 p

          Luncheon w/Mrs John (Nellie) Connally 05/05/1982 - Shoreham West - 12:00 noon,

2700 Calvert St. #815

          David Packard Dinner at Wolf Trap 05/05/1982 - McLean, VA 7:00pm (Cancelled)

          Allstate Insurance Govt Affrs Conference 05/05/1982 - Ramada 1143 New Hamp t/b/d

          "Good Guys" Dinner Meeting with Q&A - Rayburn House Gold 05/06/1982 7:00

          Dinner for Ambassador Jeane Kirkpatrick 05/06/1982 - Georgetown Club 9:15pm

Informal British Embassy Showcase Opening 05/06/1982 - 3100 Massachusetts Ave 10:00pm

          Friends of Jim Brady 05/07/1982 - DoA Patio 8-12 pm, Did Not Attend / Donated

          RNC Eagles - Louisiana Event  05/07/1982 - 6:30 - New Orleans

          Princeton University Students 05/07/1982-05/11/1982 - Washington, D.C.

          Business Roundtable Labor / Mgmnt Seminar 05/10/1982  - Capitol Hilton 6:30-9:00 pm

          Mrs. Weinberger Luncheon  05/11/1982 - Pentagon - 12:30 p.m.

          P. Lunch with Soviet Emigres 05/11/1982 - White House 12:15 pm (EM sick)

          California State Society d-b 05/11/1982 - Bolling AFB 6:30 - Alan Nedrv SPGE     

          Sperry Corp Congr Action Reps  05/12/1982 - Marriott - 12:00 noon.

          Brazilian President Figueiredo 05/12/1982 White House

          Coast Guard Cadet Corps Review 05/16/1982 - Bridgeport, Connecticut (Canceled EM ill)

          US Merchant Marine Academy Review 05/15/1982 - Kings Pt. LI, a.m., (Jim Subbed)

          Senator Lugar Reelection Campaign Reception 05/17/1982 - 7841 Old Dominion Dr.7-9 pm

          Natl Council for International Visitors 05/17/1982 - Meridian House 2:00 pm (Jim Subbed)

          Lutheran Church Corporate Leaders 05/18/1982 - Washington Hilton 2:30 – Substitute

          National Association of Home Builders 05/18/1982Washington Hilton – t/b/d

          Tea for Natl Federation of  Repub Woman 05/18/1982 – White House 2:30 pm Regents

          Congressman Gene Chappie Fundraiser 05/18/1982 – A.I.A. Building 6-8 pm

          Off-the-Record Club Dinner / Discus 05/18/1982 – Capitol Hill Club 7:30 – 9:00 p.m.

          National District Attorneys Association 05/19/1982 – 450 OEOB – 10:30 – 11:30 am

          Congressman Guy Vander Jagt Reception 05/19/1982 – Capitol Hill Club – 5:30pm

          Cong. Albert Lee Smith Fundraiser 05/19/1982 – Capitol Hill Club 5:30 d-b

          MS Society Ambassadors Ball Recpt  05/19/1982 – 4 Seasons Hotel 5:30-7:30

          Bengelloun Recept / King Hassan 05/19/1982 – 2900 Cleveland  8 pm, Informal

          President’s Lunch for King Hassan 05/19/1982 – White House – 12:00

          Reception for 70th Anniversary / Hadassah 05/20/1982 – White House  3:00 pm

          Lucky Roosevelt Swear-in / Luncheon 05/21/1982 – State / F St Club – 11:30-12:30

          Marine Corps Barracks Parade / Reception 05/21/1982 – Marine Barracks – 6:30 p.m.

          Luncheon for George Nicholson 08/23/1982 – Regency Club 11:30 am

          Hayward Barge Dinner / Cruise  05/24/1982 – CNO – Barge – 7 pm

          Intl Youth Exchange East Room Monday 05/24/1982 3:15 p.m.

          David Rockefeller Dinner / G’twn U 05/25/1982 – The Pierre, NYC 6:45 pm

          Homer Ferguson Conference / U.S. Court of Military Appeals – Marvin Center

05/25/1982-GW University – 10:45 a.m.

          Sotheby’s Second Birthday 05/26/1982 – 3259 R St. NW 6-8

          Radcliffe Club of Washington 05/26/1982 – Dumbarton Oaks 7:30

          Congressman Tom Hartnett (1st, S.C.) 05/26/1982 – Reserve Officers Assn  6:30-8:30

          Cong. Cooper Evans Fundraiser  05/26/1982 – Capitol Hill Club  5:30

          Brookings Institution National Issues Seminar 05/26/1982 12:00 – 1775 Massachusetts Ave NW

          EM to California 05/27/1982-05/30/1982

          Admiral Jack Hayes Change of Command 05/27/1982Washington Naval Shipyard


          Lewis Reception for Adm. Gracey  05/27/1982 – Eagle – 6:00 p.m.

          “Annie” Washington Premiere 06/17/1982Upton Theater 8:00 pm

          Editorial Staff Luncheon 12:30 p.m.05/27/1982

          General Meyer Dinner for French Army Chief of Staff Jean Delaunay 06/01/1982Fort Myer7:30 p.m., Informal

          Council for Responsible Nutrition 06/01/1982 – L’Enfant Plaza – 6:30-7:30 (D-b with remarks) (6:45pm)

          US Army War College National Security Seminar 06/03/1982Carlisle Barracks, PA.

8:00 am

          Army War CollegeCarlisle Penn. 06/03/1982

          National Academy of Public Administration 06/04/1982 – 11 DuPont Circle NW 12-2 pm

          FEMA Annual Awards Ceremony Opening 06/04/1982 HHS Auditorium  2:00-2:30

          Marine Corps Evening Parade for VP Bush 06/04/1982 – Marine Barracks – 6:30 pm

                   Reception Only

          European Trip 06/06/1982-06/11/1982

          USO Benefit “Firefox” 06/13/1982 – State / KC   4:00-11:00pm

          Conference on Judicial Reform 06/14/1982 – Mayflower Hotel Chinese Room 12:00 noon

          Cong. Bob Michel Fundraiser 06/14/1982 – Capitol Hill Club 6-8

          Middendorf  Dinner Drop-by 06/14/1982McLean, VA. 7:30 p.m.

          Congressman Dan Crane (22nd, Illinois) 06/15/1982 – Gangplank Marina 6-8 pm

          Cocktail Reception – Bob Wallach 06/15/1982    6:30

          Reception for Cong. Paul Trible 06/16/1982Bendix Corp. 5-7 pm

          Geo Murphy 80th B-day Party 06/16/1982 – 318 Russell – 5:30-7:30 d-b

          Natl Assoc of Broadcasters Recptn 06/16/1982 – WH Staff  Mess  - 5:00 pm

          American Symphony Orchestra League Recep 06/16/1982 – White House – 5:00 pm    

          EM Trip to Review Submarine 06/17/1982-06/18/1982 USS Boston 6:45 am – 9:15 pm

          Presidential Reception for RNC Members 06/18/1982 – White House – 5:00 pm

          General David Jones Ch of Cmd Cer 06/18/1982 – Andrews AFB – 3:30 pm

          Meeting w/Parks Shipley of Irving Trust Bank 06/21/1982   2:00 p.m.

          Republican Senatorial Trust Recpt 06/21/1982 – White House – 5:00 pm

          Council of Americas Reception 06/21/1982 – State Dept – 6:30-8:30 d-b

          Connolly / Port of Oakland Dinner  06/21/1982 – Madison – 6-7  d-b

          Wheeler Dinner & “Sugar Babies” 06/22/1982 – t/b/d per JEJ

          Port of Oakland Reception 06/22/1982 – OAS 6;30 – 8;30 pm drop-by

          Schaeffer / Xpn Manifesto – Madison Hotel 06/22/1982 – Host Committee Only – Will

Not Attend

          Senator Bill Roth Fundraiser Reception 06/22/1982 – Trader Vics – 6:00-8:00 pm

          P’s Rcptns for Grnd Flr Committee 06/23/1982 – White House – 4/6 pm

          Washington Press Club Newsmaker 06/23/1982 – Black Horse Tavern 12-2 pm

          06/24/1982-06/25/1982  Kansas City, Cleveland

          YPO Boat Ride & Dinner at Mt Vernon 06/25/1982 -     UM/DM

          Eureka College Reagan Sch Comm Dnr 06/28/1982 Four Seasons Hotel – 6:30

          Public Affrs Advisory Group 06/29/1982 – Intl Club – 6:30-8:30

          Chautauqua 1982 Season Lecture 07/01/1982Chautauqua, NY 10:45 am, Weekend Trip

          Orila Dinner for Roosevelts 07/08/1982 – 2329 Calif. St. 8 pm, Black Tie

          NAM Recep / Dinner for Exec Comm 07/08/1982 – Blair House 6-9 pm, EM to Cocktails Only

          NR Reception for Congressional Children – 07/13/1982

          Cong. John Napier Fundraiser  07/14/1982 – Capital Yacht Club – 6:00-8:00 pm

          President’s Private Sector Survey on Cost Control 07/15/1982 – East Room  9:35 a.m.

          “Louisiana Mardi Gras” 02/13/1982Washington Hilton, Joe Howell

          College Republican Natl Committee 07/15/1982Crys City Marriott  5-7 pm d-b (T)

          LEAD Program in Business Drop-by 07/16/1982 – Indian Treaty 3-3:15 pm

          2nd Annual Original Campaign Supporters Dinner-Dance 07/16/1982Georgetown Club

- 6:30-10:30 Black Tie – UM

          [Itinerary for Ed Meese,  Chicago, Illinois Saturday, 07/17/1982]

          Remarks for 8th Annual N.A. Lutheran S.S. Teachers Convention

          8th Annual NA Lutheran SS Convntn 07/17/1982 – Palmer House 10:00 am

          National District Attorneys Association Speech Boston, Mass. -07/19/1982

          National District Attorneys Association 07/20/1982Copley Plaza / Boston 8:30 am

          Recept for US Ski Team / US Davis Tm 07/19/1982 – White House   4:30 pm

          Luncheon for P. M. Lee 07/21/1982 – White House 11:45 am

          07/21/1982-07/25/1982  Federal Executive Board Meeting CFTR Meeting San Francisco,


          Velma Farmer and Family 07/28/1982 Visit to Washington White House / FBI / DoI

          State Arrival of Indira Gandhi  07/29/1982 – EM Absent, File Copy Only


          OA 6193

          President’s Trip to Des Moines 08/02/1982

          [Junior Statesmen Foundation Briefing – 08/05/1982]

          [Farewell Dinner for Pen & Betty James – 08/05/1982]

          Congressman Chip Pashayan Fndrsr 08/05/1982, t/b/d, 7-8 p.m. Georgetown Club S 

          Junior Statesmen Scholarship Presentation by Flow General 08/06/1982  3:45 p.m.

          Boalt Hall Alumni Assoc Luncheon 09/23/1982 – Blackie’s – 11:45- 2:00p  (d-b)

          Fundraiser for Rep John Rousselot 08/10/1982 – Capitol Hill Club,  Sponsor Only

          Luncheon at Heritage Foundation 12:00 noon   08/11/1982

          Fundraiser for Rep Gene Atkinson 08/17/1982 – Capitol Hill Club, Sponsor Only

          Cong. Gene Atkinson Fundraiser 08/17/1982 – Capitol Hill Club 6-8, Sponsor Only

          [Luncheon for George Nicholson, 08/23/1982]

          Lunch for Doe / Liberia 08/17/1982 – White House 12:15 pm

          [Laws at Work Fundraiser Luncheon, 08/25/1982]

          Int’l Children’s Festova; (Name Only) – 09/04/1982

          Reception for Philip Habib Tuesday 09/07/1982  4:45 pm

          Ceremony for Philip C. Habib 09/07/1982 – East Room – 4:15 p.m.

          The American Lobby Reception 09/08/1982Madison4:30-6:00 pm

          Cong. Bill McCollum (FL/5th) 09/08/1982 – Capitol Hill Club 6-8

          Visit of President Finnbogadottir 09/08/1982-

          P’s Lunch for H.E. Finnbogadottir – 09/08/1982 – EM/UM

          Washington Times Luncheon Friday 09/10/1982 12:00

          P Commission on WH Fellowships 09/10/1982 – Blair House 5:00-7:00, Sponsor Only

          Berendzen Recep for Amb Ball Benefactors 09/13/1982 – 3300 Nebraska Ave – 6:30 pm

          Jim Jenkin’s Birthday Party – 09/12/1982, Jockey Club  6:30 pm

          Speech to the President’s Commission on Exec. Exchange  09/13/1982

          “Rethinking the Black Agenda” Seminar – Crystal City Hyatt 09/13/1982 5:30

          Secy Shultz Reception for CDMs 09/13/1982 – State Dept  6:30 p.m. UM

          Marshall Coyne Zodiac Party 09/13/1982Madison8:00 p.m. UM

          Luncheon Briefing for Catholic Press 09/14/1982, On Social Issues

          P. Recep for Washington Charities 09/14/1982 – White House 5:00 pm

          Ambassadors Ball – MS Society 09/14/1982Wash Hilton 6:30 pm  UM   B-T     

          State Dinner for Marcos / Philippines 09/16/1982 – White House 7:30 B-T UM (1)(2)

          National Black Republican Council 09/16/1982 – Shoreham Hotel – 4:30pm (1)(2)

          13th Annual Leadership Conf. Taping Friday 09/17/1982 3:30pm

          Presidential Appointees Breakfast Monday 09/20/1982  8:00 am

          Nat’l Aquarium Events (UM) 5:00 09/22/1982 – WH/Dept Commerce   tbd.

          Robin Beard Senate Fundraiser 09/22/1982 – City Tavern Club 6-8 pm, Sponsor Only

(No go)

          [“Bring Hatch Back” Reception – 09/20/1982]

          Inner Circle Members Reception 09/20/1982 – VP Residence – 6:30-8

          Taping for U.S. Chamber 2:00pm 09/21/1982 Chbr. Offices

          Cong. Bud Hillis Fundraiser 09/22/1982 – Capitol Hill Club 6-8 (No go)

          P. Luncheon for Brady Foundation 09/23/1982 – White House 12:00 pm

          Sperling Breakfast 8:00am Sheraton-Carlton 09/23/1982

          P’s Recep for Natl Hispanic Cltn  09/23/1982 – White House – 5:00 pm

          Potomac Republican Women’s Club  09/23/1982 – Capitol Hill Club  7 pm

          [Boalt Hall Alumni Assoc. and School of Law – Luncheon in Honor or Dean Jesse H. Choper09/23/1982

          20th HOPE Ball  09/24/1982 – Washington Hilton 7:30,  B-T   UM

          Ford’s Theater Gala (P./Theater) 09/25/1982 – WH/Ford’s

          [General Electric’s Constituent Relationship Annual Meeting – 09/27/1982]

          Peace Corps Symposium on Women  09/28/1982 – 450 OEOB – 2:30-4:30  UM

          “Sequoia” Party for Bulgenens 09/28/1982 – East Potomac Park 6:30, (Cancelled)

          Sen Jack Schmitt Fundraiser (Cancelled)

          Judy Woodruff Book Publication Reception 09/28/1982 – Book Annex – 6:30-8:30, (not        


          RNC/RNC Labor Adv Council Reception 09/28/1982 – Capitol Hill Club 6-8

          USO Benefit Luncheon for NR 09/29/1982 – Ft McNair – 11:30 am, as guests of Barretts, UM

          Jeane Kirkpatrick Dinner 09/29/1982 – Washington Hilton 7:15   B-T   UM

          Trible for Senate Fundraiser 09/29/1982 – Sheraton Carlton 6-8 pm

          Cong. Cooper Evans Fundraiser 09/29/1982 – Capitol Hill Club 6-8 pm

          Cong. Ben Gilman Fundraiser 09/30/1982 – Hotel Washington 6-8, Sponsor (not attend)

          P’s Bar-b-que for Members of Congress 09/30/1982 – South Lawn – 6:00 pm

          American Business Conference Breakfast 09/29/1982 – 4 Seasons – 8-9 am


          OA 6364

          Chron Files – January 1981-December 1981

          Telephone Call Book – 06/01/1982-06/16/1982

          Telephone Call Book – 06/04/1982-06/29/1982

          Telephone Call Book – 06/16/1982-06/23/1982

          Telephone Call Book – 06/23/1982-06/30/1982

          Telephone Call Book – 06/30/1982-07/08/1982

          Telephone Call Book – 06/30/1982-08/09/1982

          Telephone Call Book – 07/08/1982-07/15/1982

          Telephone Call Book – 07/16/1982-07/22/1982

          Telephone Call Book – 07/22/1982-08/03/1982

          Telephone Call Book – 08/03/1982-08/12/1982

          Telephone Call Book – 08/09/1982-09/30/1982 and 06/03/1983

          Telephone Call Book – 08/12/1982-08/20/1982

          Telephone Call Book – 08/20/1982-09/02/1982

          Telephone Call Book – 09/07/1982-09/14/1982

          Telephone Call Book – 09/15/1982-09/21/1982

          Telephone Call Book – 09/27/1982-10/01/1982

          Telephone Call Book – 10/01/1982-10/06/1982

          Telephone Call Book – 10/01/1982-11/10/1982

          Telephone Call Book – 10/06/1982-10/14/1982

          Telephone Call Book – 10/15/1982-10/21/1982

          Telephone Call Book – 10/21/1982-10/28/1982

          Telephone Call Book – 10/28/1982-11/04/1982

          Telephone Call Book – 11/04/1982-11/09/1982

          Telephone Call Book – 11/09/1982-11/16/1982

          Telephone Call Book – 11/10/1982-12/01/1982

          Telephone Call Book – 11/16/1982-11/24/1982

          Telephone Call Book – 11/29/1982-01/24/1983

          Telephone Call Book – 12/01/1982-12/07/1982

          Telephone Call Book – 12/07/1982-12/10/1982

          Telephone Call Book – 12/13/1982-12/22/1982

          Telephone Call Book – 12/22/1982-01/06/1983


          OA 6510

          [Mid-Term Planning]  Department of Agriculture

          [Mid-Term Planning]  Department of Commerce (3 Binders)

          [Mid-Term Planning]  Department of Education

          [Mid-Term Planning]  Department of Energy (Binder) (1)-(4)

          Mid-Term Planning - Council on Environmental Quality (Binder)

          [Mid-Term Planning]  Environmental Protection Agency

          [Mid-Term Planning]  Federal Emergency Management Agency    


          OA 6511

          [Mid-Term Planning]  General Services Administration

          [Mid-Term Planning]  Department of Health and Human Services

          [Mid-Term Planning]  Department of Housing and Urban Development

          [Mid-Term Planning]  Department of the Interior

          [Mid-Term Planning]  Department of Justice (1)-(3)

          [Mid-Term Planning]  Department of Labor

          [Mid-Term Planning]  Office of Personnel Management


          OA 6512

          [Mid-Term Planning]  National Aeronautics and Space Administration

          [Mid-Term Planning]  Small Business Administration

          [Mid-Term Planning]  Department of Treasury (1)(2)

          [Mid-Term Planning]  Department of Transportation

          [Mid-Term Planning]  U. S. Trade Representative

          [Mid-Term Planning] Veterans Administration (1)(2)

          Mid - Term Departmental Charts

          Mid - Term Planning Exercise [Binder I] (1)(2)

          Mid - Term Planning Exercise [Binder II] (1)(2)


          OA 6513

          Nov 20 82: Inactive Files A - H  [Uninventoried]


          OA 6514

          Nov 20 82: Inactive Files I- L  [Uninventoried]


          OA 6515

          Nov 20 82: Inactive Files M - P  [Uninventoried]


          OA 6516

          11/20/1982: Speech Files - Edwin Meese  [Uninventoried]

          11/20/1982: Speech Files - RR

          11/20/1982: Speech Files - Staff Cabinet

          11/20/1982: Speech Files - Other

          Weekly Updates for RR


          OA 6517

          Edwin Meese Schedule from June 1982-October 1982  [Uninventoried]


          OA 6518

          Immigration and Refugee Matters (1)-(7)

          Federalism and Medicare

          Old Incoming Correspondence Lists

          Wirthlin Materials (1)-(10)

          Heritage Foundations Backgrounders From TCK Bookcase


          OA 6519

          Judicial Selection Materials - Sep 9

          Judicial Selection Materials - Aug 18

          Judicial Selection Materials - Aug 5

          Judicial Selection Materials - Oct 14

          Judicial Selection Materials - Sep 23

          Judicial Selection Materials - Sep 16

          Judicial Selection Materials - Nov 10

          Intelligence Executive Orders (1)(2)

          [Executive Order on Classification] (1)-(7)

          Edwin Meese Phone Call Lists From June 1982-September 1982

          White House News Summaries, 10/18/1982-11/19/1982


          OA 7231

          Event Files - Regrets – September 1982-November 1982 and Odds and Ends from 1982


          OA 7232

          Event Files - Regrets – December 1983-February 1983 [Uninventoried]


          OA 7233

          Event Files - Regrets – March 1983-April 1983 and Regrets from August 1982


          OA 7444

          Invitation Regrets – March 1983-May 1983 [Uninventoried]


          OA 7779

          Daily News Clips:  July 1983-August 1982


          OA 7780

          Daily News Clips:  08/22/1982-October 1982


          OA 7781

          Daily News Clips:  November 1982-December 1982


          OA 7782

          Daily News Clips:  January 1983-February 1983


          OA 7783

          Daily News Clips:  March 1983-April 1983


          OA 7784

          Daily News Clips:  May 1983-June 1983


          OA 7975

          Newsclips – July 1983


          OA 7976

          Newsclips – August 1983


          OA 7977

          Daily Schedules:  April 1983-July 1983


          OA 8267

          Newsclips – September 1983


          OA 8394

          Newsclips – October 1983


          OA 8490

          EM Notes [Calendar 1981] (1)-(4)

          1982 Appointment Calendar

          Telephone Call Book:  01/11/1981-01/07/1982

          Telephone Call Book:  07/04/1981-08/03/1981 (and 01/04/? only)

          Telephone Call Book:  04/22/1983-05/02/1983

          Telephone Call Book:  10/24/1983-10/31/1983

          Telephone Call Book:  10/12/1983-10/24/1983

          Telephone Call Book:  11/15/1983-12/21/1983

          Telephone Call Book:  11/07/1983-11/16/1983

          Telephone Call Book:  12/07/1983-12/12/1983

          Telephone Call Book:  10/18/1983-01/15/1983

          Telephone Call Book:  12/01/1983-12/07/1983

          Telephone Call Book:  10/31/1983-11/07/1983

          Telephone Call Book:  12/12/1983-12/19/1983

          Telephone Call Book:  11/29/1983-12/01/1983

          EM Notes [07/29/1981-10/30/1981]

          EM Notes [11/02/1981-12/18/1981]

          EM Notes [12/21/1981-01/28/1982]

          EM Notes [01/29/1982-03/11/1983]

          EM Notes [03/15/1982-04/14/1982]

          EM Notes [04/16/1982-05/21/1982]

          EM Notes [05/24/1982-07/09/1982]

          EM Notes [07/12/1982-08/17/1982]


          OA 8770

          [Incoming Calls Received by Edwin Meese III (07/01/1983-08/01/1983)]

          [Incoming Calls Received by Edwin Meese III (08/02/1983-09/14/1983)]

          [Incoming Calls Received by Edwin Meese III (09/15/1983-09/30/1983)]

          Incoming Calls Received by Edwin Meese III (10/03/1983-10/19/1983)

          Incoming Calls Received by Edwin Meese III (10/20/1983-11/17/1983)

          Incoming Calls Received by Edwin Meese III (11/18/1983-12/28/1983)


OA 8942

Support Letters for Confirmation Hearings, Attorney General, 1984 (1)-(20)


          OA 8967

          Daily Schedules - August, 1981

          Daily Schedules - September, 1981

          Daily Schedules - October, 1981

          Daily Schedules - November, 1981

          Daily Schedules - December, 1981


          OA 8968 

          Daily Schedules - January, 1982

          Daily Schedules - February, 1982

          Daily Schedules - March, 1982

          Daily Schedules - April, 1982

          Daily Schedules - May, 1982


          OA 8969 

          Daily Schedules - November, 1982

          Daily Schedules - December, 1982


          OA 8970

          Daily Schedules - August, 1983

          Daily Schedules - September, 1983

          Daily Schedules - October, 1983


          OA 8971 

          Invitations - Speaking / Social Events Regretted - May, 1983

          Invitations - Speaking / Social Events Regretted - June, 1983

          Invitations - Speaking / Social Events Regretted - July, 1983

          Invitations - Speaking / Social Events Regretted - August, 1983


          OA 8972

          Invitations - Speaking / Social Events Regretted - September, 1983

          Invitations - Speaking / Social Events Regretted - October, 1983


          OA 8973

          Invitations - Speaking / Social Events Regretted - November, 1983

          Invitations - Speaking / Social Events Regretted - December, 1983


          OA 8974

          Invitations for 1981 - Speaking / Social Events Regretted – January 1981-December 1981

          Invitations for 1982 Speaking / Social Events - Regretted June 1982-August 1982

          Itineraries for all Edwin Meese Trips February 1981 - February 1984


          OA 8975

          Miscellaneous Letters and Memoranda Relating to Schedule Requests for Edwin Meese -     

                   1982-1983  [Uninventoried]


          OA 9212

          Miscellaneous Publications, Memos 1982   [Uninventoried]


          OA 9214

          Copies of Telephone Messages from the Office of Ed Meese for 02/18/1983-October



OA 9417 (“working files” for various issues)


          Blended Credit

          Budget Planning

          Carlos Campbell

          Chicago Desegregation Funds

          Clinch River Breeder Project

          Coal Slurry

          Combined Federal Campaign

          Davis - Bacon

          Drought Situation 1983

          Far East Trip (November 1983) (Classified)

          Indexing (Tax)

          Indian Reservation Economies, President's Commission on

          Jobs Legislation

          Jobs Training Legislation

          Martin Luther King Holiday

          National Labor Relations Board

          Oceans Resources

          State of the Union [1984] (1)-(3)

          Timber Contractors


OAs 9447-9461 contain an alphabetically arranged set of files pertaining to various issues.


OA 9447

          Abortion (1)(2)

          Acid Rain

          Action Agency

          ACLU - American Civil Liberties Union

          Administration Critics

          Administration Conference

          Advertising Council, Inc.


          Agency for International Development (AID)

          Agency for International Development / IDCA

          White House Conference on Aging

          Aircraft Crew Complement

          Airline Industry


          Alaska Natural Gas Transportation

          Alcohol Fuels

          American Business Conference

          American Medical Association

          American Mining Congress

          American Welding society


          Anti-Nuclear Freeze

          Anti-Pornography Laws

          Anti-Trust Laws (Application to Boulder and Lafayette)

          Arms Control and Disarmament Agency

          Arms Export Control Bill

          Arms Policy 

          Arms Transfer Coordination

          Arts and Humanities

          Arts, National Endowment

          Association for Advanced Life Underwriting

          Audio Visual History of The President


          Auto Imports

          Auto Industry (1)-(4)

          Aviation Policy - International / Domestic


          Balanced Budget Amendment


          Binary Weapons

          Block Grants


          Boys Club of America - (Sent to Central,  Files Previously)

          Brookings Institute

          Business - New Investment

          Business Higher Education Form

          Business Roundtable



          OA 9448

          California Politics

          Californians in Washington

          Campaign 1984 - Democratic

          Campaign 1984 - Information

          Campaign 1984 - Platform

          Campaign 1984 - Reagan/Bush

          Campaign Workers

          Canada (General)

          Cancer Panel

          Cancun (General)

          Career Criminals Life Sentence Act

          Caterpillar Tractor company

          Caribbean Policy

          Census Bureau

          Chase Manhattan Bank

          U. S. Chamber of Commerce

          Chemical Industry

          Children and Youth (White House Conference on)

          Cigarette Labeling

          China-General 01/30/1981-11/30/1981

          China-General 12/01/1981-09/14/1982

          Chrysler Corporation

          Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB)

          Civil Defense

          Civil Disturbances

          Civil Rights Commission

          Civil Rights Policy / Affirmative Action

          Civilian Manning of Navy Ships

          Civil Service Retirement System

          Clean Air Act [May 1981-June 1981] 

Clean Air Act [July 1981]

Clean Air Act [August 1981-September 1981]

Clean Air Act [October 1981-December 1981]

Clean Air Act [January 1982-March 1982] [Empty]

Clean Air Act [April 1982-May 1982]

          Tom C. Clark - Award Ceremony

          [Report to Congress] Clinch River Breeder Reactor


          Coal Slurry Pipeline

          Combined Federal Campaign

          Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC)

          Communication Efforts


          Community Services Administration

          Congressional Affairs

          Conoco, Inc.

          Conservative Digest

          Conservative Groups - The Conservative Caucus

          Conservative Issues - General

          Corporate Taxes (Cabinet Meeting – 02/08/1981 2:00pm Cabinet Room)


          Consumer Product Safety Commission

          Counsel's Office

          Covert Action

          Credit Reduction Program

          Crisis Management

          Cuba (General)

          Cyprus ( General)


          OA 9449

          Early Warning Systems Reports

          East / West Relations

          Economic Policy Advisory Board

          Economic Recovery Program

          Economic Situation, 1983

          Economic Situation 1982

          Egypt (General)

          Issues for the Elderly

          Elections 1984

          Elections 1982 (1)(2)

          Electronic Low Frequency

          El Salvador (General)

          Emergency Mobilization Preparedness Board

          [Energy]: Commission on Fiscal Accountability of the Nation's Energy Resources


          Energy Issues Policy (1)(2)

          Energy Policy, Task Force (1)-(3)

          Energy Tax Incentives

          Enhanced Radiation Weapons

          Enterprise Zones (1)(2)

          Environmental Protection Agency

          Environmental Protection Agency Personnel

          Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

          Equal Rights Amendment

          ERISA Legislation

          Executive Clemency

          Executive Exchange, President's Commission

          Executive Training Seminars

          Export - Import Bank

          Expo - 1984

          President's Export Council


          OA 9450

          50 Mile Rule (FMC)

          F-20 (Tiger Shark)

          Fairness Issue

          Falkland Islands

          Family Planning Regulations

          Family Protection Act

          Federal Aviation Administration

          Federal Advisory Committee Act

          Federal Bureau of Investigation

          Federal Communications Commission (1)-(5)

          Federal Communications Commission – Syndication and Financial Interest Rule

          Federal Election Commission

          FERC - Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

          FEMA (General) (EM's Office)

          FEMA - Disasters 1982

          Federal Employees Personnel Policy

          Federal Executive Institute

          Federal Home Loan Bank Board

          Federal Labor Relations Authority

          Federal Management Awards

          Federal National Mortgage Association

          Federal Procurement Policy

          Federal Regional Councils

          Federal Republic of Germany

          Federal Reserve System

          Federal Trade Commission

          Federal Whistleblowers

          Federalism Advisory Committee

          Federalism Initiative Program

          Food and Agriculture Act (Farm Bill 1980)

          Food Aid Policy

          Food Stamps

          Foreign Aid

          Foreign Policy Board, Interim

          Foreign Policy Guidance

          Former Presidents

          France (1)-(3)

          Medal of Freedom Committee

          Freedom of Information Act

          Freedoms Foundation


          General Accounting Office (GAO)

          General Services Administration (GSA)

          Global Negotiations, UN


          Government National Mortgage Association

          Government Printing Office (GPO)

          National Governor's Association

          Governor's Council on Regional Development

          Government - Wide Management Meeting

          Grain Embargo, USSR

          Grenada (1)-(3)

          Guam (General)

          Gun Control


          OA 9451

          Identification Card

          Immigration and Naturalization Service

          Immigration and Refugee Matters (1)(2)

          Import Policy

          Independent Agencies

          Independent Regulatory Council

          Indexing, Federal Programs

          Indian Issues

          Inspectors General

          Insurance Industry

          President's Council on Integrity and Efficiency

          Intelligence Executive Order

          Office of Intergovernmental Affairs

          Intergovernmental Relations Advisory Commission

          International Air Carriers

          International Association of Chiefs of Police

          International Communications Agency

          International Development Cooperation Agency

          International Law Commission

          International Management and Development Institute

          International Monetary Fund

          International Petroleum Fund


          Interstate Commerce Commission

          Iran-United States Claims Tribunal

          Israel (General)

          Issues - American Iron and Steel Institute


          OA 9452

          Crime Bill (SpecterThurmondl) (1)(2)

Crime: Attorney General’s Task Force on Violent Crime (1)-(6)

          Crime – General Information (1)-(3)

          Crime Victims (1)-(4)

          Criminal Justice (1)-(8)

          Criminal Justice - Insanity Plea (1)-(6)

          Criminal Justice Planning (1)(2)

          Legal Services Corporation I (1)-(15)

          Legal Services Corporation II (1)-(3)


          OA 9453 

          Japan (General)

          Japan / American Economic Crisis

          Japanese / American Internment Issue

          Jewish Leadership

          Jobs for America's Graduates - Governor DuPont

          Jobs Program

          Judicial Selection

          Junior Statesmen Foundation

          Jurisdiction Limiting


          OA 9454

          MacNeil - Lehrer

          Management Meeting Minutes

          President's Council on Management and Administration

          International Management and Development Institute

          Manned Bomber


          Maritime Administration

          Maritime Industry

          McDonnell Douglas Corporation

          Medal of Science

          Medicare / Medicaid

          Meese, Appointment Requests (to MAM 06/07/1984)

          Meese Critics

          Meese, Handwritten Notes (to MAM 06/07/1984)

          Meese, Interviews - Media Requests

          Meese, Personal (to MAM 06/07/1984)

          Meese, Legal Actions Involving EM III

          Meese, EM Notes

          Meese, Ursula (to MAM 06/07/1984)

          Meharry Medical College

          Merit Systems Protection Board

          The White House Mess


          Middle East

          Military Passenger Aircraft

          Military Pay Increases

          Military Procurement

          Minimum Wage

          Minority Actions Briefing

          Minority Communications

          Minority Relations (1)-(4)

          Minority Actions Briefings (1)-(4)

          Mine Safety and Health Administration

          Missing in Action

          Monetary Policy

          Morality in Media

          MX Missile System


          OA 9455

          Narcotics Trafficking - Florida



          National Airport

          National Association of Attorneys General

          National Association of Counties (NACO)

          National Conservative Political Action Committee (NCPAC)

          National Indicators System

          National Labor Relations Board (NLRB)

          National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC)

          National Science Foundation - Local Governments (NSF)

          National Security Act


          Natural Gas Deregulation

          Navy (General)


          New York City

          Next Generation Trainer

          Nicaragua (General)

          Non-Cabinet Federal Agency

          Northeast / Midwest Economic Advisory Council

          Northern Tier Pipeline (1)-(3)

          Nuclear Regulatory Commission (1)(2)

          Nuclear Safety Oversight Committee


          OA 9456

          Pace Examination


          Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO)

          Panama (General)


          Parole Commission

          Peace Corps

          Personnel Advisory Board

          Personnel Meetings

          PFIAB – President’s Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board

          Philanthropic Giving

          Philippines (General)

          Poland (General)

          Political Affairs

          National Police Academy (Tex McCrary Proposal)

          Polls / Information - Gallup Poll

          Polls / Information - R. Beal (1)-(5)

          Polls and Statistics - Information

          [Polls and Information] - Harris

          [Polls and Information] - ABC

          [Polls and Information] - CBS

          [Polls and Information] - Gallup

          [Polls and Information] - NBC

          J. R. Pope, Inc

          Posse Comitatus

          Postal Service

          Postal Service, Military Support

          Postal Strikes


          Request for Meetings with President

          Presidential Pardons

          Presidential Personal

          Presidential Personnel

          Presidential Politics

          Presidential Promises

          Presidential Records (1)(2)

          Presidential Scheduling / Fuller and Darman

          Presidential Service Badge

          Presidential Statements

          Presidential Transition Fund, Inc.

          President's Press Conferences

          Press / Media

          Press / Office, White House


          OA 9457

          Prison and Jail Reconstruction Bill (1)(2)

          Prisons - Press Guidance (1)(2)

          Private Sector Initiatives – US Chamber of Commerce Materials

          Procedure for Budget Review Group

          Productivity Advisory Board

          Property Review Board

          Protection of Classified Information


          Puerto Rico (Governor Romero)

          Puerto Rico, Task Force Report

          Public Broadcasting System (PBS)

          White House Office of Public Liaison


          OA 9458

          Sacramento Host Committee

          Anwar Sadat

          St. Agnes School (to MAM Jun 7 84)

          Sagebrush Rebellion


          Salt II

          San Diego Naval Hospital

          Santa Monica Mountains Recreation Area

          Saudi Arabia (General)

          Savings and Loan Associations (General)

          Office of Science and Technology

          Science Policy

          School Lunch Program


          Securities and Exchange Commission

          Securities Investor Protection Corporation

          U. S. Secret Service

          Selective Service

          Shcharansky Case

          Shipbuilding Industry

          Sinai Support Mission

          Small Business Administration (1)(2)

          Small Business United

          Social Security

          Somali (General)

          South Africa

          South Florida Task Force

          South Texas Working Group

          Soviet Gas Pipeline

          Soviet Military Power

          Space and Facilities Allocation

          Space Program

          Speeches (Ronald Reagan / EM / Others Stored in room 442)

          Sports Issues

          Standby Petroleum Allocation Act


          1983 State of the Union Address (1)-(10)

          State Unemployment Compensation Programs

          Staten Island Coal Plant

          Office of Statistical Policy DIDS

          Steel Industry

          Commission on Strategic Forces

          Strategic Minerals Policy

          Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) (1)(2)

          Strategic Policy Matters

          Strategic Stockpile Materials (Procurement Issues)


          OA 9459

          Taiwan [Sikorsky Aircraft Sale]

          White House Talking Points

          Tax Bill

          Tax Changes

          Tax Code

          Tax-Exempt Schools

          Flat Rate Tax

          Tax Indexing

          Tax Legislation

          Teamster's Union

          Telecommunications Policy

          Telecommunications / U. S. v. AT &T

          Telephone Messages

          Territories Coordinating Group


          Terrorism - USG Anti-Program

          Textile Industry Regulations (American Textile Manufacturers Institute v. Donovan)

          Thrift Industry

          Tobacco Subsidies


          OA 9460

          Advisory Committee for Trade Negotiation

          U. S. Trade Policy

          Trade Policy

          Trade Reorganization

          Travel by Federal Personnel

          U. S. Travel Service

          Treasury Enforcement Agencies (Organizational Charts)

          Trucking Industry

          Tuition Tax Credits

          UDAG (Urban Development Action Grants)

          UDAG (Karem)


          UNESCO, Appointments

          United Kingdom

          Urban Development Assistance Program (1)-(3)

          Urban Institute Study “The Reagan Experiment”

          Urban Policy (1)-(6)

          USO - Honorary President

          U. S. / PRC Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade

          USS Dwight D. Eisenhower

          U. S. / USSR Commercial Commission and U. S. / China Economic Committee

          USSR (General)

          Republic of Venda


          Veterans Administration (1)-(4)

          Vietnam Veterans

          Visits by Foreign Officials


          Voluntary Action Program

          Voluntary Action, Boys Clubs

          Voting Rights

          1965 Voting Rights Act (1)(2)


          OA 9461

          Raoul Wallenberg (Honorary Citizenship)

          War Powers Act

          War Powers Resolutions

          Waste and Fraud

          Water Policy / Projects

          Welbilt Electronics, Inc - Wallach (1)(2)

          Welfare Reform

          Westway Project (NYC)

          Wheeler Air Force Base (Hawaii)

          White House Correspondents Call List

          Widener University, Commencement

          Wilderness Issues

          Wolf Trap

          Women's Issues (1)-(6)

          World Bank

          WYE Plantations (Info and Photos)


          Year End Report

          Yellow Rain

          Yorktown Bicentennial

          Youth Program, U.S. Senate

          Zimbabwe (General)

          Zip Code (9-Digit)


          OA 9462 (binders on various issues)

          DOED [Department of Education]

          DOED Reorganization - Binder II

          Department of Energy [Reorganization] #1 (1)(2)

          Department of Energy Reorganization Binder #2 (1)-(3)

          Strategic Evaluation Memo (1)-(5)

          Strategic Planning Memo (1)-(3)

          [Strategic Planning Memo - Polls]

          Strategic Planning - Phase II (1)-(4)

          Strategic Evaluation Memorandum #3 - "State of the Union Messages in the

 Modern Era"


          OA 9721

          Social and Speech Regret Files December 1983; January 1984-March 1984


          OA 9722

          Social and Speech Regret Files April 1984 and Part of May 1984 [Uninventoried]


          OA 9765

          Ed Meese Schedules  November 1983-December 1983

          Ed Meese Schedules November 1983-February 1984


          OA 9766

          Newspaper Clippings May 1984


          OA 9767

          Newspaper Clippings June 1984


          OA 9768

          Newspapers Clippings July 1984


          OA 9769

          Newspaper Clippings August 1984


          OA 9944

          Budget FY 1983 Alternatives and Responses

          Budget Planning Background Data

          "Reducing Unnecessary Federal Spending" Cabinet Affairs Information Tracking

          Morning Briefing Notes

          Private Sector Initiatives

          PPSSCC through November 1982 (1)-(6)

          [PPSSCC – Start-up and Reference Materials]

          Monthly Reports: Jenkins and Garrick – Monthly Reports

          Monthly Reports: Jenkins Monthly Report August 1981

          Christmas Cards and Yuletide Greetings 1981

          [President's Federal Judicial Selection Committee Meeting, 07/01/1982 (cancelled)

                   Status Reports Only]


OAs 9945-9948 contain folders for Mr. Meese’s copies of material pertaining to Cabinet agenda items. The folders are arranged according to the Cabinet Matter (CM) numbers assigned by the Office of Cabinet Affairs, so they are in rough chronological order. Copies of most of these documents are already open to research in the WHORM Subject File categories FG010-01 (Cabinet) and FG010-02 (Cabinet Councils).


          OA 9945

          Freed Americans (CM #1) (Empty)

          Budget (CM#2)

          Economic Plan (CM #3)

          Moratorium On Small Procurement (CM#4) [Empty]

          Expenses for Appointees Offices (CM #5)

          Inspectors General (CM #6)

          Decrease Travel (CM #7)

          Decrease Consultants (CM #8)

          Telephone Logs (CM #9)

          Crude Oil Price Decontrol (CM #10) (Empty)

          FERC Appointments (CM#11) (Empty)

          VP Task Force on Regulatory Relief

          Automotive Industry Task Force (CM#13) [Empty]

          Debt Ceiling

          Regulations / Burden of Proof (CM#16) (Empty)

          Synthetic Fuels Corporation (CM #19) [Empty]

          Grain Embargo - USSR

          Bilingual Education Regulations Recession (CM#18)[Empty]

          Regulatory Management

          Uniform Index of Federal Entitlement Programs

          Export - Import Bank

          Regulatory Matters (OMB Review) (CM#23) (Empty)

          Transportation Passive Restraint Standard (CM#24) [Empty]

          Administrative Legislative Programs Procedure

          81 Farm Bill

          Congressional Vetoes

          Hazardous Exports 

          COLA Indexing and Entitlements

          Polish Debt Situation

          Youth Minimum Wage Differential (CM #32)

          Shoe Import Restrictions

          Thrift Institutions Tax Credit: Targeted Jobs

          Voting Rights (CM#36)

          PLO Observer Status for IMF and World Bank (CM#37)

          Youth Employment Policy (EA)

          Conrail Amtrak (EA)

          Strategic Petroleum Reserve Funding (EA) (CM#40)

          Exports to Eastern Bloc Countries

          Enterprise Zones (1)(2)

          Offshore Oil Leases (CM#43)

          Restructuring Northeast Rail Service

          Ottawa Economic Summit

          Coal Exports (CM#46)

          Citizens Task Forces in Departments

          IRS Role in Federal Debt Collection

          Clean Air Act (CM#49) (1)(2)

          Strategic Minerals

          Domestic Monetary Policy (EA)

          Exchange Rate Intervention Policy (EA)

          Natural Gas Decontrol (CM#53) (1)-(3)

          Strategy for Developing Water Policy

          Social Security

          Export Licensing of Nuclear Materials

          Humanitarian Wheat Reserve Release

          International Wheat Council Issues

          Strengthening Federal Credit Management

          Maritime Administration Transfer

          Immigration and Refugee Matters CM 62 (Task Force Report)

          Student Financial Aid: Tuition Tax Credits

          Gold Commission

          Illegal Aliens – Educating their Children [Empty]

          DOD Education Program Transfer

          Savings Bonds (EA)

          Housing Task Force (CM#68) [Empty]

          FY 1981 Budget

          Accelerated Cost Recovery System (EA)

          Food Stamps

          U. S. Trade Policy Statements

          DOD Dependent's Schools

          Emergency Preparedness Legislation

          U. S. / Mexico Trade Relations

          Nuclear Policy

          International Aviation Policy Multifiber Agreement

          ACTION's Volunteer Outreach Program for Vietnam Vets

          Alaska Natural Gas Transportation System (CM#83) (1)(2)

          Power Marketing Administrations

          Prohibition of Alaska Oil Exports (CM#85) (1)-(3)

          Strategic Petroleum Reserve (CM#86)

          Davis - Bacon Act

          National Energy Policy Plan – Cabinet Council on Natural Resources and

                   Environment          (CM#88)

          Natural Gas Pricing Policy (CM #89) (1)(2)

          Fuel Use Act (CM#90)

          Longshoremen's and Worker's Compensation Act

          Policy on Discontinuation of River Basin Commissions

          Tax Bill

          Budget Reconciliation

          Mid - Year Budget Review

          Steel Industry

          Outer Continental Leasing Act – Louisiana Suit (CM #97)

          Coastal Barriers

          International Investment Policy

          Foreign Government Controlled Companies' Direct Investment In U. S.

          Debt Collection

          Fraud and Waste

          Synfuels Projects: TOSCO, Union and ANR (CM #102)

          International Investment Policy:  Mineral Lands Leasing Act of 1920

          Procurement Preference Programs (CM#104) [Empty]

          International Communications Reorganization Act of 1981 (CM#105)

          Private Sector Transfer of Landsat

          Strategic Petroleum Reserve Withdrawal Policy (CM #107)

          National Commission on Excellence in Education (CM#108)[Empty]

          Federalism -- Revenue Turnback

          Review of the Economic Outlook

          CEA Update 07/31/1981

          Financial Market Developments


          OA 9946

          Pension Working Group

          Federal Credit Policy

          Poland's Economic and Financial Situation

          Cancun Summit: Economic Issues

          International Investment Policy

          Minority Business Policy(CM#117)[Empty]

          Coal Severance Taxes (CM# 118)

          Small Business

          Maritime Policy

          Coal Slurry Pipeline (CM #121) (1)(2)

          Working Group on Economic Statistics

          International Investment Policy Marginal Requirements Legislation

          International Sector of the U. S. Economy

          Multilateral Development Banks (CM 126)

          Review of the Economic Outlook

          Naval Petroleum Reserve (CM #128)

          High Technology

          Economic and Financial Conditions in the Farm Sector

          Revenue Enhancement Measures

          Financial Institutions Restructuring Act of 81 (Review)

          Direct Real Estate Investment by Depository Institutions

          Economic Forecast

          Kuwait Acquisition of Santa Fe

          Tuition Tax Credits

          Food Safety

          U. S. / Canada Bilateral Economic Relations

          Health Care System

          U. S. Postal Service Electronic Mail (CM#140)

          Urban Policy Statement CM #145 (1)-(8)

          School Lunch Regulations

          Wage Developments (CM#47)

          Housing and Construction Industry

          Financial Institution Reform Work Group

          Balance of Payments

          Economic Impact of the Defense Buildup

          Tax Treatment of FNMA

          UDAG Program Evaluation

          Status Report on the US Auto Industry (CM#155) (1)-(6)

          Federal Employee Health Benefits

          Department of Energy Dismantlement (CM #163)

          Changes in the Saving Bond Program

          Employment and Training Policy

          Federal Property Review Program

          Japanese Government Action to Reduce Non-Tariff Trade Barriers (CM #169)

          Defense Impact on Private Sector Wages and Salaries (CM#171)

          Small Business (CM #119)

          Transportation User Fees CM#174

          Sugar Proclamations CM #177 (1)(2)

          Cheese -- Disposal of CCC Surplus Commodities

          Report of Working Group on LDC Financial Problems

          Tax Expenditure Policy

          Kidney Dialysis Rate Regulations

          U. S. Nuclear Equipment Industry

          Maritime Promotional Policy

          Pace Examination

          Federal Sector Labor Relations


          EEC Competition Directorate Ruling on IBM CM #196 (empty)

          Family Planning Regulation (CM#195)

          USPS Private Express Statutes

          Report of Council of Economic Advisors to the President

          Clean Water Act (CM #199)

          Japanese Trade Relations (CM #269)

          Specialty Steel Meeting Thursday, 06/30/1983 8:00 am

          Agriculture Initiatives

          Equal Pension Benefits

          Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ)

          Specialty Steel

          Safe Harbor Leasing

          Federal Laboratory Review Panel Report

          Fringe Benefits


          OA 9947

          Global Environmental Principles (CM #200) (1)(2)

          Electric Utilities Industry (CM #201) (1)(2)

          Commodity Futures Trading Commission CM 203

          Agricultural Export Policy CM 205

          Shipbuilding Assessment CM 206

          Northern Tier Pipeline CM #207

          Immigration Policy CM 210

          Export Trading Company Legislation CM 211

          Product Liability CM 212

          DAITY Supports CM 213

          Unitary Taxation CM 214 (1)-(3)

          Transportation User Fees CM 215

          Airline Industry CM 216

          Medicaid Costs / Federalism CM 217

          Balanced Budget Amendment CM219

          Housing Policy CM 220

          Product Liability CM 221

          Taxpayer Compliance Improvement Act of 82 CM 222

          Airline Industry CM 223

          South Florida Task Force CM 224

          Busing CM#225

          Meat Import Quotas CM 226

          Versailles Summit: Investment Initiative CM 227

          School Prayer CM 228

          Mandatory Retirement CM 229

          Hungary Application for Membership into the IMF CM#230

          Virgin Islands Watch Industry CM 233

          Aging Programs CM 232

          Versailles Summit: International Economic Cooperation CM 234

          Plan to Assist Historically Black Colleges FY 81-82 CM 235

          OCS Revenue Sharing Options CM 238

          Long Term Soviet Grain Agreement CM 242

          Puerto Rican Nutrition Assistance Block Grant CM 243

          HR 5600 -- Benefits for Widows and Orphans of Veterans CM 246

          Economic Adjustments to Lower Inflation CM 249

          Steel Tripartite CM 251

          National Productivity Advisory Committee CM 255

          International Currency Exchange Rate Movements CM 256

          Safe Drinking Water Act CM 258

          Independent Contracting CM 259

          Women, Infants and Children's Program CM 261

          Working Group on Troubled Industries CM 262

          Credit Control Act CM 263

          International Arrangement on Export Credits CM 267

          Automotive Local Content CM 274

          Synthetic Fuels Corporation CM 276

          DISC CM 282

          Bankruptcy Court Jurisdiction CM 283

          Mid-Term Planning CM 285

          U. S.  Domestic Private Investment CM 287

          Child Support Enforcement CM 288

          Savings Stats and Savings Rate CM 289

          Federal Employee Health Benefits (FEHB) CM 291

          Monetary Policy and Price Stability Act CM 292

          Interest Rate Targeting CM 292

          Mid-Term Planning Exercise CM 285

          Economic Impact of U. S. Agriculture Exports in Value Added Prod. CM 293

          Flat Rate Tax CM 294

          Housing Commission CM 296

          Pension Equity for Women CM 297

          Toxic Torts CM 298

          Residential Mortgage Investment Act of 82 CM 299

          Extended Unemployment Benefits CM 300

          Structural Unemployment CM 303

          Rural Development Strategy CM 305

          Work Space Initiative CM 311

          Property Review Board Cm 318

          Personnel Incentive System Reforms Cm 321

          Prospective Payment for Hospitals under Medicare CM 324

          Individual Education Accounts CM 327

          Alternative to Federal Regulation CM 328

          Antitrust Policy CM 332

          Education Vouchers CM 337 (empty)

          Syndication and Financial Interest Rule CM 342

          Office of Strategic Trade CM 343

          Agricultural Credit Outlook CM 344

          Fair Housing CM#346

          Natural Gas Decontrol / Windfall Profit Tax (CM #349)

          Trade Reorganization CM 350


          OA 9948

          FDIC - FSLIC Guarantees of Tax Exempt Bonds CM 352

          Nuclear Licensing (CM #353)

          Business Capital Spending Prospect CM 354

          Marketing Order CM 356

          Revenue Sharing CM 357

          Federal Workweek Schedules CM 360

          IRA's Limit on Spousal Contributions CM 362

          Food Stamp Regulatory Reform CM 364

          Economic Conditions of State and Local Governments CM 368

          Job Sharing

          Federal Timber Sale Contract Relief CM 371

          Gender Based Insurance Rates CM 373

          Disability Reform Plan CM 375

          Medicare Hospice Reimbursement CM 376

          Legal Fee Cap Proposal CM 378

          Sale / Leaseback Arrangements by Government Entities CM 382

          Pornography CM 383

          Coordination of Federal Law Enforcement Authorities CM 384

          Depository Institution Holding Company Deregulation Act CM 385

          Intellectual Property CM 387

          Cotton PIK Program CM 389

          Renewable Energy and Conservation Tax Credits (CM #390)

          Health Benefits for Unemployed

          Intercircuit Tribunal CM 366

          Textiles CM 386

          Tax Legislation CM 417


OAs 9949-9951 contain alphabetically arranged Action Tracking (AT) Files. These files pertain to topics of particular concern to Mr. Meese, which were assigned “AT” numbers by his staff. Some of these files also have Cabinet Matter (CM) numbers (see note on OAs 9945-9948).


          OA 9949

          Administration Nominees (AT 258)

          Afghani Refugees (AT 016)

          “Agenda ‘83” (AT 314)

          Alameda Coast Guard Facility (AT 121)

          Alaska Oil Tax (Windfall) (AT 216)

          Anti-Housing Legislation (AT 954)

          Anti-Crime Legislation (AT 156) (1)-(6)

          Apple Computers (AT 222)

          Baby Life Case (AT 088)

          Balanced Budget Amendment (AT 070)

          Bunning Armor Piercing Bullets (AT 120)

          Brophy Letter (AT 392)

          Budget Process OP-ED (AT 240)

          Budget Process Reform (AT 137)

          Camp Roberts Facility (AT 116)

          Caribbean Basin (AT 030)

          Certificates for Presidential Appointees (AT 071)

          Central States Pension Fund (AT 102) (1)(2)

          Chicago Housing Authority (AT 106)

          Civilian Manning of Naval Ships (AT 285)

          Cocaine Post Article (AT 062)

          Combined Federal Campaign (AT 062)

          Communications Plan for Conservatives (AT 125)

          Completed Contract Method (AT 152)

          Comstat Cost Control (AT 032)

          Conservative Intellectuals (AT 318)

          Consolidation of Civil Rights Enforcement

          Corp on Public Broadcasting (AT 226)

          U. S. Court Security (AT 260)

          Crime Victim's Task Force (AT 024) (1)(2)

          Criminal Code Reform (AT 036) (1)-(5)

          Criminal Justice Assistance Legislation (AT 257)

          Davis Bacon Act (AT 130)

          Dioxin (AT 385)

          DOD Consumable Issues (AT 133)

          DOD Dependent Schools (AT 077 - CM #75)

          DOED Regulations (AT 237)

          Domestic / Economic Policy Task Force Meetings (AT 141)

          Drug Policy (AT 199)

          Economic Forecast (AT 038)

          EE0 / Civil Rights Policy

          EEOC Local Policy Retirement Practices (AT 294)

          [El Salvador]: "UN Official Disputes Reagan on El Salvador" (AT 022)

          Energy Policy Review (AT 144)

          Energy Reorganization (AT 237)

Environmental Protection Agency [January 1981-December 1982]

Environmental Protection Agency [January 1983]

Environmental Protection Agency [February 1983]

Environmental Protection Agency [April 1983-September 1983]

Environmental Protection Agency [October 1983-January 1984]

Environmental Protection Agency [February 1984-1986]

EPA Emissions Trading Policy (AT103)

          Export Trading Company Act (AT 267)

          Exports High Technology (AT 134)

          Evans Housing Bill (AT 101)

          FBI - Collinsville Agents (AT 147)

          Federal Assistance to Local Law Enforcement (AT 114)

          FCC / ICC Reduction (AT 148)

          Federal Executive Institute (AT 111)

          Federal Property for State Prisons (AT 159)

          FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission) Rate Increases (AT 293)

          Fireside Chats (AT 091)

          FOIA Reimbursement (AT 286)

          FTC Reauthorization (AT 259)

          Fuel Prices (1982) (AT 300)

          GAO Ruling Regarding SBA (AT 168)

          Grape Import Issue (AT 284) (S 505)

          Guardians Case (AT 136)

          Haitian Refugee Policy (AT 027)

          Health Care Voucher (AT 089)

          Heber Geothermal Plant (AT 018)

          Heritage Foundation Report (AT 017) (Empty)

          High Frontier (AT 087)

          Highway User Fees / Gas Tax (AT 060)

          "Hire One" Youth Program (AT 313)

          Housing Proposals (AT 013)

          Housing Working Group (AT 166)


          OA 9950

          Impact Aid (AT 296)

          Independent Contractors (AT 151)

          Independent Regulatory Council

          Indian Settlement Legislation (AT 055) (CM 212)

          International Conferences (AT 099)

          International Economic Policy (AT 153)

          Jepsen / Ray Ambassadorship (AT 186)

          Justice System Improvement Act (AT 117)

          Job Training Act of 1982 (AT 082)

          Bob Jones (AT 015)

          Kaloko - Honokohau National Historical Park (AT 115)

          Bobbi Kilbert Secretary (AT 002)

          Law of The Sea Op - Ed (AT 079)

          Lead in Gasoline / EPA (AT 122)

          Legal Equity For Women Issue (AT 127)

          Legal Fee Limitation (AT 189) (1)(2)

          Lehigh Valley OSHA Office (AT 115)

          Legal Services Corporation (AT 131)

          Libyan Commerce Export Regulations (AT 091)

          Dodie Livingston (AT 233)

          Llenza, Orlanda (AT 377) (Peace Corps Appointment)

          Lord v. IBEW, Lugar Housing Bill (AT 086)

          Martin Luther Postal Stamp (AT 242)

          Management Controls Initiative (AT 126)

          Management Reform (AT 163)

          Management Initiatives for Sub-Cabinet Appointees (AT 095)

          Mandatory Retirement (AT 246)

          Maritime Policy (AT 072)

          Marshall Islander Suit (AT 373)

          Maybank Amendment (AT 149)

          Medicaid Federalism Implementation (AT 047)

          Medicare Reimbursement / Employees Education (AT 090)

          Minimum Corporate Tax (AT 009)

          Minority Business Policy CM#170 (AT#125) (1)(2)

          Minority Relations (AT 119)

          Missing Children Act (AT 276)

          Montreal Protocol On Civil Aviation (AT 263)

          Bill Mott's Ideas Regarding Recreation and Parks (AT 049)

          Mount St. Helens (AT 080)

          McClure - Volkmer BATF Secret Service (AT 073)

          National Guard Personnel Issue (AT 118)

          Network Better Nutrition (AT 069)

          NY MTA / Eximbank Funding (AT 124)

          NY Teacher Reassignment Case (AT 123)

          Non-Ferrous Metal Industry (AT 139)

          Non-Registrants / IRS Info (AT 197)

          Northern Tier Pipeline (AT 142) (Empty)

Nuclear Power Initiatives (AT 084)


          OA 9951

          Obscenity Laws (AT 191)

          OCA Schedule of Events (AT 008)

          Older Americans Act / Job Training Bill (AT 107)

          Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Reorganization (AT 128)

          OPD Commissions (AT 011)

          OPD Conference Room (AT 076)

          Paperwork Reduction Act (AT 100)

          Parks and Recreation Needs Assessment (AT 121)

          Peck, Raymond, Pattern of U. S. Build-up in Vietnam (AT 023)

          Pershing Hall (AT 246)

          Planning Process (AT 173)

          U. S. Postal Service Red Tape (AT 025) (Article)

          Port User Fees (AT 180)

          President's Private Sector Survey on Cost Containment (AT 006)

          Presidential Speech on Minority Rights (AT 067)

          Pro-Family Tax Reform (AT 352)

          White House Conference on Productivity (AT 278)

          Puerto Rican Tax (AT 094)

          Radio Liberty / Radio Free Europe

          Redecorating Expenses (AT 020)

          Refugee Regulations (AT 005)

          OPM Regional Political Appointees (AT 330)

          Reform of Grants and Awards (AT 098)

          Regulations (1982) (AT 269)

          Relocation Expenses (AT 200)

          Reorganization Authority (AT 143)

          Replacement Production Reactor (AT 110)

          Reserve Officers Meeting (AT 353)

          Retirement Accounts for Newborn Children (AT 140)

          Sweeney Ridge (AT 001)

          RIF's Furlough Plans (AT 060)

          Rosenthal CIA Report (AT 007)

          Mrs. Sadat Award Presentation (AT 200)

          San Diego Destroyer (AT 083)

          Santa Barbara Protection for RR (AT 183)

          School Prayer (AT  083) (CM 228) (1)-(3)

          Science Council (AT 010)

          Selective Service (AT 238)

          Signing Ceremonies (AT 268)

          WH Conference on Small Business (AT 217)

          Social Issues Communication Plan (AT 135)

          Shuttle Landing 07/04 Event (AT 138)

          Testimony / B. Sprinkle Monetary Policy (AT 041)

          Department of State – Personnel Vacancies (AT 146)

          Strategic Petroleum Reserve (AT 225)

          Student Financial Aid (AT 109)

          Synfuels Corporation Salaries (AT 074) (1)(2)

          Thomas Jefferson Research Center

          Three Mile Island (AT 078)

          Trucking Deregulation (AT 075)

          Tuition Tax Credit (AT 085)

          Unitary Tax (AT 068) (1)-(3)

          Urgent Supplemental Appropriations (AT 129)

          Versailles Summit (AT 23)

          Veterans Administration Public Affairs (AT 241)

          Veterans Benefits (H.R. 5600) (AT 097)

          Vietnam Veterans Initiative (AT 116)

          Voice of America (AT 157)

          Wagner – Peyser Act Regs

          War Risk / Air Line Pilots

          Watts’ Contempt Citation (AT 065)

          Women’s Issues (AT 132)


          OA 9952

          Telephone Message Book, 11/16/1983-11/22/1983

          Telephone Message Book, 11/22/1983-11/29/1983

          Telephone Message Book. 02/22/1984-03/06/1984

          Telephone Message Book, 05/24/1984-07/02/1984

          Telephone Message Book, 06/27/1984-07/09/1984 CA and CH

          Telephone Message Book, 07/02/1984-08/09/1984

          Telephone Message Book, 07/10/1984-07/27/1984

          Telephone Message Book, 07/16/1984-07/25/1984

          Telephone Message Book, 07/27/1984-08/07/1984

          [Telephone Message Book – Photocopy of Message, n.d.]

          Telephone Message Book, 08/07/1984-08/17/1984

          Telephone Message Book, 08/09/1984-08/30/1984

          Telephone Message Book, 08/30/1984-09/10/1984

          Old Correspondence Forms / Lists

          Briefing Book Regarding Fairness Issue (06/01/1982)

          Old White House Directory and Staff Manual

          Old White House Staff Manual (1981)

          EM Office Forms (i.e. Schedule, Phone Call, Supply, Tracking Sheets, etc.) (Blank Forms)

          White House Staff Manual 1981

          Report On Debt Collection Project (by OMB) January 1981

          Tour Logs from 1982

          1983 (MAM)

          1984 Republican Almanac


          OA 9970


          Appropriation Bills

          Status Report

          Edwin Meese Daily Schedules – Misc – June 1983-August 1984

          Air Traffic Controller’s Strike (1)(2)

          EM Daily Call Sheets – 09/28/1983-12/15/1983

          PEPAB Meeting 04/20/1983

          Regulatory Reform Meeting 04/19/1983

          Trade Meeting with The President 03/11/1983

          Reorganization of The Federal Government’s Trade and Industry Activities 02/25/1983

          FEMA Advisory Board Meeting 05/17/1984

          CCHR Meeting 05/03/1983 Drug Abuse Prevention


          OA 9979

          Telephone Message Book, 12/19/1983-01/03/1984

          Telephone Message Book, 01/03/1984-01/09/1984

          Telephone Message Book, 01/03/1984-01/25/1984

          Telephone Message Book, 01/09/1984-01/12/1984

          Telephone Message Book, 01/12/1984-01/19/1984

          Telephone Message Book, 01/19/1984-01/24/1984 (Book not found)

          Telephone Message Book, 01/24/1984-01/30/1984

          Telephone Message Book, 01/25/1984-02/22/1984

          Telephone Message Book, 01/30/1984-02/03/1984

          Telephone Message Book, 02/03/1984-02/09/1984

          Telephone Message Book, 02/15/1984-02/17/1984

          Telephone Message Book, 02/17/1984-02/24/1984

          Telephone Message Book, 02/24/1984-03/07/1984

          Telephone Message Book, 03/01/1984-04/12/1984

          Telephone Message Book, 03/07/1984-03/15/1984

          Telephone Message Book, 03/15/1984-03/30/1984

          Telephone Message Book, 03/22/1984-03/28/1984

          Telephone Message Book, 03/22/1984-04/19/1984

          Telephone Message Book, 03/30/1984-04/30/1984

          Telephone Message Book, 04/02/1984-04/11/1984

          Telephone Message Book, 04/12/1984-05/24/1984

          Telephone Message Book, 05/02/1984-05/09/1984

          Telephone Message Book, 05/10/1984-05/18/1984

          Telephone Message Book, 05/14/1984-05/25/1984 CA and CH

          Telephone Message Book, 05/29/1984-06/06/1984

          Telephone Message Book, 06/06/1984-06/19/1984 CA and CH

          Telephone Message Book, 06/19/1984-06/27/1984 CA and CH


          OA 10246

          A-122 (Cost Principles for Non-Profit Organizations) (1)-(7)

          Anti-Crime Legislation (1)-(8)

          Armor-Piecing Bullets

          Appointments Pending Conformation

          Automobile Passive Restraints Standard (1)(2)

          Bankruptcy Reform

          Budget (FY 1984)

          Budget (FY 1984 – Veto Candidates)

          Budget (FY 1985)

          Budget (FY 1985 Individual Departments and Agencies)

          CAB Sunset Reform

          Department of Justice Cases (Pending) (1)-(4)

          Diplomatic Protection

          DRG Issues (Diagnosis-Related Groups)

          Department of Energy (Personnel)

          Drug Issues

          Economic Summit, 1984 (London, UK – Classified)

          Elections – 1984

          Excellence in Education Initiatives

          Exxon Case (1)(2)

          Georgia Regents Exam

          Health Insurance for the Unemployed

          Health and Human Services Undersecretary

          Hospice Regs

          Immigration (1)(2)

          International Conferences

          Law of the Sea

          Merchant Marine Protection Act of 1984

          Mid-Term Planning

          Misery Index

          Olympics,  Summer 1984

          Paperwork Reduction Act


          Pending Nominations

          Property Review Board

          Public Broadcasting Amendments Act of 1984 (S.2436)

          Safe Drinking Water Act

          Secret Service Protection for 1984 Presidential Candidates

          Steel Trade Issue (ITC Case)

          Timber Contract Payment Modification Act (HR 2838)

          Wine Equity Act


          OA 10247

          Telephone Logs – September 1984-December 1984


          OA 11134

          1984 Briefing Books for Ed Meese, Prepared by the Justice Department


          OA 11209

          National Conference of State Legislatures, 03/11/1983

          Washington Seminar for Lutheran Students, 03/21/1983

          West Point Social Sciences Briefing, 03/26/1983

          President’s Trip to California, 02/28/1983- 03/02/1983

          President’s Trip to Los Angeles and San Francisco, 03/03/1983- 03/05/1983

          Hannaford Dinner for Fred Chien / Taiwan, 04/04/1983

          Visit of Bill and Blanche Davis, 04/06/1983

          Blaney Institute / Jim Wright Meeting, 04/16/1983

          Molly Tuthill Day, 04/26/1983

          Folger Shakespeare Library Benefit, 05/01/1983

          Congressman Webb Franklin Fundraiser / Sponsor Only / 05/03/1983

          Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce, 05/04/1983

          Helene Birthday Party and Congratulations, 05/04/1983

          National Day of Prayer Host Committee, 05/05/1983

          Howe Courtesy Call / Bramshill Police Staff College, 05/06/1983

          Union Society Easter Term, 05/01/1983-05/07/1983 

          Hoffheimer Kentucky Derby Party, 05/07/1983

          “The Today Show” 05/09/1983

          Myra Goldwater Cocktails, 05/09/1983

          National Association of Chain Drug Stores Meeting, 05/09/1983

          Congressman Tom Hartnett Reception, 05/10/1983

          U. S. Advisory Commission on Public Policy Dinner, 05/10/1983

          Dinner with Republican Senators, 05/10/1983

          Congressman Bill Pannemeyer Fundraiser Reception (Sponsor only) 05/11/1983

          PFIAB Luncheon Speech, 05/11/1983

          American Retail Federation Annual Meeting, 05/11/1983

          President’s Reception for White House Fellows Alumni, 05/12/1983

          Republican Senate/House Dinner, 05/12/1983

          Farewell for Stockdales by Nofzigers, 05/15/1983

          Farewell for Ambassador and Mrs. Meisch of Luxembourg, 05/15/1983

          Mrs. Reagan Lunch for Senate Wives, 05/16/1983

          Berendzen / Khashoggi Dinner, 05/16/1983

          Terra Reception Dinner for Helen Von Damm 05/16/1983

          Doris Dolan Laws Breakfast, 05/17/1983

          United Nations Buffet Reception for Secretary General de Cuellar

          Police Executive Research Forum Reception, 05/19/1983

          Washington Industrial Round Table, 05/19/1983

          Kennedy Center Gala (Fundraiser) / Sponsor 05/19/1983

          USO Tribute to Bob Hope, 05/20/1983

          Luncheon for Marymount Activities, 05/21/1983

          Supper Cruise on Amo with Jim Jenkins 05/22/1983

          “Hail Columbia!” NASA Shaviry / Dana 05/23/1983

          Presidential Appointee Breakfast 05/24/1983

          Veterans of OSS May 1983 Dinner, 05/24/1983

          Congressman Dan Burton (R-IN) Reception / Sponsor 05/24/1983

          Thomas Jefferson Portrait Preview, 05/24/1983

          NASB Reception for Wayne Valis 05/24/1983

          Congressman Gun Vander Jagt Fundraiser Reception 05/25/1983

          Doc Johnston

          OAU Reception / Kenyan Ambassador Residence 05/25/1983

          Bob Gray Dinner for Flo Randolph, 05/26/1983

          Yale Class of 1953 30th Reunion 05/27/1983- 05/29/1983

          Dropby with Georgia Republicans 05/27/1983

          President Luncheon for Prime Minister Nakasone of Japan, 05/27/1983

          Luncheon for Space Shuttle Crew, 06/01/1983

          Congressman Webb Franklin Fundraiser Reception, 06/01/1983

          Children’s Ball for Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, 06/03/1983

          Pfautch Party for Helene Von Damm 06/06/1983

          Federal Law Enforcement Agency Luncheon, 06/07/1983

          State Dinner for President and Madam Houphonet 06/07/1983

          Joe Gibbs Dinner 06/08/1983

          Harvard Seminar for Subcabinet Appointees 06/09/1983

          Administrative Conference of the U.S. 06/09/1983

          Freedoms Foundation Dinner / Kirkpatrick 06/10/1983

          Phone Call to Dick Bergholy / Retirement, 06/10/1983

          1983 Opera Ball at the French Embassy, 06/10/1983

          “Barrett Auctionee Lunch”, 06/11/1983

          Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge Board Meeting, 06/11/1983

          Business Roundtable Annual Meeting, 06/13/1983

          Verne Orr “Roast” / Frank Carlucci, 06/15/1983

          Orfila / Mosbacher Reception “Op Sail ‘86” 06/15/1983

          Marymount Auctionee Dinner 06/15/1983

          American Associates of Petroleum Landmen 06/16/1983

          Itinerary for Louisiana Trip / Tickets and Republican Event – Briefing Memo 06/16/1983

          San Diego Trip / Paul Fordham Event 06/24/1983-06/26/1983


          OA 11210

          Senator Laxalt Staff / Intern Briefing 08/01/1981

          Helene Von Damm Dinner / Dance, 08/03/1981

          Dinner with the Moroccan Ambassador, 08/04/1981

          Washington Star Luncheon, 08/04/1981

          Hispanics for Reagan / Bush Committee, 08/04/1981

          IPA Speech 08/05/1981

          State Dinner for Anwar Sadat, 08/05/1981

          Lutheran Council / Reverend Bergstrom 08/06/1981

          International Platform Association , 08/06/1981

          Meeting with David Lewis, General Dynamics, 08/07/1981

          Industry Public Affairs Advisory Group, 08/08/1981

          Carlton Club Luncheon, 08/10/1981

          Dinner with Ambassador and Mrs. Alhegelan, 08/12/1981

          13th Annual Independent Truckers Convention, 08/13/1981

          Senator Bob Dole / Bill Grant Reception 08/13/1981

          U. S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Reception, 08/13/1981

          ABA Criminal Justice Section Luncheon, Montelone Hotel, New Orleans 08/11/1981

          ABA Speech Material, 08/11/1981 (1)-(3)

          Review National Academy Parade, 08/16/1981

          Secretary Regan’s Wife’s Surprise Party, 08/15/1981

          Oakland / Dalian Friendship Society, 08/27/1981

          Meeting with Lewis, Cohen, et al CAB, 09/08/1981

          Marshall Coyne Book Celebration, 09/08/1981

          State Dinner for Menachem Begin, 09/09/1981

          California Chamber of Commerce, 09/10/1981

          Citizens for the Republican Dinner, 09/11/1981

          Sacramento Host Breakfast, 09/11/1983

          California Trip Reading Material 09/10/1983-09/13/1983

          The Comstock Club, 09/11/1983

          CFTR Fundraiser Dinner, 09/11/1981

          Itinerary for Edwin Meese III, 09/10/1981- 09/13/1981

          Dinner with Father Healy / Professor Wallace, 09/14/1981

          President’s Reception for Business Supporters, 09/15/1981

          Circus Saints / Sinners Roast, 09/16/1981

          New York City Trip, 09/16/1981

          Business / Government Relations Council, 09/18/1981-09/19/1981

          Master Itinerary for Trip, 09/17/1981-09/20/1981

          U. S. Institute for Military Assistance, 09/17/1981

          Dedication of the President Ford Museum, 09/18/1981

          Lutheran Association for Higher Education, 09/19/1981

          Gerald R. Ford Museum Dedication, 09/17/1981-09/18/1981

          Meeting with Jim Wilburn, Pepperdine, 09/18/1981

          National Law Enforcement Council – Metropolitan Club 09/21/1981

          Ambassador’s Ball Benefactors Reception, 09/21/1981

          White House Reception for Eagles, 09/22/1981

          Ambassador’s Ball (M.S. Society) 09/22/1981

          Concordia College Centennial 09/23/1981

          Heritage Associates Breakfast, 09/23/1981

          President’s Luncheon Supreme Court, 09/24/1981

          Senior Executive’s Association Luncheon, 09/24/1981

          Itinerary and Phone List, 09/24/1981-09/27/1981

          California Savings and Loan League, 09/25/1981

          San Diego State University Businessman / Faculty Lunch, 09/25/1981

          Meetings for Afternoon of 09/25/1981

          Barton Shackelford / PG & E Dinner, 10/01/1981

          Congressman Chip Pashayan Fundraiser, 10/06/1981

          Presidential Transition Foundation Reception, 10/06/1981

          Luncheon for Prime Minister Prem of Thailand, 10/06/1981

          Dinner at Meg Greenfields, 10/06/1981

          FAO Students Reception, 10/06/1981

          Pacific Legal Foundation Board Lunch, 10/07/1981

          Congressman Bob Badham Fundraiser, 10/07/1981

          Association of General Counsel, 10/08/1981

          The Business Council, 10/09/1981

          State Visit of King Carlos of Spain, 10/13/1981

          State Dinner for  King Carlos of Spain, 10/13/1981

          AERO Club of Washington at The Army / Navy Club, 10/14/1981

          Reception for Hatfields / Lebarons, 10/14/1981

          Reception for Bob Garrick, 10/14/1981

          Reception by the King of Spain, 10/14/1981


          OA 11211

          13th Annual International Children’s Festival, 09/03/1983-09/05/1983

          Dinner with Mr. and Mrs. John Herrington, 09/06/1983

          Reception / Dinner Honoring Minister of Defense and Mrs. Soong of Taiwan, 09/07/1983

          Dinner with Ken and Carol Adelman, 09/07/1983

          Publication Party “Monimbo09/07/1983

          Trip to Nantucket, 09/08/1983-09/11/1983

          Dinner Honoring the Rockefeller’s and Shultzs’; 09/12/1983

          President’s Committee on Executive Exchange Public Policy 09/12/1983

          RNC National Eagle Meeting Reception, 09/13/1983

          RNC National Eagle Dinner, 09/13/1983

          Reception Honoring Republican Eagles, 09/13/1983

          Surprise Birthday Party / Bill Hecht, 09/13/1983

          Fundraiser for John F. Herrity 09/13/1983

          American Society for Industrial Security, (ASIS) 09/14/1983

          Additional Material for (ASIS) Remarks, 09/14/1983

          Frances Scott Key Park Foundation (Sponsor Only) 09/14/1983

          Harvard Seminar, 09/15/1983

          Farewell Reception for Ambassador and Mrs. Alhegelan, 09/15/1983

          Eanes / Portugal State Dinner, 09/15/1983

          Business / Government Relations Council, 09/15/1983-09/18/1983

          RNC National Committee Chairman and Chairwomen 09/16/1983

          Multiple Sclerosis (MS ) Benefactors Reception, 09/19/1983

          Heritage Foundation Luncheon, 09/20/1983

          National Small Business Association Board of Trustees, 09/21/1983

          Ambassadors Ball / M. S. Society 09/20/1983

          Republicans Abroad Reception, 09/22/1983

          Itinerary for Trip to San Diego, 09/16/1983-09/18/1983

          Meeting with Steve Wittman of Wittman and Wittman, 09/17/1983

          Breakfast Meeting with Representative Packard and Reporter, 09/17/1983

          Education Conference with Representative Packard, et al, 09/17/1983

          Meeting with Assemblyman Stirling of  77th District, 09/17/1983

          Meeting with The Honorable Clair Burgener et al, 09/17/1983

          Congressman Ron Packard Fundraising Dinner, 09/17/1983

          Tour of Santa Margarita Dam Sites and Lunch, 09/17/1983

          Regional Broadcasters and Editors Lunch, 09/21/1983

          American Medical Association, PAC Luncheon,09/22/1983

          Oath of Office Ceremony / Luncheon / Lowell Jensen, 09/22/1983

          White House Fellows Reception Class of 1983 and 1984 Blair House Sponsor – Did

                   Not Attend

          White House Conference on Productivity, 09/23/1983

          National Aquarium Reception, 09/23/1983

          Rodeo at The Capital Centre, 09/24/1983

          Barbecue and Presentation of Congressional Medal of Honor, 09/24/1983

          Customs Service / Annual Review, 09/26/1983

          Dinner for Senator Domenici, 09/26/1983

          Reception for Republican Congressional Committee Leadership, Council Members,


          Senator Howard Baker / Republican Majority Fund Dinner, 09/27/1983

          Congressman Phil Gramm Fundraiser Reception, 09/27/1983

          1984 Combined Federal Campaign Kickoff, 09/27/1983

          Free Congress Research Foundation 09/27/1983

          U. S. Senatorial Business Advisory Board, 09/28/1983

          1983 Bryce Harlow Annual Award Dinner 09/28/1983

          Congressman Carlos Moorhead Fundraiser, 09/28/1983

          Congressman Hank Brown’s Fundraiser, 09/28/1983

          Allied Corporation Congressional Reception, 09/28/1983

          Congressman Chalmers Wylie Fundraiser, 09/28/1983

          Dinner with Don and Mary Kayser, 09/28/1983

          Meeting with Lee Emerson, et al, 09/29/1983

          Salvation Army Award Dinner, 09/29/1983

          Itinerary for Oakland, California 09/29/1983-09/30/1983

          Salvation Army Centennial Awards Dinner, 09/29/1983

          Visit of President Mubarak, 09/30/1983

          25th Anniversary Hope Ball 09/30/1983

          “Sports A Poppinof  The Capital Centre 10/02/1983

          Reception for Chief Justices, 10/03/1983

          Heritage Foundation 10th Anniversary Dinner, 10/03/1983

          Meeting with RKO General Broadcasting Board of Directors

          “Being with John F. Kennedy” TV Preview, 10/03/1983

          American Business Conference Breakfast, 10/04/1983

          State Dinner for President Carstens of The Federal Republic of Germany, 10/04/1983

          Luncheon Honoring President Carstens, 10/04/1983

          Dinner Honoring Milton Friedman / Sponsor Only, 10/04/1983

          “A Time For Choosing” / Publication Party, 10/04/1983

          Congressman Manuel Lu01/(R-NM) Fundraiser, 10/06/1983

          Evans / Novak Political Forum, 10/06/1983

          Itinerary for Fort Bragg, North Carolina, 10/06/1983

          Organization Day Ceremonies, 10/06/1983

          Reception for Fire Prevention Week, 10/06/1983

          Congressional Barbecue, 10/06/1983

          Celebrate David Gladstone’s Book, 10/08/1983

          Air Force / Navy Football Game, 10/08/1983

          Argentine Cookout / Barbecue, 10/09/1983

          Arrival Schedule for Mr. and Mrs. Shaffer, 10/09/1983

          Pizza Party at James E. Jenkin’s Home 10/10/1983

          “The Golden Age” at The Kennedy Center, 10/11/1983

          Sportscaster of the Year Award, 10/13/1983

          2nd White House Conference for Non-career Executives, 10/13/1983

          Maryland GOP Fundraiser Honoring Mr. and Mrs. Meese, 10/13/1983

          Excellence in Government Management and Administration, 10/14/1983

          Change of Command Ceremony / Major General Curry, 10/14/1983

          INS Annual Conference 10/16/1983 Speech Xerox Training Ctr., Leesburg, VA

7 PM

          American Film Institute “The Right Stuff” Sponsor / 10/13/1983

          Reception for Congressman Matthew Rinaldo, 10/17/1983

          Surprise Birthday for Bob Strauss, 10/18/1983

          Congressman Elwood H. “Bud” Hillis, 10/18/1983

          Representative Robert S. Walker Fundraiser, 10/18/1983

          Citizen’s Choice Biannual Meeting, 10/18/1983

          Dinner Honoring Donald Seibert, 10/19/1983

          Congressman Lagomarsino Fundraiser, 10/19/1983

          Harvard Seminar, 10/20/1983

          Employee Benefit Research Institute, 10/20/1983

          Bronze Hope Chest Award, 10/20/1983

          Renwich Reception / Lafayette Square, 10/20/1983

          Hangtown Fry Lunch, 10/21/1983

          “Salute to Lech Walesa” Dinner, 10/21/1983

          Wedding of Michael Evans, 10/22/1983

          Ursula Meese’s Trip to Paris, 10/22/1983

          Regional Editors Lunch / Table Host, 10/24/1983

          United Jewish Appeal Meeting, 10/25/1983 (Cancelled)

          Reception for Richard Cornuelle, 10/25/1983


          OA 11212

          Itinerary for Albany, New York, 10/26/1983

          Press Conference 10th Albany Media, 10/26/1983

          Communicator of the Year Award, 10/26/1983

          Reception for Ambassador Meir Rosseume of Israel, 10/20/1983

          Breakfast with Walter Ousterman and John Herrington, 10/26/1983

          Farewell Reception for Stanley M. Brand, 10/27/1983

          Colorado Republicans Autumn Auction, 10/28/1983

          The Navy Ball at Washington Hilton, Sponsors, 10/28/1983

          Itinerary for Denver, Colorado, 10/28/1983-10/29/1983

          Center for the Study of the Presidency, 10/28/1983

          Breakfast Meeting with Major Edward Wright, 10/29/1983

          Air Force / Army Football Game, 10/29/1983

          Reception for Dr. Norman A. Bailey, 10/31/1983

          Luncheon Roast for Al Angrisaire, 11/01/1983

          1983 Barry Goldwater Scholarships Awards, November 1983

          Luncheon with Labor Leaders, 11/03/1983

          Midshipman from Annapolis Visit, 11/03/1983

          Reagan / Bush Reunion11/03/1983

          Itinerary for New York City, 11/04/1983-11/05/1983

          “Ends Of The Earth” Black Tie Dinner, 11/04/1983

          Martin Luther Jubilee, 11/06/1983

          Worship Services for U. S. Marine Corps. 11/06/1983

          Celebration of  Luther Quincentenary 11/06/1983

          PIOB Breakfast, 11/07/1983

          Reception for 436th Military Airlift Wing, 11/15/1983

          Reception for Faith Ryan Whittlesey, 11/15/1983

          Reception for 83rd Annual Meeting of ACLI, 11/15/1983

          Fundraiser for Representative George Hauser, 11/16/1983

          Surprise Birthday Party for James Coyne and Anne Kelley, 11/17/1983

          Harvard Seminar, 11/17/1983

          Citizens for America, Opera House, 11/17/1983

          Hangtown Fry Lunch, 11/18/1983

          Council of Independent Regulatory Agencies (CIRA) 11/18/1983

          Open House / Ethics and Public Policy, 11/18/1983

          Man of The Year: Pete Wilson, 11/19/1983

          Safety and Health Awards Ceremony, 11/21/1983

          Dinner Honoring Ambassador Frank Ortiz, 11/23/1983

          Combined Federal Campaign Lunch, 11/22/1983

          A Pageant of Freedom, 11/22/1983

          Anniversary Dinner Ann Compton and Bill Hughes, 11/26/1983

          Decade of the Disabled Persons ,11/28/1983

          Reception for Reagan / Bush ‘84 Finance Committee, 11/28/1983

          Dinner Honoring Secretary and Mrs. Watt, 11/28/1983

          Reception for Pete and Gayle Wilson, 11/29/1983

          Touche Ross Dinner, 11/29/1983

          Touche Ross Speech at Embassy Row Hotel, 11/29/1983


          Ursula Meese Task Force Hearings, 11/30/1983-12/02/1983

          Reception and Swearing In, M. Burch and W.  Mayor, 11/30/1983

          Reception for Senator Gordon Humphrey, 11/30/1983

          APRI / NDAA Breakfast 12/01/1983

          Greater Washington, D. C. Kiwanis Club, 12/01/1983

          Farewell for Hal Steinberg, 12/01/1983

          Reception for ABA Standing Committee, 12/01/1983

          Treaty of Paris Celebration, 12/01/1983

          Lunch with Bob Wallach, et al, 12/02/1983

          National Symphony Ball, 12/02/1983

          Reception for Recipients of John F. Kennedy Honors, 12/04/1983

          Kennedy Center Honors Gala, 12/04/1983

          IMDI Awards Presentation, 12/05/1983

          “The Indomitable Teddy Roosevelt” Screening at Archives, 12/05/1983

          Citizens for America Luncheon, 12/05/1983

          Dinner for President Reagan, 12/05/1983

          Dinner for King and Queen of Nepal, 12/07/1983

          Citizens for America, 12/07/1983

          Breakfast with Alan Emory News Group, 12/08/1983

          University of Pennsylvania Political Science Department Students, 12/08/1983

          Roy Pfautch Christmas Celebration, 12/12/1983

          National War College Speech 12/12/1983

          Newhouse Bureau Christmas Party 12/13/1983

          Christmas Open House, Congressional 12/13/1983

          Holiday Party with the Hickeys, 12/13/1983

          Ursula Meese to Detroit for Task force, 12/13/1983-12/15/1983

          Federal Law Enforcement Training Center Glynco, GA 12/14/1983

          National Press Club Speech, 12/15/1983

          Holiday Festivities with the Attorney General, 12/15/1983

          Toyota Preholiday Reception 12/15/1983

          Administrative Conference of the U. S. Reception 12/15/1983

          Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony, 12/15/1983

          Reception for Carol McCain, 12/15/1983

          National Security Council Christmas Party, 12/15/1983

          Diplomatic Corps Black Tie Dinner, 12/15/1983

          Pops Concert at the Kennedy Center, 12/16/1983

          Christmas Brunch w/VP & Mrs. Bush – 12/17/1983 [Empty]

          Lunch with the Calen and Eileen Temples and Joe and Nancy Martin, 12/17/1983

          Christmas Staff Party, 12/17/1983

          Holiday Cocktails with Nancy Reynolds and Bob Gray, 12/18/1983

          Herrington Christmas Open House, 12/18/1983

          Christmas Party with Fred Fielding, 12/19/1983

          Ken and Sydney Duberstein Reception, 12/19/1983

          Christmas Party with Tom Donohue, 12/19/1983

          Reception for Paul Petrus, 12/20/1983

          Nancy Reynolds Open House, 12/20/1983

          Mutual of Omaha Reception, 12/20/1983

          William Moss Institute Open House, 12/20/1983

          “A Christmas Carol” with the Nelsons, 12/20/1983

          Senior Staff Christmas Open House, 12/21/1983


          OA  11213

          Itinerary for Edwin Meese III, 01/03/1984

          Vice President Bush Press Conference Lunch with Miami Citizens Against Crime,


          Briefings and Tour of  NNBIS Center, 01/03/1984

          Interview with Ralph Rehick, 01/03/1984

          Washington Representative Meeting for the 3rd Inaugural Anniversary Dinner and Dance,


          Nofziger Group, 01/05/1984

          Lunch with the Nofziger Group, 01/05/1984

          Wedding of Lucie Colvin and James Phillips 01/07/1984

          President’s Committee on Executive Exchange Reception 01/09/1984

          State Arrival for Premier Zhao Ziyang, 01/10/1984

          State Dinner for Premier Zhao, 01/10/1984

          Lunch for Premier Zhao Ziyang, 01/10/1984

          Reception for Premier Zhao Ziyang, 01/11/1984

          Dinner for U. S.  Special Trade Mission, 01/12/1984

          Farewell for Dave Gergen, 01/13/1984

          IACP Dinner for Mr. and Mrs. Howard Runyon, 01/13/1984

          PPSSCC Appreciation Dinner, 01/15/1984

          PPSSCC Opening Remarks 01/16/1984

          Reception for Citizens for the Republic 01/16/1984

          Dinner by Gotliebs for Edwin Meese, Ursula Meese, 01/16/1984

          Reception for Citizens for the Republic, 01/17/1984

          Public Employees Roundtable Benefit, 01/17/1984

          Dinner with General Temple, Ed Hickey and Phil Manuel, 01/18/1984

          ASIS Reception President and Mrs. R. Beatty, 01/19/1984

          Farewell Reception for Dave Gergen, 01/19/1984

          Executive Forum, 01/20/1984

          Itinerary for Edwin Meese III, Santa Barbara 01/20/1984-01/25/1984

          University of Southern California at Santa Barbara Circle Speech, 01/23/1984

          USC at Santa Barbara Circle Speech Materials, 01/23/1984

          Press Conference, 01/24/1984

          East Bay Regional Park Founders Luncheon, 01/24/1984

          Breakfast and Tour of Public Safety Headquarters, 01/24/1984

          State of the Union Message, 01/25/1984

          National Eagles Meeting and Luncheon, 01/26/1984

          Third Inaugural Dinner Dance, 01/26/1984

          Eagles Annual Inaugural Dinner Dance and Gala, 01/26/1984

          Breakfast with Republican House Members in the 98th Congress 2nd Session,


          Alfalfa Club Dinner, 01/28/1984

          Reception Preceding Alfalfa Club Dinner 01/28/1984

          Reception for GOP Leaders 01/29/1984

          Reception for the Foreign Minister of Japan and the Minister (MITI) of International

                   Trade and Industry 01/30/1984

          Farewell for Bob Collyer, 01/30/1984

          Cocktail Reception for (MITI) and Mrs. Okonogi, 01/31/1984

          Council of 100 Luncheon, 01/31/1984

          Reception for Senator and Mrs. Daniel Evans, 02/11/1984

          National Prayer Breakfast, 02/02/1984

          Dinner for Attorney General and Mrs. Smith, 02/02/1984

          Nofziger and Bragg 2nd Anniversary and Celebration of Ground Hog Day, 02/02/1984

          Copley News Service Open House, 02/02/1984

          George Washington Freedom Award, 02/04/1984

          Annual Military Order of Caribou, 02/04/1984

          1984 Candlelight Ball, 02/04/1984

          Washington Times 2nd Annual Arts Awards Dinner, 02/06/1984

          Dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Rowland Evans, 02/06/1984

          Dinner for Dr. Jonas Salk, 02/07/1984

          California Congressional Delegation / Wine Reception, 02/07/1984

          Reception for J. Lynn Helms, 02/08/1984

          Reception for “A New World Exhibit” 02/08/1984

          “Private Lives, Public People” 02/08/1984

          Reception for Mr. and Mrs. William H. Taft ,02/10/1984

          Wedding of Bob Carleson and Susan Alison, 02/01/1984

          Awards to Meritorius Senior Executives, 02/13/1984

          Dinner with Ambassador and Mrs. Hermes, of the Federal Republic of Germany,


          Dinner for Mr. and Mrs. George Graeber, 02/14/1984

          Surprise Farewell for G. Carmen, 02/15/1984

          125th Anniversary of YMCA / USA.  02/16/1984

          Hangtown Fry Luncheon, 02/17/1984

          Reserve Officers Association Reception and Dinner for Senator Nunn, 02/22/1984

          National Sheriff’s Association Congressional Reception, 02/23/1984

          Rec. for Vice President & Mrs. Bush – 02/23/1984

          Dinner for Bill Clark, 02/23/1984

          Tom C. Clark Award Presentation and Reception, 02/23/1984

          Reception for Governor Deukmejian, 02/24/1984

          NGAC Legislative Reception, 02/27/1984

          Farewell Dinner for Attorney General and Mrs. Smith, 02/27/1984

          State Dinner for Kischschlaeger of Austria, 02/28/1984

          Reception for Cooper Evans (Sponsors only) 02/29/1984

          Heritage Associates Breakfast Meeting 03/06/1984

          Dinner with the Gordon’s  03/06/1984

          Fundraiser for Congressman Shultze, 03/06/1984

          1st Annual Celebrity Bake – Off Auction, (Recipe Donor), 03/14/1984

          President’s Lunch with Prime Minister Fitzgerald, 03/16/1984

          Edwin Meese and Ursula Meese Trip to Key West, 03/09/1984-03/16/1984

          Pavarotti Gala and Supper Dance (Sponsor) 03/21/1984

          White House Day for the Fellows of the Center for the Study of the Presidency


          State Dinner for President Mitterrand of France, 03/22/1984 – Residence 7:30 pm

          President’s Breakfast with President Mitterrand, 03/23/1984

          Swearing in Ceremony of Donna Tuttle, 03/23/1984

          National Community Service Award, 03/23/1984

          West Point Cadet Tour and Briefing, 03/24/1984

          Gridiron Dinner and Receptions, 03/24/1984

          Medal of Freedom Luncheon. 03/26/1984

          Reagan California Alumni Reception, 03/26/1984

          Temple / Menger Breakfast 03/28/1984

          Kiwanis Club of Washington, DC Lunch, 03/29/1984

          Hofstra University 3rd Annual Presidential Conference, 03/29/1984-03/31/1984

          Lunch with Walker / Wallace / Crigg 03/30/1984

          Mexican Buffet with Charles Tyson, 03/30/1984

          15th Anniversary of Second Genesis, 04/03/1984

          75th Anniversary Mutual of Omaha, Reception and Dinner, 04/03/1984

          NLCPI General Counsel’s Briefing, 04/04/1984

          Foreign Area Officer Course 1/84 04/05/1984

          “On Shiloh Hill” at Ford’s Theatre Gala, 04/08/1984

          President’s Reception at Ford’s Theatre, 04/08/1984

          Farewell Reception for Bob Carleson, 04/10/1984

          State Dinner for Dominican Republic President 04/10/1984

          Harvard Seminar 04/12/1984

          Yale School of Organization and Management 04/11/1984-04/12/1984

          Grenada Stremer Ceremony and Reception 04/16/1984

          U. S. Section of the International Joint Commission Reception 04/17/1984

          POTUS Organization Reception, 04/17/1984

          National Hispanic Leadership / President’s Lunch 04/17/1984

          Willkie for President Party, 04/16/1984

          U. S. Marine Band Concert, 04/16/1984

          President’s Lunch with Catholic Bishops, 04/18/1984

          Dinner for Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Tyson, 04/24/1984

          Harvard Business School (Club) of Washington 04/24/1984

          Dinner with Commandant and Mrs. Kelley, 04/25/1984

          Disabled American Veterans Reception, 04/25/1984

          Annual Judicial Conference Luncheon, 04/26/1984

          Cocktails and Dinner with the Roosevelt’s 04/26/1984

          Roast for Kay Shouse, 04/28/1984

          1984 Marymount College Angels Auction, 04/28/1984

          Fundraiser for Representative Al McCardless, 04/30/1984

          72nd Annual Dinner of the Chamber of Commerce, 04/30/1984

          California Congressional Reception, 04/30/1984

          FEMA’s International Terrorism Conference, 04/30/1984-05/03/1984


          OA 11214

          Operation Quick Check Selective Service, 06/02/1983-06/05/1983

          Carrington Daughter Wedding, 06/04/1983

          “Porgy & Bess” Show and Dinner, 06/11/1983 (File Empty)

          Marymount Boat Trip, 06/17/1983

          Meese to Flo Randolphs Wedding and to Monticello to Visit Jefferson’s Home,


          Jackie Presser Cocktails and Dinner, 06/20/1983

          McCandless Dinner for Mr. and Mrs. Pete Wilson, 06/20/1983

          Farewell Dinner for Jennifer Hirschberg, 06/21/1983

          National Guard Association of the U. S., 06/21/1983

          Lunch with Bill Casey, Attorney General and Mrs. Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Meese,


          Associated General Contractors of America, 06/22/1983

          Port of Oakland Reception, 06/22/1983

          Turnage Surprise Birthday Party, 06/27/1983

          Reagan Alumni Farewell Party, 06/27/1983

          Hoover Institute Reception, 06/28/1983

          Congressman Tom Lewis Fundraiser Reception, 06/28/1983

          Luncheon for President’s Advisory Council, PSI, 06/28/1983

          Army Ceremony for Treaty of  Paris Display, 06/28/1983

          FBI Reception Hosted by William Webster, 06/28/1983

          Bay Buchanan Farewell Reception, 06/29/1983

          Reception for Baker Armstrong Smith, 06/29/1983

          Congressman Ken Kramer, (CO) Reception, 06/29/1983

          `Teamsters Open House for Jackie Presser, 06/29/1983

          Los Angeles Times Bureau Breakfast, 06/29/1983

          Edin Visit / Loretta, Lee, Nathan, Rebe, 06/29/1983

          Marine Barracks Evening, Tatoo Parade, 07/01/1983

          National Independence Day Festival and Parade, (Sponsors only) 07/04/1983

          Fourth of July Buffet at the Jenkins’ 07/04/1983

          185th Birthday Celebration of the Marine Corps Band, 07/11/1983

          O’Connor and Hannan Reception for Tom Evans, 07/12/1983

          Elmer Staats Breakfast 07/12/1983

          Teachers of the Year 1983 Luncheon Hosted by the President 07/13/1983

          Lois Herrington Swearing In Ceremony, 07/13/1983

          Law Enforcement Explorers Conference, 07/13/1983

          Lead Program Award Dinner, 07/14/1983

          President’s Lunch for Roundtable Group, 07/14/1983

          Stosser Book Interview 07/16/1983

          Oklahoma National Guard Display and Reception, 07/18/1983

          State Dinner for His Highness The Amir of Bahrain 07/19/1983

          Laxalt Reception for Faith Whittlesey, 07/19/1983

          Bob Gray Reception for Bob Thompson, 07/21/1983

          Business Liaison Group (Monthly Meeting) 07/22/1983

          Trip to California for Dana Graduation, 07/22/1983-07/24/1983

          Key Supporter’s Meeting, Bob Tuttle, 07/26/1983

          Congressman Bill Lowery Fundraiser Reception, 07/26/1983

          Public Affairs Advisory Group Meeting,  07/26/1983

          Chief of Naval Operations Watkins Party for Secretary and Mrs. Weinberger,


          Itinerary for Ed Meese, 07/27/1983-07/31/1983

          Otay Mesa Border Dedication, 07/27/1983-07/28/1983

          American Bar Association, 07/30/1983-07/31/1983

          The Junior Statesman Foundation 07/29/1983 and 08/11/1983

          American Bar Association Annual Meeting with the President and Speech, 08/01/1983

          American Correctional Association Reception Allen Breed, 08/02/1983

          Paul Laxalt’s Birthday Party, 08/02/1983

          Dinner with Herb Temple, Phil Manuel and Possibly (EVH) 08/03/1983

          Citizens for America, 08/03/1983

          Executive Level 4 Appointees “Ed Meese Nite”, 08/04/1983

          Reform ‘88 Agency Implementers Meeting, 08/05/1983

          Luncheon with Hispanic Leadership, 08/05/1983

          Dinner for Ed Harper 08/09/1983

          26th Anniversary Hugh O’Brian Youth Foundation

          International Leadership Seminar America’s Incentive System 08/05/1983-08/13/1983

          Junior Statesmen Foundation, 08/11/1983

          Luncheon with Student Interns et al 08/11/1983

          Lunch with Lt. General John F. Forrest, U. S. Army, 08/16/1983

          Itinerary for Nevada and California, 08/16/1983-09/05/1983

          National Meeting of National Conference of Lt. Governors 08/18/1983-08/21/1983

          Citizens for America, 08/31/1983

          Meeting with Clark Durante on Behalf of Doctor Roche, 08/31/1983


          OA 11215

          Invitations not used – 01/31/1982-December 1982

          Ursula Meese Invitations September 1983-November 1984  


          OA 11538 (True OA)

          Opening Ceremonies of the Confederation of Interallied Reserve Officers Congress,

                   Fort Myer, Virginia, 08/09/1982 (1)(2)

          Great Plains Coal Gasification Meeting, Mr. Meese’s Office, 10/28/1983


          OA 11827

          Miscellaneous Memoranda from EM Event Files

          Miscellaneous Notes and Correspondence - Weinberger (1)(2)

          Miscellaneous Notes and Correspondence - Weinberger (out card for returned file)

          Telecommunications (1)-(3)

          Telecommunications: Meeting with Dean Burch 09/18/1981 1:30pm Grand Rapids


          Telecommunications: AT&T Suit – Department of Justice (1)-(3)

[Telecommunications] (1)-(15)

          Telephone Rate Legislation (CM#415)

          Telecommunication Policy (CM#82) (1)-(3)

          [Telecommunications]: Telephone Rates/AT&T (1)(2)

          [Telecommunications]:  U. S. v. AT&T

          [Telecommunications]: GT&E / re: AT&T

          Secretary of the Army (Blue File)

          Townes Commission

          Telecommunications Policy                                                  

          Pendleton James (Orange File)

          Edwin Gray (Orange File)

          Curtis Mack (CFTR)

          Reagan / Bush Committee – Federal Election Commission Subpoena

          Health Cost Containment

          Report on Administration Record of Communications 1981-1983 (By Dave Gergen)


          OA 11828

          [President’s Federal Judicial Selection Committee Meeting, 09/08/1983]

          [President’s Federal Judicial Selection Committee Meeting, 07/19/1984]

          [President’s Federal Judicial Selection Committee Meeting, 07/27/1984]

          [President’s Federal Judicial Selection Committee Meeting, 08/16/1984] (1)(2)

          [President’s Federal Judicial Selection Committee Meeting, 09/06/1984] (1)(2)

          [President’s Federal Judicial Selection Committee Meeting, 11/29/1984] (1)(2)

          [President’s Federal Judicial Selection Committee Meeting, 12/20/1984]


          [President’s Federal Judicial Selection Committee Meeting, 01/17/1985]


          OA 11829

          Misc. Material, Uninventoried


          OA 11830

          Misc. Material, Uninventoried


OAs 11831-11836 contain files pertaining to Cabinet departments (including Cabinet Councils) and other federal agencies.


          OA 11831

The Cabinet: Meeting Topics

The Cabinet: Cabinet Meeting 07/15/1982: Agenda, Participants

The Cabinet: Cabinet Meeting 07/15/1982: Grain Agreement

The Cabinet: Cabinet Meeting 07/15/1982: Commerce Clause

The Cabinet: Cabinet Meeting 07/15/1982: Product Liability (1)-(3)

The Cabinet: Administrative Items

[The Cabinet:] Cabinet Breakfast Agendas

The Cabinet: Talking Points

Cabinet Councils: Administration and Procedures January 1981

Cabinet Councils: Administration and Procedures February 1981 – November 1981

Cabinet Council on Commerce and Trade January 1985 (1)(2)

Cabinet Council on Commerce and Trade February 1985 (1)(2)

Cabinet Council on Commerce and Trade March 1981 – April 1981 (1)(2)

Cabinet Council on Commerce and Trade May 1981 – December 1981

Cabinet Council on Commerce and Trade January 1983 – September 1983

Cabinet Council on Commerce and Trade October 1983 – December 1983

Cabinet Council on Commerce and Trade 1984-1985

Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 1982-1983

Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 1984

Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 01/01/1985-01/21/1985

Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 01/22/1985 (1)-(4)

Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs 01/23/1985-01/31/1985

Cabinet Council on Food and Agriculture

Cabinet Council on Human Resources

Cabinet Council on Natural Resources and Environment – General Issues

Cabinet Council – US Savings Bonds


          OA 11832 

          Department of Agriculture: John R. Block, Secretary

          Administration and Procedures

          Agricultural Decisions

          Agricultural Sector – Financial Sector

          Dairy Bill

          General Issues File

          The Hon. William J. Casey – Director, CIA (1)-(3)

          Administration & Procedures

          Intelligence, General Information

          CIA / DDO (Deputy Director for Operations)

          Department of Commerce: Malcolm Baldrige, Secretary

          Administration and Procedures

          General Issues File

          Department of Defense: Casper W. Weinberger, Secretary (1)(2)

          Administration and Procedures

          Agent Orange

          Defense Budget

          Defense Contracting

          Defense Policy

          Townes Commission

          Secretary of the Air Force

          Secretary of the Army

          Secretary Navy

          Department of Education: Terrel H. Bell, Secretary

          Administration and Procedures

          General Issues File

          Budget & Reorganization

          Department of Energy (file divider)

          Department of Energy (General) (1)-(3)

          Department of Energy: James B. Edwards, Secretary (1)(2)

Department of Energy: Administration and Procedures


          OA 11833

          02/28/1985: Department of Health and Human Services:  Margaret Heckler, Secretary

                   Richard Schweiker, Secretary (Former)

          Administration and Procedures

          General Issues File

          Department of Housing and Urban Development:  Samuel R. Pierce, Jr., Secretary

          Administration and Procedures

          General Issues File

          Secretary James G. Watt – Interior (1)-(5)

          Interior – General (1)-(5)

          Administration and Procedures

          General Issues File

          Department of Justice:  William French Smith, Attorney General

          Administration and Procedures

          Anti-Trust Laws

          General Issues File

          Department of Labor:  Donald Edwards, Secretary

          Administration and Procedures

          General Issues File

          Department of State:  George P. Shultz, Secretary

          Alexander M. Haig Jr., Secretary (Former)

          William P. Clark, Deputy (Former)

          Administration and Procedures

          General Issues File

          International Conferences

          Secretary Andrew L. Lewis – Transportation (1)(2)

          Lewis Resignation

          Administration and Procedures


          General Issues File


          OA 11834

          Department of the Treasury: Secretary Donald T. Regan (1)-(3)

          DOT: Administration and Procedures

          DOT: Treasury General Issues File (1)(2)

          The Honorable Jeanne J. Kirkpatrick U.S. Representative to the UN

          US Representative to UN: Administration and Procedures (Empty)

          United Nations

          US Representative to UN: General Issues File

          U. S. Trade Representative: William Brock

          USTR: Administration and Procedures

          USTR: General Issues File

          USTR: Proposed Department of Trade and Industry

[OMB:] The Honorable David A. Stockman, Director, Office of Management and


[OMB:] Management and Budget – Administration and Procedures (1)(2)

[OMB:] Budget Review Board (1)-(3)

[OMB:] Budget Message by the President to Congress

[OMB:] Economic Report by the President to Congress

[OMB:] Budget – General (1)(2)

[OMB:] Termination of Government Activities Due to Lack of Funding (December 1982)

OMB: Dave Stockman

OMB: Ed Harper (1)-(4)

[OMB:] Fall Budget Program

OMB: Regulatory News Bulletin

OMB: Security Investigation

OMB: Fringe Benefits

OMB: Personnel

OMB: Policy Development

OMB Watch List

OMB: Budget Reform Plan (1)-(3)

OMB: Budget Reconciliation

[OMB:] Budget Planning (1)(2)

OMB: Economic Program – Implementation Efforts

[OMB] Economic Community

[OMB] Debt Ceiling

[OMB]: Debt Collection Project

[OMB:] Indexing – Federal Programs

[OMB]: Spending Control

OMB: Federal Spending Control Guidelines

OMB: Budget Gramm-Latta

[OMB:] Permanent Budget Review Group

          OMB: Presidential Address to Nation 02/05/1981

          OMB: Senior Executive Service/RIF

          OMB: Economic Policy Advisory Board

          OMB: Economic Audit as of 01/20/1981


          OA 11835

          [OMB:] Budget FY 1986 – Miscellaneous Files

          FY86 Budget Files: USIA-OMB Budget Allowance

          [OMB: Budget FY 1986 – District of Columbia]

          [OMB:] FY 1986 Budget Files – President’s Budget 1986

          [OMB]: Budget FY 1985 -  Appropriations Bill

          [OMB]: Budget FY 1985 -  Agriculture

          [OMB]: Budget FY 1985 -  Budget Strategy

          [OMB]: Budget FY 1985 -  Bureau of Customs

          [OMB]: Budget FY 1985 -  Commerce

          [OMB: Budget FY 1985] -  Debt Reduction

          [OMB]: Budget FY 1985 -  Defense

          [OMB]: Budget FY 1985 -  Economic Data

          [OMB]: Budget FY 1985 -  Education

          [OMB]: Budget FY 1985 -  EPA

          [OMB]: Budget FY 1985 -  Energy

          [OMB]: Budget FY 1985 -  Export – Import Bank

          [OMB]: Budget FY 1985 -  Foreign Assistance

          [OMB]: Budget FY 1985 -  General Data

          [OMB]: Budget FY 1985 -  HHS

          [OMB]: Budget FY 1985 -  HUD

          [OMB]: Budget FY 1985 -  Interior

          [OMB]: Budget FY 1985 -  Justice

          [OMB]: Budget FY 1985 -  Labor

          [OMB]: Budget FY 1985 -  NASA

          [OMB]: Budget FY 1985 -  Personnel Data

          [OMB]: Budget FY 1985 – Small Business Administration

          [OMB]: Budget FY 1985 -  State

          [OMB]: Budget FY 1985 -   Transportation

          [OMB]: Budget FY 1985 -  USIA             

          [OMB]: Budget Fiscal Year 1985 -  Veterans Administration

          [OMB]: Budget FY 1985 -  Management Review Process

          [OMB]: Budget FY 1985 -  General Information

          [OMB]: Budget Deficits

          [OMB]: Budget Misc.

          [OMB:] 1983 Data – Federal Spending

          [OMB]: FY 1984 Budget -  Agriculture

          [OMB]: FY 1984 Budget -  Commerce

          [OMB]: FY 1984 Budget -  Communications Plans

          [OMB]: FY 1984 Budget -  Crime Initiatives

          [OMB]: FY 1984 Budget -  Defense

          [OMB]: FY 1984 Budget -  Education

          [OMB]: FY 1984 Budget -  Energy (Empty)

          [OMB]: FY 1984 Budget -  FCC

          [OMB]: FY 1984 Budget -  Freeze Concept

          [OMB]: FY 1984 Budget -  HHS

          [OMB]: FY 1984 Budget -  HUD

          [OMB]: FY 1984 Budget -  Interior

          [OMB]: FY 1984 Budget -  Justice

          [OMB]: FY 1984 Budget -  Labor

          [OMB]: FY 1984 Budget -  Projections

          [OMB]: FY 1984 Budget -  Smaller Agencies

          [OMB]: FY 1984 Budget -  State

          [OMB]: FY 1984 Budget -  Tax Bill Proposals

          [OMB]: FY 1984 Budget -  Trans   ation

          [OMB]: FY 1984 Budget -  Treasury

          Fiscal Year 1984 Budget – Veterans Administration

          [OMB: FY 1984 Budget] -  Continuing Resolution

          [OMB:] Budget FY 1984 -  Congressional Response / Alternatives

          [OMB:] Fiscal Year 1986 Inspector General Audit and Investigative Activities for OMB

                   Budgetary Review, 09/06/1984 – Arlene Triplett

          Empty Binders (3)


          OA 11836

          Presidential Personnel – Divider

          Council on Environmental Quality – Divider

          CEQ (Council on Environmental Quality) General (1)(2)

CEQ (Council on Environmental Quality): Al Hill, Director

          CEQ (Council on Environmental Quality) – Personnel (empty)

          Council on Economic Advisors – Divider

          CEA Council of Economic Advisors:  Murray L Weidenbaum, Director

          Economic Indicators

          Office of Personnel Management: Donald Devine, Director

          Executive Workforce Action (Career Executive)

          Executive Compensation

          Federal Employees Personnel Policy

          Senior Executive Service (1)-(3)

          SES (Senior Executive Service) – CM#27 (1)-(3)

          OPD (Office of Policy Development):  Personnel (1)-(7)


          CEA (Council of Economic Advisors): Personnel

          Counsellor’s Office FY 1982 Operating Budget (10/01/1981-09/01/1982)

          NSC Divider 

National Security Council: Classified Information Procedures

          NSC Personnel

          Executive Office of The President Divider

Executive Office of the President and White House Procedural Files (1)(2)

          White House Administrative Divider

          White House Fellowships

          EOP – Internal Security

          White House Information Management Systems

          White House Legal Matters (Empty)

          White House Organization

          EOP – Administration & Procedure

          EOP – Presidential Accomplishments

          White House Preservation Committee

          White House Press Office

          White House Staff Administrative

          White House Guest List


OAs 11837 and 11838 contain files that were considered “active subject files” when Mr. Meese left the White House staff in February 1985.


          OA 11837

          Agricultural Organizations (CEO Meeting)


          Auto Industry

          Debate Preparation, RR (1984)

          Central America

          Citizens for Reagan

          Comparable Worth

          Convention 1984 – Dallas

          Crime / Criminal Justice

          Crime Statistics

          Combined Federal Campaign

          Commission on Executive Exchange

          Congressional Spending

          Deficit Reduction Act

          Drug Policy

          Employment & Unemployment

          Executive Orders


          Federal Emergency Management Agency  (FEMA)

          Federal Home Loan Bank Board (FHLBB)

          FTC Authorization

          General Services Administration (GSA)

          Gromyko Meeting

          High Frontier

          Human Events


          Indians (1)-(3)

          Intergovernmental Affairs



          Management Reform

          Law Enforcement

          Middle East

          Minority Affairs

          National League of Cities v. Usery

          OPM Regulations


          OA 11838

          Passive Restraints (DOT)

          Pell Grants (1)(2)

          PPSSCC – President’s Private Sector Survey on Cost Control (1)-(14)

Reorganization 1985

          Republican National Committee


          Selected National Security Issues

          Small Business Administration

          Space Policy

          State of The Union Address 1985 [and Inaugural Address 1985] (1)-(3)

          Sugar Imports

          Trade Policy


          Veterans Administration – Veterans Affairs

          Weekly Update for the President

          World Bank / International Monetary Fund

1985 Report by The Committee on The Next Agenda (6 copies)


OAs 11839-11841 contain “working files” for issues involving the Department of Justice.


OA 11839


          Adoption Initiative


          Bicentennial Commission

          Bilingual Education

          Blacks / Relations with the Administration

          Cabinet Council on Legal Policy

          (Pre-CCMA) Meeting Materials

          Civil Rights Commission (1)-(7)

          Cabinet Council on Management and Administration

          Chicago Board of Education Consent Decree

          Church / State Nebraska Issue

          Civil Rights / Equal Opportunity Policy and Organization (1)(2)

          Civil Rights Record of the Department of Justice

          Commission on Executive, Legislative and Judicial Salaries

          Comparable Worth

          Comprehensive Crime Control Legislation – 1984



          Criminal Justice Assistance Legislation (1)-(4)

          * Cuban Excludables (Classified)

          Dade County Set Aside Case

          Dellums, et al V. Smith, et al


          Department of Justice Personnel

          District of Columbia Issues


          Desegregation Plans (1)(2)

          DOT Minority Business Rule

          Draft Resister

          Drug Enforcement (1)-(13)

          * Drug Interdiction Program (Classified)

          Drug Policy – Marijuana Eradication


          OA 11840

          Fair Housing (1)-(3)

          Family Issues

          Federal Criminal Law Enforcement Authority

          Federal Law Enforcement Officers

          Federal Prison Requirements

          Feulner, Edwin

          Former Presidents Facilities and Services Reform Act of 83

          Freedom of Information Act

          Genocide Convention (1)(2)




          Intercircuit Tribunal

          Judicial Selection

          Law Enforcement Authority for Federal Personnel

          Legal Fee Cap (1)(2)

          Legal Services Corporation (1)-(13)

          Minority Affairs

          Missing Children Legislation

          * Narcotic & Drug Enforcement (Classified)

          National Archives & Records Administration Act of 1983

          National Narcotics Border Interdiction System (See Also – Classified)

          National Narcotics Border Interdiction System Evaluation

          Office of Civil Rights, Department of Education (1)-(4)


          OA 11841

          Organized Crime Commission (1)-(6)

          Pay Equity Legislation

          Presidential Library

          Religious Liberty Issues (Nebraska School Case)

          RR Requests

          Sentencing Commission

          School Discipline Initiative

          School Prayer Amendment (Voluntary) (1)-(3)

          School Prayer / Alabama Case (1)-(4)

          Social Issues (1)-(3)

          Southwest Border Initiatives

          State Dinner Recommendations

          Task Force on South Florida (1)(2)

          Terrorism (Classified)

          Terrorism Legislation (1)-(5)

          Title IX Legislation (1)-(5)

          Toxic Torts / Compensation Working Group

          Tuition Tax Credits

          Victims of Crime

          Voting Rights

          Women's Issues (1)-(12)


          OAs 11842-11845 contain “working files” for various issues.


OA 11842

          Acid Rain

          Administration Initiatives

          Advisory Committee Members, Compensation of

          Arms / Weapon Policy (Including Nuclear)

          Balanced Budget Amendment

          Blacks - Relations with the Administration

          Brain Trust

          Briefing (9:15 AM)

          Briefing Reports, OCA

          Budget Comparison Data

          Budget Deficits

          Budget Planning (Current)

          Cabinet Breakfast

          Cabinet Council Flash Report

          Cabinet Council Procedures

          Capital Formation

          CDS Payback

          Central America

          Chicago Board of Education Consent Decree

          Church and State Issues (1)-(3)

          Civilian Manning

          Clean Air Act


          Correspondence System

          Debt Collection

          Defense Budget

          Deficit Reduction Plans

          Department & Agency Internal Organization (WF)

          Department of Education (Current)

          Department of Education Reorganization

          Department of Energy Dismantlement (1)-(3)

          Economic Situation

          Egyptian Nuclear Power Project

          Emergency Preparedness

          Employee Morale

          Energy Emergency Response System

          Energy Policy